Monday, August 27, 2012

This Knowing

Greetings and blessings everybody! I hope all your dreams and desires are reaching fulfillment, as mine are, in the most joyous time to be a concious creator. On this day,  I want to touch on the subject on allignment a little more, being in allignment is more than being just one thing, it consists of many things, and it's important to know all these things, for example, you may be alligned to a certain thing or desire, this would be accomplished with visualization,which, to me, is the best tool to bring oneself into a vibrational match with that desire. Now since I began this journey over two years ago, I've discovered many different ways to be in positive allignment, and even if it does'nt  relate to what it is I intend to manifest, it is the importance of feeling good that still is a match to your desired outcome. I used to think that I allways had to focus on my desire, I began to obcess over it, I was trying too hard, delaying the process of manifestation, there was little room for allowance, it took some time, however, and  I began to ease back and find other things to make me feel good, that includes ''doing'' things I love to do. Source wants to give us what we want, no exceptions!, but it's we, who gets  in our own way, we've got to step back sometimes and let things happen naturally, our job, is to feel good, let me repeat, ''our job in the manifestation process is to feel good, it's that simple. So you might ask what you can do to be in vibrational allignment or ''in the flow'', ask yourself this question, ''what is the thing that I would love to experience, what are the things I could do to bring me joy?'' or you could just relax and think about what brings you joy, fulfillment, relief. I myself  like to work out, or I will take a nature hike, or have a great beer, and listen to my favorite tunes, cooking is also something that I enjoy, all these things make me happy, and as long as I'm happy, I'm in harmony with my desires, and in harmony with my TRUE self. It's important to remember that we don't have to try so hard, we don't even have to change ''who we are'', we just have to feel good, that's all, change does have to come from within, but we are who we are, that's how we discover our purpose, what we want to feel and experience, our place in this world. My personal experience with allignment has led me to different paths, trials and errors, but I know it's working when I recieve amazing signs from source energy, and it is those very signs that are related to the things I desire, it blows my mind how this happens, the other day I became frustrated that a store was not open for my convenience,I began to feel frustrated, at that moment source arranged two events that enabled me to be at the right time and place to show me signs of my manifesting desires, two at once! my vibration shifted quickly. Source really wants you to manifest what you desire, and even help you stay in allignment when you stray, now that's what I call a source connection, when you are alligned, your alligned also with source, it's win win! The message is simple, but it will take some inner work, get alligned with your spirit/source, do this before you begin your visualization knowing that your desire is already given even before you visit it, source knows this from the emotions you feel, even if your new to visualization, your request is already granted, I know I've said it before, but it's true, you already have your desire, you just have to reach a matching level of vibration to recieve it, that's your job, source's job is to bring it to you ''once'' you have reached  a level of ''KNOWING'' that your desire is already fulfilled and act as if it is!  Done deal!    BACK SOON!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The power inevitable

Hello again co-creators, wow, I've been on a roll in being inspired, and when that happens, I can't wait to write a new post, the mission of this creator is to help the readers to learn and grow and manifest all their true desires with little to no effort, manifesting for me has gotten easier and easier, and more than ever, I choose to share what has worked so well for me.  There seems to be alot of focus on the global economies, here it's the ''fiscal cliff'', the slowdowns in China and India, and the threats of the euro, we are at a constant bombarded of a worse case scenario in all directions, to top it off we are in an election process full of blaming and finger pointing about who and what got us all in this mess in the first place. When I took the power back and became a deliberate creator the fear mongering went in one ear and out the other, I even went so far as to tune it all out, the reason?, it no longer serves me or has a purpose in the creation process, fear is control, fear is limitation, fear is the mind killer! I'm going to sprinkle some gold dust on this whole subject, there has NEVER been a better time to be a deliberate creator, I speak from experience, these are good times to be alive! the power we have is so awesome, I have learned this first hand, and what's amazing is it gets even more powerful as we learn to harness it correct. So powerful this is that whatever is happening outside of us, recessions, crashes, whatever global turmoils that involve economies in trouble, have no affect at all on us, it has nothing to do with us on an individual basis, we just believe, due to societal  conditioning that we are not in control, but we are, because source is in  all of us, and when we develope the source/spirit connection these things no longer control us at all, we create from within, outside things have no bearing on us, source creates through us, it cares nothing about what's going on in this world. It's a good idea to let go of what we hear when it comes to concious creating , getting scared and worried depletes our power, it puts us in a constant state of lack, thus attracting more lack, this is what drives a recession deeper, as people begin to become stressed and worried about all aspects of their livelihoods, even though there is more than enough abundance in the world!  I'm going to throw in the real kicker, I've mentioned it before, but I must stress it more, when we do the internal work, get cleared of false and negative beliefs that no longer serve our purpose ,we will come to a place of what we want, thinking is asking, then it's ours, I repeat, IT'S OURS, IT'S OURS , IT'S OURS, it's given to us right then and there, we just have to let go and open to recieve it!  this is the truth, and ''wow'' is truth a powerful thing, truth will become a part of the process in co-creating. Right now in these uncertain times, people are becoming millionaires, more than ever, how is that?, it begins within them, no matter how things look on the external, this is where truth makes it's grand entrance, and manifestation happens. We all have this power, know it, own it, even better, come to a place where what is wanted is ''inevitable'', visualize it done, with sincere gratitude, and KNOW that  it's done reguardless of what is going on out there. We are born creators, we've had it in us since the womb, at some point in life we believed the wrong things, but now we can be children again, curious, full of wonder, anticipation, expectant in good things, getting all we want.   What we believe IS what we achieve,  get the right belief, and feel the power!   soon again

Sunday, August 12, 2012

''I Adore Me''

I'm back fellow creators, I'll admit that I  got real excited about doing this post,  this topic came a little late in this blogsite, it belongs in the archives, nonetheless, it's an important part of the creation process that I should've  posted a long time ago, but I wish to write about it because it has changed this creator's life tenfold. There's no avoiding it, when we rise in the morning, the first thing we see is ourselves in the mirror, we greet ourself and judge how we are looking, most will stare a breif moment, then go about the morning ritual of preparation for work, or whatever else is on the agenda. Some, will look in the mirror long enough to see the imperfections like ''wow, I could stand to lose some weight'', or ''I'm loosing hair'', or worse, ''I hate what I see, I wish I looked better'', even worse, ''I'm getting old!'' When I was undergoing depression some time ago, I would look in the mirror, and see a fit, decent looking middle aged man, but from there I would look past that and start picking it apart, just looking for imperfection after imperfection, the self talk was even worse. The world I lived in was'nt perfect, so I was'nt perfect, I just managed, went through the motions, but self love?, was  nowhere to be found. I had it all jumbled, all the things messed up on the outside, reflected how I felt on the inside, but the truth was, without me realizing it, was the things messed up on the inside, were manifesting on the outside, over and over, a vicious circle indeed!. When the concious decision was made for better change, the first thing that happened was I felt better about what I was doing, after that it came natural, a little to a little more, I began to feel better about who I was, I got  a little more confident, and over time it just grew. I LOVE ME, I love who I am, and where I'm going, in these past months, I've learned to accept WHO I am, that I am unique, creative, as well as a creator, blessed in all areas of life, and each time I recognize this, it gets better and better, I became it , it empowered  me, and here's something to remember, I use the power of ''I AM'' before affirming the words of self love and appreciation. Some of the time we think that improvement must be made on the outside before we can feel good about ourselves,
and it's good to do these things because it makes us feel good, but the real rewards come from the inner transformation towards loving oneself,  when done we see more of ourselves than what the outside shows, we go deeper and discover how great and unique we are, and that true happiness comes from within, then self love follows. .I have found, on a personal level, that since I  love ME whole hearted, other people treat me with total respect, no matter when or where I go, as long as I am self loving, I am a magnet to other self loving people, which brings about positive circumstances, like the old adage, love oneself, others will love us as well, and, it's a great attractor to the opposite sex! '' BONUS!''  We are powerful beings, when we take back our unlimited power, and recognize who we are, that we are unique and loved, we begin to love ourselves unconditional, as source sees us, when the source connection is growing, self love is expanding, from this place comes unlimited potential!     Love and blessings!

Friday, August 10, 2012

When everything ''alligns'' up

Interesting title is'nt it?, I'll sum it up, first, I hope all the readers are finding success and fulfillment on their path to be, do, and have all that is desired, blessings to all! Allright, moving along,  it has taken me almost 27 months to get rid of all the things that were resisting and blocking abundance and well bieng, it is amazing what determination, perseverence, and strong desire can do to a person, and the mental dicipline that's required is amazing to me, but I'm pleased to admit that it has indeed gotten easier. This topic is what deliberate creators in all circles know, ''vibrational allignment'', and getting here takes some serious practice, this is the part where our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are alligned to ''allow'' our desires to materialize. Belief is crucial in this allignment, all doubt must be dissolved, getting to that place, can make or break a student of  concious creation. Having unwavering belief requires repitition, affirmations and visualization are great tools for reaching the point of total belief, the fact in point here, is to manifest a desired thing or outcome, we have to believe that it's achieved, a done deal! Here's an example, when we get out of bed, do we believe the sun will rise?, do we believe we will have our morning cup of coffee?, sure, it's done, we don't complicate that, we just turn on the brewer, and voila! do we believe we'll eat breakfast?, of course, we all do, with no second thought, it's done. This is the kind of belief we must have to manifest our desires, and of course, the desires must be felt at the core of our being, so strong and clear the desire must be, there can not even be a small fiber of doubt, it has to be dissolved, it could take some time, but the place of unwavering belief must be met. Fellow creators, since I've arrived at this place, belief seems to grow stronger, however, when reaching a state of total belief, doubt will on occasion creep in, don't fight it, let it visit, tell it that it is'nt welcome here, laugh it off, then move on, the last thing we want to do, when doubt creeps in, is resist it, just let it be, it'll pass.   The important thing to keep in mind is to release limiting beliefs and all forms of resistance, then begin a visualization practice to dissolve the doubt, it has worked wonders for getting me into allignment and bieng in the miracle zone, bieng in allignment has awesome benefits, we become power attractors in all aspects of our lives, the good stuff keeps coming and coming while in allignment, put in simple terms, allignment is happiness, well-being, knowing, and of course, unwavering belief, allignment is knowing that whatever we want we have, as sure as the sun rises and sets, it's a done deal!   Allignment is the stage where we are allowing our desires to manifest, nothing stops it from happening, we are open to recieve, how awesome is that?       On the next post I wish to touch on the benefits of loving ourselves as source loves us.  Until next time soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Transformation first, then manifestation

Greetings fellow co-creators and practicing deliberate creators alike, I hope I have helped the readers as even as I am learning this process of transformation, the purpose for these posts is so we can all learn together, although I still have some distance to travel, amazing things are occuring that, for the most part, are nothing short of  miracles. I'm even going to mention some of them in this posting, to illustrate the importance of working on transformation within oneself, rather than going for instant manifestation of  the material, that being wealth, cars, boats, houses, the good stuff! When the secret was introduced, I thought that I could just focus a little on the prize, feel good about it, and ''poof'', there it is! as long as this went on, I started to think that it was'nt working like the secret said, nothing was showing up at all, there is more to this, I must find out I thought,so I jumped on the internet and ''whoa'' there was a plethora of info about deliberate creation that opened up a whole new can of worms for me. For months I studied, sorting through countless blogs and articles, and coming out confused most of the time, but because I was focused on learning more about bieng a co-creator with the universe, the intention grew, and we know what happens then, the source starts bringing the answers, and more answers are attracted. While I would love to go more into detail about this, the post would be far too long, but I will express that if one decides to be in this process for the long haul, one is most certain to get there, no matter how long it takes, believe me, source will be there to help. Guidance is the name of the game here follow creators, and asking for it on a regular basis is important, without it we will get lost and confused, even give up, there's just too much info out there, and some of us will have to find a niche, there is a lot of good advice out there that's helped me alot, and I recommend searching and reading at a constant, for as long as it takes, then, see what resonates, and work with it, there are no shortcuts, for the 26 months of this creator's practice, I would relate this to going back to school and learning something I never knew about, and believe me, it's not the easiest thing to learn or master, it will take mental dicipline
that no subject in school will ever come close to. When one has decided on a concious level that this is what he or she wants, and wants change with burning desire, the wheels are in motion, I'll admit it was a desire for change for me, but also more stuff, wealth, etc., but in the beginning, it was more about stuff, and stuff never came. So it was time to dig deeper within, and find the real reasons, to find the essence of what I wanted, this took a long time, frustration included, a sort of back to the drawing board kind of thing, with no cash, no cars, no stuff!  Driving this home, before we jump in expecting to use concious creation to get material things first, we'll be in for a wake up call, for things to change on our outer environment, the inner transformation must take place, and I'll be honest, it's going to take some work. But there's rewards, the stuff will show up when the time is right and one is in total allignment, before that can happen however, look for clues and signs inner transformation is taking place, this goes back to the guidance I was explaining earlier, when I ask for these ''signs'', unexpected but amazing things show up, like a rabbit crossing this creator's path, at the front door!, and more often now, rabbits, meaning luck, dozens of dragonflies in the front lawn, unusual to the least, dragonflies meaning change, limitless potential, higher consciousness, one time, walking on the nature trail last spring, a rare treat, a red cardinal with a fire crown, investigating further, I researched more, he means vital health, and strength. When we reach a level of inner transformation, outer signs will show us we are changing for our greater good, and in the form or miracles, unexpected, and mind blowing!  The universe will bring these signs to us, to encourage that change is taking place, it's working, keep the path, when we see these things, we are building manifesting muscle for total creation for what we want!         Keep at it!

''Believe it'', then see it

Greetings fellow creators and practicing creators alike, first off, mega-gratitude to all who visit this blog, although I am still  practicing the process of being a co-creator, it is good to help others who want to learn as well, and I hope the readers are getting some valuable advice, the rewards for this deliberate creator have been nothing short of a miracle, and I choose to share advice so others can benefit the same rewards as well, so again, thanks to all! Allright, the topic at hand, one thing that took awhile for me to grasp at was the process of manifesting, we all want to manifest, and that means the big stuff. Manifestation ''is'' a major trial and error process over and over, some get it quick, but most of us must practice, practice, and practice! How strong a desire is depends on what we are willing to put into it, time, persistence, consisting practice, and gruelling patience is paramount. Some will tell us having a strong desire can hinder a manifestation, due to the vibration of ''wanting'' that desire, this can somewhat be true, to a certain extent, there is a fine line to this, here's what I am learning, during visualization [emotionalization] a strong desire should be focused on, but to a degree of  the ''desire fulfilled'' and then going about the positive thinking and  emotions that feel good, while visiting the desire on occasion, raising that vibration, keeping it alive, without the focus of not having it. This can be complicated, because when looking around, the object or desire is not there, so the person is having a hard time believing that the actual manifestation process is working, a quick note, once a desire is made, the ball is rolling, the desire just needs to be fed on a constant basis so it can grow, that's the reason BIG desires can take awhile, it's not that the source can't handle it, it just means we need to build our allignment to it, releasing blocks, resistance, and reprogramming our subconcious to allow the desire to be fulfilled.  We cannot manifest something big, when we are in a smaller environment, for example, a person makes 25,000 annual, but has a goal of  500,000 annual, while it is possible, there is some serious internal work to do, 26 months ago I thought that manifesting was just thinking about an object of desire, feel good a little here and there, and wait for it to appear, and that's just what I did, wait and wait, nothing! Since then, alot has changed about this creator's view about manifesting. Now, several months into this, I've released all the blocks, I've let go of resistance, but it is still a practice, and I've done alot of subconcious work, and still do, and last but not least, I visualize, so much do I visualize I am convinced whole-hearted I posess the desired object, no doubts, no worries, it's mine, I am believing it, so I can see it, not the other, most will think ''I'll believe it when I see it'' WRONG APPROACH! does'nt work in manifestation, it must be believed with no shred of doubt, once that happens, it must manifest! That's where visualization practice is of utter importance, without this tool, we'll have a hard time making ourselves ''believe''that what we want is a ''done deal'' and it is a done deal, the moment we think(ask) for a desire it's done, it is reaching for us, our work is to clear our resistance, open ourselves to recieve it which is believing we have it NOW!, despite our current situation. Visualization WILL help leaps and bounds in the manifesting process, when mastered, it dissolves resistance, it elevates vibration, to me there is no better mood lifter, after a sucessful session, nothing can shake this creators faith in manifesting, I know it's done, it's like confidence on steroids. One thing to remember, we manifest all the time, with our thoughts and emotions, but not deliberate but in default, when we take control of these things, we control what we want to manifest in our lives. Manifesting takes practice, and we need to take the steps and use the tools to make it work, be patient, the desire IS searching us out, we have to open ourselves up to get it, a crucial step however, is to believe the desire is fulfilled now!   Until next time!