Sunday, May 31, 2015

New look

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Quite some time ago I recall watching the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, where the Necromongers were trying to convert the Furian [Riddick] ''now, bow to me'' says the grand master, and Riddick replies ''I bow to no man.'' Lately I've had a lot of reflection about my true nature, you see I'm an Aquarius and there are some attributes I just can't seem to shake off, I am rebellious by nature and it seems to be aiding me on my path to success with reality creation. Before learning about all things conscious creation, I was rebellious by nature as early as 15, but I was using it against myself instead of using it to my own personal advantage, thankfully I'm using it to my advantage and here's how it's worked for me so far, before, when I was employed, I always new there was something better, but fear kept me locked into the cell walls of drudgery, and a lot of times I hated the people I worked for, [with the exception of a few good jobs]and so when the weekend would come my rebellion would come out full force, in the form of over drinking, and cursing my job and my current reality. Now, my rebellious nature works for me, it has been four years of unemployment now, and it[rebellious nature] doesn't want to work for anyone anymore, the rebellious nature wants freedom from the status quo, rebellious nature doesn't like being told what to do, it doesn't like authority, it craves excitement and adventure, not conformity or struggle, it seeks no role models nor does it worship or emulate anyone, it knows what it doesn't want because it knows what it does want, is it ego or higher self? it's both, coming to a mutual agreement, working together to map out a life of freedom, success, and adventure, finding that common ground without discarding a now turned, positive natural trait. What worked against me before is now used to work for me, another example, I used to be a very head strong youngster when it came to personal pride, and I created a shell that grew thicker and thicker through the years, rebelling against religion, politics, and civil authority, and yet I would buy into all the false truths and fears of these very things I was rebelling against, even though I detested these things, I still believed what they were telling me, I was still buying into other's world views and beliefs. Now, I have simply woken up, I don't rebel against the said above things per se, I just don't waste my time and energy focusing on them, while still mind you, disagreeing on them heavily. All of this rebellion in the past has shaped who I am now, the only difference is I've found a way to use it to my own advantage, and quite possibly a greater cause. Some say the past doesn't define you, especially when you want to make positive shifts in your reality, I beg to differ, I'm beginning to realize that when it comes to my own personal past, I wouldn't change a thing! I wouldn't be who I am now, and who knows, had not certain things occurred, I may never have woken up and become the all I can be. I'm still a work in progress, but maybe this could be more fun than I thought, why take it all so seriously?, that was my problem before and even though my shell grew very thick over the years, it's slowly crumbling away as I write this post. I guess the message I'm bringing here is that when you opt for more in life and you want personal change for the better, you may keep certain characteristics that used to work against you, and as you improve they'll begin to work for you, and then there will be certain characteristics that will fall away in your personal development, that won't serve you anymore, and some may linger and become useful to assist you in getting what you want, then fall away when a goal or intention is achieved. As for this writer, keeping certain characteristics and shedding others makes for an interesting journey wouldn't you say? Brando movie anyone?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Embracing dark energy

You can't see the light at the end of tunnel without going through the darkness, darkness always comes before the light, we've heard these sayings numerous times I'm sure, and as unpleasant as they sound we all, one time or another, have lived in darkness. During Memorial Weekend I was experiencing very strong and higher vibrations, including a whole day of carefree bliss, and from there it just grew and grew, circumstances were phenomenal and ripe with almost instant manifestations, I was riding my vortex high and mighty. I love the holidays, and I love even more celebrating them, I always have, so I tend to go all out when it comes to serving food and drink, I enjoy grilling and having craft beers, being in the moment in the back yard, the whole package. A few days after, I continued to milk the bliss albeit a little less intense, but there were still great moments and manifestations [vibrational matches] and as the week progressed, I was able to avoid any contrast that came up,[law of polarity] and I'm still questioning whether I was trying to suppress or ignore the coming contrast, then lo and behold, almost a week later I am knocked completely out of my blissful state and smack dab in darkness, the opposite of where I was just a few days before. From an average person's perspective this may not seem so bad, especially if they live unconsciously, running on negative momentum from a vibrational standpoint, for a deliberate creator however, it can really knock you for a loop, especially when you're gaining positive momentum and staying there longer and longer. When your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are positive dominantly, it can feel devastating when you hit those lows, so what's going on here? well, it's more of an issue of balance, you see, each extreme has it's opposite, and we must experience them, as unpleasant as they feel, alignment isn't always about being in a constant state of blissful joy, nor is it being trapped in darkness or a living hell, something's got to give, a balance must be achieved between the dark and the light, or both will be experienced again and again, until a state of balance is dominant. We are human emotional beings, that think and feel, and when we discover that we can create our own reality we hold tightly to our positive emotions and try to suppress the negative ones, believing that if we just stay positive all of the time, we'll get our manifestations. This is a big misconception with reality creation, suppressing any negative energy will only hinder the manifestation or delay it, the reason is simple, when you suppress a negative emotion you're just giving it a free pass to show up again and again, however, if you are allowing the emotion to come through you, it can be released, of course this can be very uncomfortable because the negative emotion can sometimes be felt intensely, but it's the only way to release it, plus, it could have many layers, but this varies person to person and how much personal baggage they may have. Like everything else with my practice of deliberate creation, I had to learn this the hard way and in a backwards fashion, even now as I write this post I'm not in the best of moods, sure I've lightened up some since this morning, and writing always puts me in a better feeling place, but the Memorial Weekend bliss has gone, for now of course, it will come back. Mastering the arts of allowing and letting go requires one to embrace both the darkness and the light, it astounds me how afraid we are of our very OWN negative emotions, this is even more troubling when we discover law of attraction and creating our own reality, we think we need to walk around all the time in a utopian bliss ignoring all of our negative thoughts and the Universe will bring our goodies to us in perfect fashion. I was that very person a few years back, then I just got tired of these negative energies re-surfacing over and over wondering why it was happening, putting more and more energy and effort into feeling better while ignoring [suppressing] the negative energy [emotions] and sure enough, back they came. I just want to let the viewers know this one thing, I've been practicing reality creation persistently for five years now and I am by no means a perfect person and I know I don't have to be perfect to succeed in reality creation or life in general, none of us has to be, I'm not doing this hoping to become a spiritual Buddhist living in a temple, or a perfect enlightened monk of knowledge that lives on a remote mountain top, [no offense to either] I'm doing this to have a better life and to teach a few pointers to others, not the perfection seeking, follow the lead of others, and their spiritual path to succeed way, that's delusional thinking for me, but that's me, others may find enlightenment in their own way, on their own journey after all, this is a journey, and we'll never get it done and we'll never be ''perfect'' and that's just being human. Reality creation isn't about being perfect first, and then getting your stuff, reality creation is about the journey, not the destination, and along the way you get the good stuff, some of what you want and some even better than you wanted, and you don't have to be perfect to get it all, look no further than all the greatest gifts [material/non-material] that you've ever gotten in your life, were you perfect then?, even before discovering reality creation?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Chive on and thrive on

Life happens easier and manifestations happen more smoothly when we're relaxed and confident that all of our preferences are met despite what physical reality is showing. When you are relaxed and ''un-phased'' by your current unwanted reality you are allowing changes to occur more in your favor, the reason is simple, your focus isn't on the unwanted reality, instead it is on where you prefer to go, thus creating that very preferred reality. Since change doesn't happen as fast as we'd like consider this a good thing, as necessary adjustments need to be made and alignment must be ''fine tuned'' on a consistent basis, what good is a mind if it can't be changed? Being true to yourself and taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life is a necessary step towards getting everything you want, victims cannot win in this game of life, when you complain you'll remain. While driving yesterday a thought [or a revelation] came to my mind and being, this has never been said before and I'm going to share it with you in hopes that it resonates well, and it is as follows, ''IF IT FEELS BAD, IT'S NOT TRUE, IF IT FEELS GOOD, FOLLOW THROUGH'' if you're not being true to yourself the actions you take will not feel inspired, however, being true to yourself will enable the inspired actions to seek you out and come in the form of intuitional nudges, thus moving you in a smooth manner towards the things you want. We [authentic selves] are in these physical bodies to experience this game of life, but even more importantly to thrive with success, not strive FOR success, and as we wake up to our true potential we'll realize that we've had it backwards all along, we've been going against the current of the life stream, drop the oars!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Subconscious fear

Top of the morning all, although it seems I'm writing a lot on the topic of the mind it is I myself that's been releasing my mind's old programming, at this present time I am succeeding quite rapidly and I'm gaining full control of my mind, of course, one can never fully eliminate their mind, it serves a purpose in this physical realm. What I really mean is getting your mind on board with your intentions, focusing on the positive, and allowing it to work with you instead of against you, and I've written this many times as most of humanity live their lives unconsciously, running on auto-pilot. A lot of times in this scenario most are unaware of their thoughts and thinking process, they are hard-wired in negative thinking which result in negative behaviors and decisions, they remain ''stuck'' in a cycle of negative thinking leading into negative circumstances, and although there are good moments, they're few and far between, so the person will fall back into the dominant pattern of their negative thinking, hence the undesirable circumstances. I had no idea these past few years just how much my own mind was impeding my progress, even as much as I ''thought'' I was aware of my thoughts, the old subconscious programming was still running behind the scenes, this explains why our physical realities don't change as fast as we'd like them to when we learn that we can use the laws of attraction to change our reality. This really takes time, no doubt about it, no wonder why so many people don't follow through with conscious creation, this is real commitment on the highest level, and very challenging on a mental and physical level. Everybody it seems, wants change for the better, it's human nature to want more, to grow and expand, but the biggest obstacle by far is fear, there are many sub-categories to fear including anxiety, jealousy, separation, and depression, fear is a downward spiral in life, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of others, fear is the killer of dreams, fear attracts more people and circumstances to fear, it keeps you locked in a vicious cycle that becomes detrimental to your health and well being, causing deteriorating mental and physical health, immune deficiency which makes you more prone to flu and colds and other diseases that are immune related. Scary stuff, and yet we wonder why we are always sick and in bad health constantly, overweight and exhausted, and the hard truth is that we've programmed our subconscious mind with all these fears and worries concerning our health through stress and negative views towards others and ourselves, be it from our past unwanted experiences or what hurtful things others have told us from when we were young, with every negative thought being a confirmation to the subconscious mind that we choose to continue living in the unwanted reality. The biggest thing you'll ever have to let go of in personal development will be fear, it may have many layers to peel away, and since it affects every aspect of our lives it is only natural that it will require discipline on the highest level, persistence as well as perseverance, because the ultimate question you must ask yourself is this, how bad do you want change?, lose the fear, and win the game of life!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Question mortality

A question, defined as a quest for an answer, taking this a step further, having many questions, defined as a quest to search for truths, higher truths. At some point in our lifetime we may experience a traumatizing event, a loss, or as of recently an economic downturn which resulted in a loss of long term employment, or a home foreclosure, and then, on the flipside, there are very positive events, which are giving birth and becoming a mother/father, overcoming a life threatening illness in a miraculous manner such as beating cancer. There are things that happen in our life we just have no control of, and when they shake up our world we begin to look a little deeper within ourselves, asking how and why and what this all is saying to us. Of course there are those who will stop and question briefly, only to shrug it off and continue down the familiar path they've always known until another wake up call rears it's head in the form of an unwanted reality. We get so many chances to get this game of life correct, the life stream is always waving us in the direction [desires] we want to go, yet we ignore the signs and tag them as mere coincidences and tell ourselves that we need to live in the real world where struggle is necessary to survive, as a majority of the human race believe that struggle and hard work bears fruitful rewards and doing what you love and living your dreams are just plain delusional, of course this is backwards thinking. In 2008 when people began losing their jobs and homes and their very livelihoods, fear and panic set in, making the situation much worse, so naturally it escalated in the next few years as more foreclosures occurred and unemployment continued to rise and yet, people continued to fear the worse, compounding this great recession. Before this so-called great recession things were pretty decent in America, especially in the 90's, low unemployment, a thriving economy with retail, a housing boom where anyone could qualify for a home loan, but things got out of control, overconfidence set in, things just had to balance out, they could not continue to go in the direction they were heading, as over confidence continued to rise, more and more people were consuming and consuming more, resources were being consumed at a faster rate than anytime in history, we became the world's largest consumers and we were on a collision course with a harsh reality, enter the great recession, or what I deem, the period of re-adjustment or the balancing out. It does not matter how or why the great recession happened, whether it was some great conspiracy or otherwise, the fact is it was necessary to make us take notice, as a consciousness, that we are going in the wrong direction and we need to course correct, if we continue to live in a society of mass consumerism, consuming and consuming more and more, events such as a great recession will continue to happen to once again balance things out. Look no further than past history and it's recessions, as history continues to repeat itself, and yet no real lessons are learned, no adjustments made, just failed policies instead of correcting the course. What's alarming about all of this is the wake up calls will become more and more severe if the failed policies aren't resolved, look no further than the threatened world currency, wall street, and the out of control greed along with the shrinking middle class. But this is not all gloom and doom, it was the very great recession that drove me towards a better life, I knew that one or two things could happen, I'd buy into all the fear and go into survival mode and live the life of stress, fear and anxiety, along with endless struggle, or take back my own power and live a struggle free life and have everything I want despite a ''recession'' because I choose not to be affected by it. Of course I chose the latter, this is something we must all decide as individuals, questioning our own beliefs and asking ourselves if they're serving us as far as living the life we choose to live, rather than following the herd and buying into all the fear propaganda that's around every corner we turn. We can't predict the future, we can only make choices that help keep us on the path we choose, what's happening outside of us, as unpleasant as it can sound, does not have to affect us, remember, WE create our own world, our own reality, the world does not create us, we are not defined by the events that happen in society, we are defined by how we react to them, either out of fear, or out of courage, recession or no recession. Even though it's been 8 years and the overall economy has made improvements, many are still reeling from the effects, but it's important to see these events as opportunities not defeats, the reality is that everything has a dark energy and a light energy, and balance is necessary, that's how the Universe works.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A broader scope

Everything that happens in our experience [physical bodies] first takes place behind the scenes leading up to the circumstances we encounter, positive or negative, most of these experiences are from the subconscious mind and the beliefs that are held within it. We are ALL co-creators, unfortunately most of us create unaware, at the unconscious level, which brings unwanted people and circumstances into our reality, this can be described as a negative cycle or more notably negative momentum, a cycle that continues until an individual becomes consciously aware and shifts their thinking in a more positive direction thus creating a positive cycle, in turn gaining positive momentum drawing to them people and circumstances that match their newfound positive momentum, as well as more empowering beliefs. When positive momentum is gained the negative momentum dissolves but this requires time and persistence, as the negative will resist and fight back for dear life, it is at this phase where most people give up and surrender back into their old ways of thinking, thus going back into the same habits and behavior patterns that created their perpetual negative cycle in the first place. It can be said that the hardest part about personal development is the necessary re-programming of the subconscious mind and the changes that come afterwards, and while this is true there is just no way of getting around this, but the good news is we get to decide what it is we really want, there is no power outside of ourselves that decides for us, we choose our OWN destiny, everything has to be experienced within before it can be experienced outward in physical reality, the power is within, not upward or outside of us as some religions teach. One may ask themselves why something bad has happened in their physical experience and believe that they in no way could have created such a horrible event into their lives, not realizing that at the unconscious level, they were worrying about their future, or fearing a certain outcome, giving it more and more energy [emotions] and building it's negative momentum, which is happening behind the scenes leading up to the unwanted manifestation. Had this person been consciously aware and shifted their focus towards a more positive outcome, the unwanted manifestation would be averted and a more desirable outcome would be experienced. It's very important to be consciously aware of what we're thinking and feeling, because we are creating our realities every second, when we are living our physical reality in a negative cycle, the Universe is matching the people and circumstances that will resonate with this very negative momentum, what's scary is it's working behind the scenes to bring these undesirable circumstances in the most unexpected ways with the possibility of devastating outcomes, the Universe isn't punishing or judging us, it simply does what it's designed to do, match our dominant frequency and send the people and circumstances which THAT dominating frequency resonates with, a.k.a. the Law of resonance. Everything comes from within whether we are aware of it or not, but most of us judge and base our reality on what we perceive ''outside'' of us, this is backwards thinking, the limited 3-D reality that we must see it to believe it, and yet we wonder why something so bad could happen ''out of the blue'' that we never even saw it coming, therein lies the proof that all creation first happens behind the scenes whether positive or negative. I'm sure we're all familiar with the saying ''nothing is what it seems'' and this cannot be more true than ever, especially from the perspective of a deliberate creator, for they have a knowing that outside appearances have no relevance to the reality they wish to create, they know circumstances don't matter, they know nothing is more important than state of being, they know and trust that the Universe is bringing their desired reality to them and working behind the scenes, despite physical appearances, and they know that they can ultimately live their lives on THEIR terms, not anyone else's. As written in my past postings, most people are enslaved by their own minds, they base everything on thinking alone [fear based thoughts] and create the unwanted outcomes that they dread the most, validating their own reality by what they are seeing and experiencing, thus cementing the vicious cycle of negative momentum creating disease and physical illnesses due to stress, anxiety, and fear. Even more dis-heartening is the perception of separation, this alone causes great discord in one's life and causes misalignment with the broader self, as there is no separation in this Universe, everything is connected and anyone buying into the illusion of separation will experience a physical reality of dis-trust, lack, and paranoia, as well as attract the people and circumstances that resonate with this way of thinking. There seems to be a growing movement of awakening happening today but we're not out of the woods yet, there are still only a handful, and most in modern society aren't ready to embrace personal power let alone change for the better, it could be gradual perhaps but it's happening nonetheless. It will however require one person at a time and who knows, we're all connected to all that is on the level of higher consciousness, should be pretty interesting folks!

Not wanting, for lack of

Monday, some hate it, some love it, I'm neutral with it, I don't hold a job and yet I'm up at 5am every morning ready to allow new experiences into my already shifting reality, yes, I am indeed taken care of by my broader self, and reaching this level of trusting has been a long and bumpy path. Before beginning this posting I wanted to delve, once again, on the subject of money, however, the very subject of money is tricky with conscious creation and even more, almost everyone has hang ups when it comes to wanting and acquiring enough money to live a comfortable and worry-free lifestyle. The hardest thing for me to let go of while practicing deliberate creation was working for other people, and even though I did this ''cold turkey'' my wounded ego has put me through hell, during the re-programming phase there were temptations to seek employment out of fear, but I remained steadfast and being stubborn by nature, I'm beginning to reap the rewards of success! Let's not use the topic on the subject of money, let's instead use the subject of money as energy itself, and to understand this further we need to ''feel'' what it represents to us because to be honest most people are busy focusing on not having enough or the lack of money in their lives, again this is energy [emotions in motion] directed at not having enough, and a lot of us do this unconsciously due to past conditioning, school, jobs, parenting and media. I'm going to bring to light one simple truth, and a lot of you reading this will agree or disagree, nonetheless it is a higher truth, and one that those who control most of the wealth in this world don't want you to know and it's simply this..., the world is AWASH with money, the Universe operates on abundance, there is always more than enough, want proof? the air you breathe, the trees that provide oxygen, plants, animals, food that grows, water, and despite what you read or hear from news and media, it's all about perception, you have the choice, to believe what they tell you, or seek the higher truth and begin to believe you are an abundant being and it's your birthright to have more than enough of everything! We ask ourselves over and over why we struggle with money and the very answer is within the question, when we do this our energy [feelings] are directed at the lack of it, so law of attraction happily responds and gives us more lack of money, we are not being punished here, this Universal law is operating as it is designed to do, to mirror back and attract the circumstances that we are directing energy towards, that is, not having enough. Once we've accepted things as they are and believe things simply cannot get any better we are robbing ourselves of life's greatest gifts because a simple shift of thinking and feeling can open up new possibilities that eventually lead to bigger and better things, including everything you want, of course in this instant gratification society we live in, changing our beliefs and perceptions won't happen overnight, but anything amazing that's worth having takes dedication and perseverance. In my own journey of letting go of old non-serving beliefs, and replacing them with newer and more empowering beliefs, my reality is beginning to catch up with these beliefs but it's a very gradual process, and patience is paramount, especially when it comes to having an abundance of money, and not the physical money itself, but what it represents to you. I hear it all the time from people that believe if they just hit that lottery jackpot their lives would be better, their troubles would be over, but this delusion still comes from a place of lack, and as long as people are noticing what they don't have, they are sending out the energy [feelings] of lack and the unwavering Universal law of attraction responds to the lack by sending more lack their way. The truth will set you free, once you realize and know at the very core of your being that the Universe is abundant, and that lack and limitation are all just an illusion, which it is, your outside reality will begin to reflect these new truths. It is by no means a fault of ours what beliefs and habits we've formed in our lifetime when it comes to money, and some of us will be fine just accepting where we are and remain there, there is nothing wrong with this, we are human after all, but there will be others who get tired of settling for less, and want more out of life, they'll awaken to their true abundant nature, questioning their own beliefs only to realize, that they were false beliefs imposed by others beliefs. This happened to me five years ago, almost a year later I left the job market indefinitely, and as hard as this drastic change has been I've never looked back, hitting brick walls and big speed bumps along the way, but I'm persevering and overcoming the obstacles, as cliché as it sounds. I'll do this one thing for the readers and share my goal, I'm 51 years young and I'm retiring, not in the systematic way, and since I've been absent from the workforce for 4 years there's no retirement, social security or 401k but am I worried?, why should I be?, I'm a co-creator with Universal intelligence, meaning that I'm already abundant and taken care of, I'm dependent of no one, everything is already provided for me, my greatest desires are manifesting in their own perfect timing, and I only do what feels good or inspired knowing it's all that's required of me and nothing more. Instead of ''waiting'' for my idea life to unfold I'm already living it from within, allowing Universal law to work in my favor with no other choice but to bring it into my physical reality, hey, it's a Universal law, it never wavers! The broader self [higher you] doesn't judge your desires, it wants you to be happy, it operates from a neutral standpoint, it shows you the quickest and most effortless way to get what you want, it only depends on you and how much you allow, not forcing the realization of your dreams, but trusting the life stream to carry you in the direction you need to go.