Saturday, December 22, 2012

The ''key'' awareness

Happy holidays everyone!, we are still here!,  I suppose the Mayans got it wrong?, the December 21st 2012 end of the world did'nt occur, but of course!  I do not believe the Mayans were speaking of the end of this world, as so much stuff out there is bombarding us with this end of the world gloom and doom scenario, enough already! it is NOT the end of the world! The problem here is that society is becoming conditioned to believe that some kind of apocalypse is looming, this is indeed dangerous thinking and ''creating'' of self fulfilling prophecies that can be avoided. I see an opportunity here, that we should all take very much advantage of, we are at the tipping point of a new higher consciousness occuring on this planet, and  I  myself, personally, believe this is what the ancient civilizations could be referring to. When I began this spiritual journey, naturally, my awareness began to grow, after a few years it has blossomed into something amazing, I never imagined it would lead me to so many revelations and realizations, and the truths of it all, what a gift this is indeed readers! This kind of awareness we develope while becoming what we truly are, is something akin to animals, some creatures are gifted with such awareness, they know, and sense their way through existence. Birds, for example, they have a very strong awareness, Dogs too, like the Wolf, Whales , Dolphins, these creatures are very spiritual as well. We , in society are losing our awareness, we are being distracted by too many other things that are pulling us away from who we truly are, jobs, stress, constantly chasing the carrot on the stick in life, then there is the brainwashing of the media, corporatations advertising what they ''think'' we should have in our lives, and yes, we go back to the fear doctrine supressing so many and giving away their power hoping others can solve their problems, no wonder things seem to be such a mess, but readers, it only ''SEEMS'' to be! Why?, perception, it's how people are being lead to percieve that things are going down the toilet, this just is'nt the case. My mission is becoming clearer here, to help bring this awareness to those choosing to become aware, to reclaim their power and be the best they can be, this goes far beyond manifesting material things, {although, I love that part too!} the real purpose is to become a vibrational match to our higher selves, which knows us ''better'' than ourselves, which points us in the right directions, making decisions our ego could not even touch, and yes, manifesting our heart's desires effortlessly! This is our true purpose, to become alligned to our higher selves, it does not matter who or what you believe in, it does not matter what religion, only we can choose our own path to allign to who we truly are, it is a very personal mission. Becoming aware, to me is like a survival mechanism, again like an animal, but I also feel protected, like I'm being guided by my higher self, like a voice inside saying ''okay, seize that, or wait, don't do this thing yet'', these messages also come in ''signs'' because of my awareness, I notice these signs, which  in turn, increases my awareness even further, in turn, bringing about more syncronicity to notice and so forth. What this boils down to is awareness = guidance, it seems to come naturally to a deliberate creator, to become aware!, I love this, because with it comes a wisdom that most would lose an arm for, I've been watching the night sky alot with my new found awareness, and we are missing out on the greatest answers we seem to be searching for constantly,  but are too afraid to pursue. Some, unfortunatly, will be afraid of their true power, it scared me a little, but only a little, then I just went with it, it would take writing  a book to dive into the subject of such a transformation, but for those of us who make the conscious choice to allign to our higher selves it may get a little strange for awhile, but it is a part of the process, how you view people, animals, the planet all  will drastically change, there will be internal struggles, spiritual battles with the ego, even dreams are effected, with symbols and messages of the progress of transformation. Intimidating?, yes, but the rewards are powerful!   As I've mentioned before, in past articles as well, we, I believe are in the midst of a new higher consciousness on this planet, things ''ARE'' shifting, and some will not adapt, nor accept, and will continue the struggle, there will be alot of resistance to this shift, but the change must occur, because the things that have been happening so far have not worked, doing more damage than good, moving us in the wrong direction, straying, if you will, from our true path. Nature has a way of sending these messages to us and it is not always pleasant, but what nature is trying to say could be that we may need to change course, not only in consciousness, but also the decisions we make in relation to this planet, this is not the end of the world, it may be the beginning of a new one, but from here, it's up to us on where we take it.                                                                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE TO YOU AND YOURS!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The power attractor factor

Greetings once again fellow creators and practicing creators! In the last posting I mentioned how it's more than possible to win a contest or lottery using deliberate creation, and that belief plays a major role while applying these tecniques as well. During our journey to fulfillment it is natural we will go after the material things, some of them will be ''big'' to us, that being said, resistance is sure to surface when we think of the millions of dollars, the new half million dollar home, or the Mercedes SUV, just due to the fact we ''want'' these things will bring to question ''how?'', how would such a thing come when there's debt, bills, etc? this is a form of resistance, actually, as we embark on our spiritual journey, we will discover many types of resistance, while I could list all of them, you fellow creators already know them, and those who are learning, will discover them along the way so you can release them. A year ago I made a manifestation box, the purpose for this was to make small requests to source energy by writing them down on a small piece of paper, I then would briefly ''feel'' this request ''as if it were done'', fold it up, place it inside the box, and completely forget it. Some of my friends have even placed their wishes in as well. But then life moved in and my box got waysided, and since I always find pennies on my path and would place them in the box, recently, vibrational matches have been popping up in my life many times daily, many money related,
{reminder, vibrational matches are your dominate thoughts being mirrored back to you from the universal intellegence} for example, you have been thinking alot about and visualizing with good feelings about the Mercedes SUV, then you would see it everywhere, or you would see a TV commercial about it, or happen apon a person who has one, then you might ask them how they like owning it, this actually happened to me with my new car. Whatever it is you are focusing on the most, will be reflected back to you, that's why they call this the law of attraction, or like attracting like. So what is power attracting? how does one master the art? the first thing that came to my mind was to try harder, focus more, feel more, this more, that more, more,
more, more!, it did'nt work that way, this is where the manifestation box suddenly came back into my creation practice and wow!, is it working! Folks, bieng a power attractor is alot easier than you think, but first you ''have'' to realize your ''true'' power and want to and affirm that you ''are'' truly a power attractor! Once this resonates within you and it feels so good, you are a lean, mean, manifesting machine! There are those that manifest, then there are those that can go beyond manifesting, not only getting what they want, but even more perks and surprises that they did'nt even intend, it's as if they get a constant flow of good things wanted and  unwanted, ALL ''GOOD'' THINGS, wanted and unwanted! A week ago I made the concious decision that not only would I master manifestation skills, but I would become a power manifestor, since that decision, the universal intelligence has conspired to make this happen, and happen it has, with mind blowing results that keep taking me to whole new levels of manifesting. Now fellow readers I want to teach you what is working well for me, if you are new to this practice of conscious creation start with small things first, things that you will not have too much emotional attachment to, that you feel you could aquire fairly simple, but with no effort on your part, this will build your manifesting muscles for even bigger things.  First, you will need a box, any kind will work, I used an empty tissue box, cut out cool law of attraction pictures and quotes printed from the computer, and glued them on the box, or you can paste your desires on the box, now that Christmas is near, you can gift wrap your manifesting box too, whatever your creative mind can come up with, it should be fun. Now cut a small slit into the top to place your wish into, remember, make it believable to you, place your written wish in the box, give gratitude, and forget about it, since you have let go, it must manifest!  As your wishes are fulfilled, your confidence will grow, as will your belief, then go a little bigger, and so forth. Another thing I want to add is you will see ''signs'' of some of your desires coming, cool little syncronicities that push you forward in excitement and anticipation, but most importantly, ''have fun with this!'' that's the whole point! Now the disclaimer, some requests may take longer, others can come faster, it all depends on your attachment to your wish, that is why it is paramount to start small. Anyone can become a power manifestor, it takes patience and practice to master, but you'll know when it's working when suddenly without trying, little mini manifestations pop up all over that you never saw coming nor intended. I leave you with this ever so important knowledge ''WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS LIVING A HUMAN BODY EXPERIENCE! we manifest from spirit through us, when you realize this truth and believe it in every fiber ''of'' bieng, you will be a power manifestor!       NEXT TIME SOON!