Tuesday, February 28, 2012

''Have patience grasshopper''

Hello co-creators, hope your journeys are going well and magical!, does anybody remember the 70s series Kung Fu?, I was just a child of ten around then, my dad loved that show and we never missed an episode. Back then the whole family would quietly watch as a new lesson was learned by a student of a chinese monk, I believe it was the actor David Carradine, of all the things he was taught, patience seemed the most used lesson, in his quest for inner peace and wisdom. That's what I want to take on today, even though I have posted this topic on an earlier blog, I've learned alot more about the importance of patience and deliberate creation. Here's the thing, we humans, by nature, have little patience, and that's just with everyday life, now try it with setting a goal or a desire, that's the true test!. This past month has been great for me despite bieng busy and very emotional, but since my last post I had a bout with some negative emotions which also triggered some impatience, I asked myself why I was feeling this way, that if I had everything I wanted this would'nt be happening, making matters worse, I was creating even more impatience and frustration, then started the downward spiral, I had to stop this baby in it's tracks!. What was even worse, delaying everything I wanted. I've said it before, I'll say it again, when training the mind for deliberate creation, patience is critical!, if you don't learn it, it will work against you time and time again. When you send your request to the universe through a concious decision for a goal or desire, there is going to be a gestation period, your desire has to grow as a seed grows into a plant, you also have to take care of the desire just as you would water and  nutrient  your plant. This may not be good news for some, it sure was'nt for me, but I kept learning through trial and error, it's been twenty months almost since I started, and I still stumble, but what's amazing is I always come out of it stronger and more powerful!. Not  giving up is the best thing you can do, you are always rewarded with a new lesson and more knowledge to get even better, it's more than worth it. Some things will manifest faster than others, that depends on your attachment to them, and if you are  attached,  there is going to be some work on letting them go, so they can actually come to you. Bottom line, this will take some time, but it is worth the trial, errors, frustrations, and impatience, I have had far more rewards than failures since I decided to be the creator of my life, and I'm looking forward to more rewards to come!. Stick with it, the mental dicipline is ''way'' worth the journey I promise!          until next time.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Enter the dragon

Hello fellow co-creators, I'm back, happy superbowl sunday to all the football fans, whoever youre favoring this year, good luck! Alot has happened since my last post, my journey continues to get more and more interesting by the days, but 2012 is by far my best year ever!, I am coming upon yet another birthday, and I gotta say, I kinda like this age with the wisdom that's comin' over me!, and ''bonus'', I'm a dragon!, happy B day and year of the dragon!. On my last post I spoke of  connecting to nature, and I wanted to discuss this further, however, something else has arisen, and even though there is nothing more important than the spirit/nature connection, I had a bout with resurfacing negativity for a few days, an emotional flu, yikes!. This has happened many times at the beginning stages of my journey, but after thinking I had mastered my emotions, this bad boy caught me by surprise!. It crept up on me like a ghost in the attic, and it hung around for a couple of days, what was I to do, I was being haunted by my past negative thinking, and it wanted to do a binger!, it was crazy, my hormones were riding the scariest rollercoaster at magic mountain, and there were no lines on this ride!. A little over a year ago I discovered emotional freedom tecnique (EFT), after
practicing this awesome clearing method, I got really good at it, as a matter of fact, I'm awesome at it!, I also ''LOVE''  Ho'oponopono as well, and I highly recommend both, as they have done wonders. When we decide to be concious creators, strange things can happen, we decide to change, and that's cool, but it's not so easy, re-programming the mind is like a computer with bugs, you gotta work thru'em to get it right, and they can be pesky little boogers!, I'm learning that it's not always a good idea to ''try'' to get rid of them out the gate, you gotta accept what is and ride'em out, when their knockin', their comin' in, but how you deal with them is important. I used to view demons as nasty big creatures made of myth and movies, demons are nothing more than negative thoughts in our heads, they can dwell, but you can kick'em out, and it takes work, but it gets easier with practice. I love the teachings about being in the present, and I believe that's important even when negativity rears it's ugly head, if we try to get rid of it too fast, we are resisting, and what you resist, persists, better to accept it, ride it out, and find a better feeling thought, and go at ease, it will pass.
Affirmations are awesome for this, and what's really cool is you can customize your own, be sure to include 2012 in them, it will give'em power, this ''is our year'' fellow creators, don't give up, as the Canadian rock band Triumph says, ''fight the good fight'',check it out on you tube!  2012 blessings to you all!  Untill next time soon.