Monday, October 14, 2013

Guides, prompts, and numerology

Happy Monday friends of conscious creation! Wow, when readying this posting it occured to me the timing of this, reading the computer clock, it was 11:11 am, and even more amazing is the subject of this posting, which is that of our guides sending numbers, [prompts] to communicate with us. Since I've let go and detached control over how my desires unfold, the higher powers have taken the wheel, as of now my guides have given me so much support in this journey, I'm so grateful for this amazing gift that has manifested into my life, their support is incredible, they've also helped me let go of, and wipe away all fears, concerns, and doubts, once I invited them in, they have been ever increasingly by my side, every minute, everywhere I go my guides are there, I've never felt more secure and more safer in my entire life. What a huge blessing this is, and how it came to be was my willingness to let go and surrender control over everything, to be guided by the flow of life instead of pushing and fighting against everything. A short while back I wrote about this subject, of number sequences sent to us by our guides, and this occurence is on the increase globally, and this is happening to more and more people. As for myself it has become a way of life for me, getting messages from my guides occurs multiple times daily, it's like they are living amongst you, and these guides are earth based, although invisible, rest assured, their there, and they WILL always be trying to get our attention through number sequences and syncronicities, although we may only regard it as coincidence, or chance, it was your guides, and their mission is, as long as you live in this physical body, is to guide and protect you on your life's path. So often we are distracted with life, jobs, stress, relationships, and right in front of us is the solution to all of our problems, begging for our attention, trying to get the message across that it all just does'nt have to be this way, we are using our gift of awareness to notice what's wrong instead of noticing what's good, and sadly we are missing out on the greatest gift of all, the help and support of our guides. Once I began recieving my prompts three months ago they have increased rapidly, it's like getting a ''heads up'' on everything good that's coming into my life, actually, without their support, I would'nt be where I am now, and because of them, my dreams are fast becoming reality, it's law of attraction on steroids! It is my belief now, in the first time in the history of our planet, that communication with the higher intelligence, is easier than, [if one chooses] ever before, and because of the shift in higher consciousness, is becoming increasingly so. If some of the readers are experiencing repeating number sequences on clocks, liscense plates, or any where else take notice, someone is trying to tell you something! I will discuss this further in future posts, stay tuned!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who backs you baby?

Some of you readers out there are manifesting wonderfully, things just seem to be lining up nicely, the vibes are ripe and the good stuff is coming in, you'r doing everything right and you ''feel'' the manifestation approaching, it's a done deal! On the other hand some of you are doing everything right, you know it, you feel it, but something seems to be holding you back. Well today I'm going to post about a blockage that is often overlooked in conscious creation, a blockage that can cause unintended results from our intentions, and it has everything to do with the people we choose to associate with at any given time. First off, allow me to be blunt, if you are becoming a more and more positive person, and associating with people who have negative outlooks and outcomes in life this can and will hinder your abilities to practice conscious creation successfully, this may smart a little, but I'm speaking from personal experience here, and thankfully, as of now, I'm surrounded by like minded people who share and support my goals, and somehow, without my doing since beginning my inner work three plus years ago, the negative people seem to move out of my life. You see, like attracts like, and If we continue to remain in bad friendships or relationships that no longer serve our highest power within, we will either move on, or be stuck, and sadly this can hurt, even when we know it's for the best we may not be able to let go of these relationships with others, and we can't control how others should be, they will be who they will be. These days I don't attract negative people towards me, I repel them before they even cross my path, this is a power I've chosen to harness by just thinking ''only'' on positive outcomes, this is how this works, like attracting like, universal intelligence is sending my way what I'm predominantly feeling and vibrating. But what do we do when we can't always control who comes around that's at a much lower vibrational frequency than ours?, personally, I've developed a sensitivity to negative vibration from others, and it can cut right through me, I really dislike it, the discomfort can send me away from them, it's like either put up with it, or get away, we have to choose, but stick around too long, we can slip back into that ''lower vibration'' of that person we are around. That person will be unaware they are lowering your higher frequencies, so blame will only achieve an even lower vibration, what a catch 22! The longer we surround ourselves with those of lower vibrating frequencies than ours, we will slip right into those frequencies ourselves, misery loves company anyone? Even without intentionally knowing it, others will block you from your true potential, because on a subconscious level, and because of their dominant thoughts, which lean on the negative, will influence you at some level, they know, that your success is their failure, and unknowingly they can sabotage your efforts!, hard to grasp I know, but surrounding ourselves with empowered, like minded people will determine our success with deliberate creation. When I first understood this it was discouraging, but now I realize it's very important to my success, it cannot work any other way, it's a part of letting go of those that may not serve your higher purpose, not easy I know, but success depends on it, the good news is we can lead by example, then maybe those negative Nicks and Nellies will jump aboard and follow us on the roads to abundance and crowning successes, or, at worst, continue on their paths of lack and limitations due to negative thinking, a repeating, never ending cycle of struggle and strife, and believe me, these are not the times to be dis-empowered, with this new age of awareness and higher conscious that's occuring on the planet, more than ever we need to empower ourselves, or we'll get left behind, it's that simple, the old ways of thought will ''not'' work to serve any longer, especially when massive changes are occuring, as subtle as they may seem, they are occuring nonetheless. Until again

Friday, October 4, 2013

A quantum leap

Good Friday everyone and well being, during the two year course of this blogsite I've discussed alot of topics on vibration and manifestation, so much so, it feels like I'm repeating things over and over, but I'm learning and developing, through trials and errors, the best ways to hold my allignment regularly, keeping the positive my dominant vibration and believe me, it's working wonders. There are times I feel I've gone full circle in this practice, however that may seem, breakthroughs are achieved, and I am exactly where I want to be at the exact time. What about faster manifesting?, we all want to manifest faster don't we?, hey we're human, of course we do, but as I've posted before, everything has a timing, lessons need to be learned, limiting beliefs need to be cleared away, dominant focus needs to be the desire achieved, as well as constant vigilance on negative thoughts and fears. Despite doing all of this, your desire still has'nt materialized, there's the problem, that last sentence, and you'll get hung up everytime you notice the absence of your desires, no matter how general you feel about it. What to do, what to do! we're holding our desire away at the last minute, we know it's close, we can almost touch it!, two things can happen, completely forget about it and let it come at the perfect timing, which is hard for most, or speed things up percievably, notice what I just said, ''percievably'', when we notice the absence of our desire, we're using our perception to ''notice'' it's absence, therefor holding it away from us. What I'm about to tell some of you may already know, but you can, in essence, already have your desire, as a matter of fact, you can feel as if it's already manifested weeks ago, and you've moved on to your next goal. What I'm referring to may sound like a quantum jump if you will, to the goal already achieved weeks, even months ago. Is this possible? can we get to such a place of knowing in such magnitude? with practice yes, let me illustrate, with faith and unwavering trust in universal laws, and achieving the feeling, not excitement too much, but relief and contentment, or that feeling depending on what the desire may be. For three and a half years I've built up my vibrational escrow, my personal vortex is expanding so fast I've no choice but to keep up, and this has required me to jump over the waiting for manifestation, to the manifestation has already occured, there's no place left for me to go, so my vibration matches the wish fulfilled, in the past, already happened! If anyone was to attempt this ''jump'' too soon, it can't work, why? we must reach a level beyond faith and knowing, we have to ''live'' in the feeling that it's already came to pass, and BE that person that's living that ''reality'' now!, in the present, then the universe moves mountains for you. This is a big paradigm shift that will take time to develop, but if you want to speed up your manifestations, this is the way to go, but be warned, mental discipline like never before will be paramount to success, and getting to this ''feeling of desire fulfilled'' place takes total practice, dedication, and perseverence, on a ''daily'' basis! To start, find the feeling of having your wish fulfilled, last week? how are you feeling now?, still excited?, good, milk it! how about a month ago?, relieved?, relaxed?, milk it, until it becomes your dominant feeling, it already happened, it's in the past, now it must manifest, it's universal law, and how it comes is of no concern to you, because it's already done! You may be thinking easier said than done, and this is true to some extent, but in my personal development I've never took action for the things I've desired, But in a sense I took the mental and emotional action to get me to the feeling place of ''desire already achieved'' and that, in my own case was the only action required on my part, the universe takes care of the rest, that's how ''I'' manifest, and it's different for everyone. I want to say though, if you want something quick and badly enough, it's just not enough, you MUST ''already own it'' mentally and emotionally, in every fiber of your being, and only then, it must be made manifest in your reality according to the ever unwavering universal laws, are you ready to take the leap? Until again.