Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Good morning from Phoenix Arizona! As you may not know, I've recently let go of researching all things L.O.A. and have fully implemented it into my own personal life, no longer do I turn to other law of attraction blogs or websites, I feel no need for outside coaching nor do I have a desire for mentors to follow, I am officially and happily on my own. Speaking from my own personal point of view, searching for answers from other so-called experts [L.O.A. savvy folks] has only led to confusion and questioning myself over and over. Everyone's experience is different, and while researching all things conscious creation is recommended at the early stages, sooner or later the training wheels must come off, and you'll prefer to implement conscious creation in your OWN life your OWN way, why?, because nobody will get to know you during this process [journey] better than yourself. Please don't believe everything you read about how you're SUPPOSED to create your reality, you CAN create it any way you choose, hell, you may not even believe what I just wrote here, but try to believe me as I write this now, if you're really serious about getting what you want you WILL get it eventually, you'll have no choice in the matter. What no choice means is that your authentic self [bigger you] has already expanded into that version of you, it already HAS what you want, REGARDLESS of what it is, it's already done! You'll need to play small at first when it comes to getting what you want, going big right out the gate will surely hit a wall with your current belief system, you will need to see and experience evidence of your expanded ''new'' beliefs as you work your way up. Think about this though, how many times have you got exactly what you REALLY wanted? You'd be surprised at the answer, even more surprising is that a majority of those times [getting exactly what you wanted] was during the early stages of your childhood. It was when we entered into adulthood that we acquired those limited beliefs that we had to ''work hard'' to get what we wanted, and when we finally got what we wanted, we were too exhausted to enjoy it physically and mentally, it seemed to feel as if it wasn't worth it all AFTER all. Your higher self wants you to have what you want, but there is a difference of what higher self wants and what your physical self wants and yet it's still the same thing, to a degree, allow me to want a certain ''thing'' say a new car, a dream home, starting your own business, but higher self wants the experience [joy] of getting these things, not the actual material [physical] things, but the experiences of moving towards those things [inspired actions] You are after a feeling here, not that ''thing'' itself, this is very important to understand and internalize because this is what will determine getting what you want attraction wise, not that very thing, but the FEELING it gives you, without even having it yet. I believe that it's perfectly okay to want and experience physical and material things, but material things are just what they are, things, however, they can bring a certain feeling when we have them and if they feel good we can only attract more of those feelings [and things] What about people, what if you wanted to attract a certain somebody into your experience? I'm a single guy and I'm by no means an expert in the field of finding a soul mate or life partner but again, you are after a feeling so you would focus more on the good qualities you'd want this person to have, not so much on how they look, this could also apply to a dream job or having your own business, what qualities do you want?, how does it make you feel now?, before it even happens? Your bigger you, [higher self] has already expanded into your desire, now you must catch up energetically and that means meeting your authentic self halfway, through your emotions, this is accomplished by ''feeling'' the emotions of the desire ''already fulfilled'' then moving on as if it's a done deal! In closing blog number three hundred, to get what you want, shed the old belief and turn over a new leaf, if you truly ''believe'' you can get whatever you want you'll simply get it!

Friday, November 20, 2015


There are things that are happening in our world that we just can't control, while enjoying my morning cup of rocket fuel I decided to browse a little on the television, not to catch the news mind you but to watch something from the comedy/retro channel, nothing good was on. As I flicked through the channels looking for something of quality to lighten the morning mood, I bypassed through the major news networks, only briefly however, lo and behold, it's the same old story, be very afraid. It's nice that nowadays I'm not too fazed by all the fear propaganda that the mainstream media puts out there, but at some point it bothers me a little and who isn't bothered? It's natural to get really angry when the senseless violence happens and the innocent are affected, it can be very troubling, but living in fear and worry about these things can do a lot of harm to us mentally and physically, so much so, that our everyday decisions will revolve around that very fear and worry that we're allowing into our being, thus creating more of it into our reality. Anything we worry about or fight against will persist, it IS the law of attraction, so what are we supposed to do when we're hearing about all this trouble happening in the world? Wherever our focus is, our reality isn't far behind, but when we focus long enough on the troubles of the world and feel helpless about our own lives because of those troubles, we are setting ourselves up for the victim mentality at a whole new level. This ''fear consciousness'' spreads like wildfire and it's of no surprise that we're witnessing these terrible events in the present time right now. We can't control everything indeed, but we have total control of our own focus [perspective] and when something on a grand scale happens, we make the mistake of trusting in the [news] media for the answers, that ''why this happened and how it affects me'' mentality, so we'll keep our eyes on the news waiting for them to tell us everything is okay once again. The same can be said about all of this 2016 presidential campaign hype here in America, people are so focused on the problems here in the homeland while looking for a ''savior'' to elect into office who can fix all of their financial woes, when they themselves are the ones who are in control of their reality, through their own dominant focus. I was that person, I was that person that watched the news and figured what's the use?, I was that person that blamed everything bad that was happening to me on external circumstances I couldn't control, and even more, I was that person that bought into the idea that I was at the mercy of the outside world, and I was powerless to change my own life, no longer is this the case of course. I'm not here to save the world, it'll take much more than me, it is the job of each and every individual in our collective consciousness to decide what they want to focus upon, but one thing is for sure, focusing on fear is only going to cause more fear to focus on, thus creating a reality based upon fear, a vicious cycle the world could do without. I've said this before and I'll repeat it once again for the sake of our health and well being, LOSE THE NEWS!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Happy upcoming holidays! yes, that time is rolling around again quickly, setting the stage for the new year, and quite possibly very interesting things to unfold. Here and now however, things are slow and crawling on the front and it's funny how there will be a period of movement [cluster manifestations] and then a quiet period [lethargic] where you seem to be in neutral and just ''coast'' through it all. The latter applies to me these past few weeks, I feel very lethargic on some days and even though I'll recognize the contrast of it all and intend to do something, ANYTHING for that matter, it usually ends up being whatever satisfies me or makes me feel better. But it is short lived and I'm back in lethargic mode, it's usually on the early part of the week, then towards the end of the week I'm more motivated to do stuff. This past weekend I spent some time with myself, had a lot of fun, and stepped out of the box, it was euphoric! But at some point it was so good I managed to set myself up for some heavy contrast and it hit me like a hard comedown. You see, I love freedom and hate responsibility, don't get me wrong, I AM responsible, but when I'm having so much fun and I'm caught up in it all, responsibility goes on the backburner as I'll milk my bliss as long as possible. I haven't grown much in this area, I can be like a careless teenager when it comes to having fun and doing whatever I want, and yes, I can sometimes get a little reckless, but in a more positive manner. I am a rebellious and free spirited person by nature, and probably even more now that I've become a conscious creator, and when I've taken care of responsibilities for quite some time, I'll look to reward myself by having some much needed fun time. This is also the case when I'm lethargic and I can't seem to find motivation so I'll just decide to cut loose, have some pints, and hear my favorite tunes and it helps lift the mood from neutral [blah] to ''now we're talking'' but again there's that slow period that feels like you're waiting for something and yet, you have no idea what it is you're waiting for. Perhaps the reason for this is you could be transitioning to where you want to be, from where you've been, and because you've launched desires that are significant to you, there may be a period when things aren't quite ready to line up yet, so you just try to maintain your sanity and find things to do that feel better. That's really all you can do because the Universe can't move mountains for you if you're standing in front of them, nor can you be open for receiving when you keep looking for the manifestation, I mean this can drive you crazy at times! There will be days when you'll just feel helpless and have no control over anything and feel like giving up on everything, enter apathy and/or lethargy. Strange days indeed, [John Lennon] but know this for sure, you're getting what you desire but the route to it's unfolding is something the mind can't conceive. Yes, when I began all of this over five years ago, nobody told me there'd be days like these, [apathetic and lethargic] and they are strange days indeed, but they WILL pass as I'll return to chop wood and carry water once again!

Monday, November 9, 2015


It seems everywhere I go people are glued to their smartphones, awareness has merged with technology and I'm beginning to wonder with social media, is it really bringing us together or alienating us from each other. ''Don't bother me I'm eating'' remember that? now it's ''don't bother me, I'm texting'' and how often have you tried to have an intelligent conversation with someone and they'll just nod while they're looking down on their smartphone, it always happens to me! It is for this very reason I don't own a smartphone, nor do I participate in social media and no, I'm not some grumpy old fashioned man that hates technology, I enjoy hearing my favorite music on the laptop and I am a blogger, but something just doesn't feel right about all this smartphone technology. Maybe it could be that smartphones are distracting us from our true selves, we're so caught up in how we are perceived by others, maybe we think that social media will give us a voice [seeking approval] we don't have in our everyday life, in either case, could it be that we can be something we are not, behind social media? Everything has two sides, good and bad, this also applies to smartphones and social media, but it just seems like a distraction to reality and that puts people in a looking down position rather than a looking within position. I was without internet for almost two weeks and those two weeks were phenomenal, everything in this house runs on internet including the television [NETFLIX] and there are four other people in the house, I witnessed some anxiety and even some withdrawals from the others and tempers really flared just after the first few days of being dis-connected from the grid, while I myself took full advantage of the downtime. Here's what I did, the past summer monsoon storms have taken a toll on both the front and back yards, I took the liberty of restoring and landscaping both, readying them for the winter grass and even building a fire pit in the back yard. I've also done some remodel projects in the kitchen and have painted the pool fence which was getting rusty. I worked out more often, went hiking more often, put more attention towards myself and did what makes ME feel good. Then there's the really fun stuff, on Halloween I handed out candy to the trick or treats and afterwards, enjoyed some craft beers and spun my favorite CD'S until late at night. No internet, no problem, and nothing will get you moving better than being off the grid for a few weeks. I understand the importance of the internet but being without it was a blessing, and unlike others that reside here I've discovered that the real fun lies within myself rather than within the internet.


A lot of times the mind will get addicted to the feelings of euphoria and bliss when you are dominant in your vortex alignment, that wave of physical manifestations that seem to indicate that you are out of the woods and everything will be peachy from here on out. We only wish this was the case, but reality creation isn't about a means to an end, and while few DO achieve ascension to a level of total bliss and well being [constant alignment] for most of us this is a delusion. This is not meant to discourage, life is a journey and we must be congruent with physical reality and how it REALLY operates because our own mind thinks that IT is in control and in reality everything is happening behind the scenes, so when it comes to getting what we want we must understand that our own mind has no capacity to understand how something will manifest. When I began my own journey towards self development my mind was mostly involved in the process, it was always seeking valid answers, looking for proof constantly, resulting in anxiety and confusion and a whole lot of questions with no satisfying answers. As progress happens the mind will tend to want a piece of the action, yes, it wants what it wants and it's never fulfilled so you will be battling your mind all through the process, this is when you will need to pull back occasionally and take a breather and re-charge your batteries. There is no movement or success when you are trying too hard and this indicates too much mind-involvement in the process, so it is paramount to ease off occasionally and point your boat back downstream and only then will the next step in the process be revealed.


It can seem that when you've made great progress with releasing resistance and you can almost feel a shift in your beliefs only to discover that another layer of limited beliefs will surface and you're right back where you were, three steps forward and two steps back, over time the frustration grows and you're on the verge of giving up altogether with law of attraction and reality creation. Take heart in this, you are ALWAYS moving towards the things you WANT, always, and you are NEVER doing anything wrong, this IS a process and you must go through it to get what you want. It's simple really, the Universe will deliver your desire when you're ready for it and not before, but your resistance to the very thing you want must be identified and dissolved, there is that buffer of time as well that serves to help you make adjustments along the way, and acclimate to your chosen reality. This is a process, and as long as you are launching desires you are doing this right, but take note, as long as you continue to launch desire, you will be releasing your resistance to it as well, this will happen automatically as the Universe delivers on it's promise, you cannot get around this, if you want something bad enough, you will have to dissolve your resistance around it as to ALLOW it's manifestation in the perfect timing, this is where trust in the process will be paramount which brings us to the above article...


You could liken your mind to that of computer software that has accumulated some viruses, because of these viruses the computer performs slowly, resulting in delayed downloads and even worse, unprotected from further viruses and malicious attacks. As this continues for too long a period of time, the computer will eventually crash, resulting in the loss of all your personal data, thus, you will have to replace your computer alltogether and start over. There is a metaphysical explanation for how the mind works regarding physical reality, but it can have you questioning everything that happens and this just sets you up for much unwanted anxiety, the computer analogy simplifies this, clear out the viruses [resistance/negative thoughts] first, then your computer will run much faster and more efficient [aligned thoughts] resulting in faster downloads [physical manifestations] and continue to scan/clean your computer [maintain alignment] on a consistent basis, which brings us to the above...


Good Monday morning, it's of no surprise that everything we want in our lives is right at our fingertips, fast food, high speed internet, smart phones that make it much faster and easier to manage our money, speed dating for single people who are looking for romance, instant messaging through social media, it's all too convenient, unfortunately though, fast doesn't cut it with creating the life of your dreams with the law of attraction. There are no shortcuts to creating a successful life, there will be a major de-cluttering that will need to take place if you've lived most of your life residing in negative perspective. The Universe doesn't operate in our time frame and it could take some time for this idea to sink into your very being, but rest assured, as long as you are dissolving your resistance you are getting much closer to realizing your dream, which brings us to our next topic above...

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Greetings everyone, in case you're wondering why I've been M.I.A for almost two weeks I've recently lost my internet connection, so I've had to live unplugged for awhile, but I've just rectified the problem by switching internet providers so I'm back in the ring for another swing! Being without internet for almost a few weeks has had no ill effect on me whatsoever, it was no big deal as I've been able to do other things that were fun and liberating. I realize that even without internet, life still goes on and we are often too ''plugged in'' to notice and do what truly matters in life, ''ENJOYMENT'' I'm entering another phase now and more stuff is coming so stay viewed.