Friday, April 24, 2015

Is it normal?

Greetings on this rainy morning in west Phoenix, and it's much needed here as it's been too dry, a little relief before the hot stuff comes in, looks like it's getting time for me ''already'' to leave for the summer again to a more cooler climate. Some of you reading this post are living and realizing your manifestations, some of you have gone for the bigger things in life and are working on aligning to them, and some of you are getting better at manifesting the smaller things but struggling to manifest those big ''game changers'' like unlimited wealth, a life partner, or perfect health. All understood with conscious creation, the life force within us WANTS to expand, it is a necessary component in this game of life and you'd think that these things would come easy and just manifest into our reality just by intending them, not the case but be not discouraged fellow readers, you are still moving towards your desires, always! As a matter of fact your desires are pulling you towards them!, yes, this is true, the life stream works this way and the only thing slowing this process down is us and our resistance to those very things we desire. I've been at this for five years now and I've undergone a series of phases going inward and working towards alignment for the sake of manifesting my biggest desires, and my outer results speak for themselves, I'm literally ''living'' the law of attraction, it is a lifestyle for me and still my awareness continues to grow and my inner/outer reality is showing signs of expansion, in a nutshell, this stuff is freaking amazing! We all have different desires and undergo different experiences with our practice and approach with this Universal law, but there are no shortcuts, no faking or manipulating the Universal laws, you cannot fool the Universe into getting what you want and how do I know?, because I've been through it all and I had to figure all of this out the hard way. Fast forward to five years and now I've pretty much figured this stuff out, mind you this does not make me a law of attraction guru or expert, this is a personal journey and experience that has worked very well for me and me only, but I want to send out some pointers hoping to help some of those who struggle to manifest the big stuff. First off, know this one important thing, the Universe will not bring you something you just aren't ready for, and if you think that becoming wealthy fast will happen for you using Universal laws, that kind of thinking is delusional and unrealistic, especially if there's a lifetime of troubled emotional baggage, what's more, you must become an exact vibrational match to what it is you want, and that's going to require a lot of inner work. When I first launched my BIG rockets of desire the initial excitement, so I thought, would be enough to manifest them, and even though excitement is a great place to start it won't manifest your desire, it simply indicates a gap between you and what you want, in simple terms you KNOW deep down you don't have it yet. It is however at this point the creation process has begun, you just need to close the gap so your desire can manifest. This is where most deliberate creators get tripped up on manifesting their biggest intentions as did I as well, getting pumped and excited about a desire is approaching conscious creation from a delusional state of mind, it's looking at things from an unrealistic fantasy based point of view, this is all too common with people who want to win a big lottery jackpot using the Universal laws of attraction. It's easy to get lost in all the excitement of buying all the luxury items you want, going on expensive vacations, and buying a big mansion, but in reality you'd have to manage this huge windfall, hire a financial advisor or attorney, learn how to make the right and smart investments to maintain an inflow/outflow of steady income that you could live well on past retirement age. Other issues, with all this money, how will it affect your family and relationships?, families and friendships have been destroyed when huge lottery jackpots have been won by people that have never handled such vast amounts of wealth, they have no knowledge or past experience of what it's like to be extremely rich, and so they make bad decisions, adopt poor spending habits, they become paranoid from having such vast wealth, and in no time at all, are worse off than before they won the jackpot. Everything has a pro and con, even a big life changing desire, and when we focus and intend for big changes we have to look at both sides, a realistic point of view because if we do get what we want and we're not ready for it?, the manifestation can come with disastrous side-effects. I'm going to break it down into the phases of conscious creation and manifesting those big desires, you think about a life changing event you want to happen in your life, you get excited and the Universe responds to that vibration, the creation part is done, now it's all about aligning and becoming a vibrational match to your life changing event that you wish to manifest, but wait, you've got some limited beliefs standing in the way, which must be brought into your growing awareness, released, and replaced with new empowering beliefs that match your desire, how long this takes varies, maybe months, maybe years, it's all up to you. Once beliefs are changed and a pure vibrational match is achieved, trusting the timing is critical, also all expectations on HOW the life changing desire is delivered must be let go of, your mind could not possibly know the how and when, it has a very limited perspective, while Universal intelligence has INFINITE ways to bring about a life changing manifestation into your reality. When success is achieved at this phase of letting go and allowing, your desire feels less and less important to you, at this stage of allowing, your life changing desire begins to feel like the next obvious step, in this phase you feel as if it's already happened and ran it's course, how else could you feel?, once you've gotten what you've wanted the initial ''high'' will wear off, it's no big deal anymore, that's the paradox here! You see to manifest your BIGGEST desires, they need to be no bigger a deal than the small, easier desires, this is why people manifest smaller things easier with law of attraction, they are ''no big deal'', they're ''normal'' and there's not any resistance towards them. It's not going to happen overnight, we must develop through the practice of letting go and allowing to reach the mental equivalent state of whatever it is we desire, no matter how big it is, it has to feel ''normal'' to us, the next logical thing to occur, then we are an exact match to what we want, more on this later so stay viewed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prisoners of the mind

Good morning, I'm sure most of you viewing this post are familiar with the Duncan Donut restaurant slogan, ''America runs on Duncan'' and that's the idea of this post, except I'm going for the brutal truth with my own slogan, ''America runs on fear'' Most would be afraid to accept or even admit this truth, and even more are in a constant state of denial, but deny all we want, most of us are controlled by our minds, not the positive empowered mind, but the fearful lacking mind. Through the years our neurons have stored a lot of experiences and beliefs through the influence of others and childhood conditioning, as well as religion and schools, and most of these beliefs don't serve us, we are living unconsciously creating the same circumstances over and over, and without a conscious decision to change that, we allow our fearful lack based thinking to run our lives. I've lived most of my life this way and believe me it goes beyond self-destructive patterns here, living life unconsciously allows a constant flow of unwanted manifestations which result in a negative vicious cycle that can go on for years, and what's far worse is the impact on your health and well being. Why are so many sick and constantly ill? look no further than what they are thinking and fearing consistently, they are always listening to their fearful mind and buying in to it's false truths, which, in time, have become ingrained into their subconscious mind [wounded ego] resulting in living their lives by default, due to their conditioned, habitual negative thinking patterns which manifests in their outer reality. It's crucial to remember that what's happening on the inside, happens on the outside, there is no way to escape this, what we are thinking and believing is what we will continue to get and not just in one area of our reality, all of them, relationships, jobs, finances, and health are all affected by what we are thinking and believing, you're either moving with the stream or you're fighting it, it's that simple! So how do we deal with our wounded mind?, how do we make it work with us instead of against us?, we can't fight it, what we resist will persist, and if you're trying to eliminate the negative mind it will just push back even harder, you won't win that battle, especially if you've spent decades feeding fears, lies, and limited beliefs to your subconscious mind. I could write a whole other post about this subject and I will, but to put this in the most simple terms, you have to make the conscious decision that you're no longer going to buy into the fears and falsehoods of your wounded ego mind, sounds simple enough, so I even thought, but that's when things get REALLY shaken up because your old beliefs will hang on for dear life, and that old mind will play every trick in the book to sabotage your efforts, and out of fear you'll be tempted to cave in and fall back into the old negative cycle again, I'm talking from experience here. This ''detox'' period can vary, but things smooth out really well when you've gained control of your mind, meaning that when it goes into panic mode you allow it to do so, this way you are witnessing it rather than acting on it out of fear. A side note here, DO NOT SUPRESS IT! if the wounded mind throws a tantrum just allow it, laugh at it, DO NOT buy into and act upon it's fears, like I mentioned above your wounded mind will scream like a spoiled child demanding your attention, let it have it's tantrum and eventually over time it will ease and release it's hold on you, and this allows you to reprogram your subconscious mind in a way that will serve you better meaning faster and easier positive manifestations. When we go big, as in wanting to make huge positive changes, there are two ways we can accomplish this, the hard way [ego] or the easy way [master within] and it's our choice, should we choose the easy route it won't be easy at first, we must adopt new beliefs meaning that we must first shed the old limited beliefs, this is where the real inner work begins, it's also where the wounded ego mind resists the positive changes you wish to make, be it better relationships, more money, better health, the wounded ego will do everything it can to convince you that these things are just not possible for you, it'll make excuses why these things can't happen, it'll scare you from jumping out of your ''comfort'' zone, and you know what? it's all false thinking, none of it is real, fear is just an illusion, we base all our fears and failures from past experiences only to re-create them over and over again. I personally don't believe in getting rid of the ego, it's there for a reason, it serves us in the form of desires, the problem is that it's never satisfied, and that's okay because after we manifest what we want we'll just want something else, and so on and so on until we finally decide to let go of ego's desires and allow the master within to take over and through co-creation manifest from that perspective, which is contribution rather than self-consumption. I want to write more on this subject as I gain more control over my mind, as of now I'm working on operating in the stream, and yes my wounded mind pops in for a tantrum once in a while, but I'm learning to let the baby cry itself to sleep, the fears have dissolved over time, I'm not taking life so serious nowadays and I'm definitely not buying into my mind's fears and succumbing to it's requests. Free yourself from your mind and you will free your wounded mind, parole granted!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Good Monday viewers, chances are if you've stumbled upon this blog site it is no accident, you're here for a reason, but to be honest this is far from being nearly as big page view-wise as any personal development blog or website or anything viewed on you tube, also this blog site cannot be found on facebook or twitter, and yet it has reached many globally. One could base their success on how many page views they receive on their web or blog site, I am not that person, I aim for quality content, how many viewers reading my posts doesn't matter to me, it's more about the impact they have on the few that do, numbers don't matter here, if only a handful of viewers gain some truth, understanding, and insight from these posts, I'm very happy with that, even more if I can change someone's life. Now to our topic, everywhere I go all I see are people plugged in, engaged in their wireless devices, playing games, texting, social networking, it's as if technology has taken a front seat in society and nothing else matters. I am not going to go off on a rant in this post, but because of my increasing awareness I'm witnessing something that's pulling us further and further away from who we really are and hey, I'll admit that technology has made some great strides in these modern times, I mean I couldn't post these very articles if it weren't for computers and the internet! But let's look at the broader picture here, people have become so emotionally attached to their wireless devices like a drug addict is to heroin, social media has made it easier to talk to another person without having any interaction with them, is this healthy?, what's worse is how distracted and unaware people can become which can be dangerous in some cases, a classic example is texting while driving [I live in a big city where this is all too common] and when I go to any public place where there is waiting involved, almost every individual I see is deeply engaged in their smart phone or wireless device. Is it me or are we leaning more towards technology and moving further away from nature?, drive by any school zone around noon and look at the kids with their smart phones during their lunch breaks, look what kids are doing at home sitting around playing video games, eating junk food and killing zombies, when I was a kid I climbed trees and swam in rivers, I was ALWAYS outside, I'm still out there today! but let's get back on the topic here, are we becoming mindless brainwashed robots to technology?, could we actually live and function as a society without these things?, and where will all of this lead? I've written in earlier posts that there would be planetary changes that will occur, especially if we continue to ignore our place and purpose on this earth, we are consuming more rather than nurturing our only home, instead of beholding nature and the wonderful gifts it brings us, we hold on to our wireless devices, games, and social networks. I personally have no smartphone or wireless device, not because I believe they are wrong, [everything in moderation] but because I'm more attuned to myself inside, and yes I enjoy watching You Tube occasionally, mainly music and concerts, on the laptop, along with creating these posts, but I enjoy more of the things technology can't give me, hiking, quiet time and nature walks, [physically] hanging out with friends, the best socially good times! Nothing physical lasts forever, and this applies to technology and the system that has created it, and the more dependent we become relying on technology to move us forward, we may find ourselves moving away from what's important, becoming consumers instead of nurturers, then nature itself could remind us we're heading in the wrong direction with catastrophic results, because the planet itself is ushering in a healing phase, so changes in consciousness as well as the environment will certainly occur. We can't lose touch of who we really are as a species as well as consciousness as a whole, sure, technology will, in some cases, move us forward, I can't argue with that, look at green technology, that's something I would love to see more of in this country, and less dependency on fossil fuel. Now the question is how far will the system go?, even more so how much longer can it sustain itself?, and how does technology play out in all of this?, we can only wait and see, but in the meantime unplug and take a nature walk!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gaining positive momentum

Greetings everyone! It would appear that I'm on a writing frenzy here and yes it's true, as inspiration can come in clusters, anyway, our subject matter at hand. We all have good and not so good days, and then there are those days that are just damn ugly, those worst case scenario days where everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and if you're a firm believer in Murphy's Law I hate to break it to you, you'll attract circumstances according to your beliefs via the Universal law of attraction. About those good days though, let's even go a step further and say you're having an amazing day, everything goes right, your beautiful wife has morning sex with you and then makes you breakfast, traffic is lighter than usual on your morning commute, people and co-workers treat you as if you were a celebrity, strange and lucky coincidences happen to you, you find money on the sidewalk, and you say to yourself ''I could get used to this'' I know, I know, you'd probably say days like these are few and far between, as a matter of fact they're downright rare. Some of you may hate me for this, but I have good to amazing days more and more often, in fact I have more good to amazing days than I have bad, bad days for me are rare, and I wouldn't even call them ''bad'' I would consider them a little ''off'' and that's the extent of a not so good but not so bad day either. This shift, along with my thinking has been occurring for almost a year now, all that's left is some vibrational fine tuning here and there and I'm experiencing predominantly positive days most of the time, gone are the totally everything going wrong, disaster, wish I never got out of bed days, and replaced by can't wait to jump out of bed ready to take on the world days. What most people don't understand is that they can make every day the best day, and mold them better and better from there, the problem is so many are conditioned to always expect the worst, they dread getting out of bed, they dread going to work, they just know and believe, as well as expect, that something WILL go wrong and guess what?, law of attraction is ready for action! on the other hand if a person were to drift off to sleep weighing in the day's victories and planning the next day's victories, eager to wake up and do it all again, expecting an amazing day, law of attraction would deliver what that person believes and expects. Having good to amazing days is easier than one thinks, it's simply adjusting their thinking and shifting their perspective to a more preferred reality and forming it into habit, as this is practiced a positive momentum is built resulting in increased higher vibrations which become the individual's dominant feelings. We all know the benefits of feeling good, good things happen when you feel good, even better are when intentions are launched in a feel good state of mind and emotion, there is no resistance and manifestation is effortless, feeling good=allowing, feeling good=inspired action. Positive momentum draws everyone and everything you prefer to you like a magnet, the higher the vibration and the longer it's maintained, the faster your desires manifest, do this for a month and I guarantee not only will a shift occur within you, your outer reality will reflect it as well, meaning everything you could ever want and more, is drawn into your physical reality. Here's the catch, most people don't feel this good for such a long period of time, let alone a few days or even a week, life comes into play here. This takes practice and oh so much mental discipline, it sounds so easy, yet like everything else it must become habitual, it has to become the dominant focus resulting in the dominant emotion, which becomes the dominant belief, then the good stuff manifests, and it gets easier and easier. The idea here is to reach higher and go longer until alignment is second nature, I just wrote how the higher self handles all the details, and your only job is to enjoy the game of life and take inspired actions. Yes, it sounds too good to be true but it's not, this is how we're supposed to live life, and because we simply exist, we deserve all that life has to offer, our higher selves [the greater version of us] are there to help us get everything we want, that's how the law of attraction works! It's important to understand the role our higher selves play when it comes to conscious co-creation, and when you reach for and maintain alignment you'll have a better understanding on how your intuition [higher self] speaks to you, your higher self is not separate from you, your higher self IS you, the you with limitless potential, the you without rational thought, the you without fear, the you that always dwells in the present moment, the you that already has everything YOU want and desire! MILK IT!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This IS real

Whether one believes it or not we are all spirit beings living in physical bodies having a human experience, through contrast we launch preferences [intentions and desires] as we are incarnated on this earth to participate in the game of life. Heavy stuff, especially if we are conditioned to believe what the status quo believes, in simpler terms, following the herd and doing what others do, believing what others believe, limiting our own true potential. Once we awaken and discover our own personal power the old thinking slips away and the new thinking begins to take hold, new habits replace the old habits, inspired actions become more frequent, and manifestation occurs easier and more often. The Universal law of attraction is real, just as gravity is real, there are other Universal laws at play but the Universal law of attraction is the most important, and to understand this law will open the doors to understanding the other Universal laws which also affect you and reality creation. When I first began personal development five years ago I tried to by-pass the other Universal laws, this attempt was futile to say the least, since then I've had to experience and learn the affects of these other Universal laws the most unpleasant way. You simply cannot get around this, while practicing conscious creation the other Universal laws will come into play, one such law is the law of polarity, as everything has it's opposite. Learning to master these laws will not happen overnight, it takes much practice and perseverance, in theory attraction is simple, you just think about what you want, feel good, and it will manifest, but in practice it's a whole different entity, there are limited beliefs to uncover and change and even more, many limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind, which one could be unaware of. Many limiting beliefs are fear based, these take even more time to uncover, release, and change, and during this stage there is a lot of discomfort mentally and physically, a spiritual ''detox'' if you will, for myself this was a period of chaos and confusion internally, with bouts of isolation and recurring depression, which was necessary to release these old programs energetically. In early posts I spoke of chemicalization during the re-programming of the subconscious mind, and because our subconscious mind controls most of our bodily functions all hell can break loose when we intend big life changes for the better, especially when a person has lived a life mostly in negativity, struggle, lack, and fear. There are no shortcuts in personal development if you've lived a self destructive life, and once you decide you want change for the better the real challenge lies ahead, but if you persevere the rewards will be greater than you ever imagined. Now the rewarding part, you've uncovered and changed your limiting beliefs, your predominant focus is on the positive aspects of your life, you weigh in and celebrate even your smallest victories, synchronicities happen more and more frequently, vibrational matches to your desires pop up indicating you are aligned and on track, lucid dreaming becomes more frequent and some dreams relate to your intentions, negative people seem to move out of your life mysteriously while positive people enter your life as if to aid you towards your intentions and goals. Spooky manifestations occur, you think of something and it almost manifests instantly in the strangest ways, you think of a certain person and something manifests that reminds you of them, say, a song on the radio or a phone call. It only gets better, patterns develop showing big manifestations are about to unfold, synchronicities happen in threes at one time and location, and increase rapidly, your higher self begins to show you direct proof of coming big manifestations and some can come blended or in clusters, depending on how many intentions you've launched and how aligned you are as to allow them to enter your physical reality. Manifesting becomes second nature now, all that's required is an aligned thought and manifestation occurs effortlessly in perfect timing, your higher self does all the work, only inspired action is required on your behalf, you move away from material desire to a knowing that you already have everything you need, source energy has your back and paradoxically, everyone and everything you want is drawn towards you like a magnet! You've realized your potential, you live life now on your terms, you need nothing because you have everything, you live constantly in the present moment, you've cleared all the obstacles, you've persevered, you're a force to be reckoned with, you have mastered the art of conscious creation and self mastery, so I ask you, was it worth it?


I recall a line in the recent movie ''interstellar'' where the actor Michael Caine say's something to the effect of... ''death I no longer fear, it's time that I fear.'' Since I've worked with personal growth in these past five years my own fear of death has taken a back seat, I never seem to worry about the subject, it could be because so many times I've aligned to my higher self, knowing that this part of me is eternal, knowing higher self knows no fear, it also knows no death. Does this all mean that once we align and remain aligned we are physically invincible?, we escape the emotional pain, physical traumas, and life threatening illnesses that plague the human race? We are more fragile than we realize, and we need to be aware of our limitations as well as our strengths, there are times I feel so empowered as well as there are times I feel helpless, this is the human condition, without contrast we just couldn't grow as a species, life is a game and whether we like it or not we are here to play. I believe that in this 21st century, humans fear time more than anything, everything seems to revolve around time, the stress, worries, deadlines, and all the greatest fears seem to be time related, that ''if I don't do this, this will happen'' future based thinking most people live by, making time the ultimate enemy of their reality. Time is an illusion, the only time that matters is ''now'' not yesterday or tomorrow. Our subconscious mind [higher self] knows no past or future, it is always present, and when we worry about the future we are instructing it to deliver the outcome we are fearing the most, in the future. Sometimes I view my higher mind as that of a computer CPU, it processes all the information it receives,[my conscious mind] and stores it for later use, resulting in outcomes wanted or unwanted, and if I'm worrying about the future, [fear based thoughts] my subconscious mind is processing them for future manifestation, the more I focus on the future in worry, the more likely the unwanted outcome will manifest. That was the old me, my computer has been re-programmed, I don't spend much time worrying about the future, I have the present moment and I'm always focused on what I want ''now'' instead of tomorrow. I've accepted that all my intentions and desires will manifest in their own time, and that appreciating just being alive is the greatest manifestation, and with this level of appreciation my ''CPU'' is processing feel good moments as well as positive outcomes while living in the present moment. Of course those ''what if'' moments still try to sneak in my thoughts once in a while, but I simply ''pivot'' to more general, better feeling thoughts. We are machines of intelligent design, but unlike a machine we have emotions, which guide us towards what we want and what we don't want, but when thinking is future [fear] based it usually means there is something we are trying to prevent, and most unfortunate, afraid of happening, hence, the manifestation. Within is the power of now, alignment is in the now, time is irrelevant to the subconscious mind, and although obedient, it will always bring what's wanted or unwanted into our reality, now is all that matters, now brings you everything and more of what you want, what do you want right now?

The will to thrill

Greetings to all visiting this posting, ah!, [queue the music] spring is in the air, the blossoms, the birds are singing,[record scratch] wait a minute! I'm a guy!, let me re-phrase, oh yeah! spring, positive changes, workin' out, blastin' tunes, havin' fun, livin' in my vortex, that's more like it! When in my early twenties I used to love to go to the amusement parks, places like Magic Mountain, [six flags] Marriots Great America, [Santa Clara, Calif.] and in my much younger years Knots berry farm in Anaheim California, I even got to experience Disney World in Orlando Florida early summer 1987. These days amusement parks no longer amuse me, not that there's anything wrong with visiting them, they're great for the kids, but I'm 51 years old, and I've used up my amused! Some of the things I've lost interest with in my life are slowly being replaced with new interests, what I would seek outside of myself for thrills and excitement in the past I'm now getting the same going inward, of course this doesn't happen every day, life can have it's many distractions, but the ride can be just as good inside as it is outside, even better. To illustrate this the best way I can, it has much to do with our imagination and it's ability to create our reality, how using creative visualization can feel so real that you are already experiencing your new reality. It doesn't stop there, those who practice and master creative visualization know well the side effects of the practice, lucid dreaming, and from my own experience I've had lucid dreams where I could hover above ground and even fly! This has happened more than once, some would even say this is a classic out of body experience, but during deep sleep, not the near death experience we hear of, this is more to do with awakening or even ascension, but I'm no expert on this topic, I've just experienced it personally. If we're lucid dreaming and having the ability to hover or fly, and literally controlling our movements as well as being aware of what we're dreaming, could it mean we are experiencing our higher selves? I don't know for sure, but I DO know that this was better than any ride I've ever taken at any amusement park, one dream I had was very unique, nearly a year ago, it was almost pitch black, like a fluid, underwater feeling, when something took hold of me, and sent me swooping up, down, and sideways, it was like flying, but more like a humming bird maneuvers, or having a jet pack, yet the whole time I felt something holding on to me, and it felt calm and peaceful, not at all frightening, there was this total trusting, helping me to accomplish such feats beyond conscious awakened physical ability. This has only happened once, and not since then have I experienced this kind of consciously aware dream of what could possibly be, witnessing the realm of the higher self. It is hard to understand some things, or why they happen, and just maybe they're better left a mystery, it is possible experiencing them is good enough without questioning them, a gift is given, we should never question whether we deserve it or not, but accept it whole heartedly, in the physical or non-physical, keep arms and feet at all times inside the cart please!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Happy Easter Sunday viewers! It's been quite some time since my last post and for good reason, since I've been back in Arizona there's been a lot of unresolved issues popping up here and there, needless to say a lot of chaos has been going on around me. Despite the chaos, I've somehow managed to keep it all together albeit a few minor meltdowns, I've kept strong within, trying hard not to cave in on unwanted circumstances. Life can get in the way, sidetracking our greatest efforts to create the life we want, I'm no perfect person by any means, but in the last few months I've really been challenged on a vibrational level, getting drawn and influenced by unwanted circumstances as well as people, resulting in heavy bouts of isolation, as well as reflection. With all of this came much more clarity, aiding me further to what it is I really want, hence, new desires have been launched. As wanting physical things are understandable with conscious creation, there will also be matters of what our higher selves want, but let me emphasize this, there are no outside forces controlling us, we MAKE our own destiny, we write our own script in our own life, we choose! Our higher self IS us, it is the non physical part of ourselves, but it is us! This is why we don't always know what we really want, we just THINK we know what will make us happy, take for example cars, houses, vast wealth, the only reason we want these things is because we ''think'' they'll make us happy and here's the funny part, our higher selves are already happy and waiting for us to align, but we decide we won't be happy until we get what we want, unfortunately, this approach is futile. There's such a paradox here, when we don't care about the things we want, we already have them, or vice versa, we're aligned to them. There's more to this though, we're really not aligned to all those things we want, we're aligned with our non physical selves, the part of ''US'' that gets everything we want with the least amount of effort, or even better, everything we desire falls into our laps! People get so confused by this, I was too at a time, I thought forces beyond my control were deciding for me, telling me what I ''should'' be doing or where I ''should'' be going, but this kind of thinking is dis-empowering and leads to confusion and discouragement. We and we alone, including our non-physical selves, are in charge, our physical self makes a conscious decision, and our non-physical self goes to work on it, providing of course, we get out of our own way by not interfering, which is aligning and KNOWING it's already done. But what about life, circumstances, and people?, those unwanted things that keep popping up causing us to focus on and create more of?, yes I know, life gets in the way, but there's a word for this, faith, and I'm not using faith in the religious term here, no, instead I use this word in terms of trusting in Universal laws, they are ALWAYS at work, as gravity is, and whether we are conscious of these Universal laws or not, they are always at work. If you drop a melon from atop the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago, you trust it will hit the ground right?, the same applies to Universal law, what you think and feel, you get back, good or bad. If your dominant focus is feeling good, you'll get back more things to help you feel good, a positive cycle, and if your dominant focus is feeling rotten, you'll get back more things as well as circumstances and people, to aid you in feeling rotten, this is known as the vicious cycle, which puts most at risk of poor health, resulting in bad habits and choices, and in the end, an early grave! It's important to understand Universal laws and leverage them in our favor, there are no teacher's pets here, we are one hundred percent responsible for everything that happens to us, consciously or unconsciously! What we think we become, our non-physical self is neutral, it knows no worry, sadness, pain, struggle, sickness, poverty or lack, it has everything it needs in every ''now'' moment, it ''needs'' nothing because it ''has'' everything, it is our physical selves that experiences these unwanted things through our perception, forming beliefs based on what we see, and validating them creating an unwanted reality. As we align with our higher self, we see things through our higher self, our perception shifts, we begin to understand a higher truth, that anything is possible, we allow higher self to handle all the details, pointing downstream we live life to the fullest, having fun, while higher self continues to bring us inspired actions that move us towards the things we want, with perks! Once you begin to see everything through the eyes of source energy [higher self] you are living in the vortex alignment, and all of your desires are contained within this vortex, you literally begin to draw them into your reality as a magnet draws objects to itself. Summing it all up, aim for alignment with the higher self, our stuff is already in escrow, we'll get it anyway because source energy ''already'' has our back, alignment first, everything else in perfect time, no more waiting!