Thursday, July 30, 2015

what ABOUT the money?

Greetings! yes, it's that time again, a new post on the subject of money! I've learned a lot about the almighty dollar these past few years and my perspective on money is a whole lot different than that of just five years ago. With all due respect viewers, I'm going to attempt to ''wake up'' some of you on the subject of money, it's place in our modern society, and why we need to put our focus away from it, and focus on abundance instead. The reason why most of the population on this planet struggle with money is because they put way too much value into it, so much so, that the value of money is placed above themselves, and with this mindset comes the never ending pursuit of it, this unfortunately is what the current system wants, it's designed to keep you in survival mode, and as long as you live in survival mode, you'll live in a reality of struggle and lack. I don't have to remind you that as long as you're chasing after something, it will flee from you, and when you place the value of money above yourself, it will always be your master, meaning that you'll do almost ANYTHING to acquire it. Money itself is not a bad thing as so many are led to believe, it's a good thing, it allows expansion, freedom, growth, and even pleasure, what's wrong is our perception regarding money, and a simple shift in our perception of money can get it flowing in our direction without even focusing on it at all, allow me to illustrate...when a person is constantly worried and focused on the lack of money how can they make the time to focus on the abundance of it?, let's put this another way, when you focus on your money troubles you are giving away your power, a power that could be used to focus on things such as your personal development, your talents, your passions/calling, those things that ALLOW money to flow towards you. There are two ways to have money, the easy way and the hard way, there's no in between, and most of the general population has chosen the hard way. Side effects of focusing on lack [of money] are as follows....number one is stress, and I don't have to tell you the health problems associated with this killer, is paper worth that?, another side effect is giving away your power to something external, which makes money your master when in truth it should be YOUR servant, because without us and our gifts, passions, and talents, money is useless, it NEEDS us, not the other way around. Money is a form of exchange, and although it does have it's own energy we're sending out the wrong kind of energy, the ''how's'' and ''why's'' when it comes to acquiring and focusing on the lack of it. You're probably saying to yourself while reading this ''but you need money to survive, put food on the table, have a roof over your head'' and I agree, but look closely at the sentence above, ''need'' is where the problem lies here, most people are focused on what they ''need'' when they could shift their perspective and look instead at ''food on the table, and roof over their head'' and come more from the place of gratitude rather than need. In my own personal experience, focusing on gratitude for the simple things many take for granted, has me ''covered'' in life, I have a roof over my head and food to eat, and I never have to worry about these things, my needs are well met in this department. So what does this allow me to do?, it frees me up to focus on abundance instead of ''need'' and allows the good stuff to keep coming, and it just keeps getting better and I'm not even focused on money, of course those old programs will try to sneak in and ask those nagging questions, but I quell them quickly and shift my focus on relief. To manifest more money you must intend to have more yes, this is true, but what trips people up is that they believe that they must always be ''thinking'' about money, but with this approach they'll eventually begin chasing after it all over again! Once more money is intended the focus needs to be on ''already having'' it, not on ''how'' you're going to get it, and since your focus is on already having it, do you care about it any more?, of course not, you already have it! Once you are living ''from'' already having an abundance of everything, [including money] the Universe has no choice but to match that energy, then your physical reality will begin to reflect that energy, and get up to speed with it if you will. I do not want to sound like a skipping record here, but you are after a feeling, it can be tricky to focus on the money itself because most believe it is a means to an end, but with this approach it's easier to revert back into noticing the lack of it. It is advisable to turn the focus away from the money itself and focus more on abundance instead, also feeling gratitude that your basic needs are met, will open you up for more, live long and prosper!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Good morning viewers, what is your vibrational set point?, what is a vibrational set point?, it is where your current beliefs are held, and your reality is based on those current beliefs. Everyone has a different vibrational set point, no one person is the same, but when you choose to become a conscious creator you must analyze, identify, and become aware of your limiting beliefs to begin changing them. You need look no further than your current reality to see what beliefs you hold, so if you want to make some improvements in your life you will have to adopt new beliefs that resonate with the improved life you desire. This is where the wounded mind will defend it's conditioned, old beliefs and thinking patterns, I'll give an example from my own personal experience, when I would feel as if I was making great shifts in my beliefs, within a short time my subconscious would sabotage my effort by placing me square back into my lower vibrational set point. Another way to put this is the higher my vibrational output was, the more my wounded mind would find a way to bring me back down on a lower vibrational set point [clinging onto limiting beliefs] thus lowering my [energy] vibration. This will grow frustrating time and time again for anyone wanting to change their beliefs, so what's a person to do? The key word here is persistence, because without it most will just give up and fall back into their old habits, thought patterns, and limited beliefs due to repeating frustration. Battling your wounded mind is a futile attempt, especially when it disagrees with the changes for the better you are trying to program into it, it only knows what it's been programmed to before you decided that you wanted a better life. Belief change is something you must ''ease'' into and although we want changes to happen quickly, it just doesn't work that way, each time you try to ''break'' through the ceiling [vibrational set point] your wounded mind will find a way to bring you back down, you can't force your limited beliefs to change, you have to allow them to dissolve on their own, and there may be a lot of ''three steps forward, two steps back'' scenarios, where you make great progress in one area, then something else surfaces that has to be cleaned up. Be not discouraged, remember that persistence thing I mentioned above? Being persistent isn't about forcing a wanted outcome, it's about soothing yourself and finding relief around any subject you have a limiting belief [resistance] about, for example, you want to manifest [allow] a larger stream of income into your life, but every time you focus on a large sum of money you feel uncomfortable about it, thoughts of doubt, fear, and the how's and when's creep in, those are the limited beliefs, so you'll instantly ''judge'' them as a negative thing, acknowledging there's an issue [resisting them] which will only reinforce them even more. When you find a way to sooth yourself when resistance [limited beliefs] surface they will loosen their grip over time and eventually dissolve on their own, what helps me is by holding the energy of the wish fulfilled, and that energy brings a feeling of ''relief'' around any desire I might have and the resistance that sometimes surfaces around it. Eventually the energy of ''already having'' what you want without physically having it will claim victory, so the resistance and limited beliefs will have less and less staying power, meaning your dominant energy will be a ''match'' to your desires so the Universe MUST deliver. A reminder before closing this post, you are after a feeling not a thing, what you may learn is that holding the feeling of the desire already fulfilled will become better than the physical manifestation itself, this is because the journey to manifestation will feel better than the manifestation itself, and because the physical manifestation will eventually occur, the fun is over, so you'll move on to something else to chase after energetically, but then again, that's what we're here for, to enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Friday, July 24, 2015


The road to becoming a deliberate creator is a process, there are no shortcuts, looking back I can see why things haven't changed as fast as I'd wanted and make no mistake that had they, I wouldn't have been ready for them. Personally speaking, I'm beginning to connect the dots as I look back five years ago when I first made that conscious decision to allow change for the better, here's a little rundown of my history in these past five years of transformation....I launched what was then three BIG desires, held on to the initial excitement as the Universe responded with vibrational matches [these 3 desires were then created in the potential] but as my excitement grew so did my resistance, as well as my limited beliefs; which began to surface, thus the REAL work began, alignment! This period was difficult for me as there were many limited core beliefs to dissolve and the process was very uncomfortable, as it lasted a few years. Then came the process of detachment and letting go which was a challenge because there were still some limited beliefs lingering. [negative momentum] The stage of learning to detach and let go has taken several months as there was still some residual negative beliefs to yet dissolve, but at this phase I had to learn to stop resisting them as to allow them to dissolve much easier. This brought me into the next stage, the practice of allowing, this was challenging even more because I had to make peace with everything that wasn't going my way [current reality] as well as people and circumstances. Another challenge with the practice of allowing was when negative thinking would surface I would have to allow [feel] those thoughts fully so that they could dissolve on their own, with acceptance [non-judgment] if you will. The next stage was dissolving the wounded mind's influence, very challenging this was and still to this day, getting the mind on board with your intentions will take time, all intentions and desires must be moved out of the mind and into the solar plexus [heart, inner being, link to super consciousness] so clarity can be achieved. Each time I reached and completed another stage a shift would occur, there may be many stages and shifts required to reach the physical manifestation, as I'm learning this myself. Next is taking everything outward and turning it inward, I am at this stage now, and believe it or not this is easier than all of the other stages and shifts I've gone through since I began five years ago, so this DOES get easier. This is the stage of allowing your desires to manifest into your physical reality, but here's the catch on this one, since 2010 I've always looked for and seen ''outside'' evidence of my coming manifestations [signs, synchronicities] and would rely heavily on those messages from the Universe to make me feel better, but since I've turned inward I can no longer ''look'' for outside evidence anymore, I must have full TRUST that manifestation will take place by the FEELING alone, not the external circumstances. This to me seems to be the ''calm'' period, nothing happening, that non-movement feeling I am not at all used to, so it's easy to get discouraged but this is where faith plays a major role in realizing your intention. If anyone who is reading this post is in this stage let me reassure you that when nothing ''seems'' to be happening, it's actually when it DOES happen, to illustrate this I'll use a tsunami as an example, [but in a good way] before a tsunami occurs the water on the beach recedes [pulls back] and there is a period of calmness, shortly after however, the tsunami wave comes crashing in,[the physical manifestations] or, the calm before the storm analogy would be another example. It is at this stage that physical manifestations feel ordinary [no big deal] but at the same time an anticipation occurs [positive expectation] and the funny thing is that the physical manifestation isn't the best part, getting there is, because after the physical manifestation is realized you'll just want to manifest something else and not just for the ''thing'' itself, but for the ''experience'' of getting there, that thrill of the chasing of manifestations. Remember that we want the ''stuff'' but higher self wants the ''experience'' of getting that stuff, so you're not really after the stuff, you're after the FEELING, co-creation 101 folks!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Top of this morning everyone, about a month ago I was contemplating on the broader picture of what I want to be, do, and have in my life, after careful reflection no answer came, and so I accepted the conclusion that I just haven't figured it all out yet, and I'm okay with that. While I have a basic idea of the ''direction'' I want to go, trying to figure it all out won't serve me, that would mean taking life much too seriously and conscious creation isn't about that at all, it's more about having fun and enjoying the journey [and contrast] and allowing things [desires] to unfold. After five years of shifting my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, I would think that I'd be open to finding all of the answers, but this is a journey I'll never complete and that's a good thing, I'm not perfect and I should never strive to be because I don't have to be, I cannot learn and grow this way, as aiming for perfection would be a grand delusion. One of the strongest essences of all my desires is that of freedom and relief, those are my dominant feelings as well as my focus, and my physical reality is mirroring back this dominant energy, and during this alignment a more clear and concise answer is beginning to surface, as the answer is right in front of me. I've struggled and worked very hard in most of my adult life and achieved so little, so I know that isn't working anymore, I'm 51 years young so what is it I want out of life?, look no further than the title of this post. Now, an average hard working person would say ''yeah, right!'' and that retiring this early is a pipe dream, but what they'd fail to realize is that I'm a deliberate creator and I create my reality, enough said. What I want I get, and in some recent cases better than I imagined, and why would I want to figure everything out?, what's the fun in that?, and since I'm far from interested in working for other people the next logical step is to retire. Does this mean winning the lottery jackpot and doing nothing for the rest of my life?, many would jump at such an opportunity because that's what everyone dreams about, but there is a lot of delusion behind that kind of thinking. [limiting belief] Instead of a delusional mindset of never having to do anything, I would rather be active, here are some of the ideas I have about post retirement [hobbies, investing in business, writing/blogging, fitness/exercise, travel/adventure, cutting loose/parties, and above all conscious creation] notice I haven't mentioned money, because most believe money is the main requirement to a secure retirement, true?, yes, from the perspective of the status quo, but not from the perspective of a deliberate creator, remember the saying [do what you love and the money will follow?] That's what happens when we decide to shake things up and move against the grain, we no longer follow the herd of status quo and the limited thinking of society. So far my reality is shaping up and aligning with my thoughts and emotions, at this present time I do ONLY what makes me feel good, I am very well taken care of and it's only getting better, I am not writing this post in terms of ''bragging'' at all, I am simply writing with the most honest, sincere, and whole TRUTH, with hopes of leading by example here, that we ALL have the ability to create the reality we choose, it's that simple! We don't need to have everything figured out all at once, if we did the unfolding would probably be mundane and boring, we'll switch things up, change our minds [desires] tweak some issues, what we want today may not be what we want next month, next year, or even five years from now. One thing is for certain, reaching for and finding the essence of our desires will help us gain much more clarity, after all we're after a feeling, not the material stuff, and even though we'll manifest a lot of material things, we'll eventually become bored with it. What happens next is we'll begin to dig deeper into the essence of what we truly desire, freedom, joy, self expression, and success, EXPANSION!, which will paint the broader picture.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Good evening fellow creators, before I begin tonight's topic, I want to come clean on one thing, I've been practicing conscious creation consistently now for 5 years, and the progress I've made has been astounding!, my physical reality is beginning to catch up with my intended reality, manifestations are pouring in and I've never felt such a sense of relief and well being in my entire life, wait for it...wait for it.... but I'm no expert on the law of attraction! You read right, I'm not an expert with the law of attraction and I'll never be, this is a natural law, as is the law of gravity, which I'm no expert with either. You see, we can't become an expert on something that's infinite, omnipotent, and perfectly orchestrated, because we are only human [I mean this in a good way] We don't ''use'' the law of attraction whenever we decide we want to manifest something, we're using it all of the time, every second law of attraction is responding to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, it's always operating 24/7, it's inescapable! We leverage this law with the greatest of ease due to the fact that we are ALL deliberate creators, it's just that most of us are good at creating what we DON'T want by default, while some of us can create what we DO want deliberately. I don't care who you are, where you came from, or what your past is, you are always creating your reality via law of attraction, you're creating by what you are thinking, feeling, and believing, and you are doing this 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no exception! While this may seem blunt at first glance it's important to understand that we, and only we, are one hundred percent responsible for our own physical reality, what we are thinking we are becoming, what we are believing we are receiving. The Universe operates with zero effort, if you launch an intention and believe with every fiber of your being that you can have it, you can have it with no effort required on your part, it will manifest in your physical reality, if you constantly complain and believe that things won't get any better with every fiber of your being, you can have more of the same with no effort required on your part, and more matching circumstances will manifest in your physical reality. It doesn't take rocket science to understand this Universal law, but it does take practice, patience, persistence, and perseverance to leverage it in your favor. It's funny that some people pay other people to learn how to ''use'' the law of attraction so they can manifest their desires, they buy books and audio's, they try different kinds of techniques and methods [quite expensive in some cases] hoping there is a ''quick fix'' to getting them from where they are to where they want to be. There are no shortcuts in personal development, effort is required but not the kind of effort we are so conditioned to believe, the effort is going inward and reprogramming yourself for success, not outward where everyday struggle is the norm. This blog site is one of many out there on the subject of conscious creation, some bloggers get paid for sharing information and knowledge about the law of attraction, [nothing wrong with that] but that's not me, my blog site is all about my own personal journey and development, and I share it with you in hopes that you too can gain something from what I've learned, and use it to live the life you dream of. I don't write these articles for financial gain, in the four years I've blogged here, it has not been my intention to ''get paid to blog'' instead I enjoy sharing this journey with all of you and hopefully change some lives in the process. I don't believe we become experts on this Universal law, we just become awakened to the fact that we are more powerful than we thought, and it's a very personal journey for each and every one of us that we must learn individually, and nobody should have to ''pay'' for it, I haven't and I've become very successful at this, but there is no ''one size fits all'' with conscious creation. Allow me to close with a comforting assurance, you can create any reality you choose, you can have anything you want, and the Universe will bring it to you with zero effort, I know this because I'm experiencing it first hand! In future posts I'm going to share all my successes in hopes that they help you get inspired and accomplish your dreams, so please stay viewed.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Monday again?, yeah I know some of you don't relish the thought of doing it all over again [the grind] week after week, I hated going back into a new work week, you see, during my working hard in construction days, I LIVED for the weekends, and they were always amazing, it was all about cutting loose and having fun and I was good at it, then, when Monday would return oh the contrast! Even back then, from around 2001 to 2006 I always knew life just had to be better, why was it that I could live like a king on the weekends, and always end up a wage slave a majority of my waking life? something's got to change, and change it has, but not without tossing away everything I thought I knew, and in the past five years it hasn't been easy, I'm not going to lie about this, changing your thinking and beliefs will shake your world up big time. Before becoming a conscious creator I used to take everything in my life very seriously, especially my job, this created a lot of discord and contrast because I was living two different lives, my ''live for the weekend'' carefree lifestyle of having fun and overspending, and my ''hamster on the wheel'' work life trying to keep up with my responsibilities. At times I would just get so overwhelmed that I'd have frequent meltdowns or self medicate with over drinking and over eating, my stress levels were through the roof, and this was in my 40's! During these past five years of my life's complete overhaul with law of attraction, when I'd discovered that I DID create my reality and began taking responsibility for it, just like my past job I began to take all this law of attraction stuff seriously, I was serious about changing my life for the better and I would do whatever it took. As of now I've learned the hard way that taking life in general seriously is a very futile approach, we are not supposed to approach life this way, it creates way too much dis-harmony, chaos, and suffering. We are here in these physical bodies to experience the contrast and create the life we choose, and if we take this too serious we're doing it all wrong, as hard as it is for most to believe, it really is as simple as relaxing and enjoying the journey and there's that added bonus, YOU get to create whatever you want to experience in your reality! When you begin to learn and understand that you can create your reality, at first glance you'll tend to take all of this law of attraction stuff seriously, I did at the beginning myself, but as the years passed and I let go of my limited beliefs I've began to loosen up a lot, this stuff isn't so hard anymore, as a matter of fact it just gets easier and easier. When you become fully aligned with Source Energy on a consistent basis you'll begin to view conscious creation in a more childlike/playful manner, through the [vibration/energy] of Source, and at this stage effortless creation is born. Manifesting your desires will become like a game you play and physical reality will be your playground, through the contrast you'll continue to launch ''new'' desires, the only difference is you won't be creating by default, you'll be creating deliberately so you would be living in a ''preferred'' reality. Our higher selves don't view the physical reality as we do, if we feel rotten because of certain circumstances we are not happy with, we disconnect ourselves from higher self, when we are inspired and always seeking experiences that make us feel good we are connected to higher self, our physical part wants things, our higher self wants ''experiences'' and constant alignment brings the best of both. You can now see the importance of aligning to your authentic self, because that's how you manifest your desires, and with constant alignment things that used to seem big to you, [houses, cars, wealth] become smaller and smaller in comparison to your own well being, which becomes the top priority, and you'll STILL get all that good stuff. Create the life of your choosing, just don't take it all too seriously, relax, have fun, and from the words of the higher self, lighten up!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


When mastering the ability to create your preferred reality using your thoughts deliberately, one of the biggest requirements is the practice of letting go, and the list is long, letting go of negative thinking/momentum, letting go of those [people] who sap/drain your energy, letting go of the mind's influence/control/rational thinking, letting go of the need to control outcomes, you get the idea. When you've succeeded with all of the above, it would seem as if you were ripe to allow the things you want to experience in your physical reality, but to really fine tune your energy to allow the manifestation of your desire, in a much smoother fashion, it will require letting go of one last thing, expectation! But wait, isn't expectation a requirement in the law of attraction?, it is and it isn't, depending on the individual, to explain this further expectation can come in two different forms of energy, the following being an example....''I'm expecting my desire to manifest'' but the energy this person is sending out is that of not having their desire yet, it can't manifest this way. Another example....''I KNOW my desire is manifesting'' this person is coming from a place of positive expectation, detached from a certain outcome, they are in a more relaxed awareness, trusting that their desire is already handled, which it is. From personal experience I've learned about expectation and the important role it plays with law of attraction, it can really mess with your energy because the rational mind will almost always get involved, questions will arise about the when's and how's regarding manifestation, bringing up resistance, even when one is feeling generally good/positive. The truth is that the rational mind is not a part of the manifesting component here, the heart is, and there must be a balanced harmony between the two to ''allow'' manifestation, as the rational mind will try to ''make'' it happen through forced efforts. Another problem with expectation is a person could expect a ''certain'' outcome, again using their rational mind they see one or two scenarios of how they think a desire will manifest, as mentioned above the mind cannot allow a desire to manifest this way, the very idea of seeing things from the perspective of the rationalizing mind is beyond counter-productive, while Universal intelligence sees INFINITE routes to manifestation. When I mention manifesting from the heart I'm referring to the spirit [master within, inner being, higher self, Universal intelligence] whatever you want to call it, but to reach this level of clarity you would be much better off releasing all expectation so there is less involvement with the rational mind. Does this mean you won't get what you want?, not at all, higher self is ''already'' experiencing your desire from the non-physical, you'll just need to get up to speed with it energy-wise, to match up if you will, and having no expectation will only enhance this energy, allowing a smoother manifestation and in some cases, above and beyond what you may HAVE expected, why?, because you had no attachment to an outcome, you trusted and allowed the Universe to manifest your desire un-impeded. Many law of attraction experts will claim that expectation is a very necessary component to allow your desires to manifest, but in the examples I've mentioned above this can vary from individual to individual, and while having positive expectation is helpful in the manifestation process, it can be tricky keeping the rational mind out of the equation, as it will try to cling on to ''certain'' outcomes despite our best efforts. I'm learning that letting go of ALL expectations gives the Universe more breathing space, allowing my own intentions to manifest in a much smoother fashion.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Thank you all for visiting this blog site, I truly hope you are getting inspired to create your own desired realities, as it is the purpose of these articles, encouraging everyone that's reading them, to break free from lack and limitation. Moving forward to today's topic, in today's society everyone is driven by action, we still predominately believe we must ''work'' to get the things we want, or even need, at this very time in earth's history only a few are able to use their mind and emotions [strict focus] and draw everything they want into their physical reality. Things are changing, a great shift is taking place where more and more humans will awaken to the new truth, that hard work and toil will no longer bear fruitful results, look no further than today's current job market where most households are working two to three jobs and barely making ends meet. As many who have followed my posts know, I left the labor work force almost five years ago now, deciding to pursue much bigger goals and aspirations, it has not been easy going against the grain of the status quo, the pressure to cave and just go back into the workforce was immense, survival mode would try and take over but I remained stubborn and steadfast, realizing that if I allowed myself to backslide, I would go back into a life of struggle and lack, unacceptable! I've grown a lot during these tough times [long term unemployment] but the very fact that I would allow ANYONE to determine what I'm worth [pay salary] makes me sick to my stomach, I love and value myself too much to give myself so little when I can have so much, getting a regular job is NOT an option. A few years of unemployment will give someone time to reflect and re-evaluate their beliefs, but most will likely re-enter the job market out of fear [a need to survive] while being out of the workforce close to five years?, well there's just no going back. What we get in life [reality] is based on where our dominant focus is, no way around this, it's the law of physics, as you think you become, so why are so many people ''trapped'' in jobs they are miserable in?, because that's ''where'' they are most of the time, so where is their focus?, on that miserable job, and by law of attraction, they are stuck where they are dominantly focused. [better to love your job] This will sound crazy at first glance but here goes....being unemployed for nearly five years has been the greatest [and toughest] thing to happen in my life, why?, because I've allowed myself to focus on things much, much bigger, a more broader discovery and picture, I'm beginning to unlock my real preferences, my true potential, hearts desires, passions, and in no way could this all be possible ''working for the man'' and settling for less, and just barely surviving like most are doing in this global economy. You might be asking ''so what action are you taking?'' and my response would be none, on a physical level, the action I'm taking is strictly mental and emotional, not wishful thinking mind you, but ''knowing'' thinking, leveraging the Universal laws and allowing my chosen reality to manifest. We can leverage the Universal laws by taking physical action if that helps us align with our desires [most will use this approach] but we can also leverage these laws with mental/emotional focus alone, either way we're doing our part, you see, mental focus IS taking action, and it also requires discipline just as taking physical action does. There is the old belief that to ask for and receive something [from the Universe] we must meet it half way, do OUR part so to speak, this is true, but times are changing and the old way of forced physical efforts are leaving the building, entering are the effortless ideas/beliefs of reality creation, where only focused energy and matched vibrations are needed to create the desired reality. As of now, in these times, most of humanity are still conditioned to believe that hard work and struggle will keep them afloat, ninety nine percent of humanity lives in survival mode, as the one percent continues to accumulate more and more wealth, greed or not, there are no victims here, only choices, if you want endless wealth and abundance you must think as the one percent does,[without the greed] or choose to join the ninety nine percent which unfortunately are more and more getting left behind. Let go of limiting beliefs, let go of the victim mentality, reprogram the subconscious mind for success and abundance, then return to focus with added clarity, making that focus [desired reality] your DOMINANT focus, allowing your physical reality to mirror back that dominant focus, thus creating your desired reality, do your part!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


I've had a lot of limited beliefs to uncover and change over the past five years, those involved were ''core'' beliefs that had many layers to work through, it hasn't been easy and it's been slow going at best, and with a majority of them uncovered, dissolved, and changed, there seemed a period of relief and newfound confidence, was I finally out of the woods? These past few weeks have not been without turmoil, what with the intense heat leaving me confined inside most of the time, and a very recent bout with a bacterial infection that left me bed ridden for two days with feverish sweats, intense muscle aches, and sleepless nights. This has given me much unwanted time for some serious reflection, what the hell was going on here? The downward spiral followed, but not without me digging deep inside and questioning everything, after all, I've been on a predominantly positive ride for quite some time, so what's with the ''all hell is breaking loose?'' I've written a few posts about the detoxing stage when releasing limited beliefs and how uncomfortable the process can be [that's an understatement!] but I've discovered a ''hidden'' core belief that woke me up like a giant ''bitch slap'' and it went way back and ran real deep. Where it came from really doesn't matter [although I have an idea] but discovering it was a game changer, which will allow me to reclaim my personal power at a whole new level. These hidden core beliefs are something most of us share unfortunately, and they are very detrimental to our own personal power, here are some examples, [we are all at the mercy of a higher power, our fate is decided for us, our destiny has already been written, we are supposed to suffer, It is/isn't ''meant'' to be, the [higher power] doesn't want me to have what I want [desire] because it's morally wrong] Think about it, aren't we giving away our own power to an external force ''somebody'' else told us about, or told us to believe in?, is it really true that we are all at the mercy of a higher power that judges and punishes us for ''missing the mark'' in life?, that we should ''live'' in fear of?, all my life I've bought into and believed this Sunday school fiasco in the back of my limited mind, but not anymore. This is awakening 101 readers, and just SOME of the stuff we'll ''unbury'' during our journey, so, so, many lies, and at half of a century old, I wish I'd uncovered the lies sooner. Better late than never, and now that this recent realization [hidden belief] has surfaced, it'll serve me no more, reclaiming even more personal power I could surely use, and to my benefit of course. Some may view this post a bit controversial, and I understand, but I am not a religious person, I take no interest in it personally, to me it's all about controlling the masses, but we are actually the ones who are in control, we are co-creators, we are not at the mercy of a higher power, we ARE the higher power [our broader selves] and we are not at the mercy of circumstances [control of others] we MAKE our own circumstances, behold where true power lies!

A detached, relaxed awareness pt. 2

Good evening from the nation's hotspot Phoenix Arizona! I actually wanted to get this post [part 2] out sooner, but an unexpected bout of bacterial infection struck last Monday that left me disabled for a couple of days, this was due to spending too much time in a friends swimming pool 4th of July weekend that was not treated correctly, and for a couple of nights the going got rough, the illness is resolving itself thankfully. That aside, let's manifest some desires! how's that going by the way? yes, it can seem like big desires are a long way off, but we just can't possibly know how they'll manifest as the ''mind'' will rationalize over and over the how's and when's and the results are futile at best. In order to ''allow'' our desires to manifest we must put our mind out of the equation because it simply interferes with the manifesting process, another way to put it is to make peace with [the mind] and ignore it's tantrums, because as long as you react to your own mind you're giving away your own power, manifesting desires come from the heart, not the mind, it only begins with the mind but that's where it ends, the mind will also want to figure everything out, as it is conditioned to do so, but it has a very limited perspective on how things can manifest. The broader self has infinite ways to bring about a manifestation, this is where detachment comes in, we must detach from the outcome, the how and when of the manifestation, we must trust that broader self knows the easiest and best way. Let go, this is crucial, we must let go of limited beliefs, grudges, judgments of self and others, let go of those [people in your life] that don't support your goals and drain your energy [this is important] let go of emotional addictions such as negative thinking, telling the same ''old'' stories and clinging to past fears and real important!, let go of the fear of change. ALLOW, allow your desires to manifest in their perfect timing, this is where trust is a must! you are no longer in control of the manifestation process, your only job is to dominantly feel good as often as possible, and if you've detached and let go properly, and are not influenced by the mind's drama and pulled in, you will remain in a relaxed/joyful state, as your desire will begin to have a more natural/ordinary feel to it, you'll view it as the next logical step, which allows it to manifest in a smoother manner.