Monday, June 30, 2014

Invisible components

Greetings on this[Monday again?] but hey, it's all good, I want to dedicate this post to my celestial guides who've been and continue to be with me on my life's journey. Our guides are one of the greatest gifts we could ever conceive, despite being unseen, they ARE with us and as crazy as it seems I speak to them more than any physical person on this planet earth. They are awesome listeners, they understand when we're down, they are joyful when we are joyful, our guides are our cheerleaders, literally!, they want nothing more than for us to succeed. We as physical bodies just don't understand the importance these beings have in our lives, we are only focused on what our eyes see, never bothering to raise our awareness of what's taking place behind the scenes, and learning communication with them so they can guide us on the correct path to succeed in life. We as humans always feel like we need to be in control when it comes to success, and we as humans struggle and work long and hard to attain, not realizing that this is not the way we were designed, brute force never gets us anywhere but frustrated and worn out. As I practiced letting go of control, I've allowed my guides to work on my behalf behind the scenes, although my ego mind fights back, physically I do not obey, instead trusting my celestial friends to guide and help me remain steadfast towards my goals and achievements. The thing I love about them is they know and understand me more than any other physical person has in my entire life, they are not there to interfere with our free-will, they want for us what we want for ourselves, they have no judgments toward us, I mean who wouldn't want them in their corner? I have good people in my life and feel very lucky to have them, but my guides?, they are dedicated, loyal, sensitive, understanding, and listen to and ''feel'' what I am going through, they support me every second of every day. I'm a rough and tumble guy to some degree, no flowers or teddy bears here, I wear my masculinity well, but my guides do seem to bring out the kind and sensitive side in me, the place where I can let down my shield and spill it all out when life gets a little too overwhelming, I can't do that with anyone physical, they just wouldn't comprehend the level of spiritual emotions behind it all, they would think I needed to see a shrink! While a great deal of us are wandering this earth in a fixed limbo of conformity, learning to communicate with our guides is a game changer, they are always trying to get our attention, [''let us help you''], yet we put the strange coincidence tag on it and go about our business not realizing that THAT very coincidence was our guides vying for our attention. To close, whether we are aware or not, our guides are among us, as mentioned before in my past postings, we share our world with the spiritual realm, deny all you want, but this higher truth is inescapable, think of it this way, when something so wonderfully amazing and unexplainable happened in your life, guess who made it happen?

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Greetings from sunny California, [actually it's June gloom if you live here also] If anybody reading this post is having financial struggles or cannot seem to get that extra income to enjoy those extra luxuries in life, it is vital to remember that having plenty is our birthright, when we are focused on our problems regarding money we are literally depriving ourselves of something that's already within us since birth, wealth consciousness. Life long conditioning has moved us away from this gift, if we would just tap into this wealth consciousness, money and much more would flow in our direction more naturally. I may sound like a skipping record in regards to this subject, but more importantly though we must understand this higher truth and stop believing what we see with our own eyes, the more we acknowledge where we are instead of where we want to be we stay stuck, period! Since the economic crisis [which I believe was manufactured to dis-empower the masses] people bought into all the gloomy forecasts fed to them by the media, and fear and hysteria set in only making things worse and prolonging recovery. During these past seven years more millionaires than ever were created, and I believe this so-called great recession has made me take notice, and somehow has forced me to take a deeper look at who's in control when it comes to having wealth, and that's me!, nobody can take away my birthright, no matter what the economy is doing, and that goes for all of us as well. We have the right to everything we want, EVERYTHING, no exceptions, it's only ourselves who limit what we can have according to our limiting beliefs, keep in mind that the Universe makes no judgments on what we desire, so it's VERY important to always believe that you deserve what you want, or it cannot happen for you no matter how hard you try. It took me a long time to uncover and change this limiting belief of not deserving abundance, and I still get some hiccups here and there, but a deep inner knowing reassures me that abundance is my birthright. One more thing to note, once you believe you deserve what you want a shift will take place, you will no longer feel excited about your desires but fret not, once it feels like no big deal to you, it's detachment, then you'll just feel like it's that next logical step. More to come

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Good morning on this fine Saturday, I've written before on the subject of ''living'' our desired reality, acting as if it's already happened if you will, but when conditions and circumstances are not in our favor, things can be very challenging. I've been practicing this ''acting as if'' focus technique for many months only to get sidetracked again and again by my current reality, although I was thinking positive thoughts most of the time, it was not enough to change my current reality. But then something happens over the course of time in our deliberate creation practice, and no matter how good we are feeling at any given moment, we are still feeling stuck and then something just gives, the scales begin to tip towards our desired ''new'' reality, we decide that we can no longer continue to be where we are, we realize that if we don't shift our perspective in the now we won't move forward. Right now at this moment I'm ''living'' my new chosen reality, I no longer focus on where I've been, it's in the past, I've chosen my desired reality and I now live it on my terms and my choosing, there is no time to dwell on the unwanted, loosing focus is the last thing I need to do because it only throws a wrench into a perfect functioning machine. I mentioned recently about closing the gap, we have to develop the ability to bend our reality to our choosing, we can't just decide to do this, it seems to occur when the time is right, when we are ready, so we'll know what we need to know when we need to know it, is what I'm meaning here. We will tip the scales more towards what we want as long as our dominant focus is there, but it requires discipline and consistency on a whole new level, when we have developed this ''knowing'' by already living and vibrating our chosen ''new'' reality, the Universe literally begins to arrange things to accommodate this reality, creating your world as you choose it to be. BE your new reality, own it, be one with it, live it now, not in the future, be not where you are but where you WANT to be.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Servant mind

Good morning and well being viewers, as I've released and let go of desires my ego can sometimes throw a tantrum, it's not at all happy with the swift changes I've made, my original desires came from my ego, but through these past few years I've polished them up a bit and tailored them towards the bigger picture instead of instant gratifications. I cannot say how long it may take for a deliberate creator to dissolve his/her ego's control, but we must limit what say our limited ego mind plays in reality creation, it has very limited perspective on how things are accomplished regarding goals and desire. If we allow the ego mind to control our actions we cannot reach our full potential on anything we want to achieve, that is why re-programming the mind is vital!, we want our minds to work for us, not against us, like I've written before, that ego mind will fight to the very end, even resorting to trickery and deception, all from our past programming and information we've fed to it, you see, we created our ego from past conditioning and false reasoning, as well as limiting beliefs, WE created our ego! I don't believe we should abolish or destroy our ego, it's just doing what it's programmed to, to protect us, it's afraid to step out of it's safe box, it's always reasoning to find excuses not to act on changes for the better, it likes being in a comfort zone, the ego is like a frightened child when it comes to drastic positive changes, and so it only makes sense that it will try to talk you out of moving out of your comfort zone by way of fear of change. I get very angry at my ego sometimes, it just doesn't seem to be on board very often, but this is changing dramatically now, my ego is no longer my master, as was the case in the past, instead, I laid down the law, my ego mind no longer serves me, and I can serve MY purpose by letting my higher self take control, you see, the ego mind wants in on the action when it comes to reality creation, but because of it's limited perspective, it simply has no idea of how many endless possibilities there are available to achieve what we desire, even more, when the ego mind is relieved of it's duties, there no longer IS desire, need or want, those things come from the ego, not the higher mind! When we no longer have desire at all, we've beat the ego at it's struggling and limited game, without it, everything comes easily to us, because there are no ego attachments, a chosen reality is accomplished by a simple positive thought, not ego reasoning, so manifestation becomes effortless! I don't serve my ego mind, I allow life to unfold on my terms without ego mind interfering, sure there will always be a little ego in some areas of my life, but when it comes to creating a chosen reality, the ego has no say on how it's achieved. I believe we all will reach this point at some time or another when practicing reality creation, but continuing to deal with the ego mind could result in either two outcomes, we just give up and give in, or take back our power and detach from ego driven outcomes, we, and only we, can make that conscious choice! Until again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, what's your story?

Good morning on this peaceful quiet Sunday, feeling good and thought I'd throw another subject out there, this particular practice I'm about to mention has made a big difference in my world of conscious creation, and I'd like to share it with you! We, as humans, have the gift of voice and language, what we say to ourselves and to others is what we will be living, what I mean is that we are creating our future every second of the day with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. If you have reached the stage where you have accepted these truths then it only makes sense to begin telling a new story, you are the script writer of your life, the words you speak are lining up your future via law of attraction, this is a universal law, like gravity it is always working, none of us can escape this, that is why we MUST use this unwavering law to our own benefit or we will use it against us by speaking about the things we don't want. I mentioned a few posts ago how the spoken word has power, this cannot be further from the higher truth and I cannot stress this enough, every time we complain we remain, and if we want to change our lives for the better we MUST change our story. Misery loves company and every time we tell, be it our friends or family, about our woes we are shaping our future, every time we tell ourselves we are miserable, we don't deserve anything or anybody, we're not attractive or good enough, that's what we are getting. Every thing that's happening to us in this moment in life is the result of our thought patterns, we've created these outcomes, whether good or bad, by our dominant thinking. To change our circumstances it takes time and practice, but it starts with changing what we think and how we feel, law of attraction works by our feelings, so it's vital to think about things that feel good! As written above, we are the writer of our own script in life, what a gift this is!, yet we abuse this gift by complaining and creating a life of pitfalls and shortcomings claiming to be victims of circumstances, a perpetual cycle that continues until we change our very own story. Allow me to indulge a few examples of my own thinking and you'll get the gist of it, [''I am grateful for everything and everyone that's in my life now, everything I want is already within me, I love myself immensely, I am happy and healthy''] these are just a few basic examples, and as simple as they sound they are extremely effective, my list of my own thoughts could fill infinity, but I am always telling myself what I prefer things to be, designing the life of my own choosing. The nutshell here is to change your story, and you'll change your life, so what's your NEW story?

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Good morning, thank you all for stopping by, I hope that I'm helping the cause out there! As the title above appears to go for the proverbial throat it is actually a reference to the wake up call coming into this generation, and as I avoid the world news at all costs, there is no denying what my heightened awareness is telling me. As I continue to be as positive and optimistic at all times a disturbance sometimes enters my conscious mind, I'm becoming more aware that mass consciousness, as a whole, is unfortunately living in a state of denial. You need not look far to see that our mother earth has been plundered and robbed of her natural resources, the consequences are just beginning and these past two decades of natural disasters are mere precursors to what's ahead, and unless we wake up and unite in consciousness to resolve these possible calamities, we will see consequences that will not only be in the physical realm but the spiritual realm as well. When the supernatural takes hold things un-imagined can take place, earth is not only home to us, it's also home to the spiritual realm, the things we cannot see but some of us are aware of, this is what I've spoken of in past posts, that during this ascending period a great spiritual battle will be witnessed by all of collective consciousness. Just to clarify, this is not from an organized religion viewpoint, organized religion is all about fear and control and separation, not unity. This is from my own personal perspective and some may see it differently than myself, but it is something I'm becoming aware of, and living in denial about this subject, for me, is impossible, it's just too hard to ignore. There are many religions over the years that have spoken of end time prophesies of great battles and global wars, I've read many books about these things in the past, but the truth is no human has ever been dead-on about predicting anything, humanity cause things to happen, humanity controls how things play out, but nobody has been able to predict where we go and where we are headed. That's good to know because I believe there's hope, sure, there are negative things occurring, but there are also a lot of positive changes happening globally, and it's not all gloom and doom, our perspective is our outcome with consciousness as a whole, and it's too bad the global media is pulling the wool over the masses eyes making people focus on all that's wrong in this world. When we see something we don't like or don't agree with we resist it in fear or denial, or, we assume ''why care?'' we are so anti-everything negative that we don't want instead of pro-everything positive that we DO want, this describes the shift in consciousness we desperately need to make! As these global changes occur many will resist, letting fear overtake their hearts instead of re-claiming their power and making a difference for the greater good. While I am only human and by no means an expert on what's happening and where humanity will ultimately go in the near future, I do feel that something is indeed happening on behalf of the collective consciousness, and it's a ''wait and see'' kind of unfolding, however, as my awareness grows I can sense what mother earth is trying to tell us, we must change course or reap the consequences of our actions related to the neglect of our planet. It's funny, this post was a spontaneous action when I got back from my morning exercise, I felt like writing what I was feeling at the time, however, as deep as this subject is, my focus is about self-empowerment and not end of the world doomsday scenarios. It's never too late, humanity will have many chances to change course, it's just that these changes could come through very unpleasant events, only the strong will survive indeed!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The 4th density

Good morning and happy Friday viewers, if you are persistent in your law of attraction practice and being careful not to dwell on any negative thoughts, making sure you remain positive and focused on alignment to your desires, and still not manifesting your end results, fear not! Since the shift into higher consciousness has occurred we've moved past the 3-D world when it comes to our manifestations, we must break through the density into the fourth dimension to successfully manifest our desires and more work is required. This isn't as disheartening as one would assume, it just means we must focus constantly on our HIGHER vibrations and maintain them as often as we can, and more dedication will be required to do so and it will be challenging for those beginning this practice as well as those who have been practicing this for some time like myself. When you are about to enter the fourth density you will receive messages from the Universe that you are doing so, in my case I'm seeing the number prompts 4444 quite frequently now. How you receive your message may be different than mine, nonetheless, you will know when you are entering this new dimension. I do not wish to disappoint anyone here, when I discovered this myself I became obviously discouraged, all that time and energy and still I had to do more?, but after pondering further I realized this would benefit me well, and I get to feel good more often, I think I could get used to that! Although it may seem hard at first impression, it truly is a winning situation in the end, sure, more discipline is required but that's how we achieve self mastery over everything. I am no expert on the subject of the fourth density and how it works, I'm still learning about this which is very new to me, but I definitely ''feel'' the change occurring and my outer world is reflecting that. In this fourth density, once it's achieved, I believe manifestations will be faster and easier, we just have to reach it, so the important thing to remember is to remain constantly focused on wanted outcomes, and to raise ourselves into higher vibrations and milk them as long as possible making these higher vibrations the overall dominant focus, and feeling. I see it this way, I've come this far, so I might as well go all the way, besides, who doesn't want to manifest their desires faster and easier? I'll post more on this subject as I learn.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Unseen truth

Good morning and well being all, last night before dozing off into sleep a realization came to me, although I've developed this knowledge long before it was time to acknowledge and lay to rest this higher truth once and for all. I have come to believe more in the unseen than what is right in front of me, the world can be so full of lies and illusion, throughout our history we've been conditioned to believe only in what our eyes see, and the constant brainwashing of a false reality by controlling forces that keep us locked in this status quo of normality. As I go about my daily life I see people afraid of taking back their power and creating their own path, being instead like robots programmed for survival mode living by mundane routines. Here in Southern California this could not be more evident, as this is one of the most ''stressed out'' states in North America, and with the high cost of living here it's easy to be the hamster on the wheel running, but getting nowhere. What contrast this is to me!, although harmless because I won't allow myself to fall into that trap, I believe the human race is living in a perpetual cycle of false perceptions and beliefs, but seeing is not believing, and once we become more aligned with our authentic selves questions begin to surface about why we're really here, and what does and does not serve us. All of the religions and politics and propaganda in the world's history has turned us away from our true selves many times over, but who knows what's best for us, and how's that worked so far?, why do we put so much trust and faith in what only our eyes see? Knowing the truth DOES set us free, and we ARE spirits living in a physical body having a human experience, we can look into a mirror and see our physical selves, but not our spirit, no, the spirit is something we ''feel'', and the problem is most of humanity is always seeing and not feeling. To get everything we want in life requires feeling, not seeing first, so it only makes sense to develop faith in what we don't see, because it's the very unseen, that's working behind the scenes bringing everything we are thinking and feeling into our physical experiences, any other way is far less rewarding. Friends the truth is NOT what we are seeing, the truth is what we are feeling, we cannot base what's happening in our lives by what's in front of us, it's a false perception, we seem to be creating by default and that is why our lives can seem so chaotic and stressful, we are trying to follow these so called ''rules'' that we feel we must live by, or we will fail, nonsense! I live by my own rules, I've always been rebellious by nature so it's really nothing new to me, only now I've awoke to a higher truth and what I see is only what I ''choose'' to feel. Whether we know or not, or even believe or not, is there are unseen forces at work in each and every ONE of us in our daily lives, working on our behalf as assigned to do so, to aid and protect and guide, tell me this, when things unexplained happen that we just can't seem to figure out that boggles the physical mind as if not by chance but by miracle, what causes it?, these things happen to me every day, that is why I'm writing this post. I trust more in what I can't see, more than what the physical world tells me, see a pattern developing here?, welcome to the brave new world!

Monday, June 9, 2014


So, we've set our intentions, visualized them achieved, backed by the feel good emotions and relief that comes from fulfillment, all the blocks have been cleared for open receiving, and dominant thinking weighs mostly towards the positive. Whatever it is we want to change or become we would do well to add the icing on our creative cake, which is to look at ourselves in the mirror and declare out loud to ourselves our intentions, this is very powerful and as long as it is backed by belief and conviction it will amp up the manifestation process, you see, words have power, and they can move mountains! We must be careful of the things we say to ourselves because we give words power when spoken, we are foretelling our own future by what we are saying to ourselves in the present. Whatever it is that we want, and that's anything!, we must declare it so, as if it's done now, not in the future but now, and nothing's stopping it now, it's done! Just make sure what you declare feels good and it is what you want, even better yet, declare victory!

You created

Good Monday morning fellow creators, if you've been following this blog since it's inception in October of 2011, there are past posts speaking of how we think is what we create in our life's circumstances. My first and biggest breakthrough on this journey was accepting the responsibility for everything that was happening in my life past and present, was the result of my own thinking and actions. I had to let go of the victim mentality and seize back my own power, not an easy thing to do. Once we do this we are on the path to create what we REALLY want, we put our thinking on the right course and the ball is rolling towards the desired outcome. We've got to remember that when we become deliberate in our thinking we will relapse sometimes back into the negative, and so it's vital not to beat up on ourselves when we do this, or we fall back into the victim trap, becoming the victims of our own thoughts. The bottom line is we create, we were created to create!, we must learn to use it to our advantage or we will use it against ourselves, we must learn to be vigilant on behalf of our thoughts and move things in our favor.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Keep it close [to the heart]

This post kicks off with a question, should we tell others about our most heartfelt inner desires?, our greatest intentions or goals?, the answer may surprise many, but I've learned a few lessons on this subject. During the awakening and raising of our awareness along with re-claiming our true power and nature, we may grow away from certain people, even those we love may not see things the way our ''new'' selves see us, we may even be alienated from certain circles due to the changes we've made regarding our spiritual mind. While this can seem dis-heartening there is no choice in this matter, just because we are enlightened and on the path towards happiness we cannot expect others to do the same, even though we want these things for those close to us. It is not our job to impose or force our beliefs on others no matter how well we're doing, it's just not our job to change others but the good news is we can help if they desire it to be so. When we place our desires into our centers, [hearts] we give them a lot of energy and positive emotion, but we must be careful who we tell regarding them, and dare I say those close to us, because we have put so much positive energy, faith, and belief into our goals, telling others can take away some of this energy. Even those who love us may doubt our ability to achieve something, maybe on the outside they support us, but deep inside they may believe we can't succeed based on our past failures, despite what we've become now. The worst case scenario is when people are jealous of our successes, and this is an energy stealer should you go around bragging of your successes to the wrong people. The other mistake is someone we are connected to, whenever we set life changing goals a big change can occur, but those close to us may fear us leaving or moving away, they too, out of caring, may try to dissuade us from acting on these big changes, in fear of being left behind,[glad I am single!] but you get the idea. The good news about this is there will be people drawn to you who will help and support your goals, this is the attractor factor when moving towards grand achievements, the right people at the right time come into our lives and help us get what we want. I am blessed, those in my life support my goals, but I don't get too specific or detailed about them, they are strictly between me and source energy! The people I spend time around are like minded, and it helps to be around them because they think the same way as I do. So just be careful, and hold your desires close to your heart, once realized, THEN, tell them about your victories, you just might inspire them!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Unconventional methods

Good morning and happy Friday all, I'll get right into the subject on this one, there is so much confusion about action and non-action in conscious creation, read most of the articles about the necessity of taking action, and one can get confused between allowing vs. taking physical action, when to do so, or wait to be inspired to do so. This can be so frustrating and confusing!, so I'm going to shed some relief on this subject, for myself and hopefully for some of you. Law of attraction works on behalf of our belief system, what we are thinking over and over becomes a belief, and we attract accordingly to these beliefs, so what does this have to do with taking action?, everything! We are conditioned to believe that in order to accomplish a goal we must do our part physically, most of us behave and think this way, and it only makes sense that we will need to take action to get what we want and there is nothing wrong with doing that, as a matter of fact it's the quickest way to achieving a goal. During my four year practice and development in conscious creation I've taken NO action, but let me clarify this, I take action every day, I work out, I practice spiritual alignment, I take a step every day to improve myself both physically and spiritually, I am by no means a couch potato! But what about my biggest goals and desires?, physically speaking I'm taking no actions towards these goals except aligning to them, but spiritually, every minute of every day I'm feeling the having of my desires. The question, is it working for me?, a resounding yes! but had I taken physical action at the beginning I'd probably be there faster, but why would I choose to do it this way? For me I've always, in the past, took action, and it was a constant struggle for me, but this is not why I don't take action now, even in alignment I could take action and do very well! I want to allow things to happen in a more natural way, I just don't like doing things the conventional way anymore, I've done that most of my life and that is not, to me, what reality creation is about anymore, it seems like the old way to me, I have manifested ALOT of things without ANY action on my part, so why should it be any different for anything else? This is where MY belief comes in, you see it can work both ways, that's the beauty of reality creation, the only difference is non-action may take longer due to the fact that you must get to a place of belief, that you require no action, that you will trust and ALLOW the Universe to deliver the goods in perfect timing, and it can be the biggest challenge at times because you will be fighting the ego with the non-action approach, the ego will try to move you into action, and it will fight your spirit to the end. Self mastery is not limited to physical action alone, it also involves using our minds and emotions, creating something out of nothing, without directed action, and discipline is very paramount, it's letting go on a whole new level, to sum it up it's just ALLOWING! This is how I create, it's the new unconventional way of manifesting, and it IS working for me, and the Universe promises the rewards will be far greater than I ever imagined. I've been patient, held my faith, and continue to persevere, and yes there are days when I just wish things would happen faster, but I tell myself that the wait will be well worth it, not to mention the constant reminders from the Universe and my guides that the planted seeds have grown and the harvest will be abundant. Which ever method of reality creation that works for you, is YOUR right way, action or not, but it's important to remember that getting into alignment each and every day IS an action, deciding to feel good FIRST is an action, action comes in many forms, physically and mentally. In closing, is physical action required to get what we want?, it really boils down to what you believe. Stay viewed!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Money's no object

Good Wednesday morning readers, ever since I started my law of attraction practices four years ago the first thing I wanted to improve was my financial status, being unemployed with no prospects let alone any kind of income I was desperate, and being new to this law of conscious creation I thought that I could wish away the problem. Little did I know I was FAR from achieving financial freedom, I'd had all sorts of resistance right out of the gate, and it has been a long and painful journey of lessons and setbacks regarding my relationship to money. I believe we ALL have some sort of issues when it comes to money, and I'll admit I've had mine, but money is necessary in our society, we have to have it, more than survival or basic needs it allows us to expand, improve, help others, and invest in the important things that create a flow of income that gives and receives, and that benefits society as a whole. So why do so many people have problems with money?, the answer is simple, worry, worry creates a lacking vibration, when we worry about money it simply cannot be attracted to us, we repel it in every direction, we cannot see the opportunities right in front of us because our focus is on the scarcity of the money we so desire. I think almost everyone who discovers L.O.A. that's having financial issues will learn this the hard way, as I did, and that we must first make peace with money and clear those issues that prevent us from having unlimited amounts of it. This, depending on how many years we've struggled with money may take a great amount of time, but it must be practiced with persistence and perseverance, to the point where money no longer is an issue at all, what do I mean by this?, you must reach a place in your mind and emotions where you ALREADY have more than enough, so much so, that it's no big deal to you! This is where I am now, I've allowed this to happen naturally, notice I mention allow, because it's that very state of allowing that sets us up for successful manifestations regarding money. Any person who has millions of dollars does not worry where the money will come from, the bills are always paid, shortage or lack is not in their vocabulary, they know what comes in and goes out like a steady flow, they give kindly to charities and organizations of their choosing, they feel no ''need'' for anything due to the fact that they know they can HAVE anything! That is where we need to be emotionally to allow unlimited income potential into our experience, we literally have to BE the person who has it all even BEFORE we have it all! I used to focus like mad on money, only to create resistance trying too hard to attract more of it, now I focus on the things the money brings, with feeling and deep gratitude, not the cash itself but the experience that comes from the feelings of having more than enough, it's a natural feeling but at the same time relieving and freeing. When we are relaxed and confident about money we open the doors of abundance, we are allowing and not resisting, we feel good about it regardless of how little we have, because at that point the Universe will be sending us signs of land that tell us we're on the correct path to wealth and prosperity. It could be said that money is the hardest thing to attract into our lives, but with practice, and believe me I know, It'll get easier, so much that you'll get to the place where you don't even care about money anymore, you'll be focused only on the feelings of having what the money brings, not the money itself, and only then you'll allow it to flow towards you. I will touch more on this as I master it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Owning our circumstances

Happy Monday everyone! It is good to see so many views out there, I truly hope I am helping to teach others from my own learning experience so we can all advance in expansion and fulfillment. Life is chock full of ups and downs, and the outcomes depend on how we deal with those downs, or in other words, react to them. Just last weekend I took a nasty fall, my second serious injury this year, [just a few months back I had a serious bout of shoulder bursitis], right now, I'm staying with a good buddy here in Southern California in his newly purchased town home, it is a two story town home with two flights of stairs, I was half asleep around 1 am, when thirst called, heading to the kitchen half asleep I'd forgotten about those stairs, over I went and the impact below was beyond painful and instant, I screamed in pain! After the whole house had awoken it was clear I needed to go to the emergency room, my good friend kept insisting that I go, but I stubbornly declined. The next morning I was in serious pain and immobile, I knew it would be bad so I went right to work using my mind and emotions to begin the healing process, instead of pissing and moaning about the pain I iced up my wounds and got happy, hell, I was even laughing about it with my friends over breakfast! While no doctor or X-rays were involved I went into self diagnosis, a recurring past hernia ensued due to the impact of my fall, my lower back seemed to have suffered some internal bruising, and it's painful to bend over too much but man do I feel better! Being in good physical condition really saved me on this one, had this not been the case I'd be hospitalized and recovery would be slow going. Accidents happen, we can't control everything, but how we deal with them is crucial, we too often become victims of our own circumstances, and we forget that WE, and only WE, control how we react to them, which creates the outcome, we reap what we sow! I am a stubborn man, but I now use it to my advantage, I own my circumstances, if something happens that I don't like I swiftly change my perception on that subject and turn it towards my favor and it works every single time. Circumstances do not matter, and time and practice are of paramount to reach this level of confidence that says ''nothing bothers me, I always bounce back''. Remember that slogan, ''I haven't got time for the pain'' years ago?, well I haven't got time for the emotional pain, so I'm going to focus on the outcome I want, healed! I also want to stress that vortex alignment speeds up the healing, I'm 75 percent recovered, and by the coming weekend I'll be back into my fitness regimen, not bad for a fall that could've laid me up for a good duration. Injuries are quite a big deal, worse even than the small every day problems we encounter, but for me they are all dealt with in the same manner, overcame!, it is challenging mentally but do-able nonetheless, people are beating odds every day with worse illnesses and diseases than my fall, and we ALL are literally created to self heal through the power of our minds and emotions, no matter the circumstances. Own your circumstances, own your world!