Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Matter over mind

Happy holidays! thank you all for visiting my blog posts, I truly hope all of you are manifesting your greatest desires. As we progress in reality creation there is one thing that lingers with us the longest during the journey, the wounded ego-mind, and as this topic was discussed in the last post, it is important to understand that as the wounded self will resist change, we must not resist it, but make peace with it. It will cry for our attention when we begin to make drastic changes for the better, afraid, it will try to reason and rationalize why we shouldn't leave our comfort zone, it will try to convince us that we've failed before, and we'll fail again, sometimes it throws fits, causing great discord within our emotions, resulting in mood swings and hormonal imbalances, holding onto the old and rejecting the new. This battle can go on for several months, even years, because once a conscious decision is desired for better change and progress, the inner battle ensues, that is depending, on how many years an individual has held onto limiting beliefs, fears, self abuse or abuse from others, financial turmoil, psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. As one comes closer and closer to the realization of their goals, there is a self imposed test that seems to occur, this is not a test brought on by the Universe mind you, it is a test of self, another wall to climb over to reach the desired goal, a vibrational test if you will, that is determined how one reacts when another obstacle is reached, and whether they overcome it or simply give up. I've hit many walls personally, some overwhelming, some with discomfort, and some that felt like total darkness, but I've remained resilient and uncompromised thus far, and the Universe has been there every step of the way to help me get through it all. There's the old saying ''mind over matter'' when obstacles rear their ugly heads, but the title of this post sums it up nicely for me, when I choose what really matters, which is more abundance and freedom, the mind tries to fight this new way of thinking and being, but I choose what matters the most over what the wounded mind is telling me, which tries to say NO to everything. In time, the wounded mind eventually jumps on board with our new-found success, over time we no longer give our wounded minds power over what we do or decide, which is how most humans live in modern society, running by their minds rather than their hearts, as the wounded mind is fearful, and the heart is courageous. Reality creation begins with a desire for something better, a purpose, a inner search for truth, there comes a time in our life when we just decide that there HAS to be more to all this, there has to be a better way. Unfortunately as well, there will be those who spend their whole lives stuck in their current realities, at an intellectual level they know there is a better way, but at the subconscious level, they are afraid to seek the higher truths for fear of leaving their comfort zone, or fear of failure, even worse fearing the very thing they yearn for, success! As we launch our rockets of desire to Universal intelligence, at first try they could be coming from the ego,[cars, houses, prestige, power, fame, unlimited wealth, etc.] and these things can be manifested, but as time passes we may no longer find satisfaction after having all these things, we begin to look at the ''bigger'' picture, we may even begin to desire giving something towards the greater good of humanity's cause. I haven't reached that level myself, but maybe this blog site is my contribution to the whole, and for now this is fine with me. I've only been practicing reality creation about four and a half years now, and I am by no means the ''expert'' on conscious creation, nor have I reached that highest level of enlightenment, this is a learning ''as I go'' journey, as for now I'm allowing a life of financial freedom,[it's already created as everything already exists now] that freedom to be, do, and have whatever my heart so desires, without hard work, toil, or 9 to 5 drudgery. Although I desire material things as well, they are merely by-products of the overall picture, FREEDOM!, which is what my authentic self is now experiencing, and I'm catching up fast!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wounded self

Happy holidays! Getting the rational mind out of the way and on board with reality creation is very critical for success, and there are many practices and techniques to accomplish this, deep meditation and/or strict focus on the end result, persistent affirmations, constant positive thinking, the list goes on. What has worked in my own experience is the constant focus on the desired results, and the more focused I've become, the harder of course the ego-self fights back, everything that the ego-self wants the ego-self wants to control as well, the how, the when, the why's and what if's, the can't, don't and won't, the ego-self does not allow, it struggles, it fears, it worries, it uses rational and logical thinking that's counter-productive to success, it wants complete control and it will fight until the very end. Thinking with only the left brain is exhausting, a balance must be achieved between the left and right hemisphere of our brain, unfortunately most humans function more with their left brain hemispheres. I'll make a somewhat bold statement here, you CAN manifest what you want from your ego-self, but I assure you it will come through struggle, frustration, and hard work, which is how society, unfortunately, has conditioned many to believe. I'm finding that eliminating the ego completely is not the answer, were it not for our ego, we wouldn't have desire, and I believe this is a necessary starting point with law of attraction, if we had no desire for anything how could we expand? Some believe in spiritual circles that we must eradicate the ego-self completely, but the ego is a part of who we are, not some evil little devil on our left shoulder tempting us to do evil deeds. We conditioned our own ego, it is us our very ego is trying to protect, it is only following the instructions WE have programmed into it through our lifetime, and as limiting as this can be we must re-program the ego to work with us, so it can't work against us. As I've dissolved all of my limiting beliefs successfully, the ego still tries to put up a fight, but it holds no authority, it pouts and screams like a child, especially when I'm reaching for higher vibrations and riding them into alignment, but I ignore it's pleas, it's always wanting to remind me of my current reality, using every trick in the book to get my attention, of what's wrong with where I'm at, that I need to DO something, FIX something, MAKE something happen, and the result is always the same, I'm UNAFFECTED! My greatest desires were born from the ego-self, but I've gained clarity and moved them closer to my heart, where real manifesting power lies, the link to super consciousness, the connection with the whole! I don't practice meditation or any other techniques to quiet the mind chatter, although recommended, meditation is the best way to achieve the higher states of consciousness and awareness, well being, calmness, as well as clarity, and alignment to source. Although my method HAS worked it's been slow going, and what's worked for me is just keeping my focus on feeling good and making it habitual, and as success has happened my ego is beginning to surrender and get on board with my heart felt intentions, as everything desired IS coming from the heart, not the mind. As long as we don't allow our ego mind to affect our emotional well being, it can have all the fits, tantrums, and rationalizing it wants, because believe me it will, but it's important to realize that all those rationalizations and fears are simply ILLUSION, they are not REAL, and so we must be forgiving and kind to ourselves AND our ego, and at the same time remain focused on our chosen reality regardless of what the ego is reminding us of, and keep moving with forward momentum!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


As the title above may appear to be blunt at first glance, these are words to truly practice and live by. Circumstances do not matter, they are neutral, it is when we give them meaning [good/bad] which will attract the outcome according to our reaction and emotions, as law of attraction is always operating whether we are aware of it or not. Life happens, but we get to choose how we want life to happen by how we are feeling, if we are feeling good then the good stuff comes to us, if we are feeling bad only the bad can come as well. Where we are at in this moment in life is a direct reflection of our dominant thoughts and feelings, if one is lacking money, he needs to look no further than what he is thinking about and feeling most of the time, which has become his dominant focus. To have an abundance of material wealth one must always be focused on the end result, never doubting himself EVEN a second, or holding and harboring any negative or contradictory thoughts. We are as we think, if we think we are poor, we will feel poor, thus attracting conditions and circumstances to validate our being poor, if we think and begin to believe that we live in an abundant Universe, that lack and scarcity are just an illusion, we will BEGIN to attract conditions and circumstances that move us towards more and more abundance. Life is NOT meant to control us, we are not victims, we are creators, we get to choose what we want, when we allow life to choose for us we are creating by default, and unwanted conditions and circumstances are drawn to us stripping away our power and thus we begin harboring a victim mentality. Whatever it is that you want to change in your life it only takes a thought, a thought creates another like-thought, energy builds from these thoughts, these thoughts begin to take form from the formless, the potential increases as you hold these thoughts increasing even more energy/feelings, these feelings are like a radio wave or frequency sent out and reflected back to you via law of attraction, you get back what you put out in the form of energy/feelings, or in simpler terms, you reap what you sow. This can go either way, good or bad, the Universe is not biased in this way, that is why we must choose what we want and control our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and once we master our thoughts we master our emotions, and as we master our emotions we become the masters of our destiny.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I've launched many smaller goals and intentions, I am a living/breathing deliberate creator, and what I've perceived as big goals no longer seem AS big as before when I first began practicing reality creation almost five years ago. Big or small is only OUR perception when we desire something, to Universal intelligence everything is neutral, what do I mean by this?, a penny is no different than a million currency, a shanty is no different from an estate, sure by appearance of course, but it is us that perceives what's big or small or what's easy or hard to accomplish. When we align to our authentic selves we align with Universal intelligence, we see everything through the eyes of source energy, which knows NO difficulty, our perception shifts towards a KNOWING that whatever we want has already been created with source, our inner being is already living our desire and waiting for us to catch up by becoming a vibrational match, then allowing the physical manifestation to unfold. We are taught from childhood rules and lessons from our parents, handed down to them from their parents, then we are sent to school, to learn the rules of society so that we can hold a job and become a productive member of said society. Everywhere we turned at an early age, we were downloading information and forming new beliefs, as early as middle school we began to absorb the [follow the herd] mentality that you must work hard and work long for any measure of success, we were taught these rules of society in schools, colleges, and learning institutions alike, as well as television, movies, and the media, that to get ahead in this world, means hard work and sacrifice, blood and sweat. We recall watching television and seeing ''lifestyles of the rich and famous''[remember that show?] and without giving it a second thought we knew that we could NEVER have those things that were extravagant or expensive, those dreams were far from our reach, we weren't meant to have mansions and fancy cars, we were a lower working class people, even our elders would tell us to be ''realistic'' and settle for what we already have, and expect nothing more. This is the environment I grew up in, the backwards thinking of the late 20th century, and looking back I can understand why my life was full of so much lack and limitation, fear and uncertainty, stress and inner turmoil. Nobody is at fault here, this has been handed down from generation to generation, we cannot blame others for what we choose to believe, we are responsible for what we think and believe and we manifest those thoughts and beliefs accordingly, that is until we recognize and change them. I'll admit that I've always been somewhat a truth seeker, but in the past I was always seeking the wrong truths, the disempowering ones that would tell me that life is not fair and I should be angry, that I'm a victim of society, that I have no control of my circumstances. Boy, am I glad those days are behind me!, but where do I stand now?, allow me to share a little personal secret with you here, now that I've changed my beliefs and habits, I no longer wish to run with the herd of society, of course there are some rules of the system which we must comply, we have to eat, we have to have money, bank accounts and mortgages, we must all play by the rules of the systematic design to some degree, but what I mean is that I've chosen to live life on MY terms, I've chosen to imagine and design it by MY choosing, not creating my fate by default, but instead deliberately creating my destiny as I choose it to be! We are ALL meant to live life this way, ABUNDANTLY! and we're not just talking about money here, we're talking about the whole kitten caboodle, all areas of our life! I've chosen to leave city life eventually, it seems to no longer appeal to me, the traffic and congestion, the stress and all the noise, the bad air quality doesn't help either, and you can't see the stars above due to the light pollution, it seems the cities have finally outgrown themselves, I'm thinking the Pacific Northwest for it's lavish beauty and colder climate. Stay tuned and viewed, this is getting interesting!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Good afternoon fellow reality creators, life can throw little annoyances at us occasionally, especially during our daytime waking reality. My dominant thoughts and feelings tip towards the positive on a given day, but I'll still get agitated and cranky sometimes when an unwanted circumstance shows itself, hey, we all do. In my practice and experience when I'm having difficulty shaking off an annoying feeling I'll take a short nap and usually wake up in a better state of mind, and yes, this REALLY does work, but I'd like to take this a step further, on another note this works well also if you're worried about or focusing on the lack of something you want to experience or manifest in your physical reality. An example would be're having some financial matters, and you want to allow more finances into your life by working with reality creation, you KNOW that the Universe will deliver eventually, but you still can't shake this feeling of noticing the lack of finances you need to resolve the issue. Nap time! as you lie down focus strongly on the feelings of having your financial issue resolved, try not to focus on the money itself, just the essence of already having it, after spending several minutes of accomplishing the feeling [it should feel relieving] shift towards gratitude and appreciation until you fall asleep. When I did this earlier today the Universe confirmed my solution in my dream while napping so believe me this really works. When doing this as a regular routine for a few days you'll begin to notice those things you want to change or manifest show up in your dreams, or at the very least in the form of signs and/or symbols relating to those things. This also is amazing at night before bedtime of course, but it's in the daytime when we get easily distracted or side-tracked and irritated, and if you're in the workplace this can also be done, just try to squeeze in a little power nap when you can, that alone will help. The key goal is finding the time to focus on where you want to be as often as you can, shaping your wanted [new] reality, while still living in your current reality, allowing the shift to occur on it's own, in the perfect timing. Sweet dreams!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Be aware of your awareness

Happy Holidays everyone! My how busy, busy, busy it's been, and I'm finally able to do some writing! I've gone through a lot of vibrational summersaulting these past few weeks with people and circumstances, it's so damn easy to get side-tracked during these holidays when working with reality creation. I remember in my early youth how much I cherished the holiday season, carefree, full of joy and anticipation, all the food and sweets, and oh yes, the presents that came as the icing on the proverbial holiday cake, ALL the things the holiday season represented. Now at 50, I'll resort to coping mechanisms in the form of food and lots of drink, part of me will still enjoy the holidays, yet another part of me wants them done and over with. For the past four holiday seasons I've always expected something more, but unfortunately the circumstances have been less than desirable, it began to seem all that holiday magic with me had finally run it's course, why was this?, could it be because we grow out of all the excitement, and become more focused on the stress and the unwanted responsibilities of the holiday season?, what to buy for everyone, what to cook, unwanted relatives showing up, Black Fridays, spending budgets, and all the stress and anxieties people associate with the holiday season. Something has indeed changed and the commercialization of the holiday season has taken away the most important aspect of what the holidays really stand for, GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION. Now, more than ever, we must always be focused on desirable outcomes, the Universal laws of attraction are the same, but things have changed in the last few years, we now must remain in our higher vibrations more often than ever before, as ascension and higher consciousness is occurring on earth, the manifesting game has changed somewhat, and so we must be more constantly aware of what we are thinking and feeling if we want to manifest our desires, and the more we can accomplish this the faster we'll manifest what we want. During the holiday season, there seems to be more anxiety and stress than ever before, I've dealt with this myself, but I've discovered a working formula that helps me cope, GRATITUDE, [a good wine helps too! LOL] but gratitude seems to go hand in hand with Thanksgiving and Christmas because it propels you into those higher, feel good vibrations, bringing you more to feel good about via reality creation. A lot of people do this, and they feel good about the abundance they already have DESPITE their circumstances, I think a good reason people get cranky around the holidays is because they are focused on the ''not having'' and so they block all the abundance from coming to them by not appreciating what they already have! Holidays are not about getting, they're about giving, giving gratitude, for who and what you already have in the present, not the presents themselves. Gratitude is awareness on a much higher level, it sets you up for abundance, it seemed as a child I always got what I wanted on Christmas, but nowadays instead of getting what I want, I'll focus on and appreciate what I already have, and the Universe delivers surprising results, and in some cases after Christmas has passed. 2014 is closing, through awareness and appreciation of what we already have now during this holiday season sets us up for abundance in 2015, a new year means new possibilities, [raising wine glass] to the victor!