Sunday, March 15, 2015

All we are

Greetings, so long since my last post and many apologies, the Universe has brought so many new experiences and lessons for my growth and a new cluster of inspiration is coming, so much has happened and in the least expected ways, [the Universe is so amazing!] learning, growing, expanding, WOW! I will write posts taking things to a whole new level because in my own experience I've discovered some very cool hidden secrets about how our lives can unfold when we allow the Universe to bring our highest joy! I have reached a whole new level of allowing and it has got a little tricky at times, and in this way of being, surprises come that surpasses anything that we ever thought we ever wanted! Growth is so funny, and in coming posts I want to touch on the subject of our non-physical selves and the role WE play not only in physical manifestation, but in growth as a whole. There is so much going on in our lives and behind the scenes there is a message reaching out to us, that WE are worthy of so much more, and because we exist we are powerful! we deserve everything we desire! please know that because you exist, you deserve the life that you want to live! There is something special for you and the Universe wants you to have it! Please understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that is why you are SO powerful! You are special and you have a unique quality no one else has, you have something to give to this world, we all have! Someday you may discover something about yourself you never knew, until now, anything is possible! It's never too late and who knows, you could change the world! I believe there are the few, not the greedy or corrupt, but the ones who pave the way to a brave new world, the ones who walk the fearless path and lead instead of follow, you are the ones! a whole new level is coming!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


We create our reality, we are one hundred percent responsible for every thought we have, whether negative or positive, every thought sends out an emotional frequency that brings back a vibrational match, like attracts like, this is the Universal law of resonance, that which we focus on dominantly is mirrored back into our physical reality. Like the law of gravity, this Universal law is inescapable, we cannot manipulate it, we cannot hide from it, and like gravity it is always operating 24/7, 365 days a year. This amazing Universal law can give you everything you desire, or give you more of what you less desire, it is your choice, your own free-will, to decide which thoughts and feelings you choose to hold that will determine and ''create'' the reality you desire. Your path is not chosen for you, your life is not pre-destined, there is no fate, you are the painter and your life is the blank canvas. There is no such thing as good or bad, the Universe is neutral and only ''we'' as physical humans give meaning to all circumstances and experiences, we decide how we ''react'' to them and we create more of those circumstances, via law of resonance, by those reactions, positive or negative. To your own Universe, one million dollars and one penny are the same, they both carry the same energy, it is ''us'' who differentiates the value from one to the other by how we feel, [resistance] or limited beliefs. We and only WE give meaning to all things big and small, to the Universe a Ford Fiesta and a Bentley are the same thing, a shanty and a mansion are the same as well, both can equally be attracted, but most believe a mansion is harder to attract according to their conditioned beliefs, but to the Universe one is just as easy as the other, as with everything that already exists, and when you hold a positive thought [desire] it's created in that very moment, it's already yours! You exist, and because of this very fact, you exist to experience your physical world as you choose it to be, and ''because'' you exist you deserve everything this physical world has to offer, that is your purpose, to create and experience and enjoy, not toil, work hard, and live a life of struggle, lack, and limitation. As hard as it can be for most to grasp these truths, they are indeed truths, higher truths, UNIVERSAL truths, and once you understand, adopt, and own these truths the world will be your canvas and you'll be the painter. Forget fate or chosen destiny, ''make'' your destiny and blaze your own path, leave a mark in humanity, build your own legacy, there has never been a better time on planet earth!