Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Useless fear

Good evening readers, good to be back writing another post, taking in a breather these past few weeks I've noticed my awareness has been working overtime, without effort on my part, I've been playing the role of the observer, taking in information like a memory chip, when we awaken, and as our awareness grows, it can come back and bite us, as with growing awareness grows knowledge, and, when the mind and heart is connected to consciousness as a whole, we can feel consciousness, we can feel the world, as it is feeling. One would think that when we become whole with consciousness or one with it, it's a good thing right?, I mean we develop a sensitivity to others vibration, if we're happy, then we meet with a friend who's down in the dumps guess what, we will not want to spend too much time with them, as they will bring us down too. As everything is connected, as all living things are, it all has a vibration, I mean, notice how good we feel in nature?, why is that?, because nature vibrates in harmony, walking in the woods, we are in touch with nature, that's why we love nature, well, most of us that is. For the past few weeks I've been having some down days, out of nowhere, I couldn't figure out the cause of my sinking vibration, then my awareness kicked in and then came this fearful thinking, I began to put my personal viewpoints out towards the world, [big mistake] and what came back to me, via law of attraction, was people and circumstances in a world of fear and paranoia, I had matched up in the fear consciousness that so many on this planet are living and it was beyond overwhelming! It threw me into a brief ''dark night'' that almost consumed me. While it is this writer's belief that there is more than plenty of love to go around in this world, the majority of this planet's consciousness seems to be that of fear, I have become so aware of this, it's all around me, most people's everyday lives revolve around fear, everybody is afraid in these times, and then there is the fear propaganda that's being fed to the masses through the media, as well as our so-called fearless leaders, who also make laws based out of fear, a dangerous perpetual cycle that's creating more fear, the world is running on fear and it needs to wake up! It is this four letter word that has destroyed civilizations of the past, and now that we've crossed into higher consciousness, we need to let go of fear and all of it's counterparts, or face things we've never faced before, because as long as fear runs the game, humanity fails, and that's not painting a gloom and doom picture, it's an opportunity, the shift has occurred and continues to occur, but we won't get too many chances to rectify this, warning after warning will come, as a test that we must pass, that we heal this sickness of the collective consciousness, and step into the brave new world. As I've felt the bliss and joy of life, I've also felt the fear of collective consciousness, I will be more careful of this, for I've learned just how sensitive we become as we enter into higher consciousness. It is my hope that more awaken to the higher truth that fear is the destroyer of worlds, individually, and in consciousness as a whole, this is it readers, the tipping scale, the time to choose, faith or fear! More on this subject to come.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The cosmic connection

Greetings readers, on a terrific Tuesday morning! I'm enjoying the aftermath of my 50th birthday and it seems another shift has occured during transformation, it's funny how this coincides with turning 50 this past weekend, almost making me realize the timing of things and the reasons for them happening. A week or so before turning 50 I wanted to throw a party, I felt turning 50 would be an exciting time in life, so much so that I compared it to my turning 21 back in '85, it would be a monu[mental] step in my life, but lo and behold this party I had been planning was'nt coming together as I'd hoped, as I found myself getting worried how this would come together I realized that I was doing all of this wrong, all the worrying and planning was'nt getting any results, and so I turned it over to the Universal intelligence, and decided to do nothing. What actually happened instead was unexpected, different than I had planned, but in the end I still got what I wanted, just in a more surprising way. That's how this works, I just let go of the reins and let the Universe figure everything out, once I put all of my trust into this, it unfolded nicely, and all I had to do was NOTHING! Three days later I still reside in appreciation, and my connection to source energy has grown even stronger, plus my confidence in my own power to create with no effort on my part. This is true creation!, intending, getting out of the way, and allowing it to arrive in it's own time, and most of the time in a surprising manner. As we progress towards awakening it will be natural that we build a strong connection to the cosmos, we begin to realize our true potential, we become co-creators with Universal consciousness as we set intentions and release them, then they are delivered in the perfect timing. Self mastery is a skill that must be practiced consistently, we must ''live'' co-creation, we must implement it in every aspect of our lives, it is a commitment, a commitment to being the master's of our world! The birthday was just one last reminder that it was time for me, once and for all, to completely relenquish all control and have more trust in source energy than ever before, the lesson was simple, we ''always'' get what we want, it's just that it can come in more ways than our limited minds can wrap themselves around them, but partnered with Universal intellegence, we co-create as we are designed to do, we live and become our true purpose, passions and desires. Once we've built the strongest connection to source, the world is literally ours!, this is why I want to become a conscious creator, this is, and feels like my true purpose in life, as it is yours readers, wealth, health, and happiness are all a part of this purpose, who would'nt want this? Back soon!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Remember when you went to the theater back in the day and you would see this anouncement before your motion picture began?, life's unfolding also works this way, especially in conscious creation. I've written posts on the subject of signs of land [manifestation, that word again!] but this time it's just a reminder and for those of you dropping in for the first time, it's good news if you've launched intentions. As you have launched your rockets of intention be it more financial freedom, a new house, car, perfect health, at first you feel the rush, psyched about your new life and the coming of these things, and things seem to be moving and you ride the wave of bliss. Then, as time passes you begin to look for the stuff you thought was on it's way, the high's wearing off, where's the stuff?, your belief begins to wane, you start doubting, and questioning if your doing this right, I went through this myself! This doubt indicates that you need to work on your beliefs, once you've come to the place of total belief that your desires are met then you'll enter into trust, but it goes beyond this, you must trust in the unseen. Having trust in something you cannot see may take time, but you can't see electricity, yet you trust that when you flip the switch the light goes on right? I believe that once we reach a level of trust in universal law, and ''know'' it's done, then the ''signs of land'' begin to appear, this happens to me daily, I have full unwavering support from the Universe, I have put all of my trust into knowing that everything is ''handled'' and will unfold at the right time. Of course I'm human and do get a little eager and impatient, but the cooperative components are constantly sending me messages to relax and just allow, it's on the way, to feel good now. So what are you intending? if you believe more money can flow into your life, you'll begin to see more things related to money enter your experience, a tv commercial showing stacks of money, finding coins on the sidewalk frequently, images of cash everywhere you turn, that's a message that it's coming, how about that new car?, you'll notice that car everywhere, you'll see commercials about it, the more you believe it's yours it starts seeking you, it keeps showing up in your daily experience. How about a dream vacation or a visit to a beautiful state?, suddenly, you see liscense plates of that state, billboards, tv commercials, pay close attention, the universe is telling you to keep believing, it's assisting you in fulfilling your wish, it wants to give it to you more than you want it yourself! The more you trust that the Universe is working on your behalf, the evidence grows stronger, so much that that very thing you want will be seeking ''YOU'', not the other way around. This is a friendly universe, remember this because it's very important to understand how this law works, if you think the Universe is out to get you, well, good luck with that! I think the greatest gift I have now is my connection with source, everything else is by-product, developing this connection has changed my life dramatically, trusting in something I can't see but can feel, and feeling is what this is all about, in a world of ''I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!'' to my world of ''I BELIEVE IT, NOW I'LL SEE IT!'' and I see it everyday, how could I not believe? When you reach a place when you believe more and more you'll begin to trust, with both belief and trust comes ''knowing'', at this point movement and momentum is occuring, your wish is in the process of fulfillment, it is seeking you now and you need not do anything but allow it to unfold, this is where the magic and miracles begin, better than the manifestation itself! In closing observe this anology for a minute, when you expect something to go wrong what happens?, well since you believe it will it usually does, but turn it around and believe something will go right or better, it's a good place to start! Thanks for visiting, more to come!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perception ''IS'' reality

So true this is, as deliberate creation is practiced these three words should ring ''higher truth'' to them. Hello everyone, every second we are creating our reality, every second!, beginning with thought and then emotion which follows, our point of attraction, be it positive or negative, our emotions are our guidance system. What we think and feel today is what we will get tomorrow, we are creating our future every second, every minute, of every day, by how we think and react, it seems like so much work monitoring our thinking and feelings does it not?, and then there are the issues of how we interact and react that also play a major role here, it can at times be overwhelming, as it will be! Practice, practice, and practice is of paramount, and how we percieve things are very important on our journey. I am guilty of ''slipping'' into the unwanted reality occasionally but then ''pivot'' to the wanted reality, as I create from ''my own'' universe as we all do. When we have control of our perceptions, [the wanted outcomes] we own our world, it does not own us, we need to tell a new and improved story about ourselves, even better, written out, in front of the mirror, daily! I have gotten so good at keeping my dominant thoughts positive that negative thoughts, although they can surface, have no lasting hold, my perception is that I am much bigger than this, I see myself holdind a marble in my palm, and that marble is earth, I percieve my problems as source percieves them, tiny, petty, and non-serving, once I realize this, I'm moving on. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to see us as source sees us, limitless, evolving, expanding, and awakening to the truth that everything is more than possible! Changing our perception is our ''freewill'' choice, we call the shots, WE decide how things play out in our lives, we ''own'' our world, not the other way around, which is living in the ''victim'' mentality, and life will walk all over you, a horrible perpetual cycle that creates the most unhappy circumstances, and worst, brings more people into your life to make sure that you stay there. Regardless whether we believe it or not, law of attraction is always working, ''always'', no exceptions, what we think and feel is our point of attraction, if we are not deliberate in our thoughts we are simply creating by default, in this way we are affected by the world instead of owning it, thus being victims instead of victors! This post is designed to remind us all, even though it's a back to basics approach, that we cannot change or manipulate this law, we can't ''fool'' the universe into getting our way in life, and although I believe in a magical universe, it still is no genie in a bottle, no, this universe works in miracle fashion, and we must still do our part, and that it is our job is to decide what we want, from our very being, half-ass wishful thinking won't work, I tried that almost four years ago, and all I got was more ''half ass'' wishful thinking! I had to develop and change the game from ''inside'', so it would be so outside, through trial and error and so forth. Now I've written a new story and so can you, start today and see some shifting occur, yes, it may take time, but the sooner you begin the sooner you'll get there, change your perception, change your reality! More to come!