Friday, August 22, 2014


T.G.I. FRIDAY! As we practice the laws of attraction to work in our favor we begin to understand metaphysics and how they play into our thoughts and emotions, drawing to us everything we desire. I've written before about the spoken word and it's magnetic effect on how we draw things into our experience much faster, of course the words that we say to ourselves MUST be backed by belief and knowing, and as a bonus, while looking at ourselves in the mirror as regular as possible. A lot of people, when they first learn of the laws of attraction, begin focusing on physical changes, weight loss, changing appearance, as in taking back their youth, better skin, or like myself gaining lean muscle with a stable weight. I've been strength training since sixteen years old, and I've always been fit to some degree, but I used to spend hours training, my life was lifting weights, I lived and breathed iron, even though I had my bad habits back then, lifting weights always had their place regardless of what was happening in my life, if I was angry I'd hit them hard, sometimes three hours a session, If I was happy, which was rare back then, I'd let someone work out with me pushing myself even harder, I was known as a ''hog'' and my peers knew it, so I kept driving until they were calling me a monster. Now I'm fifty, and although I can't go three hours a session in the gym, I found an easier way with a lot less effort and brute force, first off I wish I'd discovered law of attraction and metaphysics over thirty years ago, I could have made this so much easier, I now use this law and work out much less and have amazing results! People struggle with their body issues when it comes to weight loss but I will say that anyone can use the Universal laws, and successfully I might say, to achieve the body they want, but like everything else, limiting beliefs must be identified and released. Some things we want to manifest may require little or no action, but when it comes to aging and perfect health we must take massive action, sure, we must visualize ourselves in the body we dream of but that's only half the work, we must be able first, to accept and appreciate the body we currently have, and then leverage the metaphysical laws by taking the actions necessary to achieve that perfect body. Looking in the mirror we tend to find our flaws, that extra weight, more wrinkles, we affirm to ourselves we are getting old and heading downhill, and law of attraction confirms it, and we get more of the same, believing that this is how it is! Being fifty feels like being twenty to me, I've found my fountain of youth, and it's me!, everyday I look into the mirror I compliment myself, I can see and feel the effects of anti-aging just by what I'm telling myself, and at fifty, I'm still having fun, having pints, playing loud music, and of course moving iron, the only difference these days is I use my mind and feel good emotions more than brute force, to be in the best shape of my life and if I can, at fifty, anyone can at sixty, seventy, or even eighty! Aging isn't the same as it used to be, we live in different times, more and more boomers are taking charge of their health, more active than ever, re-tapping into their youth. We can't rely on prescriptions and the big pharma industry to make us healthier, we need to take charge of our own health and well being! We have the power and capacity, we can create the perfect body just by imagining it so, then moving into
action to achieve it, we are born with it! Transform your thoughts and transform your body

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Masters of life

Good Wednesday on this thunder stormy afternoon in southern California, I've been here since May and rain is a rare occasion as a drought is occurring, but I digress, on with the subject at hand! I am finding that as I've gained a lot of control over my thinking, my personal world is developing more and more in my favor, everything has smoothed out and I'm in a constant positive state, creating, by law of attraction, more circumstances to keep me in a smooth positive state. As this positive state is dominant, I have a great ''jumping point'' toward higher vibrations at my disposal, which means it's now much easier to go up on my emotional scale rather than down, with this increased momentum comes faster manifestations, and more control on how good I feel at any given time. This control I'm talking about isn't about HOW things play out, this is a detached form of control, more of allowing things to happen in their own natural way un-impeded by worry or anxiety. As I've written so many times before we only need to control our thinking by focusing ONLY on what we want, the law of attraction handles the rest, so it's obvious that wrong thinking powered by emotion works the same way, and law of attraction brings circumstances that match our negative thoughts. To have control over our emotions begins with control over what we think, we think several thousand thoughts a day so we're not going to keep up with every thought, and many of them we're not even aware of at all, but with practice, and dare I say, very,very much mental discipline, we can become the masters of our own thinking. Most humans in today's society run their lives on ''default'' being unaware of what they are thinking most of the time, being controlled by outer circumstances, they live under the ''victim of circumstance'' mentality that keeps them enslaved by the status quo, remaining ''stuck'' in their current realities. The masters of their thinking are the masters of their world, they are not controlled by outside circumstances, they have a deep inner knowing that they and they only, have power over their minds and emotions, creating a world they choose, not what the world chooses for them, the world is merely a reflection of their perceptions and beliefs, and what they choose it to be, which is being, doing, and having anything they want! This also applies to those that are constantly dwelling on their problems and unwanted circumstances, they create that very world that keeps them locked in those very problems along with their perception and belief that ''this is the way it is'' and being powerless to change it, but we all have the power to change it! We are the masters of our lives, we and ONLY we decide how we want things to be by what we are thinking and feeling, the Universe matches those very thoughts in the form of similar thoughts, circumstances, and outcomes, it does as it's designed to do, wanted or unwanted.

Monday, August 18, 2014


This article is a continuation from the earlier post I've written, so we meet again! How do we describe a personal victory?, is it a career we've always wanted?, finding a soul mate?, battling and beating an illness or disease?, or landing a massive financial windfall via lottery or inheritance? These could be considered victories no doubt, even FEELING like victories in their own right. What if our greatest victories went beyond all these things, what if we accomplished every day victories we weren't even aware of?, each day I wake up feeling good, victory!, each day I work out improving my health, victory!, whenever I make a stranger laugh or feel good, victory!, whenever a gorgeous girl smiles at me, victory!, as a matter of fact personal victories are an everyday thing when we are deliberate in our thoughts and actions. Everything leading up to our biggest victories is a series of smaller victories, once I let go and remained detached from outcomes that was a huge victory in itself, beating all odds and trusting in the unseen is a victory as well, a person who lives their life victoriously is the master of their world, their reality bends backwards for them!, every thought and action leads to personal victory! Choose to be the victor of your world and not the victim.

The broader perspective

Good morning, thank you all for viewing these posts, I truly hope you gain something from my own personal learning, while we eventually learn to become deliberate creators of our life experiences with intent to do so, we will develop our own methods and beliefs to help us achieve our goals, this blog site is not intended to be the ''do what I do'' way of deliberate creation, I am simply choosing to document my own personal journey, and a part of myself hopes to help and enlighten others who visit this blog. There are goals that we tend to put first before anything else, more income, a relationship, optimum health, that dream home, these things we want to ''fix'' in our lives that we believe will make us happy or complete when they are realized. While these things are important to us, they simply are the by-products of personal development, of course our lives will always have areas of improvement on a physical level, and I agree with having material wealth because we are in our physical bodies and we want physical experiences to thrive, however, I'm finding out this all goes beyond having material things, we want what we want because we believe that it will make us happy, and it does to some extent, until we move on, wanting something new, and so on and so on, and at some point after getting all the material stuff, we begin to ask ourselves ''is this it?'' I mean how much material stuff do we need to manifest until we feel whole and complete? In this manner we will never get there, I believe that while we can manifest ANYTHING into our physical experience, a time will eventually come when we know on a deeper level we're meant for something greater, beyond material things, and while we advance in our manifesting skills, we also advance in knowledge, it becomes not a question of personal gain, but a question of the whole, and what we can contribute. I enjoy the physical world and what it can offer, and some believe that this is wrong, to each their own, but my goals, while I can't detail them too much, could seem selfish to some, but I ease myself knowing that in order to help others, I've got to help myself first, I've got to develop and learn and grow, even if I'm not seeing the bigger picture yet. When we want more it happens in two ways, greed or expansion, while greed will get you what you want you'll never achieve wholeness or completion, only a void that can never be filled, and a hunger for power that attracts competition and opposition. When we choose to use what we want as a tool for expansion, more money for example, we'll use it more wisely, putting it towards a greater cause, for ourselves and others. When we ask for and manifest incredible amounts of wealth we feel good thinking about all the nice things we'll spend it on, and of course we will buy the things we want, we can, and we deserve these things, there is nothing wrong with having the finer things in life, it's the human experience! There comes a time when we'll reach a crossroad, and a question arises, ''what's my purpose?'' then the focus moves away from the material and more towards the whole, our broader selves may already have the answer, but this is a journey, so getting there may require time and learning. more to come.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Habitual thought patterns

In order to be a successful deliberate creator, it is paramount to change our habitual thinking, this is a vital piece of the puzzle towards creating our wanted outcomes. While law of attraction works primarily from our emotions and beliefs everything still begins with a thought, which then creates an emotion [vibration], as the vibration is held the attraction process begins, whether good or bad does not matter, you are getting back what you are broadcasting, this is why right thinking is crucial to getting what we want. At first, applying this myself, I was more or less sending mixed signals creating mixed results, that is why it can take some time to change our thinking patterns, we must replace new thoughts over our old thoughts, creating new beliefs, changing a habit can vary time wise, but with persistence 30 days is do-able, and it depends on the individual. As new and empowered thoughts are dominant so begins new and empowered beliefs, we must hold these new thoughts and integrate them into our daily lives, we must ''live'' them as if they have already occurred, an example... financial freedom, the focus would be to affirm this new thought/truth with feeling until it becomes your dominant thought/feeling with constant repetition until the new truth is realized, then a new belief is formed, once the new belief is integrated subconsciously, the desired outcome is released as if already fulfilled, allowing manifestation in the perfect timing. Another way to allow the new belief to manifest in physical form is to remain steadfast in focus with the goal achieved up until it manifests, this can be difficult for some due to creating longing and attachment, possibly delaying the desired outcome. A thought is a seed so we must learn to be careful what we are dominantly thinking, as we practice conscious creation we learn this important lesson, that we are constantly planting new seeds and it begins with a thought. Discipline of thinking could be the hardest thing to master for most, but the rewards speak for themselves, since I'm mastering this myself my world is going much smoother, circumstances are leaning towards favorable outcomes daily, and manifestations are coming in thick and fast! Once a person has formed a new and empowering thought through repetition, which then forms a new empowered belief, the outside world will begin to reflect that new belief, making manifestation inevitable. I will cover this topic more in future posts as I master my own thoughts. As a man thinks, so is he!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's so easy!

Greetings and well being, life gets in the way, we cannot avoid this, we owe, we owe, it's off to earn the dough! There is one truth we just seem to have the hardest time grasping, how easy it really is to create whatever we want in our human experience. Why is it so hard to embrace our God given gift and realize that we really are creators of our very own world? we can be so hard and unfair with ourselves, we just can't accept that we can be, do, and have anything we want with absolutely zero physical effort on our part, just by using our minds and emotions we always create what we don't want by giving our attention to those very things, we've made it easier to fight what's unwanted rather than focus on the wanted. Ask anyone on the street if they believe that they can have anything they want and most will say that they would have to work long and hard for it, we still live in an ''action'' based society, most humans don't really believe, with every fiber of their being, that obtaining anything can be accomplished by just focusing and ''feeling'' the desire already achieved, and then releasing it so it manifests into their reality. I think most humans are truly afraid of their own power, that is, if they were aware of it, or they just don't truly believe in themselves, or even worse are terrified of change altogether. Why is it so hard to accept this truth that we are the creators of our very own experiences?, well conditioning of course, handed down from generation to generation, and so it's easier to accept what's right in front of us rather than what goes on behind the scenes of the spiritual realm. Since I myself have accepted this truth some time ago, I've had to make a lot of adjustments, but on a deeper level I still hadn't accepted it, that was until the Universe kept drilling it into my very being by bringing countless messages and synchronicities telling me that as I think, so it becomes, so I turned inward and to this day I focus on the world I want, not the one I'm in now, even though I've made peace with my current reality, my new desired reality is showing signs of catching up and I can sense it happening by intuition as well as greater awareness. When we realize how easy this really is we almost laugh at ourselves, we wonder and ask ourselves ''what was I thinking?, I could've had this a lot sooner!'' You see, most people cannot harness the natural capacity to actually believe that something can be created from nothing, they just won't commit to it, and it will require a real commitment to reach a level where they just ''know'' that they can, along with practice, patience, and more importantly, perseverance! I don't believe that reality creation is a one trick pony, how others create successfully is not relevant to how we create, what I mean is that in the end we will all have our own style and method to how we create and manifest our desires, yes, there are some techniques we will practice that others may recommend, I've been there and done that, but now it's all down to me, and I've moved past looking for answers outside of myself, what works now for me is my ''own'' methods, and I think we will all reach this level as we become successful in reality creation. Reality creation requires a level of faith in ourselves we've never experienced before, and to reach that level takes time, and during that time we will either fear the truth or embrace it, but even as we reach the point of knowing how easy it really is to be, do, and have ANYTHING, we will complicate it, we're human after all, but through trial and error we'll finally get the message, ''it's so easy, why are you complicating it?'' much more to come

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bread crumbs

Good Monday and well being all, when we align and hold our higher vibration dominantly, we may be tempted to ''check in'' or take score by looking outside ourselves for indications of our intentions manifesting, and because we're aligned we may think everything will unfold quicker for us. Our intentions manifest sooner or later, but in most cases in the least expected way, or, for better terms, the path of least resistance. Although some intentions can fall into our lap rather quickly, there may also be a path we must take towards the fulfillment of our intentions, these are usually the ''big'' desires we launch, that may require steps to take or the involvement of others, depending on the intention. The thing that can complicate the path towards wish fulfillment is our wanting to control the outcome, this creates a crooked path of struggle and frustration delaying arrival, fighting the current of the natural flow of life, we all do this, and it's usually during the learning phase. There is a lifetime of baggage to dispose of so there will be trials and errors, but perseverance wins the game here folks and if we were to realize our intentions with our minds and emotions, then release them without a second thought, the path towards manifestation would be direct and swift! Very few manifest their dreams this way, although some can, most will have limiting beliefs to rid themselves of, lessons to learn, and steps to take while dissolving resistance, reaching for alignment. While we wish we knew how something unfolds it's important to understand the Universe wants wish fulfillment to be better than we could ever imagine, the path towards the manifestation is always better than the manifestation itself, once you realize the desired result, the ''high'' will wear off, and then more intentions are launched. We must learn that as long as we get more, we'll want more, and sooner or later it won't be the manifested desire we wanted, but the thrill of the chase on the path towards it. Have you ever had a birthday, where your friends blindfolded you and led you unknowingly to your surprise party?, making you think something entirely different was going on?, only to discover a surprise party was waiting with all of your best friends and close family, with all the food, drink, and gifts, all for you! get the idea? Every corner is a new unfolding, the path can be easy or hard, but more importantly, the aligned path is the path of NO resistance, leading towards the dream realized better than imagined before, having our cake and eating it too, food for thought!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

That one epiphany

Good morning viewers, during the course of practicing and implementing reality creation into our lives you may feel that you've gained a lot of momentum, then you hit a wall, or come into a vibrational slump, or just losing interest altogether energetically. This has been the case for me these past few days, although it's not the first time, putting out a lot of positive energy can be very draining at times, especially under sometimes unfavorable circumstances. When we put out new intentions our higher selves are expanding, already living the dream, our inner beings are already living our desires, therefor we as physical beings, must ''catch up and match up'' the vibration that our higher selves are experiencing. One of the biggest problems while practicing deliberate creation is that people get hung up on not seeing their manifested result in their physical reality, looking ''outside'' of them, and the signs of manifestation could be everywhere, relating to what they want. You will see signs constantly when you match up the vibration to what you want, the Universe will mirror back what you are vibrating, and at first this can be very exciting and you can easily get caught up in the thrill of knowing you are creating these things. While it could appear that the manifesting of a desire is close, one could be on the lookout expecting it to happen, and when it doesn't, disappointment sets in and momentum is lost. I've been through this multiple times, and now, four years later, I don't get too thrilled when vibrational matches pop up, I just know I'm on track and it feels good, no big deal. After four years of this practice I'm finding myself more neutral about things, it seems I've moved past all the excitement of creating my chosen reality, but why is this?, shouldn't this be fun?, why is it not such a big deal anymore?, the answer is simple, I've lived it, over and over, I've felt and experienced my desires so much that I've exhausted the feeling to the point that I no longer feel like putting any more effort into it, so what now? My higher self has expanded into my desires, and I've matched up more times that I can count, my desires are realized now, the work is done on my part, time to move on in the journey and let things unfold in their own natural way, and yes, I've let go a long time ago of the how and when, so now I'll find my excitement doing what I love to do. What is so important to remember is we'll reach a point where we no longer look ''outside'' for change, it's done already inside, and if we believe and accept this higher truth we won't look for validations or proof of manifestation, everything happens in perfect timing so it's a waste of energy constantly worrying about when something manifests in our reality. We will all learn this lesson at some point, to get out of our own way and let things unfold naturally, it's done, so why tamper with the natural flow? Feeling good or at least getting general is paramount now, I'll need to keep myself busy, I'm so use to creating on a day to day basis, I've been doing it for four years now so I've become so accustomed to it, but now I just need to relax and find my joy, as far as my biggest desires go, there is nothing more to do, but it will be really interesting to see how they manifest, and that part excites me! If some of you have reached that point where you ''know'' that what you want will manifest without a doubt, you may still be holding on to doing the vibrational work, and without realizing it could be ''trying'' to make it happen, you will know when your efforts are exhausted when the work no longer feels exciting as it did in the beginning, and even though it feels like the honeymoon is over, it actually means you are about to realize your desires. To ''just know'' is a relaxed state of being, it's complete trust, no big deal, the next logical step, now it's the job of the higher self and Universal intelligence to work and map out all the details, we on the other hand, do what we love, find our joy, and let the rest take care of itself, it's done, it's done, it is SO done! More to come