Friday, January 23, 2015

What a relief!

It's Friday at last, good morning friends and much appreciation to the followers who view these posts, there is and continues to be very useful stuff here that has worked well for me, and so I wish to pay it forward to you in hopes that it helps you move forward towards your own success. I want to take the opportunity to give a little update on what's happening in the world of all things Douglas, the deliberate creator. As of now more changes are about to occur in my life as I am moving once again, I've been steadily molding my vibration towards my desires for nearly nine months now, taking no physical actions whatsoever, now another chapter is about to unfold, am I nervous?, a little, but that's a part of being human and it's all good. When we want something really bad we must be very clear about it, we may ''think'' we know what will make us happy but when it comes to really feeling the essence of what we want we fall short on clarity, this is because we're thinking more than we are feeling, what we really want must be felt DEEP in our being, over and over until we know beyond belief that it's already ours. I've reached such a place, my work is done with the desire, vibrational matching level, it's no longer in my hands, the how, the when, is now the job of Universal intelligence. When doing my vibrational work these past nine months it's kept me busy mentally, but since I've backed off my mind has been going off in tantrums, over-analyzing everything, wanting to take action, getting restless, worrying, it's as if my mind ''knows'' change is occurring and trying to go into panic mode, this is normal of course. The way to beat this will sound too good to be true but it's so simple, and it could mean the difference between total chaos or complete harmony when big changes are happening, after all we asked for them, so DO be careful what you wish for. At one time when I felt resistance emerge, I would focus on my desires to feel better, but after awhile the ''longing'' would kick in, and longing for our desires will not manifest them, longing implies not having them yet, and law of attraction will bring more of ''not having'' them yet. Here's the key to allowing the good stuff in, relief, yes good old fashioned relief, I know it sounds too simple, but it's all you need to reach for, because when it comes to getting everything you want, what will you feel when you get it?, excitement?, maybe at first, but when the honeymoon ends the excitement wanes, leaving you where?, you guessed it, relieved! When we force ourselves to act on something to avoid an undesirable outcome, we sabotage ourselves, this is because at a subconscious level we are still focused on what we don't want, and with all things L.O.A., we get what we're dominantly focused on, and we may not even be aware of it. We are hard-wired for survival, most of the daily actions we take are to avoid something, an outcome, a certain circumstance or person, yet we wonder why those undesired outcomes are always the same, we are fighting against the very things we want. While it's good to ''match up'' to what we want, we try too hard to do this with our desires only, but in all the other areas in our lives, on a moment to moment basis, we're out of alignment with everything we want because of our hard-wired actions, which speak a different language when it comes to allowing the things we want in ANY given moment. In closing, the Universe already knows what you want, you can get as excited as you want about your desires, but be careful because excitement still indicates a vibrational gap between you and what you want, this can lead to ''longing'' and as I mentioned above it will be difficult to manifest your desire in this manner. If you can reach for the feeling of relief on a regular basis leaving out the desire [the Universe already knows] you've friggin' nailed it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Terrific Tuesday everyone! In the past 57 months, slow and steady growth has won the race for me, looking back at where this all began, [the deepest desire for positive change in my life,] it's easy to understand why my progress has been so slow going, and for a very good reason. It would seem very nice if we could just decide that we wanted to change something we're not happy with in our life, and suddenly it's fixed as fast as we wanted it to be, but unfortunately things don't work that way. We are conditioned and instilled with certain beliefs that go completely against the spiritual concepts of the law of attraction and effortless manifestation, thus inner work and re-conditioning of our thoughts and beliefs are required on a consistent basis. We don't need to have everything figured out, but when we learn about and implement conscious creation to create the life we desire we'll ''think'' that we will know what's best for us, we'll think we're very clear on what it is we really want, but this would be far from the truth. As we are just beginning to understand how these Universal laws operate we may try to manipulate them in our favor, I too did this in the beginning, but the Universe will not deliver something you are not ready for, you must become a vibrational match to what it is you wish to manifest. It is true that the moment you decided what you wanted, it WAS created, your broader self is already ''living'' your desire, therefor you must get up to speed with your already created desire, you must ''catch up'' with it at a vibrational standpoint, you must already have it despite what your physical reality is telling you. I think at the beginning desire is formed from our ego self, more money, that big mansion, that sports car that turns your friends green with envy, you know, stuff! I'm not knocking those things, I'm that person too, but during all of this wanting and desire something else happens, a self discovery if you will, you start to identify with who you really are. This is no accident, our purpose is to seek this truth, even through desire, and although we wish we could just simply get everything we wanted with no strings attached, we would just not be ready for it, these things could not remain in our lives, they would just come and go. Look no further than lottery winners who win mega million dollar jackpots, in most cases they were not ready or capable of handling huge sums of money, they spend and behave in a reckless manner, there is conflict with family members and friends, the initial excitement was good, but a few years down the road they'll tell you that winning 300,000,000 was one of the worst things to ever happen to them, having that kind of money was just too much for them to handle, it tore their friends and families apart. On the other hand there are people who win the lottery and follow their hearts, they'll give a large portion of it towards charity and good causes, pay college tuition for their children or grandchildren, they'll invest wisely for returns, creating a constant flow of wealth going out and coming in, some even remain working in their day jobs, choosing to not live in the ignorance of the sudden windfall of the ''now that I'm rich, I'll fill that empty void and spend, spend, and spend before it's gone'' mentality. These people directed their windfall outward, not inward, true wealth is created from within, because that is where it lies, within, but if it's directed outward it will leave your reality almost as fast as it came. There is no right or wrong, everything is neutral, we as humans give everything a meaning according to our perception and beliefs, once we begin to know the true self, the perception and beliefs change, as well as the reality we create. We'll never get it done, we'll continue to desire more once a desire is fulfilled and so on and so on, until, desire no longer is important because we discover that everything we ever wanted was already within us, not outside of us, and through constant desire we reach a place where we discover our true purpose, and if you haven't figured this whole thing out yet don't sweat it, it's a journey friends, experience and enjoy!


So chances are you've decided you wanted something big, that life changing desire for something better, a career move, buying a new house, attracting a life partner etc. All valid desires and easily achievable, wait a minute you say, easily?, how so?, this post will attempt to go against all conventional thinking, to bring light into the higher truth that anything desired can be accomplished, with less effort than more effort. It is important to understand this higher truth and KNOW it in every fiber of our being, we must OWN it, because WE in our physical bodies and limited minds [no offense and with due respect] believe hard work is necessary to have what we want, that narrow ground level view that sees only one or two ways at most to accomplish a goal. Then there is our non-physical self, that has a mountain top view, of the quickest and easiest path to take towards reaching our goal. I've written past posts similar to this subject on alignment with our non physical selves, but this subject really needs to be ''driven home'' to illustrate it's crucial importance to manifest the life we choose. Who you are now and what you want to be creates the gap, and the gap must be closed, and the moment you decided what you wanted, it was created in the potential, [it already exists] and the wheels are in motion, the only thing you can do now is get out of your own way and allow it to come, or continue to delay the inevitable arrival of the wanted desire. The right choice is to make peace with your desire, but more than likely we will question the process only to delay the allowing of it's manifestation, questions arise such as ''am I doing this right?, what am I doing wrong?, when is it coming and why is it taking so long?, how will it manifest?, am I doing enough?'' questions such as these will only delay the manifestation process, these types of questions create feelings of anxiety [lower vibrations] and trigger more worry regarding your desire, thus delaying it's arrival. The only way our physical self can accomplish anything is through hard work and toil, this is because the ego driven mind has been given control, and it has a very limited perspective on how things really work, for it has been conditioned to ''follow the herd'' of status quo and thinks and believes, as well as behaves, on what society has conditioned it to believe, thus you are the servant of your ego mind and you will live your life in the victim mentality. When a task is turned over to the higher mind [broader self] it is carried through in the least amount of effort, the path of least resistance, this is accomplished through alignment, your only job is to focus in a way that tells your broader self that you KNOW you already HAVE what it is you want, that's it!, sounds too simple right?, if you believe that this is all too good to be true you would be right, because you get what you believe in, this is how law of attraction works, but should you believe that everything you wanted in life could be accomplished with minimal to little effort on your part, that all you would have to do is allow it, you would be right as well and your results would validate this truth. Remember the famous quote?, ''whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right'' nothing is more truer with law of attraction, you get what you believe!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Witching hour

Good Sunday morning viewers, in my darkest times I used to awake at wee hours of the night in worry and panic, always worrying about the work day ahead, how to juggle finances, lying in the still silence focused on all my problems while trying to fall back asleep. Unfortunately this still happens to me as it has become an ingrained pattern for SO many years, and although I still wake up as always around two o'clock in the morning, I've learned to focus on all the things that are going well in my life, soothing myself back to sleep in a very short amount of time. Lying awake at night and losing sleep thinking about your problems is just plain dangerous and here's why, as you go about thinking and worrying about your troubles, [bills, debts, workload, job and health related issues] you are creating more of these things for the day ahead when you wake up, because during the day our energies can get scattered, so our focus isn't too strong on any one given subject, we are simply too distracted in our current reality to manifest anything significant good or bad. When we are kept awake at night worrying about our unwanted circumstances, we are giving them our full focus and energy un-distracted, thus giving them more power and turning them over to our subconscious minds as we drift off to sleep, and the result is a perpetual cycle day after day of the same unwanted circumstances. Lying awake and losing sleep worrying about our lives should not be taken lightly, if it's not checked and course corrected, it can have disastrous results and can grow into chronic worry or worse, panic attacks and night terrors, I've gone through these things myself and my daily life was a mess, and at times a living nightmare! It's natural that these concerns, to a certain degree, can cross our minds during our everyday lives, being employed, paying the bills, doctor visits and health concerns, and that's complicated enough, but at night when we worry about all of these undesirable things we are re-enforcing and re-creating their realities in our physical experience, by of course, the law of attraction! Because I'm still conditioned to wake up in the wee hours, I've used it to my advantage, I'll think soothing thoughts and reach for that feeling of relief, or, I'll focus on my greatest desires until I peacefully doze off, leaving them to the subconscious mind to handle, another thing that's helpful is to just focus on how you want the day ahead to unfold, desired of course. This will take practice, even a small shift of focus will help, losing sleep is unhealthy enough, but coupled with stress and anxiety it's a deal breaker for a worry free life, we could safely assume that lying awake at night and drifting off to sleep in worry is like meditating for something bad to happen. If you are going through this out there, change this as quickly as possible, night time anxieties are very detrimental not only to your well being, but to your overall health as well, this can lead to serious and chronic illness and dis-ease, and should never be ignored or taken lightly. Choosing to suppress your worries and anxieties at night will only compound the issue, it must be faced head-on and dealt with and change of focus is paramount. Our thoughts trigger emotions, but intense thoughts will trigger intense emotions, and over time they gain momentum, when this happens, good or bad, these emotions become instilled beliefs, once this happens our reality will reflect these new instilled beliefs, and what we most feared, or wanted, manifests in physical form. When you lie awake at night, your thoughts and feelings are at their most powerful, this is because there are no ''daily distractions'' scattering your energy, this is why you must be focused on desired outcomes, or even better, gratitude! Your fears are much more powerful at night, don't allow them to consume you only to be waiting to greet you when you wake up, if there was ever a ''best time'' to change your focus for the better, start doing it when you have trouble sleeping, not only will it help you sleep better, the day will greet you with better circumstances. As said always in these posts, YOU create your reality, you decide what you want and allow it, but should you focus constantly on what's going wrong in your life, you will match up with those circumstances because that's where your dominant focus is, you get back what you put out, make sure you're putting out more desirable and good feeling thoughts, sleep WELL my friends.

Friday, January 16, 2015

You are here and all is well

Good Friday all, I'm having my morning rocket fuel [espresso] due to a very active night of lucid dreaming, the lucid dreaming has increased dramatically and it's as if I'm living in two different realities, my waking life and during sleep life, another topic I suppose, but today I want to put some of you at ease if you are unhappy with your current reality. First off, we are always moving in the direction of everything we want, through the contrast [getting what you DON'T want] you decide what you DO want, providing you're not constantly focused on your problems, and as long as you're shifting your energy in a positive direction the Universe will correspond with positive vibrational matches. Making peace with your current reality is a huge challenge, especially when you are wanting to change it, I know all too well about this subject as I've experienced it ten-fold, and now that I've cleared this massive hurdle with reality creation, it's time to pass on some valuable tips to those of you struggling in this area of your lives. It's important to accept that where you are now is where you need to be, as mentioned above, you are headed in the right direction as long as you are not focused on the negative aspects of your current reality. This can indeed be tricky at first, but it is vital to your success that no matter how difficult your life is right now, that you try and find the positive aspects of your current reality as much as possible, an example, food, shelter, hot water, electricity, internet, the basics, and the bigger positive aspects such as family and friends, good health, and if you have them, children, grandchildren, and precious pets, I'm not done yet, sunsets, nature walks, listening to your favorite music, a good glass of wine [or craft beer] partying with good friends, beautiful women, okay, I'll stop, but you get the idea. When you look at these things you'll begin to reach towards feeling this gratitude, and gratitude is the game changer with conscious creation, when you are okay with where you are now, you are allowing positive change, however, if you are constantly focused on your problems you are simply creating more of the same, you cannot move forward, you are stuck in your undesired current reality. Upon first learning about reality creation almost five years ago I thought that I could change things quickly and get all the stuff I wanted, not so simple for me, and I'm sorry to say that if you've lived a majority of your lifetime in lack, limitation, and struggle, you have limiting beliefs to uncover and change, it must all happen inside before it can all happen outside. We all must start somewhere, and deciding to change things is the first crucial step, as well as persistence and perseverance, because your old thinking patterns will try to hold on tight as you release them and this can cause a lot of discomfort as well as emotional side-effects, be not discouraged because in the end it pays off in ways that will leave you in awe of your own personal power. Now the part where this writer inspires you, since accomplishing this transformation I'm constantly focused on where I want to go, and although I can't just ignore my current reality why should I?, since I've made peace with where I am things have improved dramatically, opportunities are presenting themselves and I can pick and choose which ones I prefer, if I pass on a certain opportunity another one will open up, and this is just the beginning! There's more, strong road signs are appearing of coming manifestations as if by magic, [synchronicities] are popping up constantly but with more direct messages than ever, as I become more allowing in my intentions the floodgates are opening and the Universe is delivering in the most unexpected ways. This is all because I've made peace with my THEN current reality, and BIG changes are looming, am I nervous?, a little, we're talking about big change after all, but it's positive change and I'll own it! In closing this topic, I encourage that gratitude is practiced as much as possible because if you can find anything to be grateful for in your life you WILL attract more to be grateful for, OWN IT!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unintended consequences

Happy New Year friends, this is the year of speedier manifestations, along with big changes and higher collective consciousness, indeed we are waking up, and this week's topic is an insightful one to say the least. While we are still in the infancy of 2015, there has already been some unpleasant events, [terror attacks in Paris] and the heightened terror alert here in the states at our major airports, and while I don't watch the news or give too much focus on negative things happening in our world, I feel it's important to bring light to the subject of global terror, the mainstream media, and the destructive impact both can have on consciousness as a whole. Chalk another one up for the mainstream media folks, spreading fear and paranoia like wildfire, I realize we should use caution and beef up security for the safety of our own, but law of attraction is at play here, and we as a consciousness are all connected believe it or not, and one person can have an effect on consciousness, ONE person! If a vast amount of people are sending out energies of fear and paranoia, because of what they're watching on the daily news, that can have a negative impact on consciousness, as a whole! Look no further than 911 in September 2001, the economy took a blow, a senseless war was started, and the repercussions are still being felt to this day, it was a severe blow to our collective consciousness, and because of the mass fear and paranoia, horrible decisions were made as well as the media having a feeding frenzy preying on peoples fears. As we continue to focus, as a consciousness, on the things that scare us, we are attracting more of the same, and yes, terrorism is a very destructive entity in this world and it makes me ask how anyone could do something so horrendous, but as long as we are ''fighting'' something, we are resisting it, a war on terror creates more terror to have a war on, a vicious cycle history continues to repeat. So we ask ourselves how do we fix something like this?, how can we make it go away?, and what can we learn by all of this?, even I cannot answer, it's the world we live in, good and bad reside here, some things are just going to happen that we cannot control. The important thing to keep in mind is that as long as people reside in a perpetual state of fear, these things can persist because law of attraction not only works on the individual level, but on a consciousness whole level as well, history will always repeat itself until we learn, that as long as we are living in fear, there will always be an event that validates it until we wake up. As awful as these things are, [terrorism, super disasters, economic meltdowns] they are simply trying to tell us the old systematic way of problem solving no longer works for consciousness as a whole, the global system is going backwards instead of moving forward, and it is non-compatible with the shift into the higher consciousness, so things are going to get shaken up until the course is made correct. When we ask why all these bad things happen we should look no further than how we are feeling ourselves, is the world a peaceful abundant place, or a living hell where we must all suffer? Since 2012 the human race has been given the opportunity to change as a collective, only to repeat the same mistakes again and again, repeating history and paying for the consequences, as a whole. Like it or not, we are all in this together, we are ALL affected, we choose our reality, we are constantly, by the laws of attraction, creating our world by the energies we are sending out, whether good or bad, we get back what is our dominant focus. Everything is connected in this Universe, if one person is sending out positive energy it affects consciousness, as well as a person sending out negative energy has the opposite effect, this is compounded when a multitude of people send these energies out into consciousness. Almost five years in, I'm still learning and improving, and as my awareness grows I'm having a much broader perspective on how things may work collectively, but even I'm a work in progress and no expert on spiritual principles, but if there was one piece of advice I could give to humanity as a whole, listen to your favorite music, have fun, be healthy, unplug once in awhile, but avoid the news, politics, talk radio, and the mainstream media at any cost!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

No resolve

Happy new year everyone! so, have we made some new year resolutions?, losing weight?, more money or career change?, plans for travelling abroad?, whatever it is, some will follow through and succeed, and unfortunately some will start, but not follow through. It's funny how I hear about people proclaiming that they will make big changes in the new year and begin to implement them, only in a short time later getting side-tracked by their current reality and then making excuses why they couldn't follow through, this is even more evident in the gym, I'll see increasing memberships and attendance in January and February, then by March the usual familiar faces still attend while the newbies have come and gone. New year resolutions work for some, but not by most, resolving to make big changes in life requires more than waiting for a new year to arrive, as a matter of fact it should be stated as a ''new life resolution'' because most people just can't seem to stick to their goals, they either give up or get side-tracked by their hectic and busy lives. Personally, I no longer make resolutions for the new year, I've been improving so much in all areas of my life, and so I don't need them, it seems my so-called resolutions happen naturally, because I've already made them almost five years ago, when I began my journey as a deliberate creator. I've chosen to personally develop at a natural pace, personal growth is not something we can ''force'' upon ourselves, it's something we allow to happen, we just consciously decide what it is we want to change, match that frequency, live our lives experiencing and enjoying, and those changes we want to happen come into our physical experience in perfect timing. Of course if we want to make the physical changes happen, we have to do our part, we have to exercise, eat healthy, and train our minds to work with us instead of against us, and if we are action oriented, aligned to our goals, we'll achieve them, if we are of the non-action approach and we are aligned to our goals, we are allowing them to happen in perfect timing, either way works, there is no wrong way when in alignment. It's 2015, manifesting in the fourth dimension [believing first, then seeing] becomes faster and easier, but most humans are still manifesting from the third dimension [seeing is believing] and will continue to seek ''outside proof'' with a limited perspective thus living a life of lack and struggle. We can make a choice, resolve for another year, or decide that every change we wish to make already exists in the now, simply because all things DO exist in the now, not in the past or future, so what is there to resolve?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy new year Aquarians!

Hello fellow creators, it's 2015, the year of change, prepare yourselves for the new year, this will be a year for the Aquarians to rise and lead, we are innovators and inventors, teachers and mentors, as well as writers and artists, great thinkers and problem solvers! We are Aquarians and this is our time, we are ahead of the pack, there has never been a greater time to be on this earth fellow Aquarians, it is our time, our time to lead, if you are Aquarian, your time is now, you are fortunate, you are blessed, you are a winner, and you are born to lead, this is your time, spread your message, be who you truly are, and bring freedom and wholeness to the world.