Monday, August 31, 2015


There are limitless possibilities when you achieve self mastery, but getting there can sometimes be a lonely endeavor, and I want to touch on the subject of the letting go phase, which can get pretty rough when experienced on a personal level. No matter how you slice it up intellectually, there is no getting around the letting go phase when practicing deliberate creation, if you are very serious and crystal clear about what you want, you will need to let go of whatever could be ''blocking'' you from your desired reality. There are exceptions of course, and if you've lived a majority of your life with positive thinking and desired experiences, more than likely you would have a limited amount of resistance to let go of, with the possible exception of a few minor areas, so it wouldn't require a great deal of time to allow your intentions to manifest. But in the case of years and years of self loathing, limited beliefs, and battling resistance [yours truly] the transformation you will go through [and I'm not gonna lie] could be one of the most difficult experiences you may ever endure, but make no mistake, it will make you unstoppable when creating the reality you choose. Some call it the spiritual detox stage, or the chemicalization process I've written about so many posts ago, and no one is affected the same way, it varies with everybody and each individual's experience will be different. Looking back on it all, letting go was no pleasurable experience, but it's also safe to say it wasn't a total nightmare, most of the discomfort and extreme anxiety I experienced was happening on the inside, my outer world was basically okay and no serious or dangerous manifestations occurred in my physical reality. There were some serious side-effects physically however, as I spent a great deal of time in isolation, sometimes sitting in dark spaces for hours avoiding bright environments and sunlight. There were periods of laziness/lack of motivation, emotional rollercoasters and apathy, dizziness and short bursts of flu-like symptoms. Some days I was surfing on rainbows, others contemplating suicide, my friends were okay when I was okay, but when I wasn't okay I didn't want to be around them, so I'd isolate/alienate myself from them. I found some relief through exercising, hiking in nature, going out and having some drinks with friends, but I would always end up crawling back into my dark empty void until I felt good again. This went on for a few years and believe me I cannot count how many times I gave up, but my strong desire for more and better put me back in the ring to take another swing, every time I got knocked down something got me back up. Be not discouraged with this post on your journey to self mastery friends, because it's well worth it to course correct, stay on the path, persist and persevere, and manifest your desires. You could come up against the old patterns of thought, just be sure to witness them without judgment, that's part of letting go, your closest friends could resent your new and improved way of thinking, because they may fear losing you or, your success could ''overshadow'' them by making them see themselves in a whole new and undesirable light, which they don't want to see, so they could possibly move out of your life, or stay and follow you by example, their choice! Your energy [vibration] becomes very fragile and sensitive, you dread going to public places, especially if you've suffered from social anxiety in the past, you can't stand positive energy when you feel bad, and you fear negative energy when you feel good, so you'll ''avoid'' interaction with others to ''protect'' your positive energy, hence more isolation to [suppress] the bad feelings. The light at the end of the tunnel however, is when you begin forgiving yourself [a crucial part] of letting go, this is when positive shifts begin to occur as you are finding the path out of the woods and into the meadow so to speak. Where does all of your desires fit in with all of this? your desire for change will grow even more, as will the contrast [resistance] along with it, and it will seem that if you could just manifest your desires in the midst of all this ''inner chaos'' your life would be easier, but it is at this stage when your resistance to your desires will grow, making it almost impossible to allow their manifestation, you still have some letting go to do. You would be right to want better circumstances amidst the overwhelming resistance and contrast, but any intention launched from this state would come from the fearful/lacking mind ''searching'' for a quick fix, resulting in the launching of a delusional desire [solution] that's too much of a leap from where you are now energetically, to where you want to be, resulting in a vibration of lack. As I've written many times, this is a personal journey as it will get very personal and dare I say lonely at times, you'll need much ''alone'' space during this transformational period, so at times you'll feel like you're on your own [you're actually not] with the process but remember what Mike Dooly [from The Secret] said, ''how bad do you want change?''


POOF! ''I am the Genie from all of man's greatest desires, what is your grandest wish?'' [average Joe]''um, okay, let me see, oh yeah, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!'' [Genie]''Done, but before I grant such a wish, you must be certain of this desire, WHY is it you desire this ONE MILLION DOLLARS?'' [average Joe]''uh, duh! Because I don't have it'' [Genie]''Search deeper into your heart my friend'' [average Joe]''Well, it would make my problems go away as well as make my life a HELL of a lot easier, I could do whatever I wanted'' [Genie]''still you must search yet deeper my friend so that I might grant you such a desire'' [average Joe]''okay, okay already! I just WANT TO BE HAPPY'' [Genie]''your wish of happiness is now granted my friend'' [Now back to reality] When I discovered I could create my reality five years ago, little did I know that there would be a long and arduous path of discovering, uncovering, and releasing limited beliefs and the resistance behind them. Right out of the gate I'd thought I knew what it was that I truly wanted, of course over time this was not the case, my desires have changed [some fine tuned or tweaked] during the course of dissolving my resistance, and what I thought I wanted five years ago is different than what I want now, why?, because back then my desires weren't coming from a ''resistance free'' kind of knowing [vibration] energy, instead, they were coming from a delusional ''lacking'' [vibration] energy instead. All desires would be better launched from a place of alignment first [non-resistant] but how can we discover any resistance to anything if we don't launch intentions from a place of resistance [lack] in the first place? It seems like a backwards approach, but that's how it all began with me, and there have been some serious modifications over the past five years regarding my intentions and desires. Let's take home this example, average Joe has lived a personal life of struggle, a friend introduces him to this book on personal development [how to achieve wealth with the law of attraction] after reading a few chapters, average Joe becomes excited and sets his intention, he decides he'll use the L.O.A. to win the state lottery jackpot. Without going further into reading the book given to him, he's pretty sure he's got this law of attraction thing nailed just by reading those few chapters, so he figures that if he focuses hard enough on winning that jackpot, he'll easily take home the win. Weeks pass and nothing, Joe focuses harder, a few more weeks and nothing, Joe keeps trying even harder still, building up his resistance further, until finally he picks up the book again and reads a few more chapters, hence the cycle repeats, frustrated, Joe finally decides to read the whole book, upon completing the book Joe has a whole new different perspective on how law of attraction really works, he no longer desires to win the lottery, although he possibly could if he wanted to with the L.O.A. [it's been done] but instead, he decides to go deep into the essence of what he truly desires, and pursue his own passions by discovering his true self expression, thus, allowing the wealth to follow. Joe discovered that it wasn't about the thing [money/wealth] that he wanted, but more about the FEELINGS he wanted to experience, happiness! The expensive car, the dream house, the passive income, all understandable where desire comes from, but getting to the very root of it all? Happiness! It becomes a ''self-taught'' lesson from our authentic selves, that what we ''think'' we want isn't actually what we want, ponder on this my friends.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Good morning world! this blog site, since it's inception, has been all about my personal experience in the practice of deliberate creation, although in the past, there were subjects that related to the laws of attraction and there were some subjects that would be a little off-topic, this subject is one of them. Or is it? law of attraction IS always in operation such as, is gravity, and while I'm tempted to steer clear of the subject of L.O.A. with this post, you the reader, will still understand that everything ties together with this Universal law. Higher self KNOWS no fear, fear to me, is a ''man made'' concept, and while I don't claim to be an expert on the subject of fear, I've experienced it enough firsthand to know it's true nature and it's effect in every aspect of our lives, that might make me an expert, you decide. I've let go of a lot of things internally, but I must admit that fear still lingers in my subconscious mind, but it's safe for me to say that it HAS lost a lot of it's momentum in my energy. Whether this is true or not, fear may be the hardest emotion to let go of, on top of that, if you've succeeded in letting go of a majority of your limited beliefs, fear may try to cling on the longest. Do not underestimate fear, and dare I say that it can have a lot of longevity and momentum behind it, as well as endurance, and if a person has spent the best part of their life locked in fearful thinking, letting go of it can be a painstaking experience. Fear is not real, it's simply an illusion, I mean how can we fear something that doesn't even exist, or hasn't happened yet? why are we in so much fear of fear, we're afraid of other people, we're afraid of the future and uncertainty, we're even afraid of our own minds, where did all of this fear come from? I'm no historian or psychologist when it comes to the nature of fear and it's very beginnings, but as written above I've ''lived'' it firsthand and I'm waking up to it's deceptions and I can safely say that we weren't born with it. No, it was conditioned into our belief systems from parents, [no fault of theirs] because even our own parents were conditioned before us with fear and limited beliefs so naturally those fears and beliefs were handed down to us, our parents felt that they were protecting us from the ''real world'' and they only meant well. Then there are the fears we adopt as we mature, growing up we are exposed to others points of view and become influenced by them, schools teach us that we need to work hard to get ahead in life and nothing good is accomplished without a proper education [fear of failure] comes to mind with this conditioning as we've all witnessed the pressures to learn and succeed when it comes to the education system, which in all truth, is deteriorating. Then there's the corporate media, [news and talk shows] spreading gloom and negativity world-wide, and what about organized religion?, which preaches the gospel of fear in the disguise of finding salvation [comply or be damned for eternity] as they too use the doctrines of fear for their own agendas. [greed] As long as fear resides in consciousness it will spread like a disease, but everything has a cure, and letting go of fear IS that cure! As consciousness awakens more and more humans will discover what fear truly is and always has been, illusion, and there are forces out there that will continue to propagate fear, creating senseless wars and economic distress, look no further than 2008 which could easily have been avoided. We can't rely on society let alone the system to solve the problems that create fear, we and we alone, must conquer fear one individual at a time in order to progress towards a more desirable future, this will get very interesting indeed!

Friday, August 28, 2015


Good Friday everyone, I'm just pulling myself out of a temporary slump, I had a nasty bout of lingering resistance that surfaced on Tuesday and although I'm still feeling the remnants of it, there's just enough inspiration and self taught lessons to write a new post so here goes! A few posts ago I got a little personal and discussed where I was energetically, and how I felt at the time,[captain of my ship] and with the said post I held nothing back nor do I regret writing about my own personal experiences, some may interpret that I'm coming from a delusional or egotistical point of view as well as my approach with conscious creation, but I assure that this is not the case. I did however, open a personal can of worms as I found myself challenged by the very beliefs I discussed regarding that post [captain of my ship] and not long after [some days later] I had come up against those very beliefs, I don't view this as a test [there are no lessons or tests] but I do believe it was something that I ''created'' myself to gain and allow more clarity as to what truths or beliefs I've chosen, and how they would serve me, and if this isn't making any sense allow me to illustrate it further, I was visiting television Monday morning while having coffee, and during the program I was watching, there was this message, or so I thought, that struck me, of course it struck the wrong chord in my relaxed and stable energy, sending me into a bout of anger! First off, it might have been nothing, but it did nonetheless affect my positive energy, as it didn't resonate with my current vibration, which at the time was bordering on good to great! Was the Universe trying to tell me something or set me straight?, my mind went on a tangent for maybe a half an hour, but I stood my vibrational ground and resumed to feeling good. but the message stayed in my energy field as I kept questioning myself was this some kind of message?, was I doing something wrong that I needed to know about? The next day [Tuesday] I began searching the web for the meaning to this message but instead found MANY different meanings from different people's perspectives, confusion and desperation began to set in, so I extended my search for answers on law of attraction blogs and web sites, and you can only guess where my energy was and where I was headed, no satisfying answers, just more confusion, and when answers would appear they made me feel worse, and more worse feelings were what I was attracting. Law of attraction in action! Three days! three days of questioning everything I'd learned in the past five years because of one stupid message that [so I thought] was a ''sign'' from the Universe, and even worse, ALMOST believing others points of views and perspectives, about what was right or wrong, what to do or not to do, regarding this message, and I was mistakenly tying it in with conscious creation. [didn't I just write a post about that?] I now had a choice, MY truth or somebody else's truth?, now it was time for me to ''back up'' my own truth but not without a 72 hour bout of ugly resistance, lesson learned! From time to time I'll visit other personal development/law of attraction blogs to gain inspiration and insights, maybe learn a thing or two to help me out with self mastery, after all, this is how I've learned everything law of attraction for the past five years. The problem however, is that I've reached that point where looking for answers outside of myself only leads to more confusion, and what resonated with me before may not resonate with me now, nobody can teach me something that I can't teach myself, through my OWN personal experience, by deciding for myself, what works or what doesn't work, or what truths or beliefs I have regarding my personal life and reality creation. It simply won't serve me to continue on a ''quest'' for answers outside of myself, from anyone else for that matter, because conscious creation is a ''personal'' journey each and every one of us must ''experience'' ourselves as there is no ONE truth, there is only our OWN truth, and we get back what truths we believe in. As of now I'll no longer visit other law of attraction/personal development blog sites, not because they are wrong or they don't know the truth, because they are RIGHT, and they DO know the truth, but it's THEIR truth, not mine, and I stand by my own truths, and what my preferences are, in my own way, I choose my OWN methods and not the methods of others. The self learned lesson for me was not a lesson at all, but an opportunity to reflect and gain clarity of my own truths, with the willingness to back them up, which meant to stop searching for other truths held by other people's beliefs or perspectives, and develop and understand my own truth, so I can live a life ''authentically'' by my own design. Maybe there comes a time when we develop into our own personal truths, instead of following others and their own personal views of truth, we all have free will, wouldn't our own personal and chosen truths also apply? as for that message I saw? it's irrelevant to this deliberate creator!

Monday, August 24, 2015


Good evening, it seems I'm on a bit of a writing frenzy lately and the reason for this is I'm progressing at a much quicker pace, as I am reaching the tail end of my third stage in becoming a conscious creator. As this stage [the letting go of resistance] is winding down, I've become more accepting of my current reality and where I am energetically, meaning that when resistance begins to surface around any given subject, I'll just accept it and make peace with it, ''allowing'' it to dissolve without ''resisting the resistance'' any further. Should we reach the 3rd stage in the practice of becoming a deliberate/conscious creator, we'll naturally have to let go of many layers of limiting beliefs, which are the primary cause of resistance, but it doesn't end there, you could be successful in changing your beliefs from limited/negative to more positive beliefs, but there could still be some negative momentum that needs to run it's course, it is during this time that you would need to make peace with your current reality as to aid you in dissolving the negative momentum. This negative momentum will vary depending on how many years/decades you've harbored negative/limited beliefs, so patience and perseverance is paramount. When letting go of resistance in the 3rd stage, it can seem like three steps forward and two steps back, you'll make progress in one area of resistance only to discover an entirely different issue has surfaced to be dissolved, sometimes you will feel that you've made great ''shifts'' in your energy and for awhile you'll be walking on clouds, then, unexpectedly, out of the blue, another issue will surface to be dissolved. When this happens, naturally, you will resist the resistance, and it's important to understand that when you resist your own resistance you are giving it more momentum, thus hindering your efforts to dissolve it for good. For myself the 3rd stage has taken many, many months, and for the majority of them I would do everything possible to suppress the resistance, attempting to Band-Aid it by shifting to positive thinking, of course this was a futile approach because the resistance would just surface at another time and I would backslide into even more resistance again and again. Letting go can have many different meanings and the internet is chock full of self-help/personal development blogs and websites that speak differently about this topic, but it can all be so confusing and frustrating, this is because letting go is something you must ''experience'' at the personal level, other people's ideas and perceptions about ''how'' or ''what'' you should let go of will not serve you, following other's teaching's and experiences will only have you questioning your own, leading to even more confusion, I know because I experienced it the hard way, so I ''let go'' of others ideas of how to let go. During the letting go stage it will become your choice to discover what serves you, or what no longer serves you, and what to decide to let go of, from my own personal experience I've had to let go of my past limiting beliefs, past fears, past and current depression, and the past and current anxieties, as far as certain people in my current life that angered/annoyed me energy-wise, I've made peace with and cleaned up my resistance/energy towards them, as for the [material] things I wanted to keep in my life that others would criticize, making me believe that they were wrong, I've made some energetic modifications, changed my beliefs, and cleaned up my energy regarding them as well. If you are confused about what to keep or what to let go of, only YOU can make that decision on a personal level, but to simplify it you would keep what makes you happy and discard what doesn't, nobody else can decide this for you. Once you've dissolved your resistance around your intentions and in general, you are entering the stage of allowing your desires to manifest however, you will always have resistance because there will always be something to clean up/dissolve, that's the nature of life energy, it's always changing/expanding so we'll always want to align with it, it's just that when we experience the resistance we'll be okay with it, ''allowing'' it to dissolve on it's own and so on, it just gets easier. This is what I've learned thus far, but one thing is for sure, this DOES get easier in time, and when you've learned to make peace with your resistance instead of fighting [resisting] it, it loses it's hold on you energetically, meaning that you have reached a stage of allowance, in a nutshell, effortless manifestation!


Life is all about choices, and as cliché as this sounds, we all have free will and we create our reality every second! I may keep pushing the repeat program here, but I want to drive home this ONE important truth, we are all in control when it comes to what we want to experience, whether it be a desire to have something physical [material] a certain person to enter our life [soul mate] or even a dream job [bigger income] or rewarding career, we get to decide what it is that will make us happy, that's our job. But do we really know what we really want? or does our mind ''think'' IT knows what we really want? If we are stuck in undesirable circumstances we're unhappy with and desperate to escape from, would this kind of desperate mindset allow a solution to present itself? put another way, could we come from a place of pure focus and clarity when experiencing an undesirable reality/circumstance? If you are broke and you want more money what's the first thing you would focus on? having more money of course, but the real question is where is your focus coming from? the answer is simple, it's coming from not having the money and wanting ''more'' money, therefor you're ''trying'' to come up with a solution, or taking some kind of uninspired action through struggled effort, to get more money. With the latter approach that I've just written of, you would be led by the wounded mind's solution, and it's fear of a future ''unwanted'' outcome, which will only assure that desperate actions [with resistance] are taken, instead of inspired actions. [non-resistance] With much due respect, we are such control freaks, [guilty here] we want so much to micro-manage every detail of everything, especially when we learn about and practice reality creation, in fact, when we know that we can create our own reality we'll try to control this whole process of manifestation, but with this approach we are sabotaging all of our efforts, that should be effortless. For the past six months I've been undergoing a very successful letting go phase, but something was still kinking my garden hose [flow] and this morning I discovered that although I'd successfully let go of the ''how's'' of my intentions, I was still ''making plans'' around them, and while expectation is a good energy to bring about a desired reality, planning around it meant I was still harboring attachments to the outcome, something I thought I'd already let go of, but obviously hadn't. As subtle as this energy was, it was something that needed to be cleaned up/dissolved, and when it surfaced my ''mind'' rushed into defense mode, and bam! there was that resistance sure enough, clinging in that hidden crack for dear life! As I write this post the residual resistance is dissolving now, but not without coming to a crossroad, in one direction I could try and micro-manage the manifestation process ''ever so gently'' by making plans around my intentions or, I would have ''no plans'' or ''no expectations'' and TRUST that Universal intelligence KNOWS the quickest and easiest way to manifest my ''biggest'' intentions without me caring or worrying about ''how'' they come about. Should I choose the latter, I would be open to manifestations ''exceeding'' my expectations, while choosing the former would mean falling short, this is because manifesting through ''forced effort'' bears uninspired, limited, and exhausting results. Take this scenario for example, you have a favorite five star restaurant you've been going to for years, the food, wine, and service there is nothing short of phenomenal, and each time you ate there the experience was beyond your expectations, so when you would place your order with the waiter, did you worry about how the meal would taste? or how long it would take for your meal to arrive? of course not, you trust this five star restaurant and it's staff, they've never disappointed! And what about your desires? do you have that same level of trust? you will in time, of course your mind will chime in with thoughts of impatience, logical, and rational thinking, wanting to play a part in the unfolding process just to ''make sure'' you're doing your part to ''make'' it happen. It may not be possible to know what we truly want yet, we may have an idea, but when we are in dire circumstances we want to change, we're not always in alignment with what we truly want at the deepest level, so we're only ''thinking'' that what we want is the best solution instead of ''feeling'' what we want, so the mind will want to take all the credit for ''fixing'' a problem, be it through struggle or uninspired actions. I'll be the first to admit that there is no need to figure everything out, it's better to enjoy the journey [unfolding] and just make peace with what is, releasing all of the resistance should undoubtedly come first and then, THEN focus on what is wanted, from there comes more focus and clarity, and you may discover that what you THOUGHT you wanted before [money] was just the by-product of something much bigger [freedom/independence] as the mind wouldn't be involved this time around, the true desire is from your heart. Oh and real important here, make peace with what you don't want [resistance] this way you're coming from a place of relaxation, and you can only attract what you want. I've been experiencing amazing manifestations every day while being in a relaxed and allowing place, and with the exception of this one hang-up this morning, I'm still coming from a place of non-resistance, even more now that I've dropped all my plans and expectations regarding my biggest [ordinary actually] intentions. Yes, life comes down to choices, and with conscious creation WE have a choice, the hard way or the easy way? the mind or the heart? it's a no brainer, literally!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


If you've been following this blog site since it's inception almost four years ago, you'll find that I've made some great strides in my transformation, what I've written one, two, or three years ago may not even be relevant to where I am now at this stage, the whole purpose of putting together this blog site, was to document the trials and errors, the setbacks and breakthroughs, and the practices and teachings, of my personal journey to becoming a deliberate creator. During these past few years there were several periods where I wanted to give up on all of this conscious creation stuff, had I followed through however, this blog site would no longer exist, so what kept me going? I even thought about making money from my blogging several times, but this isn't about money, it didn't cost ME anything to learn conscious creation and had I decided to make blogging a ''job'' it just wouldn't be that interesting to me anymore nor would it benefit anyone else for that matter. Writing these posts are an outlet for me, I could easily write about anything that's right or wrong going on in this world, [there's already too much of that!] but it just so happens that I'm going through a transformative period right now, so it feels more natural for me to write about it, and, in the process, share the knowledge and inspire others freely, I like to think of this blog site as my greater contribution to humanity. As of now I have no role models or mentors that I look up to, I have no need for them, instead, I've become my own mentor and role model, if anyone was to ask me who I looked up to, or who inspired me the most, I would say myself, I am proud of my accomplishments thus far, and even though I'm not where I want to be physically and materially [that's all coming to fruition behind the scenes] on the inside, I'm where I need to be at this time. I am a stubborn man by nature, I've written a post a few days ago about core values and I might've left out this one core value, but I take no advice from others that doesn't resonate with me nor do I see things from others perspectives or viewpoints, and I try not to force mine on anyone either, especially on this blog site, it is meant to inspire, not preach, it is always up to the individual to decide what resonates with them the most, if not, no problem. I like to view myself as a very unique person, I am not the typical mainstream deliberate creator, I don't follow anybody else's rules or philosophies about how you're supposed to create your reality and what is right or wrong, moral or immoral, I know myself better than anyone. I am rebellious by nature, it's just that now I've leveraged it in my favor when it comes to authority issues, I simply choose to do what empowers me, or makes me happy, despite what the status quo is saying or doing. In some mainstream law of attraction circles it is said that there are limits to what we can manifest, or that certain desires are ''wrong'' or ''unrealistic'' or the desire for ''material'' possessions are ego based and go against spiritual principles, they'll tell you that you should let go of these things, but this goes against human nature to me. It is my belief that we can have ANYTHING we desire, there are no judgments towards our personal desires, the very fact that we exist, and the very fact that we can imagine a desire, means it can surely come into our reality. Another disagreement I have is getting rid of certain material things to make room for the better things, you are not required to get rid of anything material so you can get what you want, I still have things that I've owned for well over 18 years that I enjoy from time to time, mostly my music collection, [which others don't find very appealing] and for a time I was questioning the very things I enjoyed, and whether I should get rid of them, because I almost bought into the belief that you had to let go of almost everything to get something. You only let go of things/people that you don't want, or what makes you feel bad/drains your energy, it may be people or things, but in my case I've decided to keep certain things in my life that give me enjoyment, and let go of those that don't, it's strictly up to me to decide, and if I felt guilty about something which made me feel good, and others disagreed with, I would clean up my energy around it so it could stay in my reality, I've learned to not worry about what other people think, I create my own reality, there is no right or wrong, just what makes me feel good. We are the captains of our vessel, along the path to deliberate creation some issues will surface, we'll have to decide what will stay or go, in my case I've had to let go of mostly inside issues, negative thinking and limitation, and as far as outer things [material possessions] I've scaled back on the things I don't use much anymore, and I've kept the things I do use and enjoy, and if anyone of you are questioning whether it's wrong to want material things, just remember that material things are just the by-products of what we really want,[happiness] but I don't see anything wrong with having material things, it's our nature to want nice things for ourselves and even better is when they are a part of our natural self expression. [mine being music, writing, cooking, and weightlifting] The line is drawn however if we acquire material possessions for status or identity, over indulgence,[impulse buying/reckless spending] or to put ourselves above others by buying unnecessary stuff just for the sake of buying it, to impress people or gain their approval. I believe in keeping it simple, I don't need yachts, big mansions, financial advisors, and butlers to do my work for me, I love getting my own hands dirty! I may speak for myself here, but I've had to make some modifications in the past few years, but I stand by my intentions, beliefs, and preferences, material or not, and along the way I've discovered that I don't want/need as much as I initially thought, and never in my life have I appreciated what I already have more than ever, nothing should be taken for granted because we only have one shot at this lifetime cruise, and we're the captains of our ship!


It's vital to increase your awareness with conscious creation, I guess it's safe to say this happens automatically to some degree, but it also involves doing your part, which is dissolving resistance. It's perplexing how we are servants to our own minds, how could we possibly be afraid of our very own mind? succumbing to it's fears and limitations and what's worse, allowing it to determine what we can or cannot have. The mind cannot conceive, although it can rationalize and intellectualize everything to some degree, it is a major block when attempting to manifest our most heartfelt chosen realities. A perfect example being myself, for a majority of my life I was always blaming outside circumstances and others for the many woes in my miserable existence, and looking back it's hard to see how I survived it all, I mean wow!, I was in bad shape emotionally, and even though I looked rough and tough on the exterior, deep inside I was an insecure and frightened little child enslaved by my own wounded mind. It was me against the world, and the world was out to get me, you could say that I was living in a personal apocalypse where my world could end anytime, suicide was always contemplated, that's how unstable I was. Fast forward to June 2010 to what would begin to be a very ugly transformation, as I would have to finally accept responsibility for all the misery I had brought upon myself throughout the past 35 years, and for many months to follow the wounded mind would cling and fight for dear life to hold on to it's fears and insecurities, enter the detox phase. It's over now, no longer am I a servant to my mind, instead, my mind serves me, I am the captain of my ship! It took five years to get this far and yet, I'm still a work in progress, so striving for perfection would be delusional on my part, the ultimate goal is to follow my intuition and not my mind because there has to be harmony within the two, an agreement if you will or else they would be in conflict with each other. A simple pointer here, anything the fearful mind is telling you is an illusion, and it's usually a future outcome that hasn't even happened yet, so why buy into it? reacting to a future scenario that most likely wouldn't happen is actually inviting it TO happen in your reality, who would want that? yet we do this all of the time at the subconscious level and wonder why we're having all of this ''bad luck'' that continues to plague our very existence. The more we react to our fearful minds with judgment, the more we are feeding the negative momentum, not only that, we're also judging ourselves and others which makes us feel rotten inside and unworthy, blocking all the good stuff! You could be asking yourself while reading this post ''how do I put a stop to my own fearful mind?'' and this is a tough pill to swallow, you can't stop it, because should you ''try'' to put a stop to your controlling mind you would just be in resistance to it, and we all are very aware that what you resist will surely persist! Your wounded negative controlling mind may have months even years of momentum behind it, so change won't happen overnight. To overcome this you'll need to be aware of the negativity without judgment, sounds complicated?, it is at first but it does get easier with practice, and you're going to have to allow the mind's negative momentum to dissolve on it's own, which means it will get very uncomfortable because you'll want to go in one direction and your mind will try to pull you in the other, that one you don't want to go in. You could say that this is the ''letting go'' phase of deliberate creation, and during this phase it's not idea to attempt to ''fix'' your unwanted reality, that alone will put you in a place of considerable resistance, on top of that your mind will just refuse to get on board, it is very required that you dissolve your resistance altogether first. During the ''letting go'' phase your wounded mind/ego will try to get in on the deliberate creation game, it will believe that it can ''fix'' the negative issues in it's own way, it'll want to control the outcome of everything, as if you're not dealing with enough already! You'll try all of the methods and techniques to distract your own mind, you'll chant mantras and affirmations that your mind refuses to believe, you'll try to suppress negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thinking [been there. done it!] but eventually that negative momentum sneaks right back on you and steals your rainbow. You can't ''get rid'' of your negative mind, you must ''allow'' it to run it's course and dissolve on it's own, the first thing you must do is to stop resisting your negative thoughts simply by not giving them any meaning [judgment] because when you do this you are giving the Gremlins momentum, and PLEASE don't ignore them, be aware of them, be a witness to them, not a victim of them. How long this will take depends on how many months or years of negative momentum you've acquired, so you will have to have patience and above all you MUST go easy on yourself. This ''letting go'' phase is a requirement towards self mastery, you cannot bypass or get around it, but you'll know your making progress when you feel less and less resistance on a daily basis. Here's what you can expect in regards to success, you feel angry, it's okay to feel angry, it'll pass, you feel sad, it's okay to feel sad, it'll pass, you feel frustrated, it's okay to feel frustrated, this too will pass. As you accept these emotions without judgment, they'll dissolve on their own, the same thing applies to people and circumstances. This post became too long so I'll cover more about this subject soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Mega heart-felt appreciations to everyone across the globe for visiting here, I truly hope you all are getting inspiration from these posts and choosing to live a successful and abundant life! On now with the subject at hand, It is very natural that we want more positive changes in our reality, especially when we're experiencing certain hardships [I've had my own share] such as financial difficulties, relationship problems, terminal illnesses/health problems, so we'll try to resolve these issues from a mindset of fear/resistance. I am here to tell you that if you're trying to change an unwanted reality/circumstance from a place of fear or desperation, you will only prolong and create more resistance around the unwanted reality, thus hindering the solution you are seeking, you cannot rectify an unwanted circumstance from a negative/fearful mindset. Many, who discover law of attraction will approach it from a similar mindset, they'll discover that they can indeed change their reality but approach it from a delusional mindset, they'll try to force a more preferred reality by constantly focusing on the changes they want to make on the outside, instead of going inward and prioritizing what needs to be dealt with [releasing limited beliefs/resistance] inside. [this was me in the beginning, lol, guilty!] In some cases if you focus long and hard enough on something wanted it CAN manifest, but every manifested reality comes with the energy that was present during the focusing of it, to illustrate further, let's say that you want more money, with the exception that you have enough to get by, but you would like to have more money to enjoy the better things in life, because you are tired and frustrated with the lack of ''more money'' in your current reality, you stumble upon the law of attraction, you get the idea [intellectually] that you have the power to create your own reality, excited, you go straight to work, visualizing, affirming, focusing more and more on ''having'' that extra money. All the while you're still noticing the lack of money, and so you focus harder and harder out of desperation, then somehow you manage to allow some unexpected money into your experience, but before you know it, the money is gone just as fast as it came, so you begin all over again focusing on even more money while noticing the lack of it and the cycle continues. So what's the moral of the story here? it's where your energy is dominant when you were focused on your preferred reality, even if you manage to manifest something that you wanted into your life, what comes with it will be the opposing energy that you were holding when you were focused on it [lack/desperation] and so the manifested realty won't last very long, it will have no staying power. We wonder why something doesn't manifest in our physical reality when we think we're doing everything right, but are we? Any time we want to change something for the better, it's because we don't like where we are now, but think about it, what kind of vibration/energy are we sending out? look no further than these examples... we want more money ''because'' we don't have enough, we want a compatible relationship with someone ''because'' we're afraid of being alone, we want better health ''because'' we're always sick. It's natural to want more and better things in life, but it's our opposing energies that are blocking these things from coming into our reality, we cannot be ready for what we want until we've reached a place of relaxed and resistant free energy, put another way, when we've released our limited beliefs/resistance around our chosen realities/desires, we're able to come more from a relaxed state of being, we're at ease with ourselves and where we are now, we're not forcing any changes because when we're at ease with ourselves and our environment, we're allowing positive changes to happen much smoother as well as easier. I'll even go a step further, most of the unwanted things we desire to change are delusional ''quick fixes'' and simply come from the lack/fearful limited mind, and even if we manage to manifest a quick fix into our reality it will be just that, temporary at best, resulting in the same problem to once again surface until the inner work is done to dissolve all of the resistance around that very problem, which carries a lot of negative momentum. If you are intending your chosen reality from a place of ease and relaxation, it is only natural that the physical manifestation of that chosen reality, will be a much smoother transition, but if you are intending a chosen reality, through constant focus, from a mindset of lack and desperation, and somehow you manage to manifest that chosen reality, it will bring with it, those very circumstances that match lack and desperation, this couldn't be more evident with a majority of lottery winners, they'll hit the jackpot in the millions of dollars, but before this big event happened they held negative beliefs about money, they possessed bad spending habits based on lack and limitation, they made poor decisions and investments that sunk them deeper and deeper into debt, now they are millionaires, a true recipe for disaster. Whatever your greatest intentions are it is wise to do the inner work first, to let go of resistance as a whole, and live from a space of relaxed ease and zero resistance, then really launch your rockets of intention from this space, which will allow a smoother transition when manifesting your chosen reality and desires, with ease!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Core values

Good Monday and thank you for visiting, we've all developed certain ''values'' as we grew up, some from parents, some from schools, and others from religion, then there are other values that we've based on the values others have taught us, from as early as childhood and growing into adulthood, you could assume values are just another form of beliefs. Before my pursuit of all things better, I had and stood by my own core values, they were ''classic'' to say the least and they are as follows...''never trust anyone'' that was a biggie for me, as I almost always had my shield up, another was ''do unto others before they do unto you'' or how about this one, ''you have to work hard to get anywhere in life'' These I inherited from others, then there were my own custom made up values, but I wont go there! When my beliefs changed so did my core values, this is only natural because core values and beliefs go hand in hand, whether they are true or not, I mean I really valued my beliefs and stood by them, that is, until they proved to no longer serve me in the long run. Everything I ever thought I knew has been stripped down, so much so, that only ONE core value has remained, with the exception of some vibrational tweaking of course. I've always valued my freedom, more than anything else, I'm an Aquarian so it's part of my nature, and while still having that core value in place I've integrated it into my intentions, you could say that once I'd changed my beliefs, the only thing left was to identify what my core values really were, and freedom is by far my strongest desire. Everybody wants freedom, it comes in many sub-categories, financial freedom/debt free, freedom to travel the world, freedom from limitation, freedom from sickness/illness, I mean the list goes on. I believe true freedom is expansion, it's what we all crave at the very core of our being, that is why it's important to find and discover our TRUEST core values and implement them into our intentions with conscious creation, it gives our desires more power/energy behind them, it puts the WHY in what you want and allows a better matching energy, it captures that essence of what we truly want! An example would be this, say that you want unlimited wealth, what does it represent?, not more money, but more happiness, relief, and you guessed it, freedom! Another classic example, you are overweight and in bad health, you find it painful and very hard to get around physically, you strongly desire to lose 80 to 100 pounds, but you dread the diet and vigorous exercise routines you'll have to go through, so naturally you'll give up before you barely get started, but if you put the essence behind the reason, it would be freedom, mobility, independence, and getting out and having more fun, and that could surely motivate you, and it would be that driving force behind your intention, freedom and independence, so you would more than likely follow through. Dig deep and find your best core values, they'll help you so much to gain more clarity on what it is you truly want, as well as assist you with the laws of attraction, you may have to uncover and change some limited beliefs, or, you may discover your strongest core values right away and go about setting your best intentions, either way they will help you immensely when getting clear about what you really want, reach into your core and see what you discover!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Good afternoon, morning, evening, wherever you may be in this physical plane of existence, it's time to bang out yet another inspiring post that hopefully empowers those of you who have stopped by! Oh the journey of the deliberate creator, with all the challenges of molding a preferred reality and at the same time attempting to ignore the ideas of others as well as the status quo's ''inside the box mentality'' When learning about conscious creation and working to integrate it into your lifestyle it begins as an intellectual pursuit if you will, meaning your brain wants to make sense of it all, so you begin researching all things law of attraction, look no further than the good old world wide web [baby boomer term] as there is an endless plethora of information, techniques, practices, and personal development blogs out there. My first few years of practice would involve constantly seeking answers through P.D. blogs, law of attraction forums and articles, as well as You Tube videos, absorbing anything and everything I could to make law of attraction work in my favor. First and foremost, it is this writer's opinion that in the past nine years, the law of attraction has gone ''too'' mainstream, and taking in too much information too fast can result in a lot of confusion, which can easily become a forced effort when wanting to create your reality. We all have been conditioned through personal experiences, we've followed the rules of society and it's beliefs, along the way we figured that if everyone else is doing something a certain way, then it must be the right way, and the same thing has happened with the law of attraction [personal development] since it's gone mainstream, with all the information telling us ''do it this way, no, do it that way'' or ''if you are willing to [pay] invest in this tried and true formula, you can manifest your desires faster'' but in the end it becomes an endless quest, and where does positive thinking play a role in all of this?, while I personally believe it's good to adopt a positive mentality in personal growth, achieving constant bliss is not the be all end all of reality creation, without contrast there can simply be no movement or growth, life energy does not operate on one side of the pole, there must be balance between the darkness [negative] and the light. [positive] Delusional thinking is when a person believes that law of attraction will bring them constant bliss and perfection in their life, I used to think and feel this way, that is, until I discovered I couldn't hold on to that energy [excitement/bliss] for too long before I would experience it's opposite, then I would try to cling to my positive energy, which only made matters worse. Why is it we are so afraid of our own negative emotions? we fight them at the subconscious level because after all, they don't ''feel'' good so we judge them and try to suppress them, or, we'll try to focus even more positive energy over them, which is just another form of suppression. Like everyone else, I don't like to feel negative emotion, it just doesn't feel good to feel bad, and what doesn't help is buying into the ideas of others that you cannot become successful with law of attraction if you have any negative feelings whatsoever, that idea is counter-productive because when you are feeling bad, you'll just feel even worse because you're resisting the bad feelings, which just causes them to persist even more. It's bad enough that we buy into all of these blind ideas of society, what's right or wrong, what defines a person [wealth/fame] what the right religion to believe in is, what science says is only valid, and seeing is believing. Are we awake yet?, we're so busy absorbing and trying to decipher all of this information that's constantly being thrown our way through the internet, media, and religion, that we're not taking the time to ask ourselves what feels ''right'' to us, instead of what feels right from others. I am grateful for discovering the law of attraction, from the famous movie The Secret, and at the beginning, it opened up the door to conscious creation for me, but it merely scratched the surface, and at that time I had a long arduous path ahead of me, and so I do credit some of the information that resonated and was available to me through the years, via the internet. Once introduced to law of attraction, our minds will want to rationalize how all of this realty creation stuff works, so it's only natural we will ''attract'' more info on the subject into our physical experience, the Universe will provide, but at some point, should you persist for knowledge, you'll learn that reality creation isn't about getting it all intellectually, you'll move beyond this way of ''thinking'' and come more from a place of ''being'' because you'll discover that true creation comes from feeling, not intellectual thinking. In the next post I will delve into the subject of core values and how they can assist us in finding our true passion/self expression, Until then friends.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Hello from one of the hottest places in America, Phoenix AZ! Yes, I've been stuck indoors for the greater part of this summer and how I'm able to keep my sanity is a miracle in and of itself. Summers here are long, and during this time most of the Sonoran Desert outside is un-inhabitable for humans, rendering Phoenix a ghost city until early October when the climate starts to get more comfortable, and the snowbirds come pouring in, we all can't wait! But enough rambling about the scorching heat and on to something much more interesting, deliberately creating the life we want! While this has easily been one of the most difficult summer's of my lifetime it has helped me to grow significantly, being confined indoors for these past few months has given me ample time for reflection, clarity, and dare I say opportunity, and I simply wouldn't be where I am now [energetically aligned] were it not for this difficult time. But was it really difficult? despite what our beliefs are, there are no external ''higher forces'' sending us trials and ''tests'' that we must overcome to prove our worthiness, there is no such thing as ''this is meant to be'' or ''this is not meant to be'' in this intelligently designed Universe, of course if you DO choose to believe either of the above the Universe will validate those beliefs by bringing circumstances that match those very beliefs into your physical reality. You see, you can believe whatever you choose to believe, but are you believing something that empowers you, or are you believing something that's defeating you?, it's your power, you get to choose, no one or anything outside of you can make that decision for you, only you can decide. If you are serious about becoming a deliberate creator [self mastery] you will eventually come face to face with your own truths, and those of Universal intelligence, you'll have to reach deep within to find which beliefs you have held onto for so long and whether they are are serving you, or not serving you, this becomes especially necessary when you intend improvements in your life, no matter what area, [relationships, wealth, optimum health] so you WILL come up against your own beliefs, there is no way around it. If you've been following this blog site for awhile you'll get a good idea what I myself have gone through, but as of now I've reached the final realization I'd been searching for a little over five years now, this does not mean I've cleaned everything up in my life, we never get that done, contrast is a part of our experience on this plane of existence, without it we would wither away, we couldn't grow, we'll never get it done in these physical bodies. This final realization is one we'll all reach at some point in life, and hopefully not at the expense of a near death experience! It's simple really, but it comes from experience, nothing else, you just finally reach that level of ''knowing'' that everything's ALWAYS working in your favor, you KNOW that whatever intention you have, it is already created within at the non physical YOU, so it's arrival is imminent, you are already fully aware, and in control of your thoughts so you KNOW that thoughts DO indeed become things, so your thinking is only directed at what is preferred, and not directed at what is not. The final realization is KNOWING that you no longer need anything because you already HAVE everything, and that NOTHING, and no one, can come between you and your well being, the final realization is that you are a conscious creator!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Good morning everyone, thank you for checking in for a visit, perhaps you could allow me to empower you with this post, but first ask yourself this question, does life get any better than this? Where you are now [liked or not] is where you need to be and for good reason, so that you can decide where you want to go, this is contrast, and it's simple purpose is to serve you, never was it meant to work against you, there is no such thing as failure! Getting how all of this works [creating your reality] would seem to make sense intellectually, but practicing and experiencing it on a personal level is something that's required for success, as I've written in the last post, experience is knowledge. The laws of physics are an unstoppable force, and when we learn to leverage them in our favor, we learn to live a life of freedom and unlimited abundance, when we desire something more for ourselves, our inner being has already expanded into that ''something more'' that we desired, it is now ''our job'' to align to that part of ourselves that ''already'' has what we desire. But how do we know when we're aligning to our desire?, look no further than you're emotional state, if you're already feeling good about what you want, that's the indicator from your inner being, that you're right on track, but it goes a little further than this, to be a perfect vibrational match to your desires [whatever they may be] doesn't mean focusing on them constantly, there's more to it than that, it's about ''knowing'' your role as a co-creator with ''all that is'' [Universal intelligence] it's about realizing how powerful you really are, and that you really do create your own reality, wanted or unwanted, how empowering this is! I'm not referring to this power from an egotistical sense, this power I'm speaking about is quite humbling, it's not something you ''show off'' or abuse to get ahead by stepping on others for personal gain [greed/corruption] it's a very personal thing that you harness and apply in your own life for a greater purpose, that purpose being continuous expansion. While many are using this Universal law to harm others [personal gain] there are consequences [lack/nonfulfillment] but they are at an individual level, and while the law of causation is also at play here, it would be wise to spread the wealth rather than to hoard it so to speak. I've written before about the ''knowing'' phase where we are able to fully embrace [rather than fear] our own true power, and when this occurs we shed our limitations and in some cases even change our intentions, or at the very least we gain a lot more clarity towards the things we want which allows their physical manifestation much faster and easier. The more aligned you become on a consistent basis [to source energy/higher self/inner guidance] the more positive momentum you bank, and as this occurs you'll become what I like to call a ''miracle magnet'' but miracles will no longer ''seem'' like miracles to you, sure, others around you will marvel at how ''lucky'' you are, but it has nothing to do with luck, because you are creating your own reality in a more ''relaxed awareness'' state of being, it's no big deal, it's second nature! You KNOW you hold the power, and you can feel the confidence, and yet you feel very humble about it all, it's a very personal thing that you don't ''brag'' about despite those around you scratching their heads wondering how you became so lucky, again, luck has nothing to do with it. This post is just a reminder that as long as you are aligned to the unstoppable force [Universe/inner being/spirit within/higher self] you too, will become an unstoppable force!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

''EXPERIENCE'' is knowledge

The above title quote's something Albert Einstein said as it applies to each and every one of us. No person's experience is the same, drawing comparisons to other's experiences and trying to learn from them is not the way to personal growth, people do this all too often in today's society, trying to be/become someone/something they are not, instead of being original and authentic. At first approach with law of attraction I researched and followed other's teachings and examples because I was new and vulnerable, hungry for knowledge I bought into the hype of The Secret, thinking that to succeed with all this manifesting stuff you were just required to think hard about what you wanted and ''poof!'' there's your stuff. Researching further it became more evident that it WAS'NT as easy as I'd hoped it to be, but I pressed on, researching, applying, researching, applying more, and the more I'd learn the harder I would try, whenever there were small victories something else would surface to overcome, this would continue for a few years despite the fact I hadn't realized it then, or else I would've given up at the start. But I never gave up, it seems there is no going back when you amass this kind of knowledge, I mean there were countless times I recall throwing in the bloody towel, but something always helped me back up to win another fight. Becoming the creator of your preferred reality may be the hardest thing to master, it was for me, yet it's the only thing I haven't given up on despite many of my lifetime failures, everything else in my life prior to this I'd always given up on, before this transformation I would live in a self-defeating, self-fulfilled prophecy, ''woe is me'' negative world, creating my own reality of misery and suffering, only to discover later that I was one hundred percent responsible for all of it. I had it all backwards early on discovering this universal law, thinking that all the great teachers in The Secret made it all look so easy, so I thought it would be easy for me too, but it was easy for them once they'd been through the worst, and it will get easier for all of us if we stay the course, willing to fail many times, but never give up. I've never purchased anything online as far as law of attraction/personal development courses, I've never hired a self help coach or went on spiritual retreats, I don't practice meditation, I haven't converted to Christianity or religion, I've done all of this on my own, my own way, not anybody else's way. Yes, I'll admit this seems the hard way, but the harder the experience, the greater the reward, as slow and steady WILL win the race, along with persistence and perseverance. I try to avoid being ''preachy'' when writing these posts [there's enough of that out there already] and there's also a fine line when telling someone ''how'' they ''should'' practice deliberate creation, and when I blog about this subject I have to often remind myself that everyone's experience is different, and my only job is to inspire, not preach the gospel. If you've been doing this awhile you're probably relating to this post, but if you're new to all of this do not be discouraged, after all it's a journey, and getting rid of all the mental gunk can be very uncomfortable at times, but the rewards are staggering to say the least, look no further than Thomas Edison, he failed thousands of times, [you won't fail even close to that I promise] but in the end we have a luxury known as electricity. My whole life has made me who I am now, I have NO regrets, everything bad and good has molded me into the person I am, and who I CHOOSE to be, and it's all from my own personal life experiences, not from learning what somebody else's experience or ideas about life are, we're leaders, not followers, what experience will you choose?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Terrific Tuesday everyone! When choosing to focus deliberately on a new and improved life it's only natural that your own wounded mind [ego] will fight to survive by clinging on to it's old patterns of thinking, thus resulting in the same old habitual habits/behaviors it has been conditioned to. A lot of spiritual and religious practices/ideas teach that the ego mind is the enemy and should be treated as such, that it must be ''eliminated'' to live a more peaceful, harmonious, and balanced life, this seems a bit too extreme for me, and although I'm not striving for that ''perfect enlightenment'' or becoming the monk on the mountain top, I do agree to some degree, that there is work to do when dealing with the wounded mind, but my idea is to get the wounded mind/ego on board with our positive intentions, not fight against it, that's a futile approach, given that my own past thinking and behaviors, as well as the unwanted circumstances resulted, have created my own wounded mind. The more logical approach would be to reprogram the wounded mind, first of course dissolving the limited beliefs and imprinting new beliefs that resonate more with the positive changes you wish to make. Why fight against your own mind?, even if it does not yet agree with your newfound thinking it will take time for it to adjust to it's new environment/programming. Of course it will fight and cling to what it's always known, but the more you resist the mind's resistance the more the wounded mind will persist. This requires a gentle self loving, self forgiveness approach, as well as a whole lot of letting go, and two more things, time and patience. Your ego mind is a part of you, it is not your enemy, it's YOU protecting YOU from the unknown, it has been conditioned by societies ideas of struggle, lack, and limitation, it has been programmed to ''play it safe'' and not take risks, it only knows what's inside of the box, not outside of the box, It is no more guilty of protecting you than your own mother protects you in a harsh neighborhood, before you board the bus for school. I believe that our ego serves a purpose, and in my own experience my ego is beginning to get on board with my intentions, I can't phase it out because that is where my desires were born, of course there is still room for improvement in the role desire plays in the ego mind, because my deepest desires have moved into the heart, it's just that now there are beginning to be signs of harmony between the ego mind and the heart, I just don't see personally, how the ego can be left out of desire, that to me seems to be the purpose of ego, to constantly desire through the contrast. There would be some however, that would disagree with this idea and it's understandable, but personally speaking I love every aspect of myself including my ego, this is because I'm beginning to ''tame'' it if you will, by allowing it to throw it's tantrums without judgment, which enables it's old programming to dissolve and run it's course in it's own time, and at the same time instilling positive beliefs to replace the dissolving negative beliefs, it's a gentle approach known as allowing. You could liken my approach to that of breaking a wild horse, but in a more gentle fashion, of course I'm still a work in progress, so I'll keep this updated as I progress, should be interesting!

Monday, August 3, 2015


One of the most rewarding experiences of becoming a deliberate creator is molding your reality any way you choose, with the one exception of course, getting out of the way and allowing the Universe to deliver through the path of least resistance. For the first three years of practicing conscious creation I researched endlessly and obsessively all things law of attraction on the internet, they were very confusing times, I was relying on all the information out there, based on what others were telling me, and applying the methods and techniques desperately to manifest my wanted reality. Looking back, I can recall doing all these so-called methods and techniques while still harboring decades of limited beliefs, resistance, and negative momentum, and the worst part was that ''trying'' to manifest my desired reality created even more resistance because I wanted change really bad and really fast! I've done it all, breathing techniques, E.F.T. [emotional freedom technique, which did help some] Hooponopono, affirmations/mantras, and vision boards. While some have helped they hadn't worked in the long run, being temporary at best, so within the past two years I had to find my own way out of the maze to master the art of deliberate creation. This was a period of feeling completely lost and discouraged because I'd absorbed so much information and knowledge about the law of attraction for three years and I just wanted to implement it into my life and manifest my desires already!, but I was still harboring resistance [limited beliefs] and what I've learned from other's just wasn't working anymore, it became evident that it was now up to me, to take control of my own thinking and emotions, I was then officially on my own. If you should go back a few years into my blog archives, you would never know there were any serious issues during my releasing stages, and although I had documented some of them on this blog site, I did my best to steer clear of the intense negativity when I posted those articles, during those intense detox periods. With deliberate creation there is no ONE tried and true formula, no ''one size fits all'' and some will succeed using all of the techniques and methods mentioned above, and others like myself will come to eventually develop their own formula for success. What finally changed the game for me was practicing the art of letting go and allowing, because I'd reached that point where there was just nowhere left to go, so I finally let go of everything, the forced efforts, the endless quest for answers, including the methods and techniques that no longer served me. While I believe alignment methods and techniques can help in the beginning, at the early stages of practicing conscious creation, they are not the be all, end all, of reality creation, and at some point on the journey to self mastery, the training wheels have to come off of the bike. I believe the best deliberate creators are the ones who forge their own path on the quest to self mastery, using their own style, their own personality, because nobody is the same, and that's what's so great about this journey, you don't have to be perfect to be successful. Makes you think of the old Frank Sinatra song but more tailored to reality creation, ''and although the path was long, I did it my way'' and there it is!


Good [manic] Monday viewers, before I jump into the next topic I'd like to give mega-appreciations to all of you for visiting this blog-site, I truly hope these articles are inspiring you and wish the best for all of you on your journey! Let's get started, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the saying ''the eyes are the window to the soul'' as this couldn't be more truer when you're speaking with someone and maintaining eye contact, usually, you'll pick up a certain vibe from a person and even more so as you can usually read that person by looking them in the eye. Eye contact is important, it shows how authentic you really are and it's a key ingredient towards a successful life, to look someone in the eye when speaking to them shows courage as well as confidence. I have found a very beneficial practice that sets the stage for self confidence, courage, and success, the only tool you'll need is a mirror. All too often we'll get up in the morning looking into the mirror and notice what's wrong with us, we'll notice some new wrinkles on our face, we'll judge that ''spare tire'' around our waste line, or even worse, we'll avoid looking at ourselves all together, because we just don't like what we're seeing. What we fail to understand is that we're basing everything on what's ''outside'' of ourselves, and when we do this we can't find that happiness inside. Everything good that happens to us comes from within, but there IS a shortcut, [yes, I said it] there is a way to bypass the ''outer'' distractions and program yourself for success, from within. Before you can do this however, you must be honest and true to yourself, this is because you will be looking at the physical you, [in the mirror] and speaking to the greater you, through your eyes, and what you speak [words are powerful] will determine where you are energetically. Going further into detail, say you are looking into the mirror and you affirm ''I am wealthy'' but as the words come out you feel a certain tightness/tension, or you look away from your eyes, [you want to maintain eye contact with the greater you] this would indicate that your beliefs conflict with being wealthy. Another way to go is to affirm to the greater you [in the mirror] that you are grateful for what is currently in your life now, this will position you for great success with this practice. I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this is, and with persistence your outer world will change dramatically but I must warn that at first this may feel really strange to you, so ease into it and don't try to make huge leaps, first find things that are good in your life, and tell the greater you that you appreciate them. After some time, more outside evidence will support your newfound appreciation, and while this occurs you'll have more confidence when you look at and speak to the greater you. I'm kind of a rough edged guy, but I'll still look at myself and say ''I friggin' love you man!'' so it's VITAL that you love yourself first, as a matter of fact I encourage you to do this first and foremost in front of the mirror until it ''feels'' good to you, looking at yourself through source energy, then move towards affirming more desired spoken words, that resonate with feeling grateful about the physical qualities, you possess, we all have them. A lot of times affirmations can be tricky because our mind refuses to believe them, like myself in the past, we'll try to leap too far when we're not ready, but there's something about looking into your own eyes in the mirror that causes you to speak the real truth, you wouldn't lie to yourself, so you would want to affirm something good that's happening in your current reality, and it just grows from there, it's friggin' powerful! Here's what you do, look into the mirror after waking up, withhold any judgments if you can, if you can't look into your own eyes at first that's fine, you'll work up to it, now find things that you appreciate about you [I know you've got some in there!] and say them aloud, c'mon, nobody's looking, at first you may feel uneasy, that's okay, persistence is key and it will reap it's own rewards. Repeat again just before bedtime, make it routine along with brushing your teeth, keep at it, as you are in direct communication with the broader you, and over time you can begin commanding your intentions by stating them as truth while looking yourself ''directly'' into your eyes [source] which allows changes in your physical reality to happen much faster, do this for thirty days and watch what unfolds, great stuff I assure you!