Sunday, October 30, 2011

Current reality versus chosen reality

Top of the mornin' creators! I am very excited about this post. For the last 2 days, I have been in deep visualization exercises and what I am learning is amazing! We are all different in our approach to learning to be deliberate creators, and sometimes when we think we got it figured out, another ''ah ha'' moment enters our realm. We have a good idea of what we want in life, hapiness, freedom, prosperity. I know I do, the question is, how we do this while dealing with our current, not so desired reality? Some of us are already content with the gifts life gives us, but what about those of us who are in the midst of utmost radical change? I am talking a 180 here, when we have cleared our negative thinking and replaced it with a whole ''new'' positive thinking. In most cases, it's time to practice visualization tecniques. A note, visualizing is much more effective when the subconcious is re-programmed to positive, self empowering thinking and actions. Now, back to current reality and chosen reality, and shifting towards chosen. ACTING OUT! yes, you read right, but not only that but already living your chosen reality, saying, sleeping, eating your chosen reality. This can be tricky, we have jobs, kids, commitments, but it can be done. When I am done with a visualization exercise I let go just enough, but live, to some extent, my desired reality. This way, I am programming/preparing my subconcious for the real deal, and it's a done deal! Affirmations play a big role here, and finding them has to be tailored to ''your'' chosen reality, you have to feel good and empowered when stating them. I find it helpful to say them all day, in the shower, standing in lines, driving etc. Remember, acting ''as if,'' it's already your chosen reality is crucial. On top of daily visualization, this is powerful stuff!. For those having trouble with or learning visualization affirming and acting ''as if'' is a great practice. This is a law of the universe, we do create from our thinking and actions, and of course, our emotions. When this is all done consistently, in
most cases a short time, you'll begin to shift to your chosen reality and your creating muscles get bigger and
bigger! This is the road to manifestation. Try this for a month, you'll not only see the shift, but you will
feel it as well!

Until next time soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Timing and desire materialization

Welcome back co-creators. I just find it so hard to keep away from writing a new post. I get so excited about my next topic, in a nutshell, this bad boy is gonna be big! It is my mission to grow this blog massively and be a huge part of the new awareness movement and not only be a blogger, but a teacher as well. So today, I would like to shed some light on manifestation. This is the one thing everybody, including myself, wants to master when practicing deliberate creation. When I started this journey 15 months ago I thought I should get this right away, man was I in for a reality check! I got busy, constructed a goal board with pictures, you know, the usual, cars, big screens, smart phones, stuff! I then started writing down goals, feeling good, affirming the goals, and visions with emotion. I got excited saying to myself ''I got this,'' but there was an underlying issue, one I never even saw, when I realized what it was, it took me back several steps. Now I had to decide to give up or move on, was I going to get my goodies? I honestly wanted to throw in the towel, here I thought I had this pegged, and now I had to start anew? Although this was the case, a voice inside of me was saying ''do not give up!'' This was truly a sign, here is my take on all of this. MATERIALIZATION TAKES TIME! Sure, some people get it faster, but I learned this the hard way. I am glad this happened and here is why, some of us have internal work to do, some of us less, some more. The
key here is finding out what it is, a good place to start is your deep beliefs, if negative, they have to go. There are many clearing methods one can use, and one must find what's best suited to their beliefs, everybody is different so there is going to be some experimentation. This can be a hard pill to swallow, but we need to
realize this is a process, but it can be fun too, this is a journey, enjoy it, your goodies WILL come, at the right time and place when you are alligned, by then you'll feel it was worth the time and wait. I know, I've experienced it myself without question. I cannot stress the importance of patience though, you will need
to practice it wholeheartedly, without this your setting up for disappointment, you have to learn and practice patience! So don't give up, being a co-creator really isn't about getting stuff, it's about getting in touch
with your higher self and living a happy and fulfilling life, then the goodies come!   Until next time, soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going with the nature flow part 2

Welcome back everyone, on my last post I wrote about the importance of recognizing and connecting with nature. Just this past weekend I visited a place very special to me, although it is in the city, it has an amazing vibe to it, I have visited this place numerous times in the past nine months and something always happens every time. When we recognize the natural beauty and the abundance, no matter where we are, it puts us in a state of gratitude, which then attracts more to see and be grateful for. Here is an example, while at this place, I like to connect with the birds, a while later, I will start to see and pick up several different colors of feathers. Another amazing thing that happens is I  will think of a butterfly, no specific kind, but any butterfly and voila!, one will show up. I think part of the journey to become a deliberate creator should be practiced by hiking the mountains and nature trails and appreciating REAL abundance the way nature intended it. We all want the best of everything life has to offer, a big house, a nice car, but to get things like these the easiest way, we have to appreciate what we always seem to miss, nature and its abundance. Whether you live in the city or countryside, go and marvel at the birds, plants, and creatures, with appreciation and gratitude!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going with the nature flow

Hello fellow creators, I am in such a top tier mood today despite this 91 degree scorcher we're experiencing in the Sonoran Desert, it is hard to believe, here we are in mid October. Today, despite the heat was just plain magical!, I want to touch on the subject of being in flow with appreciation and gratitude. I had some errands to run today. When I awoke this morning, I did my usual routine of writing in my journal, then my E.F.T. tapping sessions and finally, I told myself I was going to have an amazing day. First I affirmed, then intended it. When you flow naturally in your daily life, there is a path laid ahead of you, it is as if your day unfolds beautifully, and believe me, it does not come without some neat little surprises, ''and unexpected discounts''. When in the flow; strangers smile, people say hello, you see and catch every detail of everything good, you experience everything and everyone in a whole new way!. Of course this takes practice, with the rush rush, hurry hurry life we live, it can be hard to slow down and take in life and the daily gifts it brings us. When I began learning about universal flow months ago in my new journey, I was not sure how this could be done, but there it was, right in front of me, here in Phoenix we are fortunate to have many hiking trails and nature preserves. In  my next post I will discuss this further as well as the benefits of  natural flow, until then fellow flow-ers!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

getting to know the new you

I  am looking forward to the many future posts ahead, although I am 15 months into my journey, I believe I have so much to share with co-creators and learners alike.  I have learned we are all connected and a great awakening is occuring on this planet, these are indeed exciting times to be alive! Even before I began my journey, life was a constant struggle but in those times something was trying to get out, something so powerful, that depression and negativity couldn't overcome, a calling if you will. When you choose to become deliberate in your mind and actions, a continued path opens up. I will be discussing these and so many more things as well, on this incredible journey hoping we all learn and share together to make the world an incredible place!