Saturday, April 23, 2016


Good morning and well being all, a lengthy hiatus it's been since the last post and for good reason, life circumstances outside of reality creation. To explain in detail I've been doing some much needed upgrades on the house and the biggest task was just completed [draining and refilling a 10,000 gallon swimming pool] which done all by myself, was both draining physically and emotionally. Most people hire professionals to drain and clean their pools, I took on the whole task myself and I had a certain amount of time to complete the task, it was not easy as the pool had been dirty for well over three years and green with algae, there was no choice but to drain before the hot months ahead to avoid mosquito outbreak with the Zika virus threat. A lot of reflection has occurred since this task was completed, it took me a whole week to finish including refilling the pool and as I mentioned above, the job had taken a toll on me emotionally and physically but I am proud of the accomplishment and I rewarded myself graciously by drinking copious amounts of beer and swimming all day including a pool party that went well into the evening with guests swarming in for a swim. It seems like I spend a lot of time focusing on a better more desirable reality, so much so, that I'm neglecting the one I'm actually in, I know that we can't live in two realities at once, the contrast is just too much! So what can one do when they've grown tired of their current reality and are more than eager to quantum jump into their much more desired, preferred reality? We can't neglect our current reality no matter how unbearable it can be after all, how are we to know where we're going if we aren't where we are? Everything happens for a reason and we create those reasons, we ARE the creators of our realities and again I'll admit that contrast is a very necessary part of our existence here in the physical plane. There are days when I'm grateful and content with everything in my life now, then there are days when I just get sick and tired of my current reality and long deeply for better circumstances, this usually occurs when I become bored or go into a lethargic state of mind. As crazy as this would come off, I'm grateful that that perfect reality I sometimes fantasize about, I'm glad it doesn't happen too fast because if it did I really wouldn't be ready for it no matter how much I insist that I am. We are in constant contact with ourselves, [who are you talking to when you're talking to yourself?] so when we want something, it isn't always up to us when we get it, there is a very good reason for this, our broader self just knows better. Every wish [desire/intention] is granted and taken into considerable account by broader self, from it's own perspective and not ours, that is, until we come to see it from the broader perspective as higher self does, then the ball is rolling. In the past few months I've contended heavily with my confused mind and I've had many sleepless nights to boot, add to this the extreme bouts of contrast and constant longing for something better mixed with days of just being okay with my current reality, conscious creation is a damn rollercoaster coupled with mood swings, anxiety, and confusion, it can seem like things are getting worse instead of better, all hell's breaking loose! There's good news amidst all of this ''inner chaos'' we experience while trying to create our much more preferred desired reality, it's all inside and thankfully not outside and why?, that buffer of time that we creators will come to know and appreciate, that buffer of time that thankfully allows us to course correct inside, before we begin to create the chaos and confusion outside, we don't want that. That rational mind of ours wants to figure all of this out, when confusion and inner chaos sets in that mind wants answers and it wants them now but unfortunately the mind is not designed to figure out reality creation and how it works, part two of this post will explain this further.

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