Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A detached, relaxed awareness pt. 1

The mind is not our master, it is our servant, it serves us, we don't serve it, but in today's society we all too often obey our minds by default, succumbing to it's pull and dramas, being ''addicted'' to it's negative influence. The mind is not our enemy, after all, we're the ones who have programmed it since early childhood, we've accumulated certain beliefs through conditioning by parents, school, religion, and those very beliefs have become ingrained into our subconscious mind and these ''limited beliefs'' are mirrored back into our realities. We get in life, what we believe, make no mistake, if you are unhappy with your current reality look no further than your core beliefs, here are some examples, ''money is hard to come by'' ''I don't deserve anything nice'' ''life isn't fair'' ''I'm always sick/in bad health'' and these are just a few examples. These limited core beliefs could have many layers depending on how many years they've been held onto and how much momentum they have, and releasing/dissolving them will take time and patience. A few years back, when I began to work on re-programming my subconscious mind, I tried so many methods and techniques, they worked to some degree but they were only temporary at best, I just couldn't reach that big shift I was after, it felt like I was moving at a snail's pace! Since practicing the art of letting go and allowing, my limited core beliefs have dissolved at a relieving/satisfying level and it has been almost effortless to say the least, this is because I've reached that stage of allowing, allowing my wounded mind to throw it's tantrums, express it's fears, play out it's dramas, while not being influenced emotionally by it's pull [detached] This has allowed my limiting beliefs/core beliefs to dissolve on their own naturally, while I reprogram my [subconscious] mind with more positive, empowering beliefs, gaining momentum in a much more positive fashion, thus creating a more preferred reality. True freedom isn't about having a bunch of money or anything else physical/material, true freedom is being free from the negative mind and it's influence of lack and limitation, I've awakened to this myself and have worked successfully to re-program my mind to work ''for'' me instead of against me. Once you become aware of the true purpose the mind plays with reality creation, you can use it to your advantage to live the life you dream of, in the next post, I will describe in detail how you can let go of the minds negative influence on you, and re-program it to serve you, and help you achieve your goals, stay tuned!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Early birds

Good morning, it's Sunday and I've just finished my workout at Paseo Park, I've had to rise early, 4:30am to be exact, and this is due to the extreme heat we are experiencing here in Arizona, yes it's hot, and once 9:00am arrives it's close to 98 degrees already, and after that the excessive heat warning kicks in around 10:00am. There are very few people up before sunrise, joggers, horseback riders, bicyclists, dog walkers, and seniors taking in the breakfast specials, but these have got to be the happiest people I encounter, and because of the extreme heat most of the population here in Phoenix are very unfriendly, impatient, and irritable, I've witnessed it everyday since the beginning of June while driving and shopping in the city and it's hard not to be drawn into the misery. Extreme heat can have some major psychological effects on the mind and body and it's very challenging to maintain a positive attitude when everyone else around you is blowing a gasket or having a mental meltdown, another issue is confinement, with these extreme temperatures you cannot even go outside, to do so is a risk to your health, especially with the excessive heat and dangerous ozone levels. When I was working in construction some years back I would have to be up at 3:00am in the summertime here in Arizona, and knock off the work day at 1:00pm in the afternoon, back then I was in my 30's and I'd developed a tolerance to the heat. I've hung up my tool belt over four years now, and now that I'm over 50, it's becoming very apparent that I'll need to move to a more cooler climate. Since 2013 I've been spending my last two summers in Southern California to escape the Arizona heat, but I chose not to go there this summer due to it's over population and I'm paying the price, and yet through all of this unwanted contrast I'm getting more clarity on where I really want to be. We have the most amazing winters here in Arizona, it's an outdoor paradise with an abundance of sunshine, hiking, biking, and all the fun events such as Oktoberfest, the Fiesta Bowl and parade, and the holiday season when the snowbirds arrive, the whole state once again transforms and it's inhabitants come out to play when the heat is gone. I'll miss it here I admit, I've made Arizona my home off and on since 1997, but because I've put change in motion, I'll be leaving it behind for good, this will be a bittersweet departure at best, but it seems there is a trend towards longer summers and shorter winters in Arizona, and the same rings true for Southern California, as well as the whole Southwestern United States. I've always been a colder climate kind of person, I love being outdoors and I was raised that way, so it's only natural that I'd want to return to the climate I grew up in, where there are actually four seasons instead of two. I've found people are more happier in stable climates, this is even more evident for those living near the ocean, I believe environment plays a vital role in our overall attitude and well being, and living with excessive heat and maintaining a well being are very challenging, as the only choices are confinement, or moving/escaping to a more comfortable and stable climate. Fortunately I've chosen the latter, and I'm hoping that Law of attraction plays a major role in my decision to re-locate to an environment of my choosing and the sooner the better, in the meantime I'm going to need to get up p-r-e-t-t-y early to beat the heat, as early as the birds themselves, stay cool!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The inner limits

Good Sunday morning, all is well in my Universe and so much so, I've chosen to write an article on the truth that we do indeed live in an abundant Universe. In order to wrap our minds around this concept, it is imperative that we lose the fear and lack mindset, lack and limitation are illusions, it's that simple, so if a person is struggling financially they need look no further than what's going on inside of them, and what they are thinking and feeling predominantly. As unfortunate as it may be, the most poverty stricken countries seem to go deeper and deeper into poverty and we may ask ourselves why this is so, but we need to realize that the Universal laws are always operating and there are no exceptions to the rule, whatever energy [lacking thoughts or abundant thoughts] we are putting out, we're getting that same energy back in our reality, no exceptions, as you think, so you become. Once you can grasp and know [believe] internally that the Universe is abundant, you can tap into it's limitless resources through you, and because it works ''through you'' you'll become the master of your experiences, acquiring the awareness as well as the knowledge, to accomplish any goal you wish to achieve or any material thing you want, to manifest into your experience. Many people make constant excuses why they can't have what they want despite their longing for it, they just can't seem to see how something they want could come into their experience, but the Universe doesn't operate the same as the limited rational human mind, the ''how and when'' are already accomplished with Universal intelligence, it has an infinite perspective while the mind has a very narrow view and a limited perspective. It is important to understand that the Universe can match whatever energy you are putting out, but specifics aren't necessary, for example, you want more money so you can live a worry free and comfortable life, so you focus on having more money, but money is a means to an end, the better approach would be to ''feel'' the essence of what the money brings, what does freedom feel like?, what does security feel like?, what does comfort and relief feel like to you? after feeling these things, you'll get a basic idea of what true abundance feels like, which is all of the above and more. Abundance isn't just about paper money, that's why so many people struggle with money because of their strong attachments to it, they put it above everything else in their lives, existing on survival mode based on a constant inner fear, of never having enough of it, and so their outside reality reflects that inner fear. The Universe cares nothing about physical money or whether you have enough of it or not, it's based on energy and money is just that, energy, and when a person who is aligned with Universal intelligence is focused on abundance, they aren't just focusing on the money itself, they are focused on every aspect of their life, abundance of health, abundance of freedom, abundance of creativity, abundance of family and friendship, abundance of nutrition, abundance of fun, abundance of well being, I could go on, why? because this is an abundant Universe. If you are believing and feeling the abundant Universe in all the aspects of your life, the money will naturally follow, it's a component of expansion so it will manifest with little to no effort through inspired actions. The most easiest way to manifest more money into your experience is not to focus on the money itself, but to see things from the perspective of the Universe, to know with inner truth that there is an abundance of everything, even money [despite what we're told] but true abundance is just that, more than enough of everything, and the one percent of the wealthy know this.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

As they are

The world today, in all it's fast pace, got to run to win the race, running late, need to get ahead of everyone else, before there's nothing left on the plate. How do we ever manage to find the time for ourselves?, even more, how do we practice reality creation to live the life we want when we're caught up in a reality we don't want?, how do we attract all the right people when we're surrounded by nothing but self-loathing, miserable life hating people? All valid questions and the answers may be a tough pill to swallow, personally speaking, I've been through the mud and now I've made it to dry land so to speak, but it wasn't easy to make peace with everything I didn't want just so I could move into more favorable circumstances, I mean to reach a level of non-judgment when your world seems to be upside down is quite a feat as well as a leap. Wanting change for the better means making peace with where you are, despite how unfavorable the circumstances may be, it doesn't mean that you have to like it and that's okay, you'll still move forward. Going a little further into detail on this subject we'll reference the higher self, that bigger part of you, that part that knows the quickest and easiest ways to manifest your desires and intentions, that part of you who is abundant and knows no lack or limitation, that part of you that lives in a constant state of non-judgment and inner joy, that part of you that is unaffected [neutral] by anything that happens in your physical reality no matter how bad or unpleasant you perceive it to be. When you are aligned with the higher YOU, you could care less about what goes on in your physical reality, you could care less what others think, say, or do, circumstances don't matter because your state of being is your number one priority, sounds simple theoretically but in practice it will take time, you will want to learn and master the art of letting go and allowing, and this topic could be another post altogether, but a near future post is coming to cover that topic in more detail. Once mastered however, a non-attached state of allowing is achieved, nothing trivial bothers you as much, other people's negativity has little to no effect on you, you're coming from a neutral perspective, as your higher self comes from. Allowing circumstances and people to be as they are without self-judgment or judgment directed at others is empowering, this is true freedom, one of our biggest pitfalls with reality creation is giving away our own power to some external, unwanted circumstance, by judging it [disappointment, fear, sadness] or giving away our own personal power to someone else [anger, jealousy, resentment] the reason is this, when we give away our own power we feel bad, trying to create the life you want while feeling bad or upset over trivial things will keep you stuck in a perpetual negative cycle, when we get upset or angry at someone we hardly know, we are only hurting ourselves, as well as sabotaging our efforts to create the life we want, so are they really worth it? Mastering the art of letting go and allowing means being neutral despite your unwanted physical environment, being the attractor not the harsh reactor, being in a place of non-judgment despite the unwanted people and circumstances, to allow them to be as they are.


One of the greatest perks to applying conscious creation successfully is the growing awareness and inner wisdom you will gain, as your mind will develop the capacity to think on an unconventional, non-status quo, outside of the box manner, or simply put, thinking from the level of the higher mind. This faculty of the higher mind finds solutions much easier than a fearful based lower mind, as the higher mind allows the solutions to come from a relaxed and confident manner, while the latter operates from a manner of desperation and brute force, fearing a future unwanted outcome, a future based mind almost always operates on fear because it's always trying to avoid something future based, even when a solution is found it's only temporary at best, akin to putting a Band-Aid on it. We are all born with this higher mind capacity, it is during the course of our lifetime that we were taught and conditioned otherwise, the society infused doctrines of limitation brought on by schools, religions, and other institutions that instill false belief systems, which manifest in our outer reality that are based on man made truths, not Universal truths. Successful people know and apply these Universal truths, some are even unaware that they are doing so, but they are doing so nonetheless because leveraging Universal laws to work positively in your favor reaps freedom and success, this is because a few of the many necessary components to success are expansion, growing awareness, inner wisdom, and adopting Universal intelligence. [alignment to source] During my own expansion I've lost interest in meaningless endeavors such as watching television [delusional based reality] watching the news [fear propaganda] and holding a regular job [lack, struggle, and limitation] I've pointed my focus towards freedom and success, I'm tapping into my higher mind faculties gaining wisdom and intelligence to aid me in achieving these two goals, so that when inspired action is taken I'll have the necessary tools at my disposal to make the right decisions and investments, as well as living a life of freedom and abundance. But let's not rule out the fun, there are still a lot of interests I've held on to over the years and they are still intact, life is about having fun and having the freedom and unlimited abundance is all about that, but it isn't just about money in and of itself, money is a means to an end, it's more about every aspect of life, money is just one of them. You don't have to give up the things you love with expansion, if anything you'll get more of what you love, this is not about sacrifice as society teaches us [struggle/hard work] it's about having everything you desire and never settling for less. It is non-serving to believe that any kind of sacrifice is necessary to have everything, this comes from a mindset of non-deserving, creating more hard work and sacrifice to get something worth getting, but in the hardest way. There are two sides to everything, [polar opposites] and we can decide which side we choose to live by, there are no rules, only free-will, and we're all well aware of what the opposite of intelligence is, yet in modern society we're led away from this incredible gift of intelligence that we were born with, the ability to operate from a higher mind and live a life of freedom, abundance, and continuous expansion, look no further than billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, actors Will Smith and Arnold Swartzeneggar, media empire and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, like them or not, they have harnessed and leveraged Universal laws to work successfully in their favor. While we should not compare ourselves to others in terms of success, I'm just illustrating a point, if they can learn to leverage the Universal laws for success, ANYONE can learn to leverage the Universal laws for success!