Thursday, June 27, 2013

Away I go, from status quo

Post seventy one and marching forward! Greetings friends, glad to see this blogsite is reaching far and beyond, I am grateful to all of you that visit these postings, and I bless you endlessly with happiness, prosperity and success. While I'm on that subject of happiness and success, there were times, few as they were, that I felt happy and successful, I had been in the construction trade for the most of 25 years, but have since left sometime around March of 2011, that was the last time I actually had a job, even in the so-called man made recession, I managed to do a small handful of temp jobs, but the wheels were spinning, the harder I tried, the more behind I got, I was living the true meaning of struggle and strife. While I've always maintained superior work ethics and took pride in my work, I was fighting a losing battle in an industry heading into the toilet, the morale on these jobsites were crumbling, work environments were toxic to say the least, that ''man made'' recession had put most in the position of less pay and fewer work hours. When I quit the whole construction business in early 2011, it was not a gradual decision, as a matter of fact I walked off the job, I had an emotional meltdown from the acting foreman, it was either a punch to his face, or just be a man and walk away, so I walked, and since then I've never looked back, but after that incident I kept asking myself what just happened back there?  Since early 2011, and believe me, I still don't know how I've managed to survive being unemployed over two years, but I am blessed for the family and friends who have helped me through this tough time, there were SO many times I wanted to just accept the fact that I needed to join the rest of the human race and get a job, any job, but I ''am'' a stubborn man, and I just knew there HAD to be a better way! I had already been practicing laws of creation for nearly a year, but they were only second to what reality I was living and struggling in, and at the time of employment it was near impossible to work in a dead-end job and be in a joyous state, something had to give, I had a BIG choice to make, do what I hate, or go within, identify what I really want out of life, and pursue my real purpose IN life. Drum rolling... the latter of course! The problem was I had to toss out everything I ''thought'' I knew, then I had to admit that
it was only myself to blame for being in these circumstances all those years, hard stuff to do, accepting responsibility for being in a constant state of struggle, coming from a guy who looked for external circumstances to blame his shortcomings on. Letting go of the need to survive was hard enough, but maintaining that detachment for two more years?, I got scared alot, I was walking into a world unknown to me, I swear, to this day I really don't know how I managed, then again, perhaps it was'nt me, in a way I'd given up, surrendered if you will, and more than likely, my higher self took the wheel, while I worked on cleaning up my vibration, and moving towards allignment, even un-be-knownst  to me, I had just embarked on the path of my life's purpose.  I was not happy at that time, although I was learning everything I could on the subject of ''reality creation'', I still was worried where I was headed, the uncertainty was unbearable at times, but I never gave up, I wanted something more!  A few years later, I'm just beginning to see how, and why all this has happened, and looking back, the pieces of the ''life'' puzzle are fitting together, and I'm getting what I wanted,  even better than I could have imagined!  Friends, if you are living life, and doing what you love, your heading in the right direction, but if it's doing something for the mere sake of survival, it just won't be fulfilling, drudgery is an awful word but we can't help but live by it. We all are conditioned with the ''survival'' instinct but that's merely what it is, conditioning, we are taught to believe that through hard work , and only hard work can anything be achieved, I'm not buying it! While the world has conditioned us in this way of thinking, in NO way were we designed that way., the truth is gonna' set you free folks, we are all born successful, each one of us has a set life purpose within us the moment we came into the physical, and that includes ''WEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND ABUNDANCE BY BIRTHRIGHT!''  as I've written before, we need look no further than within to tap into and unlock the vaults of abundance and follow our passions, money usually follows, even easier than we imagined! Right now, at this second, I'm doing what I love, every time I write a new post a feeling of bliss comes over my body, I don't rehearse or take notes when I write these posts, they come out naturally, like a flowing, two hours ago I was'nt even thinking what post to write, or even writing one at all, I just sit, and write whatever I feel at whatever time, it almost feels like something else is writing these posts ''through me'', friends, when you do what you love, this is what happens, the reward?, for me, sharing knowledge, helping others on their journeys, to grow together and expand with universal intellegence!  We all win here friends, and maybe it's going to be you who writes to others, as I am, thus helping them, to grow and expand as well, the expansion continues, and so forth and so forth. The universe IS a friendly place, and it expands when we expand, everytime a desire is launched and manifested the universe expands, it never ceases, it's infallible as well as perfect, and you my friends are a part of it!  Sorry for the long post, sometimes I can get carried away doing what I love!   Until next time!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I choose freewill

Hello again fellow conscious creators, here I am again, back so soon?, I've been riding a big wave of inspiration as of the past few weeks and, well, I just love writing these posts, but what's better is I'm teaching a little too!  As of lately the ideas keep 'a coming and learning is second nature, nonetheless, documenting my progress this way is most enjoyable, as before the blogsite was born I was journaling my progress, okay, enough rambling, the topic!  Anyone remember the Canadian rock band Rush? back when I was around twelve or thirteen I used love their album 2112 overture, along with all the other early stuff they released in the mid 70's, then around 1980 I believe they took a different approach towards their musical style, I picked up Permanent Waves at the local Tower music store, ''rushed'' home to hear it only to be disappointed at the new wave stylings thrown in their music, gone was the screaming vocals of Geddy Lee, the hard edge guitars of Alex Lifeson, and the octopus drumming of Neil Peart, replaced by a band that had toned things down as a new era of music was unfolding. But even though I was disappointed, I still took it to parties, and it seemed everyone else was on board with the new Rush of the 80's, they loved Tom Sawyer, and it was all over the radio back then, but one song did resonate with me on that album, and that song was called ''freewill'', even at a young, clueless age, something grabbed at me when I heard that song, and it would be over 30 years until I got it's message. I am really happy we are allowed freewill, it is the greatest gift given to humanity, I can't even fathom a world without freewill, since creation itself, freewill has had it's good and bad, and unfortunately it's been mis-used throughout history. While I'm learning to understand the concepts of freewill it's evident to me that it can be taken for granted in our society, we are given so many choices in everyday life, but amidst confusion most make the wrong choosing, even as we have the greatest gift of freewill we seem to mis-use it, maybe to the fact that we don't fully understand it, however I do believe we can take this gift to a whole new level along with conscious creation, and use it the way it was meant to be used. Being able to decide what's good or bad for us, and choosing which road to take is freewill, but I feel that when it affects or hurts others is where the mis-use comes in, freewill is the greatest gift when used for the better of all, and maybe I think, it's meant to be that way, of course, I'm no expert on this subject of freewill readers, this is just coming straight from the heart as of writing this. As I delve further into this journey, those messages from my past that I missed are now coming back to play, and what I've missed out on the first time is giving me a second chance to figure it all out, and utilize it for this writer's greater good. As for freewill, I've taken it for granted all those years only to finally come to the realization that I'm grateful for this gift from creation, source energy just keeps amazing me in awe inspiring ways, I choose by myself, I choose freewill!      Back soon!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A rebel with a cause...and effect!

Greetings, and well being all, a new week is upon me here in beautiful Southern California, hope some of you readers experienced the perigee moon yesterday, not only was it a new moon, but an amazing celestial event as well, whenever a new full moon presents itself I try to set new intentions, it gives them power, even though they may be small intentions, it's fun nonetheless. I've grown up a rebellous child by nature, this was probably around my early teens, I guess most of us, at this stage do so, around 14, 15, years old, of course nowadays rebellion is a little different than in my time, I'm a baby boomer, we live in a completely different world today, and things lean more towards technology, social networks, and reality television. Even though my rebellous teens have long passed I've still held on to my rebellous nature, being an Aquarian could possibly have something to do with this, but there are things that define us, and rebellion is one of them for me. As I've practiced deliberate creation these past three years, I've cleared and let go of alot of the old conditioning that no longer served me, but for some reason my rebellous nature would'nt leave my new and improved habitual thinking ''house'', like a drunk uncle overstaying his welcome. Since pondering this a little, I've decided to keep my rebellous nature, it seems it'll come in real handy on my journey, how so?, while the rebel in me ''has'' gotten me into trouble many times in my past, there were some hard lessons to learn, and believe me, I learned them, but now I can harness this rebellous nature for my greater good, and keeping my rebel alive in me is still fun, and I'm using it to full effect. While being a middle aged teenager, I've found new things to rebel against, and no, I am no punk rocker by any means, I've just re-discovered my rebel side in a whole new non-resistant way, and I now use it to move forward, marching towards excellence!  I am now rebelling against things that no longer serve me, for example, I never liked  watching the news or hearing politiician's empty promises, still don't, I never liked being told what to do, still don't, I never liked being told I can never have this or that, still don't, and I never liked being told what I'll never be, still don't! And even
when someone meant well, they too were told the same things while they grew up, beliefs are handed down from generation to generation, until the cycle gets broken, and we can thank the new awareness for that. We all , I think, have that inner rebel in us to some degree, I don't think it really goes away, we may feel we outgrow it but sometimes It'll come from nowhere and surprise us, maybe when someone or something touches a nerve or says something that goes against what we believe. I'm learning that some of my old ways can still hang out in my new ''house'', it might be surprising that these very ''old ways'' are there to serve us in the bigger scheme of things in ways we otherwise would not see. After we've cleared the clutter in our thinking, some of our old habits may stick around for a good reason, although we may not know why, it's nice to know we can keep some of the cool stuff within  us, now, this new rebel believes in his cause, to not let anyone or any thing stand in the way of his dreams, to defend them unwaveringly, and teach others to tap into their ''inner rebel'' and do the same, for that greater good!  It's true, some older habits never die.           Until next post friends!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Which way to freedom?

Ah, freedom, the ultimate F-word, it comes in many forms, but what is freedom and what does it really represent?, I thought I knew what freedom was until I practiced conscious creation, and through the process, freedom has taken on a whole new meaning.  We can sum up freedom fairly easy, but sadly, most are not truly living it, it seems to be temporary in our society, for example a vacation, a getaway if you will, and those don't come easily nowadays, even so, it's back to the grind, it seems any chance of freedom we get, we'll take, but what if we could actually ''live'' in freedom, 24/7?, in every moment in every day?. Most are mumbling ''yeah, right'', but we can, it's the way we are designed, as a matter of fact our inner beings are already enjoying this freedom, we just have to tap into and allign to it. How so you may ask?, by getting into the frequency{feeling} of freedom, digging into your inner being to find out what it means to you, what it is you love to do! I've written a little on this subject a few posts ago, and in this writer's journey freedom is becoming a household name, it has been my understanding that freedom is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, and yes, this will require some energy work, but as it's practiced, the feelings are, dare I say, beyond anything desired, it goes beyond material things, our higher self gives us a ''thumbs up'' when we choose to vibrate from the place of freedom, and the easiest way there is through surrender and letting go, but before that can happen one must define, to themself, what freedom really means to them, identify any limiting beliefs as to why they think they cannot have freedom, clear 'em out, and replace them with new, empowering beliefs, which will serve the individual to move towards true freedom. As for myself at this point, I've identified what freedom is to me and I'm in hot pursuit of it, but in a non action manner, I've chosen to do things that ''I'' only love, and enjoy, without worry, my higher self's ''got this'', my only job is to have fun, love what I do, and be as happy as possible, circumstances just seem to line up and the resources come in when needed, as long as I'm living in the present moment, in a joyful state, all I want will seemlessly flow towards me, including the money, my inner being has the wheel, my job is to act when instructed to do so.
This will require trust and faith, like a baby bird jumping from it's nest to fly for the first time, and believe me I get nervous from time to time, but as things unfold in the most amazing ways, I feel more brave and confident about it all. I think of the old adage ''freedom is'nt free'', but how true is that?, that's society's version of it, freedom ''IS'' free, we were born with it, it's always been within us, our higher self reminds us of this everytime we're on a vacation, or engaged in something we love doing, freedom is our birthright, how dare ''anyone'' teach us any different!  Sure, there may be some inner work for us to do, but nonetheless the freedom is already within, and when you get to the place of truly living your freedom, you'll find out just how ''free'' it really is!   Free yourself!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The enjoyment of joy

Greetings, here I am again logging on to create another post,  it seems like yesterday I was here, oh, wait, I was here!, humor aside, I've been in a really joyful state these past few days, since I've practiced and dabbled with every emotional state in regard to staying positive and in allignment with all the good stuff, I'll sometimes want to mix things up. When in a neutral state our emotion begins to feel as if it grows a little stale, while being in a neutral state is okay to some degree, {you are still allowing} while in my personal vortex a few days ago I felt like playing with my emotions, being in a neutral state puts me on the border of my vortex, at that point I feel like I can jump in at any given time, but I discovered a fast way to literally get sucked in, before I reveal my tecnique, I want to re-cap what the vortex is for anyone new here, {being in the vortex is total allignment to higher self, inspiration, passion, excitement, and yes, joy all come from this place of allignment to ''all that is'', we all have been there, it's known as ''being in the zone'', if you will, where we are caught up in what we love to do, immersed in passion and play} I could go on about the vortex subject alone, but you get the Idea. You dont have to even know what the vortex is to be in it, being in a state of joy is the same thing, I've written in a recent earlier post about tapping into our higher selves as far as feeling goes, the interesting thing is there are so many different ways to enter into a state of joy, a good example is the '' recollection tecnique'' I invented, it's when I think of times when I got something I really wanted, something I wanted so bad, and recieved, I'll ask myself how did that feel, then resurrect those emotions, the joy, the excitement, the appreciation all rolled up in one ball of pure joy!, and while I'm surfing that wave, I'll then move that feeling to what I want now, as If I'm recieving that desire, by then I'm pumping my fist and gettin' jacked about my dreams, supercharging them, and the joy keeps piling up, until I'm sucked right into my vortex where all my dreams and desires are waiting! The super cool part to this is the vibration you send out, and you'll get excited to know that you are literally speeding up the manifestation.
Being in a constant state of joy is a practice, and there are different ways to do so, but the good news is we've all already been there many times, it's already within us all, we'll need not go far to tap into this amazing state of allowing, with practice we can tap into and ''lock in'' those joyful emotions, literally allowing the manifestation of everything we desire. One problem we can have is getting there to begin with, but let me tell you it's easier than most will believe, one key way to start is appreciation, by noticing all the things that are good in life, some of them we take for granted, basic things others don't have, it starts with a change of perception, also being happy for what you already have will get you well on your way. You could say building up your joy is akin to building up a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows! As I've mentioned before, we'll all have a different tecnique and approach to get us in allignment, but nonetheless, if we wish to recieve what we want in life, this is by far the best way to do so.  A good example is doing what you love, where joy is connected, things that drive passion, where joy is connected, reaching further into our emotional guidance system where joy resides!  Before closing this post, here's an exercise for you, readers. It's Christmas Eve, the parents are sending you off to bed, ''but''....the sooner you go to bed, the sooner morning will come, when you get to open your gifts, so off to bed you go, once lying there you begin to think about opening your gifts, you just know you'r getting what you wanted, you'r excited, and you can't sleep, already picturing in your mind the joy you feel when you get that thing you really wanted!  How's it feel?, thought so!       Until next time soon.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


YOU ALREADY ''ARE'' THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE, SO BE THAT PERSON THAT YOU ALREADY ARE!  Thanks to all who visit this blogsite, this ''is'' reality creation  ''reality blogging'' like no other blogsite out there, and it's not going anywhere, anytime soon, there is much, much more to come, this writer will continue in this journey to learn, as well as teach the very principles of achieving all of our heart's desires, we are all in this together, and together we'll accomplish amazing things!  Stay tuned, reality blogging is about to reach to new heights of awareness in coming posts,

Monday, June 10, 2013

A desire to inspire!

Greetings, and well being visitors, this is post number 63, and just a fraction of what's still to come, nonetheless, big changes are rearing their inspiring heads so to speak. For this writer, there has been a period of confusion, soul searching, and seeking answers to big questions, while in that confused state the answers could'nt find their way to me, so I had to get into a better feeling place, being on the border of my vortex getting in and out, and in and out, I decided to quit ''trying'' to get in my vortex and went towards a more natural  flow, or a neutral point if you will. At times I could elevate my emotions to a joyful state, only to drop back down to neutral again, something was just nagging at me, so i was looking for more things to focus on, it seemed focusing on the things I already have helped put me into a better emotional state, ''AH HA!'', I sometimes forget about appreciation, which is a powerful vibration, and can get you to a good feeling fast!  Two weeks ago I asked  my higher self a question, it regarded what my true purpose is ''now'', after wrestling with manifestation practices, and maintaining a state of allowing, I still felt I was missing that inspiration, even though I get inspired to write these posts, it can come and go, so I felt that I needed to maintain that flow of being inspired, and carry it home. Now that I was wanting to be ''more inspired'', source energy picked up on that intent, and brought me my answer, it was a very direct answer that I just could'nt miss. Of course the answer was always there, but at the time I did'nt see it, but it ''did'' manifest in the form of a miracle, in a way I could have never imagined! I am, as of now, in a big transitional period of change, since I've moved to this beautiful place there have been moments where I got scared, and a lot of why's would surface, but after I calmed down and reflected how lucky I was to get what I wanted, more things made sense, and I just needed to stop fighting it. Now I'm inspired more than ever, and I'm learning something amazing here, as well as important that applies to us all, and I wish to share it with you, readers. Do what you love, whatever it is, do it, I'm not saying quit your jobs now or make such drastic change
when there is a mortgage and bills to pay, but take time to ask yourself, ''what do I love to do?, what would I rather be doing right now?''  when the answer comes you will ''feel'' it, in that way, you have asked, you may not realize it but the universe is picking up on it, here's the best part, the universe ''wants'' you to do what you love, it wants you to live your  passion, and even better, to make uber amounts of money doing so. We as humans are designed to do this, to lead, not follow, to contribute to the greater good, to make the world better one person at a time, ever notice how the wealthiest of the wealthiest give to charities and organizations that help the needy?, that's one example, others are mentors, life coaches, I could go on, but the thing is these people are doing what they love, helping humanity, and getting very rich doing it. Doing what you love, with passion puts you in a vibration that attracts amazing rewards, and wealth is one of them, the kind of wealth that is'nt just about money, but the kind of wealth that can only be described as prosperity and abundance, well being, and great quality of life, not the ''greedy, needy'' wealth that so many are plaqued by. At first, in my own journey, it was all about the money, I had the notion that if I could just manifest the money, all problems would be solved, looking back, that ''was'' not the case. I had to take money out of the equation, put it aside, and focus on my inspiration, lo and behold the response from source, ''now we're getting somewhere Douglas!'' Now, after three years, it all makes sense, all the hiccups, the frustrations, trials, as well as errors, all lessons, all to learn from to grow.  Now that I'm inspired, I want to spread it all over, to share and help others become inspired, to send the message to do what you love, don't worry about the money, it ''will'' follow, when you are doing what you enjoy and love, the money does'nt become an issue because you will attract it like a magnet! In this time your higher self takes the wheel, everything just falls into place, your only job is to continue to be inspired, living your passion with joy, and I guarantee you everything you want, ''everything'' will be pulled right towards you effortlessly! I encourage you readers to take the time to ask your selves what lights your fires of passion,?, look within, it's already in you, you need not go far to find it, and inside is the greatest rewards you could ever reap!   Go get some!

Monday, June 3, 2013

''Great'' from the heart

Greetings citizens of the new awareness and practicioneers of the laws of attraction!   As the week begins I'm firing on all cylinders and itchin' to write, late last week I had experienced another bout of chemicalization....{spiritual detoxification} if you will, going rounds with ego self while doing my best to remain positive and get through it, every time a new powerful truth is realized, to ego fights back even harder, clutching on for dear life like a scared child sent to his first year of summer camp, but that's a whole other story, which I'll cover more in future postings. The topic today however is what lesson I've learned these past few days about feeling our desires from the heart, since the beginning of the journey I've visualized and felt good about my goals, getting to the place of belief and knowing, so much that my expectation of manifesting them was very high. I've manifested so many things, even this move to the beautiful california coastline, although I've launched and set my sights on even bigger goals, I felt I needed to re-examine these goals, re-feel them a little to gain more clarity. Apon doing this for a couple of days I discovered these desires were more from the ego than the heart, it was time for adjustment, while I believe we can manifest from our ego with enough energy and focus, {as I've done this myself} it seems manifesting from an ego place only brings temporary fulfillment, and mostly these things are not significant or have a higher purpose, you could even deem them selfish desires, of course I believe there are good reasons we want what we want, however, it's much better to ask for something that will allow us to give back in some form, to spread the wealth if you will.  When we think that what we want is what is best for us, how does it make us feel?, do we feel anxious?, does our chest get tight?, does that inner voice tell you that it can't be possible?. Even when I've reached that place of knowing my desire's arrival is imminent, I can tell, by emotion that it's more from my ego self than from my higher self {heart} so I discovered that I had to tweak it using my emotions a little, what Ive discovered is that it helped me to let go even more and bring something new and inspired to the table. Manifesting from the heart is the way to go, it saves alot of time and frustration, and it just feels awesome, but if a desire is launched from the ego first, it's going to be hard to feel it from the heart, common side effects of ego desire are as follows....impatience, frustration, dis-trust, attachment, over analysing the how, when, where, if the desire is bigger, getting to the knowing place will be harder. Now let's look at manifesting from the heart and see what it's side effects are, {I think your going to like this} joy, contentment, trust, knowing, patience, confidence, you relax knowing there's no way your wish WON'T manifest! It's gonna take practice folks, for some it could come natural, for others it's persistence that will pay off. Sit or lie down, quiet your mind, this can be done when visualizing or meditation practice is used, put all your focus into your center{heart} think of ''only'' things that make you feel good, try to leave the mind out of this, only focus on the heart, if there is a wish or desire you have, direct it towards the chakra, launch it the way it was meant to be launched, from that heart!  Even if you have no desires, do it with gratitude or appreciation, it empowers you to a whole new level, and the best part is when you launch your desires from the heart it's direct communication to souce, and desires manifest much faster, the catch, make the wish for the highest good or better. The ego mind will fight you on this, and it will stop at nothing, acting like a wounded child, don't fight it!, just keep going, it will smooth and balance out if you stick with it folks, just don't get scared, it takes alot of courage, but it is already within us.  I believe one of the biggest mis-conceptions about law of attraction is that it's the thinking that draws experiences to us, while true to some degree, it's really the emotions that drive law of attraction, manifesting from the heart is law of attraction on steroids, mixed with belief and knowing it's infallible, once the ego is moved out of the equation, mastery is achieved!       Until next time.