Saturday, January 21, 2012

The spirit/nature connection

Hello fellow creators, alot of amazing miracles have come since my last post, I wanted to share them with you. Since I began this ''amazing'' journey I've looked at the world in a whole new light, I believe this occurs when practicing deliberate creation, it just comes naturally. I am an avid hiker, I believe it helps raise vibration and heightened awareness, here is why, in the past week I have been recieving signs from nature itself and the feeling is mind blowing, twice I came across a cardinal sign, a cardinal is a red bird, it has an amazing red color, it is a marvel to watch, when most people see one, they think, ''what a pretty bird'', that's kind of what I thought the first time I came across him a week ago, but deep down I knew it meant much more so I researched this cool little creature, amazingly, his numeral patterns relate to the number twelve, his symbol is vitality and heightened awareness, I found this very interesting, I started getting a message, wow, this is telling me something!.  Now recently the nature trail underwent an upgrade, so it was closed until complete, after it reopened I've been  visiting  it non stop, even better, it's right in my back yard, so I go to focus and allign my vibration to nature and it's abundance.  Fast forward to yesterday, same spot, around the same time, same cardinal, ''no way'' I thought, there he was, feeding, I froze, then moved ever so slowly towards him, ''okay'' I  thought, now this really means something, the word that came to me was syncronicity. This was a sign specifically for me, then it hit home, I've never felt healthier, my awareness has grown incredibly, throw in some well being and vitality and  it's a home run, it was the universe's way of telling me, ''keep up the good work, your on the right path''. It was so cool, and what's even more amazing the cardinal did'nt  flee, it was as if he was playfully showing off to me, making sure I got this message!. We are meant to connect to nature, we as creatures of earth, including all animals, even insects, are connected, if you are a lover of nature, you'll  understand this. This goes way beyond manifesting material things, what's interesting is I manifest more natural beauty than anything, the signs and miracles do come for my material and wealth intentions, but they also come with nature, I like this balance, I love being connected to nature, my source really loves it and it raises my vibration to abundance, ''true'' abundance!. I want to go even further with this, last sunday I had hoped it would rain, we don't get enough of that in Phoenix, as the day progressed, I was more and more sure it would rain, I never checked the forecast, apon awakening the next morning, it had rained through the night, even better, an awesome rainbow stretched across the valley southwest/northeast the mid morning, it lasted 20 minutes! a rare treat here to say the least. Was ''this'' a sign?, yes, it was, a rainbow is a promise, I knew, and  ''felt'' the message and it was clear: all I want and love, is already mine, everything I've been desiring has already been given to me, the universe said it's a done deal!. This is what happens when you connect to nature, I will discuss this more in the next post, so keep creating, you deserve everything you love and desire, so be aware when  nature calls, it will aid you in being a powerful co-creator! Until next time soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here's to your wealth

Hello everybody!, wow, I am excited about this post, today I wanted to touch on something I've been focusing dilligently on lately, we all either love it or hate it, it's the allmighty dollar. When it comes to money, it stirs different emotions in people, whether it be stress, lack of, greed, or on the other side of the coin, ''no pun intended'', there's security, freedom, contentment, joy, and happiness. I fall into the latter, but it was'nt always this way, I'll explain, I had an awful relationship with money before and at the beginning of my amazing journey. I would blame all my problems on not having enough of the green stuff, the more I chased it, the further it got away from me, why was this?, I really wanted it, I was more than willing to bust my ass for it, I thought hard work paid off, how come more won't show up?. There were times when alot of money came, but just as fast, it went, and the cycle went on and on, most of the time there was no money at all!. So was I doomed to lack and scarcity when it came to money?, I was, but not any longer, bare with me on this. First, money IS energy, most of us seperate ourselves from money, this happens when we complain about not having or worrying about it. Everything is connected, we are all connected, money moves in and out of our lives daily, loved or not, it makes the world go 'round. Our relationship with money determines whether
we attract it or repel it, it works like this, if you love money, if you feel good about it, it has no choice but to manifest into your life, however, if you have negative feelings about it, stress, lack of, cause of all your problems, it pushes it away, you find yourself struggling, trying to make ends meet, this can, for most, be tough to swallow!. It took me a long time and alot of work to grasp this, oh the frustration!, for years I've been conditioned to believe these famous quotes, ''you have to work hard for money, it dosen't come easy'', or how about the ''money dosen't grow on trees'', and my personal favorite, ''a good colledge education,'' in this new global economy?. Wealth is a mindset, it has nothing to do with hard work, I never got rich diggin' ditches, if that were the case, I'd still be diggin' 'em!. When I made the commitment to become a deliberate creater I thought I could manifest big money right out the gate, that was 17 months ago, I'm just NOW learning about the energy and internal work it takes to create wealth, I'm still a work in progress, but progress I've made!. I'd like yo share it with you all. Okay, first off, I found I had deep held negative beliefs about money, I had to identify them, and change them to positive beliefs, this took several months and alot of energy. Second, I had to use tools to aid me in this transformation, tapping with emotional freedom technique really helped alot, I also used wealth affirmations constantly, even at night before sleep and when I awoke, FEELING the words I said out loud, I put them on index cards, carried them around reading them, I visualized myself wealthy, acted wealthy, I even went where wealthy people go, I'd eat, breathe, and sleep wealth, it was my predominate thought, this went on for months!. Finally, I started felling a little different about money, I respected it more, it didnt matter how little I had, I was grateful to have it, no more bills came in the mail, and the best part, I've won small amounts of money playing the lottery 3 times!, mind you, small amounts but you get the picture, there is a pattern here, you start to find money on the ground, this has happened alot to me, your luck changes when it comes to money!. The verdict is in, when you change how you feel about money for the positive, more will show up in your life! Anybody, ''ANYBODY'' can become wealthy, the universe is unlimited, it wants us to live abundantly!, in all areas of our lives, including wealth. We are born wealthy but society teaches us different, once you unlock your god given power there is nothing, I mean ''NOTHING'' you can't be, do, or have, sure it's going to take work, but man it's well worth it! As for myself, I love money, I love the energy of money! It's giving me joy, security, freedom, and happiness, but most of all the ability to give to those in need, that's the best part, when you share your wealth, more wealth comes for you to enjoy and share! I choose to be wealthy, it is part of the journey, it just comes naturally when you become a co- creator, it's part of the process of spiritual growth, wealth is just a part of it though, just be sure you do what you love, feel good about it, I assure you, the wealth will follow.                                      I wish you all wealth and prosperity for 2012, until next time soon!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy new year of awareness

Hello everyone!, I'm back, ''HAPPY NEW YEAR!'' hope you all had an awesome one. Boy, I gotta say, this holiday season was very exciting and unusual, bieng on my journey, and being with others of simular goals was indeed exciting, the parties, the food, the drink, and the fun!. I have never experienced the holidays like I did 2011/2012. As a matter of fact it was different for everyone I knew, although I was unable to spend them in the pacific northwest with my parents, I'm grateful I had my good friends here with me in phoenix. There were two sad tragedies that struck at home mid 2010 and another 2011 just  before christmas, and while I wont go into it, it has given me a new perspective on life, and the importance of it. Before this journey, I use to be a complainer, I always found things to be angry or upset about, to put it plainly, life just sucked!, and it sure did'nt do my health any good. In the past when a tragedy or loss would strike the family, it would always give me a reason to spiral even further into anger and resentment, I would say ''why this, is'nt my life screwed up enough?, why the hell did this happen?,'' downward I went, worrying selfishly about how it affects me without thinking about how others feel about the loss or tragedy, and believe me, I've had my share, and some of my personal
tragedies I created myself. While there are tragedies and losses we cannot control, we can control how we handle them, its hard I know, but it's how we react to them that gets us either to a place of understanding and healing, or a place of  depression and illness. Since I began this journey into connecting to source and awareness I now look at tragedy and loss in a different way, and boy I've come to believe more than ever that what does not strike us down, makes us more powerful!. As I enter my 5th decade on this earth I'm beginning to understand how things really work and why they happen the way they happen, the purpose of this post  is not about death and tragedy, but how it changes our lives, and what those we lost want from us, to carry on, be happy, keep only the good memories, because where they are, is a place we could never imagine, we won't know until we get there, until we do we've got to know all is well, for them and us, that death is not an end, but a beginning! Sort of takes the fear of passing away, dosen't it?, thats how it should be, thats what our loved ones want. I realize this post goes a little deep, but as I've said, It's been that kind of holiday, but I'm okay and I'm beginning to learn and understand our purpose and how we handle loss, in a way I think, it prepares us, shows us it's not as bad as it's made out to be, after all, this IS a lifelong journey, the real rewards come after, you may be surprised who you may bump into at that new beginning. Before I go I wish you all a very happy, prosperous, abundant, and wealthy new 2012! This is going to be an amazing year, keep up the awareness and growth, we are headed for exciting times, most of all thanx for visiting this post, I promise my next to be just as interesting, but lighter and funnier! Until next time soon!