Friday, May 24, 2013

It's fun to create...with creation!

Greetings and well being all, No. 61 @ posts and this one delves and flows due to the fact I've covered many topics. In the past week I've almost gone full circle on conscious creating, an unforseen circumstance arose that kind of threw me out of my vortex, while that will happen time to time, and that's okay, I found myself having to find a way back in, so I took the back to basics approach, trying to jump back into our vortex usually does'nt work, we have to ease back in, by gradually finding better feeling thoughts. While I've advocated in past articles on letting go and surrendering, I felt I needed more to jump back in my vortex, being in a state of surrender is idea at any level, it puts us in the state on flow and detachment, but personally, for myself, I've been at this for awhile, I'm a creator, I want to create, I guess what I mean is after being in a state of surrender, I was ready to stir the pot a little and act ''as if'' my goodies were manifested, I've launched new rockets of desire so I chose to feel them consistently, all day, all night, every minute, every second, feeling, imagining, fantasizing, affirming it is happening ''NOW'', then, after a few days, ''BAM'', I'm right back into my vortex! Note, this can be a tricky area to tread folks, you must do this with detachment, with no when's or how's that manifestation occurs, sometimes when we surrender we may feel some boredom setting in, and it just feels like nothing's moving, {although it really is} and we may get a little discouraged, especially when some things happen that we ''don't'' want to happen, so finding ways to feel better?, one must get ''creative'', it's all up to us, whatever makes us feel good. After three years of this I've found myself bouncing around, if you will, in my creation practice, after all, there is no same o', same o' approach here, remember, we're navigating by feelings here folks, the better we feel, the ''righter'' the path. For myself, I'll ''act as if'' and milk the feelings for awhile, then, after enough energy is spent, I'll just know that I'll need to go back into surrender and detachment at some level, but for now this feels awesome!  Will keep you all posted as this continues, until next time soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feeling detached?

Hello everyone, I hope practice and creation are paying off in dividends for all who visit this blogsite, even though we are all different and some tecniques work and others may not, rest assured, we will reach the desired outcomes if perseverence continues and total acceptance of the current circumstances are in your awareness, as change will come in the perfect timing. Being that feeling good is our dominate vibration day after day after day, alot of energy is expelled, sure, it feels good feeling good, but after a long bout a few things can happen, this, from my own personal experience, results in feeling neutral at times. It may be a little tiring emotionally working on staying in a ''high'' energetic vibration, and though the practice is paramount to successful manifestation, we need to take an emotional break, but it seems, on my part, that this almost happens naturally, like my authentic self says ''hey, take a break, don't try too hard, you'r on the right path''. The thing is I've sort of gotten used to feeling this way, so what can I feel now without sliding into boredom, after all, I am a creator and I want to create!, creation feels good, it keeps you busy, and you are moving towards what it is you want. Never fear, there are going to be days where we are just going to feel detached, saying to ourselves ''my desire?, oh yeah, that thing I really want, I don't feel like focusing on that today, I've been putting too much energy on it, I could use a vibrational break!''  When you feel this way, it's a really good thing, it's not counter productive by any means, it only brings things to us faster, I'll explain this, if we are focused and alligned to our desires, being positive in thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the desire will manifest naturally in the perfect timing, the thing is we can sometimes get caught up in expectation as to how fast we think our wish should manifest, and we may keep this up for a while and not see it materialize in the physical, without realizing it we're pushing manifestation, even though we're feeling good in the process. There is a fine line here, as I've learned only recently, just how good detachment can be, and how ''necessary'' it is. Sometimes you may have to practice detachment, especially at the beginning, but it seems after alot of energy and focus are used continually even after allignment is achieved, those ''detached feelings'' seem to kick in all by themselves, ''naturally'', although it's hard to explain it, I would regard this as source energy assisting us in this way, due to the fact that we've come so far, it's like a natural ''allowing'' state if you will, It may even be a safety mechanism when things are getting hot, either way it's happening to me, and I take comfort KNOWING that source is doing everything to bring me everything I desire, and it just feeds my power even more.  Almost three years have passed since I've began this journey, and there is still so much to learn, but it's getting more interesting by the day, and it's starting to get fun, which is the best part. As you become deliberate in how you want your life to be please always remember that source energy ''wants'' you to have whatever it is you want and more, I know this, I'm living this now, so it is only natural that as I continue to move and learn in my journey to fulfillment, I will document it all here at this blogsite, the mission, help and teach all who want to change their lives for the better, your lives readers, we are designed for greatness, and I wish to help do my part to get others to see and understand their true potential. In coming posts I will approach this in the truest, most genuine, and honest form, and it's only the beginning, as I've intended at the birth of this blogsite, this IS gonna be big!   So grab a rail and hang on, this is going to be an awesome ride folks!   Until next time very soon.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What channel are you on?

Well being all, back again, as inspiration continues to pour in, this my fellow creators, is, indeed, reality blogging at it's finest, as progress is made and change occurs, it's getting interesting and a little scary at times, but again just when I thought I'd got this going full steam I managed to slip a little, but that's okay. We will all slip on occasion, we just have to jump back up and keep moving forward as change happens. When feeling good becomes our dominant vibration, we sometimes have to slip out of our vortex just to be aware that once we jump back in the vortex, it feels so much better, more powerful, but is it enough to be in our vortex and feeling good? what if we could take it up a notch?, after all, being in the vortex is being, it's where our desires are waiting. As this is more than good enough to manifest idea outcomes, it has become my belief that we can go even better, I've been experimenting with vibration lately and ninety percent of the time feeling good IS good, the other ten percent?, that gives me more to PLAY with, so I find more things to raise my vibrational setpoint, but still, yes, I'm feeling pretty awesome but...but I really want to expand this feeling, I want to take this as high as I can possibly go, but how? I am after all only human right?, while this is true that's only part of it, the other half of us is our higher selves, now since I know this to be true, and that my higher self lives in a constant state of peace and joy, the highest state we want to experience, after all, that IS what humanity strives for! What if we could sort of channel our emotions towards those of our higher self by asking within ''how does my highest self feel, what is it like to experience that constant state of joy, blissful being, in the now, being in the present, fearless, creative, inspired, detached, and flowing?'', when the chips are a  little down I ask myself, ''what does higher self feel?'' as I practice this feeling I feel I'm sort of channeling into my broader self, the part of me that's perfect and whole. This seems to be working for me and improving fast, I am not a religous  person by any means, and I've managed to learn this on my own, it seems however, to be a spiritual experience that can feel like being on a high, and you just want more and more, this is a state I aim to be in a constant, if we can channel into the emotions that our authentic self experiences, at least most of the time, we are truly unlimited, let me put it in awesome context, being in the ULTIMATE zone! It is so amazing, as I have done as well, that of all that ''stuff'' we strive for that we ''think'' will make us happy, at the same time everything better is right in front of us, the ultimate prize, peace and happiness, that blissful joy, the same thing the ''stuff'' brings but better. Yes, I want prosperity and wealth, for me and my loved ones, and, like everyone, peace and security also, with endless abundance, those things DO make me feel good, but until then, I want to feel joy now, I want to feel blissful and appreciative now!, why wait for manifestation? Our higher self is already working on our desires, it's going to take time for them to enter the physical, that's just how this works, but since we have the time lag we might as well feel good now, be in the present moment, be our higher selves, or better, ''feel'' our higher selves! I will keep all posted on this more as progress continues.         Back soon!