Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The best is yet to become

Greetings readers, I'd love to take a sec and thank everyone who has visited this blogsite, I like to call this reality blogging, since I write as I progress in this practice of reality creation, I am hoping that some of the things that I've learned along the way can be used with success to all who visit. Although I'm in the midst of relocation at this time I've realized that no matter how confusing and stressful moving can be, I always have this blog to help me get stuff out and feel good, but to be honest this relocating has been a fairly smooth transition, to have the free time to write and excercise is a blessing, the universe has brought this change in the best way imaginable, although there still will be more preparations and duties to yet handle to finalize a move this big, I am confident that everything will happen in perfect timing, and as long as I'm relaxed and happy about all this, law of attraction will bring the best possible outcomes. As I related in my last posting, we seem to have given ''change'' a bad rap in society, we associate it with stress, discomfort, worry and so forth, and while I understand it can't be easy, it does not have to be hard, when I changed my perception of this move, it became more like an adventure, I still don't know how it's going to pan out, but I did ask for this, and the universe delivered, maybe not the way I had expected, but quite possibly better than I imagined, and it's unfolding in a very awesome way!  Those of us practicing  reality creation take note; you will send your request to the universe, via visualization, positive thoughts, even thinking about it will launch the desire, the creation process is in motion, all that's left is clearing resistance and allowing the desire to manifest into your reality in the perfect timing. As you move closer to fulfillment you will know by the emotions you feel, you are matching up now, signs related to your desire begin to appear telling you it's on track. Here's the tricky part, you may be looking for the desire to manifest, a mistake I've made all to many times, it can actually hold back your desire, just be relaxed and allow it to come on it's own, because the truth is we won't know when, where, or how desires will manifest, once we send out our request our job is over. At some point in time our manifestations are inevitable, sooner or later they ALWAYS come, it is a unwavering universal law, it works every single time, once we understand and grasp this, it makes reality creation so much easier. As I've mentioned before of the old adage, ''do be thoughtful of what you wish for'', almost anything you want to manifest will require some kind of change, we have to accept that, if change of any kind scares us, we'll be doing things the hard way or even worse, blocking the good stuff from coming completely. Once you act on a manifestation from joy and excitement you are setting yourself up to more and more manifestations, and they get easier and quicker, with mini-manifestations sprinkled on for good measure, our confidence soars, as we become masters of our destiny! I believe more than ever, any transition in life can be smooth as long as our perception is focused on the positive, not the negative, recieving desires is part of accepting that there may be drastic change or actions on our part, but it IS rewarding, so ask on, but be ready to move and act quickly... and positively!   Back very soon!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Embrace the change

Greetings fellow co-creators and practicioneers, I want to touch on the subject of allowing change a little more even though I've mentioned it a little in past posts. As of now, there is a big shift occuring in my life, and since I'm a hands-on kind of guy, it's really cool to experience and write about this as it is unfolding. For the past 34 months of doing all the inner work, clearing emotional baggage, and matching up vibrationally, my dominant focus is now feeling good, as this happens, the shifts are beginning to take place, and they come out of nowhere, and they are happening in the LEAST expected ways, so there may be some uncertainty on our part to take action, but it is at this time, we must TRUST and move with faith knowing this is the right direction we are heading, and feel good no matter what!  As we begin to feel and see manifestations happen, we must understand they will not always unfold in the ways that we expect, so sometimes we can mistake these as ''I'm not getting what I want'', or, ''this is'nt the way this is suppose to happen''  but the truth is that it's not our job to figure the how's, where's, or when's, we just have to take it in faith and not disrupt the manifestation process. we may think that the things we want will just show up, and sometimes they will, but other times there will be steps, or people will enter our experience so as to HELP us get what we want, the key here is to just take that first step TRUSTING that everything will unfold in perfect timing, that the universe has got our back!  For myself this shift is now happening, although I had to sacrifice leaving my comfort zone I am confident everything I've asked for is pouring in thick and quick, and even at first being scared and uncertain, I'm now feeling confident and appreciative that my new life is unfolding as if by a much bigger and broader plan. We are conditioned to believe change is hard, is it?, from what I'm experiencing maybe at first, but once we take that leap of faith knowing we're heading towards what we want, it becomes exciting, fun and playful, like an awesome adventure! I'm learning the universe sets things up for us in ways that not only teach us, but also enlighten us, as to how fun manifesting CAN be. Summing it up, experience and enjoy the journey, EMBRACE THAT CHANGE! Until next tine soon!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

True mastery!

Well being all!  This topic is all about the realization that we are more powerful than we could ever imagine, but  how we can harness this power and embrace it fully.  As I've grown and continue to expand I am blown away by the power I've developed with reality creation, I find me saying to myself almost daily''I accept and embrace this awesome power, I know that it's I myself, that creates my reality, this power is truly a gift'', I remember a few years ago, that if someone told me I could harness this power and use it for greatness, I would've feared this power, at that time it would have been easier for me to continue playing the victim role, ''blaming'' instead of ''claiming'' my true power to create the prefered reality. We, as humans tend to fear what we cannot understand, we tend to feel safer powerless instead of powerful,  we're afraid to step into the unknown, not having control or not knowing where it will lead us, in a nutshell, change scares the hell out of us! As scary as it can be, it's limiting thinking, we were put here to have and use this power, being creators is our true purpose, it's by design, we've been conditioned to be followers instead of leaders, when I mention leaders I mean leaders of our destiny, away from the status quo, In past posts I've written about our true power, as much as I wished I could have claimed this power a few years ago, it was always within me, but it had to be developed as a muscle had to be developed in the gym. Mastering my emotions was, and continues to be a practice for me, but now that I've embraced my true power, mastery of this will also occur, shaping and moulding my reality on my own terms, while enjoying the process and looking forward to what unfolds when it unfolds. I think it's kind of funny that this all began with desire, {more stuff} and now it's about a gift that I've always posessed and was afraid to use. As we continue into the new awareness on this planet we will re-claim our true power, and the best days will be ahead, not behind!  Happy creating!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The time is ''NOW''

Hello readers, as always, thank you for dropping in on  these posts, being at the end of the beginning of the journey I've experienced alot of curves along this path, it seems to me when I decided to share my progress, and setbacks {lessons} I knew that I would have to slip and fall every once in awhile. I believe it's necessary when teaching while learning so others can learn as well, it's funny how lessons work!  That said, now the topic at hand, do we live in the past or do we live in the future?  most of us are dwelling on both to some extent, I too, am guilty of this, the what if's and I should'ves that occupy our minds. What if we could constantly live in the present moment, not only in thinking, but  in feeling?, going towards three years into practice I can say I've still yet to master ''being in the now'' but the truth is everything we want exists in the now, not in the future, and definitly not in the past. Life has a way of getting in the way of being in the now, worries about future outcomes won't serve us, as well as regrets of past mistakes either. Being in the now is being in the flow of life, it's allowing all the good stuff to come into our experiences, it's simple really, just by asking ourselves how we feel ''now'', then going from there to reach towards better feelings is a good starting point to practice for being in the now. Our authentic self knows no past or future, it only knows the present, when we're focused on past and future, we are dis-alligning from our true source, whether it be worrying about the past, usually it's regrets that lower our vibration, or worrying about the future, which triggers anxiety, thus, lowering our vibration!  All that matters is now, anything else is counter-productive to mind mastery, if you are feeling good about the future that's okay, but the true power lies in feeling good now,  now really is all we have, all of our wishes and desires need to be in the now, felt in the now, experienced in the now!  I have learned it is paramount to practice being in the now, ''the moment'', ''the zone'', we all know this feeling, we've all experienced it, doing something we love is a prime example, or something we are good at, we are so happy doing it, that's being in the now and that's how we are truly designed, it's every ones purpose in life, everyones!  Society can make it hard to be present and flowing in the now, daily distractions can overwhelm us even in the best circumstances, but with practice, it pays in dividends, and we lead life instead of life leading us. Now ''is'' all we have, let's use it to full advantage, be playful in your moments of ''now'', laugh, smile, ''IT'S ALL GOOD!''          Until next time!