Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Away from the herd

Good Wednesday morning, it's errand day so I wanted to write a little about a subject that most people rarely consider, before heading out I tend to get a tinge of anxiety when driving while most people are commuting to their jobs, I swear I can sense the anxious energy out there collectively! As of now I am visiting friends for the summer in Southern California, this is due to the extreme summers in Arizona which I choose to escape, even though the summers here are almost as hot these days. I don't hold a job, and I am by no means a lazy couch potato, I cannot sit still as I'm as active as a 20 year old, I have an intense fitness regimen, I love to hike, cook, and of course write, then there is the fun side of me and I'm learning to treat every weekday like a weekend. Once I made a decision to drop out of the daily drudgery of the workforce, there was just no turning back, working for others to me means playing by the rules of the status quo, I'm an Aquarian, and I don't like authority, especially in the work place. The hardest part of taking back my personal power was letting go of working for other people altogether, I find that it no longer serves a higher purpose for me, as a matter of fact I couldn't practice and master deliberate creation if I held a day job, and although it's do-able, my job would be a distraction most of the time, attracting more of the same circumstances. Why are most people stuck in their jobs and not doing what they love? because their focus is on the ''job'' 40 hours a week, creating, by law of attraction, the cycle of living in that very reality. It's designed this way, when your dominant focus is on your job, the stress of the job, and in most cases not earning what you are worth, you are dominantly unhappy so it's kind of hard to focus and create real change for the better. There are rewarding jobs and careers people are doing and loving I'll admit, but the majority are working more and more, and earning less and less, being stuck and afraid of losing everything they work for, so they cling tightly onto the very thing that makes them miserable in the first place, doing what they think they HAVE to do, work hard! I ''KNOW'' that by doing what I love and not what I don't, I will prosper, I've been unemployed now for over three years, since then I've never gone hungry, I am not homeless nor broke, I have adequate use of internet to write these articles, and I'm healthier than I've ever been! you might ask who is supporting me and the answer is easy, ME!, yes this is my chosen reality, my co-creation with Universal intelligence, my trust and knowing, that ''I'' create my reality, and I get to choose what ''I'' want and the Universe delivers every single time, no exceptions! Sure, there are big things yet to manifest, but I know it's done so I just continue to do the things I love and the rest takes care of itself, it really is that simple! I am no longer a sheep in the herd, we should recognize we are unique in our own way, with our talents and passions, and when we follow these things abundance will come as well, far more than anyone else will determine for us working for the man! More on this in future posts

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Redefined power

Well being and happy manifesting viewers, self mastery is akin to mastering a video game, there are many levels to reach before the entire game is mastered itself, reaping the rewards of the highest score [success] because life is also a game and our purpose is to play this game of life and thrive in it. As I'm moving up to whole new levels in my own game of life the contrast seems to sneak up and bite me, only to remind me I must appreciate it in order to move on to the next level, once contrast is recognized and accepted, I've moved to the next level more confident and powerful. Some of the easiest things I've manifested so far, required zero effort, you don't play the game of life harder to get better results in reality creation, the lightest touch brings things much easier to you. As you move from one level to the next your outer reality will reflect your progress, as well as your ability to manifest easier, then your confidence soars, thus begins the positive cycle, and it is at this point you realize just how powerful you really are, and how easy reality creation can be! Becoming a master of conscious creation is not an overnight success story, like everything good we want in life practice is paramount, like learning to walk, to tie a shoe, read a book, ride a bike, and learn a trade/career, law of attraction applies as well. I still go through some bad moments here and there, but I've never bounced back more quicker, and each time I feel more confident in my ability to stay on track, I've learned to leverage the contrast in my favor, ''razor sharpening'' my chosen reality on a whole new level, feeling the contrast, then the preferred reality, feeling the contrast again, then the chosen reality even higher, surfing the wave of the good feeling chosen reality! This practice has an amazing effect, and you can feel the power grow behind the intention, like building a muscle, using resistance [contrast] to add growth to the muscle [intention] repeating until the desired result. It is our confidence mixed with faith and belief that make us become powerful co-creators with Universal intelligence, in this way we manifest with little effort or none at all because all action on our part is inspirational, we ALLOW things to manifest into our reality without ANY resistance, so the path is smooth and straight, not crooked and bumpy, and the more we are able to allow, the more powerful we are, co-creation 101! So much more to come.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Feelings don't lie

Good Monday and well being viewers, appreciation to all who stop in for a peek, as my intention is to master the self, and help others during the process. This post is about telling it like it is, meaning telling ourselves our NEW story, the preferred reality that we want to create. Here's a question, when you tell yourself that you already have what you want, despite it not yet being in your physical reality, how does it feel? your feelings will determine whether you are heading towards the wish fulfilled or heading away from it. I will form an example, you say out loud to yourself ''large sums of money have come into my reality'' then a FEELING follows, if it feels good and believable, your going in the right direction, but if you feel anxious or doubtful, there's inner work to be done. Every word we speak is backed with feeling, it is those feelings, along with our conditioned beliefs, that determine what we manifest. This is why feeling good is crucially important with attraction, getting what we DO want, and it works just as true to getting what we DON'T want, words spoken with belief, whether positive or negative, manifest those very outcomes, wanted or unwanted. Although I've written on this subject in many different ways it all boils down to a basic approach, good feelings, good outcomes, bad feelings, bad outcomes! Our feelings are the indicator of what we are getting and where we are in terms of our current reality, and if we are complaining about anything at all our higher selves are in disagreement with us, when we are feeling good and going with the natural flow of life, our higher self is in agreement with us, even better we are moving towards the things we want. Our feelings do not lie, your life is a reflection of how you are dominantly feeling, but as you shift towards what feels better with better ''feelings'', your outer circumstances reflect that, but practice is paramount and this new habit must be formed along with the new empowered belief, in a nutshell, when you are happy, you are successful, and as you are successful, you are happy!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vibrational moulding

Good morning and well being, after yesterday's article of somewhat a ranting, it's time for a lighter subject, as I continue to write new posts more often on the subject on reality creation, global consciousness, and growing awareness, they will be just a few of the topics I'll cover in future posts, while expansion is taking place during my learning phase, much more will be revealed and discussed and no end is in sight. It seems that when everybody learns The Secret they want to begin making changes for the better in their lives, more money, big house, dream career, that perfect soul mate, all commendable by their own rights, but it seems that most won't put REAL vibrational effort into lining up to these desires, in most cases people line up more with the want and lack of what they are trying to manifest. There are a number of reasons why people won't commit to lining up the EXACT vibration to what they want persistently, lack of faith or trust in Universal laws, fear of change, conditioned to their current reality and comfort zone, or being so action oriented, believing that brute force is the only way to attain or achieve their goals or desires. The worst case scenario for most is that they just give up due to seeing no results, not realizing that much more energy must be directed persistently towards the wish being already fulfilled, in the past tense. A lot of us must reach a crisis in life only to finally either give up or consciously decide that we are going to match our energy to the change that we SO want and allow it to become our ''desired'' reality at any cost, which begs the question, ''how bad do you want this?'' and as painful as the truth is, half assed effort brings half assed results! That is why most fail at law of attraction, they allow themselves to continually get ''sidetracked'' by their very own current reality, wanting more but not willing to put enough mental and emotional energy towards the new desired reality, this takes REAL discipline and effort, not physically, but emotionally, and if it's all physical, it's the hard way and the wrong path. Once I brought myself to full complete trust in Universal laws, my matching vibration skills have soared to new heights, I can simply be in my desired reality at will, whenever and wherever I am, but here's the rub, I'm not feeling the ''will get my desire in the future'', instead I'm FEELING the relief of already HAVING the desire, and I put extreme emotions into my craft without the want or lack of it. I've been enjoying this process immensely, it doesn't take long and the Universe corresponds almost instantly, bringing the vibrational matches back to me! Vibrational matches are the Universe's way of saying ''KEEP GOING,'' your desired results are manifesting! You might be asking ''what about letting go?'' and this part is the good news, after some time, energy, and effort is put into your desire, and you feel confident and trust in the process by all means, release it, or, should you prefer, bask in the joyfulness of already ''owning'' the desire until it manifests into your reality, either way will work. As I've said in past posts, letting go is not giving up on desire, it simply means giving up control of HOW it manifests, and matching up our vibration is very important for a successful manifestation, and in some cases better than we could ever imagine! The effort we put into matching our vibration to what we want will determine our success with law of attraction, but more importantly we should have fun with it, it's a gift!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The mechanics of fear

T.G.I. Friday everyone! It seems every direction I turn there is some kind of troubling news coming from somewhere, I don't read the newspaper or watch the news and yet, it still seems to find it's way to me, why is this?, when I stumble across something unsettling it troubles me, I tend to get worked up about the pointless wars, greed, poverty of millions, and the damage to our planet. A few weeks ago innocent people were shot down in an airliner because of being in hostile air space and I began to question how and why?, when I hear of things like this it shifts my perspective from a peaceful world view to a cruel world of ignorance. This, is my past thinking re-surfacing, before learning conscious creation, my view of the world was that of hopelessness for mankind, I didn't even believe that the world was capable of solving it's own problems, and as I watched and inundated myself with negativity, and the news that reported it, my thinking became a perpetual cycle of pessimism and hopelessness. Fast forward four years, and I've moved away from this mindset, but only to become ensnared once again by the old thinking patterns, attracting even more troubling news from other parts of the world, but I wasn't feeling so much the fear, but just focusing and feeling concern over these things, ATTRACTING more of these things to focus on, and we are all aware of some of the troubles that are going on right now in the world. Even the most disciplined deliberate creator cannot deny the senseless wars and killing that's occurring today, but how can we view a peaceful world in light of all this?, even more, how can we ignore it? I can see how fear controls humanity, look at the recent events of these past thirteen years and it's easy to see that the role of the news media has and always will be to keep us locked into this dis-empowering fearful mindset. What amazes me is that this stuff always has a way of finding it's way to me, and even though I avoid the news and headlines altogether, the minute I focus on it,''like attracts like'' thoughts follow, so I require myself immediately to change focus, because if fear begins to set in, that's an emotion, then it really get's dangerous, and the cycle begins. Fear and law of attraction are a very lethal mix, look no further than when the housing market bubble burst and the banks crashed a few years back and you get a good idea, and it's quite possible that these too, were deliberate by their own nature, but we're not going into conspiracy theories here. Friends, these are all wake up calls for the collective consciousness, sending the message that we must course correct and dis-engage from the fear, or we will only compound the devastating events we so much want to avoid, we have a hard enough time at this individually, but more important than any time in history, we must overcome fear collectively, and tests are coming, giving opportunity to learn and grow as a whole, for consciousness, as a whole. When the shift into higher consciousness occurred, as subtle to most as it was, it did not mean that things would get worse for this earth like so many believe, it is simply an indicator to fix what's broken, to start the healing process collectively, as well as the healing of nature itself and if this is not resolved, consequences will come in the form of nature taking matters of healing in it's own hands, with or without us. As I am still a work in progress, I've released a lot of fear on certain subjects in my life, but there seems to still be some deep-ingrained fears lurking, but they seem to feel more like concerns rather than mind numbing fears, so they have eased up over these past few years, and as WE align to our true selves, they do indeed dissolve. As troubling as the events of the world are, we can't ignore them, sure, we can ''avoid'' the news and even live in denial looking through rose colored glasses, but I believe the real work here is to face and overcome fear one person at a time, then collectively, now, imagine a world without fear.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Good Monday morning, more progress happening and more to pay forward to you, the viewers. If some of you are in alignment you are already seeing ''signs'' of your inevitable manifestations, some may even call these signs aligning to your desires, whatever the case, it is indeed coming. I have to date, taken no direct physical action towards my desires, the only ''action'' has been alignment, without this, any other action is un-inspired. In some cases of receiving our desires action won't be required, the desire could just land in our lap, the problem is most of us do not believe this is possible, instead believing we must have some control on making something happen, it's human nature of course! This can work both ways, as for myself, alignment comes first and If I'm worried whether to take action or not I'm simply out of alignment towards what I want. The control side of us will come to visit, asking questions that throw us out of alignment, the how's and when's and why's of our desire, we hold on and try to rationalize how something should happen, thus hindering the easiest part of our manifestations. Manifestation is the final stage, so we must leave it alone when we've let go, at this point we must just feel good, our energy should be focused on that only. As of writing this post I am at this stage now, the ''signs'' of manifestations are popping up more than ever, many times daily, with physical manifestations sprinkled in between, I've reached the point of ''beyond knowing'' that it's done so I'm just staying in vortex alignment and the waiting part isn't even a concern for me, it's done regardless! When the call beckons I'll be more than ready to move, as signs indicate near arrival, I'll try to be contained about it all, after all it's the next logical thing to happen. More to come.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suppress no more

Good Sunday morning, I've written in past posts how important positive thinking and feeling good is in regard to reality creation, during my practice I've had a lot of suppressed emotions to release, and a great deal of them were brought to surface and released. As painful as this ''releasing'' was I would continue afterwards to avoid feeling negative and suppress those feelings as well, cycling into more suppressed and built up emotions that once again, had to surface and be painfully released. When I began to have more control over my thinking and emotions, I felt that I'd have to avoid feeling bad at all cost or I'd backslide in my progress and momentum, I was in fear of having ANY negative emotions. Hardly being aware of it, I was suppressing every little tinge of not so desirable emotions, only allowing them to build up and once again be released in a painful manner. When we feel good most of the time we begin to think we ''have'' to feel good all of the time, so any thing that feels bad or uneasy we avoid or suppress, but what I've learned is that this can be unhealthy, and since we are an emotional species, we need to feel and embrace both the good and bad emotions. The only way I've been able to release those intense negative emotions was to feel them at their deepest level and allow them to pass on their own, not resisting them or suppressing them, emotional healing can be very uneasy at times, but as painful as it can be, it must be felt deeply to be released. When something doesn't feel good I'll just let it visit, instead of fighting or avoiding the uneasy feeling I'll just move ever so gently into a better feeling place and the unease just passes because I'm not focused on it, I'm allowing it to pass on it's own, not giving it any more energy to persist or create more like-energy. We think that as we have a newfound dominant focus on the positive, we feel that we must avoid anything less desirable emotionally, but if we fight or suppress negative feelings we allow them to build up inside, and when the emotional volcano erupts, it becomes much more unpleasant to say the least. As self mastery is practiced, there will be past traumas and limited beliefs, as well as deep ingrained negative emotions to be released, and although unpleasant as they are, they will pass on, the important thing to remember is that new undesirable circumstances can occur in life, so we must not repeat the past and dwell on them, instead we allow them to visit and reach for the better feeling, contrast 101! My past mistake was ''trying'' to force myself to feel good all of the time, ignoring any thing that didn't feel good, only setting myself up to hit another wall emotionally, creating a mind-body chemical imbalance. Self mastery will happen, a place will be reached where negative emotions have little or no power, you have trained your mind to move immediately towards a better feeling thought, giving no way to resistance, mission accomplished!

Friday, July 18, 2014


I am and have always been some sort of a truth seeker since in my late 20s, but before practicing deliberate creation I was always buying into everybody else's truth, since 1991 I was an avid listener of daytime talk radio programs, on the way to work, while at work, on the commute home, and even at night before dozing off. At the very beginning it was conservative talk radio, but in the early 90s conservative talk radio was a little friendlier than now, and as the years passed I listened to talk radio on the subjects of conspiracy theories, UFO's, and religion, but mostly at night, and during the days, subjects of politics and corruption by angry talk hosts. It was around 2006 I began to listen to progressive talk radio and it's rantings about the policies of the far right, and the wrong direction our country was headed. Little did I know at the time I was poisoning my mind and depleting my personal power, it didn't matter how good or bad the subject was, the goal of the talk show host was to get you riled up and angry about all that's wrong in America, how bad things were, victim to victim. Daytime radio political talk shows are about as unnecessary as reality TV, their only purpose is to make us aware of how bad and unfair things are and these talk shows can be dangerously addictive, affecting our attitudes and personal beliefs, but the worst thing of all is the radical thinking behind them, creating separation rather than unity. People have the right to free speech, and, we are free to believe as we choose, but what if it dis-empowers us?, the only thing I gained from listening to daytime talk radio was more and more of the victim mentality, how powerless I was to change these things that according to the talk show host, was affecting me too. So here I am now, a deliberate creator, in control of what I choose to see and hear, but now that I've tossed away political talk radio, the news, and other useless topics regarding politics and state of the world affairs, where IS the real truth? This life is a journey, and a part of that is seeking and finding the truth, what I have learned though is that the REAL truth is nowhere outside of me, it's within me, it's what ''I'' choose it to be, not the '' this is how it is'' propaganda taught by the media in all it's deceptive forms. When we begin to awaken to a higher truth, we dissolve the old, outdated truths we bought into, we detach from anything that contradicts this higher truth because it simply no longer serves us on a path towards a higher purpose. Will the truth be revealed to us?, not outside of us, but it will be when the time is appropriate, when we are ready, and it comes from within. A spiritual being having a human experience is where it begins, from that point the answers fall into place, then the path is laid out, no longer relying on outside truths we create our own ''empowering'' truths, the way it was meant to be. Being conscious creators we get to learn the higher truths and leverage them in our favor, getting everything we want in life, and not buying into anybody else's truths that only dis-empower us and derail our greatest achievements and rewards. The higher truth will set you free!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The ''right'' hemisphere

Happy hump day all, thought I'd toss out a middle of the week post on a neat little trick I'm practicing to keep myself downstream. You learn a lot of techniques and tricks while practicing self mastery, anything that keeps you in vibrational match to the good stuff that you want coming in. While I am by no means a scientific expert on the brain and it's functions, I'm sure learning a lot about my own brain and it's functioning, it's a battle between the left and right hemisphere at times, or so it seems, but I'll try to break it down a little. My left side of my brain is always rationalizing and questioning everything, almost fear based in nature, but it just seems to have all this useless chatter going on and won't shut up at times, while the right side of my brain is calm, collective, and has all the answers when the left side is finally silenced. But how do we balance the two to work in our favor? I know that for the most part of my life I've been running on my left brain hemisphere, I need look no further than my past to realize this, so it's safe to assume that I've obviously been very unbalanced in thinking and action orientation. Since I've operated this way for decades I'm getting a little sick and tired of the lefty and it's limiting talk, I've worked on focusing on the right side of my brain and I can feel the shift emotionally almost in an instant, you could call it pivoting, but it works really well for me, when lefty starts bitching and moaning about some current circumstance, I hand it over to righty, and before I know it I'm turning back downstream where I'm allowing everything I prefer. With practice this is easy to master and it's something we're already equipped with, we just need to use it more, as well as listen to what it's telling us emotionally, as it's the part of our brain that keeps us cool, calm, and collect, all necessary components for successful self mastery. I have read somewhere that we must find perfect balance between the brain's left and right hemispheres, and I'm sure at some point we'll reach that balance in self mastery, but for myself, who's spent most of his life running on the left hemisphere and making bad choices based on it, I'll need to give righty some time to balance the scales. We do need the left brain hemisphere for a lot of reasons, despite what we've programmed into it, it is still necessary for our daily survival, it's there for a reason, although I still don't understand it's function on a scientific level. Whenever you start to feel anxious or stressed or even worried, focus your attention towards your brain's right hemisphere and see what you feel, it holds your positive emotions so you should feel the shift, but you must put ALL your focus on it and hold it. Try this trick and play with it, make it a little fun, it's working wonders for me!

Monday, July 14, 2014

A soul purpose

Greetings fellow deliberate creators and practitioners, I begin with a question, is our destiny already written for us?, surely this is a big debate in all spiritual circles and practices of conscious creators alike, but really, how can we really know what our soul purpose is? I ponder this question frequently, but finding the answer has not been easy for me, the real question is what can I contribute to the cause of humanity as a whole?, what are my passions?, my talents?, what moves me? I'm learning that since we were designed to be creators we get to choose our destiny, to create our lives as we wish them to be, but the rub is we are not in charge of HOW things unfold in most cases, because as deliberate creators our only job is to ask, the rest is handled by Source Energy/Universal intelligence. As I began practicing The Secret four years ago it was about getting all the ''stuff'' that I wanted, or so I thought, but during the past four years of this practice something changed, sure, getting the stuff is good, but it's really just a by-product of successful reality creation, after some time a much larger picture begins to be seen, you begin to feel the desire to give something back, after all, you've received something from the Universal intelligence, now you feel the need for expansion. I believe we find our soul's purpose sooner or later when learning reality creation, and once a person acquires so much material things to the point of needing no more, they begin to see that there is more to all of this, they begin to understand that they can no longer find fulfillment in things that come and go, and before long begin to feel that they want to give something towards the cause of humanity for a greater good. When we reach this point of giving back to a greater cause the Universe expands, look at all the great writers and architects of history, artists and musicians, inventors and innovators and great thinkers, this is what I'm referring to as those who found their soul purpose. There is to me, nothing wrong with having material wealth and possessions, who wouldn't want the finer things that life has to offer?, but as mentioned above, they are just by-products of what we truly are and capable of, in the thrill of attainment of material possessions we get lost and unfulfilled in the long run, seeking to fill a void that just cannot be filled. Even though I'm manifesting material things into my reality, I choose to also leave my mark on humanity, and you are reading it now, my blog site is just the beginning, and as expansion occurs I will take things to new heights, this is my contribution to humanity's cause, hopefully helping others when visiting these articles, take back their power and realize their true potential. When I put down my tool bag a few years ago and decided to pursue something greater, I had no idea at the time I'd be creating a blog site about my personal journey in conscious creation, but it also was no accident either, and although I cannot be sure that this is my soul purpose, it's a step in the right direction! More coming!

Friday, July 11, 2014


T.G.I. Friday!, I just came off of a mean bout of what I like to call extreme contrast this past week, it came out of nowhere and threw me off balance mentally and emotionally sending me into tailspin of negativity. Unfortunately this can delay my progress because I'll lose my momentum, add to that the guilt I'll feel just because I'm feeling bad in the first place, and so begins the downward spiral, or does it? I've been on this road many times in the past four years, and because I've reached a dominant focus on the positive vibrations, the extreme contrast is that much worse, resulting in a chemical imbalance in my body, mind, and emotions. As I've written before in past articles this is the ego mind fighting back and holding on for dear life, and so a few days ago I just threw my hands up and acknowledged ''okay ego, you win, I'm tired of fighting you!'' but then, things just eased up a little and I spent the greater part of the day just ''coasting'' emotionally. So what happened? It seems I've underestimated my higher self, and since my dominant focus IS feeling good the ego actually lost this round, despite how awful and dark this week felt. I won't mention the things that went on in my mind but I was in a very chaotic and confused place, my ego mind was blocking everything good, and the harder I tried to course correct, the harder it fought, another case of ''oh boy, going to have to surrender and ride this one out.'' I had to plunge into, and feel the total despair in it's full intensity so it could pass on it's own, to fight it was futile, and sleepless nights ensued until around 2 am Thursday morning as I awoke relieved and peaceful. Because of my lost momentum I had to re-focus in a whole new light, and send out the highest vibrations to put me back on track for the day ahead, and so I focused on my intentions but with newer, re-invigorated intense emotions, and because of being derailed emotionally I was feeling like giving up on desire altogether, almost to the point of cancelling them completely, going into the ''abandon all hope'' mode. We can't cancel our desires, our higher self is already experiencing them, and since we've put so much time and energy into them we've no choice but to make peace with them, that's why this is happening to me, the room must be made emotionally for the new experiences I wish to manifest, the de-cluttering of the old negative thinking gunk I have left in my vibrational resonance. The weird thing about all of this is that I was certain that I'd cleaned all this up until it blind sided me Monday morning, and it all started with a little contrast, so I now see how important it is how we deal with contrast, either it works for us or against us, we choose how we react to it and I'd forgotten that important lesson. Contrast is, as bad as it feels, the Universe asking for confirmation on what we really want, through getting what we really DON'T want, it is an opportunity in disguise! BACK ON TRACK!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Adapt or die?

Happy fourth of July, the title above is meant to encourage rather than discourage, and while there is discord and anxiety in this nation's economy, I'm going to shed some new light on the subject of dealing with the inevitable changes that are looming in this economy and how we'll all be affected as a result. I am no expert on global economies nor have I knowledge on the workings of the financial institutions and how they TRULY operate, however, my awareness does indicate that the economic landscape has, and continues to change dramatically, and not for the benefit of most I am afraid. I personally have been unemployed now for over 3 years, I gave up on the job market and took my focus away from seeking employment altogether, instead, I focused on myself internally, fixing and ridding myself of the dis-empowering mentality that I've accumulated over the course of the last 30 years. 3 years later, I've become a whole different person when it comes to my personal power, I've developed the skill and mindset to be independent and free from the clutches of a fear based economy, I'm developing a wealth consciousness, no longer relying on things ''outside'' of me to dictate my current circumstances and desired outcomes, bottom line?, I don't rely on the system to bring me success, I trust in my higher self with Universal intelligence, which knows ways FAR more rewarding and inspiring. Since the so-called crash of 2008,[which I believe was engineered]we're still locked in this perpetual economic fear, and although there has been some recovery, this global economy will never be the same as before, nor can we rely on it to go in a more positive and correct direction in the near future. The system has and will continue to fail us, so how do we survive amongst all this uncertainty?, the solution is in each and every one of us, and all that's required is we acknowledge that abundance IS our birthright and take back our personal power. When personal power is re-claimed and declared doorways open and opportunities are plenty, ideas come with inspired actions, we seem to reinvent ourselves in new ways like never before, we operate from a place of confidence rather than a place of fear, drawing every resource we need towards us, that's the law of attraction in action! When we base our successes on what's happening in the economy, we are giving away our power, relying on something ''outside'' of ourselves that's only proved to fail time and time again. The economy will not and cannot sustain us in the way that we all wish to live, but as we align to our true selves we open the doors to unlimited possibilities and we create our own economic landscape, one of ebb and flow, the way it was designed to be, true abundance! Freedom is the name of the game friends, not only do we need to re-claim our power, we also need to re-claim our freedom, our personal freedom on the deepest level. I realize that the current system is necessary to regulate and create a working economy, but I also believe that we can leverage this system in our favor to thrive in it as well, creating endless wealth and prosperity, but in this changing economic landscape we must turn inward and re-claim our personal power, re-adjust and reinvent ourselves, after all, it begins with us, not the economy. We cannot control the economy, but we should also not allow it to control us, we just need to learn how to use it in our favor, all the greatest ideas came from this mindset, some new invention that benefited humanity for the greater good, and the wealth just followed. Yes, a new age is upon us and adjustments must be made, but why keep doing things the old way?, this is golden opportunity time friends, a chance to thrive and not to fail. More millionaires are made in recessions, by design?, maybe, but the important thing to remember is that we ALL are born with wealth consciousness, it's within us at our disposal to use with unlimited potential!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The beating heat

Good day and well being, summer is here and since I'm not in Arizona at this time, I can still feel the heat here in Southern California, but I am so glad I'm here instead, it can get so hot in the Sonoran Desert, so much so, that you can't even go outside any time of the day, although the serious desert hikers do get up extremely early during these unbearable summers in Phoenix. I've avoided summers in Arizona due to the fact that being stuck indoors can be a bit depressing and being outdoors in extreme heat has an effect on my good vibrations, to me extreme heat is unhealthy and it can affect correct thinking, being overheated just doesn't feel good so it's hard not to complain about how hot and miserable it is. A lot of the time heat can have an effect on our daily attitudes, we can become irritated and impatient, it causes us to lose our temper very easily, we snap at others or just complain about how hot and miserable we are, whatever happened to the good vibrations of summer?[Beach Boys anybody?] As a kid I looked forward to summer, school was out and the lakes and resorts were open, and since I lived at the time, in the Pacific Northwest, swimming was my favorite pastime, as were family picnics, fourth of July fireworks, visiting relatives, and camping and sleeping under the stars. Why is it as we age we dread the summer?, is it really necessary to feel this way?, after all the summers DO seem to be longer and hotter, especially if you believe in climatic change, for myself, as I've moved past age 40, I no longer have the tolerance for extreme heat, or anything hotter than 70 degrees for that matter! Another thing about extreme summer heat is some may have no choice but to stay indoors and watch reality TV or play video games, when I was younger TV was the last thing I wanted to spend time doing during the summer, I never missed an outdoor moment, I wanted to be out there camping, partying, chasing girls at the beach, of course back in the 80s, there was no adult dramas, no reality TV, or internet[I'm thankful for the latter though]and no complications in life, just having fun. The past is in the past, but I haven't tossed away that youth mentality when it comes to the summer just yet, instead I choose to relive those days in a newfound perspective, to escape all that ''dread the summer'' drama that surrounds me and the confining heat of the Southwestern United States, the bad air quality that chokes out the well being and the toxicants that are absorbed from high pollution days, the traffic and the overcrowding at the beaches and state parks, the low moral of those enslaved by the dog days of summer everywhere you go. Soon I'm leaving this part of the country and choosing to reside again in the Pacific Northwest for all the reasons above, to camp and fish crowd free, to enjoy semi empty beaches, to breathe cleaner air, to escape the big city dramas and traffic gridlocks, and most of all the extended summers and droughts that are a result of living in the Southwestern United States, that will prove to only compound the problems I've mentioned above. It's hard even for me to endure the summer heat, and I am as healthy and active as a 20 year old, and that's the issue here, since moving to Arizona in 1997, I began to dreadfully dislike summer, so it only makes sense that I go where I can appreciate summer again, where I can remain active instead of being confined indoors due to extended heat warnings and high pollution advisories. Nothing we can't control should affect our good vibrations I know, but I've endured enough summers in the past 17 years, and I can endure no more, the great northwest calls in all it's splendor and I'm answering. Whether we believe in climate change or not, it's hard to ignore the impact that extreme heat and high pollution has on our health and well being, as well as our psychological minds, and I'm beginning to learn that it needs to be avoided altogether, stay cool!