Friday, May 30, 2014

How big?

Good day all, four years into the Law of Attraction practice and finally I am achieving victory!, not the getting of material stuff victory, but the self mastery one, having complete control over my thoughts and emotions. This is the biggest reward in deliberate creation practice due to the fact that feeling good should always come first, that's spirit alignment which brings the good stuff! When we are deliberate in our thoughts and feelings towards positive outcomes there are perks along with many surprises daily, we line up to everything we want and then some, with the dominant focus on the positive it becomes habitual in our daily lives bringing opportunities and opening doors. As I've finally developed this ''new and improved'' way of being nothing seems to bother me as much as it used to, meaning nothing is too big to interfere with my dominant feel good vibrations, whereas a few years before it was the other way around, when little things would send me into an emotional downward spiral, reinforcing my negative dominant vibration. Looking back I realize how we tend to view things much worse than they actually are, and the vicious cycle of negativity never ends because we become a doormat or a victim of circumstances instead of ''owning'' those circumstances. One thing that helped me overcome certain big ''perceived'' problems was to imagine myself holding the world in the palm of my hand, those big problems became very small very quick! It takes 30 to 40 days to form a new habit, of course it varies to the individual, it is said 21 days in some cases but we can tend to back-slip so we have to start over and keep it persistent until the new state is achieved. Even when perceived ''big'' intentions are launched they may get in the way of happiness because we feel like we need them and THEN we'll be happy when we get them, the lack of them will cause the unhappiness hindering those very things we want to experience. Even the grandest material desires cannot outweigh the benefits of being happy, with or without them, and it took me a long time to learn this lesson, outer things don't bring happiness, true happiness is within us, and when we achieve this dominant state without getting the material things we strongly desire, and here's the paradox, those very desires begin to ''seek'' us out, because we no longer ''need'' them, THAT'S THE SECRET!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

'cause i'm happy!

No, I'm not ripping off that song from pop culture, life IS truly going good and there is nothing astronomical going on in my life, yet I feel I am where I need to be in the present time, I know everything is unfolding and no concern is evident in my vibration. This happiness is more mixed with contentment, sure, I've felt excitement, joy, eagerness, enthusiasm, positive expectation, and freedom mixed with happiness, but feeling the highest emotions for too long begins to feel a little forced, and at times can be draining! Happiness can come in many sizes but all are good and we will experience them all, as long as all of the above are our dominant vibration we are in the manifesting zone! As I continue to be in the present I am content, and from here I can jump up onto my higher emotions with no effort, gratitude is one of them, and when we are happy WHERE we are, despite the outer circumstances, we allow more of the same to be happy about, and despite those circumstances, we open up to better circumstances. The name of the game here is momentum friends, it will take you to whole new levels of being and look out for the amazing signs that follow!, this is when the Universe dances with you and shows you mind blowing vibrational matches. Get happy and get results!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Muster the courage

Good morning and a happy Monday to you all, every day can seem a battle for those of us who strive, and even for those of us who thrive, while life is great and getting better for this blogger I still have to find strength and courage to make it through each and every day. As a deliberate creator courage is an important asset that must be developed in order to confront the sweeping changes that result from life changing intentions, we are simply organizing the unseen forces of the Universe and they WILL, should you be aware of it, let you know that they are indeed present. Every day I receive multiple prompts, the number sequences the spiritual guides are sending me to keep me on the correct path, at first it was a little scary I'll admit, but now it gives me security and courage that I'm being helped by the unseen forces that are supporting me in my alignment, and most of the time these spiritual beings are around, we can't see them but now more than ever we are sharing the world with the physical and spiritual, this is the new way of manifesting on the planet now, breaking through another dimension, resulting from higher consciousness and awareness. People fear the higher truths, the unseen and the mis-understood, people fear their own true power, we live in a world of ignorance and denial, accepting what we only see, which is an illusion in higher truth, rather than what we can be. There is a reason the shift is taking place, the Universe is ever changing, expanding, we are effected by this, there are those who will thrive and those who will strive during this new era, it will be more important than ever to have courage to handle these massive changes that will occur on this planet, and I am not sure a lot of humanity will be ready for these changes, this world will not be the same as it was anymore, these changes are quickening. It is going to be a true test in the hearts of man, as we share the planet with the increasing spiritual realm, we must adapt to it, and I believe we are now in these times, and it's not a good time to be afraid! On some days I can feel caught in between these two worlds, and it can be downright uncomfortable at times, but my guides are always assuring me that all is well, and that everything is working out great for me. A lot of things have happened in the past seven years on this planet, and as bad as they've seemed for many of us they've happened for a reason, we need to go through the mud to reach the dry land, that builds character and strength, we've forgotten these lessons and we must learn from the global mistakes we continue to repeat! The changes, although seeming unpleasant, are trying to get our attention, and they will continue until we notice that we need to make some serious adjustments or we are heading over a cliff. I believe I'm not alone here, many out there are in close contact with the spiritual realm, and many are receiving the same prompts, [number sequences] in their daily lives. I don't get freaked out about all of this any more, I'm used to this now, it started happening to me about a year ago, and I believe more of us will experience this in the coming months, this will only continue to grow and begin to wake humanity up on a massive scale, only the strong at heart will thrive! Until again

Friday, May 16, 2014


It's getting hot and heavy here in this creator's world, I've managed to escape the heat of Phoenix and headed west for the summer, hard to tell the difference though here in southern California, can hardly wait to get up into the Pacific Northwest! Alas! another post we go into. Life is going great, although I tend to get a little anxious about the unfolding of my intentions I know beyond certainty that my manifestations have been above and beyond the calling. While I sometimes question the unfolding of my biggest intentions I know deep down there is trust in the way they manifest, even though I don't know HOW they come, I trust that this won't matter, I always get what I want, just in the least expected ways, most of them surprisingly. Being the humans that we are, we believe that what we want has to come about a certain way, our way, but most of the time the Universe will surprise us when delivering, we just cannot know how something happens and dare I say, we as humans sometimes have narrow views about how we accomplish big things, while the Universe has a wide view of endless possibilities that bring them to us in the least expected ways. To not worry about the outcome is detachment, a good thing among Law of Attraction circles, this way it opens many doorways to getting your greatest desires in the perfect timing, and believe me I know, that the Universe LOVES to surprise us, I mean who would NOT want that? Stay viewed

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Relax and just ''chill''

That was the message I was receiving these past few days, good afternoon friends, sometimes I catch myself trying too hard when it comes to staying focused on my good feelings, My inner being has just reminded me ''why do you complicate this?, it's so easy!'' Yes, I do have days when I just try too hard to stay in my vortex alignment, I'll put so much pressure on myself to force alignment with source and then there is that tinge of resistance that creeps up. No problem, it's that control side of human nature we have, we find that we even want to control how we do deliberate creating when it comes to alignment, we're past controlling the outcomes and manifestations physically, but our rational minds move into worrying about how good we are supposed to always feel. I am going through this short phase now, but I'm cleaning it up and it's as simple as just letting go and relaxing, not worrying about what I'm thinking and feeling and just being in a natural well being and flow, and things pretty much smooth out nicely! I've always been the type of person that gives it my all when it comes to learning new things, and it's easy to take things too seriously without meaning to, law of attraction works best when we are relaxed and at ease, well being is the key to success when being in alignment, yet we can get caught up in the forcefulness of it all, believing we must always be improving ourselves to be successful. When we step back and take a breather, we allow the natural forces to take over, and we can feel the relief when we do this, it'll feel like a heavy load was lifted off of our back. Summer is around the corner, and there may be goals to accomplish, but it's good to step back and take a breather and not to try too hard as I sometimes forget to do myself, we need to get out of our own way and let source energy in the driver's seat. Right now in my stage of this journey everything is very well and moving in the right direction, but I sometimes complicate things by getting caught up in the excitement of it all, and try to rationalize how it all unfolds, no, I'm just going to relax and chill out, even in this heat!

Monday, May 12, 2014


It's amazing, looking back into my past, and seeing why things are the way they are now, every choice I've made has lead me to where I am at this moment, whether good or bad does not matter, I'm beginning to connect the dots. This blog site is all about the higher truths, it's also about honesty, and yes, I am a high school drop out, I didn't even make it through my freshman year, and yet I've built a solid foundation of good character, through tough times and emotional breakdowns. I've achieved a greatness no education institution could give me, School for me was fun during my elementary years, I loved to learn, art, was my favorite subject due to the creating aspect of it all, there was so much interaction with the student and teacher, and because of this learning was a positive and enjoyable experience. When I entered middle school the enthusiasm began to wane, I began to feel a dis-connection from what was being taught to me, and by my ninth grade year, I decided there were better things to do than sit in school for eight hours a day, I dis-liked high school and everything it stood for, so, I just stopped going as I craved my freedom over learning. At the time, in 1979, morals were different, people didn't stay in school because they REALLY wanted to, they stayed in school because they HAD to, or they would have to leave home by parental rules, or, so they were told, could not get a good job to support their family, manage money, and compete in a growing world economy, it was a time of the REAL status quo, school was mandatory to success, any other way they would tell us, led to failure, remember be cool and stay in school? While a good education is helpful in accomplishing goals, it could be possible that our education system has been teaching us conformity rather than choosing our own paths, teaching us how things are rather than how we would prefer them to be, another example of the broken ''old'' system is that most high school and college students that graduate, are finding it harder and harder to find decent paying jobs, most are working for minimum wage and the price?, finishing school and going to college! Looking back on all of this I can see why I dropped out, even though the education system was in a little better shape then, but in a strange way this feels like it was a part of my life path, I needed to experience things in a different way, though very scary and unpleasant, they've built great strength and character that school would have never taught me. Some of the most amazing and successful people in our history didn't stay in school, they invented their own ways of doing things, going outside of the box! Going to school, having a job, is to me, like being a robot!, gone are these ways of thinking and conforming to the status quo, does school teach us that we are spiritual beings in a human body?, does school teach us that we have the gift of co-creation, and that we can be, do, and have anything we choose?, does school teach us that there is no competition or lack, and that the Universe IS abundant?, none of the above! We are all the same but we are also very unique individually, we each have a special gift and talent that can benefit humanity as a whole, and a purpose as well, I mean why have a COPY when you can have the original in your hands. I am no advocate of dropping out of school, there are successful people that have finished school and accomplished great things as well as those who didn't stay in school, but what I've learned from my own personal experience no school could ever have taught me, and I'm beginning to see how it has shaped me into who I am now. Learning things the hard way, without school, has given me strength and character, and yes, achieve great success in all areas of my life, physically and spiritually, and had I stayed in school, I possibly wouldn't be writing this post right now, and I believe I'll ponder on this one! Until again.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Good afternoon all, in my last post I wrote about how we can use the laws of creation to become more healthy, I wanted to extend this further by writing about how the mind affects our health and well being. Before I do that I would like to mention that I personally have no health care benefits, I can't even remember the last time I actually HAD any kind of coverage, and when I did, I never used it, never needed it, the last time I was at a hospital was over seventeen years ago, since then I've never seen a real doctor. I'm just going to come forward and say it, I don't believe in the health care system, I think it's broken anyway, I realize though that some of us need health care and that's a good thing especially with the retiring boomers, who need it more than ever. What I dislike about this mostly is big pharma and these prescription drugs being developed and the numerous side effects they have, these quick fixes on any given illness that can compound the illness rather than treat it. With all the complaining aside, I've taken responsibility for my own health and well being, with my new found alignment to my inner being I've never been more confident in my health, some would consider this reckless behavior, but the truth is I don't waste my time worrying about my health, I'm just too busy improving it! There are no what-if's in my vibration about what could happen to me regarding illness, especially when I create my own reality and only focus on optimum health and vitality. We, as humans, were designed, and given the ability to self-heal, I know this, I've done it, we however, are not designed to take prescription drugs to heal, which only ''band-aids'' the problem in the short term. I will admit I have some weaknesses when it comes to food and drink, but only in certain moderation, then it's back at bat!, I'll let nothing compromise my health especially prescription drugs. I suffered from clinical depression for many years, and it nearly took my life, but after all those awful years I've beaten it, without anti-depressants and prescription drugs, I healed myself from every depression caused dis-ease that was destroying my health and vitality, without a doctor! As reckless as this may seem, I'm in no way in a hurry to seek coverage, I trust in myself as well as source energy to keep me as healthy as I can physically be, being sick or ill is something I just don't think about, I'm 50 and in the best health ever. While health care is necessary and people DO need it for many reasons, I personally have put my trust in my own ability to heal myself through alignment, it has not failed me yet, and I doubt it ever will, as I grow in awareness and in constant alignment the last thing I worry about is my health, but I am covered, I have Universal health care!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Good afternoon all, today I wanted to write about the importance of our self image in conscious creation, how we view and feel about ourselves is of great importance, true, it goes beyond physical appearances but equally so, it too can be important to feel good in the body we are given. I've always had a very attractive physical appearance, bragging aside, back then I still hated myself, I'd look into the mirror and see the body I wanted, but my mind would always be saying ''but you still can't do anything right, your a failure'', so despite my efforts to work out and accomplish good results my mind and body were completely out of alignment, little did I know my mind would eventually win and sabotage my body, creating stress, anxiety, depression, and every form of dis-ease that goes against the mind-body connection. The more bad I felt the harder I trained, resulting in over training, I felt that I was at a plateau constantly, which I was because I was constantly trying to fill that empty self image void, even though I looked good physically I was insecure and obsessed with my physical appearance. This became an obsessive vicious circle, one with abusing the body and pushing even harder to fix it, and if I was to miss a lift, I would become very cranky and sometimes depressed, and I did not use steroids but I sure behaved like it! No matter how much time and effort I put into training my body, I was never satisfied, I would always receive compliments but they would just push me even harder and harder. Looking back I realize my biggest mistake, my mind was not on board with my body, they were working against each other, now that I've achieved alignment with the two, I work out much, much less and achieve amazing results, I'm in the best shape of my life at 50 years old, and the results of mind-body alignment are astonishing. I just want to say that through alignment we can have the body we've always wanted, but we first MUST be fine and comfortable with the one we have now, this is paramount!, we have to look into that mirror and say honestly ''I love you just the way you are'' to ourselves, otherwise we cannot move forward and accomplish this goal, it's very important to love yourself first, no matter what the mirror shows you. Your inner being wants you to always feel good about yourself, despite what you see physically, you are a spiritual being in a human body, this is an important higher truth that MUST be recognized and accepted in order to achieve the results you desire, and it is your inner being that helps you accomplish any physical changes you wish to make. Yes, we are creators, and just as easily as we can create wealth, happiness, and soul mates, we too can create the bodies we want, nothing is impossible!, it's just that we must value ourselves for who we really are, not who we want to become, because we may feel that we won't be happy UNTIL we have that dream body we want, but we must accept and approve of who we are now, I've been there and that good body became an unfulfilled obsession that would cause unease and abuse and insecurity. For those who wish to lose weight or just feel better about the body you are presently in, it's so important to align to your inner being first, to accept that it's okay to be where you are physically and visualize where you want to go, your higher self will go right to work, and this is one area where I advise massive action be taken, no couch potatoes allowed!

Monday, May 5, 2014

V.O.I.D. [victims of internal dialog]

Greetings, another week, another post! I've been rolling in inspiration these past few weeks and writing is becoming more and more passionate to me, especially when it involves helping the readers of these posts. I do truly hope something good comes from these posts as everyone has their own way of deliberate manifestation, that what has worked successfully for me inspires you readers who wish to practice conscious creation. I'll kick off the week on the subject of our internal dialog and how it affects our daily lives, at every second we are creating the next second, and the next, in segments of how we are thinking, thus our emotions follow which are our engines of creation, we actually manifest from the subconscious, any instruction we give to it it acts upon, as we complain we remain, when we say things out loud to ourselves that dis-empowers our true selves we are using our own subconscious mind against ourselves, and most of the time we are unaware of it! All this self defeating ''self talk'' is being programmed into our internal dialog, reinforcing the new belief and creating the unwanted reality, for most of us this is akin to a drug addiction, we just love to beat up on ourselves when something does not happen the way we want, this can send us deeper into a downward spiral of self talk and self defeat, with us being our own worst enemy, a victim of our own internal dialog. A shift must occur, reprogramming is paramount!, we must power up instead of power down, it amazes me how powerful we are, but sadly it can be a weapon of our own self destruction, we are given the gift of creation, and we MUST use this gift in the right direction, as is meant, and just as powerful as our thinking can bring about everything we want, it can equally bring about everything we do NOT want, and at times with a disaster of results. I could write for hours on this subject but in a nut shell, we have to be very careful of what we think and say to ourselves, when emotion sets in we begin the creation process and believe me when I say this, anything that we let dis-empower us is in opposition to our inner beings, we are going against who we really are and we are crushing our own spirits and it's nobody's fault but our own. As we become the victim we look to blame others or the outer circumstances that cause our dis-ease, but in truth it is us and how we react over and over to these things, that program us to react over and over, because we are programming it into our internal dialog, and manifest it must!, oh that vicious cycle! One of the hardest things for me to accept since the beginning of my awakening was to take responsibility for everything bad that's happened to me in my life, but how freeing it was, and that was just one of many breakthroughs in my journey towards excellence, and since that shift I've been on the path to success in self mastery. More to come!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

By the power invested

Happy month of May everyone, summer's right around the corner, already?, it feels like the winters are getting shorter, wait a minute, they are! As we continue to focus our positive energies and expand on them we build a solid foundation to stand on, that unstoppable ability to create ANYTHING we want, yes, we do get better at this. Investing inward in our own abilities, talents, and passions are paramount to successful manifesting, along with our self worth and unshakable faith and knowing, the Universe will move mountains for us. I've invested four years into self mastery and it's paying off in ways I never imagined, but this is a journey, and constant growth will ensue as long as I'm on the planet. I believe that there are no experts on the subject on reality creation, despite the internet being flooded with the law of attraction mainstream, we all tailor it to our own methods, it works differently on each and every one of us, no one way is the same. As I've progressed over the past few years, I've developed my own style and methods of reality creation, and since we've moved into a new era on the planet I've had to tweak a few things to break past the densities. At first this was about getting stuff, now, for myself, it's all about aligning to my I.B. and developing self mastery, the stuff is pouring in, but the real benefits are the feeling good and thriving on life itself! I have chosen no career paths, I feel no need to settle with the daily grinds of working for others , I have many talents and abilities that could secure me well financially should I pursue them, but I have chosen, above everything else, to live in alignment and let the flow of life bring everything to me in the right timing. I am a deliberate creator, I know nothing anymore of struggle, strife, and frustration, sure, I'm human, there are moments, but only moments, not days, or weeks or months, I've mastered self mastery. Stay viewed!