Friday, December 27, 2013

Be the resolution

Greetings, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as for myself it snuck up on me due to a later Thanksgiving this year. I wish to make this post short and sweet, 2014, to me, will be a year of new opportunity, we can do our usual new year resolutions but most of us don't stick to them, we get pumped up, we start to follow through and then get side-tracked by life and it's complications. I believe we need to go beyond this way of ''thinking'' and just start ''being'' the resolution, as I've said once we decide what we want universal intelligence and all the cooperating components go right to work, we need only get out of the way, acting as if the request is fulfilled, because the truth is, it's already done, it's that simple. I wish all of you a blessed new year, and I encourage you all to celebrate your victories on new year's eve, and live like your wishes have been granted, because they have! Until next year.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Greetings on this fine Sunday morning! I am by definition, an early riser, I like to be up before the dawn, it is the most peaceful time of day and luckily the most quiet. As a writer I find mornings fresh and full of inspiration and ideas and although inspiration can come at any given time, this time of day is my preference overall. As we are growing up we are labeled and being labeled continuously, society has glorified labels, media, advertising, our schools, work places, every thing and everyone has a label, and understandably it is necessary to some degree. But what about how we label ourselves?, do we think we are average?, ordinary?, powerless?, losers?, even worse, do we believe it true when others impose these beliefs on us?, how they see us?, well I bring good news to the table, this is limited thinking on every level! All too often we look into the mirror in judgement and right away put a lable on ourselves, ''I'm old'', or ''such a loser'' and worstly ''I'm a failure'', and without even a mutter out loud the subconscious mind agrees and reinforces it in our reality, and it's all because we've said it over and over until it's become implanted into our very being, and reality shows it to be true. This kind of thinking is so destructive, that it can literally block us from anything good that could happen to us, and that is understating things alot! We all are unique, born with greatness already within us, we all have a path and purpose, we ARE NOT meant to be poor, or limited, or unsuccessful by any means, as we label who we are we are getting back what we see in ourselves, by law of attraction, be it good or bad, ''WE'' choose what we are, nobody else. So many times in my life I've been told by my peers that I could never do this or be that, I just did'nt have greatness in me, and it was written all over me, even my body language cried out ''failure'', no wonder I felt like such a failure, I would tell myself ''yeah, they're all right, I am a failure''. Each time I said this I was crushing my spirit more and more, not anybody else, it was all my doing, what others told me was what I was thinking and feeling, mirrored back to me. Years and years of this went on, keeping me stuck in a deadly and vicious cycle, had I not come out of this, I probably would not be here writing this article, that's how damaging this way of thinking can and will be. Friends, we have to believe we are here for an individual, and unique purpose, we are not all the same, why would we label it that way, ''oh I'm no different than those struggling, I'm just another ordinary person trying to make ends meet, this is as good as it gets'' LABELED! When I see myself nowadays, the words GREATNESS, TALENTED, GIFTED, HEALTHY, GOOD LOOKING, BLESSED, AND SUCCESSFUL,because of all of this, and my inner being thrives inside of me, pointing me towards opportunities, miracles,and endless abundance, and I'm not speaking about money, this goes beyond paper with deceased presidents on it, no, this my friends is about who I really am, the true value I place is on me, not things outside of me, at first it was the outer things, and I love having the nice stuff, but none of the ''stuff'' has greater value than me. This was a hard lesson to learn on my path to awakening, but for true wealth to come into our lives we must recognize our true values, gifts, talents, and potentials, and ''THEN'' the money will naturally follow guaranteed,and any other way will just lead to unfulfillment and unhappiness, no matter how many things you aquire. As you are reading this, you are unique, you posess a talent no one else has, your purpose is to tap into, and to rise up and use this gift to live a happy and fulfilling life, it is YOUR purpose, you posess something nobody else has, and it contributes to a greater plan in this generation, a piece of the puzzle if you will, but you must first unlock the greatness that's within you, as you do so you will have a new label...VICTOR! Once you make a conscious decision to change the label on yourself, not only will your inner being have your back, law of attraction will bring about the circumstances you'll need to succeed, and a shift occurs within you in due time, then your outer reality will reflect your new label as you become unstoppable! I shall return!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A purging

Good morning readers!, If you've visited my posts over the past few years there are a few articles discussing chemicalization/spiritual detoxing. This occurs when we are letting go of the ego-self while moving towards higher consciousness, and these ''spiritual purges'' can get right down ugly. Since the beginning of my journey I've underwent several of these spiritual detox days, and after having an incredible vortex allignment week, I awoke yesterday morning with the worst one yet, lightworkers may know this as the dark night of the soul, some, to a varying degree may not go through this, but rest assured, if you are on the path into higher consciousness, and before that lived in fear and negativity, there is no way around this, you must go through this. As bleak as this sounds, I wish to describe what has and IS happening to me, and how I'm coping with it, and maybe help those going through this, keep in mind, as it is a very lonely feeling place, you are never alone, this is crucial! Our ego will fight to the very end to hold on to old beliefs and thinking, using every trick in the book to convince us it's safer to remain where we are, but these are false beliefs that we accumulated through life, which, no longer serve us moving into higher consciousness. It felt, yesterday, like my whole world was crumbling down, the emotions were like depression on steroids, hoplessness and despair were tenfold, I felt I needed to find a rock to crawl under until this would pass, wave after wave of despair was coming over me, I felt so powerless, the more I fought it, the worse it became, how could I be so blindsided by this after a week in my vortex?, at that point I tried to focus on the things I wanted, no dice!, then I focused on doing something else to distract or cover up this feeling of despair, not happening, nothing, I mean nothing could bring me out of this, so I had no choice but to curl up and ride these awful emotions out. As these emotions intensified it became clear to me I was in a lonely and desolate place, that no one or no thing could get me out of, no hope, it was like being in purgatory waiting, and waiting, for any small amount of relief! Sounds scary does'nt it? I mean who in their right mind would want to endure this?, now what if I was to say this is a blessing in disguise?, that as bad as it can be, you come out more powerful than ever? I thought these pesky detoxes were mostly behind me, I had been surfing the waves of bliss and then got attacked by a shark, getting severely wounded in the process! As of now I'm recovering, lucky for me this one's short lived, but in some cases these ''dark nights'' can last days, months, even years, I kid you not, it's a part of dissolving the ego and it's false ideas about who we really are, this readers is spiritual battle 101! Now, how am I overcoming this?, well not easily, but the important thing is again, to remember you are not alone, but you may seek isolation or solitude during the detoxing, and you just can't talk to anyone about this if they have not gone through it themselves, most would mistake it for classic clinical depression, urging you to get help. For me, I tell myself it will pass, and even when the darkest thoughts arise, I tell myself I love and forgive myself, that it's only part of the process of letting go of those deeply ingrained beliefs, the ones that hurt the most, and yes, I must feel these moments of despair intensly so I can finally release them, supressing or covering them up just will not do, they'll just re-surface again and again until they are released, and the sooner the better! What we need to understand is we cannot know the light without embracing the darkness, and most of my life I have lived in the darkness, but it has never felt this intense, it was every dark moment in my life concentrated, brought to the surface all at once, to finally release and there may be more, I hope not but if it happens again I know I'll overcome it. It DOES get easier and better believe me, I just had no idea these deeply ingrained beliefs were still inside me, my whole body ached and trembled, it was like some kind of flu, when it started hurting I felt like it was'nt going to end, like it was the end for me, I sort of felt betrayed, not the case!, and as of writing this, I'm bouncing back quickly, which is truly a miracle to me as opposed to yesterday. As I went about my day earlier, I witnessed miracles and syncronicities as if the spiritual detoxing never took place and a message from my guides that all was good, a total one eighty! Readers, I am proof that this ''dark night of the soul'' cannot knock us down but empower us even more, just be kind and gentle to your self and your ego-self,and it will pass I promise. BACK SOON.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Good morning weekend warriors, most of you are probably breathing a sigh of relief apon awakening this morning, no work today, yes! Now would'nt it feel nice to feel this kind of relief everyday?, like everyday is a weekend?, some of us have families, which require jobs and housing, which, require jobs to pay for housing. For myself, I have not held a regular job since January 2011, I know, I know, some words may come up as loser, moocher, hopelessness, or just giving up on life, we are conditioned to believe that no job means no survival, no house, no food! So how have I managed to survive in these past few years without a job or income?, believe me, this has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in all my life, letting go of control, but it has paid off immensely, and my trust in the laws of belief have grown leaps and bounds. At this point source has taken good care of me, providing me with everything I need at the right times, I just know at a deep level that everything is working out and going just as planned as long as I get out of my own way, and let the universe deliver accordingly. This level of trust and faith is the hardest obstacle of the laws of attraction, getting to this place requires alot of letting go, and did I mention patience?, yes I did, and we as humans don't have alot of that!, with so much contrast and lesson after lesson to be learned, perseverence is the big pay off here, even when the circumstances are stacked up against us, we may be fighting the currents of life, paddling upstream, trying to control outcomes out of fear and worry, that we must avoid an outcome we don't want, creating that very outcome, a perpetual cycle that can repeat itself over and over until we scream ''I can't take this any more!, something has to change''and that's a good start. After a few years of going through this myself, I'm letting go of my oars and my kayak is going downstream ''with'' the current, and when I feel the slightest tinge of resistance, I come correct on my thinking and turn back downstream, and let in the flow of life, allowing, and alligning to all that's wanted in my current reality. It' hard yet easy, either way, practice is paramount to success, and more importantly happiness. What I write about here is no matter what the outside circumstances may present, we must get happy and turn our feelings back downstream, for this to work for me, I just constantly focus on what I want, and when I'm there,[sucked back into my vortex]I just flow and care less about anything, including desires. I am finding that having a job with a steady income will not make me happy, why would I let others decide what I'm worth or how much money I can make?, instead, I choose to do what I love, enjoy my life now!, work environments to me are toxic, most people who make a substantial income still are'nt happy, and because of this, they make co-workers and their families just as miserable, this is also true of management and those in charge of companies, they bring their jobs home in the form of stress and worry. Things are changing in the workforce, and not for the better, with this broken old system, it's harder to get ahead working for someone else, making most even more miserable in the work place! Now the light at the end of the tunnel, we can change that, we can take back our power, along with our self value, lead instead of follow, be the innovators of this new era, the window of opportunity is opening in this new age, and there has never been a better time! As for me, I am not a quitter, sure I'm unemployed, but I'ts the best decision I've ever made in my life, and as tough as it was, I'm seeing HUGE rewards in the form of self value and financial abundance. Let go of the oars and join me downstream! P.S. sorry for the ramble!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

When your there

Good evening Co-creators and practitioneers of deliberate creation! I write this post as a reminder that where we want to be is as simple as already being there. When you are no longer concerned about desires, when or how they come, your already there, when you have dissolved every ounce of resistance, your already there, when all your thoughts are directed towards what is wanted, your already there, and above everything else, when you make the conscious decision to put your happiness ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!, your already there, you see, being happy is ''being'' period! it becomes your dominant feeling, then after some time a shift will occur, then it is no longer about desires or things, they will no longer matter, why?, because your already there! However, they still come anyway, because when this shift occurs, you are alligned to everything you want! You will know when this shift happens, you will feel it in your being, it feels relaxed, relieved, and peaceful, as this shift occurs from within, your outer reality will begin to reflect that which has transformed within, in the form of opportunities, circumstances, and tons of syncronistic events. As we continue to hold our good feelings longer and longer, day after day, week after week, we will begin a shift towards feeling good our dominant vibration, and the good stuff comes pouring in! MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Good evening all, depending on our age, we can somewhat go back to memory lane and recall our youth, I can even recall some times when I was five years old, but before that age I'd have to get with mom and reach for the family photo album for recollection.It is believed some have the gift to even remember the embryo stage of their lives, recalling before birth, whether that's true or not, one thing I'm beginning to understand is that before we were born, a life path was already planned for us, a life's purpose if you will, and the cycle repeats itself until we correct our past life karma's, it's as if we have several lifetimes to ''get it right'', to fulfill our purpose so we can move on. I've always wondered and was curious about re-incarnation, in a way I believe in this subject, although I've never researched it thoroughly, but since this awakening my curiosity has been stirred once again, and it's as if something's nagging me to investigate further. This makes so much sense because I'm doing spiritual work, and it seems as time passes questions will be answered, in their own time of course. It all seems like a grand design, perfect yes, even though we may not get there in this lifetime, we may have a shot at another lifetime to get it right, could this be so?, interesting subject, and I will post more in the near future as I learn more about this interesting concept, stay tuned!

Age of ignorance vs age of wisdom

Happy Holidays to everyone, thanks for stopping by for a visit to view these posts. I'm still undergoing the transformation stage at this time, so emotionally I'm all over the place, if this is happening to some of you take comfort, grand things are unfolding, even though chaotic things can manifest internally, it's a good sign progress is made. The subject!, it does'nt take an expert to notice all the B.S. that's happening in this country and the planet as a whole, and I won't go into too much detail as it does'nt help to focus on what's wrong in the world, but one cannot escape the fact that the old system is failing, greed is out of control, livelyhoods are being stolen right from under good honest people, and polarization is the new norm in the USA, the system is failing and those who run it are in it for personal gain. Without pointing fingers here, we are constantly told how important our votes are, how's that working for us?, but the bigger question is why do so many put their faith and hope into something that's not only failed again and again, but has no concern for the welfare of the general population, that's designed to take rather than give, to destroy the environment for financial gain, to ship jobs over seas for greater profits, to control and privatize and regulate everything,that so very little can reach the 99 percent that's moving towards poverty, when is enough, enough? First off, I'm not going to start a revolt, or take to the streets ready to riot, personally, to me, it solves nothing, that's resistance, and what we resist, persists, when ever has there been a revolt or riot where more people don't get hurt or killed?, it does'nt solve anything, it just escalates the violence even more. So one would ask how much longer can a failing system sustain itself?, it won't and it can't, and believe it or not the solution lies within every one of us, and the shift I've spoke of a few posts ago relates to what's happening with the current global system, and it's collapsing in of itself. You see the shift is'nt just planetary in nature it's collective consciousness as a whole, everything and everyone is involved, remember, we are ALL connected, the planet and collective consciousness are about to release all of it's toxins that has poisoned it [man made] through the last century, our planet is sick and it's about to begin the healing phase, and unfortunately it ain't gonna be pretty, It may even get downright catastrophic at times, sending us warning after warning to get our acts together, that if we don't change things collectively, they will get much worse, we need to take care of our planet now, clean it up if you will, this is our window of opportunity, we CANNOT afford to blow this one folks, everything is riding on this one, the wake up call is happening, and with awareness growing so comes a new age of wisdom, once this knowledge is gained it can be used to awaken the planet and solve it's problems one person at a time, and believe me one person can make a HUGE difference, Lightworkers reading this post may know what I'm writing about, just ONE person envisioning a solution makes a HUGE impact, vs a person who is focused on the problems of the planet, and we know focusing on the problems only expands them, serving no purpose. I understand we have domestic issues, mortgages, jobs, friends and families to tend to, but as I write this post I am reminded of the bigger picture, and how small our problems are in comparison to the big changes that are occuring on the planet and collective consciousness as a whole, I have personally witnessed the shift, and it's no coincidence that this has occured shortly after I began my journey to new awareness three and a half years ago, this much I KNOW! I am by no means preaching the gloom and doom gospel that so many are doing now, spreading fear makes people powerless, no, instead I'm telling the people to ''TAKE BACK'' their power, and use it to envision a solution, to pave a new path to a better world, one person at a time. Thank you all!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, a question, what are you thankful for?, this is the message I saw while watching television in my hotel room, and it got me to thinking to myself that if I were to compile a list of everything that's good in my life, that list would be huge. Indeed, I've still yet to accomplish great things, but even now, I am also thankful for them as well. What I'm getting from this today is that I am thankful for the most part, of what I already have, my talents, my passions, and my health, the friends and family to spend this day with, and yes, the bounty of food to eat. I view this holiday a little different now, but the meaning remains the same, to express gratitude for everything I already have, and throw in some extra appreciation for what is to come, and the next thing I know, I am experiencing a rampage of appreciation! I challenge everyone to find at least five things you are thankful for, and I'm betting that you'll find even more things, this is especially true if you were to write these things down on paper, it's truly powerful. Hey, we'll eat, and man will we eat, but being thankful, priceless!, plus we'll enjoy the food even more. I believe appreciation is at the top of the list for direct connection to source, and what is reflected back is awesome, this has been my experience all day today, and it's growing. As short and sweet as this post is, I wish you all a long and bountiful Thanksgiving Day, and I am thankful you all visit here, there is so much more to come, stay tuned!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The wealthcare system {self healing}

Happy Friday co-creators and practitioneers, I planned on writing more about visions and lucid dreaming but a few days ago I experienced a painful devastating injury, and although things are going very spectacular for me vibrationally,it was unforeseen to say the least, despite all of this, I've learned a HUGE lesson on how we should listen to our bodies. Since I began wintering back here in Arizona, I've been running on full steam, multitasking on every level physically, hiking, working out, helping friends, moving heavy objects, then an occasional twinge would occur in my left shoulder, but I shrugged it off and plugged on, this has been going on for almost three weeks now, then this past Monday BAM! after self diagnosis, it turned out to be a severe case of shoulder bursitis, or tendenitis of the shoulder, and the pain was agonizing! With full use of my left arm lost, my worst fears and scenarios began to play out, I probably would have to see a specialist on this matter, but I don't believe or trust in doctors, I don't trust the health care system as a whole! Fast forward five days later, as of typing this I'm almost completely recovered, and without meds or doctors, how did I recover from what was undoubtedly the worst injury of my adult life? First off, I have experienced minor injuries from strength training, but very few, I rarely get hurt or sick, but from this experience I've learned alot about my ability to self-heal, and what I've discovered is that ALL of us have this gift WITHIN us all! Before I tell the readers this miraculous gift we all have, there will be cases when we will need to see a doctor, It's only my personal belief that's writing this here, by no means do I say to never see a doctor, we need doctors! One of the biggest beliefs I had to change was that when we are healthy, we truly are wealthy, wealth is'nt just about monetary gain, true wealth is in every aspect of our lives, and good health is the most critical, we need to discover our true power of our ability to heal ourselves, with our thoughts and emotions, I truly believe I've cut weeks of healing time by feeling relief while undergoing intense pain, and feeling the joy of being already healed despite what the physical symptoms were telling me, it's law of attraction healing! Lesson learned!, and as painful as it was, it made me realize we DO have a gift, and without drugs or doctors, we can heal ourselves fast, of course good 'ol fashioned ice played a major roll here too, and a few Ibuprofens! The Universe is delivering everything in perfect time, it remind's me also, that to recieve my wealth, I must be healthy to enjoy it, how can we enjoy abundance when we are sick or in poor health? I did'nt have to go into much visualizing to do this, I just felt the feeling of relief, held onto it, and let go, mostly before sleep, despite the sleepless nights due to the intense pain, I remained disciplined in my thoughts that I was already healed, and so it is! We ALL have this gift, HAPPY HEALING!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flying dreams

Good afternoon people of higher consciousness, I've been really hit with alot of side-effects from spiritual awakening lately, some pleasant, and some not so pleasant, generally they have smoothed out some, but still one can feel strange sensations in moods and emotions and even skin irritations and heart palpitations. But stranger even is the crazy sleeping patterns, waking two to three times a night for no apparent reasons, and I'm not talking about losing sleep over worry or stress, actually, my life is unfolding in amazing ways, so why am I losing sleep lately?, but it even gets wierder because when I do eventually fall asleep I have dreams that are so lucid, that I sometimes can't distinguish them from the real thing, I am dreaming and I am aware that I'm dreaming, and I control the outcomes of these dreams, and even more so, the frequency of these ''lucid dreams'' have increased dramatically. I've had lucid dreams occur since the beginning of my awakening over three years ago but they were few and far between, now they occur almost nightly, and sometimes often I'm flying, yes, you read right, flying in my dream! Some of you have experienced this I'm sure, but I don't mean flying in a plane, I'm talking hovering, floating, wingless flying, as a free spirit would do, and throw in an occasional out of body experience for good measure. So what's happening here?, lucid dreams and being able to fly, float and hover effortlessly in a dream state, and yet still control the movements, this is deep stuff, I'm new to this, so what's the message? I believe it represents freedom, breaking through obstacles, achievement, if we are flying in our dreams it's a sure bet that great things await us, and we are about to be freed of the constraints we and others have imposed apon us, it's a very auspicious sign that we are reaching enlightenment at a whole new level, which seems to me,as a part of spiritual awakening, I believe once we've come here, there's no turning back, and along with all of the chaos and life changes going on, there is comfort in knowing that we'll overcome regardless of our physical circumstances! At the beginning I never even imagined something like this happening to me with law of attraction, bonus baby! but seriously though, if inner work needs to be done, then done it will be, and don't be surprised if the ''stuff'' we want gets delayed or put on hold until we are ready, because if it's something really big, you have to be ready for it, the universe won't bring something down that we're not ready to recieve. As for the dreams of flying, they may represent different things for all of us, but rest assured they are telling us we're getting everything we want and even more, and we are literally freeing ourselves spiritually as our higher selves want us to be. I'm just scratching the surface here, but as I learn more about these flying dreams and what they represent, I will post more on this subject from my own personal experiences, wow, it's crazy all this is happening all the sudden, but it's also amazing, and I want to share more, so stay tuned readers and sweet dreams!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Owning your world

Greetings everyone!, after a long hiatus I've returned, the past month has been full of changes and lessons, and busy, busy, busy! During the course of the last three weeks I've had some obligations to fill, and it required traveling back to Arizona, and since being here some strange but important things are unfolding rapidly. As I had left last May with some loose ends I'm still finding myself here, and I'm enjoying this strange and wonderful experience, and the weather is just amazing! There have been some overwhelming circumstances taking place in the past few weeks, mixed with miracles and blessings and manifestations galore, it is a confusing yet fulfilling time for me in reality creation, as the lessons come in, I'm busting right through those walls of resistance, It's chaos and it's bliss, it's laughing and crying, it's a period in my life I've never lived before, and it's getting more and more interesting every day. How powerful we are, when we let go of the fear and literally ''own our world'' it becomes our oyster, this is happening to me rapidly, it's kind of spooky in a way, some manifestations happen in seconds, like a muscle, it builds and grows, and it seems to require less and less effort, versus weight training, which requires more effort to get results. Now I'm plotting my next move, and melting away the resistance in the process, as change continues resistance will pop it's ugly head but it'll get easier, as long as the focus is on what's wanted, it keeps resistance at bay. As crazy as the month has been, it has spawned new inspiration in me, which takes this blogsite to a whole new level, friends of co-creation stay tuned, during my absence these past three weeks, I've grown inward immensely, and the level of transformation is nothing short of astounding! I wish to chronicle my progress much further hoping to help teach as well, this is truly a journey. In my next post I wish to discuss night visions, which have been occuring lately, also out of body experiences, and being ''in flight'' and very lucid dreams which feel almost as real as my awakened state, as mentioned before, things are going to get real interesting so check in and have a view! Until again, soon!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Guides, prompts, and numerology

Happy Monday friends of conscious creation! Wow, when readying this posting it occured to me the timing of this, reading the computer clock, it was 11:11 am, and even more amazing is the subject of this posting, which is that of our guides sending numbers, [prompts] to communicate with us. Since I've let go and detached control over how my desires unfold, the higher powers have taken the wheel, as of now my guides have given me so much support in this journey, I'm so grateful for this amazing gift that has manifested into my life, their support is incredible, they've also helped me let go of, and wipe away all fears, concerns, and doubts, once I invited them in, they have been ever increasingly by my side, every minute, everywhere I go my guides are there, I've never felt more secure and more safer in my entire life. What a huge blessing this is, and how it came to be was my willingness to let go and surrender control over everything, to be guided by the flow of life instead of pushing and fighting against everything. A short while back I wrote about this subject, of number sequences sent to us by our guides, and this occurence is on the increase globally, and this is happening to more and more people. As for myself it has become a way of life for me, getting messages from my guides occurs multiple times daily, it's like they are living amongst you, and these guides are earth based, although invisible, rest assured, their there, and they WILL always be trying to get our attention through number sequences and syncronicities, although we may only regard it as coincidence, or chance, it was your guides, and their mission is, as long as you live in this physical body, is to guide and protect you on your life's path. So often we are distracted with life, jobs, stress, relationships, and right in front of us is the solution to all of our problems, begging for our attention, trying to get the message across that it all just does'nt have to be this way, we are using our gift of awareness to notice what's wrong instead of noticing what's good, and sadly we are missing out on the greatest gift of all, the help and support of our guides. Once I began recieving my prompts three months ago they have increased rapidly, it's like getting a ''heads up'' on everything good that's coming into my life, actually, without their support, I would'nt be where I am now, and because of them, my dreams are fast becoming reality, it's law of attraction on steroids! It is my belief now, in the first time in the history of our planet, that communication with the higher intelligence, is easier than, [if one chooses] ever before, and because of the shift in higher consciousness, is becoming increasingly so. If some of the readers are experiencing repeating number sequences on clocks, liscense plates, or any where else take notice, someone is trying to tell you something! I will discuss this further in future posts, stay tuned!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who backs you baby?

Some of you readers out there are manifesting wonderfully, things just seem to be lining up nicely, the vibes are ripe and the good stuff is coming in, you'r doing everything right and you ''feel'' the manifestation approaching, it's a done deal! On the other hand some of you are doing everything right, you know it, you feel it, but something seems to be holding you back. Well today I'm going to post about a blockage that is often overlooked in conscious creation, a blockage that can cause unintended results from our intentions, and it has everything to do with the people we choose to associate with at any given time. First off, allow me to be blunt, if you are becoming a more and more positive person, and associating with people who have negative outlooks and outcomes in life this can and will hinder your abilities to practice conscious creation successfully, this may smart a little, but I'm speaking from personal experience here, and thankfully, as of now, I'm surrounded by like minded people who share and support my goals, and somehow, without my doing since beginning my inner work three plus years ago, the negative people seem to move out of my life. You see, like attracts like, and If we continue to remain in bad friendships or relationships that no longer serve our highest power within, we will either move on, or be stuck, and sadly this can hurt, even when we know it's for the best we may not be able to let go of these relationships with others, and we can't control how others should be, they will be who they will be. These days I don't attract negative people towards me, I repel them before they even cross my path, this is a power I've chosen to harness by just thinking ''only'' on positive outcomes, this is how this works, like attracting like, universal intelligence is sending my way what I'm predominantly feeling and vibrating. But what do we do when we can't always control who comes around that's at a much lower vibrational frequency than ours?, personally, I've developed a sensitivity to negative vibration from others, and it can cut right through me, I really dislike it, the discomfort can send me away from them, it's like either put up with it, or get away, we have to choose, but stick around too long, we can slip back into that ''lower vibration'' of that person we are around. That person will be unaware they are lowering your higher frequencies, so blame will only achieve an even lower vibration, what a catch 22! The longer we surround ourselves with those of lower vibrating frequencies than ours, we will slip right into those frequencies ourselves, misery loves company anyone? Even without intentionally knowing it, others will block you from your true potential, because on a subconscious level, and because of their dominant thoughts, which lean on the negative, will influence you at some level, they know, that your success is their failure, and unknowingly they can sabotage your efforts!, hard to grasp I know, but surrounding ourselves with empowered, like minded people will determine our success with deliberate creation. When I first understood this it was discouraging, but now I realize it's very important to my success, it cannot work any other way, it's a part of letting go of those that may not serve your higher purpose, not easy I know, but success depends on it, the good news is we can lead by example, then maybe those negative Nicks and Nellies will jump aboard and follow us on the roads to abundance and crowning successes, or, at worst, continue on their paths of lack and limitations due to negative thinking, a repeating, never ending cycle of struggle and strife, and believe me, these are not the times to be dis-empowered, with this new age of awareness and higher conscious that's occuring on the planet, more than ever we need to empower ourselves, or we'll get left behind, it's that simple, the old ways of thought will ''not'' work to serve any longer, especially when massive changes are occuring, as subtle as they may seem, they are occuring nonetheless. Until again

Friday, October 4, 2013

A quantum leap

Good Friday everyone and well being, during the two year course of this blogsite I've discussed alot of topics on vibration and manifestation, so much so, it feels like I'm repeating things over and over, but I'm learning and developing, through trials and errors, the best ways to hold my allignment regularly, keeping the positive my dominant vibration and believe me, it's working wonders. There are times I feel I've gone full circle in this practice, however that may seem, breakthroughs are achieved, and I am exactly where I want to be at the exact time. What about faster manifesting?, we all want to manifest faster don't we?, hey we're human, of course we do, but as I've posted before, everything has a timing, lessons need to be learned, limiting beliefs need to be cleared away, dominant focus needs to be the desire achieved, as well as constant vigilance on negative thoughts and fears. Despite doing all of this, your desire still has'nt materialized, there's the problem, that last sentence, and you'll get hung up everytime you notice the absence of your desires, no matter how general you feel about it. What to do, what to do! we're holding our desire away at the last minute, we know it's close, we can almost touch it!, two things can happen, completely forget about it and let it come at the perfect timing, which is hard for most, or speed things up percievably, notice what I just said, ''percievably'', when we notice the absence of our desire, we're using our perception to ''notice'' it's absence, therefor holding it away from us. What I'm about to tell some of you may already know, but you can, in essence, already have your desire, as a matter of fact, you can feel as if it's already manifested weeks ago, and you've moved on to your next goal. What I'm referring to may sound like a quantum jump if you will, to the goal already achieved weeks, even months ago. Is this possible? can we get to such a place of knowing in such magnitude? with practice yes, let me illustrate, with faith and unwavering trust in universal laws, and achieving the feeling, not excitement too much, but relief and contentment, or that feeling depending on what the desire may be. For three and a half years I've built up my vibrational escrow, my personal vortex is expanding so fast I've no choice but to keep up, and this has required me to jump over the waiting for manifestation, to the manifestation has already occured, there's no place left for me to go, so my vibration matches the wish fulfilled, in the past, already happened! If anyone was to attempt this ''jump'' too soon, it can't work, why? we must reach a level beyond faith and knowing, we have to ''live'' in the feeling that it's already came to pass, and BE that person that's living that ''reality'' now!, in the present, then the universe moves mountains for you. This is a big paradigm shift that will take time to develop, but if you want to speed up your manifestations, this is the way to go, but be warned, mental discipline like never before will be paramount to success, and getting to this ''feeling of desire fulfilled'' place takes total practice, dedication, and perseverence, on a ''daily'' basis! To start, find the feeling of having your wish fulfilled, last week? how are you feeling now?, still excited?, good, milk it! how about a month ago?, relieved?, relaxed?, milk it, until it becomes your dominant feeling, it already happened, it's in the past, now it must manifest, it's universal law, and how it comes is of no concern to you, because it's already done! You may be thinking easier said than done, and this is true to some extent, but in my personal development I've never took action for the things I've desired, But in a sense I took the mental and emotional action to get me to the feeling place of ''desire already achieved'' and that, in my own case was the only action required on my part, the universe takes care of the rest, that's how ''I'' manifest, and it's different for everyone. I want to say though, if you want something quick and badly enough, it's just not enough, you MUST ''already own it'' mentally and emotionally, in every fiber of your being, and only then, it must be made manifest in your reality according to the ever unwavering universal laws, are you ready to take the leap? Until again.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Systematic failure [out of touch]

Good Monday morning all, at least I hope it's good for the most of you, but does'nt it seem that Mondays just blaze by?, that's a good thing right? Logging on this morning I could'nt help but notice yahoo's headlines, as hard as I try to avoid the news, I still bump into it occasionally logging on and seeing yahoo's home page, the news is everywhere, you practically have to isolate yourself in a frozen wasteland to avoid it, and that includes no internet connection. Here in the USA, the media rules, and it's poison spreads like wildfire, keeping us focused on the problems rather than the solutions, because as long as we're focused on how bad things are, we can't EVEN harness our own powers of perception to focus on solutions or making a difference, and thus lies the real problem, making us believe we are powerless to make any real changes, or just thinking to ourselves, ''what's the use?''. While I'm not a political activist, or a protester of any kind, I've grown very aware of the role the media plays in our society, and I choose to just not pay any attention to it, in the past it was the first thing I woke up to, the local news, at work, talk radio was my link to all things rotten in the world, by the end of the day, I had absorbed enough negativity to lose sleep that night, only to repeat the cycle over and over, this went on year after year draining me endlessly of my personal power, I even fell asleep to the news on AM radio every night!, this garbage was seeping into my subconscious and I was allowing it, and every day I awoke the first thought that came to my head was the world was going to hell, and I needed more news to see what would happen next, so on my commute to work?, you guessed it, more news, followed by talk radio, about the news, what a vicious cycle! Looking back I was having all of my power sucked out of me, before long it had complete control of me like an addict to a drug. When I took back my personal power, one of the first habbits I ''kicked'' was watching the news, and it was'nt hard to do, I knew the whole reason for the news, to control what I thought, to take away my personal power, and to leave me writhing in hopelessness, because as long as I was aware of how bad things were, I was afraid, so I felt I needed to be ''tuned in'' to make sure tomorrow would come, looking for answers from the very thing that kept me questioning everything that was going on not only in the world, but my little fearful world as well. We need to turn inward instead of outward, the news is there to keep us informed yes,and I do tend to catch the weather forecast, but that's where it stops, If something bad enough is happening in the world, I'll find out eventually, but to inundate oneself constantly is very unhealthy, we can't control everything that happens so why pay attention to it. I believe the best way to be happy is to avoid the news, even if everything seems wrong in the world we can make it right by avoiding the news and getting happy now, that's how we change the world, that's focusing on the solution, you won't believe the impact that one positive person has on collective consciousness as a whole, and the more the merrier. Some will tune in to the news hoping for a change for the better, or to see if political leaders can solve issues and settle differences, but most of them are out of touch with humanity as a whole, and lean towards selfishness, power, and personal gains, taking away rather than giving. You see, we have the power to change things for the better, each and every one of us, this is'nt about forming a revolution, it's about re-claiming our power, one person at a time if need be, as individuals, we need to envision a better world instead of watching the horrible images the media throws our way every hour of the day. It's no wonder so many walk around angry in these times. I know the world is no walk in the park, but if we changed our perception, and avoided the news, there would be a radical shift in global consciousness, and even that is beginning to happen now as it is. I get angry sometimes I'll admit, but not at what's going on that's bad in the world, but all the fear mongering that's spreading in all sectors of the media, here it is in a nutshell, want to save the planet?, get happy now, and LOSE THE NEWS! back soon friends!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Good Friday everyone! I'ts been awhile since my last post, inspiration had faded out a little but thank you source energy for bringing it back, and it's back in the form of, well, let's just say I'm going to throw a little rant, albeit on the positive side. Lately I've had some very interesting people approach me out of the blue, I believe law of attraction will bring those to us as of like vibrations, and even more to show us there is something we need to learn in the process of growth. These people that I've encountered lately have mostly been the elderly, and while young I never paid much attention, let alone care about the elderly, now that is all changing, and now that I'm approaching fifty years young soon, I'm learning a great deal about the baby boomer, after all, I'm a ''border boomer'' myself! Now the rant part, it's unfair how society treats our elderly, most are living on small and fixed incomes, they've worked hard all their lives only to instead of enjoying their golden years, they have to continue to work to survive, their pensions have been stolen, and they are almost outcasted from society, we would'nt enjoy the freedoms and live the lives we lead if it were'nt for the elderly, and the healthcare for them, I don't even want to go there! They fought wars for us and our veterans are not getting the help they richly deserve, instead they are given perscription drugs with terrible side-effects, and some even end up homeless. I've spoken to many in the past few years, and there are two kinds, those that are angry and bitter, [who can blame them] and those that are just damn happy no matter what, lately it's been the latter, polite, optimistic, and interesting to talk to, I could share and learn wisdom with them for hours! But now where do the elderly fit in with the new age?, the new awareness?, I believe the boomers of today are more important than ever, we need their experience and wisdom, they've seen and learned alot during their lifetimes, and we can learn something from them. The boomers of today are facing challenges, and while they do exist, it's good to age gracefully, to allow wisdom to settle in, and be full of compassion towards everyone, although it can be frustrating keeping up with rapid changes in our society, and even worse the policies that don't help our elderly with the healthcare they need, I've encountered seniors who, despite all these challenges, have a zest for life, who are very positive and have more drive and energy than those half their age, who refuse to let age slow them down! How interesting they are!, I feed off of this kind of energy, and even though I still have some of my wild youth traits, I also like the things our elders have to say, and I'm learning from it, there is a connection I'm beginning to see and feel, and I'll take all the wisdom I can get, because even though things have changed over the years, alot of seniors are embracing their spiritual side, and these are the most happiest and successful I've ever met,here we have mentors and role models all around us, yet we fail to notice them, instead we look to the rich and famous and pop culture as role models, totally unaware that all the advice and knowledge and wisdom we'll ever need is always readily available to us if we want it, and that comes from our elderly. The Native Americans knew this, always consulting their chiefs and elders on any decision or advice, it was their wisdom and spirituality that guided their tribes through the worst of times, and the best of times, all decisions were made by the elders, even other ancient cultures believed this. Ranting aside, this is the age of changes, but also the age of the boomers, and the ways of aging are changing, ''getting old'' is'nt fitting into the new ways of thinking, while aging gracefully and gaining wisdom fits much better. For myself, I'm not afraid of aging, I've changed my perception of aging and embrace the wisdom and knowledge that will come with it, the second half of my life is the greatest part of my journey, and it has many experiences and rewards, I hold no fear to growing old, as I'm growing wiser and keeping my youth. So a shout out to our elderly, they deserve much more than we could ever imagine, and there is a purpose for everything, we need not look far for wisdom and advice, it's all around us, so smile, open a door, and greet them with respect, you might learn something!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Greetings everyone! Fall is in the air and with change of season comes change in everything. I enjoy the fall season, I enjoy the colors and the gearing up of the holiday season, the hot weather passes and the moods lighten, the air is ripe for positive changes and the timing could'nt be more perfect. While on the eve of my greatest manifestations the issue of timing becomes clear, and as the saying goes, everything has a time, and as we know, time here on planet earth differs that of time to source energy. When we come to understand timing related to deliberate creation, it becomes alot easier to trust in this process, to detach from the outcome, and allow things to unfold naturally. To get to this place of trust takes time, patience, and total detachment. I've written about this subject in past postings, but as your manifestations unfold you will begin to see and understand why time was needed for the manifestation to take place, even when we know beyond doubt that we are fully alligned with what we want, there still may be certain events and circumstances that the universe has to put in place before manifestations can occur, so there will be partial and near-manifestations that will come, but don't fret, this does NOT mean we've missed the boat, it just means we are getting close to wish fulfillment. Some of the readers may be experiencing this, I have and it use to worry me, but know this, our wonderful universe already has it all figured out, it even has a backup plan, friends, you can't stop a desire from coming, once it's launched it's done, we only delay it's arrival until we're alligned to it, then it manifests. Now how long it takes to manifest depends on how long it takes to get into allignment, that simple?, well, there is always blockages to remove and limited beliefs, and that's where consistency and perseverence are of paramount to self mastery, and dedication to this practice goes without saying, it must be integrated into your everyday life. Timing is a tricky devil in conscious creation, especially in a society of instant gratification, that in of itself is a huge challenge, and that alone will take time to master, see what I'm getting at?, this takes time! I do not wish to discourage any readers out there, it has taken me over three years to allign to my rockets of desire, and during this time, new ones were launched, some were undecided and changed, some needed time, contrast and clarity for allignment, all factors of time. We want it and we want it now! but do we really? getting something too soon can cause more harm than good, the universe ''knows'' this, not us, how could we possibly? After manifestation has occured, we will begin to see why it took the time it needed to take for desires to become physical, but we must trust this timing now, because in the unseen scope of things it is all coming together. As I write this it is a reminder to me as well to trust in my timing, here on planet earth it can get frustrating waiting for something to happen, but relief comes when we trust that the longer it takes the better it's going to be, and in most cases it will! We can try to play connect the manifesting dots, but thats a game we can't win, only AFTER wish fulfillment can this happen, any attempts to micro-manage this process throws a wrench into a perfectly designed mechanism! Every thing has a time, for everything there is a season, and it all happens FOR a reason, and not before, it's how everything is designed, it's a universal law, when we understand and work with it anything is MORE than posible. In closing trust your timing, know that everything is unfolding perfectly because it truly is, rest knowing that it's even better than you could have imagined and it will astonish you and come in perfect timing! Until again friends!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ahead of the pack

Good morning all, it's 5:30 am here in San Diego, I woke up realizing that it was time to create a new post, which leaped me out of bed and into action,[sipping espresso]and waking up fast! I'm going to cut to the chase on this one, mind you, without the ego having any play here, I'm the real deal, and I've always separated myself from the mainstream and trends that have came and gone through the years, being original has ALWAYS been something that I am and continue to be, and even now, I'm embracing this trait even more, and I'm finding it of the greatest benefit in my journey. While I believe in live and let live, to each their own, I'm forging a new path, one not taken before by me or no one else, and even as I stumble once in awhile, I re-invent myself and push forward. While being in allignment it's amazing all these ideas that come to me, I'm thinking things I've never thought of before, ideas and inspiration are flowing in, and opportunity presents itself begging for attention, and there I am thinking to myself, ''wow, that's a cool idea, but this is what I really prefer'', choices, choices, and they do come! So often we want to be like or do what others do, and I think it's good to have a role model or be inspired by someone, but that's just not me, and creation wise, it's opening doors to new things un-tried for me personally. Ever since I started learning reality creation, I did it MY way, I did'nt invest in programs, audios, subliminal CD's, or attend workshops and seminars, I just watched The Secret and off I went, I was tempted many times to get some coaching or order a so-called proven program, but I told myself over and over that I would do this my own way, and over 3 years later I'm still implementing my own style into reality creation, has it worked? yes, in ways more than I could EVER imagine. It pays to be original instead of running with the pack, some of the greatest minds in history always tried new and different things, and did things different than most, liked things most never liked, leading instead of following, constantly re-inventing themselves instead of jumping onto trends or bandwagons, the days of the stereo typical are over, make way for the new and undiscovered, the world is craving something new and different, too much history repeating itself, predictable does'nt cut it anymore, and the message here is to try things new and different and to get off of that old beaten path. It's funny how the messages that are sent from advertising, television, music, media, influence people how they should act or be, what's hip to wear because this famous person is wearing it, it's cool to have the latest gadget because a famous celebrity has it, it's like being bombarded with ways to ''fit in'' instead of choosing our own path, but as I said, to each their own. We can use reality creation to get anything we want, it's a given, there is no wrong way, it is a law that, what you focus on expands, it is of our choosing to be, do, and have whatever we want, but now is a good time to go into unexplored territory, to do things differently, to be original! Call me old fashioned, I'm anything but, I'm embracing a new frontier and age, forging a path all my own, while attracting new and interesting things, and opportunities galore and who knows, something big could come about, as far as this blog goes, well, I'm just scratching the surface. Stay tuned, this is about to get REAL interesting!

Friday, September 6, 2013


First off, mega-gratitude to all who pop in to view these posts, I'm seeing alot of interest on the subject of reality creation and that's nice to know, we are going to change the world friends, just by helping each other learn and understand that we can all be happy, abundant, and moving in a direction of positive changes. During my times of turmoil and difficulties, I look back and see that it was all for a reason, the trials and tribulations of negative thinking and their corresponding effects have pushed me to the point of taking no more, that was over three years ago, during the three years there was massive cleaning up to do, even now as I write I'm taking care of some last emotional ''loose ends'' to prepare for yet another set of big changes that are rumbling in my life! Am I scared?, I was, but now I've recently accepted that this indeed IS what I've wanted, so I've let go of all my fears and sent them off, it's all systems go purpose-wise and I'm storming the gates with knowledge and power, and sending it to the masses! I am chosen, and called to lead the way into the new awareness, and there are many like me, not to follow but to inspire and help, while maintaining and improving my own path. It may seem to some that things are getting weird in the world, that things just don't feel the way they used to, I feel that way sometimes too, yes, times are changing for sure, and some of us will feel it more than others, but it's necessary for all of us to take a good look at ourselves, at a deep inward level, and decide not only what we want for ourselves, but for the world as a whole, we are living in critical times, we are undergoing a massive shift in consciousness, and the message will only become more clear that the way things have been can no longer be, and to resist any kind of change can be very uncomfortable, and believe me I know, I've gone through it for the past three years plus!, and that's just one person, me! There is work to do, but I've said it before we have to want change in order to allow it, now that I've discovered that I no longer have limitations I choose to convince everyone who is reading this that you too are limitless, this is your time to shine and believe me, there's NEVER been a better time in history, we've moved into new demensions on earth, this is the doorway to opportunity folks, and it's open 24/7, and now is not the time to be left behind, new age, new opportunity! There is a spiritual ''boom'' occuring on earth and it doesn't collapse like banks and real estate institutions, it grows and never creates a ''bubble'', it is endless and infinite, and most of all unfailing. I believe it's safe to say that having more is easier now than it's ever been, and, some would disagree, but only because they are looking at the outside, getting information from the wrong sources via news and media, instead of looking inward, where true power lives. These are not the worst of times as some would lead us to believe, but if we are looking at outside circumstances and judging them as we see them, we are missing the point, and worse, giving away our power, in my life I still have days of struggle with this, but deeper in I know there is way more and way better happening at an unseen level, and I'm constantly reminded of this in magical ways! The truth is we are waking up, and we are finding out that life has much more to offer, and all that we need to do is want it, that's it, so simple, yet so hard for those afraid of their true power. Yes, work to do, but as the saying goes, one person at a time, but we'll get there! Until again!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Next chapter

Ah, September, I'm glad summer is winding down, although I've relocated from Arizona to California, I still find anything over 65 degrees is too hot for me, and the Holidays are around the corner, feelin' good! Been awhile since the last post, I've had quite a ride these past few weeks, August was a strange month and I'm really glad it's over! My guides have been staying in constant contact with me and more and more messages and syncronicities are coming into my life, I'm finding out that there is WAY more to the laws of attraction than first realized, and it's so powerful, so mind blowing the changes that are occuring at this stage, and still the occasional contrast! Every time I ramp up my dominant vibrations I'll still get that contrast that reminds me to sharpen my focus on my wants and desires, this is working tremendously well, contrast IS a good thing even though it feels bad. I feel sometimes I've come full circle on reality creation, even more lately, it feels like there's nothing left to do or learn, not that it's become boring or anything, it's just that I feel I've gathered all the info I can gather, and now it's just become my own personal experience, growing my personal vortex and living my purpose, although there are always lessons along the way I'll sometimes ask myself now what? Full circle indeed, a graduation, then stepping into the ''real'' truth of life, the next chapter! At this point, getting things becomes the by-product, those material things we love so much as in cars, houses, and lots of money, yes, while good, they seem to go to the wayside, the reason is the want becomes the can have ''if'' we want. When you have reached that point that having everything is achievable, you don't seem to want them as bad as before, thus the purpose of the journey, to enjoy the ride, you are closing one chapter and moving into the next one. This is exactly where I am as of now, and the best time to think the right thoughts,because my thoughts are manifesting faster than ever, it is incredible, this power, that is growing at a very fast pace, three years ago I would have never seen it happen like this, the source connection grows, as does the inner power to create worlds beyond the physical we now experience, it's during this very subtle shift, that we notice minute by minute syncronicities that would freak out everyday people. On Labor Day, I moved into a whole level of acceptance, not where I am now, but acceptance that everything I want to change, has already changed, and not long after the universe's response came in such a way that sent me into a rush that lasted hours, by sending multiple syncronicities within a small time frame, and just when I thought I'd believed enough! The Universe will push the limits of belief at certain times to assist you, even to whole new levels of ''beyond belief'', in spooky cool ways, and do take notice, because the messages are specifically for you, and no one else! Now that I've possibly gone full circle, [so it feels] It's not over by any means, it's just like I wrote, a new chapter, and moving into, will take this blogsite to whole new levels, and with it inspiring as many as possible, being that there is not just one, tried and true way to self mastery, we all will have our ''own'' way of learning self mastery, there is no one right method to learning, and that's the best part of self discovery and self mastery, next chapter!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The more things change....

Yes, the title above sums up this article nicely, good morning all from sunny Southern California, I'm in my fourth month here after re-locating from even sunnier Arizona, and this has been a very unusual summer, if 2012 was the year of transformation then 2013 is absolutely the year of change, and change is indeed happening to this writer, and it can get downright weird at times, but as I wrote before that when you want the big stuff in life, you have to take the BIG changes that come with them. It can get uncomfortable when the ''inner you'' is already living the desire and externally things have not shifted yet, but you see they are, at the unseen level, I've said it before, perception is key here, along with absolute knowing the shift will occur towards our desired reality. I remember watching the Secret a few years back and one of the speakers, I believe the writer Mike Dooley, in the movie summed it up best by saying ''how bad do you want change?''I believe most DO want change, but are afraid of change at the same time, I was one of these people, but let's examine change, there are small changes and big changes, the smaller changes are more commonly easier to go through, as we don't get knocked out of our comfort zone too drastically, plus we're in control most of the time. Now big changes to me are a whole different ballgame, and when we try to control them it usually comes with struggles and frustrations, I've learned that bigger changes must be allowed, not forced, our inner being should be in the driver's seat when it comes to big changes, once it's thought and felt and resonates with higher self all control must be relenquished, until the need for inspired action occures, therein lies the problem with most, giving up control, wishing away for better circumstances but not willing to commit and jump out of the ''comfort zone''. Friends, change, BIG change takes commitment, you have to be willing to go through anything to get it, and there will be alot of falling down and getting back up, as if it was a test, for three years plus, this has been the case for me, but now it's paying off in a ''MASSIVE'' way, once we get through and past these obstacles for change the Universe is ours to command, and it will literally give you everything you desire, then the real magic happens, you are a deliberate creator, and the Universe is your genie, it will dance with you, showing you signs and syncronicities in a playful manner, always reflecting back to you what it is you desire, wanting to fulfill your every wish every time! These changes for myself, have brought me to the realization that I want to teach others to reach their true potential, this very change that I've gone through has motivated me to teach others how to change, and it only makes sense that I do this, what I recieve, I give, in knowledge and power, to help others do the same. There has been some unexpected and unforseen side-effects during this transformation, it's more than just getting ''stuff'', it's quite possible we'll find our purpose along the way, and still get the stuff, but those things are only the by-product of what reality creation truly is, and we all eventually discover the bigger picture. Change is inevitable, so we might as well be deliberate about it, instead of getting caught off guard, where most will resist it because they were not prepared, and out of fear talk themselves out of it. Create change, allow it to happen, and embrace it's rewards, positive change is what we want, and we can have it, how bad ''DO'' you want change?

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Wow, post number 85 and just scratching the surface?, yes indeed, and as I continue my growth in knowledge and awareness, I've refused to let go of some of my ''youthful'' traits. While this writer believes in the importance of growth in this journey towards excellence and achievements, I've kept some of the traits that define who I am, and keeping them seems to allow a degree of balance in my life that allows the fun and adolescent side of me to burst out in a good way, to keep me in my youth so to speak. I have come to believe that spiritual growth does'nt mean we have to give up everything to achieve it, we just have to find balance in all things, for example, I love social gatherings, barbeques, craft beer, parties, celebrations, the heaviest music on the planet, I also love nature, quiet time, excercise, engaging in my passion [this], cooking, teaching and helping others. There are two sides to my personal coin, fun and adventure, and personal development. I have found the only thing I had to give up was my self destructive thinking, and once that was changed to more empowering ways of thinking, all of the things I still enjoy have been greatly enhanced,it's as if I'm re-experiencing them all over again, but in a way that was meant to be. I struggled with this for awhile, I kept worrying that I'd have to let some things go, those things I still enjoy, conventional thinking was getting the best of me, and it caused some resistance on my path, I learned that the only thing I needed to let go of was this way of thinking, I almost fell into the trap that to get anything, you've got to give up almost everything, but what about the things you love and enjoy? who we are is who we are, we are physical beings in a physical and material world, we can do nothing wrong, we are here to learn, grow and experience. Some believe that having alot of material posessions is wrong, or engaging in fun and pleasurable activities is counter productive to spiritual growth, if that's what they believe, that's okay, there is no right or wrong here, personally, I believe we can find balance in these things and enjoy the best of both worlds. Since I've began this journey three years ago, I've been doing things this way and they have not hindered my growth in any way, as a matter of fact I'm enjoying these things even more because they are'nt taken for granted anymore, when it's time to roll out the barrels of fun, I do it with gratitude, that I can still enjoy these things, of course in moderation and balance! Who says you have to grow up? ''OH GROW UP!'' I never liked hearing that and I still dont! I am blessed with youth, and I've done some damage to this body over the years, but you could never tell, my youth has bounced back like never before, I've achieved the perfect balance to be the person I want to be and maintain my youth at the same time, I've turned back the clock and aging, to me, is a graceful, fulfilling experience of having fun and growing up all over again, this is truly living! I'm keepin' it real, no trends, no running with the packs, just living life on MY terms, free and easy, following the bliss while still enjoying those things that go against the grains of conventional thinking of a conditioned society. Yes, I walk my own path and we all are free to walk our own paths, I've just chosen to let things unfold in their own natural way, while having fun along the way, and I'm pretty sure that I'm getting a thumbs up from source energy, which is bringing even more circumstances to keep the path fun, youthful and alive! More to come!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The numbers are in, the forces are assembling

Well being all who drop in, while writing yesterday's posting it occured to me after signing off that I did indeed need to go more in-depth about our guides and how they communicate to us with number sequences, for the past two weeks I've been seeing these number sequences quite regularily, and just in the past four days much more frequently, it's kind of spooky but in a very nice way! I believe that more than any time in the history of modern times, the spiritual and material world seem to be co-existing now, and quite possibly due to the shift I've written about, if this all sounds crazy I can understand, but whether it's believed or not, I feel that changes are happening and being a part of co-creation with universal intellegence is more powerful than ever, yes, there truly has NEVER been a better time in modern history to manifest! Now that my intentions are complete I feel it's time to move into my purpose, this ''purpose'' is my greatest manifestation, and my guides have steered me in this direction thanks to my heightened awareness and connection with universal intellegence. In my personal experience, I felt that I had to get to a place of readiness to recieve my desires, and connection to the universal intellegence has made it so, everybody goes at this differently, nothing happens to everyone the same way, sure, we are all connected, but how we intend and recieve are different,this according to our works and life paths, including higher purpose. The purpose of THIS post is not to tell anyone ''this is how you should do this'' because only YOU can decide how you want to approach reality creation, only YOU decide how you interpret the signs and meanings on YOUR path, and finally, only YOU can decide what works best for you, when practicing laws of attraction. As the famous saying goes in all things law of attraction, ''whatever you believe you achieve'' whether right or wrong, good or bad, as you think so you are, but we already know that! Your guides are always trying to get your attention, they want SO much to help you achieve your dreams, I sure wish I'd knew this a long time ago, these unseen forces are all around, you can't see 'em, but be assured, they are always sending you messages, and when you believe and accept this all you have to do is ask, that's it, and when you'r ready to look, you will see these number sequences more and more frequently, and if you are having a hard time believing now, you will begin to believe on a whole new level, that these forces from universal intellegence are conspiring to get you ANYTHING you want! My messages come in many different ways, television, liscense plates, magazines, but mostly liscense plates, trucks and billboards also send these messages. Here is some number sequences that I see and interpret most frequently, the interpretations can differ to the individual that sees them, however these are my own interpretations of what I see, as well as the general idea of what they mean, they are as follows... [111]monitor your thoughts, keep positive. [222]keep the faith, it's all good. [333]you have divine help.[444]surrounded by guides, support. [555]brace for life changes. [666]thoughts out of balance. [777]great job, on the right path! [888]financial abundance is coming! [999]chapter ends, new one begins, get to work on life purpose now! [ooo]one with divine intellegence. There are many more, some number sequences are mixed and I'm still learning how to read them but these I listed I see very frequently. In the next post I want to share how I'm learning to have balance in my new and improved lifestyle, between the spiritual and material. Until then!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The guardians of you

Happy Monday readers, as before and always thank you for popping in on these posts, I truly hope that they are helping and teaching on all of our journeys towards happiness and prosperity. Things are moving fast as I've closed one chapter and am starting a new one in reality creation, and daily this new chapter is being constantly reminded to me, all of the answers are pouring in, and in ways I never imagined a few weeks ago. While this practice is still new to me it has opened new doors to communication with universal intellegence on a whole new level, and the amazing part of this is we ALL have it available to us at all times, but most of us are simply unaware of it, we are ALWAYS getting messages from our guides, but we miss them most of the time by dismissing them as wierd coincidences or by just being focused on the things that are unpleasant to us, while the solutions are right in front of our faces. As I've written in past postings we recieve signs [vibrational matches] of what desires we are intending, simply meaning the universe has recieved your request and is working on the manifestation of such desire into physical reality, each time we see the thing we want, we are a vibrational match to it, now this can go on for weeks, months, even years, so after some time the intention [desire] needs to be released, [letting go] and this can be where people get stuck, they'll keep focusing on the thing they want, which is okay, but most of the time it's focusing on the absence of the thing they want, more vibrational matches, but no manifestation, you keep seeing it, but you'r not recieving it. In other posts I've written how MANDATORY letting go is, and once we truly let go, and believe me, you can't trick the universe into this, it must be sincere and heartfelt, no matter how painful it is! If you want something really bad chances are letting go will take time, but what happens after you've finally, through frustration and surrendering, finally let go? Well, it gets a little quiet on the reality creation front, and being human as we are, we grow impatient, we start to lose faith, there's no movement, then comes the contrast, which we are creating through our vibration, with all the fun and excitement of visualization, affirming, seeing those vibrational matches, reality creation is'nt fun anymore right? WRONG! it's about to get real interesting because it's getting time to recieve and that's where our guides step in to help us line up to what we want, and they are always ready to help in miraculous ways. But how can we know when they speak to us?, how do we recieve their messages? Again, it's right in front of our faces friends, through number sequences, they are your direct link of communication to your guides, these number sequences [or angel numbers] come in three's, and so far I've been recieving them constantly, and the more I take notice, the more I recieve them, it has moved me from a place of unwavering faith to a complete unwavering ''knowing'', and they are brought to me via television, magazines, but mostly liscense plates, think this all sounds crazy? it's not, I challenge anyone with an open mind to research angel numbers and their meanings, as I've become more spiritually aware, I've made the conscious decision to get in touch with my guides, and they wasted no time obliging me, and through communication have assured me that everything desired, is completed, and I can go ahead and move forward in my purpose, and enjoy the process as all the good things come flowing in. And flowing in they are, I can say after letting go so many times, I almost hit bottom vibrationally, this last chemicalization was INTENSE! but it seemed to force me to let go in a way I never have before, and opened me up to letting go of EVERYTHING! I've practiced letting go many times, but it was'nt enough to simply let go, I had to just plain forget about everything I thought I knew, and accept that I'll never get it right, and that's okay. When we begin to think we're mastering reality creation, it can go to our heads, but the universe can at any time put on the brakes, and say[''whoa, slow down there hotrod''] it takes time, we can't rush it, although we'd like to. I'd like to delve deeper into this topic as I discover more, about communicating with our guides, we all have them,and as our awareness grows communication is easier, and fulfillment is achieved. More to come on this subject in future posts.

Friday, August 9, 2013

ill treat

Well being everyone, back from a little breather, August is turning out to be quite a month, is it me or is anybody else feeling some strange uncomfortable energy? this has been anything but a normal summer, it has occured to me that transformation and radical changes are happening this month, and due to this, contrast and resistance are in full swing, my moods are on a rollercoaster as of lately, the wierd part is I'm a man, and these symptoms I'm going through are, well, almost menopausal in nature, hot flashes, moments or depression, joy, anxiety, sadness, hope, hopelessness, anger, guilt, regret, what the hell is going on here? I've been on a positive roll for so long, why is all this suddenly happening?, the answers are indeed within, and what i'm learning is that, despite how ugly this sounds, it is a good thing, allow me to delve deeper into this ''unease'' further. A few posts ago I wrote about the shift that's occured and may be still occuring on the planet, although these are subtle now, some of us are being affected by them, if any lightworkers are reading this post, you'll know what I mean, there are indeed changes happening here, and the great news is it's a great time to be a reality creator, rejoice creators, because your manifestations may come much faster now that a new demension is upon us. But what about those symptoms from the universe? Friends, I've launched some ''game changers'' of desire, these desires were not just about me, they included my family and closest friends,and even you readers, these ''game changing'' desires went from the ego to the heart, the greater good if you will, and while I won't reveal them, [sorry] I will tell you that all the things I'm going through right now is preparing me for manifestation, and as ugly as it seems it just is, and you've got to cross the desert to reach the pond, but the water is SO much cooler and sweeter when you DO reach it, and when you launch those ''biggies'' they can come at times when it will seem like nothing's coming at all. During the three years of my personal journey my desires have been ramped up, tailored to work in ways that benefit others as well as me, I can now see how time is an issue here, although I cannot connect the dots now, looking back on this I certainly will connect them when these manifestations come to pass, it's just how things work, there were moments that I felt like giving up on reality creation altogether, but this time, I wanted to run away from it! The emotions I'm going through are really intense, like never before, it's chemicalization on steroids, and, oddly, a light is at the end of this tunnel. As this will pass, I'm ''letting go'' at a whole new level, it seems that it's all I can do now and it has helped, now is not the time to think too much, because with these emotions, it's a very volatile mix, I'm just lucky source is helping me through this and now it's time to brace for life change! Yes friends, dreams come true, but in the beginning they can come in uneasy ways, but you do get good at this, and you learn that the journey is truly better than the manifestation, but unfortunately when we start out, it's the other way around, and the path is crooked and rocky, instead of smooth and direct. There ARE lessons along the path to the big goals, and boy, they can hurt, but you know the saying, what does not kill us..... Until next time soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The God you knew

Good morning friends pacific time and other times on this awesome planet called earth!So far I've posted four in a row this week, inspired?, maybe, but more it just feels good writing, it's an escape from this illusional present reality that I sometimes get thrown at me, or, contrast!, still greatful for it, as desire gets sharper and sharper like a high definition TV screen. I can honestly say these posts easily reflect what my mood is and where I'm at vibrationally each day, I've spent alot of energy the past few days on focusing on wealth and abundance at very high frequencies, while maintaining gratitude and appreciation, absorbing new information, recieving contrast constantly, wow!, this is alot of work sometimes, some weeks are like that, and to top it off, all this change occuring and the funny thing is I'm causing it all! But it's necessary, how bad we want change depends on how much inner work we're willing to do, but it IS worth it, that aside. As I've written in past postings I'm not a follower of any religions or cults, even in my youth I never took interest in religion in any form, and I was no perfect person by any means, I went my own way, I remember being approached on the streets on occasion by people who would tell me I NEED to be saved, with warnings of hell and damnation, some would say the end is near, that I needed to act now, but it just did'nt resonate, it even annoyed me, nobody was going to tell me what to think or do, and I got on in my business, brushing it off. These things happened many years ago, when I was in my teens and early twenties, a few times outside of a concert. Looking back now I can see why I rejected all these attempts to ''be saved'', because it was as if it was being forced apon me, in no physical way I mean, but with fear that the worst could happen. Even as a child my relatives would use these tactics, ''behave or the mean 'ol devil will come and getcha!'' Bad call, that would scare me, then I would have nightmares, and because of these messages that were fed to me, I had some ugly experiences as a kid, some I can't explain to this day. As I grew up, I started seeing religion as confusing and a waste of time, and as I grew into adulthood I started learning about the wars throughout history that were fought because of religion, and the wars at the time as well, and it made no sense to me, if this is religion I thought, why do so many die because of it? When religion came into politics that was it for me, I already dis-liked politics,and by that time I wanted nothing to do with religion, I saw it as a corrupt man-made organization for control, and that is what it's been used for for many centuries and beyond, it's been mis-handled and abused, and it's made civilizations crumble. Readers, the old ways are coming to pass, in these times, the new awareness is helping us to look past all of this, and realize and see that religion is not the solution, nothing outside of us is, there is no wrathful God that will judge us for our sins, the creator of all that is, is within us all, and this amazing creator of worlds resides in every single living thing, everywhere you look, we are creators made FROM the creator, the source, all that is, it is within, with free will, we get to choose what we want to create, not be told how to think or create, and that's why and how we were created, to experience creation! Now I understand why I rejected the teachings of organized religion, and back then it was everywhere, and looking back it blows my mind how so many were brainwashed, and all these cults and wars and scandals that were happening during it all. God is not out there or up there, God is in us and in everything, we are a manifestation from God, we are creators as God is THE creator, of all that is, that created us AS creators to create our own life experiences as we choose, no strings attached! Religion is based on conditions, that you must follow, follow?, who wants to follow? We are a miracle, we are a manifestation that's constantly manifesting, God given, and gifted with power, but some are afraid of their own power, or have been told that they can't use it, it's wrong, that they must yield to a higher power or else! These are different times my friends, and with a new awakening and awareness we are discovering just how powerful we are, and this God-given power comes unconditionally, as long as we harness it for the greater good, we're`unstoppable, that's my take on the subject on religion, maybe a little controversial, but this writer likes to mix it up, and notice all the words creation related? how'd that happen? oh well, happy creating, gotcha!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The new money game

Greetings on this fine Southern California morning, after yesterday's unusual post I thought I'd go on a lighter note subject that puts a smile on everyones face, MONEY! In these past few days I've been doing some deep experimentation with the vibrations of a wealthy lifestyle, digging deep to conjure those feelings of elation and relief, mixed with powerful emotion and gratitude. I feel that the best time of day for this powerful exercise is just before bed, and if you are having problems with visualization, this could be just what the doc ordered. I'm developing this technique myself and tailoring it to my own NEW personal relationship to money. For some time I worked on feeling the essence of what the money brings, and it works well as I've seen proof of it working almost daily, and manifestations DO occur in the form of matching vibrations. Now I wanted to start taking my emotions to a whole new level and REALLY have fun with it, it has become so powerful I'm losing sleep over it, in a good way, It'll ramp up your vibration real quick like an eight year old at his own birthday party with fifty friends bringing presents, it litterally brings back your ''child like'' wonder into the whole experience. The recollection technique I mentioned in past postings is also an useful tool on this. With practice your energy will become so magnetic that signs will pop up everywhere in miraculous and awe inspiring ways, you cannot fail with this! This is a money game that's fun to play, just be sure your in a good feeling place when you play, it will start with gratitude and end with appreciation. Now, focus on the amount of money you would love to have, not really feeling it?, that's okay, go lower, maybe half of the money you would love to have, feels good yes?, even though it's not the full amount you want, but hey, we'll still settle for it, get to the feeling of having that amount, then say to yourself ''how about this much more'', and feel it, a little more exciting is'nt it?, feel the amount, grab the emotions and hang on to them, then jump to the goal of the full amount, say it to yourself out loud, ''how about [the amount], yes, do you feel it?, now lock in those emotions and milk 'em as long as possible, you'll want to build these emotions up as high as they'll go, you will have to practice this as often as you can, and preferably while relaxed and away from distraction. This is very powerful, and it's got bonuses too, it'll throw you into and build up your ''money [abundance] vortex that you will create and expand. You will be locking money into your vibrational escrow like building your own personal bank account with your emotions to guide you towards your newfound wealth and abundance frequency! Oh yes, and after you've reached ecstacy in your money vibration and hold itas long as it can go, tail it off with appreciation to wind it down, or it will be hard to sleep! Any time of day is good, but I find that I'm more relaxed just before bedtime, and it works good because I wake up in the same vibration, and the first thing I do is feel the gratitude for my progress, then repeat before getting out of bed. If by any chance you are having a tough time getting started, just find first the things you appreciate, be it anything, will be the fuel to get started. I've been at this for two days now and it's as if a shift has occured and I can literally feel the help from my inner being, who is more than happy to get me there quick, so try it out, but please make it fun, that's really important for the vibrating aspect of this exercise, like playing a fun game, the universe LOVES this, and with the fun and wonder, you'll be doing the miracle dance and the universe will be your dance partner! NOW, HAVE SOME FUN AND GET WEALTHY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Good morning world of reality creation! have I got an article for you, wow, what a strange day yesterday for me, I was just plain feeling weird about everything, and how was I able to write yesterday's post is quite a feat, the last time I had one of those ''wierd'' days was December 21st of last year, yes, there's a pattern developing here! Who out there knows of an astrological event known as the Grand Sextile of July 29th, 2013? This is an alignment of six planets around the earth that resembles the star of David, it has six points, although such sextiles have occurred before throughout history, there's something different about this one, this is the big one, but what does it mean to the collective consciousness and reality creation as a whole? There are a lot of takes on this grand cosmic event, but more importantly, it's sending a message to humanity that changes are indeed on their way, I've spoken of such changes in early posts about the new awareness that's been occurring for the past six years or so, and I believe this planet has reached a tipping point, if you will, into a new dimension and higher level of consciousness. Even though most are unaware ot this subtle change, they will become aware, because this is not the time for the uninitiated or unprepared, this shift is a warning and a blessing at the same time, I'll elaborate this to the best of my abilities, and let you, the reader decide. First off, I'm not pushing gloom and doom scenarios here, this blog site is not about that, however it is about seeking higher truth and awareness and understanding as I grow, and sharing it with all of you. Okay, the positive aspect of this grand cosmic event is I believe an ascension could be or already be occurring, or an expansion of some kind and it seems to be accelerating, ushering a new age if you will, lately the planet itself ha been contracting, as a mother does before birth, these contractions are related to the earth changes that are happening and consciousness as a whole, as many are in a fearful vibration, there is also expansion occurring, which many are in a vibration of peace and harmony. We all create with our thoughts, individual and collectively, this is why I mention the tipping point here, expansion is peace and love, contraction is war and fear, it seems mother earth is giving us one last option, and yesterday was that window of opportunity, it could be that window of opportunity to become whole again, it's like a portal opened  and an opportunity was given to a new awakening on the planet. For us practicing deliberate creators, moving into this new dimension could mean quicker manifestations and yesterday was also prime for setting new intentions and letting go of the third dimension reality of the past. Alot to swallow, as for me I had to take it in and wrap my brain around it in a short and very unexpected time, after publishing yesterday's post! As I got quiet time and pondered, a tinge of fear swept over me, was I, a practicing deliberate creator ready to understand such a subtle, but important event in modern history? was this too big and far reaching for even me to grasp?, deep inside I knew something WAS occurring, and eventually, I felt peaceful and okay about it all, and moved my vibration up to ten and held it until bed. Friends, from what I gather this is a one in a million configuration of these six planets, and whether you choose to believe it or not a grand shift is occurring on this planet, the old is passing away for the new, as I said above this will be easy for some and chaotic for others. As uncomfortable as this sift might be it may get a little ugly before it gets better, and that will be up to all of us, this is it folks, this is the game changer, the uncomfortable energies of this dramatic change effects everyone, and yes, we'll learn real fast that we truly are, all in this together, it's up to us to decide which way we want to go.  PS, I'm having some technical problems with the blogsite as of now, some words may be mis-spelled  and if you see title just click read more to view article, hopefully I can correct this soon, HAPPY CREATING!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

An abundance of appreciation

Well being to all, checking my stats and I've noticed some newcomers to this blogsite, all I want to say is thank you for poppin' in, and it is of my highest hopes that you all visit frequently, while there are so many blogsites out there on the topic of reality creation, what makes this one special is that while I'm learning this practice, and quickly mastering it as well, I can't help but share, and to help teach the masses, through trial and error, the benefits of directing our thoughts towards desired outcomes. It's been nearly two years since the birth of this blogsite, and it's reached a global scale and growing, I have big plans for this blog and it's purpose as well, since it's birth I've said it's ''gonna be big'', and alas, it's well on it's way! With that all aside,  back several months ago I posted an article about appreciation, and at that time I was practicing gratitude daily by writing things I was grateful for in my journal, it was indeed a powerful experience at first, but in time I found myself writing the same things every morning, so I sort of hit a plateau in the gratitude area, I was missing something, the concept was understood, but month after month my appreciation for things grew stale, was I ready for such a big leap from gratitude to total acceptance and appreciation?, I knew how to implement it, but I was sort of faking it to make it, so to speak, and you cannot fool source energy, At times back then I ''could'' really feel the gratitude on some days, but mostly not, because naturally, I was cramming so much practice into this at the time, there was so much going on back then, and I just wanted to ''manifest'' at that time, and because of that focus I was missing the mark on appreciation. Notice I use not only gratitude here, but also appreciation as well, I'll go deeper into, what I believe, is the difference between the two. But firstly, true appreciation comes after surrender and acceptance, being happy with things just the way they are,{without the desired outcome}and then finding things to appreciate that we already have, this is the better approach, then there is the gratitude part, my mistake back in the early stages of my practice was I would write down things I was grateful for that I did'nt have yet, thinking they, even though the vibrational matches were in full swing and popping up everywhere time after time,
would manifest faster, of couse I would also journal out those simple things, cup of coffee, finding change on the ground, free stuff, everyday things you know, but the focus was wrongly aimed at getting what I wanted. It's a natural mistake I think as learning reality creation, as for me, the hard way, has been the only way, but that's how we learn, fall down, get back up, so on, so forth. Appreciation is at the top of the scale, it is here where miracles happen, LITERALLY!, but we can't be there in a state of want, it goes against everything reality creation, and sometimes hard lessons have to come until we finally let go of control and just appreciate ''what is'', gratitude is good, but appreciation goes a little further, it seems to come from the heart, as I've said a few posts ago about manifesting from the heart, appreciation is that key which unlocks those doors to your heart that allows the BIG STUFF in, it is appreciation that allows mastery in creation, once and for all, you get it, and once you feel this on a regular basis, your a walking frickin' miracle, you'll only need two magical words to set it off, ''thank you'' and things shift real fast. So here I am, appreciating when I wake, during the day, before sleep, lying awake middle of night, finding more and more to appreciate, gowing and shifting powerfully towards excellence, and getting everything desired in the process, it sure took some time, but man it was worth it, this feels good!  Friends, if you really want to get what you want, to experience the change you already deserve, the FASTEST way to get there is through appreciation, it grows like wildfire, it fuels reality creation like kerosene on a campfire, don't underestimate the power behind appreciation, it moves mountains and creates worlds! Leave ''want'' out of the equation, and appreciate what you already have, WHO you have, I guarantee you will feel a shift and want more of this, feel and see.
Much appreciated!