Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are you experiencing?

Greetings and well being fellow readers! Post no. 51 is about a subject I've not covered in past postings, it's odd really, in the middle of the night this subject came to me, inspiration can come and slap me upside the noggin in funny ways. After lying awake and pondering the subject I myself, came to a new realization, and wish to share it with you all. I realize that most of us, for the most part embark on the journey to deliberate creation to improve an area in our lives, whether it be having someone or something, a better job, vibrant health, financial security, finding that soul mate etc. At the very start we will decide what we want and gain clarity on that specific desire, my mistake in the beginning was that when I got clear on my desire, I should have dropped the ''wanting'' right then, hey, wer'e human, we want stuff, and that's okay to a certain extent. Want is a natural thing and it's necessary for creation, but that's it, from that point on, it's what the experience we get FROM what we desire that we want to ''feel'', we think if we want and want, we'll lock in our desire and sooner or later it'll manifest in the physical, but to keep wanting will not bear results, wanting is lacking, we simply attract more want! For some time I would want without even realizing it, no matter how good I was feeling the want still lingered, even after letting go, the thing is I really had'nt  let go, you cannot fake letting go, it almost has to come naturally, and yes, practice is involved to master this. I believe once we ask, it is given, from that point the wanting and yearning should be cast away, but that is easier said than done, the reason for this?, it's hard for us to let go, we're afraid we will not get our desires, so we are always focused on the absence of it. Here's the hard truth, we really don't  ''want'' these things, we want the experience that they give us, we are in these physical bodies to experience, to enjoy, to grow and expand, we really don't know ourselves as much as we think, we think these things will make us happy when we get them, look at it this way ,say it's your birthday, let's say your 10th, all your friends bring gifts, which are the coolest new toys, you even got that new toy that's all the rage, the one that makes your friends green with
envy, party's over, you play with your favorie toy, out of your many toys, with amazement that you have this toy that most of your friends can't have. Fast forward two weeks, a new toy comes out that's all the rage, you have lost interest in the old toy, now you want this new toy, the old toys are off to donation, or just rejected all together. As adults, we have simular traits and the cycle never ends. I'm learning that the journey ''is'' better than the manifestation itself, and I've asked myself sincerely what this thing i want, what would it really bring me?, what experience would i get from it?, the answer would come from how it made me feel, if it felt awesome, it'll manifest, if it felt wierd or bad, time to re-think about what I really desire. Our higher selves tell us, through emotion, what's really right for us, at first when launching a desire we may feel a little or a lot of resistance, we ourselves have to clean up the resistance and allign to the desire, in time you just know that this is truly what you will recieve, in summary, instead of wanting the desire, live ''from'' the desire, feel the essence of your creation before it is made physical, let go of the wanting, it's done, our only job is to allign and allow! So instead of asking yourself what do I want? ask yourself, what experience do I wish to have?.         Happy manifesting!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Harnessing excellence

Well being all, well, we're moving well into 2013 and gearing towards the spring season already, boy does time fly! While a transformation and change is taking place in this creator's world, things can get a little off track, life happens and we can easily forget who we truly are and what we want to accomplish. I sometimes forget how powerful I can be, and things outside of me start to take hold, while it can be overwhelming ,I still maintain my positive optimistic attitude, and I want to explain why this is of utmost importance in conscious creation. In my stage of creation I manifest things constantly, some in minutes after thought, these manifestations come in many forms, vibrational matches pop up daily, even things unrelated, but good manifest into my reality when least expected, yes, mastering manifesting skill has many perks, but there is another side of this coin one must understand, so that it is used in the right way towards what is wanted. For those who are mastering this skill successfully, it can also work against you, bear with me now, this has a happy ending!, as we become more powerful at manifesting, we become just that, and as this happens we must use this power responsibly, because if we hold a negative emotion we can create just as easily as a positive emotion. As we grow spiritually we do become powerful creators, we need to harness this power in the most positive way, as we grow we MUST be aware of our thoughts, if a strong negative energy is forming it must be stopped and replaced with a more stronger positive energy, this is known as pivoting, or replacing the thought to something that feels better, I cannot stress this enough, if we're in this for the long haul, it has to be positive from here on out! Being in any kind of negative emotion is a no, no for one who wishes to master manifestation, with all power, it must be used responsibly, we must make cause and effect work for our greatest good, whatever we want to manifest, it can come easy or hard, it's entirely up to us, ''we are the creators'' of our lives, the universe always obeys, so as the old adage goes, to be careful what we wish for, we must be, stay positive at all times, it is challenging sometimes, but it gets easier. Harnessing excellence will take time and practice, but it truly does get easier I promise!     Back soon!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I AM...that i am

Well being fellow creators!, with wisdom growing, on the last posting I mentioned that on this post I would be covering the phrasing ''I am'' in deliberate creation. At the very beginning of this writer's spiritual journey, I used this phrase, for example, ''I am perfect health, I am wealthy, I am connected to source energy'' and etc. At that time those affirmations were just automatic, although they made me feel good I had no idea just how powerful they were, until I stumbled upon Wayne Dyer's wishes fulfilled that aired on public broadcasting a few months back, since then I've seen it three times, and Wayne Dyer explained it in such a way it clicked for me, since then the power of ''I am'' has been a huge part of my life, I live this phrase!, it's in my everyday vocabulary. All too often, we use words like ''I can't, I don't, I won't, I would'nt or I should'nt'', when we say these things we are depleting our power to create the things we want, it was a hard habit for me to break, but eventually I've trained my mind to use the words ''I am'' in every situation I come across, either good or bad, when I feel out of allignment, I remind myself who I truly am, when I'm already feeling good ''I am'' is even more powerful, it's win ,win folks!  Whatever you are trying to create you should place ''I am'' in front of it, with this statement, you are affirming you have it now, you feel it is already yours, of course like everything in deliberate creation, it takes practice, you will need to say this so often that  you begin to understand and believe it's already yours, because it is, and the more you use ''I am'', the more powerful it becomes
to bring your new reality towards you. I cannot stress this enough, if you are using any of the phrases above that dis-empower, change them ASAP to ''I am'', my latest is ''I am limitless'', but if you are new to this phrase, start with your greatest assets, your talents, blessings or gratitudes, this phrase can go a long way and once it becomes your mantra, it empowers you in ways you could never imagine. I do recommend Wayne Dyer's books, Wishes fulfilled and The power of intention, which will give you a more in depth idea of this very powerful affirmation that puts us in present thinking regarding intention and desire, this is indeed the ultimate mantra for creation! So try it out, it will resonate soon enough, then the external changes will match the ''I am's'', and you'll be unstoppable!     BACK SOON!