Saturday, June 16, 2012

I appreciate it

Hello once again co-creators and fellow students of deliberate creation, at this moment, I have not planned a certain topic about a new post, I'll know ahead of time what  I am going to post about. This time, I'm going to ''wing'' it, but in a ''being in the flow manner'', since the last post, I have been in a appreciation/flowing state of bieng, all the while maintaining positive focus and visualization of desires. While in this state I've experienced and seen miracles galore! Sometimes it's in the form of a sign, or a sign of abundance, for example, discounts out of the blue, finding cash on the ground, strangers giving cash, free meals, I could go on and on. If we are focusing on financial freedom/wealth, and visualizing persistant with positive emotion, these are the ''signs'' that we are on the right path to an abundant life, with wealth and all other things included. I've learned that forcing these things into existence can sort of push them from us, but when being in the moment, doing what we like and not giving too much attention to manifesting desires, we allow these things to come to us natural and in the right time, it is known as recieving mode, and that includes the ''signs'' of these things manifesting. Since this creator's 25 month learning process of trial and error, it has been hard to keep the ego out, since the beginning of  2011, I'd made a decision to NOT work another job making someone else rich, and losing power to some ''job'' that was stressful and debilitating, it was either work at a horrible job, or use the time and focus towards creating the life I desire, I just could'nt do both, so I chose the latter, and guess what, I've never been or felt better, I live in a beautiful gated townhouse, I eat the best and healthiest food, I'm  in better  shape at 48 than I ever was, and  I'm  doing things that I could never do in the 20s and 30s, and financial matters?, there are positive things happening as well,  the road to wealth and abundance is well paved, things just seem to take care of themselves. I am at no means bragging, this is what happens when we make the concious choice to set intentions and  be in charge of our thoughts and emotions to attract life's blessings to move towards us! , when we never give up and push ahead, we reap these rewards, and it gets even better. There are still things I desire, but until then, I'll appreciate what I have now  and ''wow'', is there is alot to appreciate, if we would just  take the time to appreciate,  the universe will respond to that vibration and guess what?, more things to appreciate will be attracted to us, it's  that simple.What this all boils down to is appreciation is a powerful vibration and a good habit to have, I am taken care of, no worries, I know I'm going to reach the desired destination, so I'll relax and just ''be'', the signs will  keep pointing me  in the right direction, moving me closer to goals realized.  The thing to do is flow, be in this moment, that's when things come easier,  things wanted that is, it's just a part of the process of creating, but an important part none the less, this student's advice, make it a constant practice to appreciate all things good in life, be aware and notice even the small things, it's the small things that become the big things desired, and in most cases, better than expected!  keep creating, until next time.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Visual Reality

GREETINGS! I'm  back posting another article regarding this co-creator's fabulous spiritual growth, I kind of wanted to touch back on the subject of visualization, but also to go a little deeper on how it has worked in making a difference to accelerate the manifesting process. At first, I never visualized for several months, it was near impossible, I would just speak empowering words and affirmations, sometimes it felt good, other times  I was just going through the motions, but I felt I was doing enough, I figured if I was thinking the right thoughts, and speaking the right things, I'd create the desired life. While I managed to be positive, small changes did occur once I made the concious decision to be in control of this life and accept the harsh fact that all the bad in this life was created because of all past thinking and programming, one of the hardest things to grasp when choosing deliberate creation! Looking back, I realize now, I was'nt able to practice visualization because I had some serious releasing and re-programming to do, effective visualization can work when the subconcious is clear of  negative beliefs, if I'm not feeling too positive or I'm just a little off at a certain time,  it can be a challenge to summon up those light and awesome feelings when picturing the wanted goal or desire, but sometimes visualization helps me to snap out of this, it can pick me up! On the other hand, I'll need to tap (E.F.T.) to release those unserving emotions so I can get the vibration needed to feel good about what I want. Sometimes I'll feel attached to the desire, so I'll need to tap and detach so I can visualize with optimum emotion, and then at times I can just  go in and visualize,and fuel up fast on positive emotion and expectation.  As long as I've been at this, three months I believe, I still have mastering to do, some people get it faster, like I said before, it's all about our conditioning in life, our beliefs, no one person is alike, some will think this is how, or that is how ,but we will all  develop our own tecnique of visualization, what works for us, might not work for others, This takes time and patience, this creator however, does not believe in purchasing one of the multiple programs online  about certain tecniques of visualization that are said correct, instead I believe, it should'nt cost a thing.  If a person can practice and succeed in bieng a deliberate creator, no matter how long it takes, without purchasing a program, or a so called shortcut to manifesting kit online, he or she will reap rewards far greater than ever imagined! Think of it! But  when a wall is hit or it seems like it is'nt working, it will be simple to follow someone elses tecnique, whip out the credit card, and ''HOPE'' this is all it takes to manifest correct, reading the testamonials, one believes it's perfect for oneself,  ''if it worked for them, it'll work for me''. I've never bought  into such claims, though I've been tempted lots of times, when it seemed I was stuck, but decided,  ''I started this alone, I am going the distance alone, through trial and error, thick and thin, better or worse, I ''will'' become a deliberate creator with help from no one'', with the exception of source of course!
In future posts, I'll write more about the topic of visualization as I learn to master it better, remember, make the visualizations the new realm, the chosen life awaits! Until next time!