Sunday, March 20, 2016


I wish to take some time to thank all of you, out there, who follow this blog site, when I began blogging in October 2011 I didn't think I'd still be blogging to this day, well, maybe, but who knows, yet here I still am, blogging! I've been really busy lately, [that life getting in the way thing] but I've recharged my batteries and I've got a whole lot of stuff to get out, [self expression] and some really good writing is in the pipeline. I am a writer by self expression but the thing is I don't want to write about what everyone else is writing about, there is too much stuff out there all things self development, it's just too confusing, why can't we develop ourselves in our own way and at our own pace? There are no set rules here friends when it comes to life and reality creation, just set it [desire] and forget it [let go] and follow your joy. This is an underground blog site, it is not mainstream because I am not a mainstream type of person, there's too much of that out there already in the blog sphere and like I mentioned above, it just creates a lot of confusion. I've thought about expanding my blog site to a full on web site but it's already doing what it needs to do on it's own, so why work when I can enjoy, [meaning do what I enjoy while expressing myself] as of now I've been re-inspired, so more amazing articles are looming! I am beyond grateful for all of you for following and stopping by so stay [tuned] viewed, I'm just scratching the surface.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Good morning, thank you all for popping in for a view, this is just one of many blog sites on the topic of conscious creation but let me assure you that there are none quite like this one, what I do here is draw everything from personal experience and if I've learned something it's paid forward to you the viewers, who happen to stop by and as well, interested in the subject of deliberate creation and wish to implement it into your/their own lives. It's very important to understand that no one person's way of learning about and practicing reality creation are the same, this is because we all have different preferences, intents, and desires, this is not a one size fits all practice, each individual journey is different and that is why we must navigate this journey our own way, finding our niche, and try hard not to follow anyone else's advice on how we ''should'' practice conscious creation, this IS a personal journey. Okay, that aside, let's delve into my topic about thoughts, thoughts alone do very little by themselves and we have far too many to keep track of on a daily basis, thoughts with focus however tend to attract more of the same, more matching thoughts, so the longer the thought the more the focus, now emotions come in, the longer the thought and the more focus behind the thought the more the emotions begin to come into play, the more often those thoughts with focus and emotions are revisited the more belief and perceptions/expectations are formed around them, then your physical reality begins to mirror these beliefs and perceptions back to you via circumstances wanted or unwanted. That was long! A belief as we all know is just a repeated thought over a long period of time, everything in reality creation begins with a thought so it is critical that our dominant thoughts are geared towards what is preferred instead of what is not. In my own experience I'm learning to be very vigilant with my thoughts and at first it can seem like a big task monitoring your ''thousands'' of daily thoughts, thankfully though, we don't need to do this, a random worrisome thought here and there isn't anything to fret about as far as creating our reality goes as it is our DOMINANT thoughts that are creating our reality, or better understood, our emotions behind those dominant thoughts. Here's the kicker, if our dominant thoughts are negative our real life experience will reflect those thoughts through people and circumstances until we change our thinking and focus more towards the positive, then we can begin to see more positive experiences but it is important that we change our perception of how things really work and that will require shifting our beliefs so that we are dominantly thinking in an aligned state. It's quite opposite with most in society and most unfortunate as well that people are too quick to judge when something goes wrong and defend as well as justify their victim mentality, through their own perception and their dominant negative thinking they are always expectant of the worst case scenario and that's exactly what they get, they are unaware that they alone create their reality so where does that leave their perception?, towards the negative of course, they THINK and assume before they perceive and base their lives on outside circumstances, they are creating their reality by default. Changing our perception is changing our beliefs or vise-versa, when we know beyond belief that we and ONLY we are responsible for creating our reality our perception begins to shift as well as our thinking, add to that our increasing awareness which will be vital in helping us to focus on thoughts that are more geared towards our preferred reality, believe it or not this is how we are all meant to live, deliberately, we're supposed to always get what we want, that's why we are here, to be conscious creators, it is our BIRTHRIGHT! All ideas stem from thought, desires, intentions, they all begin with a thought, we are creating our realities every second and most are unaware of this truth and they wonder why everything is always going wrong in their lives, if they would just perceive things differently towards the preferred, just a little bit, they would notice some improvement. Our dominant thoughts play a major role in how we create our reality, what we are thinking we are feeling, what we are feeling we are believing, and what we are believing we are expecting, and finally what we are expecting we are getting, being diligent with our thinking is vital in reality creation, at first we'll want to be dominantly focused on what we want, after some time when beliefs and perceptions are shifting, our dominant focus/thoughts will lean more towards positive expectation, meaning that what we desire has already come to pass despite what physical reality is telling us, this is where our train of thought must be dominantly to allow physical manifestation.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Creating our own reality at the conscious level is simple in theory but getting into a space where we create effortlessly is a whole different paradigm, much mental discipline will be required on our part as the mind plays a major role when it comes to our emotional output. This rational mind of ours [left brain] will always be a part of us and we must accept that our rational thinking mind will always be a player in this game of life so we must learn to control it and this does not mean resisting it, the rule of the game is that what we resist will only persist. Over time and practice with conscious creation, we'll develop the ability to just allow the rational mind to be what it will be, as well as learn to become unaffected emotionally from it's pull, this simply means instead of buying into the mind's worries or fears we become the observer, as we would see someone else's child throw a temper tantrum at the toy store, it doesn't affect us emotionally because it's not our child, this is how we would want to treat our own wounded mind when worries, doubts, and fears surface, it's just not who we really are. It is equally important to practice self forgiveness consistently, many times when a person who is new to the concepts of reality creation and begins implementing them to get what they want they'll beat themselves up emotionally for their own negative thinking, again the wounded mind's pull is at work here, they'll assume they're doing something wrong when in actuality there is a natural process at play here, so instead of allowing the wounded mind to be as it is and play itself out they'll become emotionally charged by it, resisting it's pull. For myself personally, it has taken several months to get through this phase and I've learned to just allow my own wounded mind to think what it will think while maintaining a relaxed awareness, an example would be this, occasionally worrying about how I'm going to move out of state [all the mind] then as quickly as possible shifting my focus on the move already achieved which it is, now I'm no longer pulled in emotionally by the mind's rationalizing and worry, I KNOW it's already done so I can relax DESPITE what's running in the rational mind and be relaxed emotionally, not long after, the mind's chatter dissolves because I'm not resisting it or giving any attention to it so it loses it's energetic pull. This is not a one time fix, it will take a lot of practice and discipline to relax when our mind is trying to control any outcome because most of us are ''hard wired'' to do exactly what the fearful mind wants us to because that rational mind of ours is always thinking on future based scenarios. Society is driven by fear and fear is from the mind trying to protect itself from something unwanted in the future, if we allow our own mind to control our lives we are creating a reality of worry, struggle, and fear, life is just too short to be a victim of your own self. Taking control of our life isn't about taking actions to avoid certain unwanted outcomes, it's about taking control of our own thoughts and taking back our own power so that we are in a place emotionally where we can take actions that are inspired no matter what the rational mind is trying to tell us, we can't cut out the part of the mind that's always going to be rational or doubtful, it's a part of us, however, we can just allow it to be as it is, unaffected emotionally by it's pull, it's simply called acceptance. Over time our rational wounded mind will begin to dissolve and have no choice but to get ''on board'' with our heartfelt intentions instead of finding excuses to pull us away from them. It is recommended that we go easy on ourselves when our wounded mind refuses to get on board with our newfound desires, we cannot win when we fight against our wounded self, we must learn to be relaxed no matter what it's thinking and simply becoming witnesses to it's dramas without being pulled emotionally into it's worst case scenarios, all fear is illusion and does not exist in our reality unless we get caught up in that very fear emotionally, and if that fearful negative emotion persists we'll begin attracting vibrational matched experiences into our very own reality. Patience is a virtue with this process and equally important is self forgiveness, training the wounded mind [self] towards our favor is not an overnight shift, it will require time, patience, and a lot of mental discipline, the greater our desires, the more cleaning up of our energy will be required and it's not because the Universe makes us work harder because we want something that's bigger or life changing, it's US ourselves that's doing the necessary clearing energetically so as to allow the big stuff to come into our reality, a million dollars is no different than a wooden coin. All things are equal but they also have their own energy, it is paramount to see things from the perspective of no big deal and the obvious next step, and whatever the negative mind is thinking, it is important to witness it with a relaxed awareness and without judgment whatsoever, we must truly go easy on ourselves during the process of manifesting our intentions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you may be, thank you for stopping by as I hope this post resonates well with those of you on your quest to becoming a true conscious creator. Despite what the status quo believes, creating your desired realty is all about ''being'' and not all about ''doing'' and doing first is a backward approach because actions are almost always taken out of desperation or out of attachment to a certain outcome. [need to control] All changes must occur inside first or else all actions that are taken come from a place of worry and fear. [avoiding an unwanted outcome] The work that's required to be successful in creating your reality must always be done from the inside first, there is no other way around this, you cannot fool, lie, or manipulate yourself [Universe/higher self] into getting what you want, you must face yourself and everything within you that's holding you back from getting what you want and it will take more courage than you are used to as you will have to face all your fears and anxieties head on, so that you can release them. The manifestation of your desires can only happen when nothing is standing in their way which means that you must finally reach that state of mind where your chosen reality is a ''done deal'' despite what your current physical reality is telling you, you'll need to be relaxed, patient, and expectant of your chosen reality to manifest at the proper timing and be okay with it however it happens, allowing a much smoother transition. Almost six years it has taken me to reach this state of being [relaxed expectation] but honestly I still get nervous and anxious from time to time after all, I am still new to this and I'm just NOW beginning a new phase on this journey so it's normal to feel a little scared or nervous when things are shifting. Taking comfort in all of this is the fact that the higher you knows exactly what you want and serves you in every way to make sure you get it, really, and when you accept and internalize this truth you'll wonder why you ever doubted it in the first place! I wrote a few articles ago about my being in a vibrational ''limbo'' when it came to being between my current reality and my chosen preferred reality, at this stage a lot of confusion can set in but ever so important is to not waiver and find relief as often as possible because it can feel like a test of faith at times and get very overwhelming to say the least. It is beneficial to re-focus after all the barriers have been broken down, now you have the opportunity to focus your intentions without resistance and more clarity, it's quite possible you may tweak or even change your intentions due to this increased clarity which allows a quicker manifestation. My own intentions [desires] haven't changed much over the course of the past six years, what has changed however is my perspective on how the manifestation process works so instead of trying to force physically or use too much focused effort I'm understanding that the manifestation process is more about ''allowing'' which means being in a state of relaxed awareness and positive expectation. Another thing that's improved regarding my intentions is that I don't feel too much ''need'' for them as I did in the beginning, they feel more ordinary as in no different than anything else but I'll admit that sometimes I still get a little worked up about my intentions, but this is desire and we are human after all so I'm a firm believer that the joy of existence is always having something to look forward to, our constant launching of new desires and the need for expansion. Crossing the threshold into being a conscious creator means there is no going back but this is by choice on your part, I mean why would you want to? You are now able to create the reality of YOUR choosing, you now get to live life by YOUR terms, creating your chosen reality is effortless and without struggle, you'll see, as well as understand, that you WOULD'NT want it any other way, this is what you have to look forward to when you cross the threshold to being a conscious creator, getting everything you want!