Tuesday, April 29, 2014


During our path to creation we put our trust in source energy to bring the good stuff in the perfect timing, equally important we must have that same trust in ourselves to allow the good stuff, we must develop high self-worth in our ability to co-create with Universal intelligence, as we believe in ourselves as well as trust in our abilities, doors will open. We have to know beyond any doubt that we deserve what we want, we have to also believe it too, these are just a few of the components necessary to achieving greatness, but we will develop them all in good time, when the student is ready the teacher appears!


Since the recent shift into higher consciousness some of us may feel stuck, or simply having a hard time manifesting despite doing everything right. As the 3-D methods of deliberate creation have passed, I have personally felt that I'm reaching a fourth dimension approach, while I'm still adjusting to this method, I choose to create through allowing instead of the forced actions used in the 3-D world, and I believe deliberate creation is reaching new levels, but we must break through the density of the old 3-D world, to some this could mean that to manifest our desires would be much harder, not the case, actually it will be easier, it's just that we have to keep vigilant on our thinking and emotions more often, ''checking'' in on them to make sure we are neutral in the very least. This will get easier with practice, by the way, fifth dimension is rapid manifestation, and we're headed that way in deliberate creation! I am still new to the changes in manifesting, but they are working fast as I adjust to them, manifesting in the fourth and fifth dimensions I think, is having trust in the unseen, it's the ''new'' unconventional approach to deliberate creation, it's using the cooperating components through allowing, not forced action, but inspired action. More on this as I develop this method of creation.

Keep it coming

Good morning all, hope all of your creations are coming to fruition, if contrast is still nagging know that it's purpose is to gain clarity, I used to hate contrast! I kept wondering why I was always getting the opposite of what my intentions were. The big U is simply bringing us the contrast to remind us to get clearer on our desires, we need to remember that the clearer and more focused we are on our intentions the faster the Universe can deliver them to us. It's very important to remember that the Universe wants you to have what you want more than you yourself wants that very thing, so it will aid you to gain clarity to help you achieve those desires, through contrast. Contrast is an opportunity, not a dis-advantage in co-creation, once we honor and accept that, we speed up the process, manifesting the wanted outcomes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The being within

Good morning everyone!, while having breakfast at the hotel lobby I recieved the itch to jot down a progress report, I've written about being aligned to the inner being and how necessary it can be for co-creation, but something unexpected is happening, while my neutral state is reached, or even below it for that matter I've been able to ''check'' in on my inner being and feel the presence of bliss no matter how I'm feeling on the outside. This I believe is the development of persistant alignment to source, I no longer feel the need to ''force'' myself to feel good, I'll just channel into my higher self and feel that alignment, it's there and it makes me feel content, so there is no struggle, it's effortless! It's something like this, you are the proud parent of , say, a six month old child, but you as the parent are having a very off day, but as you hold the child, they are laughing joyfully, kicking their legs in excitement, what does that do to you?, exactly! that child is akin to our inner being, and we get drawn into that good feeling vibe. If we can practice aligning to our inner being and hold that alignment persistantly, we can be, do, and have it all, it's that simple, with source alignment everything becomes effortless in all facets of our life. More on this to come.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The layers of lies

What if everything we thought we've known and lived were a lie?, a good fine Saturday morning to all, this morning at the park just before my exercise routine I felt a little on edge about the way society conforms to the rules of our system, even more I noticed how, without realizing it, I do the same. It's as if there has been this ''great brainwashing'' of our twentieth century that has led us away from the higher truths. As my awareness has grown and these truths became more and more apparent I couldn't help but feel disgusted and violated to some degree, and overall angry about how this system manipulates the masses. When we re-claim our power, we are like an onion, we must change the status quo of thinking and peel away the layers that no longer serve us while moving towards higher awareness and consciousness, and there can be many layers depending on how long we've bought into these falsehoods in our society. There is a great awakening happening that is spreading like wildfire, and yet the lies are still being told that we need to hang on to what we have always believed, look no further than our current monetary system itself, giving to the few and taking away from the most, history, once again, repeating it's past mistakes! Nothing is more important than who we really are, NOTHING! We have been conditioned to believe that value is placed outside of ourselves rather than inside, where true power resides, and that without certain status or material gain we're nothing compared to the powerful and elite, and even worse we hold these beliefs that we can never achieve greatness because instead of recognizing our own true power we compare ourselves to others, then make excuses to ourselves why we cannot have what we want. False, false, false!, we are being lied to so that we can lie to ourselves, we have been for a long time, it is no wonder why this shift has occurred, how can consciousness continue this way?, it can't, something must give!, and it has, this planet cannot evolve stuck in this way of thinking. I don't want to sound like there's a conspiracy theory, I'm not about all of that, and I'm not a prophet of doom either, but there will be those that will hang on to the old ways of thinking, this includes some in power as well, so there could be some conflict between this new awareness and higher consciousness, versus the old twentieth century thinking, that affects consciousness as a whole, it almost sounds like a great spiritual battle is looming. As I grow and learn, on a whole new level, I see the times are changing, but unlike anytime before in the history of our planet, anything can happen now since this shift, very interesting times indeed! Until next time

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stuck energy

First off, thank you China, it feels so good that this blog site reaches far and wide, the goal is simply to spread higher consciousness at every corner of the globe! Okay, on with our subject, are some of you feeling stuck? it's perfectly natural, I've been there numerous times and there are a lot of techniques that can be used, for example the Emotional freedom technique, focus blocks, and my favorite, aligning to my inner being. Feeling stuck isn't as bad as it feels, even though it feels bad it's an opportunity, I know, I know, but bear with me, it's a contrast thing, allowing us to shift our focus on the things we want, it's so simple!, yet we complicate it even more by continuing to focus more on what we don't want, wasted energy! Forgive me for using this term, MAN UP!, we need to accept responsibility for our thinking, it always delivers and we need to be vigilant on our thoughts, every time we feel negative our inner being is in disagreement with us, it's a horrible vicious cycle and we're always given the opportunity to create, yet we abuse this great gift by creating negative outcomes, it goes against everything we are designed to do! I liken this kind of behavior to addiction, no matter how bad it is for us, we just can't get enough, enough already! I believe if it doesn't feel good, don't do it! Since the recent shift into higher consciousness occurred there is more density to get past, it's simply the old passing and the new beginning, this shift into a higher consciousness requires constant vigilance on our thoughts, so we need to keep ''checking'' in on our emotions to see how we're feeling plus, this also has an effect on the things we want to manifest into our reality, feeling good plays a very important role in our lives more than ever. Call it a test if you wish, but it's the human design, it's just reached a whole new level and we need to own it! Dwelling on the negative just creates more negative, it's our law of attraction in action, how blessed we are to create the outcomes we want yet we beat ourselves up emotionally, and it's those very emotions that create more of the same. Every time we feel stuck our inner being is literally giving us the opportunity to get what we want, it's really that simple, yet we love that drama! If you are feeling stuck just focus on what you really want, even better, focus on your blessings, you have them trust me, shifting into the gears of gratitude sets up miracles every time. Some of you readers are past this, but for those struggling with feeling stuck the following works wonders and it's simply to focus on the things you want, own it baby!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No big deal

Good afternoon fellow co-creators and practicing students of the law of attraction!, while at the receiving end of my biggest goals it's becoming apparent that the high is wearing off, you know, that feeling we conjure up while we envision our wish already fulfilled, the excitement, the relief, that feeling of joy that attracts it all into our physical reality! Why is this?, I remember that old saying that it's not the destination but the journey that feels good, does this apply to conscious creation as well? It does, and it's no surprise why, plus it's a natural stage in co-creation. Since we've already ''been'' there in vibration and are already there in spirit, it only makes sense that we've used all of the energy necessary to bring things into our physical reality, not only that, we get to a feeling place where we just know that it's the next obvious thing to happen, that next logical step as the Abraham Hicks teachings tell us. I liken this to the neutral state with law of attraction, with going general in statements as ''it's already done now, so I'll just chill and allow it to be so, no big deal anymore, it's the next logical step'' It is this very state of allowing that tells source energy that you already have it, you've closed the gap!, there is no way it cannot manifest, it must!, it's universal law. You'll ''know'' when you've reached this stage, because when you think about your desires there is almost no feeling behind it, it feels more natural, and because you've closed the gap there's very little to no resistance, so nothing's holding anything up anymore, you could care less whether it comes or not, so it shows up anyway. When I began this practice close to four years ago I had a ton of resistance, I wanted stuff, I wouldn't be happy until it came into my reality, now as of present, I don't care about that stuff anymore, I've got something far greater out of this, I discovered my passion, and my purpose in life, and bonus!, I still get the stuff, but that's just a by-product of loving what you do, it's all about finding your passion, that's your purpose, then the Universe has your back, bringing everything required and then some to realize your dream, and we're talking the big bucks! In the beginning I didn't start small, I went right for the big stuff, those ''big'' life game changers and I had not given them up, it took four years of inner-work to transform myself into a lean, mean, success machine, so that I could position myself for victory in every area of my physical life, It's been the hardest yet easiest work I ever did, if that makes any sense. Now successful, it was and will be well worth it, but at this stage the manifestation isn't the high point here, it's where I go FROM it, this is where the real fun begins, this is my own style of creating, that being the end result is just the beginning, not the end to a means, but creating a new doorway towards my true passions, and having the tools necessary to make them happen, set for life! Stay viewed!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Indeed, this is a good question, good afternoon all, we can live in any reality we choose, we need to focus on our wanted life experience with feeling and allow it to unfold without conflicting thought. We have this gift known as life, we also have the gift of free will, and we also have the ability to co-create with Universal intelligence. So why are most of us living in a reality not of our choosing?, well for starters we cannot play the role of victim and co-creator at the same time, and another problem is that we tend to fear change, which is a vital part in the manifesting process, another factor is we accept where we are and assume things won't get better, we're stuck in an unchanging reality, or cycle of behaviors that keeps us under an invisible ceiling. That was me for many years, accepting my unwanted reality, accepting my failures, and my shortcomings, now I've created a new much improved reality, and while I'm in the midst of rapid and big life changes, I've developed the courage to embrace this new chosen reality, not fighting for dear life fearing the change, I've gotten so fed up with my old reality that it was ''do or die'' literally!, so I focused on my wanted reality, and focused, and focused, then with added feeling, month after month after month I built my chosen ''new'' reality like a person builds their dream home, putting the best elements in place to build the perfect house! Success has not been overnight, and yes, I get nervous occasionally, but the closer I get the more exited I become, it scares me more going backwards than moving forward, it scares me EVEN more staying where I am, rather than living my dream. If we are stuck in an unwanted reality we have the mental and emotional capacity to change it, along with the gift of life, and free will, we can imagine a chosen reality and act on it, BECOMING that said reality, by BELIEVING we are already living it! Every second, every minute, every hour, and every day, we are creating our reality, we need look no further than what we are thinking is what we are getting, and the hardest part is accepting responsibility for this, that everything happening to us is the result of our thinking, feelings, and actions pure and simple. Once we accept this responsibility we've made a massive breakthrough, and it becomes easier to change our reality from unwanted to wanted reality! What's your NEW reality?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Good Wednesday morning everyone, the title above sums it all up, these three words are what we all would love to live by, and we can once we begin the journey to conscious creation. But the longer this takes we tend to lose interest and faith in ourselves, the truth is however, that the longer this takes the better we're going to be at it. After re-programming [re-wiring] my hard drive [subconscious] I've found I'm more congruent to my desires and goals, I've taken no actions that are incongruent WITH my highest goals, meaning I've let go of holding down any kind of job, my new belief is that I don't need anyone to decide for me what I'm worth, my value goes far beyond what the status quo could ever offer me, on top of that I've taken full responsibility for my self value and self worth, I've become a true deliberate creator in every sense. As my power continues to grow daily I seem not to worry about how things unfold, my full trust and faith is upon Universal intelligence so words like never, can't, what if, would've, should've, are gone from my vocabulary. As my behavior patterns have changed and alignment is achieved, I no longer act in ways that move me away from what I want, I simply say no to what I don't want and yes to what I do want. Believe me with time this DOES get easier, perseverance is one of the keys towards success, and literally the Universe is in the palm of your hands, moving everything towards you in a naturally but effective flow. Just a few months ago I didn't feel that I was ''set for life'', now I know beyond belief that I AM! So what's the next move from being in this place of freedom and contentment?, teaching what I've learned, teaching success, helping others reach their TRUE potential, how could I not share this? I'm spreading the gospel of success and self empowerment, something this amazing is meant to be shared, and there has not been a better time on this planet to do it! As I go out about my daily life creating new reality in every moment, I notice that when I go to an establishment and buy something or order food, I can sense that most people are unhappy in their jobs and life in general, I was one of these people, telling myself there just has to be something more than this!, this struggle, this turmoil, this Hamster wheel of a life trying to get ahead or even keep up! As painful as it seems, the system wants to keep us down rather than lift us out of the hole of struggle, we have to climb out ourselves, accepting responsibility for what we think and feel, to free ourselves from the very system that keeps us in the victim mentality, and know that we can take back our power and move in our own unique direction. What IS reality? that will be the next topic in the next posting, stay viewed!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Post one hundred and twenty five, and not running out of steam any time soon! Yesterday sucked!, nothing went right, all my expectations for that day swooped down to disappointment and no matter how positive I felt, things just refused to go right no matter what I intended, I awoke annoyed and the day continued to give me things to be annoyed about, indeed, I'm a powerful creator! But I am good today and past yesterday's speed bump, as a matter of fact every bump I hit makes me better and better. I began practicing the teachings of reality creation May 2010, I began this blog in October 2011, and this year I'm going to build a website which will include a link to this blog, so a heads up to the viewers out there. Can we get to the subject now?, you bet! I've been aligned many, many, times, then out of alignment, then in, then out, then in again towards my biggest intentions, align, let go, align more, let go, wait! I don't want to align to these things anymore, been there done that! After all, source energy more than knows what I want, no need to do more work than necessary right?, so here we go again with these two words, NOW WHAT? Good news everyone, and this kind of alignment feels the best, aligning to your higher self, as a matter of fact this should be our goal from the get go, I'm guilty of this in the beginning, almost four years ago alignment to my goals came first, even when it felt good to do so I was going backwards, most of us will when we learn about Law of Attraction, we want stuff, we want to fix the problems so we can feel better, but there is way more to this than a quick fix! Our higher self NEVER has a bad day, our higher self is the ultimate version of us, our higher self already knows the solutions to all of our problems, our higher self is already living our desires! So what happens when we align to our higher selves?, we see everything from our higher self's point of view, we feel beyond good, we are fearless and inspired, we take the right kind of actions, we are successful and very attractive, meaning everything we need is made available to us, and more! I could go on and on with the perks of spiritual alignment but you get the idea. So, you may ask, how do I align to my higher self?, well it's easier than you might think, when you are happy and excited, you are aligned, when you are inspired and engaged in your passions, you are aligned, as a matter of fact any time you feel great, you are aligned!, but here's the catch, we need to stay there almost all of the time, practice, practice, practice! We don't need to attend a church, or be a part of some kind of religion or cult to align to our higher self, we are ALL born with this ability, it's a gift we should never take for granted but use for self improvement in every aspect of our life. Our inner being is always begging for our attention, wanting us to be at our best, but we are too caught up in our own worlds and problems, with only short moments of happiness and joy, over long periods of stress and turmoil. When I make a conscious choice to align to my inner being at a given moment, I'll just ask myself how would my inner being feel right now?, I usually do this when I'm out of alignment, and in no time I'm back in alignment, and I can stay there for long periods of time! It works, and the rewards are ten fold, it is where one needs to be to welcome miracles and opportunities into their lives on a regular basis. Instead of using a lot of energy trying to manifest something by aligning to it, bypass the hassle of attachment and frustration by aligning to the higher self, which can help you realize your dreams with ZERO effort.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Minding the gap

Top of the morning everyone! I am just blown away by the sheer way the Universe mirrors back what we vibrate along with the beliefs we hold, even though it works either positive or negative, it works regardless, and as for myself, I am a walking human miracle! To get where I am now has not been easy, especially when I began practicing conscious creation, thinking that all I had to do was think about what I wanted and the magic genie would grant my wish. Don't we all wish it was that easy?, but with time, commitment, practice and perseverance it becomes effortless and well worth it! Four years have passed, and I've cracked the code to self mastery, now self mastery must be practiced, and it's gotten so much easier to be in the present than ever before. While relaxing yesterday evening to a DVD film, a message came to me directly from the Universe, it was so obvious because it hit me like another ah ha moment, the message was this, ''mind the gap....mind the gap'', after pondering this cosmic message it was clear to me delivery was imminent now, and now more than ever I knew it was time to finally close the vibrational gap and ''own'' my desires so they can be made physical in my reality. As I drifted off to sleep last night I closed the gap once and for all, it was effortless and the miracles have been pouring in since this morning. Getting to the place of already having our desires before we ''actually'' have them is a challenge, but practice and staying the course is mandatory for achievement, we have to want it so bad that we don't ''need'' it anymore because we already have it, confused?, how about this, what you want already exists now!, all things, all of them came from a thought or an idea, what we focus on expands, I could even play the quantum physics card, but this blog backs the spiritual, not the scientific, even though it's also been proven by science! It feels so good to say what other successful ''masters of their life'' say, ''if I can do this, anybody can do this'' because we are all creators, it's just up to us what we create, good outcomes or bad outcomes. Freewill was given to us, and how we use it is entirely up to us, but used wisely the payoffs exceed expectations, and you become a living, breathing miracle, a master of your life and destiny, you own your world, the world does not own you, you are no longer a victim of circumstance, you are the victor of your chosen reality! Who would not want this?, I mean that's what being human is, we all want this, that is why we're here, it's our purpose, it's the human condition, to thrive! I believe that we were designed for greatness instead of failure, we've been lied to for so long we believe the very lie that holds us down, limits us, and prevents us from expanding and moving forward, as bad as this feels, we can just as easily take back our power, embrace the real truth, and master our chosen reality, rambling aside, once we decide clearly what we truly want, we already begin closing the gap.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm on a roll here friends, knowledge and inspiration is just rushing in, I love to write and even more to have something interesting to write about, and this one's going to be interesting! This subject is with a question, are we now the most advanced than any other time in human history?, I mean looking back, man on the moon, smarter computers, smarter phones, the list of modern marvels goes on and on. As a society it's easy to assume we have reached a level of advancement that's far above anyone in human history, past and present. But what if I were to tell you that that's not an accurate assumption, that we are not the most advanced, even in this age of hyper technology! Allow me to indulge some of my newfound wisdom here, we are absolutely not, and we never were, there was another period in human history much more advanced, without technology, and as a matter of fact, this was thousands of years ago. While I'll admit we've made huge strides in the past century, we've been doing more damage than good, we need look no further and see the environmental impact we are having on the planet, wars, and the religions that have created them, poverty on historic levels, yet we feel we are more advanced than any other time since humans set foot on this planet. At one time, several thousand years ago there were more advanced civilizations than that of our own, that were more supreme and had way more knowledge than our greatest scientists and architects, doctors and scholors. This was known as the Golden Age on our planet, when consciousness was much, much higher and in harmony with earth and the cosmos, ancient Egypt, as well as the Mayan civilizations were very in tune with the cosmos, Using the earth's natural resources harmoniously instead of burning fossil fuels that damage the global environment. Since then, there has never been a time in human history where consciousness was at it's highest with the Universal intelligence, during this Golden Age, the civilized world was much smaller in population, however, there were no wars, it was an era of peace like no other, everyone had a divine connection and unity, the structures at this time were built for the purpose to connect everyone as a whole with higher consciousness, the cosmos, and divine intelligence, this instead of what mainstream historians teach us. The Great Pyramids of Egypt are a prime example, they were not built as tombs or even with slaves, and what about the others, Easter Island, Stonehenge?, I believe these all had a connection of some kind to higher consciousness. During this age, there was also a greater connection to nature and earth like no other time in human history, using earth's natural resources for greater good instead of greed, and power. It's no surprise however, that the Golden Age ended when humans chose a new and different path, religions came into the fore, creating wars, territorial and land disputes were aplenty, plagues and disease at staggering numbers, ushering in the Dark Age, and we all know how horrific it got then. What if everything we were taught about world history is inaccurate?, why wouldn't we be told how things really happened?, should we believe we, at this time in history, are far superior than past civilizations?, there's that veil again, hiding a truth we could use, from the ancient past, that has all of the answers and solutions! In the meantime, here we are repeating past mistakes from the past Dark Age, see the correlation here?, but this time around we're making sure we tip the scales and run off the cliff! There has already been a shift, a quickening if you will on earth for a change of course, but I often wonder what it will take for humanity to awaken, and start finding the correct solutions, the warnings will come, in speed, scope, and severity, but will that be enough? Whether we believe it or not, the Mayans knew this age would come, this new movement towards higher consciousness, December 21st, 2012, I have witnessed it myself. As deception is the norm in our modern society, it is of no surprise that the same could apply to our ancient past, instead of knowing the higher truth, humans base everything on what they see and hear, repeating history based on false assumptions, it's time to awaken to the higher truth, or face a modern day Dark Age, wisdom or fear, there is still hope!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


That's how I'm feeling to some degree as of now, some of you readers out there may be wondering how to ''crack the code'' towards mastering deliberate creation, since it has been my top priority to self mastery these past four years I'd like to share a secret, some of you may already know this, that the essence of desire is the way to go, you know, the ''true'' feeling of it. We all know how trust plays a part in our creation process, trusting ourselves and Universal intelligence is paramount to success, then carrying the feelings of the wishes fulfilled throughout our daily lives, which is best known as ''living the desire''. I have found for me that the excitement of living in my desires can wane over time, and that's no big deal, that's normal, but what can happen is the old thinking programs can try to sneak back up and put us into the vibration of ''well, where is it?'' all of the sudden the resistance sets in along with anxiety, and we've felt it all, anticipation, excitement, elation, and positive expectation relating to our goals. At ease co-creator, it's time to relax, and if you are still feeling the itch for positive emotions, relief is the way to go, especially if we are impatient, I mean look at it this way, if you trust our unfailing Universe that operates in perfection and precision, especially when handling all the details to bring about what we want, how does that feel? free from debt, new and improved relationships, healing from a disease or sickness, the feeling most of us would get is relief! When we feel relief we are letting everything we want in, since that's the reason we want it all in the first place, and so it only makes sense to feel this way now, relief is another form of allowing! While driving back from my morning exercise I decided to feel relief about everything, that it's all handled, and suddenly the Universe started mirroring it right back to me giving me even more relief, astounding!, I thought, this was exactly where I needed to be emotionally and I've been here ever since. You see, we may feel stuck sometimes, even after we know we are doing everything right, but something new comes along, that ah ha moment when it was in front of us the whole time! I asked for the ''cracking of the code'' early this morning, I felt that I was missing an important piece of the puzzle and asked for guidance, then, on the way to exercise one of the cars in the opposite lane had a front license plate that read ''code'', I knew then I'd receive my answer, then a little later it just came to me, the best feeling was just to be relieved now, that was what the Universe wanted me to do, and more messages followed, but I won't go into too much detail about it all. The message is when we run out of steam with positive energy and interest has peaked, R and R is the best route, relaxed and relieved, or vise versa, it sends the message that you trust and know that source has already laid the path, and what a relief that it's already taken care of!, it really is, that's no April fooling!