Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, a question, what are you thankful for?, this is the message I saw while watching television in my hotel room, and it got me to thinking to myself that if I were to compile a list of everything that's good in my life, that list would be huge. Indeed, I've still yet to accomplish great things, but even now, I am also thankful for them as well. What I'm getting from this today is that I am thankful for the most part, of what I already have, my talents, my passions, and my health, the friends and family to spend this day with, and yes, the bounty of food to eat. I view this holiday a little different now, but the meaning remains the same, to express gratitude for everything I already have, and throw in some extra appreciation for what is to come, and the next thing I know, I am experiencing a rampage of appreciation! I challenge everyone to find at least five things you are thankful for, and I'm betting that you'll find even more things, this is especially true if you were to write these things down on paper, it's truly powerful. Hey, we'll eat, and man will we eat, but being thankful, priceless!, plus we'll enjoy the food even more. I believe appreciation is at the top of the list for direct connection to source, and what is reflected back is awesome, this has been my experience all day today, and it's growing. As short and sweet as this post is, I wish you all a long and bountiful Thanksgiving Day, and I am thankful you all visit here, there is so much more to come, stay tuned!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The wealthcare system {self healing}

Happy Friday co-creators and practitioneers, I planned on writing more about visions and lucid dreaming but a few days ago I experienced a painful devastating injury, and although things are going very spectacular for me vibrationally,it was unforeseen to say the least, despite all of this, I've learned a HUGE lesson on how we should listen to our bodies. Since I began wintering back here in Arizona, I've been running on full steam, multitasking on every level physically, hiking, working out, helping friends, moving heavy objects, then an occasional twinge would occur in my left shoulder, but I shrugged it off and plugged on, this has been going on for almost three weeks now, then this past Monday BAM! after self diagnosis, it turned out to be a severe case of shoulder bursitis, or tendenitis of the shoulder, and the pain was agonizing! With full use of my left arm lost, my worst fears and scenarios began to play out, I probably would have to see a specialist on this matter, but I don't believe or trust in doctors, I don't trust the health care system as a whole! Fast forward five days later, as of typing this I'm almost completely recovered, and without meds or doctors, how did I recover from what was undoubtedly the worst injury of my adult life? First off, I have experienced minor injuries from strength training, but very few, I rarely get hurt or sick, but from this experience I've learned alot about my ability to self-heal, and what I've discovered is that ALL of us have this gift WITHIN us all! Before I tell the readers this miraculous gift we all have, there will be cases when we will need to see a doctor, It's only my personal belief that's writing this here, by no means do I say to never see a doctor, we need doctors! One of the biggest beliefs I had to change was that when we are healthy, we truly are wealthy, wealth is'nt just about monetary gain, true wealth is in every aspect of our lives, and good health is the most critical, we need to discover our true power of our ability to heal ourselves, with our thoughts and emotions, I truly believe I've cut weeks of healing time by feeling relief while undergoing intense pain, and feeling the joy of being already healed despite what the physical symptoms were telling me, it's law of attraction healing! Lesson learned!, and as painful as it was, it made me realize we DO have a gift, and without drugs or doctors, we can heal ourselves fast, of course good 'ol fashioned ice played a major roll here too, and a few Ibuprofens! The Universe is delivering everything in perfect time, it remind's me also, that to recieve my wealth, I must be healthy to enjoy it, how can we enjoy abundance when we are sick or in poor health? I did'nt have to go into much visualizing to do this, I just felt the feeling of relief, held onto it, and let go, mostly before sleep, despite the sleepless nights due to the intense pain, I remained disciplined in my thoughts that I was already healed, and so it is! We ALL have this gift, HAPPY HEALING!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flying dreams

Good afternoon people of higher consciousness, I've been really hit with alot of side-effects from spiritual awakening lately, some pleasant, and some not so pleasant, generally they have smoothed out some, but still one can feel strange sensations in moods and emotions and even skin irritations and heart palpitations. But stranger even is the crazy sleeping patterns, waking two to three times a night for no apparent reasons, and I'm not talking about losing sleep over worry or stress, actually, my life is unfolding in amazing ways, so why am I losing sleep lately?, but it even gets wierder because when I do eventually fall asleep I have dreams that are so lucid, that I sometimes can't distinguish them from the real thing, I am dreaming and I am aware that I'm dreaming, and I control the outcomes of these dreams, and even more so, the frequency of these ''lucid dreams'' have increased dramatically. I've had lucid dreams occur since the beginning of my awakening over three years ago but they were few and far between, now they occur almost nightly, and sometimes often I'm flying, yes, you read right, flying in my dream! Some of you have experienced this I'm sure, but I don't mean flying in a plane, I'm talking hovering, floating, wingless flying, as a free spirit would do, and throw in an occasional out of body experience for good measure. So what's happening here?, lucid dreams and being able to fly, float and hover effortlessly in a dream state, and yet still control the movements, this is deep stuff, I'm new to this, so what's the message? I believe it represents freedom, breaking through obstacles, achievement, if we are flying in our dreams it's a sure bet that great things await us, and we are about to be freed of the constraints we and others have imposed apon us, it's a very auspicious sign that we are reaching enlightenment at a whole new level, which seems to me,as a part of spiritual awakening, I believe once we've come here, there's no turning back, and along with all of the chaos and life changes going on, there is comfort in knowing that we'll overcome regardless of our physical circumstances! At the beginning I never even imagined something like this happening to me with law of attraction, bonus baby! but seriously though, if inner work needs to be done, then done it will be, and don't be surprised if the ''stuff'' we want gets delayed or put on hold until we are ready, because if it's something really big, you have to be ready for it, the universe won't bring something down that we're not ready to recieve. As for the dreams of flying, they may represent different things for all of us, but rest assured they are telling us we're getting everything we want and even more, and we are literally freeing ourselves spiritually as our higher selves want us to be. I'm just scratching the surface here, but as I learn more about these flying dreams and what they represent, I will post more on this subject from my own personal experiences, wow, it's crazy all this is happening all the sudden, but it's also amazing, and I want to share more, so stay tuned readers and sweet dreams!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Owning your world

Greetings everyone!, after a long hiatus I've returned, the past month has been full of changes and lessons, and busy, busy, busy! During the course of the last three weeks I've had some obligations to fill, and it required traveling back to Arizona, and since being here some strange but important things are unfolding rapidly. As I had left last May with some loose ends I'm still finding myself here, and I'm enjoying this strange and wonderful experience, and the weather is just amazing! There have been some overwhelming circumstances taking place in the past few weeks, mixed with miracles and blessings and manifestations galore, it is a confusing yet fulfilling time for me in reality creation, as the lessons come in, I'm busting right through those walls of resistance, It's chaos and it's bliss, it's laughing and crying, it's a period in my life I've never lived before, and it's getting more and more interesting every day. How powerful we are, when we let go of the fear and literally ''own our world'' it becomes our oyster, this is happening to me rapidly, it's kind of spooky in a way, some manifestations happen in seconds, like a muscle, it builds and grows, and it seems to require less and less effort, versus weight training, which requires more effort to get results. Now I'm plotting my next move, and melting away the resistance in the process, as change continues resistance will pop it's ugly head but it'll get easier, as long as the focus is on what's wanted, it keeps resistance at bay. As crazy as the month has been, it has spawned new inspiration in me, which takes this blogsite to a whole new level, friends of co-creation stay tuned, during my absence these past three weeks, I've grown inward immensely, and the level of transformation is nothing short of astounding! I wish to chronicle my progress much further hoping to help teach as well, this is truly a journey. In my next post I wish to discuss night visions, which have been occuring lately, also out of body experiences, and being ''in flight'' and very lucid dreams which feel almost as real as my awakened state, as mentioned before, things are going to get real interesting so check in and have a view! Until again, soon!