Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of will

It's Sunday, the day of relaxation, or so I thought as I went on a two mile walk staving off some little frustrations, there we're some small annoyances present in my vibration. Since I've focused on my new improved reality the old one is becoming a little uneasy, it's regarding my re-location out of this state and I want to get moving, my order that was placed to the Universe has been granted without a doubt regarding my request, and my expectations are getting the best of me, since I know I've got this, my eagerness for expansion is growing, for myself, in my personal view, I've overstayed my duration here, and although I am under no pressure to leave, there is nothing that appeals to me here anymore. The good thing about all of this is the expectation, I believe so much in my created ''new'' reality that the old one no longer is relevant to me, so the paradox is, now what?, I've decided not to wait, waiting sends out vibrations of ''not here yet'' and impatience starts to set in, then I think that I should focus more, but then I feel resistance, not because it's not coming, but because it's already happening, it's done! There is no more work required, I'm all created out!, creating is fun but there is only so much energy we can put out on a certain subject we are creating, then the Universe goes to work. I don't feel the need to launch new desire, everything I've launched has set me for life, and paves the way towards my passions, purpose, and expansion. So now what?, I am by all intent manifesting daily, some days more, some days less, and a lot of these are in the form of miracles, it would seem exciting right?, and it can be, and there are days that just amaze me, I mean this can be flat out mind boggling!, then there are days that feel like ''non movement'' is occurring, it's literally living day to day! It's only human to have this level of anticipation, but when you ''know'' something big is happening as a co-creator it may be best to relax, and like a child on Christmas Eve anticipating opening presents the next day it can get downright anxious feeling. The difference here is we don't know the exact time and place, but we ''feel'' it happening, and nervousness can set in, mixed with anxiety and confusion. Yesterday I received a message to just chill, that is where I must use my will to relax, my will to be calm, my will to know the perfect timing of it all and mostly my will to TRUST! There are times when my desires don't feel like such a big deal, but as they are unfolding I can feel somewhat nervous and feel positive expectation at the same time, this indicates that the non physical is becoming the physical in regards to manifestation. When we know that we are crossing the threshold into our new reality, it's probably best to just relax and allow it to be so, that's my take on things today, more to write about as it unfolds, so stay tuned friends of co-creation!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When you'r happy {and you know it}

One can't help think of that old nursery rhyme song that we all grew up on, even when I was in grade or Sunday school I may have sung along with the classmates to this song, with little enthusiasm, in those times I was very shy, the teacher would, I recall, summon me to join in and sing louder, my face would turn red. The nursery rhyme song aside, I've grown up roughing up my exterior, no fairies and rainbows here, no wimpy thoughts, no smelling the roses and picking the flowers, but I'll swear I've never been happier! Keeping in mind that I am still expanding, my newfound happiness is not a mask, but more genuine, more real at a much deeper level, coming from within rather than looking at outside circumstances in order to be happy. Developing this ''inner happiness'' takes time and practice, and the good news is it's always been within us, we just don't use it very often, only occasionally we feel this euphoric happiness ''after'' something really good has happened, a life changing event of great magnitude or being in love with someone you really want, and finally winning them over. While these things are good, we seem to be unhappy UNTIL these great things happen, as we want something good to happen to us, we feel we won't be happy UNTIL it happens. What if we could be happy without something ''outside'' of us to make us happy?, that's not easy when we are unhappy, and it's the last thing we want to make an effort to do, but like I said, it's already in us. I liken it to when we were toddlers, no care in the world, learning, exploring, laughing and playing, and everything was taken care of, we already had that inner joy, everything came to us, because we were taken care of by our parents, our only job was to play, learn, and grow. We can still live this way as adults, but we were conditioned as we grew up that hard work and struggle is the only way to happiness, and sadly we don't get there, why?, because we're unhappy while trying to get there in the first place, then we reach harder and harder for the dream and miss the mark every time. the world view seems to me, to be that we must ''earn'' happiness, that it can only be achieved through hard work and toil, it's all B.S.! We were born with happiness, and we need to re-claim it, it's our birthright, why give it away to external circumstances. In the world of reality creation it is paramount to find our inner joy, even before we get what we want, we have to learn to be happy without it. What a paradox this can be but that's the secret ingredient to achieving personal goals, acting as if the goal is already achieved!, and what's that feeling?, happiness! We want what we want why?, because we know it will make us happy, so why can't we be happy now?, no reason even has to occur for this, we just make that conscious decision that we will be happy regardless, and if we were to self master this, everything we ever wanted would be seeking us as rapid manifestations would occur in miracle fashion. As practice requires looking inward to rekindle the joy we've always had within us, it goes without saying the benefits we'll reap, and that old saying couldn't ring more true, ''when you are happy you are successful'' and that this should be the number one goal in life above everything else bar none! The message could not be more clear, get happy first, and everything else will follow, in miracle fashion, get happy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Good morning from the desert southwestern US of A, I hope all your intentions are coming to fruition. Since beginning this blog nearly three years ago I've written a few posts on attracting financial abundance and even mentioned some techniques I was using that helped with alignment and while they've helped me during development I've moved past them into more effective ways to align to my intentions. Of all the material things we want to bring into our reality the hardest can be money, we are so attached to money and that alone is a major blockage to allowing it to flow freely to us, as we are conditioned to believe that it requires hard work to attain, this is SO far from the higher truth! When I'm worried about money I am cutting it off from me, but when I let go and relax about the subject of money it comes when it's needed, but how about having more than enough?, how much money is necessary to make us happy, comfortable, and secure?, well if we're asking ourselves this question we are already stopping the flow, because it's not the money itself that makes us happy, it's what the money will bring us that should make us happy and that should be our focus! The problem people have is they see money as an end to their means, not the means to an end, money is a tool to me, it helps me expand, progress, and help others, in no way does it have more value than myself, money needs me more than I need it. When we put the value of money before ourselves we live a life of struggle, we cannot create greatness or expansion this way, we literally live in scarcity never having enough, it simply eludes us. When I am feeling good about money I build on that energy and surf the feeling for hours, but if I am feeling concerned even a little, I'll shift my focus away from money and focus on just being happy, after all, it's all about happiness anyway! We don't have to obsessively think about money to attract it to us, and if this is the case, we are most likely focusing on the absence of it, and there is no way it'll come. I've learned to just focus on abundance most of the time, but true abundance is not just about money here, it's about all areas of life, abundance of health, family, friends, good circumstances, opportunities and so on, that's true abundance! As the world we live in is changing, having more stuff should not define who we are, yes, I enjoy material things, but having all these things are only minimal compared to the value I have for myself, they do not define who I am and they won't make me a better person as I am already perfect inside, my true value! While I am already receiving the blessings of abundance, as well as the material things too, the less I want them the faster they come, but I'm beginning to prefer a simpler life over mansions and fancy boats, fame and prestige, and material overkill to impress others. Having too much stuff is more of a burden, you have to protect it, worry about it, even hire people to watch over it all, I've got better things to do with my time, too many things get in the way, putting focus where it should not be, worrying! If any of you readers out there are struggling with money the best way to allow it into your experience is to just focus on happiness, the essence of what you want is happiness anyway, not the money itself but what the money can bring, then you allow the money to flow to you, detaching from the outcome! Back soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moving on

Good morning from the neighborhood of Disneyland, one of, they say, the happiest places on earth, I am happy, but I am in no way here to see Micky Mouse, instead I am inspired to write another blog. While having breakfast at the hotel lobby I could'nt help but catch and feel the excitement of the kids eating breakfast and gearing up for a day at Disneyland, this raised my own vibration immensly, and after another bout of spiritual detoxing it was much needed. Our subject!, yes moving on, no, this blog will be around as long as I live and breathe, but this subject is about a whole new level of letting go as this is what I am experiencing now. While things have calmed down inward, reflection has taken charge and a chapter in my life is about to close, and a door is opening to begin a new one, this decision came from within and was necessary for expansion, I knew that I could no longer remain where I'm at, it was time to move forward and Universal intelligence has confirmed it is backing me on this intention, as it has brought numerous signs and syncronicities as the intention will be fulfilled in perfect timing. This means that I will have to leave people I care deeply about, it already feels bittersweet and the physical part has'nt even occured yet but I've hung on too long and at times I was caught in between two worlds, the one I was in, and the one that I wanted, this has caused enormous emotional stress on me, so much so that I have to let go in difficult ways. That is how it works when we set big life changing intentions, we have to accept that we are no longer in control of how things unfold, even when we get what we want we may have to leave some of the people we care about behind, it will always be up to us to act regardless, wow! there is just alot of letting go here! When we become firm on our intentions we have to stay lazer focused because those who care for us will try to dissuade us from doing so, not because they're being mean but because they don't want us to go, that's human nature, we as Deliberate Creators, we can be very attractive in our practice, people like to be around us, ego aside! The more we reach towards higher consciousness, we will pass by people and circumstances like a formula car heading towards the finishing line to win the race. It seems to me that a time comes that we will know when something no longer can serve us, we'll need to move on, towards expansion, we seem to get bored rather quickly during growth, always wanting to experience something exciting and new, thus is the life of a deliberate creator! What puts me at ease is that the people I have to leave behind will still be at arm's length, and I will still be in touch, even frequent visits and gatherings will occur, and this is because they are like-minded, and I seem to attract those that are ''like minded'' a blessing. As I'm reaching higher and expanding, another move is paramount and I've chosen a more natural, quiet environment to continue my growth, the big city has lost it's appeal to me as it has become more of a distraction, hindering insight, focus, and inspiration. With my newfound solitude, I can now focus on my writing in a setting that's more connected to nature than chaos and strife, and the Pacific Northwest is chock full of splendor and awe, providing me with all the natural beauty I'll need to gather endless inspiration. I am not pulling a Mick Dodge here, there are still worldly pleasures I like to embellish in, and I'm striking that perfect balance, but more away from city life now. Moving on and moving forward indeed, more to come!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Good morning those of higher consciousness and deliberate creation alike, since writing my last post I've had a rollercoaster of a ride, once again I was caught off guard with some external circumstances that had spun me into a chaotic downward spiral, not only are changes happening to me personally, but as I observe they seem to also be happening to those close to me. As I wonder the reasons behind these circumstances I can't help but feel a much bigger plan at play here, like the dots are connecting yet I'm not knowing how they are connecting. This can be scary at times, and as I've set grand intentions four years ago these ''grand'' intentions are beginning to unfold and it's possible others could be involved in the grand scheme of things. In some law of attraction circles they say there is a calm before the storm, things are relatively quiet before our dreams are realized, this has not been the case with me, I have spent the last few weeks trying to find solitude, yearning to escape from everybody and everything, all the obligations, responsibilities, and circumstances while going through yet another dark night, it's been overwhelming to say the least. Spiritual depression is no laughing matter, in this state no one or no thing will help, and the last thing you care about is law of attraction, no, these intense emotions must be ridden out, felt strongly, and allowed to pass on their own, in the meantime the world is a very dark and lonely place, and those not going through this will never understand, so you can't talk to anyone about it, it feels like the Universe itself has abandoned you, thankfully, that's not the case. Ascending into higher consciousness is the result of the dark night, and it can turn into something that's unbearably excruciating, and dare I say suicidal at times, I'm speaking from my personal experience here, and it's like trying to navigate a ship through thick fog, or worse being in purgatory! This is a time when desires don't matter, no voids can be filled, no person can comfort, no, it's all you and you alone, and it's only you that can come out of the fog. When I wrote my last post I was experiencing my dark night, during this state, I seem to be aware of everything that's wrong in this world, but I think that's natural and I still love myself for that, and I am sure most people going through this state can agree, even though it can differ with any one of us. I won't go into too much detail, but I've done some bold, crazy, wild things these past few weeks, and thankfully, my guides were there to protect me because honestly, the dark night will drive a person to do unusual things to escape it, we'll feel the strongest need to fill the empty void that won't be filled by external things, the void must be filled within. Okay the good news, finally!, I'm getting sucked back into vortex alignment as of writing this, another dark night has passed and it was a whopper!, and I'm already noticing as a co-creator with source energy, I'm more powerful than ever, rising from the ashes yet again in my biggest victory yet. The dark night of the soul enveloped me, I embraced it, now that it's passing, there is no need to fight it, as said before, we must embrace the darkness to know the light, it's known as the laws of polarity, some of us will undergo a spiritual detox reaching higher and higher towards consciousness, but each time a breakthrough is achieved behold your own true power and you'll own your world ladies and gents! The journey indeed continues!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Good day all, I'm back after recharging my batteries, and with my growing awareness I've been feeling the weight of the world lately, it's been difficult keeping a strong alignment when the awareness is inside looking out, I don't know why this is, perhaps during the writing of this post an answer will appear. Here's the thing about growing awareness, it can be double sided, it can make us aware of what's good, and what's bad, and I've been trying to strike a balance between the two. Now as of lately there are things that are just plain grinding my teeth, and as guilty as I am for focusing on what's wrong with the world lately, It may be a necessary component for my writing, and the message I'm sending to all of us. As said in past posts, we are entering, or at the very least, at the tipping point of big changes on this planet, how this is perceived is up to the individual, and as we are aware there is a lot of saber rattling and sword wielding happening in some parts of the world, add to that the man-made environmental damage that's ushering in climate changes at a much faster pace than thought before. While there are a lot of blogs out there claiming conspiracy theories and using religion to preach the gospel of the end times and Armageddon, and the news media pushing the propaganda of fear, I'm just not buying into all of this. Indeed, changes are happening on the planet and one does not need look far to realize this, but the message is that we need to make some serious adjustments in the course of humanity or this planet as a whole will rid us like a person rids themselves of a flu virus. There are a lot of people in power that want things to progress in the wrong direction, going back in history, repeating the same mistakes over and over, rather than embracing new ideas and leading the way for positive change. It is this same destructive behavior that takes away rather than gives to the cause of humanity, separation and inequality is the name of the game here, and when this is not enough, creating wars and conflict for monetary gain or natural resources like oil. Am I complaining?, to some degree yes, but I'm also spreading awareness, that we are being told constantly, that humanity must change course ''NOW'', not later, the earth is coughing because it's becoming increasingly sick, the pollution of the air and sea, through the decades has taken it's toll, and the moaning can be heard worldwide. While we are so busy carrying on about our lives we can't hear the sounds from the sky that warn us to change course, although subtle as they are, some are witnessing this, but have no idea what it means. I relate this to a woman about to give birth, having contractions more and more until going into and giving birth, this same thing is happening to our earth, but not in a new born baby way! I feel, putting aside religion, and fear mongering, from a spiritual perspective, that a great battle is coming, no, not world war three, but one within each and every one of us, a spiritual battle none of us will escape here on earth, each having to play their part on the path to higher consciousness. This choice will have to come from each and every one of us, as we are all connected, but others will resist, clinging onto the past failures and policies, in fear they will hoard and become increasingly greedy, but the earth will spit them out like a bitter pill due to their disregard for the greater good of the planet. While I enjoy practicing and writing about deliberate creation, there is a new kid in town, and while accomplishing personal goals is good, a much bigger goal must be accomplished, saving our planet! More to come!