Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Living consciously [creating your desired reality] can be tricky at times, once we become more aware that we are constantly creating our reality, we'll try our hardest not to think the thoughts that are misaligned with what we want. Because we can be afraid that we'll attract something unwanted by focusing on negative thinking, we'll try to block or suppress any unwanted emotions, fearing that those very unwanted emotions will hinder our ability to align to our greatest intentions, but there is a reason those uncomfortable emotions surface, and it's possible that there is some releasing happening here. In these past few weeks I've awoken a few times in the middle of the night with extreme feelings of anxiety, almost at the beginning stage of an oncoming panic attack, thankfully, I've learned to ''pivot'' my focus on something much more pleasant, giving my attention to something that brings the feeling of relief which allows me to re-align to what's actually wanted instead. I'm wondering though if I'm releasing residual negative energies that are no longer in alignment to what I want by avoiding them during the day in my waking hours, only to sneak up and surface in the middle of the night. I don't like this type of anxiety, it feels very ugly and all I want to do is shift my focus so I don't have to sit with it, but I'm wondering if it would be easier to let the feeling play out because maybe it needs to be released. Sometime in my life something happened that brought about this feeling of intense anxiety but I can't quite pinpoint it, it's likened to a person who undergoes hypnotherapy that must re-live at the emotional level a past negative trauma/event so they can move on to a more better life, but more in the case of desire/intention and blocked energies that could hinder what's wanted, which may be self imposed by our very selves. I wrote a post a few years ago about what is known as the witching hours of the night, and since becoming a deliberate creator, [living in a more positive conscious awareness] waking up in the middle of the night has become routine for me. In these modern times, a majority of people lie awake worrying about their personal problems in life, things like money, relationships, jobs and marriages, even more troubling worries like unpaid bills and huge mortgages/foreclosures, even to the point of night terrors or panic attacks! I used to do this but on a much more intense scale, I used to lie awake in the middle of the night worrying about everything from money to Armageddon, and it was at night when these fears were their strongest so you can only imaging what my next day was like on the attraction level, a living nightmare! Whatever this is it runs deep and I'm hopefully releasing it, but again because I'm always conscious of my thoughts during my waking hours, maybe it's kind of hard for the releasing to occur because I'm vigilantly focusing on better feeling thoughts, but in the middle of the night asleep while the brain is still conscious, those suppressed unwanted energies seem to awaken me in the form of extreme anxiety, and I'll have to soothe myself as soon as possible by focusing on things that bring me relief so that I can peacefully doze back off. It would be easy to be dragged into the mind's pull and assume something is very wrong and all kinds of fearful scenarios could begin to play out in one's imagination, but to buy into those scenarios that aren't real in the first place could be dangerous and habit forming, even when I'm feeling these intense unwanted emotions, as brief as they are, my focus is still on what's preferred despite how uncomforting they can be, to focus on something undesired [forming a mental picture] could invite it into your reality, it's basically a negative visualization exercise that's working against you, please don't go there! Feeling bad will only attract more of feeling bad to some extent, but adding a mental picture to those feelings can create an unwanted reality, that is why despite feeling very bad it may be best to at least have the mental image of what's preferred so you can shift your emotions towards a better feeling place, especially at night! It seems to me while we sometimes lie awake at night our thoughts are at their most powerful, we're just lying there undistracted and in the quietness, it's actually the best time to focus on what's wanted, not on what's unwanted while we're drifting off to sleep, turning our thoughts over to our subconscious. The problem with most is where their dominant focus is during the day [fearful thoughts] in which they are creating their realties by default, but at night when they lie awake having trouble sleeping because of their worries is only creating more circumstances to worry about the very next day, living their very lives in a perpetual negative loop. What could possibly be happening to me could be due to my past, what I used to think about and feel when I would lie awake every night for years worrying about everything, maybe I'm releasing those built up energies now, at least I hope so, especially if it means getting everything I want, it'll be well worth the temporary discomfort.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It's human nature to make judgments, good or bad, we tend to judge everything based on our own perception or beliefs, we judge others and we even judge ourselves. First off, I am not a religious person, the purpose of this post is to shed some light on how judgment can hinder our ability to manifest our greatest intentions and live the kind of life we want. There are certain consequences that come with judgment and we are all guilty of them, even myself, but we are all human after all so we shouldn't beat ourselves up for being so, I mean, how can we learn from something unless we make the wrong judgments? As we learn more self forgiveness towards ourselves we will also learn forgiveness towards others, sure, people are still going to piss us off but we'll learn to let it go without judgment and move on. The same can be applied with unwanted circumstances, when something doesn't go our way we're quick to judge it as a bad experience, and because of our beliefs and perceptions we label it as bad luck or assume things can only get worse instead of learning from the experience, letting it go, and continuing forward. Another way our judgments can hinder our progress is when we're quick to judge others we hardly even know, and what's so dangerous about this is the very judgments we are sending towards others is sending it right back towards us, we are only judging ourselves when we are judging others whether it be jealousy, disappointment, or insecurity, finding fault in others is finding fault in ourselves. Then there's denial, we won't admit it but we'll judge something or somebody subconsciously without being aware of it, for example, a person may be insecure but be quick to judge somebody for being happy and secure, a person may struggle with money but be quick to judge somebody being greedy because they're wealthy and successful, or, a person who is sick and unhealthy would be jealous and quick to judge somebody who is vibrant and healthy, or the other way around and all due to their negative perceptions and beliefs about their OWN lives. Life is a reflection of our own beliefs and perceptions positive or negative, and our judgments play a very important role in how we create our reality. I have made great strides towards eliminating judgment in my life but I am still not perfect, I still tend to judge circumstances when they are not to my liking but I'm also learning to let them go as quickly as possible and move forward, as for releasing judgment towards others I am improving very well in that department. The reason that negative judgment can hinder desire with the attraction process is simple, the lower vibrations we are sending out, it just doesn't feel good when our perception towards an unwanted circumstance is that of negativity [judging it as bad] or our perception towards another person who we don't like or we're jealous of, we make the assumption that we are above or better than them, [judgment] but finding fault in others is finding fault in ourselves. Here's where the truth can really hurt, when we are placing [negative] judgment on others we will attract the circumstance where others will place those [negative] judgments upon us as well, this is because the energy we are sending out will be reflected back to us and our reality, via the unwavering laws of attraction, finding faults in others will attract others finding faults in ourselves, we'll simply reap what we sow! Make no mistake about it, to be successful in getting everything we want we must constantly be sending out the right energies towards everything and this also includes everybody, sure, there are people who will piss us off and that's life, but to waste energy by being upset will only attract more of the same and while getting pissed is okay,[we're human] at some point we have to let it go and move forward. Closing this post a great reminder, alignment to your bigger self will move you in the direction of a judgment free zone, this is because the bigger you has no judgment whatsoever towards anything or anybody, so you can see how important coming from a place of non-judgment can be in the attraction/manifestation process.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Greetings and happy manifesting! Shifting beliefs from disempowering towards empowering requires persistence, perseverance, and above all patience, it is a process and you cannot ''force'' your beliefs to change, no shortcuts here. In the past few months I've been undergoing some major belief shifts and the side effects are nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ride. Shifting beliefs are no picnic because what we're dealing with is our subconscious mind here, we all know that our very own subconscious mind controls our bodily functions as well as our emotions, when we begin to let go of beliefs that no longer serve us [to get what we desire] it's going to cause some discomfort and that's putting it very lightly! The process of shifting beliefs can, at times, grow beyond frustrating even overwhelming, this is because the old beliefs [programs] will hold on for dear life, especially if they have years of momentum behind them, again, this is a process that requires much patience as well as self forgiveness on our part. Because we desire change so badly we may try to rush along the belief shifting process and when we fail to make those huge leaps we'll begin to beat ourselves up and assume we're doing something wrong, this will only compound the problem and feed even more momentum towards the already existing disempowering beliefs. It is very critical that we learn self forgiveness while letting go of limited beliefs because there will be times where we'll begin to feel our newly empowered beliefs shifting, we'll know because we will sense a feeling of lightness and relief, a day or two passes, then all of the sudden an unwanted circumstance occurs and re-validates the very belief we thought we had shifted, frustrated, we'll assume that there's something wrong with us or, we're simply doing something wrong, this is not the case. It's important to understand that we are ALWAYS moving towards what we want [desire] even though a lot of the time it will feel like we're going backwards, this is when it is necessary to change our perception and stay the course. Whenever we make any progress shifting our beliefs the old beliefs will challenge the newer beliefs, this will create some intense contrast so vigilance is paramount as we must maintain constant focus on what is wanted, if we cave emotionally when the old beliefs surface [challenging our new beliefs] we could fall backwards and delay our progress so the more we're focusing on what we DON'T want the harder it will be and the longer it will take to shift our beliefs towards what's desired. As I said above, no matter how hard we try we cannot force our beliefs to change, I cannot stress this enough because the harder we try [believing we'll get what we want faster] the harder the disempowered limited beliefs will push back and eventually reinforce themselves impeding any progress whatsoever, it is a futile approach. Shifting beliefs requires a gentle approach and learning self forgiveness is crucial for success, we must learn to come from a space of non-judgment during this process. If I could nail this all down in one phase It would be the letting go phase and we are simply doing just that, this is why we cannot force this process, we can try, but good luck with that, our old limited beliefs must ''dissolve'' gradually and naturally, we can't fight them because that is a fight we just can't win, we may have years or even decades of limited beliefs to contend with, so self forgiveness will always be our best ally when we're shifting beliefs. Only you can identify your own limited beliefs, no one else can for you, but how do you know what your limited beliefs are? What do you want? If you're finding many reasons why you CAN'T have what it is that you want look no further, you've found your limited beliefs, of course you're still moving towards what you want but very slowly, [while shifting beliefs] on the other hand if you can find many reason why you CAN have what it is that you want, you will be moving towards what you want much faster and you'll not only know it but you'll also feel it. I could write several posts about this subject in and of itself as I've experienced it myself personally, so it's a safe bet that I'll cover more ground here with the topic of shifting beliefs. In closing this post, allow me to attempt to simplify this a little with this analogy, think of your emotions [vibration] like gears, high gear [joy/appreciation] speedier manifestations, low gear [worry/frustration] slow and delayed manifestations.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I've mentioned before in posts that during the process of becoming a deliberate creator, original desires are subject to modification or change, I've mentioned that what is wanted now may be different than what will be wanted in say, a year from now, and I've mentioned that the buffer of time serves us as to get more clear on what it is we TRULY want. I remember five years ago wanting all these BIG changes to happen, I approached conscious creation from a very delusional perspective and I can honestly say I'm SO glad that these big changes did not occur, I just wasn't ready to become someone I clearly was not. This self imposed lesson I've gained was simple, to be true to myself and rediscover who I really am and who I am comfortable being, what I am passionate about, and to stop trying to force upon myself all these big changes. We are the deciders, we must realize that our subconscious minds are not ready to change as fast as we'd like, a more gradual process is recommended and slow and steady wins the race. I've gotten so caught up in wanting these so-called big changes and making them happen I'd almost forgotten what really makes me tick, my passion for the things I have and enjoy that are already in my life now, my good health, family and friends, and my gifts and talents that I possess now, not the gifts and talents I think I ''should'' possess. I'll admit that I didn't see this coming, but I am so grateful it's working out this way, and I'm beginning to discover that maybe I don't need to make all these big changes to become better, I already am! I've got the bigger me to thank for this [I call him Big-D] because he knows me better than I know myself, he knows what I truly want from the heart as my trust in Big-D is growing, I simply just believe in myself! There are those who practice reality creation and make great leaps of change, some will become successful and reprogram their minds and even completely change their identity, they'll successfully become the change/person they want to be, leaving who they were, in the past, completely behind. I thought about being a completely different person than who I am now, but I like who I am now, this does not mean I'll stop expanding or improving, it just means I'm more comfortable with the gradual process of growth and in no hurry to change too fast or too drastically, I'll admit that I've got one foot in the past and one foot in the present so I'm embracing who I am now rather than who I ''think'' I should be. It's all about personal choice and reality creation is not a ''one size fits all'' way of thinking or being, we are all different in our approach and our preferences are tailored to us only and not to anyone else, we decide and no one can do that for us no matter how ''good'' they are with manifesting and conscious creation, we must reach inward and ''find'' ourselves as well as find our own way. Who knows, maybe I need to rediscover myself so I can find the true clarity I'll need to move forward or, I just didn't want these big leaps of change I thought I'd wanted from the beginning, time will tell but one thing is for sure, I'm in no hurry and neither is Big-D, there's too much good stuff in my life right now so to just toss it all out and become someone I'm not doesn't feel right to me at this time. We make our own rules, we have options in life, some of us will become a whole new person with a whole new life with reality creation, and others like myself will rediscover themselves and find that drastic changes aren't necessary when we are happy with who we are now, in no hurry to get it all done, we won't anyway.


Good morning and happy new year, developing trust with the intuitive [bigger part] of ourselves is paramount for successful co-creation, but the real truth is that we are always creating our reality in every now moment, it's just that most are doing this unaware [on auto-pilot] and constantly getting undesired results. In my own personal experience I am beginning to develop a strong connection with my intuitive side [inner self/being] and the results are beyond pleasing as my trust, in my bigger self, continues to build. Here's a good perspective on how this connection works, when you are in a pure positive state as you are thinking about your goals, you are connected [aligned] not only to your goals, but also with the bigger part of you, which sees the fulfillment of your goals from a much broader perspective, thus enabling you to reach them faster and much easier. Developing this bond with your [higher] self will take time and trust as it is a process of growth, but it is well worth the time. Almost everyone has experienced something in their life that has seemed miraculous, it could've been a big promotion that you've been working hard for but didn't expect to happen and out of the blue you received it, it could've been a long lost relative you thought about frequently and missed, only to show up out of the blue at your door, or, you've always dreamed of being wealthy and suddenly a financial windfall comes into your life in the form of a lottery win, or a proposition/opportunity falls into your lap and you have the means to own your own business. Look no further than that ''bigger'' part of you that gave that necessary nudge that you acted upon, giving you that desired result. The problem with most however, is that once they've received something phenomenal in their lives they discard it as chance or mere luck and proceed back into their regular thinking and behavior, which, unfortunately, leads to a short lived blessing rendering them back to where they were before in a short amount of time, [see the rise and fall of overnight fame, or big lottery winners who couldn't handle massive sums of money] Being aligned to higher self is a commitment, you don't align to yourself because it's convenient so you can ''use'' your alignment whenever you need to so you can get something, I've done this and I think we all will during the learning stages of reality creation, it's normal to think that it works this way but in the end we learn to make alignment a priority first and everything else after, at that point alignment becomes habitual and second nature so we allow more of what we prefer in our experience. What happens when we are NOT aligned most of the time?, we are simply on our own, ripe for creation by default, meaning we are the victims of our own thinking and behaviors, while life happens FOR an aligned co-creator, life happens TO a person who is not aligned, they become victims of circumstances, they feel they have no control of their own reality so they are running on fear, to live this way is a life of struggle, a hamster on a wheel, thinking is future based, always trying to avoid unwanted outcomes. I am still a work in progress but here's what I'm taking from all of this, higher self wants you to be happy and truly wants to give you EVERYTHING you deserve and why?, because higher self IS you, so why wouldn't you trust you? It's amazing how higher self assists you every step of the way, it wants SO bad to grant your wish no matter what it is if you would just allow it, it's really that simple, and whatever it is that's wanted it's NEVER too good for you, it's a simple formula really, ask and it's done!

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016, a different perspective

Happy new year, it's been a temporary hiatus since the last post and for good reason, all of my time, energy, and focus has been on cleaning up some issues that were still lingering in my vibrational output. One issue which I thought I'd resolved a short time ago turned out to be tied into other issues [limited beliefs] so I had to work through some layers to get to the core of that issue, and it looks as if I'm successfully accomplishing this as I'm feeling more confident about what it is I really want. After all of this, [clearing up any remaining issues] around what is truly desired in my reality, I must return to focus on my desired reality unimpeded, meaning that a great deal of resistance [limited beliefs] must be dissolved, making it much more easier to focus with strong intention and clarity, allowing much smoother and quicker manifested results. Things have changed since this all began intention wise, what I wanted five years ago isn't quite exactly what I want now, well, to a slight degree I suppose, this is because from the resulting clarity that's gained from shifting beliefs, our perspective will change when it comes to personal desires, and from this new perspective comes more realistic goals that are more believable to us. As we continue to allow more successful manifestations, they will increase our ability to believe in ourselves even more, that is, we'll begin to see everything is working FOR us and we discover our true power, our confidence grows and our beliefs make greater shifts much faster and easier, aiming us towards being a master creator, which is what we are all meant to be. To me, from my own personal perception, 2016 is a year of physical manifestations, all of my inner work of the past five years is beginning to bear results, it's actually already happening as I'm feeling the necessary shift taking place, to allow this year to be the one for desired results to unfold in the material/physical. I leave this post with a little numerology for 2016.....2[intention] 0[one with universe] 1[aligned thoughts] and 6[material/physical] manifestations.