Thursday, August 22, 2013

The more things change....

Yes, the title above sums up this article nicely, good morning all from sunny Southern California, I'm in my fourth month here after re-locating from even sunnier Arizona, and this has been a very unusual summer, if 2012 was the year of transformation then 2013 is absolutely the year of change, and change is indeed happening to this writer, and it can get downright weird at times, but as I wrote before that when you want the big stuff in life, you have to take the BIG changes that come with them. It can get uncomfortable when the ''inner you'' is already living the desire and externally things have not shifted yet, but you see they are, at the unseen level, I've said it before, perception is key here, along with absolute knowing the shift will occur towards our desired reality. I remember watching the Secret a few years back and one of the speakers, I believe the writer Mike Dooley, in the movie summed it up best by saying ''how bad do you want change?''I believe most DO want change, but are afraid of change at the same time, I was one of these people, but let's examine change, there are small changes and big changes, the smaller changes are more commonly easier to go through, as we don't get knocked out of our comfort zone too drastically, plus we're in control most of the time. Now big changes to me are a whole different ballgame, and when we try to control them it usually comes with struggles and frustrations, I've learned that bigger changes must be allowed, not forced, our inner being should be in the driver's seat when it comes to big changes, once it's thought and felt and resonates with higher self all control must be relenquished, until the need for inspired action occures, therein lies the problem with most, giving up control, wishing away for better circumstances but not willing to commit and jump out of the ''comfort zone''. Friends, change, BIG change takes commitment, you have to be willing to go through anything to get it, and there will be alot of falling down and getting back up, as if it was a test, for three years plus, this has been the case for me, but now it's paying off in a ''MASSIVE'' way, once we get through and past these obstacles for change the Universe is ours to command, and it will literally give you everything you desire, then the real magic happens, you are a deliberate creator, and the Universe is your genie, it will dance with you, showing you signs and syncronicities in a playful manner, always reflecting back to you what it is you desire, wanting to fulfill your every wish every time! These changes for myself, have brought me to the realization that I want to teach others to reach their true potential, this very change that I've gone through has motivated me to teach others how to change, and it only makes sense that I do this, what I recieve, I give, in knowledge and power, to help others do the same. There has been some unexpected and unforseen side-effects during this transformation, it's more than just getting ''stuff'', it's quite possible we'll find our purpose along the way, and still get the stuff, but those things are only the by-product of what reality creation truly is, and we all eventually discover the bigger picture. Change is inevitable, so we might as well be deliberate about it, instead of getting caught off guard, where most will resist it because they were not prepared, and out of fear talk themselves out of it. Create change, allow it to happen, and embrace it's rewards, positive change is what we want, and we can have it, how bad ''DO'' you want change?

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Wow, post number 85 and just scratching the surface?, yes indeed, and as I continue my growth in knowledge and awareness, I've refused to let go of some of my ''youthful'' traits. While this writer believes in the importance of growth in this journey towards excellence and achievements, I've kept some of the traits that define who I am, and keeping them seems to allow a degree of balance in my life that allows the fun and adolescent side of me to burst out in a good way, to keep me in my youth so to speak. I have come to believe that spiritual growth does'nt mean we have to give up everything to achieve it, we just have to find balance in all things, for example, I love social gatherings, barbeques, craft beer, parties, celebrations, the heaviest music on the planet, I also love nature, quiet time, excercise, engaging in my passion [this], cooking, teaching and helping others. There are two sides to my personal coin, fun and adventure, and personal development. I have found the only thing I had to give up was my self destructive thinking, and once that was changed to more empowering ways of thinking, all of the things I still enjoy have been greatly enhanced,it's as if I'm re-experiencing them all over again, but in a way that was meant to be. I struggled with this for awhile, I kept worrying that I'd have to let some things go, those things I still enjoy, conventional thinking was getting the best of me, and it caused some resistance on my path, I learned that the only thing I needed to let go of was this way of thinking, I almost fell into the trap that to get anything, you've got to give up almost everything, but what about the things you love and enjoy? who we are is who we are, we are physical beings in a physical and material world, we can do nothing wrong, we are here to learn, grow and experience. Some believe that having alot of material posessions is wrong, or engaging in fun and pleasurable activities is counter productive to spiritual growth, if that's what they believe, that's okay, there is no right or wrong here, personally, I believe we can find balance in these things and enjoy the best of both worlds. Since I've began this journey three years ago, I've been doing things this way and they have not hindered my growth in any way, as a matter of fact I'm enjoying these things even more because they are'nt taken for granted anymore, when it's time to roll out the barrels of fun, I do it with gratitude, that I can still enjoy these things, of course in moderation and balance! Who says you have to grow up? ''OH GROW UP!'' I never liked hearing that and I still dont! I am blessed with youth, and I've done some damage to this body over the years, but you could never tell, my youth has bounced back like never before, I've achieved the perfect balance to be the person I want to be and maintain my youth at the same time, I've turned back the clock and aging, to me, is a graceful, fulfilling experience of having fun and growing up all over again, this is truly living! I'm keepin' it real, no trends, no running with the packs, just living life on MY terms, free and easy, following the bliss while still enjoying those things that go against the grains of conventional thinking of a conditioned society. Yes, I walk my own path and we all are free to walk our own paths, I've just chosen to let things unfold in their own natural way, while having fun along the way, and I'm pretty sure that I'm getting a thumbs up from source energy, which is bringing even more circumstances to keep the path fun, youthful and alive! More to come!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The numbers are in, the forces are assembling

Well being all who drop in, while writing yesterday's posting it occured to me after signing off that I did indeed need to go more in-depth about our guides and how they communicate to us with number sequences, for the past two weeks I've been seeing these number sequences quite regularily, and just in the past four days much more frequently, it's kind of spooky but in a very nice way! I believe that more than any time in the history of modern times, the spiritual and material world seem to be co-existing now, and quite possibly due to the shift I've written about, if this all sounds crazy I can understand, but whether it's believed or not, I feel that changes are happening and being a part of co-creation with universal intellegence is more powerful than ever, yes, there truly has NEVER been a better time in modern history to manifest! Now that my intentions are complete I feel it's time to move into my purpose, this ''purpose'' is my greatest manifestation, and my guides have steered me in this direction thanks to my heightened awareness and connection with universal intellegence. In my personal experience, I felt that I had to get to a place of readiness to recieve my desires, and connection to the universal intellegence has made it so, everybody goes at this differently, nothing happens to everyone the same way, sure, we are all connected, but how we intend and recieve are different,this according to our works and life paths, including higher purpose. The purpose of THIS post is not to tell anyone ''this is how you should do this'' because only YOU can decide how you want to approach reality creation, only YOU decide how you interpret the signs and meanings on YOUR path, and finally, only YOU can decide what works best for you, when practicing laws of attraction. As the famous saying goes in all things law of attraction, ''whatever you believe you achieve'' whether right or wrong, good or bad, as you think so you are, but we already know that! Your guides are always trying to get your attention, they want SO much to help you achieve your dreams, I sure wish I'd knew this a long time ago, these unseen forces are all around, you can't see 'em, but be assured, they are always sending you messages, and when you believe and accept this all you have to do is ask, that's it, and when you'r ready to look, you will see these number sequences more and more frequently, and if you are having a hard time believing now, you will begin to believe on a whole new level, that these forces from universal intellegence are conspiring to get you ANYTHING you want! My messages come in many different ways, television, liscense plates, magazines, but mostly liscense plates, trucks and billboards also send these messages. Here is some number sequences that I see and interpret most frequently, the interpretations can differ to the individual that sees them, however these are my own interpretations of what I see, as well as the general idea of what they mean, they are as follows... [111]monitor your thoughts, keep positive. [222]keep the faith, it's all good. [333]you have divine help.[444]surrounded by guides, support. [555]brace for life changes. [666]thoughts out of balance. [777]great job, on the right path! [888]financial abundance is coming! [999]chapter ends, new one begins, get to work on life purpose now! [ooo]one with divine intellegence. There are many more, some number sequences are mixed and I'm still learning how to read them but these I listed I see very frequently. In the next post I want to share how I'm learning to have balance in my new and improved lifestyle, between the spiritual and material. Until then!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The guardians of you

Happy Monday readers, as before and always thank you for popping in on these posts, I truly hope that they are helping and teaching on all of our journeys towards happiness and prosperity. Things are moving fast as I've closed one chapter and am starting a new one in reality creation, and daily this new chapter is being constantly reminded to me, all of the answers are pouring in, and in ways I never imagined a few weeks ago. While this practice is still new to me it has opened new doors to communication with universal intellegence on a whole new level, and the amazing part of this is we ALL have it available to us at all times, but most of us are simply unaware of it, we are ALWAYS getting messages from our guides, but we miss them most of the time by dismissing them as wierd coincidences or by just being focused on the things that are unpleasant to us, while the solutions are right in front of our faces. As I've written in past postings we recieve signs [vibrational matches] of what desires we are intending, simply meaning the universe has recieved your request and is working on the manifestation of such desire into physical reality, each time we see the thing we want, we are a vibrational match to it, now this can go on for weeks, months, even years, so after some time the intention [desire] needs to be released, [letting go] and this can be where people get stuck, they'll keep focusing on the thing they want, which is okay, but most of the time it's focusing on the absence of the thing they want, more vibrational matches, but no manifestation, you keep seeing it, but you'r not recieving it. In other posts I've written how MANDATORY letting go is, and once we truly let go, and believe me, you can't trick the universe into this, it must be sincere and heartfelt, no matter how painful it is! If you want something really bad chances are letting go will take time, but what happens after you've finally, through frustration and surrendering, finally let go? Well, it gets a little quiet on the reality creation front, and being human as we are, we grow impatient, we start to lose faith, there's no movement, then comes the contrast, which we are creating through our vibration, with all the fun and excitement of visualization, affirming, seeing those vibrational matches, reality creation is'nt fun anymore right? WRONG! it's about to get real interesting because it's getting time to recieve and that's where our guides step in to help us line up to what we want, and they are always ready to help in miraculous ways. But how can we know when they speak to us?, how do we recieve their messages? Again, it's right in front of our faces friends, through number sequences, they are your direct link of communication to your guides, these number sequences [or angel numbers] come in three's, and so far I've been recieving them constantly, and the more I take notice, the more I recieve them, it has moved me from a place of unwavering faith to a complete unwavering ''knowing'', and they are brought to me via television, magazines, but mostly liscense plates, think this all sounds crazy? it's not, I challenge anyone with an open mind to research angel numbers and their meanings, as I've become more spiritually aware, I've made the conscious decision to get in touch with my guides, and they wasted no time obliging me, and through communication have assured me that everything desired, is completed, and I can go ahead and move forward in my purpose, and enjoy the process as all the good things come flowing in. And flowing in they are, I can say after letting go so many times, I almost hit bottom vibrationally, this last chemicalization was INTENSE! but it seemed to force me to let go in a way I never have before, and opened me up to letting go of EVERYTHING! I've practiced letting go many times, but it was'nt enough to simply let go, I had to just plain forget about everything I thought I knew, and accept that I'll never get it right, and that's okay. When we begin to think we're mastering reality creation, it can go to our heads, but the universe can at any time put on the brakes, and say[''whoa, slow down there hotrod''] it takes time, we can't rush it, although we'd like to. I'd like to delve deeper into this topic as I discover more, about communicating with our guides, we all have them,and as our awareness grows communication is easier, and fulfillment is achieved. More to come on this subject in future posts.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ill treat

Well being everyone, back from a little breather, August is turning out to be quite a month, is it me or is anybody else feeling some strange uncomfortable energy? this has been anything but a normal summer, it has occured to me that transformation and radical changes are happening this month, and due to this, contrast and resistance are in full swing, my moods are on a rollercoaster as of lately, the wierd part is I'm a man, and these symptoms I'm going through are, well, almost menopausal in nature, hot flashes, moments or depression, joy, anxiety, sadness, hope, hopelessness, anger, guilt, regret, what the hell is going on here? I've been on a positive roll for so long, why is all this suddenly happening?, the answers are indeed within, and what i'm learning is that, despite how ugly this sounds, it is a good thing, allow me to delve deeper into this ''unease'' further. A few posts ago I wrote about the shift that's occured and may be still occuring on the planet, although these are subtle now, some of us are being affected by them, if any lightworkers are reading this post, you'll know what I mean, there are indeed changes happening here, and the great news is it's a great time to be a reality creator, rejoice creators, because your manifestations may come much faster now that a new demension is upon us. But what about those symptoms from the universe? Friends, I've launched some ''game changers'' of desire, these desires were not just about me, they included my family and closest friends,and even you readers, these ''game changing'' desires went from the ego to the heart, the greater good if you will, and while I won't reveal them, [sorry] I will tell you that all the things I'm going through right now is preparing me for manifestation, and as ugly as it seems it just is, and you've got to cross the desert to reach the pond, but the water is SO much cooler and sweeter when you DO reach it, and when you launch those ''biggies'' they can come at times when it will seem like nothing's coming at all. During the three years of my personal journey my desires have been ramped up, tailored to work in ways that benefit others as well as me, I can now see how time is an issue here, although I cannot connect the dots now, looking back on this I certainly will connect them when these manifestations come to pass, it's just how things work, there were moments that I felt like giving up on reality creation altogether, but this time, I wanted to run away from it! The emotions I'm going through are really intense, like never before, it's chemicalization on steroids, and, oddly, a light is at the end of this tunnel. As this will pass, I'm ''letting go'' at a whole new level, it seems that it's all I can do now and it has helped, now is not the time to think too much, because with these emotions, it's a very volatile mix, I'm just lucky source is helping me through this and now it's time to brace for life change! Yes friends, dreams come true, but in the beginning they can come in uneasy ways, but you do get good at this, and you learn that the journey is truly better than the manifestation, but unfortunately when we start out, it's the other way around, and the path is crooked and rocky, instead of smooth and direct. There ARE lessons along the path to the big goals, and boy, they can hurt, but you know the saying, what does not kill us..... Until next time soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The God you knew

Good morning friends pacific time and other times on this awesome planet called earth!So far I've posted four in a row this week, inspired?, maybe, but more it just feels good writing, it's an escape from this illusional present reality that I sometimes get thrown at me, or, contrast!, still greatful for it, as desire gets sharper and sharper like a high definition TV screen. I can honestly say these posts easily reflect what my mood is and where I'm at vibrationally each day, I've spent alot of energy the past few days on focusing on wealth and abundance at very high frequencies, while maintaining gratitude and appreciation, absorbing new information, recieving contrast constantly, wow!, this is alot of work sometimes, some weeks are like that, and to top it off, all this change occuring and the funny thing is I'm causing it all! But it's necessary, how bad we want change depends on how much inner work we're willing to do, but it IS worth it, that aside. As I've written in past postings I'm not a follower of any religions or cults, even in my youth I never took interest in religion in any form, and I was no perfect person by any means, I went my own way, I remember being approached on the streets on occasion by people who would tell me I NEED to be saved, with warnings of hell and damnation, some would say the end is near, that I needed to act now, but it just did'nt resonate, it even annoyed me, nobody was going to tell me what to think or do, and I got on in my business, brushing it off. These things happened many years ago, when I was in my teens and early twenties, a few times outside of a concert. Looking back now I can see why I rejected all these attempts to ''be saved'', because it was as if it was being forced apon me, in no physical way I mean, but with fear that the worst could happen. Even as a child my relatives would use these tactics, ''behave or the mean 'ol devil will come and getcha!'' Bad call, that would scare me, then I would have nightmares, and because of these messages that were fed to me, I had some ugly experiences as a kid, some I can't explain to this day. As I grew up, I started seeing religion as confusing and a waste of time, and as I grew into adulthood I started learning about the wars throughout history that were fought because of religion, and the wars at the time as well, and it made no sense to me, if this is religion I thought, why do so many die because of it? When religion came into politics that was it for me, I already dis-liked politics,and by that time I wanted nothing to do with religion, I saw it as a corrupt man-made organization for control, and that is what it's been used for for many centuries and beyond, it's been mis-handled and abused, and it's made civilizations crumble. Readers, the old ways are coming to pass, in these times, the new awareness is helping us to look past all of this, and realize and see that religion is not the solution, nothing outside of us is, there is no wrathful God that will judge us for our sins, the creator of all that is, is within us all, and this amazing creator of worlds resides in every single living thing, everywhere you look, we are creators made FROM the creator, the source, all that is, it is within, with free will, we get to choose what we want to create, not be told how to think or create, and that's why and how we were created, to experience creation! Now I understand why I rejected the teachings of organized religion, and back then it was everywhere, and looking back it blows my mind how so many were brainwashed, and all these cults and wars and scandals that were happening during it all. God is not out there or up there, God is in us and in everything, we are a manifestation from God, we are creators as God is THE creator, of all that is, that created us AS creators to create our own life experiences as we choose, no strings attached! Religion is based on conditions, that you must follow, follow?, who wants to follow? We are a miracle, we are a manifestation that's constantly manifesting, God given, and gifted with power, but some are afraid of their own power, or have been told that they can't use it, it's wrong, that they must yield to a higher power or else! These are different times my friends, and with a new awakening and awareness we are discovering just how powerful we are, and this God-given power comes unconditionally, as long as we harness it for the greater good, we're`unstoppable, that's my take on the subject on religion, maybe a little controversial, but this writer likes to mix it up, and notice all the words creation related? how'd that happen? oh well, happy creating, gotcha!