Thursday, November 29, 2012

A whole lotto fever going around

I'm back!, wow, the holidays, they can really throw me off track, so much going on, people coming and going, then the recovery of it all realizing that I have'nt posted in a while! It had occured to me that I needed a subject, so I thought about it, and something came up about giving thanks, but wait, that was last year, the thing is I will always have topics to post when practicing creation, it's a life long journey. I've been really busy with just the feeling phase of my journey, and the side effects have been syncronicities after syncronicities, I am literally becoming a human magnet and it's scary cool, my next post will go deeper into this subject. Okay, we here in these United States have, what I believe  reached the highest jackpot in lottery history, every time I go into a convenience store these last two days people are purchasing their tickets in hopes of a life changing win, folks, it's half a billion dollars and some change, that's some serious cash by any means. I do not know if there ever was a jackpot this big, but what I do know is that everyone I know is involved, am I?, no, I did'nt buy a ticket for that particular jackpot, while the idea of winning such an amount makes my mouth water, it also scares me a little, and I fear nothing! But here is the thing, I have been playing the state lottery for some time, and have won occasionally small amounts, mind you nothing to brag about, but using these near wins in between to guage how my money vibration is at the time. In 2011 around my birthday I asked myself a question, can we win the lottery using deliberate creation?, can we on purpose, think and feel our way to a big jackpot? I believe it can be done, but depending on our beliefs about money, it would take some serious inner work, and even if we still by chance hit the jackpot, and we have not cleaned up our money vibration, being a multi millionaire would be disasterous. Being this wealthy takes time and practice, discipline, hard lessons, it's not all glamor and
 prestige, if we are broke one day and filthy rich the next, because of a big win, how could we even begin to manage such an enormous amount of wealth?  I have been using a spiritual approach on wealth for over two years now, it has been a long and frustrating process for me, I too thought a lottery win could solve all my problems, so I bought my ticket, when it did'nt hit I would get frustrated, asking myself why, when I set my intention, visualized it, felt it inside, was'nt it a winner? The simple answer came months later, I simply was'nt ready on a vibrational level, plus the fact that I NEEDED to win did not help at all! The fact is you have to win the lottery inside, before it can hit in your outside reality, this requires constant focus, PLUS, you have, I mean ''have'' to believe you WILL win, but one thing to keep in mind is to have fun with it, like a game, do not buy tickets obsessively TRYING to win, or think your hapiness will come when your ticket ''hits'' because
believe me, it's the wrong approach folks, only leading to dissapointment and complete frustration. I am however, still buying tickets for much smaller jackpots, and I still realize I have more work to do on my approach towards wealth and abundance spiritually, the one mistake I do not make however, is to get upset when the numbers don't hit, that's okay, besides, there are INFINITE ways my wealth could come, sure, I'd love to win a nice little jakpot of ten thousand or more, but source energy may have a better method of delivery. All said, I do believe you can win the lottery using the laws of creation, but there are no shortcuts to this, those who have done it will tell you it takes serious discipline with the mind to resonate and match vibrationally to such an enormous amount of wealth, that's quite a quantum jump that could take years to master! Being wealthy takes time, some spend a lifetime achieving it, but in this new awareness, there is a better more spiritual approach that can bring this blessing to reality much faster, but first, one must practice allignment to not only wealth, but abundance overall, in all areas of life, getting happy now, being aware of the abundance that's already there, then the wealth will follow, and you could very well hit that jackpot!   Until next time!

Monday, November 12, 2012

And moving forward....

Hello fellow creators and practioneers, welcome to another post of awareness and creation! I'd like to take this opportunity to throw a little rant, mind you, an interesting good rant. Here in the united states we have just completed our mid term elections, and I am happy to say we dodged a bullet, I'll admit freely that I by no means follow politics anymore, since raising my awareness and becoming a truth seeker, I felt no longer the use of giving away my power to any elected official hoping they could solve all the problems we face that they, who are elected, just can't seem to solve. I will admit however that I am pleased with the result of this election due to the fact that progress will be made and this country can move forward. I think overall that this election affected all of us, and sadly, some in opposition want things to stay the same, more so, to move backwards rather than progress forward. It is my belief that the people have spoken and that this change is inevitable, as I've mentioned in past posts, we are heading into a new awareness, a new perspective on who we are and why we are here, we are learning we are all connected and in this together, but some wish to divide us, they do this by using fear, telling us how bad everything is, the news is the biggest culprit, with this fear comes control, which, by law of attraction, creates more fear, I bought into all this ''fear'' at one time, and it nearly destroyed my life, people were drawn away from me, I vibrated fear and because of it my life was in ruins. Once we take back our god given power one of the first things we shake off is fear, then we begin to see the real truth, and others no longer control us with their fear mongering propagandas and falsehoods. It's too bad though that not everybody will take this path of enlightenment, choosing instead to rely on things outside of themselves to bring them some relief, but never harnessing their true power and creating the life they dream. This is known as the victim mentality, blaming outside sources for their problems, instead of looking within to solve the issues. I was that person, and a whole lot worse, but I've learned that my purpose here is not to be miserable and angry, but blissful and abundant, no matter what's
going on in this country or the world. Now, I notice the beauty of this world, the abundance, good, friendly people and circumstances are drawn to me like a magnet, and things are getting better fast! On the subject of the country and the world at large, I think things are looking good too, despite what the news tells me, yes, sadly, there was a natural disaster on our east coast, but it just shows how we pull togrther and help each other in a crisis, we are connected, that's what we do! Like it or not we are moving away from the ''ME, ME'' world and heading towards unity, some will say this is bad but greed has never solved, but created more problems, many forget that we live in an abundant world, but sadly, wer'e conditioned to believe just the opposite, that there is lack of this, lack of that, no wonder why so many struggle. For this country to move forward, it will take unity, not dividing, that's the good thing about this election, we want change, it's the 21st century, like it or not, we must move forward, it is a great time to be a conscious creator, this is the time when we can be, do, and have everything!, there has NEVER been a greater time on this planet!  A shift is taking place, there will be challenges, but it's those challenges that will bring unity, awareness, and new opportunities this world has never witnessed! There are great rewards for the deliberate creators in the 21st century, those that practice and follow through will see amazing things happen that most will miss, with their new awareness, opportunities will present themselves unlike any seen before, they will jump on, and ride the wave of prosperity and abundance that comes with this new awareness, instead of greed and lack and the doctrines of fear. Even if, and I mean IF, humankind refuses to accept and allow these changes, nature will bring them, and there are several ways it could happen, the shift will take place regardless,and it is up to us to not only recognise, but move forward and first and foremost, connect and care for this planet, it's the only one we have, it's going to take ALL of us, it's not over, it's just beginning, a new era, anybody want a ride?                                   Until next time SOON!