Thursday, November 20, 2014

A powersurge

Good afternoon, a funny thing happened during a lucid dream I was having last night, I had this superior strength when I was using exercise equipment in a gym, so much so, that I was breaking the equipment due to using the full weight capacity and pushing around 100 reps in each set. I wrote a topic last week about our dreams and their messages regarding what we are thinking, feeling, and manifesting in our physical realities, and it wasn't long until I was able to get the message of what last night's dream was telling me. This morning I drove a friend to work, and there was more than the usual traffic despite that the friend is only minutes from work, I began to feel a little stressed, enter the contrast! After returning home it occurred to me that I really dislike morning commutes, even though I don't hold a job, I haven't been employed since March of 2011 thank the Universe [I don't need a job, I'm a deliberate creator, LOL] and looking back it made me realize how far I've really come with success and creating my chosen reality. I focused on the contrast a little more and then shifted it towards a wanted reality, but then something happened, another shift took place, I had made the conscious decision to reach even deeper within and pull more of my power outward, using it to it's full effect, by placing this higher level of power behind my intentions, and leveraging the contrast to my fullest benefit, thus attracting vibrational matches confirming my personal newfound power! Maybe it was time, I'm not sure, but it happened to me, and I believe it happens to all of us sooner or later when we practice reality creation, you just know when you've reached a whole new level of personal power, and the Universe confirms it. As your power grows so does your freedom, you are no longer bogged down by worry or fear, you have the highest level of trust in yourself and Universal intelligence, and it gets even better from there, you now have a direct connection to Source Energy, meaning that there are no problems, only solutions, all of your desires flow easily to you, and in the case of unwavering trust, they come in a way that's better than you ever could have imagined. This is where your true power lies, the power that knows no ''effort'' and everything is easy and inspired, you don't care how things unfold, because you're too busy enjoying the unfolding! As my own power grows so does my confidence, in myself and in Universal intelligence, I know beyond belief that I am and will always be taken care of, as well as those that are close to me, no matter what I'm guided and covered, as I have been for well over four years now. We are human magnets, we can attract ANYTHING we want, we hold the power to create worlds, as well as our own reality, and once we believe and know this with EVERY fiber of our inner being, the world is our oyster!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Good afternoon viewers, an honest question, do you know beyond belief that what you've asked for from the Universe is already yours?, is your ''knowing'' so strong that you no longer worry or focus upon your desire?, knowing that it's such a done deal that it's no longer a big deal to you? While belief is enough to manifest your intentions, how strong your belief really is will depend on how fast your desires will manifest, with belief we'll tend to go back and forth a bit with our have/have not vibrations, allow me to illustrate here, as I went through this personally, when you focus or visualize your desires, after some time you'll begin to generate the feelings of already having them, and it can feel really good, even exciting as you become a vibrational match to your desires, all good right?, Now while this is all fine in reality creation practice, and in most cases much needed to reach the next level towards alignment, thinking and feeling good about your desires, even to the point of feeling excited, may not be enough to manifest them. But wait! isn't that the way reality creation works?, you're supposed to feel good right?, and excitement feels good, good enough to manifest right? When I first ''believed'' my desires would manifest I ''believed'' it more on an intellectual level, I believed they ''would'' manifest, but I still noticed my desires hadn't manifested ''yet'' and so I was still noticing the absence of them, even though I was sure that I believed they would manifest, no matter how great it felt. So we are left with a huge paradox, and what I'm about to say may disappoint a few practicing reality creators and I apologize here, as I've touched on this topic many posts ago, that when you've reached the neutral point when it comes to your desires, the Universe MUST bring them to you. I am coming from experience here, as I thought feeling good about my own desires was believing they would manifest, but I knew there was more to it because I wasn't feeling it at the very core of my being, so I made a conscious decision, to KNOW that my desires were already created during the asking step over four years ago, and that it was time to move on and put them behind me, not long after this, the Universe mirrored back to me my final confirmation, and I fell into that place of KNOWING, knowing beyond all doubt that it was all already done. Something changed in my vibration after this, a shift occurred, and all those desires I wanted SO bad didn't feel very important to me anymore, and why would they?, since I already had them, there was no reason to even think about them let alone worry about them, this is KNOWING! You see, when something is already done, naturally, you could care less about it, because it's already past tense, so why need something you already have! The Universe ALWAYS delivers, but we constantly get in our own way with the why's, when's, and how's something will manifest, but our job was already done when we asked and the creation process was completed when we decided we wanted what we wanted. You will laugh at how easy this all really is when you look back upon it, because it WILL take time and practice to reach that level of ''beyond belief'' that attracts everything you want to you like a magnet, oh, and one more thing, perseverance wins the game here as well. I have discovered that while belief is paramount to success with reality creation, it is only a step in the right direction, knowing is detachment, going with the flow, carefree, neutral, relief, and forgetting about the desire altogether because it's already happened, it is our job only to reach this level of knowing by any means necessary and that all depends on what type of limiting beliefs we hold within ourselves. Yes, it is a paradox indeed, that in order to receive your desires you must let go of your attachments to them, but I'll say it once more, when your desire feels like it's no big deal to you anymore, you hold NO resistance towards it, so it has to manifest, this is how reality creation works, it's already done!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dreaming reality?

As we shift more into being deliberate with our thinking in our waking life, meaning that we have more control over our thoughts and feelings, our reality will reflect back to us what we are dominantly focusing on, as well as our dreams. Good morning to you all, have you ever wondered about your dreams?, are they strange?, are they fearful?, do they contain symbols or hidden messages? Since I've become a deliberate creator, my own dreams have become very vivid and lucid, meaning I'm consciously aware while I'm dreaming and controlling the dream, as if it were ''real'' and what's really interesting is I'm able to act upon things and make decisions in my dreams, and some of my dreams are related to the intentions I'm manifesting. With this all said, what are our dreams really telling us?, because I believe that dreams are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating the lives we want. In our waking lives we are having thousands upon thousands of thoughts a day, and following these thoughts are emotions, so when we go to sleep, these thoughts are still running on auto pilot, and this I believe has an effect on what we're dreaming about, for example, fearful thoughts, worrying about the future, stressful thinking, if these thoughts are your dominant thoughts, the dreams you have will reflect that, as well as your waking physical reality. If your thinking is more deliberate, meaning you've gained control over your thoughts, being that they are more positive and optimistic, your dreams and your waking life will reflect that as well. When you begin to have more control over your thoughts and emotions, you'll begin to have more control over your dreams, and even better, you'll begin to understand what they are trying to tell you. If you are having a recurring dream about a certain issue that's bothering or troubling you, it could be telling you to gain more control over your thinking in your waking life, or else the outcome could manifest in your reality. One big mistake some people make is thinking that when they have a really bad dream, they think that it's foretelling their future, so they'll expect the worst thing to happen because the bad dream was so ''real'' that it MUST mean something, so they live their waking life in constant fear of their OWN future, manifesting outcomes that create more and more things to fear, including the people and the circumstances. When I have a dream about something I don't want, it feels very real and emotional, and it carries into my waking life and troubles me, but I know it's a strong indication that there's an area in my waking life that needs to be resolved, cleared up, so that it doesn't manifest in my physical reality in the near future. We have this built in safety mechanism, while we're sleeping our subconscious is processing all of our thoughts and feelings we've had on that given day, and putting everything together to manifest in our reality for the next day, and so forth, until we shift our thoughts and emotions towards the more positive, and yet we wonder why unwanted things keep happening to us, or we question why we're always having these awful dreams, but look no further than your own dominant thoughts. This safety mechanism I mentioned above is how we are able to change course by understanding what our dreams are telling us, there are messages here, that is why some practicing deliberate creators have a dream journal to record and understand their dreams, and eventually control the outcomes OF them. What you are thinking and feeling dominantly is reflected back to you in your waking reality, that's the Law of Resonance at work, but this is also true during your sleep, but in a more symbolic nature, this is when your inner being is communicating to you, telling you the areas in your waking life that you need to improve, what you are manifesting, or signaling that you're heading in a bad direction, a warning of sorts, reminding you to re-direct your thinking and feelings towards the more positive. I am no expert on dream symbols or dream interpretation, and I don't feel I need to be, I am learning this all from my own personal experience, and there are no answers ''outside'' of myself, nobody else can tell me what my dreams mean, it is up to me to decide, no psychic or crystal ball or dream interpreter can answer my questions, this is my journey, so I must understand what my own dreams are telling me and live the life of my choosing, with the help of my dreams. There will be further discussion on this topic as I learn more, stay viewed!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Full circle

Good morning to all of you and thank you for popping in for a view, it's back to the drawing board, well, sort of, I've been practicing reality creation for well over four years now and have had many successes, but there have also been lessons, and as of a few days ago one of the hardest I've experienced, since I began practicing reality creation four plus years ago. A few months ago an opportunity fell into my lap, and it was actually something I'd been wanting to do for quite some time, so I took action and became excited about the opportunity and jumped in head first [from my ego I presume] and ran with it, it was going really well and it looked like it would lead to bigger and better things. Well into the first month I was well received and I was giving myself praise for the efforts I'd put into helping others, and the experience felt really positive so I was walking on clouds for days. Then just three days ago the whole thing backfired, and I had to withdraw from the project completely, it was gut-wrenching to let it go, but I knew that there was no other way, a very painful lesson that I'm still reeling from. So what did I do wrong? well, the picture is becoming much clearer now, and I'm realizing that my approach was from the wrong mindset, I let my ego take control, and over compensated trying to control the outcome, and deep down I knew this, but on an intellectual level I told myself ''yeah, I've got this'' and the overconfidence took over. Out of 5,000 members it only took one, to put me in my place and set me straight, and even though I am still displeased with this member, I may be thanking him in the end. Digging a little deeper I've discovered I wasn't ready for this opportunity, and even though it felt so good and so right, I was too cocky and over confident in my approach, and those are big no no's when an opportunity falls into your lap. As painful as this was, I've no choice but to get back on my horse and keep riding, and even though I've ALLOWED many good things to happen in my life using reality creation, including this opportunity, I still tried to control the outcome, almost without even being aware of it. When we launch desires through contrast, big or small, they are created in the field of the potential, meaning that the wheels are in motion for them to come into the physical[manifestation]and in between there are mini-manifestations, we always create from contrast, by being aware of what we don't want, and focusing on what we want instead. With this opportunity I was sending mixed signals, and although it felt great, there were small concerns in between that eventually manifested into unwanted circumstances, and from there it blew up and I had to bail out. Now I've taken a big step back, re-assessing and re-calculating my next move, and what I've discovered is that there is no next move, no, instead I've decided to let go of the wheel, I really had thought that I'd learned to let go of control, but only intellectually I'm afraid, and once this opportunity came, it took failure to learn this hard lesson. Failure is a part of growth, without failure we cannot succeed, but we also must keep going, because perseverance wins in this game of life. It almost seems like I'm right back where I started, but it only ''seems'' that way, but giving up for me is not an option, pressing on! Until again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The freedom flow

Good morning viewers and well being, holiday season is upon us and we all know how crazy things can get, It's been challenging to stay in the flow, even as I'm able to maintain alignment to source something deep inside me still wants to be in control, still fighting the current ever so slightly. When we're asked what freedom means to us what usually comes to mind is freedom from debt, a long overdue vacation, or something as simple as a night out. These are very challenging times to be a deliberate creator, a majority of the population as well as the system itself is still stuck in this backwards thinking mindset, and consciousness as a whole still hasn't embraced the brave new world that's unfolding before our very eyes. For myself, there seems to be a collision course with my wanted reality and the world view every time I go outside, and even though I don't hold down a regular job, I'm finding more and more that I'm no longer wanting to play a part in all of this. Now I wouldn't go as far to say stock the food and hunker down, I'm still very outgoing and enjoy other people's company, but I'm becoming less and less interested in things that the average person has interest in, these things have no value to me anymore, for example, television, I can hardly watch it any more, politics, leaves a horrible taste in my mouth, news and media and talk radio, useless!, and finally, working for other people. All these subjects have had an effect on my flow in some way, shape, or form, so I'm avoiding them altogether and leaving them out of my life. None of these things are compatible with being in the natural flow, only the things I like and that make me feel good add to the flow, this is where true freedom exists, because there's a whole world out there that's convincing us that freedom is entirely different than what it should be, but the truth is the outside world can never give us the kind of freedom we want, that freedom is already within us. Our higher selves know this, and are constantly trying to wake us up to this higher truth, yet we go about our daily lives in survival mode, constantly worrying about a future that hasn't even happened yet. The more we learn about the natural flow, the more we'll lose interest in the things that disrupt it, and most of those things are outside of us, what we watch and see and hear, only the things that feel good matter, everything else moves out of our lives should we allow them to, more to come.