Sunday, April 24, 2016


That's all fear is, a lonely damaged ego that fears the worst, but there is no worst, because fear doesn't exist. A better way to explain this is akin to your worst feared scenarios, did all those things actually happen? Why are you afraid of something that will most likely not happen? We create our reality, and somehow I know that there is someone out there that will stumble across my blog site that is very afraid and confused, too much has happened and the end of the rope is occurring, there is just no longer any hope. But there is hope you see because you are an authentic being, you have passion, you have purpose, just bear with me here, WHO YOU ARE is much more than you could ever imagine and connecting to that version of you is more simple than you think, so let's get it rolling! First, who do you love? Second, what do you love? Third, what do you love to do? and fourth, where do you want to go? see? It's easy, so before you give up take some time to be with yourself and rediscover your authentic self and let that part of YOU lead you towards your passions! You see, passion is what drives us so stop giving up and re-stoke your fire of passion! I know it's in there so what are you waiting for?

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