Friday, July 20, 2012


Greetings!, fellow creators, during our week of independence here in this US of A, I was struck with a bout of opposite intention, in a nutshell, things were going wrong, I would wake up, do the usual routine, gratitude, journaling, feeling positive, setting good intentions. But for some reason, the opposite would occur, what the hell?, even worse, I got an  awful virus and dealt with something that never happens to me, a summer flu! No means did I create this, after all, how is it sudden that I'm getting all the things I don't want?, well, to be honest, this is not the first time this has happened to me, and it's possible to happen again during this transformation. If there was one disclaimer to deliberate creation, it would be the occasional bouts one will have of things going wrong while learning to reprogram the subconcious mind for manifestation of goals and desire. Now I don't want to scare the readers out there, even  though this sounds opposite of what positive intentions we are directing toward us, it is no means a bad thing, in fact, it's a good thing, how do we ask?, first, let's call it what it is, ''chemicalization'', and what I've learned is when we are changing how we think and believe, the old programs and new empowered ones clash, during this clash, our world gets rocked, our bodies react to these changes as well, things seem to be chaotic, when I first started getting ''chemicalized'' several months ago it would last from 48 to 72 hours, and it felt awful, it was like all the negative thinking I was getting rid of, would bounce back, and that includes the emotions too! When this happens, conflict is created, confusion, wanting to quit, feeling that it's just not worth it, but this is where perseverence is crucial, alot of people will give up when chemicalization happens, but the more we blast past it, the more rewarded we become, let me explain. The more I let chemicalization happen, and accepted it was a part of the process, the simpler it was, I was gentle with the process, no self blame, I know it feels awful, but how we deal with it is important, it can make or break a deliberate creator, it's like an occasional test to see if we can persevere in a mind crisis. Now that I'm 26 months in this life transformation I still chemicalize, but each time I blast through, I come out more powerful, more positive and recharged for creation!  Know that to be a success in deliberate creation, some form of chemicalization has to occur, even more for those that have decades of negative thinking and beliefs and work to change then, it's no picnic folks, it'll be simpler to just give up, ''DON'T DO IT!'' trust me, when we make the concious choice to change, be prepared for disruptions on occasion, but know it is a test, pass it, and each time the power grows. I have learned now that chemicalizing is a good thing, it means progress is being made, then it gets easier to deal with, accept it and let it pass, it does not serve us to fight or resist, that's the last thing we want to do, accept it, let it pass, and keep going. If  some are familiar with emotional freedom tecnique, this is an excellent tool to release resistance during chemicalization periods. As I said, when practicing deliberate intentions for positive outcomes in our lives, we will get good things in dividends, but on occasion, the internal battle will commence, the new positive thinking will collide with the old negative programming, I think of it as internal spiritual warfare, it sounds kind of extreme I know, but if we can blast through this obstacle gentle and forgiving, we forge a path to success as deliberate creators.  As we move more into positive thinking on a consistant basis, with NO negative thoughts ever, chemicalization will no longer occur, we will have reached a level where there is no more room for disempowering thinking, nothing can conflict with our newfound power, that's where we want to be! it is just during this process of learning and growth, mental and spiritual, that those old negative gremlins will fight to resurface, how bad we want change will determine how we deal with, and move past these battles, it is our choice, but remember, what does not kill us, makes us stronger! stick with it, fight the good fight!               Until next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Creative ''Emotionalization''

GREETINGS!, creators and practicioneers alike, have I got a post!, this week I wanted to touch on something we all have some kind of emotional attachment to, moola!, guinies!, greenbacks!, ''WEALTH'',  we all want it, and lots of it, after all, it brings freedom, independence, contentment, on the other side of the coin, ''not a pun intended'', it can create havoc!, cause greed, hoarding with a fear of losing mindset. I've learned alot about the green stuff in the past several months of practicing manifestation of wealth, and if we have past hang-ups about finances, it's going to take alot of commitment and persistance, I hate to break it, but it is one of the hardest things we will ever do, on a mental and emotional level, if there are issues of stress, lack, or limitation around the green stuff, prepare to dig deep inside, find the roots and issues, along with the negative beliefs, and start changing them. For me, this has taken several long months of clearing and erasing false beliefs about limitations and lack of abundance and wealth. It has been a frustrating process for me, but the rewards are astounding! So this post is to explain the consequences of desiring wealth, the trials and errors, and the good and not so good results. First off, we have to want wealth bad, we have to decide the ''real'' reasons for such a desire, no half-assing this, it MUST be a strong desire to the core of one's bieng, if not, the desire has no power.  There is no, I repeat, no magic wand to attracting wealth, there are two routes  to wealth, struggling through hard uninspiring work, and in most cases, not getting rich on a wage, and then there's the spiritual approach, doing the inner work needed to change beliefs while reprogramming the subconcious with more wealth empowering beliefs, I, of course, prefer the latter. Now the gut punch, when we want wealth to come too fast, let's assume we have financial woes, and we ''need'' to fix them, and we think that instant wealth is our ticket out, it will  compound the problem, here's the reason, need, is a negative emotion, it just attracts more need, it is impossible to attract wealth out of need, there has to be a feeling of having wealth now, that's where the inner work begins, if a person is just making ends meet, jumping from that to amazing riches cannot happen overnight, it's going to be a long process, and alot of patience is critical! Like I mentioned above, desire for wealth has to be strong, it has to become a dominate thought, not just sometimes, but all the time, it must be integrated into life and focused on constant. Even that is still not enough, when reprogramming is undergoing, there will be movement, and sometimes it's not comfortable, when changes are done inside of us, a shift will start to happen on the outside, and I don't mean gold raining down on
 our laps. Disruption will occur, sometimes it's awesome, other times it's downright uncomfortable, but when the old beliefs are replaced with new empowering ones, on occasion, there will be some clashes, and it can shake things up! Now how bad do we want it?, well, it's our birthright, we deserve it and we should have it, we can do amazing things like help loved ones, travel to beautiful places, invest in our passions, all we do is FEEL the essence of those things that wealth would bring, not a quick fix to a problem, wrong approach! Now, speaking of approach, I would like to tell the readers what has helped me on this quest for wealth, one important thing that is essential is finding some quiet time to visualize, the more often the better, I not so much  ''visualize'' the desire, I, as a matter of fact, have developed a personal tecnique I call  ''emotionalization'', I go more for the feeling of the desire fulfilled, having it now, and I will admit, it feels awesome, it used to feel like a chore, now it is just plain fun, almost child like in nature. On top of this, I chant personal customized  affirmations for wealth on a constant, so consistant I am that there is not a contradicting thought to be had, I  E.F.T. tap on meridian points on  personal customized wealth concious and awareness mantra affirmations apon awakening, plus subconcious re-programming before sleep, and, writing wealth affirmations 100 times  when the sun rises. Alot of work I know, but that's what it will take to prepare for large amounts of wealth, even if we get there, we have to keep it right? because some people will go for a lotto win, and get rich overnight, but if the right approach is not created for wealth, that person will lose it just as fast, wealth is a mindset, not a fix, if a person wishes to hit the lotto, then attract it with a spiritual approach, allign to it, this is the best approach to bieng abundant in wealth, but remember the adage, be careful what is wished for, if it is wealth, be prepared for the drastic change and responsibilities that come with it, to have it is to do the internal work and preparation to recieve it, be patient, if this is what one wants unconditional, with all fibers of bieng, it will happen.  More to come!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let it go and let it come

Fellow co-creators and students of the law of belief!, good to be back posting another gemstone of good advice for all who wish to master this amazing law of the mind. I've been sharpening the skill of detachment these past three weeks and ''letting go'' can be a full time job, I mean it!, I've reached a stage where persistence is a must to detach and allow, whatever it is we are wanting to create in our lives, be it a house, new cars, perfect health, or in most cases, wealth, letting go and detaching can be the most challenging, we do succeed when we do this, but sometimes we look for results too soon and dissapointment starts to set in and we wonder if the desire is coming. Fear not ,this is the time when letting go must be practiced on a consistent basis, but that does'nt sound fun does it? but it is'nt as bad as it seems, as a matter of fact it's quite freeing, having an attachment on our goals in  ''HOW'' it will  manifest will drive one insane, looking, and waiting will just slow the process, ''TRUST''  in how all things happen in their own time is of importance here. It will take some serious dicipline of the mind to detach, know though, that this is not giving up the desire, not even, it's letting it manifest in the perfect time, and in most cases, better than we could ever imagine, there are infinite routes  to manifestation  when we move aside and let the divine do the work, our job is quite simple, to get in vibrational allignment to what is desired on a consistent basis. Our job is to focus, feel, and believe it's here now, not in the future, but ''NOW'', AND THAT INCLUDES LETTING GO! when we are attached to what we want to manifest we are in resistance, pushing the desire in the opposite direction, this is counter productive in deliberate creation. So, how does one let go?, one of the best things for me is emotional freedom technique hands down, we owe it to ourselves to learn about this amazing formula for releasing blocks, to releasing past traumas, releasing all forms of resistance, inluding detaching and letting go. Another is HO'OPONOPONO, which I might add, can be used in conjunction with emotional freedom tecnique. However, it is not overnight, it takes lots of practice and patience, and how much we want success is dependent on mastering these practices. I would add that there are a lot more clearing tecniques out there, what works best is whatever is best for each person, do the research, start putting it into practice, letting go is imperative to successful manifesting, it just cannot be done, it ''MUST'' be practiced , I repeat, practiced on a consistent basis! When successful, a shift will occur, and it will feel like a burden has been lifted and a more flowing relaxed state takes over, ''ALLOWING''  desires to move towards manifestation un-impeded, while we have fun living our life, doing what we love, out of this place, miracles happen. Of all I've learned so far these past 26 months, the best advice I can give is to let go of how the manifestation  should come, let the universe take care of that, just focus on the end result ''with as much feeling'' as possible, let go, trust it is done, and go about business, and things will happen!  I've been using affirmations on wealth conciousness practice for a few weeks and  I'm getting incredible results, in the next post, I want to share this awesome tecnique for those who are interested in attracting wealth, this supercharges the wealth mindset and awareness with considerable results!    Until next time!