Saturday, April 23, 2016


As we continue to expand, our minds will increasingly hunger for wisdom on how reality creation really works, the mind will want to get in on the action and even attempt to take full control in the cockpit of creating our reality, that ego swells every time a manifested result occurs and begins to think that it and it alone, is responsible for all the good stuff coming our way. It isn't long though, before the mind is contemplating the next thrill ride to manifest, it's just never satisfied, it continues to want more and more. I've adopted an attitude to appreciate more of what I already have than what I still want and don't yet have, there are days however, when I just want and want but I am human and I forgive myself for this. I believe it's great to have desires, but I also believe it's equally important for us to GIVE ourselves permission to want what we want as well as HAVE what we want, this seems to be a much humbler approach and will not give too much power over to the ego during the manifestation process. Realty creation is a life long process/journey, I don't think our minds will ever be able to wrap themselves around the concepts of conscious creation and although they WILL try, our minds simply weren't designed to understand let alone, comprehend how it all works. The confusion can get overwhelming, almost to the brink of obsession and insanity, seeking answers too soon only bears frustration and even failure eventually, giving up on all things reality creation and living a life of struggle and constant suffering. We have to understand our place in the grand scheme of things and accept that we are not always in control, that is to a certain extent, we are in control of our thoughts and emotions and therefor that determines our reality, how it all unfolds however, isn't up to us and that's a good thing and as hard as it would be to admit to ourselves, we're just not truly ready for a lot of the things we THINK we want, the idea that we think we are ready only comes from the mind and not the broader self. When we are not getting what we want it is only the mind that makes this observation, we are ALWAYS getting what we want, it's just that we are getting everything unaware and so sporadically that we're not taking the time to notice that every wish, every desire is ALWAYS granted, a lot of the things we ask for and receive go under the radar, we are wise in so many areas of our lives, [jobs, spouse, raising kids] and yet when it comes to our own selves, our own needs and desires, and how we create our own realities, we either have no time for it or we are ignorant/unaware of how life truly works, I was that person myself and I'm still not perfect and I don't expect to be. Wisdom isn't about how smart we are, it isn't about attending and graduating from Harvard or Yale universities, wisdom isn't about how long we've worked at a job and how well we are at doing it, wisdom isn't about how hard we've worked all our lives to accumulate a billion dollar industry, wisdom is about life experience, even more so, being a conscious creator embarking on the journey to be the creator of your own reality and gaining more wisdom along the way, isn't that how it's all meant to be?

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