Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disciplined Focus

Greetings everyone, as always, kudos to all of you for stopping by these postings, I truly hope something is learned and applied, followed by success in all your creations. For the first time in this writer's experience, a wee hour posting has come to fruition, due to a hard time sleeping, I've chosen to use this up-time to write about what was on my mind that had awaken me a few minutes ago.  So, I am at the point in my journey where I've remained in my vortex [higher self allignment] for almost a month straight, we can move in and out depending on our circumstances in our lives, but nonetheless, we work to remain in our vortex because that's when our manifestations come easily.  For most, this is truly a feat, a year ago I was lucky to get into my vortex a few times a month, then life would get in the way and bring along it's friends limiting beliefs and rollercoaster moods, creation then was like ''I feel so good'' to a frustrating ''what am I doing wrong?, why can't I get this!'', well, things have come a long way since, and I've found that even more mental discipline is required to stay in my vortex, all my thinking, every single second of it, must be trained and focused on all the things I want, this may sound impossible at first glance, but being aware that we as humans are creating every second with our thoughts and emotions, it is advisable that we are always thinking in allignment with our spirit. When I use this practice constantly, I feel limitless, things go so smoothly, the right things happen at the right time, even time is manipulated in your favor, work, [if that's what you want to call it], is done effortlessly, our higher self leads the way,and our only job is to monitor our thoughts, and direct them towards what we want, do this habitually, and in time it will become automatic, miracles will literally come to find YOU!  For the past month, I've been waking up every night about this time, I have no idea why, in the recent years I would do this stressing about life, my thoughts would race with thoughts of worry and fear, lying awake for hours, then waking up a negative mess, the funny thing is now when I can't sleep, I think about how good life is, the blessings, the coming manifestations, and then wake up in my vortex!  I believe when we can't sleep and our minds begin to spin out of control about the things that are going wrong in
our lives we are just creating more to worry about, no, what we can do is use that time to think and create what we DO want, and begin taking charge of our thinking now. It is in that time, the middle of the night when our intentions are most powerful, it's quiet, no distractions, just us lying in bed, why not use it to touch base with source energy and ask for what you want, I believe it hears you the most at that time, use it to advantage, I guarantee, you will go back to sleep easier. Here's even a better thought for us to sleep better, what we desire the most, WE ALREADY HAVE IT!,  In the next post I would like to touch on the subject on the power of the words ''I am'' and how we can use them in our daily self talk., now, I'm off to bed!                            

Saturday, January 26, 2013

''TRUST'' it

Well being my good friends, this post will cover the principles of trust using the laws of creation, this was by far one of the hardest concepts for me to put into practice, I mean, how do we trust in the unseen?, it's a fair question indeed, but it is paramount to succeed in anything we wamt to bring into our lives. In society, we use trust in the opposite way that we should be using it, here are examples of how I myself in the past have mis-used trust, ''trust me, it won't happen'', or ''I don't trust him/her'', and worse, ''I don't trust the timing'', there are more examples that I could go on about, but you get the idea, What happened to our trust?, the funny thing is,  we still have it, when we grab a remote, we trust the TV will turn on, when we pay for an ice cream sundae, we trust that it's going to be delicious, so we eat and enjoy it, we pick up our cell phone, we trust we'll make a call, even trusting, that the sun rises and sets every day! Now, imagine using this kind of trust when creating your desired life, trusting it will unfold perfectly in the right timing, and the ONLY thing you have to do is TRUST that it will happen! It took me quite some time to grasp this, since my last manifestation, [the trip to wine country] I came back with a new found trust, and the reason is clear to me, my higher self brought this manifestation to show me that I can trust that everything I desire is unfolding at the perfect timing, while on the trip I recieved multiple vibrational matches [signs] of everything I want to manifest while enjoying the awesome California wine country! One thing that's amazing is the universe is trying every way possible to bring our desires so it will do whatever it can to strengthen our trust by showing subtle signs of the things we want,  are on their way, should we allow them. Something that is happening to me now is, since I've developed my trust, I recieve less signs and vibrational matches, although this may seem discouraging it's actually a good thing, I do still get ''some'' little signs of  manifestations, but less and less frequent, this, in my view could mean a test of faith in the universe, for the past few years I would always need to see vibrational matches to support evidence that my wishes were  being fulfilled, it spoiled me sort of, but because I expected them so much, the universe always delivered. Now I don't need all this proof, because I now choose to trust in the universe whole heartedly that my wishes are already fulfilled, I'm like a child again, feeling good and free enjoying my life TRUSTING that all is well and working out great! What a feeling trust can be, it's liberating! We want what we want, but as we want something I believe we don't trust that we'll have it, that's what has held back some of my biggest desires, as long as we are in a state of want, we'll always notice it's not here yet, it can't manifest that way, it's tricky I know, but after we master our thinking, we must develope our trust. Wer'e all different here, but we all must develope trust , the same trust we use on a daily basis, only directing it towards what we want.  I'll close this post and go even deeper, once you develope this trust, you then become a creator who has unwavering faith in the process, further developing into absolute KNOWING, then, by universal law, your desires MUST manifest!   every time you place your order.      HAPPY MANIFESTING!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Creators unite!

I am back! boy am I inspired today, looked over my page views and wow! thank you all for visiting these posts, it means so much to me to reach and teach what is working SO well for me, so, I want to give something back to you blessed readers, you, all of you are unlimited creators, every thought, every minute, brings forth a manifestation, whether it be a cup of coffee, a walk in nature, or a meeting with a friend for lunch, even what you order for lunch, it's all a manifestation. You readers believe with total conviction, that tuna melt you ordered at the cafe, will be coming to your table to enjoy, you hold no doubts, you wait for the sandwich to be prepared KNOWING you will very soon be enjoying it. Now the best part, a million dollars, a new house, a loving partner, a new porche SUV, ''IS'' not any different, to the universal intellegence, what we ask for, according to our beliefs, and emotions, we get, that simple, a cup of coffee is no harder to get than a new car! I can hear you thinking ''wanna bet?'', and I can understand, but that's our perception, to the universe there is no polarity, no difference, it responds only to our beliefs and emotions, it knows right nor wrong, it delivers every single time, 24/7, we are conditioned to think that the bigger the things, the harder they are to obtain, the answer is simply no, no, no! We were put here to create, we are constantly creating, every time we think, we create, the greatest achievements on the planet started as a thought, and hence, created. Art, music, poetry, all creation!  It is we, as humans that put limitations on ourselves, nobody else, everything we thought we knew is changing now, we are becoming aware of our true power to create and how exciting it truly is to begin to know this real truth. Truth is powerful, it is ever knowing, ever increasing, it's evolving and it's transformed into reality, when we are knowing and aware of this truth [that we are truly co-creators with the universal intellegence] amazing things start to happen in our lives!  We all have this power, and when we learn to use and master it, things change on a global scale, it does not take much for this shift to occur, ONE person can make a huge difference! the more of us that become aware of our God given potential, the more better our planet becomes, we will move away from the falsehoods and limitations we are bombarded with daily, and reach and grab what's rightfully ours, by birthright, and seize every thing we want to be, do, and have. 2012 has passed, what I've experienced was a transformative year, now I feel limitless, you too readers, are limitless, I am embracing 2013 as the year of infinite potentiality, it is the miracle year, all the false fearmongering about 2012 never happened, in my view, it was a year of higher consciousness, a tipping point if you will, to bring a new awareness, even while some do not see it, it is occuring. I consider myself to be a part of this new age of awareness, and to be guided to learn and inspire along with my journey, as I've learned, I've grown, and the rewards are astounding!, now I feel inspired to inspire! This is just the beginning, stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013, A new realization

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back from my winter vacation and anxious to get back to writing, although this getaway was itself a manifestation, I took full advantage of it, but I could never imagine what was in store for me and my close friends while exploring the beautiful California wine country, it was nothing short of  many miracles. I have recieved alot of insight during this manifestation and it has brought me to a whole new understanding about manifestation and how the universe goes beyond our expectations and delivers in such a way that exceeds what we think should happen when our desires are fulfilled. A month ago I began visualizing visiting the Sonoma Valley, seeing the awesome green hills and mountains filled with vinyards and visiting the wine tasting facilities along the way, I visualized this scenario for just a few days and let go, only occasionally reminding myself how cool this trip is going to be, almost a month later, voila! Two very close friends of mine were also alligned to this trip, which, in turn, made it even more amazing! Between the three of us, we created the most amazing experiences, the fact that we all wanted to go put us all into allignment, which was very powerful, creating miracle after miracle! This has opened my eyes, and has given me a whole new understanding on how manifestation can happen. One thing I do know is it almost never happens in a way that we would expect, which is why letting go is crucial, it allows the manifestation room to come about with many more possibilities, and usually better!  We may have one, two, even three desires at one time, some times they will come in the form of blended manifestations, with one leading into the other, or they can come sporadically, depending on our attachments to them, they can come easy or hard, depending on our belief system, but either way, when a desire does manifest, something inside of us gets it, and we become better at it, it becomes easier and faster. What we manifest we learn from, a door opens, and your kingdom awaits, then you walk through it. We made it through 2012, the world is still here, I have learned that there are no excuses for me to not move forward, to manifest beyond my hearts desires, to go far beyond my own potential, the universe has shown me that everything is MORE than possible, this is very powerful stuff readers, manifesting is more than getting stuff, it goes beyond that, it's about understanding that we truly are co-creators with the universe, as we expand so does it, it is our true purpose on this planet
earth! Each time a manifestation occurs, our confidence skyrockets, we begin to see what we are capable of, I understand when others say it's about the journey and not the manifestation, but this has not been the case with me, the last two and a half years for me has been the most challenging time of my life mentally as well as physically, transformation takes time and a whole lot of patience!  What I do believe is the above is true, once you get it, and reach your destination, the journey towards each manifestation IS fun, it's just a matter of reaching that place where you know, beyond all doubt, that anything can be yours, ''ANYTHING!'' then you enjoy the journey towards whatever desire you want to manifest.  When I began creating this trip to  Sonoma a month back I did'nt question myself  how or when, I just told myself why I wanted to go, when it came time it did'nt cost me anything, the trip was free, the food, gas, everything! The hotels were a fraction of the cost, that's how the universe works on our behalf!  That's not all, I not only enjoyed myself immensly, I've decided to make this beautiful place my new home, which the universe is working on as of this writing. Apon return, I've immediately went to work visualizing living in my new home, and judging by the signs I've recieved, it's a done deal! We ''can'' have it all, let's make 2013 the year of blessings for all of us, there is nothing holding us back, the worst is behind, the best is ahead, a new year, new opportunities, blessings, family, friends, 2013 is looking to be a blessed year, and I'm happy that soon I will once again be close to my family, which has been my goal for too long, but I'm now realizing. Readers, have a happy and blessed 2013!       Back soon!