Monday, December 28, 2015


Feelings don't lie, I tried to have a really magnificent holiday season this year as in the past, I've always anticipated being with family and friends this time of year. This year was not the case due to heavy bouts of overwhelming contrast, and because of this contrast, my attention was more occupied on avoiding the negative focus towards what I DIDN'T want. For some time it felt like forced effort to keep myself focused on what I DID want, and as of now things are smoothing out nicely and just in time I might add for the approaching new year. I want to get EXACTLY what I want, and I've told myself over and over that I don't care how long it takes, so WITH that, I'm going to have to ride out the contrast until my focus [on what I truly want] is crystal clear and the preferred chosen reality unfolds much more smoothly and easily. I am learning that to get EXACTLY what you want you [higher self] will create the circumstances that will bring more contrast, but it will serve you well in getting more and more clarity, and with this contrast, it is simply authentic self checking in and asking you ''are you absolutely sure you want this?'' and this ''checking'' in can happen unexpected and quite frequently through undesired thoughts or circumstances. Add to all of this the ''releasing'' you are experiencing, it's a lot to take on, but if you really want to get EXACTLY what you want, you must get totally clear and the only way this is possible is through the contrast. [what you DON'T want] Because of the timing of all this, Thanksgiving and Christmas was a blur and the contrast has made the holidays come and go that much faster, I simply didn't feel like celebrating this year, and I tried very hard to feel the spirit of it all but to make any effort was just being dishonest with myself, I just wasn't feeling it this year. It is a sad reality that a lot of people can get very lonely and depressed during the holidays, even more so if they already suffer from chronic depression, which I've suffered from myself in the past, so in a way I was reliving that past due to being away from my family for the holidays, enter the contrast. Now that Christmas is gone I'm a little relieved, I don't consider myself a religious person but I still love Christmas and it's quite possible that I may be growing out of it. [does this happen to us all?] I know that when I look back on all of this it will truly be worth all the contrast I've experienced during this 2015 holiday season, it seems to all indicate the arrival of getting exactly what I want and for good reason, the more clear focused I become, the faster and easier the manifestations will be, it's not a matter of WHEN these things manifest, it's a matter of being in perfect alignment with them BECAUSE they have already manifested, HAPPY MANIFESTING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Happy Holidays everyone, hope all is well and you are creating the life you deserve. My days are literally riddled with physical manifestations, and while this may sound like a really great thing it is, to some degree, yes, we CAN manifest anything we desire and at the early stages of practicing conscious creation we will ''build up'' our manifesting [allowing] skills. It usually starts with smaller things due to our current belief system, but as our beliefs begin to shift and align to bigger things we begin to see evidence that alignment is occurring and the manifestation of those bigger things become imminent. It feels good when you are manifesting more of what you want on a regular basis, you no longer ''get it'' at the intellectual level, you ''know it'' at your very being, and this is when dramatic shifts begin to occur and your trust grows with the process of manifestation thus allowing a more confident and relaxed approach with conscious creation. There comes a time when the ability to manifest physical things [material] becomes almost effortless, so much so, that after some time all those physical manifestations could become boring [ordinary] and at some point you'd become more interested with aligning to a more ''broader'' perspective, what I mean by this is aligning to the broader ''you'' which also aligns you to everything you want. Most material desires such as money, houses, careers, and expensive cars are valid when it comes to desire, but they are merely ''by-products'' of what we truly want, let me indulge you a little, the desire for more money [by-product] the broader perspective [freedom and security] the dream house [by-product] the broader perspective [joy of ownership, security] career [by-product] the broader perspective [passion, doing what you love and enjoy] expensive car [by-product] the broader perspective [reliability, luxury, freedom to go anywhere] it's not the ''things'' you want but the ''feeling'' you want that those things give you instead, you're not after the material thing, you're after the feeling that it brings you. We're not looking to align to the thing, we're looking to align to the feeling, this is because when you are trying to align to the ''thing'' you'll more than likely offer resistance to it, which hinders it's manifestation into your physical reality. Some things will come very easily regarding manifestation/allowing, others may require aligning to a broader perspective and it's usually the much bigger ''game changers'' like big career moves or finding soul mates, even winning a lottery. You must ask yourself why you want what you want, what's the REAL reason you want this thing, the WHY is very critical in the creation process as well as the manifestation process. This is why some things don't manifest too quickly, this is because the buffer of time serves us to gain more clarity through the contrast, and align to what we ''truly'' want, that feeling BEHIND the thing, that REASON we really want it, not just the physical thing itself. There comes a time when we may no longer become excited when it comes to desire, it begins to feel more like an ''ordinary'' and natural process and the funny part is, that's what is required for effortless manifestation, no big deal = no attachment = allowing/manifestation. At the current time I'm enjoying my physical manifestations, but I will admit that I'm feeling less excited about them as they are beginning to feel more normal to me, this is simply progression with conscious creation as the broader you sees everything in this manner, it sees creation and manifestation as an effortless process, and as you align to that part of the ''broader'' you, naturally you'll see creation and manifestation from that same perspective, as being an ordinary and effortless natural part of life. HAPPY MANIFESTING!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Before I get underway on this post I wish to give a shout out to Paris as I'm with you in heart, I love you France and mega-thanks for visiting this blog site! As you know, those of you who frequently stop in for a visit here, I'm 51 going on 52 years young, I don't know about you but being over 50 isn't what it used to be, to me over 50 is nowhere near old and it doesn't have to be. Times have changed, I mean look around, a lot of 50+ people these days are looking and feeling pretty damn good, and for a damn good reason, 50 isn't 50 anymore. There's something about turning 50, but it is also a critical juncture, you could see it from two perspectives, either you decide it's all downhill from here or you can decide to shift into overdrive, of course I've chosen the latter. One thing about me, I'm very resilient, if I get knocked down I'll get right back up, but it wasn't always this way, I've had to go through my fair share of darkness and defeat. Here I am now though, and while my overall attitude has leaned more towards optimism, I'm really confident as well as comfortable, with my newfound age, and every so often I'll engage and imbibe in those things I've always enjoyed in my youth, but it's those very things that keep my youth in check, as well as intact, ever heard the term ''I never want to grow up'' lately? During the past five years I've undergone a huge waking up phase, but it's only been these past seven months of lethargy and slumber that's taken a toll on my motivation, but the inner beast inside me is awakening from that slumber and ready to forge ahead and a new phase is about to be realized. Looking back a few years I've realized that the BIG changes I thought I wanted to make, no longer seem relevant to me anymore, I've discovered that I didn't want to change too much after all, there are some things about me I wouldn't trade for anything, I love who I am, right now, even at 51, there's no need for sudden drastic change, what's the fun in that? The goals and intentions I had five years ago just don't seem important as they were then, maybe they just weren't realistic I don't know, but I'm glad some of them didn't come true because maybe, just maybe, I either wasn't ready for them, or in my heart it really wasn't what I truly wanted. Sometimes amidst the change you want so badly you discover that you really didn't want to change a whole lot after all, you just wanted to be more happy, and in some law of attraction circles it is said you must make all these drastic changes to be successful, become a whole different person than who you already are, really, who made up those rules? Why can't we just be who we are now and let life take care of the rest?, is it really necessary to win a lottery? The answer to anyone's problems aren't unlimited wealth or untold riches, we all know that changes that big can do more harm than good, so why waste energy on wanting these things and worrying whether they happen or not? It's funny that at the beginning of all this conscious creation stuff I THOUGHT that if I had certain things happen in my life my problems would be solved once and for all, five years later I realize that I'd already had everything that I wanted in my physical reality the whole time, I was wanting this and that and ignoring the good stuff that I already had, lesson learned! After 50 now, this is what I've learned, get happy and appreciate what you already have and let life handle the rest, time is too precious especially after a half century, that's still not old!
Now that I'm over 50, I hope it's okay to throw some advice to anyone reaching or over 50, embrace the second half of life, and at the same time embrace your youth, like I said 50 isn't 50 anymore, lose the stress and get happy, have fun and don't be concerned with trying to make all these ''big'' changes, doing so will only cause more stress and age you faster defeating the whole purpose. Listen to music that you grew up with, the music that motivated you, charged you! Throw a party once in awhile to celebrate your newfound age, that young in body but wisdom in the heart age you've discovered, do what you love, not what you think you ''should'' be doing, and last but not least, when opportunity knocks and it will, trust me, strike while the iron is still hot, raising my glass of fine crafted beer... to 50!


Good morning, the game of life is unfinished business, you will always launch new intentions/desires/preferences as long as you live and breathe, some will be simple, small, and easy as to allow their manifestation, an example would be something in affect as ''I think I'll have a blue berry muffin with my latte today'' and of course your intention is realized when you stop into Starbucks on your morning commute, simple and done. It's a whole different story however, when you decide to enter uncharted waters and launch something big or life changing in your reality, this is especially true when you have baggage or hang-ups [limited beliefs] around your ''life changing'' desire, and until you ''clean up'' your issues [energy] around that life changing desire, it simply cannot be realized in your physical reality. I've said it before, to have what you want you must be an exact match to it, meaning that you must already ''own it'' even though it's nowhere to be seen in your physical reality. What conscious creation really is, is deciding what you want or prefer, and simply forgetting about it [letting go] and getting on with life as source energy itself takes care of the manifestation in it's own timing. It doesn't end there, you are always launching desires and sometimes unaware, you prefer a good parking spot and suddenly one opens up, you have a special craving for chocolate cake and your neighbor shows up with a neighborly gift, you think about a certain person and suddenly they call, these things happen all the time. It's the game changers that we have a hard time manifesting in our reality, we want them so bad we are attached, and attachment = resistance. Nothing you perceive ''big'' can occur in your reality until you clean it up, and even when that something is allowed to manifest it won't be long until you'll want something else, and when something else ''big'' manifests in your life you'll become more confident and you won't choose to play small anymore, but know this, no matter what manifests in your life you will always desire more and you will always have to clean up your energy to some extent around it, of course it does get easier with time. Another thing is trust, once you launch your intentions you must trust life energy to handle ALL the details, to make this much easier to understand life energy is already handling the details of your own life as you read this post, either you are getting what you want or you are getting what you don't want, and whatever you don't want life energy is bringing that to you as well, you don't use life energy at your own convenience, it's ALWAYS in motion and ALWAYS in operation, it just is, so it is imperative that you are always focused on what you DO want. Friends, we'll never get this done so there's no need to try, a means to an end will only create another means to an end, it's better to embrace the journey and not worry about the destination, ride on brothers and sisters!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I'm a middle aged guy, but believe me as I write these words, I am NOT your ''typical'' middle aged guy, meaning that I'm a long way from settling down. I'm single, I love to party and celebrate, I'm extremely active and in pretty damn good shape, I enjoy loud and very heavy music [no hip hop/pop/country] I'm a self taught chef, and I'm kind of getting good at this writing thing. Now that I've spilled the beans, I'm going to be honest about what I'm not, I'm not fairy's, rainbows, and unicorns, I try to avoid romance because I'm really not the committed/relationship type as I value my personal freedom above everything else, I'm rugged, stubborn, and at times very rebellious. At 51 years old you may be thinking I'm irresponsible or reckless and to some degree I am, but in a more positive way, here's the thing, I love these things about me and I'm embracing myself for these things as well, I'm learning to let go of the judgments and just do what feels good, and even more I'm going to admit that I'm beginning to love myself [did I just say that?]for who I am, imperfections and all! I'm beginning to believe that we shouldn't judge ourselves so much, we're human and when we are against ourselves [dislike ourselves] we are setting ourselves up to be disliked by everyone else. Why is it we get so down on ourselves for being human? Conditioning of course, and at some point in our lives [perhaps childhood] we were told we were a failure, we were told that we wouldn't amount to much, we were told that we had limitations, all bullshit! I used to loathe myself and my very own existence, my self talk would be that of criticism and failure, thus creating a reality of misery and endless suffering via law of attraction. A very honest truth here if I may, when you are wanting something good or better for your life, you are asking ''yourself'' for it, you are ''giving'' yourself permission to not only want something better, but to ''have'' it as well, and when you receive this ''better'' thing, you've actually ''given'' it to yourself but here's the rub, if you don't love or at the very least admire yourself, how are you going to give yourself what you want? This is an issue of deserving here, if you don't love yourself you're going to have a hard time believing you deserve the things you want. This is a missing piece of the manifesting puzzle and it will become crucial when you're wanting to manifest the big ''life changing'' stuff, so if you're wondering why the best life has to offer is constantly eluding you look no further than how you feel about yourself. I myself remain to be a work in progress in the ''just love yourself'' department, but I am beginning to appreciate my personal qualities more, my talents, passions, and traits, good or bad, I'm learning to accept myself for who I am now presently, not ''when'' I become what I want to or who I think I ''should'' be. There is no pressure here, when we're ready to do this [self love thing] it'll happen, but only WHEN we're ready because we are at the driver's seat here, we get to choose when we're ready, no one else can choose for us, until again!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Happy Holidays! Been a little while since the last post and for good reason, life is happening and boy have I been getting sidetracked! As there really is a reason for this, it sure doesn't make it any easier, things have been a little chaotic around here on a vibrational level [emotional summersaults] and I'll experience moments of anxiety one minute and relief the next [I'll work on feeling the emotions of relief when I'm experiencing anxiety] but it IS the holiday season after all. You see, I'm preparing for another move, I've even gone as far as gathering my personal belongings and boxing them up for transport to another state and I'm not going to lie here, I haven't the slightest idea of how this ''move'' will happen, I mean who wouldn't be experiencing some anxiety am I right? With all of this coinciding with the holidays, it further fuels the anxiety/contrast because I'm preferring to move before the new year so I can see my family for Christmas. It's a tall order I know, but I'll admit that with the extreme contrast lately I've been given no choice but to get crystal clear on my intention and that means ''pure focus'' which brings about a speedy manifestation. It's a bold move I must admit, you could even dub this approach ''manifesting for the bold'' but when contrast gets this hard and heavy there is no choice but to decide or suffer. Where I am now presently, I've reached the end of the rope, I've served my time here, there's nothing left to do but move on, as things have stagnated dramatically. I've made the final decision to move, and because of this decision the contrast has become almost unbearable due to the fact that at some point I'm already living in my new environment and I'm feeling that, but so often I'm reminded of where I am now physically and I don't want to be here anymore, enter that contrast again, so what do I do? The key word here is to focus on ''relief'' because that's exactly what I'll be feeling when I leave this place, not excitement, not fear, just relief with a tiny helping of nervousness, after all I'm moving, so there has to be a realistic perspective to bring about a more reality based manifestation. What happens next is amazing, through all of these cycles of contrast/clarity a belief is formed making me a perfect match to my preferred reality so it can manifest, I now know that the means necessary are already within me, I can, without looking, see the signs that movement is indeed occurring behind the scenes, I know that life is happening FOR me and aiding me towards my intended result, in the nutshell, I fully believe that this move WILL happen! To trust the life stream to get us where we want to go can be challenging, but the truth is that it's always carrying us where we want to go, we're just constantly unaware that it's actually/always operating/happening, so we're always being carried where we DON'T want to go, by default. This is simply how life works, you decide, you allow, it's that simple, what throws the wrench in the perfect machine is the don'ts, the won't, the can't, and the what if's. Ironic is that the wrench that's thrown also helps us decide what actually IS wanted by being aware of what we DON'T want, you see?, life is on OUR side.