Saturday, December 22, 2012

The ''key'' awareness

Happy holidays everyone!, we are still here!,  I suppose the Mayans got it wrong?, the December 21st 2012 end of the world did'nt occur, but of course!  I do not believe the Mayans were speaking of the end of this world, as so much stuff out there is bombarding us with this end of the world gloom and doom scenario, enough already! it is NOT the end of the world! The problem here is that society is becoming conditioned to believe that some kind of apocalypse is looming, this is indeed dangerous thinking and ''creating'' of self fulfilling prophecies that can be avoided. I see an opportunity here, that we should all take very much advantage of, we are at the tipping point of a new higher consciousness occuring on this planet, and  I  myself, personally, believe this is what the ancient civilizations could be referring to. When I began this spiritual journey, naturally, my awareness began to grow, after a few years it has blossomed into something amazing, I never imagined it would lead me to so many revelations and realizations, and the truths of it all, what a gift this is indeed readers! This kind of awareness we develope while becoming what we truly are, is something akin to animals, some creatures are gifted with such awareness, they know, and sense their way through existence. Birds, for example, they have a very strong awareness, Dogs too, like the Wolf, Whales , Dolphins, these creatures are very spiritual as well. We , in society are losing our awareness, we are being distracted by too many other things that are pulling us away from who we truly are, jobs, stress, constantly chasing the carrot on the stick in life, then there is the brainwashing of the media, corporatations advertising what they ''think'' we should have in our lives, and yes, we go back to the fear doctrine supressing so many and giving away their power hoping others can solve their problems, no wonder things seem to be such a mess, but readers, it only ''SEEMS'' to be! Why?, perception, it's how people are being lead to percieve that things are going down the toilet, this just is'nt the case. My mission is becoming clearer here, to help bring this awareness to those choosing to become aware, to reclaim their power and be the best they can be, this goes far beyond manifesting material things, {although, I love that part too!} the real purpose is to become a vibrational match to our higher selves, which knows us ''better'' than ourselves, which points us in the right directions, making decisions our ego could not even touch, and yes, manifesting our heart's desires effortlessly! This is our true purpose, to become alligned to our higher selves, it does not matter who or what you believe in, it does not matter what religion, only we can choose our own path to allign to who we truly are, it is a very personal mission. Becoming aware, to me is like a survival mechanism, again like an animal, but I also feel protected, like I'm being guided by my higher self, like a voice inside saying ''okay, seize that, or wait, don't do this thing yet'', these messages also come in ''signs'' because of my awareness, I notice these signs, which  in turn, increases my awareness even further, in turn, bringing about more syncronicity to notice and so forth. What this boils down to is awareness = guidance, it seems to come naturally to a deliberate creator, to become aware!, I love this, because with it comes a wisdom that most would lose an arm for, I've been watching the night sky alot with my new found awareness, and we are missing out on the greatest answers we seem to be searching for constantly,  but are too afraid to pursue. Some, unfortunatly, will be afraid of their true power, it scared me a little, but only a little, then I just went with it, it would take writing  a book to dive into the subject of such a transformation, but for those of us who make the conscious choice to allign to our higher selves it may get a little strange for awhile, but it is a part of the process, how you view people, animals, the planet all  will drastically change, there will be internal struggles, spiritual battles with the ego, even dreams are effected, with symbols and messages of the progress of transformation. Intimidating?, yes, but the rewards are powerful!   As I've mentioned before, in past articles as well, we, I believe are in the midst of a new higher consciousness on this planet, things ''ARE'' shifting, and some will not adapt, nor accept, and will continue the struggle, there will be alot of resistance to this shift, but the change must occur, because the things that have been happening so far have not worked, doing more damage than good, moving us in the wrong direction, straying, if you will, from our true path. Nature has a way of sending these messages to us and it is not always pleasant, but what nature is trying to say could be that we may need to change course, not only in consciousness, but also the decisions we make in relation to this planet, this is not the end of the world, it may be the beginning of a new one, but from here, it's up to us on where we take it.                                                                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE TO YOU AND YOURS!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The power attractor factor

Greetings once again fellow creators and practicing creators! In the last posting I mentioned how it's more than possible to win a contest or lottery using deliberate creation, and that belief plays a major role while applying these tecniques as well. During our journey to fulfillment it is natural we will go after the material things, some of them will be ''big'' to us, that being said, resistance is sure to surface when we think of the millions of dollars, the new half million dollar home, or the Mercedes SUV, just due to the fact we ''want'' these things will bring to question ''how?'', how would such a thing come when there's debt, bills, etc? this is a form of resistance, actually, as we embark on our spiritual journey, we will discover many types of resistance, while I could list all of them, you fellow creators already know them, and those who are learning, will discover them along the way so you can release them. A year ago I made a manifestation box, the purpose for this was to make small requests to source energy by writing them down on a small piece of paper, I then would briefly ''feel'' this request ''as if it were done'', fold it up, place it inside the box, and completely forget it. Some of my friends have even placed their wishes in as well. But then life moved in and my box got waysided, and since I always find pennies on my path and would place them in the box, recently, vibrational matches have been popping up in my life many times daily, many money related,
{reminder, vibrational matches are your dominate thoughts being mirrored back to you from the universal intellegence} for example, you have been thinking alot about and visualizing with good feelings about the Mercedes SUV, then you would see it everywhere, or you would see a TV commercial about it, or happen apon a person who has one, then you might ask them how they like owning it, this actually happened to me with my new car. Whatever it is you are focusing on the most, will be reflected back to you, that's why they call this the law of attraction, or like attracting like. So what is power attracting? how does one master the art? the first thing that came to my mind was to try harder, focus more, feel more, this more, that more, more,
more, more!, it did'nt work that way, this is where the manifestation box suddenly came back into my creation practice and wow!, is it working! Folks, bieng a power attractor is alot easier than you think, but first you ''have'' to realize your ''true'' power and want to and affirm that you ''are'' truly a power attractor! Once this resonates within you and it feels so good, you are a lean, mean, manifesting machine! There are those that manifest, then there are those that can go beyond manifesting, not only getting what they want, but even more perks and surprises that they did'nt even intend, it's as if they get a constant flow of good things wanted and  unwanted, ALL ''GOOD'' THINGS, wanted and unwanted! A week ago I made the concious decision that not only would I master manifestation skills, but I would become a power manifestor, since that decision, the universal intelligence has conspired to make this happen, and happen it has, with mind blowing results that keep taking me to whole new levels of manifesting. Now fellow readers I want to teach you what is working well for me, if you are new to this practice of conscious creation start with small things first, things that you will not have too much emotional attachment to, that you feel you could aquire fairly simple, but with no effort on your part, this will build your manifesting muscles for even bigger things.  First, you will need a box, any kind will work, I used an empty tissue box, cut out cool law of attraction pictures and quotes printed from the computer, and glued them on the box, or you can paste your desires on the box, now that Christmas is near, you can gift wrap your manifesting box too, whatever your creative mind can come up with, it should be fun. Now cut a small slit into the top to place your wish into, remember, make it believable to you, place your written wish in the box, give gratitude, and forget about it, since you have let go, it must manifest!  As your wishes are fulfilled, your confidence will grow, as will your belief, then go a little bigger, and so forth. Another thing I want to add is you will see ''signs'' of some of your desires coming, cool little syncronicities that push you forward in excitement and anticipation, but most importantly, ''have fun with this!'' that's the whole point! Now the disclaimer, some requests may take longer, others can come faster, it all depends on your attachment to your wish, that is why it is paramount to start small. Anyone can become a power manifestor, it takes patience and practice to master, but you'll know when it's working when suddenly without trying, little mini manifestations pop up all over that you never saw coming nor intended. I leave you with this ever so important knowledge ''WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS LIVING A HUMAN BODY EXPERIENCE! we manifest from spirit through us, when you realize this truth and believe it in every fiber ''of'' bieng, you will be a power manifestor!       NEXT TIME SOON!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A whole lotto fever going around

I'm back!, wow, the holidays, they can really throw me off track, so much going on, people coming and going, then the recovery of it all realizing that I have'nt posted in a while! It had occured to me that I needed a subject, so I thought about it, and something came up about giving thanks, but wait, that was last year, the thing is I will always have topics to post when practicing creation, it's a life long journey. I've been really busy with just the feeling phase of my journey, and the side effects have been syncronicities after syncronicities, I am literally becoming a human magnet and it's scary cool, my next post will go deeper into this subject. Okay, we here in these United States have, what I believe  reached the highest jackpot in lottery history, every time I go into a convenience store these last two days people are purchasing their tickets in hopes of a life changing win, folks, it's half a billion dollars and some change, that's some serious cash by any means. I do not know if there ever was a jackpot this big, but what I do know is that everyone I know is involved, am I?, no, I did'nt buy a ticket for that particular jackpot, while the idea of winning such an amount makes my mouth water, it also scares me a little, and I fear nothing! But here is the thing, I have been playing the state lottery for some time, and have won occasionally small amounts, mind you nothing to brag about, but using these near wins in between to guage how my money vibration is at the time. In 2011 around my birthday I asked myself a question, can we win the lottery using deliberate creation?, can we on purpose, think and feel our way to a big jackpot? I believe it can be done, but depending on our beliefs about money, it would take some serious inner work, and even if we still by chance hit the jackpot, and we have not cleaned up our money vibration, being a multi millionaire would be disasterous. Being this wealthy takes time and practice, discipline, hard lessons, it's not all glamor and
 prestige, if we are broke one day and filthy rich the next, because of a big win, how could we even begin to manage such an enormous amount of wealth?  I have been using a spiritual approach on wealth for over two years now, it has been a long and frustrating process for me, I too thought a lottery win could solve all my problems, so I bought my ticket, when it did'nt hit I would get frustrated, asking myself why, when I set my intention, visualized it, felt it inside, was'nt it a winner? The simple answer came months later, I simply was'nt ready on a vibrational level, plus the fact that I NEEDED to win did not help at all! The fact is you have to win the lottery inside, before it can hit in your outside reality, this requires constant focus, PLUS, you have, I mean ''have'' to believe you WILL win, but one thing to keep in mind is to have fun with it, like a game, do not buy tickets obsessively TRYING to win, or think your hapiness will come when your ticket ''hits'' because
believe me, it's the wrong approach folks, only leading to dissapointment and complete frustration. I am however, still buying tickets for much smaller jackpots, and I still realize I have more work to do on my approach towards wealth and abundance spiritually, the one mistake I do not make however, is to get upset when the numbers don't hit, that's okay, besides, there are INFINITE ways my wealth could come, sure, I'd love to win a nice little jakpot of ten thousand or more, but source energy may have a better method of delivery. All said, I do believe you can win the lottery using the laws of creation, but there are no shortcuts to this, those who have done it will tell you it takes serious discipline with the mind to resonate and match vibrationally to such an enormous amount of wealth, that's quite a quantum jump that could take years to master! Being wealthy takes time, some spend a lifetime achieving it, but in this new awareness, there is a better more spiritual approach that can bring this blessing to reality much faster, but first, one must practice allignment to not only wealth, but abundance overall, in all areas of life, getting happy now, being aware of the abundance that's already there, then the wealth will follow, and you could very well hit that jackpot!   Until next time!

Monday, November 12, 2012

And moving forward....

Hello fellow creators and practioneers, welcome to another post of awareness and creation! I'd like to take this opportunity to throw a little rant, mind you, an interesting good rant. Here in the united states we have just completed our mid term elections, and I am happy to say we dodged a bullet, I'll admit freely that I by no means follow politics anymore, since raising my awareness and becoming a truth seeker, I felt no longer the use of giving away my power to any elected official hoping they could solve all the problems we face that they, who are elected, just can't seem to solve. I will admit however that I am pleased with the result of this election due to the fact that progress will be made and this country can move forward. I think overall that this election affected all of us, and sadly, some in opposition want things to stay the same, more so, to move backwards rather than progress forward. It is my belief that the people have spoken and that this change is inevitable, as I've mentioned in past posts, we are heading into a new awareness, a new perspective on who we are and why we are here, we are learning we are all connected and in this together, but some wish to divide us, they do this by using fear, telling us how bad everything is, the news is the biggest culprit, with this fear comes control, which, by law of attraction, creates more fear, I bought into all this ''fear'' at one time, and it nearly destroyed my life, people were drawn away from me, I vibrated fear and because of it my life was in ruins. Once we take back our god given power one of the first things we shake off is fear, then we begin to see the real truth, and others no longer control us with their fear mongering propagandas and falsehoods. It's too bad though that not everybody will take this path of enlightenment, choosing instead to rely on things outside of themselves to bring them some relief, but never harnessing their true power and creating the life they dream. This is known as the victim mentality, blaming outside sources for their problems, instead of looking within to solve the issues. I was that person, and a whole lot worse, but I've learned that my purpose here is not to be miserable and angry, but blissful and abundant, no matter what's
going on in this country or the world. Now, I notice the beauty of this world, the abundance, good, friendly people and circumstances are drawn to me like a magnet, and things are getting better fast! On the subject of the country and the world at large, I think things are looking good too, despite what the news tells me, yes, sadly, there was a natural disaster on our east coast, but it just shows how we pull togrther and help each other in a crisis, we are connected, that's what we do! Like it or not we are moving away from the ''ME, ME'' world and heading towards unity, some will say this is bad but greed has never solved, but created more problems, many forget that we live in an abundant world, but sadly, wer'e conditioned to believe just the opposite, that there is lack of this, lack of that, no wonder why so many struggle. For this country to move forward, it will take unity, not dividing, that's the good thing about this election, we want change, it's the 21st century, like it or not, we must move forward, it is a great time to be a conscious creator, this is the time when we can be, do, and have everything!, there has NEVER been a greater time on this planet!  A shift is taking place, there will be challenges, but it's those challenges that will bring unity, awareness, and new opportunities this world has never witnessed! There are great rewards for the deliberate creators in the 21st century, those that practice and follow through will see amazing things happen that most will miss, with their new awareness, opportunities will present themselves unlike any seen before, they will jump on, and ride the wave of prosperity and abundance that comes with this new awareness, instead of greed and lack and the doctrines of fear. Even if, and I mean IF, humankind refuses to accept and allow these changes, nature will bring them, and there are several ways it could happen, the shift will take place regardless,and it is up to us to not only recognise, but move forward and first and foremost, connect and care for this planet, it's the only one we have, it's going to take ALL of us, it's not over, it's just beginning, a new era, anybody want a ride?                                   Until next time SOON!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rewinding to the basics

Happy Halloween everybody!  Fall is in the air ''finally'' in the desert southwest, but as I release this post it is climbing to an  uncomfortable 91 degrees today, here in central Arizona it starts to get cold in November, the winter season here is very brief, then it starts to warm up again, I personally prefer the colder climates, but not too cold, just milder than most places. Okay, enough small talk, today's topic, I'd like to go back in my journey for the readers who may have just discovered this blogsite, and review where it all began and where it's going now, I've gained so much contrast over the last twenty eight months in this journey that I feel like sharing what I've learned and what works and  what not always works at some levels in creation practice. Starting out I went almost backwards, out the gate I started filling orders to the universe, getting excited about them and waiting for their arrival, and waiting...and waiting...and so forth, where's the stuff?, after a few months of trying and trying to manifest ''things'' I decided to dig deeper, to go beyond the secret and make conscious creation a full time study, and that's exactly what it's been for well over two years, day after day, week after week, month after month, and beyond! Not all of us will need a long time to get this, it, of course, depends on your upbringing and beliefs you have instilled since birth. As for myself, I had some big subconscious trash to clean out, and ninety percent of our manifesting ability comes from the subconscious, where our programs and beliefs are stored.  Okay, the first part in creation, ASK, what is it we want? ''that's easy'' we think, but at the beginning we only THINK that it's easy, it will be our emotions that really tell us , for example, you want a new car, your dream car, this car costs almost eighty thousand dollars new, what does your emotions tell you, if your anxious when you think of your dream car then you have some doubts that you can get it, on the other hand if it feels good when you think of ownership of your dream car, you'r headed in the right direction, the bottom line is, in conscious creation, belief is key!  Even when you ask, you will have needed to work on, and change your belief system, which brings us to the second part of creation
practice, I just mentioned it, BELIEF!  which is believing you can, and already posess your dream car, at this point, you would visualize already having ownership of your awesome vehicle, ''feeling'' the emotions of driving it, showing it to your friends, speeding around the curves on the coastal highway with top down. How often you do this is optional, but like everything new, practice, practice, practice! Remember, your new car is like a planted seed, you'll have to care for it, {FOCUS}, for it to grow, so be patient, there is a gestation period, it takes time, in universal terms, only the present exists, we percieve time much different here on earth, that is why it is important to visualize the dream car already posessed. I recommend practicing visualization daily until you master it, it will imprint the dream car into your subconscious, you will know it is working when thinking about the dream car, and you feel light and joyful, even more so when overwhelming gratitude starts sinking in. And finally, the third and final part, RECIEVING! but wait, is that dream car going to land in our lap somehow?, well, in a way it could, or it could happen another way, it's infinite how the car could come, but here's where most of us, including myself at the beginning hit a snag, we start questioning how will the car be delivered? we try to figure it out by rational thinking without realizing that we are setting limitations on how that dream car is delivered, slowing the natural flow, worrying, losing patience, and eventually pushing our dream car away! This is when detachmemt is paramount, I found out this the hard way, detaching is not something we can just decide to do, it also will take practice and patience letting go, as to allow the dream car to come into physical form. As for recieving that dream car, you could win it in a contest, or, an inheritance could come from a long lost relative, then you'll purchase it, or you could recieve an idea for a business, or a new invention, that could earn you the money for your dream car, I could go on and on. The thing is this, we CAN have it all, but you have to get into a place of total belief that it WILL happen, if you were already there you would already have it all, but we are humans, spiritual growth is vital to be a creator, we create with spirit, therefor we must build a connection and allign with our higher selves for the success we so richly deserve. It will require work, the three steps I mentioned are just the basics of deliberate creation, in between, we will hit some bumps and will  have to go back and figure out what works for us and what does not. Tecniques will be different for everybody, trial and errors visit frequently, and frustrations can mount, but the good news is it will push you harder, to learn even more, and as you push on, your higher self gives you thumbs ups and signs for encouragement, then the breakthroughs start to surface! I can tell you all this, it does work, my life is full of miracles daily, another big change is happening in my life, I can feel it coming, it took a good while to get here, but it was certainly worth it, mind blowing!  Until next time!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A penny for your dreams {continued}

Hello fellow creators and successful practicing creators. this is the second part of  my last post about growing our wealth consciousness to manifest smaller then larger things in our lives regarding unlimited abundance, and on a plus talk of the signs and miracles that occur while practicing this amazing creation tecnique. As I mentioned in the last blog, one of the signs that appeared when I began this practice over two years ago was I would find coins on the ground frequently, in the past if I would stumble across a penny I would'nt pick it up, I'd think to myself, ''it's just a penny, it has little value'', little did I know I was telling my higher self that I did'nt care about money, but at the time I DID care, but I never appreciated what, if any, amount I had. That whole time I was pushing my abundance away, the source energy knows us better than we know ourselves, we may want more money in our lives, but our behavior tells a different story, and that's not all, our habbits and mostly what we think. plays a major role in how much money we recieve in our lives, and how fast it slips through our hands. Here's something I recommend that I personally practiced when I made the conscious choice to persue an abundance mindset, I looked for coins, I now have a tissue box full of nickels, dimes, and pennies, first I place them in my pocket, all day, then they go into the box, wrapped with a thank you note, saying this and so much more. I know, I know, it's just a nasty ol' penny on the ground, but in a practicing deliberate creator's eyes, who's goal is financial abundance, it's gold!  Every time you pick up that coin, you are telling source ''yes, I want abundance in my life'', after awhile of doing this, you don't find coins anymore, they find you, and  you my friends, are attracting abundance!, it starts like this, small at first, but your manifesting muscles are growing, it's just like working out at the gym, you have to work to develop a wealth consciousness, be patient though, enjoy the ride, this is a fun practice!  Further in my journey, I'm dreaming of wealth, signs daily remind me that my wealth is inevitable, even if I wanted to, which I don't, I could'nt stop it, I've invested so much time and focus on wealth consciousness that the flow is unstoppable, sure, I get a little nervous about this huge change that's unfolding in my life, and tossing me out of my comfort zone, but more than that I'm excited! some nights I can't even sleep, I'll wake up in the middle of the night with this realization, that ''oh boy, this is coming, this is what I've worked hard mentally for'' at that point, you FEEL your dreams coming, seriously, you just know!  If anyone out there is looking to manifest financial freedom in your lives, you can do it, I have to say that if you are really serious about this, put it into practice, and please be patient and try to make it fun, I've learned the hard way that taking it too serious can slow the progress, just flow with it. When you make the choice to be abundant, source has your back, literally!  So change your beliefs, feel good about money, tell yourself you deserve it and you are going to do amazing things with your abundance, and share it, with your loved ones who could use some help, donate to great causes, after all, you are a good steward with your wealth, when you feel this way you are feeling good about being wealthy, and remember, it's all about feeling.  Here's to your wealth!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A penny for your dreams

Greetings everyone! Since my last post I've had some spooky but cool little manifestations, and with Halloween getting close! Joking aside though, since this journey began I've been working and moving towards wealth consciousness, only recently unusual but amazing miracles are taking place and if some of you out there are practicing deliberate creation for a wealthy lifestyle you just may like these two posts!  Before I continue, we ALL are born with wealth consciousness ingrained in us, It's just as we grow we instill new beliefs about money, having to work hard for it, it's hard to get ahead, bills pile up as we become responsible adults, and that awful D-word that we love to hate. The great news is that we can undo them through reprogramming the subconscious mind via affirmations and creative visualization among other tecniques. It takes dedication and persistence to develop a wealth consciousness and some will not have the patience to succeed, but for those that do incredible things start to unfold, one of those things are happening to me, and that is the materialization of coins, I use to find them on the ground frequently, but now they just seem to appear in ways I cannot explain, I am also having regular dreams about finding coins  and picking them up. In my last post I mentioned what I believe are wish fulfillment dreams which could be another result of a growing wealth consciousness, in the next post I wish to dive deeper into wealth consciousness and share with you more of my own results as I develop an unlimited abundance mindset.    Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A dream lucid....with awareness

Hello fellow creators and practicing creators alike, I've noticed when reading my stats that some of you in other countries have viewed this blogsite, it pleases me with much gratitude that this blogsite is reaching farther than I could imagine, for this I wish to thank you all, we are all connected on this planet no matter what  country we live in and I am powerfully appreciative of all of you, just for stopping by, and I am hopeful you'll drop in again, thank you, thank you!  The topic, well, this is indeed a little off the path of this creator's normal posting, but nonetheless, it should be known that our dreams,  to me, seem to play a role in our ability to control not only our thoughts in our daily lives, but how we can control how we think and act while in a dream state. Recently into my journey, my dreams have taken a whole new meaning, and what's amazing is my ability to be aware of whats happening, and being  able to influence them. This is wild stuff folks, before I embarked on this journey I did'nt dream very much, and if I did dream, it was usually an unpleasant one, those would always be the dreams I'd remember, but they were'nt very vivid. Before they seemed to not have much meaning, or at least I would'nt be aware enough to understand their meanings. Since doing visualization and vibrational work for months, it seems it has affected how I dream,and as my awareness increases, I've become good at controlling my dreams, and I've got to admit, this is cool! There have been two occasions where I believe I've had a wish fulfillment dream, and in this dream, a state of joy I never could imagine in my awake state, it was undescribable, the other, most recent one, I was in a dream state, but briefly, at that brief moment something told me to ask for my strongest desires, so while dreaming I asked, and immediately recieved my answer, but not in voice, but by how I felt when my request was answered, it was all feeling, and it was like ''dont worry, it's done'', I awoke instantly in a state of knowing and joy like never before. This was a daytime nap, the timing was incredible, I never saw it coming, I've also been dreaming alot about people in my past that I have not seen in years, and also dreams about animals.
I believe when we practice creation, us being the creators, our awareness DOES grow, it developes because we need to be aware of signs and messages we recieve from source to move forward, and as long as you put forth the intention for change, it seems this happens automatically, we are guided on our journey. This will also affect how we dream, as I've found that the dreams are telling me things, and maybe, clearing away things, that no longer serve me, letting go if you will. I've only been doing this for nearly two and a half years, by no means am I an expert on dreaming on any level, but I do know as we evolve spiritually, our dreams evolve as well, we can be aware of our dreams and the people and surroundings, and actually manipulate them, it's hard to describe, it's like when in the awake state, you control what you do and say, you are  LIVING in the dream, this is happening almost every night! At first it's a little weird, but believe me it gets really cool after a while, you actually look forward to bed time, I believe we all get to this point when we evolve spiritually. I can't wait to see where this goes, but one thing is sure, it's a sure sign that our journey has some amazing things in store for us, awake or asleep, sweet dreams!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The burden of desire

Greetings everyone! welcome back to another post with the most, on deliberate creation and helping you all on my personal journey. While we all have a different approach and tecnique to this practice, it is my hope that my success is your success as well. Since I have jumped back into the vortex about a week ago I've been able to maintain this state successfully without doubts or negative thinking creeping in. The reason for this is I am finding my new positive thinking patterns are over-riding the negative thinking habbits I used to inflict apon myself, truly a transformation HAS taken place, when a not so pleasant thought tries to surface, I am able to stop it in it's tracks and pivot my thoughts and emotions to the desired place. This is a milestone for a student of deliberate creation, the negative thinking has no place in the creator's new thinking patterns, It's as if the positive motel has a sign reading ''no vacancy'' it's opposite of when I was a negative person, no positive could visit and stay. What I have discovered is this, letting go of the negative thinking was a big step, but I was still missing the mark of manifestation, then somehow I finally just got what I knew all along but failed to implement, I let go of my desires, I detached completely, have I given up on them? not at all, I just stopped trying to work  too hard and micro-manage everything during manifestation, without intending to, I was distancing myself from recieving, desire could'nt manifest. Letting go did'nt happen easily though, it took some serious mental and emotional discipline, but after a few days I began to feel free, light, in the present, and that unmistakable feeling of relief  was so good that it threw me right back into the vortex, {which is the same as ''being'' in the present} in the past year I was only able to hold this state on a temporary basis , even though I was practicing letting go, I still had'nt reached a level where  I was REALLY letting go. Here I was telling myself I could let go but then I would keep worrying and looking for clues of my goals and desires to show up, and the signs and clues did show up, but my ego just was'nt convinced, source energy was constantly telling me that it was a done deal, and I would be in confusion about the whole process, complicating things further. If we are to get into the good feeling of being in the present, feeling appreciation for where we are NOW, and feeling appreciation for the things we have NOW, and stay that course, we'll feel like we care less if our desire shows up or not, we can live without it, but it is in this state that desire DOES show up at the right place and time, I know this sounds counter productive to what we want, but this is a law, the law of detachment, crucial to manifestation practice! I've tried many times to let go, even when I thought I succeeded, I would come back to the frustrations of knowing I was'nt quite there yet, somehow, this time, it just happened, and I could tell by the way I felt, that I finally made it! Some think that letting go means giving up, far from the truth, you must let go, even if you work hard and accomplish a goal or desire, would'nt it be so much better to allow source to bring it in a way that's rewarding and fulfilling?, some struggle a lifetime to achieve limiting rewards, and then are too tired and unhealthy to enjoy the fruits of their labor, I've been there and done it, now, my life is easy, all my needs are met, and I have the time to do the things I love, no pressures, no deadlines, and wealth is beginning to show it's blessings at the right time, but the best part is, manifestations come faster and easier. This is all acomplished by letting go and living in the present, bieng content, and accepting where we are now, we all want better, we want more, but overall, we just want to be happy, the above is the anecdote to all that's complicated in life, you only have to ask once, as I said before in one of my posts, let it go and let it come!     Stay that course!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Being the vortex

Hello fellow creators and practicioneers, since my last post, I've been somewhat busy going through changes and hiccups in law of creation practices, gladly though, I've managed to reach a whole new level of vibrational harmony with myself and my desires. At the beginning of my journey I would watch the awesome Esther Hicks speak of  being in the vortex on you tube, her videos are amazing and inspiring and I highly recommend them to anyone who is practicing deliberate creation. When I first learned about the importance of being in the vortex I started implementing this practice, with not very good results, the reason for this was I was not there yet vibrationally, plus, I still had some negative beliefs to clean up, I simply just was'nt ready to go to a whole new level of vibrational harmony, but I tried it anyway. At first I was excited to learn this practice, and at that time I WAS in the vortex, I've got to say it felt good, light, my confidence was through the roof! When I felt this good I was a lean, mean creatin' machine, so I held this vibration for all that day, but creation was'nt moving very fast, the next day I found myself back in the same old place of vibration, then I would try and force myself to be in the vortex, this only led to more frustration. Being in an above average mood is hard enough, to be in a state of allowing and happy bliss is a big challenge, and I'm not talking about a moment here and a moment there, I'm talking about the long haul, through better or worse!
It is vital to creation that we be in a state of happiness and gratitude constantly, this can be achieved with gratitude journaling along with affirmation and visualization practice, while these things help it is also helpful to clear away negative subconscious programs that are deeply planted. But still this can sometimes not be enough, as in my case, I got to the point where I could be in the vortex two, even three days at a time, but would still fall back into worry and doubt regarding my desires, and once you are in the vortex, it really, really hurts when you fall off. This is not a bad thing however, it's the same as falling off a horse, you jump back on and try even harder, as I said before, it's a process, and practice is key!  If  some of you are not familiar with the concept of  ''bieng in the vortex'' I'll explain it from what I've felt, experienced, and learned
through this journey. Bieng in the vortex is first and foremost awesome, it's another form of surrender, a letting go if you will, leaving the details up to source energy, as it's supposed to be, in this place, there is no attachment to our desire, we simply go about our life knowing all is taken care of, and wow!, are we covered!, when in this vortex, miracles and manifestations take place constantly, your true power is beginning to show itself!. Oh, and did I mention how it feels? it feels light, blissful, and as long as you can stay there, it grows, helping you to stay and stay even longer! Source has our backs when wer'e in the vortex, this is what source wants, it's mind boggling in a good way, people can feel it, they are nice to you, they smile at you, it's like your walking with a beacon of positive light surrounding you, magic just happens, I even find money when I'm in this state. While this is all very exciting to think and be, it, like everything , takes practice and mental discipline of the highest order. Now that I've finnished cleaning up my vibration and have dissolved the limiting beliefs I've once again began to move and stay in the vortex, as of now all my desires are showing themselves in amazing ways, with manifestation taking place I'm even more encouraged to stay in the vortex, this is the manifestation stage of my journey, and the excitement and expectation are growing.
Here's what I do to get and stay in the vortex, it begins at night before sleep, I express all that I'm grateful for in my life, I FEEL the deep gratitude, then I begin programming my subconscious of the way I would like the next day to go, then I say my mantra over and over...''I am and will always be in the vortex, thank you for all my desires source energy'', then sleep sets in. When I wake up, I repeat what I said just before sleeping, then almost automatically, I'm back in the vortex, the trick is to stay in it all day, it can be a challenge when you step out in the world, some things will just get to us, people, circumstances, even jobs, but this is where the mental discipline comes in, practice is paramount! Here's what to do, if someone dis-favors or mistreats you, or your fighting traffic, think about things, anything that lifts you up, think of a past event that brought joy and laughter, hold it, smile, ask source to help, in my experience source energy would show me something related to my desire. The more you can feel good more often, you'll be on the right track, soon you'll feel good  days, weeks, months, and so on. We manifest when we let go, surrender, leaving it to our source, as this happens our vibration raises higher, then we are able to hold on to this vibration that is alligned to all we desire, then manifestation happens. My goal as a creator is to remain in the vortex, ultimately I will  BE THE VORTEX!        Keep creating, until next time!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The truth is ''in'' there

Greetings fellow readers, as always, thank you for visiting this blog, as long as I'm on this spiritual journey, there will be this blog, the purpose is to learn and grow together, while I've still to master the craft of deliberate creation, I truly hope I help you all along the way, we all will have a different approach to learning but I believe we are all connected and have a purpose and I am learning that this blog is mine. Deliberate creation IS a life long practice that takes alot of dedication and persistence, but the coolest part is sharing the journey. Since I began this post almost a year ago I've learned that posting my progress could help like minded readers too,and  it does feel rewarding, and it also gives me motivation to push forward through the sometimes not so pleasant transformation to enlightenment. Finally!, the topic, TRUTH, what is truth?, well, truth has so many meanings about many different things. We all hold certain truths, but do these truths serve us?, for example, do we believe everything we read or hear to be true?, the fact is, when we hear what others tell us outside of ourselves we sometimes buy into others truths, for example the media and corporate advertising, politics, what's healthy or not healthy, others telling us what's best to believe, organized religion through out history has always used falsehood instead of truth to control the masses. When I was in my mid teens I became a rebellous person, it was me against the world, I walked my own path and did whatever I pleased, I paid no attention to politics or religion, at the same time however I would believe almost everything I heard, and it got me into alot of trouble, as I  moved into my late teens I began to follow instead of lead, I had become influenced by the wrong things, I had become a restless soul, believe me I wish I knew all this deliberate creation process then, but I had to learn some harsh lessons. By my early twenties I was sold by the news and media, I began to see a truth they were telling me, plus everybody else telling me that I was'nt going to amount to anything, once that became MY truth, the downward spiral began, and it lasted for years!, I was literally poisoning my spirit, looking for self destructive outlets to numb the current reality and picking up more and more ''false'' truths along the way, the damage would be insurmountable.
While I could go on and on about my life's story, this post would become a book, {???} fast forward to the present, I'm understanding a new truth, of course I still do as I please and walk my way, and I'm still rebellous to an extent, but I'm these things in a self loving and empowered way, I have found real truth is within, truth about who I am and why I'm here, and, mind you, still learnin' that truth. When I progressed spiritually other's  truths went in and out of  my ears, I only listen to my truths, my self talk, through repitition, helped me to understand the truth that's within ME, as a matter of  fact {no pun!} I'll share these truths, I am beautiful, unique, blessed, abundant, gifted, motivated and sucessful, and so are you readers! These are all truths we should embrace, every day when you wake up and look into the mirror say these ''truths'' out loud to yourself and then keep saying them all day, over and over. Look, there are going to be people that will try to impose truths to control others, myself, I dont believe the truth is ''out'' there, the truth is within all of us, it's designed this way, a belief becomes a truth, we are given freewill, to choose our own truths, these truths determine our reality. Just imagine for a second if the whole planet embraced their inner truth, with positive empowerment and habbits, what a utopia we would live in! As this journey continues, I'll learn more truths, and as I do this, nothing outside of me will have control over  me, I'll freely walk my own path without obstacle. I'm still a rebellous child like I was when young, the coolest thing is I am young again, and I  walk my own path and speak my own truth, to myself.
[hey, I'm an aquarius!]                                Until next time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Spiritual speed bump

Greetings all!, first, my apologies for sometimes mis-spelling in my posts, I get so caught up in writing I don't always take the time to check over the spelling, I'll then hit ''publish'' and go back to read the written post only to catch a word or two mis-spelled, I do intend to rectify this minor glitch in future posts. Okay, the topic at hand, these past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of a ride, another bout of spiritual ''detox'' has blindsided me again, a few posts ago, I wrote about chemicalization, a ''side effect'' of doing spiritual work to become a deliberate creator, from this recent experience I've learned even more about how this happens and the effects at hand. This time however I noticed physical side effects, as of before this, the side effects were mostly emotional, although both were noticable, the toll they took were very draining on me physically. The wierd thing was one day I would be fine, the next really great, then the next just a plain downer, how I managed to do visualization is amazing!, but it did ease things up some, I was still in the creation process but also detoxing at the same time, funny part is, there were still small manifestations and even signs occuring, as in past detox experiences the opposite would manifest, what I did not want. Now I'm not saying this get's easier, it's how we deal with it that really is important, before I would go to pieces when this happened, the first thing that came to my mind was I don't know if I'm cut out for this it's too hard mentally, I want to give up! Then I discovered Emotional Freedom Tecnique, and that helped immensly, as a matter of fact, I still highly recommend it, but further in this journey, some very deep seated beliefs are rising up, and making things even more challenging. Here's the thing, it seems to me these deep, almost buried old programs that are taking my work to a whole new level are quite nasty, the side effects are nothing short of just plain wierd, they include sleepless nights, wierd dreams, good and bad, [no nightmares thankfully] mood swings such as depression, anxiety, other times you just want to ball your eyes out, you'll do anything to pre-occupy yourself to escape the rollercoaster ride of emotional chaos, these last two days I've been just physically exhausted! Now, is this as bad as it sounds?, am I falling apart?, it may seem so, but it's only temporary, and I'm gettin' through it, even better and stronger than ever! The first thing to remember is not to fight/resist this detoxing period, it is very wise to go easy on one self, understanding that it's a natural process and it WILL pass, believe me, those old gremlins will try to talk you out of breaking through by saying things like, ''you should'nt do this any more, it's too complicated, you are only setting up for dissapointment, you are not cut out for this stuff, join the rest of the human race and face reality!'' but at the same time there is the you that refuses to give up, ''I am a deliberate creator, and I will see this through!'' You can see why this can cause some serious disturbance in your body and spirit, and since the  subconcious work we are doing controlls all our bodily functions, well, you get the ideal. I honestly thought after two years of this journey that I had cleaned up most limiting and negative programming, only to dig up even deeper ones that were rooted, hey, we're talking about four decades of false beliefs to clean out of my subconcious! Each time I feel light and happy that I'm all cleaned up vibrationally, BAM! guess who? those deep seated beliefs and mild traumas come out to play, and they do not play nice! If you have had a lifetime of unserving negative and false beliefs, it is likely you may go through this as I am, but know that if you are very serious about changing your life for greater things, it's worth it, it ''is'' challenging mentally and physically, but a necessary stage in the deliberate creation process, trust me as I say, this is a good thing, as it means you are a step closer to your goals and desires, and each time you break through, you come out even stronger. Just remember, be gentle and forgive yourself, don't fight it, let it pass, and move forward......towards victory!    back soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

This Knowing

Greetings and blessings everybody! I hope all your dreams and desires are reaching fulfillment, as mine are, in the most joyous time to be a concious creator. On this day,  I want to touch on the subject on allignment a little more, being in allignment is more than being just one thing, it consists of many things, and it's important to know all these things, for example, you may be alligned to a certain thing or desire, this would be accomplished with visualization,which, to me, is the best tool to bring oneself into a vibrational match with that desire. Now since I began this journey over two years ago, I've discovered many different ways to be in positive allignment, and even if it does'nt  relate to what it is I intend to manifest, it is the importance of feeling good that still is a match to your desired outcome. I used to think that I allways had to focus on my desire, I began to obcess over it, I was trying too hard, delaying the process of manifestation, there was little room for allowance, it took some time, however, and  I began to ease back and find other things to make me feel good, that includes ''doing'' things I love to do. Source wants to give us what we want, no exceptions!, but it's we, who gets  in our own way, we've got to step back sometimes and let things happen naturally, our job, is to feel good, let me repeat, ''our job in the manifestation process is to feel good, it's that simple. So you might ask what you can do to be in vibrational allignment or ''in the flow'', ask yourself this question, ''what is the thing that I would love to experience, what are the things I could do to bring me joy?'' or you could just relax and think about what brings you joy, fulfillment, relief. I myself  like to work out, or I will take a nature hike, or have a great beer, and listen to my favorite tunes, cooking is also something that I enjoy, all these things make me happy, and as long as I'm happy, I'm in harmony with my desires, and in harmony with my TRUE self. It's important to remember that we don't have to try so hard, we don't even have to change ''who we are'', we just have to feel good, that's all, change does have to come from within, but we are who we are, that's how we discover our purpose, what we want to feel and experience, our place in this world. My personal experience with allignment has led me to different paths, trials and errors, but I know it's working when I recieve amazing signs from source energy, and it is those very signs that are related to the things I desire, it blows my mind how this happens, the other day I became frustrated that a store was not open for my convenience,I began to feel frustrated, at that moment source arranged two events that enabled me to be at the right time and place to show me signs of my manifesting desires, two at once! my vibration shifted quickly. Source really wants you to manifest what you desire, and even help you stay in allignment when you stray, now that's what I call a source connection, when you are alligned, your alligned also with source, it's win win! The message is simple, but it will take some inner work, get alligned with your spirit/source, do this before you begin your visualization knowing that your desire is already given even before you visit it, source knows this from the emotions you feel, even if your new to visualization, your request is already granted, I know I've said it before, but it's true, you already have your desire, you just have to reach a matching level of vibration to recieve it, that's your job, source's job is to bring it to you ''once'' you have reached  a level of ''KNOWING'' that your desire is already fulfilled and act as if it is!  Done deal!    BACK SOON!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The power inevitable

Hello again co-creators, wow, I've been on a roll in being inspired, and when that happens, I can't wait to write a new post, the mission of this creator is to help the readers to learn and grow and manifest all their true desires with little to no effort, manifesting for me has gotten easier and easier, and more than ever, I choose to share what has worked so well for me.  There seems to be alot of focus on the global economies, here it's the ''fiscal cliff'', the slowdowns in China and India, and the threats of the euro, we are at a constant bombarded of a worse case scenario in all directions, to top it off we are in an election process full of blaming and finger pointing about who and what got us all in this mess in the first place. When I took the power back and became a deliberate creator the fear mongering went in one ear and out the other, I even went so far as to tune it all out, the reason?, it no longer serves me or has a purpose in the creation process, fear is control, fear is limitation, fear is the mind killer! I'm going to sprinkle some gold dust on this whole subject, there has NEVER been a better time to be a deliberate creator, I speak from experience, these are good times to be alive! the power we have is so awesome, I have learned this first hand, and what's amazing is it gets even more powerful as we learn to harness it correct. So powerful this is that whatever is happening outside of us, recessions, crashes, whatever global turmoils that involve economies in trouble, have no affect at all on us, it has nothing to do with us on an individual basis, we just believe, due to societal  conditioning that we are not in control, but we are, because source is in  all of us, and when we develope the source/spirit connection these things no longer control us at all, we create from within, outside things have no bearing on us, source creates through us, it cares nothing about what's going on in this world. It's a good idea to let go of what we hear when it comes to concious creating , getting scared and worried depletes our power, it puts us in a constant state of lack, thus attracting more lack, this is what drives a recession deeper, as people begin to become stressed and worried about all aspects of their livelihoods, even though there is more than enough abundance in the world!  I'm going to throw in the real kicker, I've mentioned it before, but I must stress it more, when we do the internal work, get cleared of false and negative beliefs that no longer serve our purpose ,we will come to a place of what we want, thinking is asking, then it's ours, I repeat, IT'S OURS, IT'S OURS , IT'S OURS, it's given to us right then and there, we just have to let go and open to recieve it!  this is the truth, and ''wow'' is truth a powerful thing, truth will become a part of the process in co-creating. Right now in these uncertain times, people are becoming millionaires, more than ever, how is that?, it begins within them, no matter how things look on the external, this is where truth makes it's grand entrance, and manifestation happens. We all have this power, know it, own it, even better, come to a place where what is wanted is ''inevitable'', visualize it done, with sincere gratitude, and KNOW that  it's done reguardless of what is going on out there. We are born creators, we've had it in us since the womb, at some point in life we believed the wrong things, but now we can be children again, curious, full of wonder, anticipation, expectant in good things, getting all we want.   What we believe IS what we achieve,  get the right belief, and feel the power!   soon again

Sunday, August 12, 2012

''I Adore Me''

I'm back fellow creators, I'll admit that I  got real excited about doing this post,  this topic came a little late in this blogsite, it belongs in the archives, nonetheless, it's an important part of the creation process that I should've  posted a long time ago, but I wish to write about it because it has changed this creator's life tenfold. There's no avoiding it, when we rise in the morning, the first thing we see is ourselves in the mirror, we greet ourself and judge how we are looking, most will stare a breif moment, then go about the morning ritual of preparation for work, or whatever else is on the agenda. Some, will look in the mirror long enough to see the imperfections like ''wow, I could stand to lose some weight'', or ''I'm loosing hair'', or worse, ''I hate what I see, I wish I looked better'', even worse, ''I'm getting old!'' When I was undergoing depression some time ago, I would look in the mirror, and see a fit, decent looking middle aged man, but from there I would look past that and start picking it apart, just looking for imperfection after imperfection, the self talk was even worse. The world I lived in was'nt perfect, so I was'nt perfect, I just managed, went through the motions, but self love?, was  nowhere to be found. I had it all jumbled, all the things messed up on the outside, reflected how I felt on the inside, but the truth was, without me realizing it, was the things messed up on the inside, were manifesting on the outside, over and over, a vicious circle indeed!. When the concious decision was made for better change, the first thing that happened was I felt better about what I was doing, after that it came natural, a little to a little more, I began to feel better about who I was, I got  a little more confident, and over time it just grew. I LOVE ME, I love who I am, and where I'm going, in these past months, I've learned to accept WHO I am, that I am unique, creative, as well as a creator, blessed in all areas of life, and each time I recognize this, it gets better and better, I became it , it empowered  me, and here's something to remember, I use the power of ''I AM'' before affirming the words of self love and appreciation. Some of the time we think that improvement must be made on the outside before we can feel good about ourselves,
and it's good to do these things because it makes us feel good, but the real rewards come from the inner transformation towards loving oneself,  when done we see more of ourselves than what the outside shows, we go deeper and discover how great and unique we are, and that true happiness comes from within, then self love follows. .I have found, on a personal level, that since I  love ME whole hearted, other people treat me with total respect, no matter when or where I go, as long as I am self loving, I am a magnet to other self loving people, which brings about positive circumstances, like the old adage, love oneself, others will love us as well, and, it's a great attractor to the opposite sex! '' BONUS!''  We are powerful beings, when we take back our unlimited power, and recognize who we are, that we are unique and loved, we begin to love ourselves unconditional, as source sees us, when the source connection is growing, self love is expanding, from this place comes unlimited potential!     Love and blessings!

Friday, August 10, 2012

When everything ''alligns'' up

Interesting title is'nt it?, I'll sum it up, first, I hope all the readers are finding success and fulfillment on their path to be, do, and have all that is desired, blessings to all! Allright, moving along,  it has taken me almost 27 months to get rid of all the things that were resisting and blocking abundance and well bieng, it is amazing what determination, perseverence, and strong desire can do to a person, and the mental dicipline that's required is amazing to me, but I'm pleased to admit that it has indeed gotten easier. This topic is what deliberate creators in all circles know, ''vibrational allignment'', and getting here takes some serious practice, this is the part where our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are alligned to ''allow'' our desires to materialize. Belief is crucial in this allignment, all doubt must be dissolved, getting to that place, can make or break a student of  concious creation. Having unwavering belief requires repitition, affirmations and visualization are great tools for reaching the point of total belief, the fact in point here, is to manifest a desired thing or outcome, we have to believe that it's achieved, a done deal! Here's an example, when we get out of bed, do we believe the sun will rise?, do we believe we will have our morning cup of coffee?, sure, it's done, we don't complicate that, we just turn on the brewer, and voila! do we believe we'll eat breakfast?, of course, we all do, with no second thought, it's done. This is the kind of belief we must have to manifest our desires, and of course, the desires must be felt at the core of our being, so strong and clear the desire must be, there can not even be a small fiber of doubt, it has to be dissolved, it could take some time, but the place of unwavering belief must be met. Fellow creators, since I've arrived at this place, belief seems to grow stronger, however, when reaching a state of total belief, doubt will on occasion creep in, don't fight it, let it visit, tell it that it is'nt welcome here, laugh it off, then move on, the last thing we want to do, when doubt creeps in, is resist it, just let it be, it'll pass.   The important thing to keep in mind is to release limiting beliefs and all forms of resistance, then begin a visualization practice to dissolve the doubt, it has worked wonders for getting me into allignment and bieng in the miracle zone, bieng in allignment has awesome benefits, we become power attractors in all aspects of our lives, the good stuff keeps coming and coming while in allignment, put in simple terms, allignment is happiness, well-being, knowing, and of course, unwavering belief, allignment is knowing that whatever we want we have, as sure as the sun rises and sets, it's a done deal!   Allignment is the stage where we are allowing our desires to manifest, nothing stops it from happening, we are open to recieve, how awesome is that?       On the next post I wish to touch on the benefits of loving ourselves as source loves us.  Until next time soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Transformation first, then manifestation

Greetings fellow co-creators and practicing deliberate creators alike, I hope I have helped the readers as even as I am learning this process of transformation, the purpose for these posts is so we can all learn together, although I still have some distance to travel, amazing things are occuring that, for the most part, are nothing short of  miracles. I'm even going to mention some of them in this posting, to illustrate the importance of working on transformation within oneself, rather than going for instant manifestation of  the material, that being wealth, cars, boats, houses, the good stuff! When the secret was introduced, I thought that I could just focus a little on the prize, feel good about it, and ''poof'', there it is! as long as this went on, I started to think that it was'nt working like the secret said, nothing was showing up at all, there is more to this, I must find out I thought,so I jumped on the internet and ''whoa'' there was a plethora of info about deliberate creation that opened up a whole new can of worms for me. For months I studied, sorting through countless blogs and articles, and coming out confused most of the time, but because I was focused on learning more about bieng a co-creator with the universe, the intention grew, and we know what happens then, the source starts bringing the answers, and more answers are attracted. While I would love to go more into detail about this, the post would be far too long, but I will express that if one decides to be in this process for the long haul, one is most certain to get there, no matter how long it takes, believe me, source will be there to help. Guidance is the name of the game here follow creators, and asking for it on a regular basis is important, without it we will get lost and confused, even give up, there's just too much info out there, and some of us will have to find a niche, there is a lot of good advice out there that's helped me alot, and I recommend searching and reading at a constant, for as long as it takes, then, see what resonates, and work with it, there are no shortcuts, for the 26 months of this creator's practice, I would relate this to going back to school and learning something I never knew about, and believe me, it's not the easiest thing to learn or master, it will take mental dicipline
that no subject in school will ever come close to. When one has decided on a concious level that this is what he or she wants, and wants change with burning desire, the wheels are in motion, I'll admit it was a desire for change for me, but also more stuff, wealth, etc., but in the beginning, it was more about stuff, and stuff never came. So it was time to dig deeper within, and find the real reasons, to find the essence of what I wanted, this took a long time, frustration included, a sort of back to the drawing board kind of thing, with no cash, no cars, no stuff!  Driving this home, before we jump in expecting to use concious creation to get material things first, we'll be in for a wake up call, for things to change on our outer environment, the inner transformation must take place, and I'll be honest, it's going to take some work. But there's rewards, the stuff will show up when the time is right and one is in total allignment, before that can happen however, look for clues and signs inner transformation is taking place, this goes back to the guidance I was explaining earlier, when I ask for these ''signs'', unexpected but amazing things show up, like a rabbit crossing this creator's path, at the front door!, and more often now, rabbits, meaning luck, dozens of dragonflies in the front lawn, unusual to the least, dragonflies meaning change, limitless potential, higher consciousness, one time, walking on the nature trail last spring, a rare treat, a red cardinal with a fire crown, investigating further, I researched more, he means vital health, and strength. When we reach a level of inner transformation, outer signs will show us we are changing for our greater good, and in the form or miracles, unexpected, and mind blowing!  The universe will bring these signs to us, to encourage that change is taking place, it's working, keep the path, when we see these things, we are building manifesting muscle for total creation for what we want!         Keep at it!

''Believe it'', then see it

Greetings fellow creators and practicing creators alike, first off, mega-gratitude to all who visit this blog, although I am still  practicing the process of being a co-creator, it is good to help others who want to learn as well, and I hope the readers are getting some valuable advice, the rewards for this deliberate creator have been nothing short of a miracle, and I choose to share advice so others can benefit the same rewards as well, so again, thanks to all! Allright, the topic at hand, one thing that took awhile for me to grasp at was the process of manifesting, we all want to manifest, and that means the big stuff. Manifestation ''is'' a major trial and error process over and over, some get it quick, but most of us must practice, practice, and practice! How strong a desire is depends on what we are willing to put into it, time, persistence, consisting practice, and gruelling patience is paramount. Some will tell us having a strong desire can hinder a manifestation, due to the vibration of ''wanting'' that desire, this can somewhat be true, to a certain extent, there is a fine line to this, here's what I am learning, during visualization [emotionalization] a strong desire should be focused on, but to a degree of  the ''desire fulfilled'' and then going about the positive thinking and  emotions that feel good, while visiting the desire on occasion, raising that vibration, keeping it alive, without the focus of not having it. This can be complicated, because when looking around, the object or desire is not there, so the person is having a hard time believing that the actual manifestation process is working, a quick note, once a desire is made, the ball is rolling, the desire just needs to be fed on a constant basis so it can grow, that's the reason BIG desires can take awhile, it's not that the source can't handle it, it just means we need to build our allignment to it, releasing blocks, resistance, and reprogramming our subconcious to allow the desire to be fulfilled.  We cannot manifest something big, when we are in a smaller environment, for example, a person makes 25,000 annual, but has a goal of  500,000 annual, while it is possible, there is some serious internal work to do, 26 months ago I thought that manifesting was just thinking about an object of desire, feel good a little here and there, and wait for it to appear, and that's just what I did, wait and wait, nothing! Since then, alot has changed about this creator's view about manifesting. Now, several months into this, I've released all the blocks, I've let go of resistance, but it is still a practice, and I've done alot of subconcious work, and still do, and last but not least, I visualize, so much do I visualize I am convinced whole-hearted I posess the desired object, no doubts, no worries, it's mine, I am believing it, so I can see it, not the other, most will think ''I'll believe it when I see it'' WRONG APPROACH! does'nt work in manifestation, it must be believed with no shred of doubt, once that happens, it must manifest! That's where visualization practice is of utter importance, without this tool, we'll have a hard time making ourselves ''believe''that what we want is a ''done deal'' and it is a done deal, the moment we think(ask) for a desire it's done, it is reaching for us, our work is to clear our resistance, open ourselves to recieve it which is believing we have it NOW!, despite our current situation. Visualization WILL help leaps and bounds in the manifesting process, when mastered, it dissolves resistance, it elevates vibration, to me there is no better mood lifter, after a sucessful session, nothing can shake this creators faith in manifesting, I know it's done, it's like confidence on steroids. One thing to remember, we manifest all the time, with our thoughts and emotions, but not deliberate but in default, when we take control of these things, we control what we want to manifest in our lives. Manifesting takes practice, and we need to take the steps and use the tools to make it work, be patient, the desire IS searching us out, we have to open ourselves up to get it, a crucial step however, is to believe the desire is fulfilled now!   Until next time!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Greetings!, fellow creators, during our week of independence here in this US of A, I was struck with a bout of opposite intention, in a nutshell, things were going wrong, I would wake up, do the usual routine, gratitude, journaling, feeling positive, setting good intentions. But for some reason, the opposite would occur, what the hell?, even worse, I got an  awful virus and dealt with something that never happens to me, a summer flu! No means did I create this, after all, how is it sudden that I'm getting all the things I don't want?, well, to be honest, this is not the first time this has happened to me, and it's possible to happen again during this transformation. If there was one disclaimer to deliberate creation, it would be the occasional bouts one will have of things going wrong while learning to reprogram the subconcious mind for manifestation of goals and desire. Now I don't want to scare the readers out there, even  though this sounds opposite of what positive intentions we are directing toward us, it is no means a bad thing, in fact, it's a good thing, how do we ask?, first, let's call it what it is, ''chemicalization'', and what I've learned is when we are changing how we think and believe, the old programs and new empowered ones clash, during this clash, our world gets rocked, our bodies react to these changes as well, things seem to be chaotic, when I first started getting ''chemicalized'' several months ago it would last from 48 to 72 hours, and it felt awful, it was like all the negative thinking I was getting rid of, would bounce back, and that includes the emotions too! When this happens, conflict is created, confusion, wanting to quit, feeling that it's just not worth it, but this is where perseverence is crucial, alot of people will give up when chemicalization happens, but the more we blast past it, the more rewarded we become, let me explain. The more I let chemicalization happen, and accepted it was a part of the process, the simpler it was, I was gentle with the process, no self blame, I know it feels awful, but how we deal with it is important, it can make or break a deliberate creator, it's like an occasional test to see if we can persevere in a mind crisis. Now that I'm 26 months in this life transformation I still chemicalize, but each time I blast through, I come out more powerful, more positive and recharged for creation!  Know that to be a success in deliberate creation, some form of chemicalization has to occur, even more for those that have decades of negative thinking and beliefs and work to change then, it's no picnic folks, it'll be simpler to just give up, ''DON'T DO IT!'' trust me, when we make the concious choice to change, be prepared for disruptions on occasion, but know it is a test, pass it, and each time the power grows. I have learned now that chemicalizing is a good thing, it means progress is being made, then it gets easier to deal with, accept it and let it pass, it does not serve us to fight or resist, that's the last thing we want to do, accept it, let it pass, and keep going. If  some are familiar with emotional freedom tecnique, this is an excellent tool to release resistance during chemicalization periods. As I said, when practicing deliberate intentions for positive outcomes in our lives, we will get good things in dividends, but on occasion, the internal battle will commence, the new positive thinking will collide with the old negative programming, I think of it as internal spiritual warfare, it sounds kind of extreme I know, but if we can blast through this obstacle gentle and forgiving, we forge a path to success as deliberate creators.  As we move more into positive thinking on a consistant basis, with NO negative thoughts ever, chemicalization will no longer occur, we will have reached a level where there is no more room for disempowering thinking, nothing can conflict with our newfound power, that's where we want to be! it is just during this process of learning and growth, mental and spiritual, that those old negative gremlins will fight to resurface, how bad we want change will determine how we deal with, and move past these battles, it is our choice, but remember, what does not kill us, makes us stronger! stick with it, fight the good fight!               Until next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creative ''Emotionalization''

GREETINGS!, creators and practicioneers alike, have I got a post!, this week I wanted to touch on something we all have some kind of emotional attachment to, moola!, guinies!, greenbacks!, ''WEALTH'',  we all want it, and lots of it, after all, it brings freedom, independence, contentment, on the other side of the coin, ''not a pun intended'', it can create havoc!, cause greed, hoarding with a fear of losing mindset. I've learned alot about the green stuff in the past several months of practicing manifestation of wealth, and if we have past hang-ups about finances, it's going to take alot of commitment and persistance, I hate to break it, but it is one of the hardest things we will ever do, on a mental and emotional level, if there are issues of stress, lack, or limitation around the green stuff, prepare to dig deep inside, find the roots and issues, along with the negative beliefs, and start changing them. For me, this has taken several long months of clearing and erasing false beliefs about limitations and lack of abundance and wealth. It has been a frustrating process for me, but the rewards are astounding! So this post is to explain the consequences of desiring wealth, the trials and errors, and the good and not so good results. First off, we have to want wealth bad, we have to decide the ''real'' reasons for such a desire, no half-assing this, it MUST be a strong desire to the core of one's bieng, if not, the desire has no power.  There is no, I repeat, no magic wand to attracting wealth, there are two routes  to wealth, struggling through hard uninspiring work, and in most cases, not getting rich on a wage, and then there's the spiritual approach, doing the inner work needed to change beliefs while reprogramming the subconcious with more wealth empowering beliefs, I, of course, prefer the latter. Now the gut punch, when we want wealth to come too fast, let's assume we have financial woes, and we ''need'' to fix them, and we think that instant wealth is our ticket out, it will  compound the problem, here's the reason, need, is a negative emotion, it just attracts more need, it is impossible to attract wealth out of need, there has to be a feeling of having wealth now, that's where the inner work begins, if a person is just making ends meet, jumping from that to amazing riches cannot happen overnight, it's going to be a long process, and alot of patience is critical! Like I mentioned above, desire for wealth has to be strong, it has to become a dominate thought, not just sometimes, but all the time, it must be integrated into life and focused on constant. Even that is still not enough, when reprogramming is undergoing, there will be movement, and sometimes it's not comfortable, when changes are done inside of us, a shift will start to happen on the outside, and I don't mean gold raining down on
 our laps. Disruption will occur, sometimes it's awesome, other times it's downright uncomfortable, but when the old beliefs are replaced with new empowering ones, on occasion, there will be some clashes, and it can shake things up! Now how bad do we want it?, well, it's our birthright, we deserve it and we should have it, we can do amazing things like help loved ones, travel to beautiful places, invest in our passions, all we do is FEEL the essence of those things that wealth would bring, not a quick fix to a problem, wrong approach! Now, speaking of approach, I would like to tell the readers what has helped me on this quest for wealth, one important thing that is essential is finding some quiet time to visualize, the more often the better, I not so much  ''visualize'' the desire, I, as a matter of fact, have developed a personal tecnique I call  ''emotionalization'', I go more for the feeling of the desire fulfilled, having it now, and I will admit, it feels awesome, it used to feel like a chore, now it is just plain fun, almost child like in nature. On top of this, I chant personal customized  affirmations for wealth on a constant, so consistant I am that there is not a contradicting thought to be had, I  E.F.T. tap on meridian points on  personal customized wealth concious and awareness mantra affirmations apon awakening, plus subconcious re-programming before sleep, and, writing wealth affirmations 100 times  when the sun rises. Alot of work I know, but that's what it will take to prepare for large amounts of wealth, even if we get there, we have to keep it right? because some people will go for a lotto win, and get rich overnight, but if the right approach is not created for wealth, that person will lose it just as fast, wealth is a mindset, not a fix, if a person wishes to hit the lotto, then attract it with a spiritual approach, allign to it, this is the best approach to bieng abundant in wealth, but remember the adage, be careful what is wished for, if it is wealth, be prepared for the drastic change and responsibilities that come with it, to have it is to do the internal work and preparation to recieve it, be patient, if this is what one wants unconditional, with all fibers of bieng, it will happen.  More to come!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let it go and let it come

Fellow co-creators and students of the law of belief!, good to be back posting another gemstone of good advice for all who wish to master this amazing law of the mind. I've been sharpening the skill of detachment these past three weeks and ''letting go'' can be a full time job, I mean it!, I've reached a stage where persistence is a must to detach and allow, whatever it is we are wanting to create in our lives, be it a house, new cars, perfect health, or in most cases, wealth, letting go and detaching can be the most challenging, we do succeed when we do this, but sometimes we look for results too soon and dissapointment starts to set in and we wonder if the desire is coming. Fear not ,this is the time when letting go must be practiced on a consistent basis, but that does'nt sound fun does it? but it is'nt as bad as it seems, as a matter of fact it's quite freeing, having an attachment on our goals in  ''HOW'' it will  manifest will drive one insane, looking, and waiting will just slow the process, ''TRUST''  in how all things happen in their own time is of importance here. It will take some serious dicipline of the mind to detach, know though, that this is not giving up the desire, not even, it's letting it manifest in the perfect time, and in most cases, better than we could ever imagine, there are infinite routes  to manifestation  when we move aside and let the divine do the work, our job is quite simple, to get in vibrational allignment to what is desired on a consistent basis. Our job is to focus, feel, and believe it's here now, not in the future, but ''NOW'', AND THAT INCLUDES LETTING GO! when we are attached to what we want to manifest we are in resistance, pushing the desire in the opposite direction, this is counter productive in deliberate creation. So, how does one let go?, one of the best things for me is emotional freedom technique hands down, we owe it to ourselves to learn about this amazing formula for releasing blocks, to releasing past traumas, releasing all forms of resistance, inluding detaching and letting go. Another is HO'OPONOPONO, which I might add, can be used in conjunction with emotional freedom tecnique. However, it is not overnight, it takes lots of practice and patience, and how much we want success is dependent on mastering these practices. I would add that there are a lot more clearing tecniques out there, what works best is whatever is best for each person, do the research, start putting it into practice, letting go is imperative to successful manifesting, it just cannot be done, it ''MUST'' be practiced , I repeat, practiced on a consistent basis! When successful, a shift will occur, and it will feel like a burden has been lifted and a more flowing relaxed state takes over, ''ALLOWING''  desires to move towards manifestation un-impeded, while we have fun living our life, doing what we love, out of this place, miracles happen. Of all I've learned so far these past 26 months, the best advice I can give is to let go of how the manifestation  should come, let the universe take care of that, just focus on the end result ''with as much feeling'' as possible, let go, trust it is done, and go about business, and things will happen!  I've been using affirmations on wealth conciousness practice for a few weeks and  I'm getting incredible results, in the next post, I want to share this awesome tecnique for those who are interested in attracting wealth, this supercharges the wealth mindset and awareness with considerable results!    Until next time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I appreciate it

Hello once again co-creators and fellow students of deliberate creation, at this moment, I have not planned a certain topic about a new post, I'll know ahead of time what  I am going to post about. This time, I'm going to ''wing'' it, but in a ''being in the flow manner'', since the last post, I have been in a appreciation/flowing state of bieng, all the while maintaining positive focus and visualization of desires. While in this state I've experienced and seen miracles galore! Sometimes it's in the form of a sign, or a sign of abundance, for example, discounts out of the blue, finding cash on the ground, strangers giving cash, free meals, I could go on and on. If we are focusing on financial freedom/wealth, and visualizing persistant with positive emotion, these are the ''signs'' that we are on the right path to an abundant life, with wealth and all other things included. I've learned that forcing these things into existence can sort of push them from us, but when being in the moment, doing what we like and not giving too much attention to manifesting desires, we allow these things to come to us natural and in the right time, it is known as recieving mode, and that includes the ''signs'' of these things manifesting. Since this creator's 25 month learning process of trial and error, it has been hard to keep the ego out, since the beginning of  2011, I'd made a decision to NOT work another job making someone else rich, and losing power to some ''job'' that was stressful and debilitating, it was either work at a horrible job, or use the time and focus towards creating the life I desire, I just could'nt do both, so I chose the latter, and guess what, I've never been or felt better, I live in a beautiful gated townhouse, I eat the best and healthiest food, I'm  in better  shape at 48 than I ever was, and  I'm  doing things that I could never do in the 20s and 30s, and financial matters?, there are positive things happening as well,  the road to wealth and abundance is well paved, things just seem to take care of themselves. I am at no means bragging, this is what happens when we make the concious choice to set intentions and  be in charge of our thoughts and emotions to attract life's blessings to move towards us! , when we never give up and push ahead, we reap these rewards, and it gets even better. There are still things I desire, but until then, I'll appreciate what I have now  and ''wow'', is there is alot to appreciate, if we would just  take the time to appreciate,  the universe will respond to that vibration and guess what?, more things to appreciate will be attracted to us, it's  that simple.What this all boils down to is appreciation is a powerful vibration and a good habit to have, I am taken care of, no worries, I know I'm going to reach the desired destination, so I'll relax and just ''be'', the signs will  keep pointing me  in the right direction, moving me closer to goals realized.  The thing to do is flow, be in this moment, that's when things come easier,  things wanted that is, it's just a part of the process of creating, but an important part none the less, this student's advice, make it a constant practice to appreciate all things good in life, be aware and notice even the small things, it's the small things that become the big things desired, and in most cases, better than expected!  keep creating, until next time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Visual Reality

GREETINGS! I'm  back posting another article regarding this co-creator's fabulous spiritual growth, I kind of wanted to touch back on the subject of visualization, but also to go a little deeper on how it has worked in making a difference to accelerate the manifesting process. At first, I never visualized for several months, it was near impossible, I would just speak empowering words and affirmations, sometimes it felt good, other times  I was just going through the motions, but I felt I was doing enough, I figured if I was thinking the right thoughts, and speaking the right things, I'd create the desired life. While I managed to be positive, small changes did occur once I made the concious decision to be in control of this life and accept the harsh fact that all the bad in this life was created because of all past thinking and programming, one of the hardest things to grasp when choosing deliberate creation! Looking back, I realize now, I was'nt able to practice visualization because I had some serious releasing and re-programming to do, effective visualization can work when the subconcious is clear of  negative beliefs, if I'm not feeling too positive or I'm just a little off at a certain time,  it can be a challenge to summon up those light and awesome feelings when picturing the wanted goal or desire, but sometimes visualization helps me to snap out of this, it can pick me up! On the other hand, I'll need to tap (E.F.T.) to release those unserving emotions so I can get the vibration needed to feel good about what I want. Sometimes I'll feel attached to the desire, so I'll need to tap and detach so I can visualize with optimum emotion, and then at times I can just  go in and visualize,and fuel up fast on positive emotion and expectation.  As long as I've been at this, three months I believe, I still have mastering to do, some people get it faster, like I said before, it's all about our conditioning in life, our beliefs, no one person is alike, some will think this is how, or that is how ,but we will all  develop our own tecnique of visualization, what works for us, might not work for others, This takes time and patience, this creator however, does not believe in purchasing one of the multiple programs online  about certain tecniques of visualization that are said correct, instead I believe, it should'nt cost a thing.  If a person can practice and succeed in bieng a deliberate creator, no matter how long it takes, without purchasing a program, or a so called shortcut to manifesting kit online, he or she will reap rewards far greater than ever imagined! Think of it! But  when a wall is hit or it seems like it is'nt working, it will be simple to follow someone elses tecnique, whip out the credit card, and ''HOPE'' this is all it takes to manifest correct, reading the testamonials, one believes it's perfect for oneself,  ''if it worked for them, it'll work for me''. I've never bought  into such claims, though I've been tempted lots of times, when it seemed I was stuck, but decided,  ''I started this alone, I am going the distance alone, through trial and error, thick and thin, better or worse, I ''will'' become a deliberate creator with help from no one'', with the exception of source of course!
In future posts, I'll write more about the topic of visualization as I learn to master it better, remember, make the visualizations the new realm, the chosen life awaits! Until next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts, feelings, action?

Hello fellow creators, I am inspired all the sudden to post a  blog  this morning, ''take some action'', to discuss if taking SOME  kind of action is needed while practicing deliberate creation. During these 24 months of this creator's experience, this question popped up numerous times, am I supposed to take some kind of action towards the chosen goals and desires?, when do I take action?, how will I know? Almost all the time, I sent out a vibration of frustration towards source, thus more reasons to be frustrated were sent back, then the insult to injure ''I must be doing this wrong'', a  bad call on this creator's part! There is a debate all over the place about deliberate creation and action, there are endless articles on the internet discussing this issue, so confusing! So I feel it's time to add this creator's take on the action issue. Now I'm no expert on this , and I'm still learning, but I'm learning fast, and understanding even more.  So, is action needed?, it is and is'nt, let me explain, on some things I've manifested, no action was needed, I was alligned and things just  kind of fell into this creator's lap, there was little to no resistance, so it was simple for the universe to deliver. Now fast forward to the bigger things like wealth, houses, nice cars, etc, is action needed for those things, to a degree, most assured, I believe there are three  forms of action here, the first, taking steps towards the chosen goals and desires, second, letting go and handing it over to source, then source coordinates people and circumstances moving the creator into action to bring their desires into fulfillment, oh, let's not forget belief, do creators need to believe that action is needed?, what if a creator believes action is not needed, whatever the belief, the creator's right, It's a law of the universe that's based on belief, what is believed, is what one gets. One that could be the most overlooked form of action  starts when a  concious decision to start practicing co-creation  is decided, the individual would then need to take action doing clearing methods and reprogramming the subconcious, this alone to me, is taking action right from the start, it's the most important action a creator MUST take above all actions, without these, getting into allignment to take inspired action is near impossible.  Whatever form of action we take, we must remember it also involves our beliefs, there is no side stepping this, when one believes action is needed, that  person  will take certain steps, some small, some significant, towards their goals, on the other hand, one who believes that  no action is needed, will release the goal to the universe, and allow it to bring opportunities, circumstances, etc. Of course in both cases, much dicipline is required, visualization, reprogramming, gratitude, a persistence in positive thinking, ''WORK'', quite possible the hardest mental work  we will ever do, but well worth it, trust me!  The best news is though, that once resistance is worked on and cleared, all action, which ever one is taken, will feel amazing and inspired, as a matter of fact, it won't feel like action, it'll feel more like flow, like a cake walk!  I hope this eases up some confusion about taking action, again,we are all different, so different actions are required from each one of us, there is no ''one action'' here, each ''action'' will be different based on each creator's  beliefs. We all have a unique and different approach to practicing deliberate creation, action begins when we make the concious decision to make awesome changes in our lives!  Until again!