Saturday, February 27, 2016


Getting what you desire [intention] can be done in two ways, the easy way or the hard way and unfortunately, most, are simply doing everything the hard way, following the robotic herd mentality that anything really worth having must be earned through blood, sweat, and sacrifice. We ARE finally waking up and discovering our own personal power, we're discovering that there's a whole lot more to life than being a hamster on a wheel as cliché as it sounds. I have personally released a crap load of limited beliefs and most were instilled early in my youth through television/media, school, and religion, buying into the ideas that if others were believing these things, naturally so should I, I mean, I wouldn't want anyone to ridicule me for going against the grain of society right? But going against the grain I am, I've rediscovered my uniqueness and oddness and if you look at my profile you'd think that I look like the average run of the mill, Caucasian middle aged Joe, but average I'm not, the cover of the book doesn't tell the whole story. As I'm obviously still a work in progress I'm embracing my long lived rebellious side in a whole new way, I've grown weary of living my life by the rules of society, almost gone are the ideas that I am not in control, that life happens TO me, [victim mentality] but now life happens FOR me, almost gone are the ideas that I am at the mercy of a higher power, [religious based ideas] when instead, I am a co-creator of my very own reality with my authentic self, and completely gone are the ideas that I have to work hard to get anything I want [status quo/herd mentality] when simply sending out energy that's a vibrational match to what I want will allow it to manifest into my physical reality, with ease! No wonder why I dropped out of school, nothing resonated with me, I mean who would I be if I graduated and went on to college? I didn't need it, I've been unemployed for almost five years now and yet here I am, writing this blog telling you how much better my life has improved, and continues to further improve. What it all boils down to is this, elementary, middle, or high school didn't teach me ANYTHING about reality creation, certainly no day job gave me the much needed skills or experience to master conscious creation, and Sunday school didn't teach me how to rejoice and harness my own true power, and finally, the news or media wasn't covering reality creation exclusively so that I could watch daily, take back my power, and learn to become fearless, no, they were too busy spreading fear! I discovered reality creation at a low point in my life when I'd had enough of lack and limitation, somehow I just knew I deserved better and when I made the conscious decision to take back my power I've noticed all of the old and tired systematic ideas dissolving away, they simply hinder the better things I want in life. I'm blasting through the brick-walled box of limitation and breaking the chains that no longer bind me on the way out!


Hello again and what a ''relief'' it is to be once again inspired to write another post as I'm in a transition place between my current reality and my more preferred reality. I've found that I can't live in two realities at the same time [current unwanted and desired/preferred reality] and the contrast created is overwhelming to say the least. The longer I reside in my current reality the more I WANT to reside in my new reality [relocation to another state] and I'll be completely honest here, things aren't really that bad at all where I am now, it's just that I can get very tired of being in one place too long, especially when summer is fast approaching, [I live in Phoenix Arizona!] so I'm getting a little antsy to make a move, and soon! If anyone reading this post is going through these vibrational summersaults when it comes to being stuck in your current reality and wanting SO bad that your preferred reality would just manifest already, you are not alone, I mean you know you've done and ARE doing everything right, so what's with the holdup? It's so obvious that your chosen reality is within reach because you can FEEL it at the cellular level, you've already affirmed, visualized, and shifted your beliefs and still nothing so what gives? What gives is there's no longer any more you need to do but chill, but that still doesn't help when the contrast is banging on the door! First, no matter how bad it can feel when you want to be somewhere else or you don't have that thing you want because you're noticing it's absence and yes, sending the energy of absence delays the manifestation I'm afraid so two things can happen here, completely forget about it [let go/release it] or find ways to appreciate and feel good about it while anticipating it's arrival. [positive expectation] Harder than it reads I know but here's what's working wonders for me, each time an unwanted circumstance rears it's ugly head, here in Phoenix, and I tell myself if I were just somewhere else my life would be better, instead of noticing where I'm not and sending THAT energy which will only keep me where I am, I simply pivot my emotion towards that of relief, yes, in reality creation relief IS your friend because relief is pretty close to what you'll feel when your actual manifestation takes place! You can feel excited and exhilarated about your preferred and already created reality until the cows come home, but over time getting what you want isn't about getting worked up and excited about it, you already did that when you first launched it, the Universe knew then that you wanted what you wanted, so it was created in THAT moment. Getting up to speed with what you want [preferred reality] is ALREADY possessing what you already have and have had all along [reference above] so even though you still don't have it yet in the physical you FEEL like you already DO have it energy wise, so you could care less whether it manifests or not and the paradox here, it can now manifest easily into your physical reality. Here I remain in my vibrational ''limbo'' between where I am and where I want to be, [relocating to another state] the thing is that finding relief keeps me on track and I'm doing this whenever ANY unwanted thought surfaces that could lead to sending opposing energies to what I prefer. What I'm finding is this, the more I feel relief the faster I allow myself to re-align towards my desired reality, allowing a faster and much smoother manifestation. I'll zip it up with this, how will you REALLY feel when your greatest desire is made manifest into your physical reality? RELIEVED!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Good Monday morning viewers, winter is already over here in Phoenix as the temperatures are expected to reach the lower 90s by mid week, I AM ''EXPECTING'' relocation to a much cooler climate before late spring arrives. Yes good old expectation, and with the Universal laws constantly at play every moment of our lives, we indeed DO get what we expect. There's the old adage that we should always ''lower'' our expectations, never get our hopes up, geez, most of the time we're always expecting the worst because that's what we're used to getting a majority of the time. I'm here to tell you all that a true deliberate creator ALWAYS expects the best no matter the circumstances, remember, with Universal intelligence [non-physical] there are NO limits, it is only the physical us that sets limits upon ourselves, so the universal law of attraction naturally responds to that energy of limitation that we inflict upon ourselves back into our very own reality. Once you fully believe something you will expect it to happen, good or bad, and all too often people are expecting the worse and that very expectation is backed with belief, so it's only natural the unwanted scenario will eventually manifest itself into their reality. It is paramount that we shift our beliefs towards what's desired so that we can have more positive expectation flowing in our energy field, this way we can manifest a much more preferred reality. So where does one begin to expect better things to happen in their reality? First and foremost one MUST work on changing their perspective, then and only then can they see things from a more positive stance which will allow their reality to begin reflecting back to them their shifting perspective, once this occurs their faith will grow and eventually their belief as well, proving to themselves that they and they only create their very own reality. We get what we expect but it's important to remember that what we expect is based on what we believe and what we believe is based on our perception. It is my personal belief that the greater our expectations the greater the Universe will exceed them, the reason I believe this is because that is what my own reality is mirroring back to me, I do not wish to ''create and tell'' but since I've recently began to set my expectations much higher the Universe has validated those very expectations by sending me frequent confirmations that the delivery of my intentions/expectations will be above and beyond what even I could have imagined, this message/sign always comes around at the perfect timing and all the while sprinkled with nice mini-manifestations to boot, keeping all my expectations ''on track'' for the bigger stuff, that's how well positive expectation works. We truly forget how powerful we are and the funny part is that we are at our MOST powerful when we are ''relaxed'' and not trying too hard to make something happen, as a matter of fact when you're fully expecting something amazingly good of course you're FEELING good, FEELING relaxed, and FEELING confident, not stressed out and worried unless of course you're expecting the worse! As you shift your beliefs more towards getting what is desired your expectations will naturally reflect those beliefs, but it doesn't end there, as your beliefs grow so will your expectations, remember there are NO limits in the non-physical, expansion of self is infinite, the physical reality and everything in it is your catalog, YOU simply place your order to the Universal intelligence, in turn Universal intelligence delivers according to your beliefs and expectations and friends, it really IS that simple!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Greetings from a very cool and crispy February morning in Phoenix Arizona, I wish to attempt to wake up the readers with this post on what the true purpose of money really is, and as well, what it really isn't. My perceptions about money have taken a dramatic about-face these past few months and this could easily be due to my shifting beliefs concerning all things monetary. Okay, we know that money is simply a form of exchange so why are there so many hang ups when it comes to people and money? People are taught early in age that money must be earned, so you must ''work'' hard for it, then, you must put aside a percentage for retirement because obviously, Social Security isn't enough to retire on in these times what with the rising cost of living, so you more than likely will have to have a second or even a third job, even more so if you have a family to support or you want to put your kids in college which is also more expensive than ever. There just doesn't seem to ever be enough money to allow the average citizen to live a comfortable and stress free life so what gives? Believe me the problem doesn't lie with money itself, it lies with our beliefs and perceptions regarding it, and until this changes we'll always struggle with money until we discover why we have certain limited beliefs about money, why we struggle with it, what it's true purpose is, and finally, what state of mind we need to adopt so it can flow easily to us. We don't own money, we're not meant to, it's no more than a form of exchange but like everything else it does have energy, the problem with the mentality of the current system is that money must be hoarded or saved in case something bad happens such as an economic downturn or crash. It takes no financial expert to see that the middle class is shrinking and the super wealthy continue to prosper, but it is greed that causes the majority to want more and more, adopting the perception that there is never enough and it's everyone for themselves in a world of competition, corruption, and capitalism. When it comes to the global economy and it's money, the world is going backwards instead of moving forward, so many in power are hoarding and madly accumulating money strictly out of greed, prestige, and dominion, leaving the majority without their very livelihoods behind, forcing that majority into an adapt or die mentality resulting living a life in complete survival mode. That's the ugly side of money but does it have a positive side?, it surely does and one perception we must change regarding money is that we never ''own'' it, it simply comes in and goes out, flows in, flows out, so why is it that there is never enough? It's simply a perception, when we are able to perceive money simply as a tool for expansion, a form of exchange that we are ''stewards'' of, not owners of, we begin to understand that we'll hold more value towards ourselves than that of money, and WITHOUT us money has NO value, without US money serves no purpose, not the other way around. All too often people put money first before themselves and before others, how's that working for us in today's society? We don't own money and money doesn't own us, the true purpose of money is inflow and outflow, balance, giving and receiving, and the most successful [not greedy] people have adopted this perception, they put their passions and self expressions first and foremost, they do ONLY what they love, THEN the money follows and flows in, a true steward of money knows no ''ownership'' of money, they don't need to ''hoard'' or save it for a financial disaster, they live in the present moment, they know that it simply comes in and goes out and that's the way it will always be, no matter how bad the economy is. It's of no surprise why so many struggle with money, they want to get their hands on it and hold fast, fearing that there may be few other chances or opportunities to acquire more because they've bought into the ideas and beliefs that there is never enough. When money is no longer perceived as a necessity [means to an end] and more as a simple tool for expansion, all the right inspired actions will present themselves and money can flow into our lives in the form of finding our true passions and self expression, you know the old saying, do what you love and the money will follow, I'm not done with this topic so stay viewed for future posts.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Words backed with feeling are very powerful, what we say is what we attract, think of how many times we've all uttered those famous words ''I just knew this would happen'' when an undesirable circumstance occurred and while writing this post, I simply cannot stress enough, how vital it is to be very careful of what we are saying out loud to OURSELVES, especially when we're feeling those negative emotions. This can also be true when we are feeling really good and saying [declaring] our intentions out loud, again, when our spoken words are backed with belief and powerful conviction/emotion, we are sending out energies that can often yield instant manifestations, whether it's good or bad. As we make great shifts in changing beliefs we will become more aware of what we are thinking and feeling, but this goes even a step further should we choose to give our spoken words more power behind our intentions, so instead of declaring what's not wanted we'll begin to declare what IS wanted. Since I've become more aware of my thoughts and focus mostly on alignment I've been declaring my intentions to myself more in an outspoken manner, I simply speak them into existence and the results are almost instantaneous and it's amazing how fast the Universe responds to my intentions when they are spoken aloud and backed with belief, I just cannot emphasize how powerful this really is! All too often we'll use our own words against ourselves sabotaging our greatest efforts towards getting what we REALLY want, I mean look no further than these familiar sentences in today's society...''how much worse can things get?'' or ''why does this ALWAYS happen to me?'' or the disempowering ''I just knew I couldn't do it'' All of these words we say have strong emotions behind them, so the unwavering Universal law validates those very things we are not only feeling, but saying to ourselves out loud, reflecting that very reality back to us by matching these feelings/words with more undesired situations and circumstances. Words are powerful, they are designed this way because our words are always backed by our thoughts and emotions, so again what we are feeling and saying we are attracting and dare I say, much faster mind you! So how can we leverage the Universal laws by using the spoken word to our own benefit? First and foremost we must change our belief system to one that's aligned towards what we want or the wrong words will just keep coming out, secondly, we'll need to become more aware of what we are thinking predominately, so that when we DO speak, we are coming more from a place of total belief and alignment, instead of a place of fear/doubt and misalignment. As we progress more towards becoming deliberate creators we'll gain the confidence to not only think thoughts that are aligned to our intentions, but also the ability to ''speak'' them into existence as well, this is true co-creation, to declare the desire/intention out loud with total conviction and unwavering belief allowing a much swifter manifestation, go forth and co-create!