Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012, Are we ready for this?

Hello again, and welcome to a new yet insightful post, but before I begin I wish to thank all of you who have visited my blog, I am eternally grateful and look forward to future posts and feedback. As of now, there is still some work to do as to make this blog even better,  as I am new to blogging, but I feel I'll get the knack of it fast, and as I've said before, this bad boy is gonna grow!, I also will be building a profile with a photo of myself soon, so everybody can get to know me a little. So, moving along, who's ready for 2012?, I guess that depends on how a person looks at it, I gotta say, there sure has been a lot of hoopla over it the past three years, for example, the web is chock full of doomsday scenarios, conspiracy theories, and what about hollywood's take on it, who laughed at the big budget 2012 movie a few years back?. For a short while it seemed everyone was thinking about this controversial  year, even I found myself looking for answers, yet expecting the worst. Before I began this journey I was paranoid about 2012, I was buying all the fear everyone was selling, just like when Y2K was in our midst, whet happened there?, my stuff still worked! I've been on this planet almost five decades, my parents witnessed the cuban missle crisis, and when I was in my early twenties, during the reagan years, I feared nuclear war between us and russia, a few years later, the crash in october '87!. They kept a comin', desert storm, another recession, piling on the fear. Here's the thing, we always seem to manage through, yet the media and masses paint a doomsday picture of where it's all headed, and here we are still. I've read many books about prophecy, armegeddon, including Hal Lindsy, George Orwell, Edgar Cayce. trying to find answers of how long I had before all hell broke loose, I'd  found my new religion, FEAR! I had to always know more, before I knew it, ''I'' was the one telling everybody I knew the sky was getting ready to fall. Back then the friends I had were like me, it was regular conversation, we used to talk about the end of the world like teachers talked amongst each other about their favorite students. It felt good, at bars, barbeques, dinner, doomsday was all the rage, and I was leading the way, poisoning minds and crushing dreams including my own, what a fool I was!.Then I'd try to take my gloom and doom message beyond my circle of friends,on many occasions, people thought I was bonkers!, ''hey'', I figured, if they don't want to know the truth, screw'em, again, what a fool I was. The sad part was, looking back, I was giving away my power buying into all the crap I was exposing myself to and trying to take with me others, including family and friends, I know, I know, and will agree, what a fool I was!. One of the most important things I've learned on this journey is when you ''buy'' into fear, you simply give away your power, in the worst way, even worse, sometimes others when you spread  the gospel  of  ''how bad it it is''. I now believe in the power of emotions, but words also have power, and people listen, and can easily be influenced as I was. Now, lets fast forward to 2012, this is supposed to be the end of all ends!, even the ancient mayans predicted some kind of cataclysm, how can we be sure?, we won't until we get there, and more than likely, were still going to be here, so what WILL happen during the twelve months of 2012?, it's not for me to say or worry about, not this time. What could happen might be surprising, even amazing, there is absolutely a big shift taking place, and as I said in an earlier post, a wake up call is coming,and it will be up to us, as a global community, how we react! Either way, things are gonna change,  but are continents gonna break off in the ocean?, hollywood thinks so, but I don't. A big shift in awareness is more than likely, it could come in many ways, man made or natural disasters could cause the shift, or everything that's been happening this past decade, either way, its coming, and it's bringing change with it!.  2012 is upon us,  so am I afraid?, no, I'm excited, I'm on a fantastic journey, I have nothing to fear!, it's going to be the best year of my life, and even better beyond!.
People will always be  the chicken little, like I was, and with election year, the media frenzied, the far right's fear
doctrine, people will, unfortunately, surrender their power to fear and paranoia, i'ts a bad vibration to send to our amazing universe. Whatever happens, I trust there will be enough of us to make this shift a smooth sailer, and I'm proud of this blog for being able to spread the message and importance of global unity, it ''is'' my mission, and  I am in this for the long haul!                     Until next time soon,  and many more after!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Thanksgiving

Hello fellow creators, wow, what a busy holiday season this is turning out to be, it is my second since I began my journey seventeen months ago, I've got to say it's a little more intense this time around but in a good way. I'll be the first to admit I love the holiday season, especially in Phoenix, our weather is very pleasant this time of year, it's a nice break from the long hot summers. Now there's another side to this amazing time of year and if your out and about, people are all stressed out planning, buying gifts, even fighting and hurting each other for the best bargains on black friday, I've even heard of worse things happening, but I won't go into that!.  I'd like to say that bieng connected to source is the best place you can ever be on the holidays, it seems to me it was meant to be this way, on thanksgiving I attended a special party, it was of a slightly different tradition, dinner around 8 pm, dancing, playing pool, there was even a pinata busting ceremony! I enjoyed myself immensly, at a given time there were 30 people there, the amazing thing was I never heard anybody talk about the stress of the holidays, they were living in the moment, the present. I realized then this is how it should be, this is the true meaning of the holidays, mind you, I only knew a handful of all who
attended. Now I'm sure some of  them may or may not have gone shopping the next day, but I decided that I
was not going to go anywhere to buy anything that black friday. I decided to do something no one would even think of that next day, I went to my favorite nature spot and watched a spectacular school of birds frolic in the field. It was as if they knew I was watching, for almost 2 hours this was happening, I thought to myself how can anyone not see this?, it was magical!, about 100 yards away, cars are passing by none the wiser. My own personal nature show, because I visit this spot frequently, the birds know me, we have a connection, as crazy as it sounds, it's very true, they nest nearby in a cluster of trees, where they've always been long before I started coming to the spot, in a big lot, near a busy street, and most people don't even see. The best part, because my focus was on the birds, I got a very rare treat of nature at play, I felt like crying, all this for me?, best gift of nature I ever recieved. Bieng connected to source during the holidays is the best gift to give to yourself, nature, and others as well, I'm learning there is more to this than gifts and stuff, the best gifts are all around us and the universe is more than happy to bring them to us especially when we notice them, oh, and as for thanksgiving, gratitude was very abundant!
Until next time soon!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sending signs

Hello fellow creators, I'm back yet with a new post, after a bout with a little bug, my spirits are up and firing on all cylinders!. This morning I would like to talk about signs from the universe, though sometimes subtle, I have been seeing and recognizing them alot lately. At the very beginning of this new journey I began placing my orders to the universe, at first, nothing seemed to be happening, but the more I worked at becoming alligned with what I wished for, I began to see hints that the universe had recieved my requests and was working on their delivery.  A good example of this was I wanted to attract a new muscle car, I visualized with feeling having and driving this awesome machine, it was'nt long until I started seeing them everywhere, and very frequently, but it get's even better, months ago I was at my favorite pedestrian park and I was getting a little frustrated with the timing of this car materializing, so I just came out and said ''UNIVERSE, SEND ME A TRUE SIGN THAT I WILL, WITHOUT A DOUBT OWN THIS CAR!'' I said it with feeling and in a commanding voice, minutes later when getting in , at the time a good friends car, the car I desired pulled right next to me, mind you it was white, even better, needless to say I was blown away!.
Now the color I want is blue, but white is a divine color, even more encouraging. Since that day, for many months I kept seeing my car, even when I would go out of state, I loved it!, but lately the white ones have been popping up again, telling me I'm very close to having it!. Another one is I plan on moving  up to the beautiful pacific northwest next spring, because all my family are there, here in the 'zona we get an exodus of snowbirds for the winter, mostly from the north/northeast, their liscence plates tell all, on several occasions, the universe has placed a vehicle in front of me with oregon plates!, telling me it's a done deal! So do I have the muscle car yet?, have I relocated to beautiful oregon yet?, with all the signs of encouragement the universe sends me, the answer to both is obvious, ''ABSOLUTELY!''  These things have already been given to me, the lesson, when you have a specific desire, you have to work on alligning yourself to it, then you keep
a look out for signs of it's approach, as I have said before in past posts, patience is a MUST! The signs are the way the universe gives us faith, and it only grows stronger and stronger, they may be to the point, or subtle, but it is good to pay attention, because if your wondering where it is, your going the wrong way, on the other hand, hold your faith, know without a doubt you'll have it, it'll be comin' for you. Wer'e all alike, but wer'e all different too, it may take months or years to get what we desire, but that's up to us, our beliefs, our faith, our actions, we can have anything!, once we get out of our own way and allow, the universe delivers every time, dont be afraid to request a sign, let go, and it will come. The more you allign yourself to what it is you desire, the more signs you will see that it's getting closer and the time is coming to act!                                         Until next time soon!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workin' out and workin' in.

I'm back fellow creators and practicioneers, I'm a little winded from my morning hike, I love excercise, It really is a vibration booster!. Since we're on the subject of excercise, I'd like to post about the importance of excercise when being a deliberate creator. I cannot stress enough how physical activity is imperative to health and well bieng, as health and well being are building blocks to positive lifestyle transformation. When excercising you boost your self esteem, you are giving something good to your body, you are boosting your immune and supersystem, like a mother nurtures an infant, your rewarding yourself added years to your life, you are telling your body and source ''I want to stick around longer''. It does not matter if you are just starting an excercise program or are a regular, the benefits of physical fitness are beyond rewarding, it has a positive effect on everyone regardless of shape or size. I find the most rewarding activities are walking nature trails and mountain hikes, anywhere there is natural beauty to take in and appreciate. When we excercise, let's face it, were happy, we need to maintain happiness and well bieng as often as possible, as creators, we also need to take action to improve inside by working on our outside and vise versa. There is another form of excercise just as important that I am personally addicted to, and it's weight training, rewards are mind blowing!, it's like sculpting your body as sculpting your own personal statue, this is hard work but it can
be very fun and rewarding at the same time. Combined these things can enhance your life in ways you
never imagined, however, this should NOT be a dreaded chore, or something you ''have'' to do, it
should be enjoyed and feel good, because the feel good part is where the success begins. I know alot of people who started out an excercise routine only to give up or thought it was too much work, or worse,
felt there was'nt enough time, all good things require self discipline, and some hard work, but the rewards always outweigh the task. Oh, and yes, the journey is fun! So work out, be out, keep movin' see places,
get out there, and ''work in'' those positive vibes and well bieng and fuel up for powerful creating!,
your source will thank and reward you.                    Until next time soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

C'mon, is this really a great recession?

Good morning creators, I just finished an awesome walk on my favorite nature trail. It's funny, I get my best inspirations for these posts from this trail, but today I wanted to write about something that's nagging everybodys mind these days and what this hype is all about. I do not watch or pay much attention to the news, let's face it, it is mostly negative, it seems the fear doctrine is ingrained into our lives everywhere we turn, this bad, that bad, no wonder we're in such a mess, or so it seems, but I want to throw a new spin on this so-called ''great recession'' and call it out. First off, they have happened before, some worse, some not so worse, some long, some short, but almost everytime we pulled through them. But, what's so different about this one?, and why does it seem to linger on?, I am by no means influenced by or in politics, and even though politics seem to be involved, I believe there are other factors at play here. First let me say this is man made, we have become a society of consumers instead of creators, feeding on instant gratification rather than patient creating, we want it all now and most of the time we get it. For nearly three decades we have been spoiled by mass consumerism, technology has put everything at our fingertips, ''I too am guilty of this'' but
what I mean is we've lost touch of who we are and why we're here, we are so consumed with worry over
mortgages, bills and debt, and hyper stress, and this economy that we're missing the big message folks.
We've had it so good, prosperity, dream jobs, some nice toys, it seemed everybody was cashing in on the
economic real estate and housing boom, then the bubble popped! The domino effect had started, it was about to get ugly!. I was in the construction  industry for twenty some years when this hit, but I'm not going
into a sob story here, I learned something these past few years, everything is happening for a reason, and I
truly have sympathy for those trying to make ends meet in this tough time, that's the purpose of this post.
Now, the good side of the coin, sometimes, even in a good economy, we create chaos, we get over confident, we reach for our comfort zone and nothing else really matters, we get caught up in the ''everythings good'' attitude, we never seem to think about the worst scenario. Then  ''WHAM'' panic time! , and the media is all over it like white on rice. Alot of us, including myself, have rediscovered ourselves, back to basics, was all that important?, had this happened later than sooner folks, it would have been much, much worse,  as it pains me to say this it's good in a way and I feel this is a part of the new conciousness and awareness movement, for us to get to the good, we've got to pass through the bad. Sometimes we have it too good, so much we are losing touch with ourselves, and each other, we are all connected, whether something bad or good happens, it affects us all, this is humanity's wake up call, this is an awesome opportunity, and a very exciting time to be on this planet, never has there been, or will be, an era like this one!.
This beautiful planet has given so much to us, for too long we've abused and neglected it's natural recources and abundance, bieng consumers instead of creators. NOW is our chance to recognise and give back to our
planet and live our purpose, instead of  trying to fix our dying infrastructure, we should be planning and building a green infrastructure, helping the planet to help us. No, we're not in a great recession, we are in the midst of a massive new awareness, and it's only going to get even more exciting!!!

Until next time soon!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Current reality versus chosen reality

Top of the mornin' creators! I am very excited about this post. For the last 2 days, I have been in deep visualization exercises and what I am learning is amazing! We are all different in our approach to learning to be deliberate creators, and sometimes when we think we got it figured out, another ''ah ha'' moment enters our realm. We have a good idea of what we want in life, hapiness, freedom, prosperity. I know I do, the question is, how we do this while dealing with our current, not so desired reality? Some of us are already content with the gifts life gives us, but what about those of us who are in the midst of utmost radical change? I am talking a 180 here, when we have cleared our negative thinking and replaced it with a whole ''new'' positive thinking. In most cases, it's time to practice visualization tecniques. A note, visualizing is much more effective when the subconcious is re-programmed to positive, self empowering thinking and actions. Now, back to current reality and chosen reality, and shifting towards chosen. ACTING OUT! yes, you read right, but not only that but already living your chosen reality, saying, sleeping, eating your chosen reality. This can be tricky, we have jobs, kids, commitments, but it can be done. When I am done with a visualization exercise I let go just enough, but live, to some extent, my desired reality. This way, I am programming/preparing my subconcious for the real deal, and it's a done deal! Affirmations play a big role here, and finding them has to be tailored to ''your'' chosen reality, you have to feel good and empowered when stating them. I find it helpful to say them all day, in the shower, standing in lines, driving etc. Remember, acting ''as if,'' it's already your chosen reality is crucial. On top of daily visualization, this is powerful stuff!. For those having trouble with or learning visualization affirming and acting ''as if'' is a great practice. This is a law of the universe, we do create from our thinking and actions, and of course, our emotions. When this is all done consistently, in
most cases a short time, you'll begin to shift to your chosen reality and your creating muscles get bigger and
bigger! This is the road to manifestation. Try this for a month, you'll not only see the shift, but you will
feel it as well!

Until next time soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Timing and desire materialization

Welcome back co-creators. I just find it so hard to keep away from writing a new post. I get so excited about my next topic, in a nutshell, this bad boy is gonna be big! It is my mission to grow this blog massively and be a huge part of the new awareness movement and not only be a blogger, but a teacher as well. So today, I would like to shed some light on manifestation. This is the one thing everybody, including myself, wants to master when practicing deliberate creation. When I started this journey 15 months ago I thought I should get this right away, man was I in for a reality check! I got busy, constructed a goal board with pictures, you know, the usual, cars, big screens, smart phones, stuff! I then started writing down goals, feeling good, affirming the goals, and visions with emotion. I got excited saying to myself ''I got this,'' but there was an underlying issue, one I never even saw, when I realized what it was, it took me back several steps. Now I had to decide to give up or move on, was I going to get my goodies? I honestly wanted to throw in the towel, here I thought I had this pegged, and now I had to start anew? Although this was the case, a voice inside of me was saying ''do not give up!'' This was truly a sign, here is my take on all of this. MATERIALIZATION TAKES TIME! Sure, some people get it faster, but I learned this the hard way. I am glad this happened and here is why, some of us have internal work to do, some of us less, some more. The
key here is finding out what it is, a good place to start is your deep beliefs, if negative, they have to go. There are many clearing methods one can use, and one must find what's best suited to their beliefs, everybody is different so there is going to be some experimentation. This can be a hard pill to swallow, but we need to
realize this is a process, but it can be fun too, this is a journey, enjoy it, your goodies WILL come, at the right time and place when you are alligned, by then you'll feel it was worth the time and wait. I know, I've experienced it myself without question. I cannot stress the importance of patience though, you will need
to practice it wholeheartedly, without this your setting up for disappointment, you have to learn and practice patience! So don't give up, being a co-creator really isn't about getting stuff, it's about getting in touch
with your higher self and living a happy and fulfilling life, then the goodies come!   Until next time, soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going with the nature flow part 2

Welcome back everyone, on my last post I wrote about the importance of recognizing and connecting with nature. Just this past weekend I visited a place very special to me, although it is in the city, it has an amazing vibe to it, I have visited this place numerous times in the past nine months and something always happens every time. When we recognize the natural beauty and the abundance, no matter where we are, it puts us in a state of gratitude, which then attracts more to see and be grateful for. Here is an example, while at this place, I like to connect with the birds, a while later, I will start to see and pick up several different colors of feathers. Another amazing thing that happens is I  will think of a butterfly, no specific kind, but any butterfly and voila!, one will show up. I think part of the journey to become a deliberate creator should be practiced by hiking the mountains and nature trails and appreciating REAL abundance the way nature intended it. We all want the best of everything life has to offer, a big house, a nice car, but to get things like these the easiest way, we have to appreciate what we always seem to miss, nature and its abundance. Whether you live in the city or countryside, go and marvel at the birds, plants, and creatures, with appreciation and gratitude!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going with the nature flow

Hello fellow creators, I am in such a top tier mood today despite this 91 degree scorcher we're experiencing in the Sonoran Desert, it is hard to believe, here we are in mid October. Today, despite the heat was just plain magical!, I want to touch on the subject of being in flow with appreciation and gratitude. I had some errands to run today. When I awoke this morning, I did my usual routine of writing in my journal, then my E.F.T. tapping sessions and finally, I told myself I was going to have an amazing day. First I affirmed, then intended it. When you flow naturally in your daily life, there is a path laid ahead of you, it is as if your day unfolds beautifully, and believe me, it does not come without some neat little surprises, ''and unexpected discounts''. When in the flow; strangers smile, people say hello, you see and catch every detail of everything good, you experience everything and everyone in a whole new way!. Of course this takes practice, with the rush rush, hurry hurry life we live, it can be hard to slow down and take in life and the daily gifts it brings us. When I began learning about universal flow months ago in my new journey, I was not sure how this could be done, but there it was, right in front of me, here in Phoenix we are fortunate to have many hiking trails and nature preserves. In  my next post I will discuss this further as well as the benefits of  natural flow, until then fellow flow-ers!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

getting to know the new you

I  am looking forward to the many future posts ahead, although I am 15 months into my journey, I believe I have so much to share with co-creators and learners alike.  I have learned we are all connected and a great awakening is occuring on this planet, these are indeed exciting times to be alive! Even before I began my journey, life was a constant struggle but in those times something was trying to get out, something so powerful, that depression and negativity couldn't overcome, a calling if you will. When you choose to become deliberate in your mind and actions, a continued path opens up. I will be discussing these and so many more things as well, on this incredible journey hoping we all learn and share together to make the world an incredible place!