Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's personal

Good evening everyone, another post, and another reminder that circumstances don't matter but state of being does, in the past few weeks I've dealt with some very unpleasant circumstances I've brought upon myself, yes, even as I've learned SO much about conscious creation I'll still wobble here and there. Being a deliberate creator is a personal journey, nobody else's, and we all have a different point of view when it comes to manifesting our desires, others cannot see things from our own point of view, and we cannot force our point of view on others as well. We must let others be as they are, even if they disagree with us or we with them, making peace with current circumstances moves us forward and that includes accepting others for who they are, allowing them to be as they are, again, this is a personal journey and only we ourselves can determine how we are feeling and where we are going, it's all personal choice, and no one else can decide for us. As hard as it can be to deal with others, especially in the workplace, we can be the creator of our circumstances rather than the victims of them, we should always put alignment first, before anyone and anything, nothing is more important if you want to create the life you want, putting yourself first is not selfish when it comes to deliberate creation, you must help yourself first before you can help others. In closing there is this adage, circumstances don't matter, state of being does, put more simply, our well being should not be conditional upon anyone or anything, but rather we should be focused on alignment above everything else, well being and peace out!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Judge, jury, and persecution

Good Friday and well being everyone, moving completed, things are in one place, and allowing the next phase of the journey to play out, for now, this writer will reside in the Sonoran desert [Arizona] until further inspiration comes to act upon. When returning here I discovered some slightly negative unresolved issues that were waiting for me, so when I left last April for Southern California to escape the brutal summer I also left behind some issues I didn't want to confront, but figured that if I left them behind they would dissolve on their own, not the case, and this was a huge lesson for me because upon returning here to AZ I had huge expectations about how things would turn out, and at first it seemed I was on the right track, even on the move back I received many positive vibrational matches, this was on Sunday, by Tuesday night I had hit a wall and it was as if I never left Arizona last April, all that progress that I'd made while in Southern California seemed to be in vain, I was confronted with the issues I'd left behind, and I had to deal with them in full force. The lesson is clear-fold, we will always have issues to clean up and this is something we'll never get done, as new issues will arise to clean up again and again, and each time new desires will be launched, this is called progress in personal development, or growth if you will, you cannot hide from negative unresolved issues when you are creating the life of your dreams, they must be removed to go forward and this means releasing judgments and attachments to negative thinking towards people and circumstances. I am finding that unresolved issues hinder progress towards the things we want, because until we clean them up they will continue to surface in our reality until we do, these things seem to haunt us like ghosts of the past until we let go or forgive, even make peace with those people or circumstances, so that we can continue to move on our own path. Somewhere I came across an article that said we should always be looking into our own mirror and not into anyone else's mirror, we tend to get side-tracked when we worry what others are thinking and doing, we make judgments about a person or a circumstance without realizing we are becoming that of which we are judging, then we stray from our own path and give away our very power in the process, power we NEED to manifest our desires! As we choose our own path, [through intentions and desires] we need to stay on that path, we need to focus on ourselves, not on what others are doing, we cannot force our point of view on others or vise-versa, and others cannot possibly see our own path, or vise-versa, this is why unresolved negative issues with people and circumstance must be resolved, the judgments, the resentments, the anger, or else wherever you go, they'll come with you, in a different place, but in the form of the same circumstances and different like minded people, that will show up in your reality. If something, or someone in your life is causing you stress or pain, running away will only result in a new person or thing in a new place, waiting to enter your experience, that will cause you more stress and pain, until the negative issues are resolved and made peace with. While my own issues were very minor by most standards, I still couldn't move to the next level until I made peace with them, because they were affecting my energy to some extent, resulting in lower vibrations, and when those fester they can make a mountain out of a mole-hill. On our own path it is paramount to accept who is and what is, and as selfish as this may sound you only have you, and that is where your energy needs to be directed, and to let others be as they simply choose to be, without judgment, they are on their own path and we cannot decide for them, nor can we judge their actions or behaviors, as we will be directing those judgments at ourselves, becoming the person or thing we judge upon. Sometimes there are people and circumstances in life that are just too hard to ignore, downright nasty and unforgiving, still, peace must be made or at the very least, being neutral towards the person or circumstance as not to create more of the same, but either way it all boils down to letting go of anything that's making you feel even the slightest bit, say, negative. Stay viewed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Good Wednesday morning, before packing some more for the move I wanted to bang out another topic, yet a very insightful one mind you, how important change is when applying deliberate creation, and whatever change you wish to make in your life, especially big change, your reality will seem to re-arrange itself in ways that may be uncomfortable and even quite scary at times. Why is it we're so afraid of change?, and yet it's that very thing we want so badly, that requires some sort of circumstance, that takes us out of our ''safe'' zone, and at the first sight of it, we go into panic mode because we're afraid of being thrown out of our self limiting comfort zone. Fear of change is such an illusion like all fear is, it's funny how stressful people make moving or relocating to be, they get scared because they're stepping into the unfamiliar and unknown, they continually obsess over the ''what if's'' and create chaos and upheaval when they move or relocate to a new job, city, or state, questioning whether they made the right choices regarding the move, then damning themselves by buying into the illusion that a poor choice was made, which in turn the Universe responds, ''if it's a poor choice you've made, then a poor choice it will be'' and the negative cycle begins. We are always moving towards the things we want, and the changes we want as well, but if we're questioning everything that happens pertaining to said changes, and becoming discouraged that it's not going ''our way'' we're throwing a wrench into the perfect machine that grants our very wishes and desires. I'm moving in four days, and with this next step I've decided I would relinquish all control over how it plays out, I've handed all the details over to Universal intelligence, as a true deliberate creator does, I am not worried, I am not scared, I have no set plans of action either, nor have I decided upon how or where I'll ultimately live, up to this point I've been well taken care of, so it only makes sense to trust the stream of life to carry me where I want to go. The Universe very well knows what I want, just my knowing this gives me the courage to TRUST that I'm headed in the right direction, it kind of excites me, the unknown, the adventure of it all, the thrill of the chase, of true freedom! I would liken this journey as that of a hitch-hiker [me 28 years ago] leaving California with no particular place to go, but spring break in Daytona sounds good, just going to drift along, then a ride pulls off the roadside and a friendly stranger asks ''where you going?'' and I reply ''Florida for spring break!'' and the friendly stranger responds ''hop in'' Now, would you accept that ride?, of course you would [those were better times of course, no one hardly hitch-hikes these days] but the point I make is you're not afraid because you're that much closer to your destination and I'm talking from experience here, you just trust the unfolding, knowing that you're always moving towards the goal, providing you don't let fear and worry stand in your way! Trust plays a major role in the game of life and that means trusting in what we can't see, because it's what we can't see that's working behind the scenes, lining everything up, just so we can get what we want, yet we don't get to decide the how's and when's, but troubled be not my friends, don't you like surprises? In the past five years I've moved four times, two of them out of state and they get easier and easier every time, however, sooner or later we decide to settle down and plant those roots and I'm contemplating my final destination as of now, but at the same time in no hurry to figure it ALL out, I've been craving some adventure and new experiences and also want to travel around and write for a few months. It's not all strictly business though, far from that, having fun is one of my greatest passions, as well as cooking, writing, extreme and loud music, strength training, hiking, parties, and some much overdue camping. Yes, adventure comes in many forms, and I'm turning 51 years young on Sunday, the same day of the move, coincidence?, not even! More unfolding to come, stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Allow ''me''

Good morning and well being, this is my moving week and once again my journey requires re-location, I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like to be in one place too long and although I DO plan on grounding myself in one place eventually, I'm feeling the hunger for adventure along with change, yes, it seems as if expansion is inevitable as we become more aware of what we want. How about that topic now?, some of you reading this post are successfully manifesting your goals and desires, some of you are in the process clearing away limited beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious, and there are those of you just getting started and wanting to learn how reality creation works, as well as how to apply it to get everything you want, well friends, this post is just for you. I've been at this reality creation stuff for nearly five years now and I'm by no means the expert on deliberate creation, I'm still a work in progress and it's important to keep in mind that this is a ''lifetime'' journey, we'll never get this done and some things will manifest quicker and easier and some will require inner work and take much longer, as this will all be dependent on the types of thoughts and beliefs we hold. Usually when beginning reality creation one will get excited when they find out that they can create their very own reality, but shortly after they'll discover that there are limited beliefs standing in the way, they may get discouraged and give up, thinking that law of attraction isn't real, and then law of attraction gives them just that, proof that it carries no reality, and so they'll fail to learn and apply these laws to be, do, and have the life they want, but make no mistake, like gravity this law is always in operation 24/7. I want to help you manifest what you want, so allow me to give you one important tip to manifest whatever it is you want to experience in your reality, and if you should choose to focus on the very ''thing'' you want, at first you may feel some discomfort, this is resistance due to some kind of limiting belief, meaning you'll have to do some inner work and soul searching to clear it up, no fun there, there's work involved and who wants that? here's an example, you want more money, lots more of it, but if you focus on just the money itself, it could stir up some negative beliefs around money hindering your efforts altogether. I think most people have this problem when using reality creation to attract money, there is always some underlying belief on the subject of having wealth and attaining it as well, so every time they try to feel good about money, a voice in their head says that it's impossible, and it just isn't going to happen! think about it, why do you really want money?, what does it represent to you?, how about freedom, independence, giving freely, and having a lot of confidence?, those ''symbols'' of having money? These are the things you would need to focus on WITH feeling, as is the same with everything else, you see the Universe doesn't go by the subject [money] itself, it operates and brings to you things based on what you're ''feeling'' and this is why crystal clarity is highly important when wanting to manifest a specific outcome into your physical reality. You need to focus on the thing you want but you want to focus on what it symbolizes to you, that essence of the thing desired, and with constant practice and focus you'll reach more and more clarity matching up to your desire emotionally, by-passing limited beliefs, you're focusing on the by-product of your desire rather than trying to focus on the subject of the desire itself, this is a much easier approach. I did just the opposite when I first began applying reality creation, focusing only on the ''subject'' of my goal, this created a long and arduous path to manifestation full of frustration and impatience, resulting more of using the mind, and less use of emotional energy, and as I've said above, it's all about the emotion, the WHY you want what you want. Ask yourself these questions regarding what you want, ''why do I want this thing?, how does it make me feel?, what changes will it bring into my life?'' asking yourself these questions will help you gain clarity around your desire and aid in the emotional aspects of your goal, fueling the rocket of desire. Sometimes we want something without knowing why we really want it, so we'll say to ourselves we want it ''just because'' and this sends out a weak signal to Universal intelligence and manifestation is near-impossible at best. So in wrapping this all up, if you are getting frustrated with your results with vibrational matches, tweak your focus a little, take your ''mind'' off the subject altogether [money, soul mate, perfect health] and instead ''feel'' in the heart, what these things represent to you, their essence, not the be all, end all limited focus that so many attempt to try, change your focus and watch what happens, you'll speed up your results and by-pass those limiting beliefs, allowing what you want instead of forcing it, take it out of the mind and place it in the heart.