Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The new money game

Greetings on this fine Southern California morning, after yesterday's unusual post I thought I'd go on a lighter note subject that puts a smile on everyones face, MONEY! In these past few days I've been doing some deep experimentation with the vibrations of a wealthy lifestyle, digging deep to conjure those feelings of elation and relief, mixed with powerful emotion and gratitude. I feel that the best time of day for this powerful exercise is just before bed, and if you are having problems with visualization, this could be just what the doc ordered. I'm developing this technique myself and tailoring it to my own NEW personal relationship to money. For some time I worked on feeling the essence of what the money brings, and it works well as I've seen proof of it working almost daily, and manifestations DO occur in the form of matching vibrations. Now I wanted to start taking my emotions to a whole new level and REALLY have fun with it, it has become so powerful I'm losing sleep over it, in a good way, It'll ramp up your vibration real quick like an eight year old at his own birthday party with fifty friends bringing presents, it litterally brings back your ''child like'' wonder into the whole experience. The recollection technique I mentioned in past postings is also an useful tool on this. With practice your energy will become so magnetic that signs will pop up everywhere in miraculous and awe inspiring ways, you cannot fail with this! This is a money game that's fun to play, just be sure your in a good feeling place when you play, it will start with gratitude and end with appreciation. Now, focus on the amount of money you would love to have, not really feeling it?, that's okay, go lower, maybe half of the money you would love to have, feels good yes?, even though it's not the full amount you want, but hey, we'll still settle for it, get to the feeling of having that amount, then say to yourself ''how about this much more'', and feel it, a little more exciting is'nt it?, feel the amount, grab the emotions and hang on to them, then jump to the goal of the full amount, say it to yourself out loud, ''how about [the amount], yes, do you feel it?, now lock in those emotions and milk 'em as long as possible, you'll want to build these emotions up as high as they'll go, you will have to practice this as often as you can, and preferably while relaxed and away from distraction. This is very powerful, and it's got bonuses too, it'll throw you into and build up your ''money [abundance] vortex that you will create and expand. You will be locking money into your vibrational escrow like building your own personal bank account with your emotions to guide you towards your newfound wealth and abundance frequency! Oh yes, and after you've reached ecstacy in your money vibration and hold itas long as it can go, tail it off with appreciation to wind it down, or it will be hard to sleep! Any time of day is good, but I find that I'm more relaxed just before bedtime, and it works good because I wake up in the same vibration, and the first thing I do is feel the gratitude for my progress, then repeat before getting out of bed. If by any chance you are having a tough time getting started, just find first the things you appreciate, be it anything, will be the fuel to get started. I've been at this for two days now and it's as if a shift has occured and I can literally feel the help from my inner being, who is more than happy to get me there quick, so try it out, but please make it fun, that's really important for the vibrating aspect of this exercise, like playing a fun game, the universe LOVES this, and with the fun and wonder, you'll be doing the miracle dance and the universe will be your dance partner! NOW, HAVE SOME FUN AND GET WEALTHY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Good morning world of reality creation! have I got an article for you, wow, what a strange day yesterday for me, I was just plain feeling weird about everything, and how was I able to write yesterday's post is quite a feat, the last time I had one of those ''wierd'' days was December 21st of last year, yes, there's a pattern developing here! Who out there knows of an astrological event known as the Grand Sextile of July 29th, 2013? This is an alignment of six planets around the earth that resembles the star of David, it has six points, although such sextiles have occurred before throughout history, there's something different about this one, this is the big one, but what does it mean to the collective consciousness and reality creation as a whole? There are a lot of takes on this grand cosmic event, but more importantly, it's sending a message to humanity that changes are indeed on their way, I've spoken of such changes in early posts about the new awareness that's been occurring for the past six years or so, and I believe this planet has reached a tipping point, if you will, into a new dimension and higher level of consciousness. Even though most are unaware ot this subtle change, they will become aware, because this is not the time for the uninitiated or unprepared, this shift is a warning and a blessing at the same time, I'll elaborate this to the best of my abilities, and let you, the reader decide. First off, I'm not pushing gloom and doom scenarios here, this blog site is not about that, however it is about seeking higher truth and awareness and understanding as I grow, and sharing it with all of you. Okay, the positive aspect of this grand cosmic event is I believe an ascension could be or already be occurring, or an expansion of some kind and it seems to be accelerating, ushering a new age if you will, lately the planet itself ha been contracting, as a mother does before birth, these contractions are related to the earth changes that are happening and consciousness as a whole, as many are in a fearful vibration, there is also expansion occurring, which many are in a vibration of peace and harmony. We all create with our thoughts, individual and collectively, this is why I mention the tipping point here, expansion is peace and love, contraction is war and fear, it seems mother earth is giving us one last option, and yesterday was that window of opportunity, it could be that window of opportunity to become whole again, it's like a portal opened  and an opportunity was given to a new awakening on the planet. For us practicing deliberate creators, moving into this new dimension could mean quicker manifestations and yesterday was also prime for setting new intentions and letting go of the third dimension reality of the past. Alot to swallow, as for me I had to take it in and wrap my brain around it in a short and very unexpected time, after publishing yesterday's post! As I got quiet time and pondered, a tinge of fear swept over me, was I, a practicing deliberate creator ready to understand such a subtle, but important event in modern history? was this too big and far reaching for even me to grasp?, deep inside I knew something WAS occurring, and eventually, I felt peaceful and okay about it all, and moved my vibration up to ten and held it until bed. Friends, from what I gather this is a one in a million configuration of these six planets, and whether you choose to believe it or not a grand shift is occurring on this planet, the old is passing away for the new, as I said above this will be easy for some and chaotic for others. As uncomfortable as this sift might be it may get a little ugly before it gets better, and that will be up to all of us, this is it folks, this is the game changer, the uncomfortable energies of this dramatic change effects everyone, and yes, we'll learn real fast that we truly are, all in this together, it's up to us to decide which way we want to go.  PS, I'm having some technical problems with the blogsite as of now, some words may be mis-spelled  and if you see title just click read more to view article, hopefully I can correct this soon, HAPPY CREATING!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

An abundance of appreciation

Well being to all, checking my stats and I've noticed some newcomers to this blogsite, all I want to say is thank you for poppin' in, and it is of my highest hopes that you all visit frequently, while there are so many blogsites out there on the topic of reality creation, what makes this one special is that while I'm learning this practice, and quickly mastering it as well, I can't help but share, and to help teach the masses, through trial and error, the benefits of directing our thoughts towards desired outcomes. It's been nearly two years since the birth of this blogsite, and it's reached a global scale and growing, I have big plans for this blog and it's purpose as well, since it's birth I've said it's ''gonna be big'', and alas, it's well on it's way! With that all aside,  back several months ago I posted an article about appreciation, and at that time I was practicing gratitude daily by writing things I was grateful for in my journal, it was indeed a powerful experience at first, but in time I found myself writing the same things every morning, so I sort of hit a plateau in the gratitude area, I was missing something, the concept was understood, but month after month my appreciation for things grew stale, was I ready for such a big leap from gratitude to total acceptance and appreciation?, I knew how to implement it, but I was sort of faking it to make it, so to speak, and you cannot fool source energy, At times back then I ''could'' really feel the gratitude on some days, but mostly not, because naturally, I was cramming so much practice into this at the time, there was so much going on back then, and I just wanted to ''manifest'' at that time, and because of that focus I was missing the mark on appreciation. Notice I use not only gratitude here, but also appreciation as well, I'll go deeper into, what I believe, is the difference between the two. But firstly, true appreciation comes after surrender and acceptance, being happy with things just the way they are,{without the desired outcome}and then finding things to appreciate that we already have, this is the better approach, then there is the gratitude part, my mistake back in the early stages of my practice was I would write down things I was grateful for that I did'nt have yet, thinking they, even though the vibrational matches were in full swing and popping up everywhere time after time,
would manifest faster, of couse I would also journal out those simple things, cup of coffee, finding change on the ground, free stuff, everyday things you know, but the focus was wrongly aimed at getting what I wanted. It's a natural mistake I think as learning reality creation, as for me, the hard way, has been the only way, but that's how we learn, fall down, get back up, so on, so forth. Appreciation is at the top of the scale, it is here where miracles happen, LITERALLY!, but we can't be there in a state of want, it goes against everything reality creation, and sometimes hard lessons have to come until we finally let go of control and just appreciate ''what is'', gratitude is good, but appreciation goes a little further, it seems to come from the heart, as I've said a few posts ago about manifesting from the heart, appreciation is that key which unlocks those doors to your heart that allows the BIG STUFF in, it is appreciation that allows mastery in creation, once and for all, you get it, and once you feel this on a regular basis, your a walking frickin' miracle, you'll only need two magical words to set it off, ''thank you'' and things shift real fast. So here I am, appreciating when I wake, during the day, before sleep, lying awake middle of night, finding more and more to appreciate, gowing and shifting powerfully towards excellence, and getting everything desired in the process, it sure took some time, but man it was worth it, this feels good!  Friends, if you really want to get what you want, to experience the change you already deserve, the FASTEST way to get there is through appreciation, it grows like wildfire, it fuels reality creation like kerosene on a campfire, don't underestimate the power behind appreciation, it moves mountains and creates worlds! Leave ''want'' out of the equation, and appreciate what you already have, WHO you have, I guarantee you will feel a shift and want more of this, feel and see.
Much appreciated!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All this contrast!

Hello again, the title above sums up the past week I've experienced regarding contrast, lots and lots of it, and I've been asking myself where is all this contrast coming from, am I creating all this?, quite possibly yes, and I've made some discoveries about this subject. First off, if we're getting alot of ''unwanted'' circumstances during our creation practice, it may not be due to transformation, or even chemicalization, of course those do seem to occur in the early stages of our journey, but there's a new sheriff in town, and he's makin' sure I'm really clear about what I want, and the good news is, if you are getting a lot of contrast all of the sudden, the good stuff is about to manifest, and I mean the biggies,  the ones we have worked towards for long periods of time, contrast is just another way the universe is saying ''okay, this is coming down, are you really, really sure this is what you want?, last chance, because I'm delivering'', at this point, things you don't want are in your experience, reminding you what you REALLY want, it's clarity in a nutshell, and contrast is bringing that clarity home, it's sharpening your desire even more, the sharper the desire, the faster the manifestation, as I've mentioned before in past posts, the universe is literally aiding you in the realization of your desire, in funny ways I'll admit, as well as the unexpected, mysterious events and circumstances. When we launch BIG desires they don't always come smoothly, there will be lessons that come with them, shifts, and just plain uncomfortable circumstances abound, we truly must be careful what we wish for, of course, ask, and it IS given, but the universe will move things your way that may seem unpleasant at first glance, but it's just making us aware that we first need to be ready for what it is we want, and it's us who must get out of our ''own'' way to get the big stuff, it's not that the big stuff takes longer, it just takes longer for us to get ready to recieve that big stuff, whether it's five cents, or five million, no difference to the universe, It's our perception that's at work here, we only THINK it's big, and when we get to a place  emotionally where five cents is no different than five million, THEN we're ready to launch our desire for five million, and the contrast will occur, you know, the pro's and con's of having a large sum and the responsibility that comes with it, and DO know that the universe is checking in from time to time, to see if you want to change things up a little. I'm leaning more towards,{as I learn} that we may be creating contrast, so we can mostly stay focused ''on the prize'' and due to the fact that I still don't fully know how this works, it IS working. At first I hated contrast, now, I'm beginning to appreciate contrast, and if any of you are experiencing anything related to this post ''rejoice'', your stuff's coming! I'll post more about this subject as I learn more,   LATER CREATORS!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Remember who you are!

Greetings reality creators, practitioneers, and students of the laws of attraction! A huge sigh of relief, sweeps over me today,this blogsite was down temporarily due to some updates for whatever reasons, so for the past few weeks I could'nt post any blogs, but now it looks as if the problem was rectified, and with that I apologize for the delays, but hey, now I'm chock full of inspired action to write even more helpful posts. These past few weeks have had their shares of ups and downs, {talk about contrast} and with no outlet{blogging} I had to ride out wave after wave of contrast, and contrast was in high gear, reminding me to gain more clarity and keep my eyes on the grand prize, the universe does this, so we can remain positively certain, that what we want IS truly what we want, contrast allows us to gain even more clarity to what we prefer, it's like the universe is ''double checking'' to make sure we are on the same page, sending contrast, {what we don't want}so we're more clear as to what we DO want, it's like a constant reminder, ''hey, remember that thing you want, you still want that right?'', the energy must keep flowing, if we get side tracked, or slip and lose focus, we need to recognize this as contrast, to regain clarity on our desires, even ramp them up if we can, these are lessons indeed, but even though they feel uncomfortable at best, they DO serve us in the end. Amazing is'nt it?, the universe is literally helping us every step of the way to give us what we want, we have the greatest support system at our fingertips, through lessons and learning we always get what we want when we are ready, and it is within this process, that we discover who we truly are, a limitless spirit, in a human body, through setbacks, through learning, through contrast, we are evolving towards this spirit, going full circle if you will, from which we came from in the first place!, pretty deep, yes?, I'll go even deeper, we ARE a spiritual being living a human experience, that is who we really are. You know it's crazy, living in western society and grasping these truths at the same time, it's a challenge to say the least, in a country conditioned with action and ''seeing is believing'', and even more challenging going against the grain
of society and it's teachings to work hard for everything. What a wake up call this has been these past three years, of course I'm nowhere near becoming the monk and heading to the mountain top, I'm just making some adjustments here and there, hey, I like having stuff, I like having fun,right here in these united states, and why not, this journey is supposed to be fun, having stuff and experiences is all a part of it, and that my friends is who we really are!     So much more to come, stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


What is it you truly desire?, look within, how does it feel?, are you anxious or troubled as you focus, or does it feel calm and peaceful, look within, focus on your breath, is your wish from the heart or from ego-self?, if from ego-self, transfer towards the heart, feel the essence of your wish, replace doubt with absolute knowing, your wish was fulfilled the moment the thought entered your mind, now that the wish is fulfilled, expand on your wish, what would it do for the greater good of the world?, in what way may it serve others?, after all, it is ''your'' wish and it is desired for a reason, it is who you are, who you truly are. Now focus towards the heart, move the essence of your desire towards the heart, focus on the gratitude that follows, feel the gratitude as it sweeps through your body, releasing all of your resistance and fears, feeding your true power, as you surrender to all that is, and letting go of fears and anxieties. Now go out into the world, living life unattached and in the present moment, with positive expectation of your desire made manifest, surrender to divine timing, and allow life to unfold as it's meant to be, smile with every syncronicity that unfolds, revel in the magic of conscious creation, as you attract all that is needed in the perfect timing. Be in the state of gratitude as if you've already recieved your desire, thrusting it quickly into your reality. Now your desire is made physical,and as you are open to recieve it, you are swept away by the sheer joy, overcome with the highest appreciation for what you desired has been made physical, you now know beyond doubt, you are the creator of your reality, but what now?, you may ask, there will be new desire, new experiences, and with each new desire realized, expansion is achieved, until there is no desire for desire, what then?, you may ask, you will never get there, this is the journey of life, and your journey is only just beginning, it will be complete when you leave this earth and return to spirit form. Well done grasshopper!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Matters of perception {a higher truth}

Happy Monday all, back to the grind of good things, more posts, and far reaching truths. Some of you are waking up to ''here we go again'', another week, I totally understand, I can't count how many times I've dreaded the coming weekdays, especially after a very calm and relaxing weekend, even worse, after a fun fulfilled one at that! Reality is a tricky thing, it's good when we're having fun, and not so pleasant when we're in circumstances we would otherwise choose not to be in, and then there's that ''stuck'' feeling that comes over us, we just wish things were different. When I launched my own desires, I could'nt wait for change to occur, I would get so impatient thinking ''I wish things would hurry up and change'' and my perception of reality was what I was ''physically'' seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, only making me long for change even more, looking at ''outside'' circumstances as my point of focus. Wrong approach absolutely, as evidence was showing me what I ''thought'' was happening physically, even though vibrational matches were showing themselves frequently, I was gauging my progress on those things only, maybe too much, because there would be ''quiet days'' when there would be no vibrational matches, then some doubt would creep in, then a rollercoaster of belief/doubt, doubt/belief would occur, impeding manifestation. The universe always reflects back what we focus on, that's a given, your vibrational matching shows your allignment to what it is you are wanting, and everytime you see them, it feels good, but after a long time of this, the matches don't become that big of a deal, while still good, it just becomes more like, ''yeah, that's cool, I'm getting that thing'', that's reaching the point of ''knowing'' that it's done. Now that that point is reached, things can really calm down, due to our new found ''faith'' and ''knowing'', we are content, we know we're detached, we're fine, no vibrational matches show, [or alpha reflections] if you will, then, your faith starts slipping, it's been too quiet on the reality creation front, ''WHERE'S MY STUFF?'' you think, it's been awhile now, and vibrational matches are few and far between, no movement! It can seem so, but it only ''seems'' so, I'll explain, it's our perception of what's happening outside of ourselves that draws these ''false'' conclusions that nothing's happening in the manifestational front, but the ''truth'' is once you've launched your desire it's coming regardless, it's the allowing that manifests it, when we look outside for the ''tangible'' proof, we are viewing things from the wrong perspective, let me go further with this, it's our perception that's mis-used, we need to understand that things are very well still moving, ''beneath the surface'', in the unseen, and the only way to do this is by understanding and believing in the ''higher truth'', that change is taking place at the unseen level, outside of our physical awareness, ''under the radar'' so to speak. The higher truth is this...what you desire is already existing, making it already yours, and to bring it into the physical only requires your allignment to it, it's that simple, want more higher truth?, I got a bus load of it, we are always creating our future every second, with our thoughts creating every outcome we experience, good or bad, we are powerful spiritual beings, living a physical human experience on this earth, playing this game of life! Now some people will fear their own true power, even if they believed this ''higher truth'' consciously, they would still be blocked subconsciously and
be afraid of the drastic changes they would have to make, having to jump from the ''comfort zone'' they have come to only know, fearing the uncertainty and loss of control. This so-called reality we live in is only our perception of it, we think that what we see is what we get, that we'll ''believe'' it WHEN we see it, friends, that's not the higher truth, it's limited thinking, when I think about my own power and capabilities, yeah, sometimes it freaks me out a little, I'm still in expansion mode, but now that I know and believe in my ''higher truth'' I'm becoming a walking miracle, this ''truth'' has totally changed my perception in a powerfully new way! Being unlimited can be a new and  sometimes scary reality, but so rewarding it is, breaking out of the shell and advancing towards excellence and greatness. The true human design is this, success, prosperity, freedom, security, love for yourself and others,[oh no, I'm getting wishy washy!] nonetheless, everything we all want, heartfully. If you've grown weary of struggle, and have made the conscious decision for change, it may take some time for the ''reality shift'' to occur, for the new life to catch up and replace the old life, in some ways, I'm going through this also, and I too can get caught in the web of percieving things in the wrong light, but deep down, in an inward view, I know the wheels are turning instead of spinning, I trust that things are happening under the physical radar, that's leading me right towards my highest goals! I'm quoting Wayne Dyer on this, ''when you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change'' if we can make the shift in our perception of things and how they really are according to the higher truth, regarding universal laws, the shift we experience will be a smooth transition, towards everything we desire! Back soon!