Thursday, September 27, 2012

The burden of desire

Greetings everyone! welcome back to another post with the most, on deliberate creation and helping you all on my personal journey. While we all have a different approach and tecnique to this practice, it is my hope that my success is your success as well. Since I have jumped back into the vortex about a week ago I've been able to maintain this state successfully without doubts or negative thinking creeping in. The reason for this is I am finding my new positive thinking patterns are over-riding the negative thinking habbits I used to inflict apon myself, truly a transformation HAS taken place, when a not so pleasant thought tries to surface, I am able to stop it in it's tracks and pivot my thoughts and emotions to the desired place. This is a milestone for a student of deliberate creation, the negative thinking has no place in the creator's new thinking patterns, It's as if the positive motel has a sign reading ''no vacancy'' it's opposite of when I was a negative person, no positive could visit and stay. What I have discovered is this, letting go of the negative thinking was a big step, but I was still missing the mark of manifestation, then somehow I finally just got what I knew all along but failed to implement, I let go of my desires, I detached completely, have I given up on them? not at all, I just stopped trying to work  too hard and micro-manage everything during manifestation, without intending to, I was distancing myself from recieving, desire could'nt manifest. Letting go did'nt happen easily though, it took some serious mental and emotional discipline, but after a few days I began to feel free, light, in the present, and that unmistakable feeling of relief  was so good that it threw me right back into the vortex, {which is the same as ''being'' in the present} in the past year I was only able to hold this state on a temporary basis , even though I was practicing letting go, I still had'nt reached a level where  I was REALLY letting go. Here I was telling myself I could let go but then I would keep worrying and looking for clues of my goals and desires to show up, and the signs and clues did show up, but my ego just was'nt convinced, source energy was constantly telling me that it was a done deal, and I would be in confusion about the whole process, complicating things further. If we are to get into the good feeling of being in the present, feeling appreciation for where we are NOW, and feeling appreciation for the things we have NOW, and stay that course, we'll feel like we care less if our desire shows up or not, we can live without it, but it is in this state that desire DOES show up at the right place and time, I know this sounds counter productive to what we want, but this is a law, the law of detachment, crucial to manifestation practice! I've tried many times to let go, even when I thought I succeeded, I would come back to the frustrations of knowing I was'nt quite there yet, somehow, this time, it just happened, and I could tell by the way I felt, that I finally made it! Some think that letting go means giving up, far from the truth, you must let go, even if you work hard and accomplish a goal or desire, would'nt it be so much better to allow source to bring it in a way that's rewarding and fulfilling?, some struggle a lifetime to achieve limiting rewards, and then are too tired and unhealthy to enjoy the fruits of their labor, I've been there and done it, now, my life is easy, all my needs are met, and I have the time to do the things I love, no pressures, no deadlines, and wealth is beginning to show it's blessings at the right time, but the best part is, manifestations come faster and easier. This is all acomplished by letting go and living in the present, bieng content, and accepting where we are now, we all want better, we want more, but overall, we just want to be happy, the above is the anecdote to all that's complicated in life, you only have to ask once, as I said before in one of my posts, let it go and let it come!     Stay that course!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Being the vortex

Hello fellow creators and practicioneers, since my last post, I've been somewhat busy going through changes and hiccups in law of creation practices, gladly though, I've managed to reach a whole new level of vibrational harmony with myself and my desires. At the beginning of my journey I would watch the awesome Esther Hicks speak of  being in the vortex on you tube, her videos are amazing and inspiring and I highly recommend them to anyone who is practicing deliberate creation. When I first learned about the importance of being in the vortex I started implementing this practice, with not very good results, the reason for this was I was not there yet vibrationally, plus, I still had some negative beliefs to clean up, I simply just was'nt ready to go to a whole new level of vibrational harmony, but I tried it anyway. At first I was excited to learn this practice, and at that time I WAS in the vortex, I've got to say it felt good, light, my confidence was through the roof! When I felt this good I was a lean, mean creatin' machine, so I held this vibration for all that day, but creation was'nt moving very fast, the next day I found myself back in the same old place of vibration, then I would try and force myself to be in the vortex, this only led to more frustration. Being in an above average mood is hard enough, to be in a state of allowing and happy bliss is a big challenge, and I'm not talking about a moment here and a moment there, I'm talking about the long haul, through better or worse!
It is vital to creation that we be in a state of happiness and gratitude constantly, this can be achieved with gratitude journaling along with affirmation and visualization practice, while these things help it is also helpful to clear away negative subconscious programs that are deeply planted. But still this can sometimes not be enough, as in my case, I got to the point where I could be in the vortex two, even three days at a time, but would still fall back into worry and doubt regarding my desires, and once you are in the vortex, it really, really hurts when you fall off. This is not a bad thing however, it's the same as falling off a horse, you jump back on and try even harder, as I said before, it's a process, and practice is key!  If  some of you are not familiar with the concept of  ''bieng in the vortex'' I'll explain it from what I've felt, experienced, and learned
through this journey. Bieng in the vortex is first and foremost awesome, it's another form of surrender, a letting go if you will, leaving the details up to source energy, as it's supposed to be, in this place, there is no attachment to our desire, we simply go about our life knowing all is taken care of, and wow!, are we covered!, when in this vortex, miracles and manifestations take place constantly, your true power is beginning to show itself!. Oh, and did I mention how it feels? it feels light, blissful, and as long as you can stay there, it grows, helping you to stay and stay even longer! Source has our backs when wer'e in the vortex, this is what source wants, it's mind boggling in a good way, people can feel it, they are nice to you, they smile at you, it's like your walking with a beacon of positive light surrounding you, magic just happens, I even find money when I'm in this state. While this is all very exciting to think and be, it, like everything , takes practice and mental discipline of the highest order. Now that I've finnished cleaning up my vibration and have dissolved the limiting beliefs I've once again began to move and stay in the vortex, as of now all my desires are showing themselves in amazing ways, with manifestation taking place I'm even more encouraged to stay in the vortex, this is the manifestation stage of my journey, and the excitement and expectation are growing.
Here's what I do to get and stay in the vortex, it begins at night before sleep, I express all that I'm grateful for in my life, I FEEL the deep gratitude, then I begin programming my subconscious of the way I would like the next day to go, then I say my mantra over and over...''I am and will always be in the vortex, thank you for all my desires source energy'', then sleep sets in. When I wake up, I repeat what I said just before sleeping, then almost automatically, I'm back in the vortex, the trick is to stay in it all day, it can be a challenge when you step out in the world, some things will just get to us, people, circumstances, even jobs, but this is where the mental discipline comes in, practice is paramount! Here's what to do, if someone dis-favors or mistreats you, or your fighting traffic, think about things, anything that lifts you up, think of a past event that brought joy and laughter, hold it, smile, ask source to help, in my experience source energy would show me something related to my desire. The more you can feel good more often, you'll be on the right track, soon you'll feel good  days, weeks, months, and so on. We manifest when we let go, surrender, leaving it to our source, as this happens our vibration raises higher, then we are able to hold on to this vibration that is alligned to all we desire, then manifestation happens. My goal as a creator is to remain in the vortex, ultimately I will  BE THE VORTEX!        Keep creating, until next time!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The truth is ''in'' there

Greetings fellow readers, as always, thank you for visiting this blog, as long as I'm on this spiritual journey, there will be this blog, the purpose is to learn and grow together, while I've still to master the craft of deliberate creation, I truly hope I help you all along the way, we all will have a different approach to learning but I believe we are all connected and have a purpose and I am learning that this blog is mine. Deliberate creation IS a life long practice that takes alot of dedication and persistence, but the coolest part is sharing the journey. Since I began this post almost a year ago I've learned that posting my progress could help like minded readers too,and  it does feel rewarding, and it also gives me motivation to push forward through the sometimes not so pleasant transformation to enlightenment. Finally!, the topic, TRUTH, what is truth?, well, truth has so many meanings about many different things. We all hold certain truths, but do these truths serve us?, for example, do we believe everything we read or hear to be true?, the fact is, when we hear what others tell us outside of ourselves we sometimes buy into others truths, for example the media and corporate advertising, politics, what's healthy or not healthy, others telling us what's best to believe, organized religion through out history has always used falsehood instead of truth to control the masses. When I was in my mid teens I became a rebellous person, it was me against the world, I walked my own path and did whatever I pleased, I paid no attention to politics or religion, at the same time however I would believe almost everything I heard, and it got me into alot of trouble, as I  moved into my late teens I began to follow instead of lead, I had become influenced by the wrong things, I had become a restless soul, believe me I wish I knew all this deliberate creation process then, but I had to learn some harsh lessons. By my early twenties I was sold by the news and media, I began to see a truth they were telling me, plus everybody else telling me that I was'nt going to amount to anything, once that became MY truth, the downward spiral began, and it lasted for years!, I was literally poisoning my spirit, looking for self destructive outlets to numb the current reality and picking up more and more ''false'' truths along the way, the damage would be insurmountable.
While I could go on and on about my life's story, this post would become a book, {???} fast forward to the present, I'm understanding a new truth, of course I still do as I please and walk my way, and I'm still rebellous to an extent, but I'm these things in a self loving and empowered way, I have found real truth is within, truth about who I am and why I'm here, and, mind you, still learnin' that truth. When I progressed spiritually other's  truths went in and out of  my ears, I only listen to my truths, my self talk, through repitition, helped me to understand the truth that's within ME, as a matter of  fact {no pun!} I'll share these truths, I am beautiful, unique, blessed, abundant, gifted, motivated and sucessful, and so are you readers! These are all truths we should embrace, every day when you wake up and look into the mirror say these ''truths'' out loud to yourself and then keep saying them all day, over and over. Look, there are going to be people that will try to impose truths to control others, myself, I dont believe the truth is ''out'' there, the truth is within all of us, it's designed this way, a belief becomes a truth, we are given freewill, to choose our own truths, these truths determine our reality. Just imagine for a second if the whole planet embraced their inner truth, with positive empowerment and habbits, what a utopia we would live in! As this journey continues, I'll learn more truths, and as I do this, nothing outside of me will have control over  me, I'll freely walk my own path without obstacle. I'm still a rebellous child like I was when young, the coolest thing is I am young again, and I  walk my own path and speak my own truth, to myself.
[hey, I'm an aquarius!]                                Until next time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Spiritual speed bump

Greetings all!, first, my apologies for sometimes mis-spelling in my posts, I get so caught up in writing I don't always take the time to check over the spelling, I'll then hit ''publish'' and go back to read the written post only to catch a word or two mis-spelled, I do intend to rectify this minor glitch in future posts. Okay, the topic at hand, these past two weeks have been a rollercoaster of a ride, another bout of spiritual ''detox'' has blindsided me again, a few posts ago, I wrote about chemicalization, a ''side effect'' of doing spiritual work to become a deliberate creator, from this recent experience I've learned even more about how this happens and the effects at hand. This time however I noticed physical side effects, as of before this, the side effects were mostly emotional, although both were noticable, the toll they took were very draining on me physically. The wierd thing was one day I would be fine, the next really great, then the next just a plain downer, how I managed to do visualization is amazing!, but it did ease things up some, I was still in the creation process but also detoxing at the same time, funny part is, there were still small manifestations and even signs occuring, as in past detox experiences the opposite would manifest, what I did not want. Now I'm not saying this get's easier, it's how we deal with it that really is important, before I would go to pieces when this happened, the first thing that came to my mind was I don't know if I'm cut out for this it's too hard mentally, I want to give up! Then I discovered Emotional Freedom Tecnique, and that helped immensly, as a matter of fact, I still highly recommend it, but further in this journey, some very deep seated beliefs are rising up, and making things even more challenging. Here's the thing, it seems to me these deep, almost buried old programs that are taking my work to a whole new level are quite nasty, the side effects are nothing short of just plain wierd, they include sleepless nights, wierd dreams, good and bad, [no nightmares thankfully] mood swings such as depression, anxiety, other times you just want to ball your eyes out, you'll do anything to pre-occupy yourself to escape the rollercoaster ride of emotional chaos, these last two days I've been just physically exhausted! Now, is this as bad as it sounds?, am I falling apart?, it may seem so, but it's only temporary, and I'm gettin' through it, even better and stronger than ever! The first thing to remember is not to fight/resist this detoxing period, it is very wise to go easy on one self, understanding that it's a natural process and it WILL pass, believe me, those old gremlins will try to talk you out of breaking through by saying things like, ''you should'nt do this any more, it's too complicated, you are only setting up for dissapointment, you are not cut out for this stuff, join the rest of the human race and face reality!'' but at the same time there is the you that refuses to give up, ''I am a deliberate creator, and I will see this through!'' You can see why this can cause some serious disturbance in your body and spirit, and since the  subconcious work we are doing controlls all our bodily functions, well, you get the ideal. I honestly thought after two years of this journey that I had cleaned up most limiting and negative programming, only to dig up even deeper ones that were rooted, hey, we're talking about four decades of false beliefs to clean out of my subconcious! Each time I feel light and happy that I'm all cleaned up vibrationally, BAM! guess who? those deep seated beliefs and mild traumas come out to play, and they do not play nice! If you have had a lifetime of unserving negative and false beliefs, it is likely you may go through this as I am, but know that if you are very serious about changing your life for greater things, it's worth it, it ''is'' challenging mentally and physically, but a necessary stage in the deliberate creation process, trust me as I say, this is a good thing, as it means you are a step closer to your goals and desires, and each time you break through, you come out even stronger. Just remember, be gentle and forgive yourself, don't fight it, let it pass, and move forward......towards victory!    back soon!