Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Good morning, and welcome to yet another informative post, I've had a very restless night and sleeping was minimal at best, another shift in my awareness had occurred while I attempted to sleep, it was mind blowing the things that were surfacing in my consciousness, a storm of ideas were coming out and all related to inspired actions, I felt confident, intelligent, unstoppable, what was happening here?, I tried to contain the excitement and knowing that it was now official, I've made it, I am now a conscious creator. With this new realization everything I've been doing and practicing no longer felt the same as to where I'd just landed, all those desires and wants seemed to fade in the back ground and didn't seem to concern me, what mattered now was the present, the flow, and the inspirations that came with alignment. After reaching this stage of the law of attraction there becomes a question of ''now what?'' and as I'm still adjusting to this shift it seems apparent that there are no limits now, nothing is impossible and this can be felt deep in my being like never before, since I began this practice. I believe sooner or later we ''all'' will reach this level of belief as long as we're persistent and we persevere in our practice of the Universal laws, I've never wanted anything more in my life than to master these laws, and leverage them towards living life the way I choose. At first glance over four years ago I went big on launching my intentions, but of course there were limiting beliefs that had to be changed, now that this has been rectified those big intentions can manifest in the physical, only these days, instead of getting too excited, it's more of a next logical thing to occur, only because they have been ''felt'' and experienced at a vibrational level, so that part is done. When this level is reached it becomes apparent that the much ''bigger'' picture must come into focus, and as an anything is possible mindset is reached it's much easier now to go big and detach immediately, with success in the practices of letting go of detachments and allowing, desire itself no longer becomes important, because at this level you realize that you can have whatever you want, and because of this inner knowing you don't NEED anything, and it's just as if you have everything you want, this is the energy you are sending out into the Universe, and getting back! What I'm learning is that there is a difference between practicing law of attraction and being a conscious creator, but as mentioned above I'm still adjusting to this shift. More updates on this subject to come

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Are you making the most out of your moment?, are you being in the present?, good morning friends, Ascending towards higher consciousness has it's ''side effects'' and when we make that shift we seem to lose interest in the common mundane existence of life. For this writer, everything thought of as known before, was no longer aligned with the waking up that was occurring, put simply, I was losing interest in certain things I used to do and believe, that everyone else was doing. At one point many months ago this was creating a ''spiritual chaos'' within me, there was confusion followed by anxiety, losing interest in everything around me [with the exception of a few things] I began to isolate myself as much as possible from the outside mundane existence, to sort it all out. Things have smoothed out considerably these days, I can safely say I'm more happier and content as ever regardless of ''outside'' circumstances, and I'm seeing things more through the eyes of source energy rather than my own limited physical perspective. Through constant alignment our own world view undergoes a great shift of perception, we view everything from our inner being/higher selves, everything we thought we knew is seen in a whole new light, we discover we are more unlimited, rather than limited, and this is the game changer in the game of life, we are no longer caught up in the game of life, we are simply an observer of it. Right now at this time I'm finding it easier to just be present and do only those things that inspire me, life seems to be handling itself nicely, I don't push hard of move against the current, if there is something I don't want to do, I simply WILL not buck the current and do it, I've let go on every front, conventional ways of thinking and doing no longer resonate with me, I have no interest whatsoever to follow the herd of the mundane existence. I've had to go through a lot of mud to reach dry land, but it has been MORE than worth it, never have I felt more abundant, safe, and secure in my life, and allowing the good stuff in by being in constant alignment. At first, yes it can hurt, but as breakthroughs are accomplished life gets a heck of a lot easier and better, and for me it started with the desire for more ''things'' and ended up with me waking up to a whole new level of consciousness, realizing the limitless potentials and still getting all those ''things'' in the process. I believe the desire for change for the better gets the ball rolling, it starts with physical things but somewhere along the way it becomes obviously, something more than that, a learning process. To me, it is better to become an observer of life rather to be caught up in all the mundane existence and drama of it all, when all of the too familiar no longer matters, we have the golden key to the kingdom of life, we think outside of the box, we are innovators not followers, the world conforms to us, not us to it. More to come

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Like an onion

Good morning, much appreciation to all of you popping in for a view, I've made SO much progress in my practice of deliberate creation, and naturally I wish to share my successes hoping it helps others by implementing them into their own practices. As of now I'm just being in the flow and fine tuning my vibration on a day to day basis, there really is no need for visualization or any creation techniques to practice, it's all already created in the potential so getting happy just for the sake of it is working just fine. We are always moving towards the things we want, ALWAYS!, but sometimes it may not seem so, this is because at some point during our thinking about what we DO want, in between we still tend to focus on what we DON'T want, this slows our momentum towards our desires manifesting. The closer you get to the fulfillment of a desire, the more deep hidden limiting beliefs will surface, there will be near-manifestations that will seem to miss the mark, you can feel it close to heart, you know deep in your being it's about to manifest, then it falls short, why does this happen? Experiencing this first hand myself, it's actually a good thing, it means the closer you are, the more the deeper hidden beliefs will surface, you could call it a final clean sweeping of the remaining dirt left to get what you want. I used to blame myself when those negative beliefs would pop up, I'd beat myself up thinking I was doing something wrong, not the slightest of truth though, like I mentioned above, we are ALWAYS moving towards what we want, either fast or slow is entirely up to us, we must recognize and ''clean up'' our negative beliefs, and as we are on the receiving end of our desires we'll learn to tweak and fine tune our vibration while changing those beliefs. Think of it like an onion, the onion has many layers, you can peel away those layers and the onion gets smaller, it works the same way with our limited beliefs we acquired over the course of our lifetime, we have to rid ourselves of them, but under the first layer could be more deep seated beliefs that don't resonate with our desires, so naturally they surface to be acknowledged and released, and so on until there is no onion left. The closer you get to what you want the more these deeper seated limiting beliefs will surface, there is no other way around this, to be open to receive what you want you've got to clean some serious house, to remove the old to make way for the new! A question comes to mind of course, on how to get rid of all these non-serving beliefs, there are SO many techniques, and I've tried many myself and some have worked to an extent, but now I have my own methods that work and other peoples may be different, it just depends on the nature of your beliefs. When the deepest limiting beliefs surface I just let them visit, I experience the emotions and recognize them, it doesn't feel good but I accept them without judgment, and I forgive myself for having them, then I'll transcend them, this way they dissolve on their own, I'll own my feelings, fighting them or the denial of them will only result in repeated visits, until complete release is achieved. You will know when you have released ALL of your limiting beliefs by how you are feeling, and if you are feeling consistently good without focusing on, or caring about your un-manifested desires, and feeling good IS your main priority above everything else, get ready to receive those things you want! On the other hand, if you are focusing on the absence of your desire, or wondering HOW it will possibly manifest, or just feeling unworthy of the things you want, you have some limited beliefs to work on. Since I've dissolved so many limited beliefs in the past few years, it has gotten easier lately, just getting happy helps immensely, sure they surface from time to time, but they go almost just as fast. My job now has been to just feel good, tweaking my vibration as needed to allow the things I want in the form of ''the next logical step'' no big deal now, just being happy is my biggest priority now, the stuff I want results in this anyway, it's just a by-product of the happiness I already have within, so getting the stuff is no big deal, I'm already experiencing it in my vibration, despite it being in my physical reality, so now it can manifest in perfect timing. Getting rid of limiting beliefs can take some time, it's not the same with everybody, it will take commitment, persistence, and above all perseverance, like a toddler learns to walk, falling over and over until one day, he/she takes that first step, so will this be, to be successful in self mastery!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's the score?

When I began doing vibrational work consistently a few years ago, practicing and getting into the feeling of already having the wish fulfilled, vibrational matches were a daily regular, they popped up everywhere!, stoking my fires of desire and validating where my thoughts were dominantly, which were the very things I wanted to manifest. Television, billboards, license plates, the radio, signs, signs, everywhere signs! As this went on for countless months it was getting frustrating, all these signs and no manifestation, what's up man?, of course it was time to detach and let go, which I practiced diligently and still mind you, seeing the signs of manifestation. What happened next was I began to see number sequences, which I posted some time ago, about how our celestial guides can assist us towards reaching our goals by showing these number sequences to us to indicate where we are in regard to alignment and where we need to be at a vibrational standpoint, I still witness these number sequences daily, and I'm doing well on their interpretations. We seem to get so jazzed about these signs when they begin popping up and on some days the Universe just lays them on thick, showing many things related to our intentions and we can't help but get excited, on the other hand some days there seems to be no movement so we begin to wonder what's happening and what we're doing wrong, and thus begins the disappointment and worry mixed with doubt. This was me some time ago, I got to the point that when I didn't see many signs on a given day, I'd think I was doing something wrong, I'd begin to take score on my progress, big mistake! Getting too many signs can spoil a conscious creator, and there comes a time when we just have to stop looking for them, like everything else law of attraction, we have to detach and let go, keeping score will only slow down the very thing we desire, besides, when we're NOT looking for signs, the Universe will STILL keep us posted no matter what, we'll know what we need to know when the time is right. It's so easy to micro manage our progress by constantly looking for signs to validate it, but there's a fine line here, if we look too often we'll begin to think everything is a sign, confusion sets in, a wrench is thrown into our perfect alignment machine, and we question the whole process, manifestation delayed! I don't make too big a fuss about signs anymore, I just notice and say thank you for popping in to remind me that this thing I want is already mine! I understand the excitement when this begins to happen and it's natural, but after some time it really becomes no big deal, how long it lasts depends on when we let go, if we keep getting excited about the signs it means there's still a vibrational gap, and we'll tend to keep score when they fall short, which can slow the manifestation. Trust is key here, I only see signs occasionally now, not looking for them, they'll still pop up to let me know I'm on track, that's really all they mean to me, they could mean different things for another person, and it's up to us how we choose to interpret them. It is important not to take score on our progress, we have to trust the process as well as the Universal intelligence, knowing that it knows the perfect time to gather the cooperative components to bring our intentions to reality, and in the meantime, we must let go of looking for things to validate our desires, they were created the moment we desired them, they're on the way!

Stay uncompromised

When we launch a desire or set huge goals we put the wheels in motion for positive change, of course some of us will start out with smaller goals or a series of steps to achievement, nevertheless, some form of change has to occur to move forward. Over four years ago I've launched, what would be considered by most, very huge goals, while most practicing deliberate creators believe you should begin with smaller goals and work up your belief system that way, I believe in ''going big'' right out of the gate, and although I've had to change my belief system around this way of thinking, I've remained steadfast no matter how long it takes. I am by definition a stubborn man, and if I've set my intents on something I want bad enough I'll get it, only this time I'm more of an allowing person, meaning that I'll do everything in my power to stay focused and aligned to my goals. I wrote some time ago about keeping your goals and desires close to your heart, and I wish to emphasize more on this, we really need to be careful of whom we tell our goals and desires to, because of this new success you are pursuing, those close to you may try to sway you, with good intentions mind you, they'll want to protect you from the failures and devastation they themselves have experienced, or the fear of you moving on and leaving them behind. Another issue could be your wanting success could cast a shadow on those close to you, making them aware of their own pitfalls, resulting in jealousy and resentment. Because others can't succeed it is only natural that they will tell you that you can't either, by even meaning well, they want to protect you because of their own experiences of trying and failing, that it's just not worth it, and that you should just settle for what you have and expect nothing more. This wanting of a better life through personal development can move people out of your life, and bring others in, what this means is that as you become more positive and empowered, advancing towards your dreams, the negative people you once associated with begin to move out of your life, or if you are fortunate, follow by your example. This can be painful for the most part, we care about certain people in our life and we want them in it no matter what they think and believe, but we also must remember that personal development comes at a price, a price of big changes, and not everybody is going to come along for the ride. This is where acceptance comes into play here, acceptance that you deserve what you want, acceptance that you may lose some of those close to you, acceptance that NOTHING is more important than staying on the path of your dreams no matter what obstacles. There is a silver lining here, new like minded people will move into your experience, and it's only natural, these ''new'' acquaintances will come into your life to aid and assist you in achieving your goals or in the very least give you moral support, and who knows, those left behind could come back into your life, seeing your own success they may finally decide that they want the same, they may ''wake up'' to this new empowered way of thinking, and hence, you leading by example! When we want change we need to stay laser focused, it's so easy to get side-tracked in this modern society, it's okay to share your goals with those who support you and have similar ways of thinking, but telling anyone and everyone from the rooftops will sap the energetic momentum you've worked so hard to gain. Whatever your goal is, believe in it, but mostly believe in yourself, don't let anyone or anything come in between, nothing is impossible, nothing!

Rich or wealthy?

Good morning, and well being. One of humanity's greatest desires is to have financial security, to live comfortably and have more than enough, and of course learning about the principles of the law of creation it only makes sense that attracting money is implemented into the practice. Since I began my own practice of L.O.A. four plus years ago wealth was the first thing that came to my own mind, but at that time I really hadn't known, let alone, had any clarity on the subject of having wealth. We really need to educate ourselves about money and what it means to us, to attract it into our experience, without clarity on the subject of having wealth, we're going to have a tough time attracting the right opportunities to bring it about. I have worked and gained much clarity about having wealth and what it means to me, and what I'm learning is this, there IS a difference between being wealthy versus being rich. First the latter, being rich is being just that, and without using too much judgment on this subject a lot of being rich is about the ego driven mind, highly materialistic, mansions, multiple cars, throwing and blowing cash money, showing off with lavish parties, impulse buying for the sake of ''just because'' and never being fulfilled regardless. Look no further with this example, an average person or group wins a 300 million lottery jackpot, only to lose it all five years later, a famous athlete or celebrity's rise and fall, a young talented rising star, overnight success, rich beyond their dreams, overwhelmed by this they fall into erratic behavior patterns, big spending habits, or even commit suicide, tax issues with musicians and actors due to lavish spending, I could go on. In some of these cases these people were not ready to handle their wealth, they ignored the fact that having mass amounts of money has consequences if not managed correctly. We believe winning a huge lottery jackpot will solve all of our problems, but we don't even consider the responsibility for having such a mass amount of money, this is the case of most lottery winners, who's lives were turned upside down because of this, they just weren't ready emotionally for this ''windfall'' so they just spend and spend it all away until it's gone. Since I've implemented the practice of the law of attraction into my life I've learned, and now understand, what having wealth means to me and it's simply this, having ''wealth'' is more than having money itself, it's about having a talent, a passion or gift, and using this gift for a greater cause, it's about investing wisely, giving and receiving, wealth is a constant flow, money goes out, money comes in, it's about expansion, improvement, evolving into something greater with a sense of purpose, investing in self as well as others, wealth builds, rich dwindles. When we discover that law of attraction can be used to bring us wealth we have to consider and be very clear ''why'' we want to be wealthy, we must educate ourselves not only in mind, but in spirit as well when it comes to being wealthy, then we'll begin to understand that wealth isn't just about having lots of money, it's more about a state of being. While there are wealthy people doing some amazing things in this world, [I won't name any] most of today's society are abusing their gifts and talent, utilizing wealth for greed, power, and personal gain, others splurge it away on meaningless material items, on a quest to fill a void that results in a never ending cycle of want, even with more than enough, they can never be happy. I believe anyone can manifest more money into their lives, we are all born abundant, it is our birthright, but at the same time, should we decide we deserve more, we must gain clarity and take responsibility before manifesting more than enough money, the Universe delivers yes, it's up to us how we use it, be careful what you wish for, especially money, greater good or greater greed?, we decide. Until next time

Monday, September 22, 2014


Happy Monday fellow co-creators! I've written many posts on the importance of feeling good to manifest our goals and desires but I want to take this feeling good stuff to a whole new level. First let me ask a question, when you think of having, say, a million dollars to handle your debts and still have some extra cash to spend freely, how's that feel, natural or anxious?, if the feeling is natural, you are coming from the vibration of positive expectation and allowing the related circumstances to unfold, if you feel anxiety when thinking about having a million dollars, there are limiting beliefs to uncover and change. I've been doing this L.O.A. stuff for over four years now, and that's not very long by most L.O.A. standards, but it's been long enough for me to know, DEEP in my being, that being happy comes before everything!, even the things I desire, you see, I only want what I want just for this very reason, and the reason is, that when I get it I'll be happy! But wait, WHEN I get it?, why not just be happy now?, why wait for my stuff to arrive to be happy?, doing this sends the vibration of not having it yet anyway, so how can I take inspired actions when I'm waiting for my stuff to show up? Our limited minds just can't wrap themselves around this ONE simple concept, that everything we want would be drawn towards us if we SIMPLY would just get happy! how?, by doing ONLY those things that inspire us and feel good, yet we complicate this because we are raised and conditioned to believe it requires hard work and struggle to achieve what we want, that's total BS! How is it that people who are ''rich'' can still be unhappy, yet those who are ''wealthy'' are very happy?, and yes, there is a difference between rich and wealthy people, but that's for a different post! Trying to force anything to happen isn't going to bring it any faster with law of attraction, we cannot fake being happy, the universal laws cannot be manipulated, if a person believes that faking happiness will get them what they want even faster, there will be certain disappointment, it has to come from deep within, a genuine state of bliss that doesn't care if it get's what it wants or not. The ultimate trick to mastering law of attraction and life itself is to be happy NOW, regardless of outside circumstances, and yes, easier said than done, but there IS no other way around this. When I start to slide a little, and I still do, I'll remind myself that nothing, NOTHING, is more important than me being happy right now, not later. My desires are on the backburner, I'm past that, however, they WILL manifest in their own time, but that's of no concern to me, the flow of life handles the timing of manifestation, my job and ONLY job is to do the things that inspire me and make me happy, that's it man! It took a long time to understand this at the core of my being, but it really is that simple, everything good is flowing into my life and I have been out of work for over three years, and I have no residual income, yet all my needs are met and then some, this is the honest and sincere truth I write here, and because I put being happy and content above all else, everything else just shows up in my physical experience in good timing, even more often now in the form of downright miracles! The inspiration for this post is to send the message that we all make life much more complicated than it has to be, we believe we must endure trials and self punishment to achieve greatness, we live in a ''have to do'' world, rather than a ''want to do'' world, we believe for any given reason we don't deserve the things we really want and why?, because somewhere at sometime we were told we couldn't have them and so we believed it. In closing, I want to drive home this simple message, the Universe already knows what we want, when we desired it, it was already created, it already exists in the potential, our job now is to BELIEVE that it's already ours, this is where we must do the work to get to the FEELING and KNOWING of the desire already achieved, by working to eliminate old beliefs and replace them with new beliefs, once this is accomplished, we ALLOW the manifestation to come in perfect timing, by doing ONLY the things that bring us happiness, that's it, REALLY!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Physical reality/vibrational reality

Good Saturday morning viewers, finally cooling down here in Southern California and I can actually function now without being crazy from the heat! I'll just come out and say it, I dislike summer immensely these days, I'm more of a cooler climate type but enough of this, my subject now! Our perceptions do create our realities, since everything is neutral, including circumstances we encounter, it is us that determines whether they are good or bad. We are stuck in current realities we do not choose because of our perception of what is, we only see and believe what we can be experiencing in the current physical reality because that is what we're experiencing and vibrating, and constantly attracting, that recurring reality. In some cases most humans settle for their current reality, believing that things will always stay the same, but looking deeper into themselves they long for better circumstances but fear change and the ''out of the comfort zone'' that results from leaping out of the bird's nest. Perception plays a major roll in how our lives play out and if we want better circumstances we MUST change our perceptions on everything, remember the glass half empty glass half full lesson? I learned that I had to tip the scales, for myself I had to ignore my current ''unwanted'' reality and focus more on my new ''wanted'' reality. Is it really that simple?, not at first, it requires practice and discipline like no other to tip the scales in our favor, and what a challenge it can be but life is a game, so the more fun we have with this, the easier it will be, we cannot take this too serious friends. One might say ''ignore my current physical reality?. yeah right'' and then they begin to describe everything that is happening from their own perception in their current reality and guess what?, re-creating their current reality using those very perceptions backed by their beliefs, affirming ''what is and what will always be'' This was me before I realized change could not happen until I changed my beliefs and shifted my perceptions, I discovered that I wanted to see the positive in everything, and if something happens in my experience unwanted, it's merely a challenge to get past and continue forward. Physical reality is what we see, hear, smell and taste, yes true, but our perception shapes our reality because we are creators, all of us, no exceptions, even if you are living in the most dire circumstances you have creating them through your perceptions and beliefs, tough to swallow but look at it this way, [changing your perception,] why would you continue to create the unwanted when you can create the wanted, simply by changing your perception on everything that's happening to you? Now you may be asking ''okay, how do I fix what's broken here?'' a good start would be creative visualization, seeing and feeling the end result of the desired outcome, this will begin the shift of a better more empowered belief system resulting in a change of perception but be patient and try to have fun with it. Another is ''acting as if'' the desired outcome has already occurred, this requires some effort and discipline at first, this is where changing your perception is critical to success, ignoring what is happening in your ''unchosen'' reality as much as possible, and living the new chosen reality through the vibration/feeling of already having it, so it can manifest into your physical reality in perfect timing. When your chosen reality is by default, locked into your subconscious, prepare for big changes and positive manifestations, this is the point where conscious creation becomes easier, like second nature. And finally, meditation, there really is no better way than this method and even though I don't practice meditation myself, this is the fastest way to achieve results that are life changing, and by far the quickest to re-program the subconscious mind, and had I chosen this method myself things would've probably changed a lot faster for me. I am once again manifesting by default only this time good things instead of bad things, as was the case in my past, now things flow towards me much easier without much effort and continue to improve with astounding results. Since I learned about law of attraction over four years ago it has been top priority for me to master conscious creation, to live life on my terms, to have anything of my choosing through little to no effort, and not only is it working it has also changed my whole outlook on life, yes, this stuff is for real! more to come

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What you want, wants you!

A paradox this can be, good morning viewers, for sometime I struggled with the concepts of detachment and letting go, but I swear by this that the above title is indeed true, as I'm continuing to experience it in my physical reality. Think of this for a moment, when we believe that having something we want will ''complete'' us, we've got this deliberate creation thing backwards, coming from this mindset is need, and the need for something will be a constant struggle to achieve it. What we want is seeking us, but wait, isn't wanting it also blocking it from us?, ah, that paradox again! So what's the difference between want and need?, check your emotions, of course we want what we want, and that's a good thing, we can ''feel'' just how good it feels when we think of already having the thing we want, without worrying about ''how and when'' it manifests into our physical realm, we come from a place of trust and unwavering faith that what we want has already been created, which it has! You see, that thing you want isn't complete without YOU, not the other way around as I mentioned above, the ''need'' for anything will create a gap between you and that very thing, or at best you will struggle and work VERY hard to achieve it. It's funny as I go about my day not even thinking about what I want, matches just pop up everywhere, what I mean is the signs of the coming manifestation of my desires, seeking ME, literally! I no longer focus on the absence of them and my physical reality reflects that, telling me that these things are now moving towards me, attraction 101! When we move past the ''need'' for something, and focus more on the already ''having'' of it, our Universe has no other choice but to manifest it into our physical reality, now how long this takes I cannot say, there may be steps required to realize your dream, but this is where your trust comes into play, knowing that no matter what, it will occur in the perfect timing. People work long and hard in their lifetimes to achieve just the basic comforts for retirement, and even now, they're struggling to pay rent, buy food, and get the necessary medicine, and it's awful I know, but this message is to all who visit this post, life isn't meant to be a struggle, we need to unlearn everything we thought we knew, and become who we really are, creators of our reality, to fulfill our purpose which is to be the deliberate creators we were incarnated on this earth to be, and that includes having our greatest desires! Once the belief is ingrained that what we seek is also seeking us, the evidence appears as driftwood appears on a beach, manifestations flow towards us without impediment, it's complete and total detachment. Own your reality!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The calm before the....

Good Monday morning, I thought I'd touch on an update of my progress, plus maybe give some insight as well, to those of you wanting to master your manifesting skills. At this point things are relatively quiet for me on the creational front, I'm simply in my allowing state and it's SO freeing, I've almost ridden myself of all limiting beliefs and in the state of being happy regardless of the circumstances, gratitude has played a big part in this, as I keep myself ''downstream'' moving towards the things I want. In my experience I am finding that there is a calm period when we've reached a level of trust and are going with the flow of life, and after eliminating the blocks that prevent manifestation of my greatest intentions, it seems to me that there is a feeling of confidence that things are happening in the perfect timing, but at the same time I feel that they are at the door ready to be realized. This is truly allowing, relaxed, unattached, going with the flow, and having one hundred percent trust in source energy bringing things about, even better than imagined, which is the case when we fully trust and allow. I believe that when we reach this point of positive relaxed expectation, things may seem a little calm, like a ''all is well and working out'' feeling, then out of nowhere the manifestations pour in, either in one big swoop or a series of blended manifestations, it varies from individual to individual, it's a calm before the storm, in a really good way! I have to remind myself sometimes that the Universe is constantly aiding me in realizing my dreams, and the more I understand and accept this truth, the easier the manifesting process happens, and due to the level of trust I've developed, there is no more use for the rational mind, it's done regardless. Getting rid of limiting beliefs is a task in and of itself, a fight that leads to frustration after frustration, and not all can be eliminated, but as feeling good becomes dominant they seem to dissolve on their own and it becomes easier to let them in, feel them, then let them go, without resisting them. This really does get easier, remember that the Universe wants to give you what you want, more than you want it yourself, even better than expected most of the time, you just have to allow the resistance to dissolve as to allow the manifestations to happen, the key word here is ALLOW! Anything desired, big or small is allowed, not pushed or forced to be realized, that's coming from a place of resistance, the opposite of allowing. Get happy now, not until the manifestation happens, gratitude helps a lot because it's all about appreciating what you already have, and believe me I know, I've been unemployed for over three years now, yet I'm so grateful for my life, I have great health which is priceless, good family and friends, and The Universe has been there every step of the way since I've planted my seeds of intention, and has provided for me through the worries and trials of these past few years, and now I'm getting ready to reap my biggest harvest! This is my testimony, keep at it, SO many times I wanted to give up but I kept going, nothing's going to stop me from my dream life, and now I'm crossing the finishing line, winning from within. As beliefs change so does the ''outer'' world, but we must learn to believe in the unseen first, that's where it all begins, we must believe it first to see it, then it manifests into our reality, our imagination is our greatest gift! more to come

Thursday, September 4, 2014

You believe, you receive

So many times throughout a given day we affirm things to ourselves, an example, ''I'm always stuck in traffic, I can never get ahead, why does everybody treat me like crap?, I feel horrible, life is unfair'' and we say these things over and over, day after day, and the hard truth is that when we say these things to ourselves again and again we are forming and grounding new beliefs, that, in the long run, will only continue to manifest those very same outcomes into our physical reality. Looking back on my own past beliefs, I can see how I, and I only, was responsible for everything bad that was happening to me, I brought all of the bad things into my life by telling myself and others as well, over and over, how really bad my life was, forming the beliefs that validated my shortcomings, and brought back to me via the law of attraction. It's not so much the words, or the feelings we have, but through constant repetition these words and feelings become beliefs, and all together form a major attraction force, whether positive or negative! Changing beliefs takes time, old non serving ones out, new empowering ones in, and just as the negative beliefs manifested, the positive beliefs will too, but the scales must be tipped more towards the positive, then those positives being your new dominant beliefs. I've written many similar posts on this subject, but it's simply a reminder that we have to change the way we say things to ourselves and others, most of the time we say these things unaware, and habitually, and we wonder why these bad circumstances continue to plague us. Our subconscious mind is obedient, it only does what we constantly instruct it to do, good or bad, the important thing to keep in mind is that whatever you are putting into it repetitively, good or bad, becomes a belief, then it becoming your reality, it knows no difference what's real or what's not! Everything manifests from our subconscious, this is where our beliefs are held, reprogramming the subconscious mind is PARAMOUNT to success in deliberate creation and mastery of self, more to come.

Let it be [words of wisdom]

We can be such fearful creatures, mostly without realization, in the most subtle ways, through daily habits and thinking, only to act out in these very thinking patterns. At the entry way of my friends town home there resides a mature female Black Widow spider, she nests inside the condensation spout from the air conditioning unit, tending to her egg sacks and keeping guard over them, of course my friends are nervous about this, and want her killed. I then told them why?, she is of no threat to anyone, she is serving her purpose just as we are serving ours in this Universe, she is more afraid of us than we are of her, despite her fatal bite, why fear her? When we fear someone or something we are judging right out the gate, when the truth is there is no threat ''outside'' of us, we fear something that most likely won't happen because our minds are stuck in this future ''survival mode'' way of thinking, and since these fears are from past thoughts and conditioning, we push the repeat button every time reacting out of fear rather than curiosity and amazement. As the case with my new friend the Black Widow, I watch in amazement as she serves her own purpose, I even speak to her every day, my friends aren't afraid anymore either, they just let her be and she is of no threat to anyone. I have changed my thinking in a way that all living things, regardless of what they are, all serve a purpose, and we are ALL one with everything that exists on this earth, the words ''quick!, kill it!'' don't resonate with me, I've learned that fear is an illusion and nothing outside of ourselves is a threat, nothing or anyone is out to get us, overcoming fear is a necessary ingredient to succeed in reality creation. As long as we are thinking and feeling from a fear based reality we are living very dangerously, attracting more to be fearful about, until the worst case scenario manifests into our reality, we reap what we sow! If there is something or someone you are afraid of and you are constantly focused on it, or them, it would serve to remove the focus as soon as possible, avoiding the vicious cycle of unwanted circumstances. We draw to us what we are dominantly focused on, and if this focus is fear based, more will come to fear. At this time in my journey I'm shedding the skin of fear like a snake sheds his skin, I'm quickly conquering ALL my fears in ALL areas of my life, after all, my newest friend is a poisonous spider!

Not TOO excited!

Good day and well being, fall is approaching thank God, and soon Autumn fever will set in, looking forward to the best coming season, harvest! When applying the principles of law of attraction over four years ago, all this desire and attraction and manifesting got me excited, visualizing, affirming, alignment, firing my rockets of desire. While thinking that positive emotion with excitement would surely manifest my desires much quicker, it would only be creating a vibrational ''gap'' between me and realizing my desires, and as the excitement feels good, it still sends the energy of not yet ''having'' the wish fulfilled, and as harsh as this seems, I've learned this lesson personally. From my own trial and error experiences, I just don't get excited about my greatest desires anymore, not because I've given up on them, it's just that they're already created, my work is done, I just allow them now, they're mine already! I just focus on being happy, at this point that's all that is required. When thinking about what I want feels ''natural'' to me, [no big deal anymore], it manifests itself in perfect timing, that's the beauty of the allowing part. Maybe we all begin L.O.A. this way, getting caught up in the desire and manifest hoopla, the excitement of knowing we can focus, feel, and have our most heartfelt desires, but the truth is as long as we come from a place of excitement, we still don't have what we want from a vibrational standpoint, I'll illustrate this, are millionaires excited because they're already millionaires?, no, because they are well past that phase, maybe they WERE excited when they made their first million some time ago, but nowadays having a few million dollars more, a few years later, is no big deal, it just feels natural to them, or how about this?, you've just purchased your new dream car, driving off the lot you can't contain the excitement, wow!, you own this luxury dream car and you feel the rush of final ownership, but after some time, say a few months later, the rush has run it's course, and getting into and driving the luxury car is more natural to you, it's no big deal because you ''already'' have it! This is the place from which your vibration needs to be, to allow physical manifestation, as I've written in past posts, ''ACTING AS IF'' you've already experienced your desire, internally, emotionally, within! Why repeat this message again?, because this crucial part of allowing is very critical to our success of manifesting our desires, and we cannot ''force'' or manipulate this way of being, we must develop it through detachment and letting go, and it can be very painful along the way, but there are no shortcuts to self mastery. If you have, what you ''believe'' is a BIG desire, you will have to develop the ability to treat it as equal to having a daily cup of coffee, because of your ''perception'' of how big this desire is, it will surely come equipped with resistance and attachment, creating a vibrational gap. Dream houses, exotic cars, and millions of dollars are all perceived ''big'' to us, but they are nothing to Universal intelligence, a million dollars is just as easy to manifest as a penny, and in order for us to easily manifest these BIG things we need to develop the mindset as that of source energy, the ability to co-create effortlessly! Big or small doesn't matter to the Universe, it's all the same, we need to think and behave this way as well.