Sunday, April 24, 2016


That's all fear is, a lonely damaged ego that fears the worst, but there is no worst, because fear doesn't exist. A better way to explain this is akin to your worst feared scenarios, did all those things actually happen? Why are you afraid of something that will most likely not happen? We create our reality, and somehow I know that there is someone out there that will stumble across my blog site that is very afraid and confused, too much has happened and the end of the rope is occurring, there is just no longer any hope. But there is hope you see because you are an authentic being, you have passion, you have purpose, just bear with me here, WHO YOU ARE is much more than you could ever imagine and connecting to that version of you is more simple than you think, so let's get it rolling! First, who do you love? Second, what do you love? Third, what do you love to do? and fourth, where do you want to go? see? It's easy, so before you give up take some time to be with yourself and rediscover your authentic self and let that part of YOU lead you towards your passions! You see, passion is what drives us so stop giving up and re-stoke your fire of passion! I know it's in there so what are you waiting for?

Saturday, April 23, 2016


As we continue to expand, our minds will increasingly hunger for wisdom on how reality creation really works, the mind will want to get in on the action and even attempt to take full control in the cockpit of creating our reality, that ego swells every time a manifested result occurs and begins to think that it and it alone, is responsible for all the good stuff coming our way. It isn't long though, before the mind is contemplating the next thrill ride to manifest, it's just never satisfied, it continues to want more and more. I've adopted an attitude to appreciate more of what I already have than what I still want and don't yet have, there are days however, when I just want and want but I am human and I forgive myself for this. I believe it's great to have desires, but I also believe it's equally important for us to GIVE ourselves permission to want what we want as well as HAVE what we want, this seems to be a much humbler approach and will not give too much power over to the ego during the manifestation process. Realty creation is a life long process/journey, I don't think our minds will ever be able to wrap themselves around the concepts of conscious creation and although they WILL try, our minds simply weren't designed to understand let alone, comprehend how it all works. The confusion can get overwhelming, almost to the brink of obsession and insanity, seeking answers too soon only bears frustration and even failure eventually, giving up on all things reality creation and living a life of struggle and constant suffering. We have to understand our place in the grand scheme of things and accept that we are not always in control, that is to a certain extent, we are in control of our thoughts and emotions and therefor that determines our reality, how it all unfolds however, isn't up to us and that's a good thing and as hard as it would be to admit to ourselves, we're just not truly ready for a lot of the things we THINK we want, the idea that we think we are ready only comes from the mind and not the broader self. When we are not getting what we want it is only the mind that makes this observation, we are ALWAYS getting what we want, it's just that we are getting everything unaware and so sporadically that we're not taking the time to notice that every wish, every desire is ALWAYS granted, a lot of the things we ask for and receive go under the radar, we are wise in so many areas of our lives, [jobs, spouse, raising kids] and yet when it comes to our own selves, our own needs and desires, and how we create our own realities, we either have no time for it or we are ignorant/unaware of how life truly works, I was that person myself and I'm still not perfect and I don't expect to be. Wisdom isn't about how smart we are, it isn't about attending and graduating from Harvard or Yale universities, wisdom isn't about how long we've worked at a job and how well we are at doing it, wisdom isn't about how hard we've worked all our lives to accumulate a billion dollar industry, wisdom is about life experience, even more so, being a conscious creator embarking on the journey to be the creator of your own reality and gaining more wisdom along the way, isn't that how it's all meant to be?


Good morning and well being all, a lengthy hiatus it's been since the last post and for good reason, life circumstances outside of reality creation. To explain in detail I've been doing some much needed upgrades on the house and the biggest task was just completed [draining and refilling a 10,000 gallon swimming pool] which done all by myself, was both draining physically and emotionally. Most people hire professionals to drain and clean their pools, I took on the whole task myself and I had a certain amount of time to complete the task, it was not easy as the pool had been dirty for well over three years and green with algae, there was no choice but to drain before the hot months ahead to avoid mosquito outbreak with the Zika virus threat. A lot of reflection has occurred since this task was completed, it took me a whole week to finish including refilling the pool and as I mentioned above, the job had taken a toll on me emotionally and physically but I am proud of the accomplishment and I rewarded myself graciously by drinking copious amounts of beer and swimming all day including a pool party that went well into the evening with guests swarming in for a swim. It seems like I spend a lot of time focusing on a better more desirable reality, so much so, that I'm neglecting the one I'm actually in, I know that we can't live in two realities at once, the contrast is just too much! So what can one do when they've grown tired of their current reality and are more than eager to quantum jump into their much more desired, preferred reality? We can't neglect our current reality no matter how unbearable it can be after all, how are we to know where we're going if we aren't where we are? Everything happens for a reason and we create those reasons, we ARE the creators of our realities and again I'll admit that contrast is a very necessary part of our existence here in the physical plane. There are days when I'm grateful and content with everything in my life now, then there are days when I just get sick and tired of my current reality and long deeply for better circumstances, this usually occurs when I become bored or go into a lethargic state of mind. As crazy as this would come off, I'm grateful that that perfect reality I sometimes fantasize about, I'm glad it doesn't happen too fast because if it did I really wouldn't be ready for it no matter how much I insist that I am. We are in constant contact with ourselves, [who are you talking to when you're talking to yourself?] so when we want something, it isn't always up to us when we get it, there is a very good reason for this, our broader self just knows better. Every wish [desire/intention] is granted and taken into considerable account by broader self, from it's own perspective and not ours, that is, until we come to see it from the broader perspective as higher self does, then the ball is rolling. In the past few months I've contended heavily with my confused mind and I've had many sleepless nights to boot, add to this the extreme bouts of contrast and constant longing for something better mixed with days of just being okay with my current reality, conscious creation is a damn rollercoaster coupled with mood swings, anxiety, and confusion, it can seem like things are getting worse instead of better, all hell's breaking loose! There's good news amidst all of this ''inner chaos'' we experience while trying to create our much more preferred desired reality, it's all inside and thankfully not outside and why?, that buffer of time that we creators will come to know and appreciate, that buffer of time that thankfully allows us to course correct inside, before we begin to create the chaos and confusion outside, we don't want that. That rational mind of ours wants to figure all of this out, when confusion and inner chaos sets in that mind wants answers and it wants them now but unfortunately the mind is not designed to figure out reality creation and how it works, part two of this post will explain this further.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Good evening viewers, after a lengthy hiatus I'm back to create a new post and boy has it been a very interesting past few weeks. Lately, I've been undergoing somewhat of an extended lethargic stage, I've had almost zero motivation and that not give a crap about anything attitude these past few weeks, what's odd about all of this is I've still managed to maintain a fairly positive attitude amidst the boredom of everything but a few things. It's funny with reality creation, when we get dominant with our positive thinking and all of the sudden we slip into a negative thought we'll assume that we must rectify the negative immediately to bring things back into balance, negative people don't like positive thinking, positive people don't like negative thinking, but what happens when you're riding a big wave of bliss and maintaining that blissful feeling for days or even weeks?, then, out of the blue, something rattles your blissful foundation and before you know it you're feeling down, even slightly depressed, apathetic, lethargic, or even bored with everything in general. Now you just want to hurry up and get back to your blissful state of mind but for some reason you just can't get back there so you begin to feel let down, almost to the point of feeling like a failure and yet you have improved your overall vibration so you won't allow yourself to spiral downward into depression, instead, you just lose interest with vibrational molding and conscious creation altogether, you seem to just develop the overall attitude of ''screw all of this'' and at least try to go general. This has been me for the past few weeks and although inspiration was still looking for a crack to squeeze through I just couldn't get my body to move into action, heck, there were some bouts of explosive anger even thrown in for good measure a few times and thankfully I have developed the ability to shift my focus when the shit is headed towards the fan! What have I learned?, well for starters maintaining a blissful state for too long will lead us to the opposite side of it, why?, because after some time a balance must occur, everything has it's opposite and I'm speaking strictly from the emotional point of view, not from the physical reality point of view, and thank god we manifest our emotions first, so that we can course correct when necessary towards the things we want instead of what we don't want. When being deliberate in positive thoughts dominantly, we'll tend to be afraid of our own negative thoughts even more than before, so much so, we'll be quick to reach for the better feeling thoughts as soon as we possibly can, but it may not always work so we'll have to sit with those undesirable thoughts and the feelings they trigger for awhile, for myself these past few weeks, I could be thinking positive thoughts and still be feeling off kilter energetically, no matter how positive my thinking was. This is all part of the process and sooner or later, once in a while, you'll just lose the excitement around your desires and life in general, no, I'm not discouraging anyone here because you WILL eventually manifest your own desires and intentions, it's just that holding your excitement around anything for too long will bring about it's polar opposite but ONLY at the emotional/vibrational level. Let's dig deeper here, the less you care about something the more neutral you are about it, you have to ask yourself, is it really necessary to be in a blissful state of mind 24/7?, can we be?, should we be? Reality works in a way that balances itself out, if you're angry long enough eventually something will come along and make you laugh, if you're sad long enough then something, or someone, will come along and cheer you up eventually, and if you're ''fairies and rainbows'' happy for a long period of time, eventually something or somebody is going to piss you off, all emotionally, no end of the world scenarios here, all things must just balance out. When we've made great strides in maintaining our positive vibes for long periods of time and then out of the blue we get derailed emotionally we'll beat the living crap out of ourselves when we can't maintain our bliss, we can't do that. A true conscious creator will know that they are still prone to negative thoughts and feelings and learn to accept and not judge them, they will understand the natural order of things and how physical reality truly works as well as the role that balance plays, true successful reality creation [intention/manifestation] comes from a neutral and balanced state, the less you care the easier and more effortlessly things can manifest. Life gives us everything we desire, the funny thing is the less we desire it the easier it can come to us, this does not mean we shouldn't desire anything, it also doesn't mean we want it any less, of course we want something and we DO deserve it and life energy knows this, it's just that life energy IS neutral and so must WE be, to become aligned with what we want, I'm far from done here.