Thursday, April 26, 2012

Undoing the damage done

Back again fellow co-creators!  first, thanks a ''MILLION'' for visiting this blog, I hope it is helping some of the readers who are on the path of creation as I am. When I first read the book the secret 48 months ago I was off and running with creating the new life, I thought wow,  I just think what I want, and voila! it's mine, I even managed to manifest a few things within a month or so, before bed at night, I would read a chapter until I felt sleep coming, then would do a short visual smiling then snoozing off. Then came a job, even more, a construction job, soon after, it was all job, no deliberate creation, It was'nt that I could'nt do both, it was just  more focus on the job, it was this job that took the creation process, and pushed it to the side, and guess what, I became stressed and miserable again. Fast forward  20 months later, I watched the secret DVD,  this time it sunk a little deeper, I watched it over and over, it was settled, I was going in for the long haul this time, no more slacking, I was in to win! I took concious action, decided what ''things'' I wanted, half assed compared to what I practice now! A few months passed, nothing, I began questioning what I was doing wrong, I thought this should get easier, instead, it  just got harder, the more I said this, the more discouraged I got, then came frustration, and the negative spiral began. Once again, I was about to toss in the towel,, but something told me to not give up, not this time, no, I'm seeing this through!  Back to the drawing board, I had to see what was blocking me, the answer smacked me upside the head, I had been conditioned most of this life, with limiting beliefs, low self esteem, success came working hard til death, and there was a limit to what I could  be, do, or have. Those were not empowering beliefs at all, as a matter of fact, these were just  plain counter-productive, there was ALOT of mental work to do, all inner, because nothing outside was changing until I cleaned up inside! Before I continue fellow readers, don't let this next sentence discourage, we are all different and unique, I speak from personal experience, this has been the most difficult and painstaking thing I have ever  had to do in this entire life! It has taken me almost 22 months to clear decades of limiting beliefs, and there is still work to be done, but fear not, during this process of  mood swings, ups and downs, getting most of what is not wanted, and sometimes what IS wanted, and bouts of chemicalization, (I will discuss this subject in a later post), it does begin to smooth out. The ego will  want to give up over and over, don't listen to it!
It  does get better,  I'm proof, I manifest miracles at a constant, evedence of what i desire shows up as signs to let me know it's coming fast! When one chooses to persevere, one is rewarded, each level becomes a new breakthrough, and so on, until it is mastered. In the next post, I want to share some of the clearing methods I've used that have given me this awesome transformation in happiness, self love, and powerul creation, don't miss it, until next time soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The ''source'' of creation, part two

Hello again deliberate creators, here's part two of the last post I discussed on the importance of building a strong connection to spirit/source. Before I go further, I want to share something I read a few months ago that did not resonate until last night, and it came like the ah ha! moments we cherish as creators. It goes as follows, ''I am a spiritual being living a human experience'' WOW! what a powerful affirmation, I said it a few more times, I started to feel something here, I kept speaking it more and more, a powerful feeling was sweeping over me, what is it I missed the first time? because it was time, time to allow source to be in control. This is a major breakthrough for a co-creator, if one does not give up, sooner or later, we realize we no longer need to be in control, we ''LET GO'' of the ego! It is not us that manifests, it is source that does it, through our actions I believe, source I'm learning , gets the message to the universe, with our focus on desire with strong intention, and most important powerful emotional feeling, we connect to source, all that is, then source transmits those feelings to the universe. This process most often happens when visualization takes place, when positive thoughts of goals and desires are generated, and vibration is raised, feeding energetic fuel for quicker manifestation! Since we are on a roll, let me go one further, when we visualize, we feel good, this also takes practice of course, but it seems it's the one time we are closest to our spirit/source, and thats do-able, but can we be connected to source, if not most, but all the time? more than possible, it has been doing wonders in manifestation for me, see, we manifest through source, the ego can't do this, it becomes a struggle which most of the time gets little to no results. Through the affirmation I mentioned above, when said as often as possible, it will become real, and  it does two important things, the law of allowing, and letting go, a  ''must''  for successful manifestation! Once source is in the drivers seat, manifestation takes on a whole new level, and oh the signs and miracles that take place! the universe sends these more and more often, for me these come at a constant!, fuelling vibration, showing desire is close to fulfillment, for letting source work on the how. WE ARE SPIRITUAL BIENGS LIVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE, when repeated more than often, a gradual shift occurs, we reclaim our power, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can stop us, we manifest all things with ease, with no concerne of time or how it is delivered, connected to source, we trust and allow, it has no choice but to manifest! I'll be discussing this more in coming posts, as I'm still learning, but so far it has had mind blowing results for this persons creation process, so make it so, connect to source, let it guide one to a flourishing finnish!  we will chat soon.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The ''source'' of creation (part 1)

Hello co-creators and learners alike, finally, after a month, I AM BACK! Wow, what a month, relocating, constant changes, and spiritual growth, not to mention occasional frustration of all the wackiness in between. But alas, a new post, and it talks about what has occurred in this journey I am on, just when I think I have aced another piece in deliberate creation, I find another piece is needed to be put into place, and it’s a big piece! Some of us are familiar with letting go, that is , letting our source figure out the delivery method of the manifestation, I’ve known this for quite some time, but there’s more to this, let me explain, some creators will set an intention, visualize daily, and let go of the how, and go about their day, this is a correct method of course, it is essential in the manifestation process, but I want to go one better, it is as follows….so, we all have a spirit, a guide, I like source myself, even guardian angel, whatever it is to you wish to call it, it’s there always, looking after us, whether we are aware or not, we communicate to source which communicates to the universe, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. One problem that can block this connection is the ego, or even worse is habitual negativity, cutting us off from source, it wants the best for us, source is there to assist us with our goals, but we’re so busy looking for the ‘’stuff’’ we want and wondering where it is, which only pushes it further away, that isn’t letting go I’m afraid. I still was making this mistake, almost two years into practice, it was time for a new approach, and AH HA!, I needed help though, and I got it from the best ‘’source’’ available to mankind, this was a breakthrough like I’ve never seen, and a reality check for me. I wish to discuss this deeper in the next blog and maybe help the readers achieve this breakthrough who may be struggling with the concept of letting go. In part two I want to talk about building a strong connection to source to help miracles manifest plus gain health, wealth, and spiritual well being! Until next time soon!