Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughts, feelings, action?

Hello fellow creators, I am inspired all the sudden to post a  blog  this morning, ''take some action'', to discuss if taking SOME  kind of action is needed while practicing deliberate creation. During these 24 months of this creator's experience, this question popped up numerous times, am I supposed to take some kind of action towards the chosen goals and desires?, when do I take action?, how will I know? Almost all the time, I sent out a vibration of frustration towards source, thus more reasons to be frustrated were sent back, then the insult to injure ''I must be doing this wrong'', a  bad call on this creator's part! There is a debate all over the place about deliberate creation and action, there are endless articles on the internet discussing this issue, so confusing! So I feel it's time to add this creator's take on the action issue. Now I'm no expert on this , and I'm still learning, but I'm learning fast, and understanding even more.  So, is action needed?, it is and is'nt, let me explain, on some things I've manifested, no action was needed, I was alligned and things just  kind of fell into this creator's lap, there was little to no resistance, so it was simple for the universe to deliver. Now fast forward to the bigger things like wealth, houses, nice cars, etc, is action needed for those things, to a degree, most assured, I believe there are three  forms of action here, the first, taking steps towards the chosen goals and desires, second, letting go and handing it over to source, then source coordinates people and circumstances moving the creator into action to bring their desires into fulfillment, oh, let's not forget belief, do creators need to believe that action is needed?, what if a creator believes action is not needed, whatever the belief, the creator's right, It's a law of the universe that's based on belief, what is believed, is what one gets. One that could be the most overlooked form of action  starts when a  concious decision to start practicing co-creation  is decided, the individual would then need to take action doing clearing methods and reprogramming the subconcious, this alone to me, is taking action right from the start, it's the most important action a creator MUST take above all actions, without these, getting into allignment to take inspired action is near impossible.  Whatever form of action we take, we must remember it also involves our beliefs, there is no side stepping this, when one believes action is needed, that  person  will take certain steps, some small, some significant, towards their goals, on the other hand, one who believes that  no action is needed, will release the goal to the universe, and allow it to bring opportunities, circumstances, etc. Of course in both cases, much dicipline is required, visualization, reprogramming, gratitude, a persistence in positive thinking, ''WORK'', quite possible the hardest mental work  we will ever do, but well worth it, trust me!  The best news is though, that once resistance is worked on and cleared, all action, which ever one is taken, will feel amazing and inspired, as a matter of fact, it won't feel like action, it'll feel more like flow, like a cake walk!  I hope this eases up some confusion about taking action, again,we are all different, so different actions are required from each one of us, there is no ''one action'' here, each ''action'' will be different based on each creator's  beliefs. We all have a unique and different approach to practicing deliberate creation, action begins when we make the concious decision to make awesome changes in our lives!  Until again!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clearing and releasing the damage done

Hello again fellow children of the new awareness, good huh? I'm back after a rollercoaster month, things are getting interesting in the creation camp 24 months in, and I've got to tell all, it can get a little wierd during transformation, it can get a little overwhelming. We can get frustrated when things don't seem to move fast enough when we want to create massive change in our lives, then our ego steps up and wants to intervene, ''whoa!'', hold on! That is the topic in this post, releasing those negative emotions, for example, ''what's taking so long?, I'm doing everthing right!'', or, ''this is frustrating!'' or worse, ''I just want to give up!'' HIT THE BRAKES! there is hope. First for me, three words, ''emotional freedom tecnique'' Nothing has worked better for releasing blocks and negative emotions for me on a personal level, I recommend this tecnique tenfold, I would'nt be where I am if not for E.F.T. Another clearing method is ho'oponopono, this hawaiin tecnique uses forgiveness and gratitude while reciting four phrases, this goes well with e.f.t also, it took me some time and practice tapping on the meridian points to ''feel'' the release of the blocks, there could be blocks within blocks to release, for me I'd release one, then another was underneath that one I'd have to remove. It's important to remember we are all different, we are all  raised and conditioned with different beliefs, we have to look within and dig 'em up, we have to experiment a little, and with that it will take practice and patience.  When I first started  E.F.T. , I  could'nt  feel it working, but over time, I mastered it! I've released blocks from  financial  hardship, self esteem, motivation, and so much more, I'm still a work in progress, but I see using E.F.T. for a long time, not because I have to, but because we still have ''off'' times, those  negative emotions will surface, E.F.T.  and  ho'oponopono, are there to release and clear those unwanted, unuseful, not serving us beliefs, like I said in the last post, the secret is awesome to read and watch, but it scratches the surface, I sometimes wish it were that simple, wish, think, voila! it's done. But, even if desires  came fast, it would'nt be rewarding, there's got to be some work, action has to be taken, the hard drive must be reprogrammed, space must be made for new and great things to come, that's how it works.               This friends, is vital in practice of deliberate creation, there are no shortcuts, though that would be great, it just does'nt work other than finding and releasing old negative belief patterns. Want to learn?, there are tons of videos on the internet, that teach e.f.t. step to step, I recommend  researching them all, there is an ocean of  info on clearing methods, I couldnt even begin to  list them all, surf, see, and learn what works, check out  E.F.T, HO'OPONOPONO, and the SEDONA METHOD, all are worth the practice, before long, manifesting becomes easier, the blocks are removed, it's important to be consistant when practicing, feeling is of importance, so releasing can happen.   Note, when a block is bieng released, a more positive feeling comes when a specific desire is brought to mind, when it feels good moving towards the desire or goal instead of anxious or hesitant. So keep at it, it's worth it man!   Wow, there has been a burning debate in this creators head about taking action, how much?, what kind?, just how much action is needed towards the fulfillment of our goals?, the next post will touch on this creators own experience on the subject of taking action.    Until next time!